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The first modernized IL-76MD-90А transport aircraft prepares for flight tests

The first modernized IL-76MD-90А transport aircraft prepares for flight tests

The first experienced, upgraded Il-76MD-90А transport aircraft was built at the Aviastar-SP aircraft factory in Ulyanovsk and is preparing for flight tests. The first flight of the aircraft is scheduled for August. This ARMTASS correspondent reported in Aviastar-SP.

Earlier, a sample of an aircraft was delivered to Zhukovsky near Moscow for conducting static tests at TsAGI named after NE Zhukovsky.

The IL-76MD-90А aircraft is a modernized version of the IL-76 military transport aircraft. The modernization project was launched in 2006 under the designation IL-476 in order to improve flight performance and increase economic efficiency. On the plane, instead of the D-30 engines, four turbojet dual-engine (TRD) engines PS-90А-76 manufactured by Perm Aviadvigatel OJSC are installed. The PS-90А-76 engine has 14,5 tf thrust and specific fuel consumption 0,59 kg / kgf-h, fully complies with all ICAO standards, which allows it to operate aircraft equipped with them with almost no restrictions. With the same payload, the updated IL-76 has a range of 15-18 percent more than previous versions.

In addition to the new power plant, the IL-76MD-90А has an improved wing and chassis. Due to a number of structural changes, the machine should have improved takeoff and landing characteristics. The aircraft is also equipped with a new avionics, has an improved navigation system.

According to calculations, IL-76MD-90А is capable of transporting up to 50-52 tons of cargo. The maximum take-off weight of the aircraft increased to 210 tons.
The program for the production of modernized Il-476 aircraft implemented in Ulyanovsk is associated with the closure of the production of Il-76 aircraft at an aircraft factory in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

Aviastar-SP is hoping for the release of IL-190 aircraft to 476, as well as their export to China, Israel and India. In addition to the Russian Air Force, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, which has an IL-76 fleet of 13 units, can become customers of the new aircraft.

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  1. dreamer
    dreamer 26 July 2012 15: 01
    Well, let it be prepared well, so that the test with a bang passes ... One question - weren’t they late? Competitors then ....
  2. PLO
    PLO 26 July 2012 15: 01
    Interestingly, what are the prospects for the IL-76MF with an elongated fuselage compared to the 476th?
    Does he ship to anyone?
    1. FID
      FID 26 July 2012 15: 14
      None. Since the IL-76MF was built in TAPOiCh. Officially, the documentation from Tashkent has been withdrawn. IL-76 should not be made there, but it will be visible there.
      1. teplal
        teplal 26 July 2012 15: 28
        For the Uzbeks (donkey will die), what will they be, screwdrivers and hoes ?! A component parts in the villages will be sharpened with files? Wushu from the donkey, not Kemsku parish !!!
        1. dreamer
          dreamer 26 July 2012 15: 31
          Quote: teplal
          For the Uzbeks (donkey will die), what will they be, screwdrivers and hoes ?!

          Production will be in Russia, in Tashkent there is nothing
          Realized in Ulyanovsk the program for the production of modernized IL-476 aircraft is connected with the closure of the production of IL-76 aircraft at an aircraft factory in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
          1. teplal
            teplal 26 July 2012 15: 41
            It seemed to me that the previous speaker, hinted that the ILs are trying to rivet Tashkent, a counter-fact ...
          2. valokordin
            valokordin 26 July 2012 18: 19
            Do not gloat in Tashkent at the aircraft factory, the Russians are working and they will remain unemployed, and you are hurry, hurry.
            1. dreamer
              dreamer 26 July 2012 18: 24
              Quote: valokordin
              Do not gloat in Tashkent at the aircraft factory, the Russians are working and they will remain unemployed, and you are hurry, hurry.

              What makes you think that someone is gloating here? Although in the spirit of recent trends, the transfer of defense industry production to Russian territory is only welcome
      2. VAF
        VAF 26 July 2012 16: 12
        Quote: SSI
        Officially, the documentation from Tashkent has been withdrawn.

        Seryoga, hello, +! Is it accurate that they took the documentation to the MoF? Then what ..... he asks us to inject an old car. passing it off as a new one ???
        Well, at least the words were removed, the development of Aviastar, but then in general ... crazy!

        On August 5, 2005, the upgraded IL-76-TD-90VD aircraft with PS-90A-76 engines was tested.
        The aircraft was named after V. Kokkinaki. The aircraft was created jointly by Ilyushin AK, Perm Motors OJSC and TAPOiCh GAO by order of Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies.
        It is equipped with an improved power plant and avionics “Kupol-III-76M-VD”, which provides control from universal remotes and displays on liquid crystal displays, as well as the ability to increase functions when promising ICAO requirements appear. Increased fuel efficiency by 15-20%.

        In 2007, a contract was signed by TAPOiCH GAO, IAK Ilyushin OJSC and Volga-Dnepr-Leasing LLC for the supply of 3 Il-76TD-90VD aircraft with a contract expiration date of 2009.

        The contract is fully implemented !!!!

        On May 7, 2007, the flight of the first Il-76TD-90 aircraft manufactured for Silk Way Airlines, the Republic of Azerbaijan, took place.

        The airplane IL-76TD-90, unlike the serial IL-76TD, has a reinforced wing !!!!!!

        And a power plant with PS-90A-76 engines that meet modern ICAO requirements for noise and emissions

        An early warning system for the proximity of the ground of the SRPZ produced by VNIIRA Novigator, Russia, a collision warning system in the air CAS-67A and a satellite navigation system KLN-90B manufactured by Honeywell, USA, were installed.

        There are emergency radio beacons, one of which is automatic, operating in the COSPAS-SARSAT system.

        Radio rangefinders and navigation and landing systems are protected from VHF-FM interference.

        So what are the calculations and what should this machine ????? What is difficult to call or get data in the Volga-Dnepr or from Azerbaijanis, and even better from KB Ilyushin ???

        Here Sergey answer, for whom we are held ????
        1. FID
          FID 26 July 2012 16: 30
          Great hello!
          Yes, in general, they keep idiots! They quarreled with Tashkent, for a long time they were looking for where to attach the IL-76. Then they decided that Ulyanovsk is suitable, although the An-124 and Il-76 are completely different cars, different designers, etc. etc. But undercover games decided everything. Aviastar simply had nowhere to go. There are no orders for the Tu-204 (an interesting fact - they ordered a Tu-204: Kubana, Sirocco - these are foreigners, in addition to them Vingi and Vladavia - the UAC replied that the plane was not produced due to the lack of orders) so they caved in. It is doubtful to handle. There a lot of people quit. And you know all the aviation industry money where you went. And Aviastar developed the slipway no more than that, although the self-propelled guns seem to have stuck a new one, if I'm not mistaken (VSUPT is called), but on an old or slightly updated feeder. As far as I know, the 3rd Dome has remained. It seems, but I doubt, they stuck our SNA (satellite navigation system) for the use of GLONASS (they say that fines for not using GLONASS are rolled out - it's utter horror!).
          1. VAF
            VAF 26 July 2012 16: 51
            Quote: SSI
            They quarreled with Tashkent, for a long time they were looking for where to attach the IL-76

            Seryoga, thanks for the answer, because I’m on the transport, especially in the extreme time, I don’t really ... I have information, everyone has already scattered or shortened! +! drinks

            Do not drink good luck to you and carefully, (you take down the tower at a time), don’t smoke cigars (you can spit light out of your habit), take a closer look at the Atlantic, although they have rare sharks, but there are a lot of needle-tails and snake corals.

            Well, with the locals do not ... light up !!! Take care of Health! Good luck again, +! drinks
            1. FID
              FID 26 July 2012 16: 56
              THANK! Tomorrow, I hope, we will write more!
          2. Vadivak
            Vadivak 27 July 2012 14: 55
            Thank you Sergey, you feel in the subject
        2. alexng
          alexng 26 July 2012 19: 01
          Photos are cool! good
          1. VAF
            VAF 26 July 2012 20: 10
            Quote: alexneg

            Photos are cool!

            Only pictures? And the whole truth about the history of the "creation" of the Il-476, how ... does not roll ... let's assume that this is all ... Aviastar itself and just what ???

            And the fact that they didn’t do a really cool IL-76MF machine, is that how ???
        3. Brother Sarych
          Brother Sarych 26 July 2012 23: 08
          I doubt that they gave it - as far as I know, almost all the documentation was revised and finalized in due time in relation to the serial production and was very different from the original one, I think that it is simply impossible physically because of the huge volumes even if you want to give it away! Moreover, there have been practically no aircraft production in recent years - only a few pieces were delivered to customers with a huge delay ...
    2. VAF
      VAF 26 July 2012 15: 42
      Quote: olp
      Does he ship to anyone?

      The extreme two were taken by the Jordanians ... if the Chinese did not buy the equipment or the Israelis all left ... for scrap!
  3. Senzey
    Senzey 26 July 2012 15: 03
    Great transporter! It will serve the motherland for a long time.
    I am glad for our "Aviastar-SP"

  4. Vadivak
    Vadivak 26 July 2012 15: 04
    This thing, it will sit on any field, even if it’s plowed and changed to something else, it makes no sense, by the way Americans C-130 Hercules have been riveting since 1956, and ours is much better
  5. Captain3
    Captain3 26 July 2012 15: 33
    Great plane! Long life to him!
  6. Artem Airborne
    Artem Airborne 26 July 2012 16: 08
    More to us such beauties! And then for landing from all over Russia flock ...
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 26 July 2012 18: 23
      Artyom Happy Paratrooper Day
  7. black_eagle
    black_eagle 26 July 2012 18: 38
    Slow comrades, slowly! 190 cars are certainly not bad, just like the Su-30 had not all exported to China-India, are we worse? How much time you can have yourself!
  8. ds4trr3ed
    ds4trr3ed 26 July 2012 21: 17
    The authorities of our country have done a lot, but this is already too much.
    I generally accidentally found him
    Here is information about each of us, for example: relatives, friends, correspondence from social networks.
    And most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, I was really scared at first - you never know what moron there will climb
    Well, the truth is that you can remove yourself from the site.
  9. suharev-52
    suharev-52 26 July 2012 23: 27
    Well, at least something. And then, in general, I thought they were buying everything foreign. Sincerely.
  10. TAGIR
    TAGIR 27 July 2012 08: 38
    When the An-124 began, 40 thousand people worked at the plant — a little more than 20 aircraft were produced. Now 10 thousand are working (the last reduction was in June). The whole youth ran away because the salary was basically 6600-7700 rubles, and the average was 14000 rubles (this was at the expense of the bosses). Pensioners of pre-retirement age remained. 190 aircraft will never be with us. Poghosyan took all the money for his SJ. Therefore, the Tu-204SM will also not be
  11. The Armed Forces
    The Armed Forces 27 July 2012 13: 55
    Similarly, to upgrade part of the IL-76TD is a rational approach.