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Yuri Bondarev. In memory of the great Russian man and writer


On March 29, at the 97th year of his life, the great Soviet and Russian writer and war veteran Yuri Vasilievich Bondarev. A man who fought with the Nazis near Stalingrad, on the Dnieper, liberated Small Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

A writer and patriot who was not afraid to condemn the Gorbachev “catastrophe” and then the Yeltsin-Putin era, which he called timelessness, time without great ideas, morality, conscience and kindness.

"Our freedom is the freedom to spit in our past, present and future, in holy, untouchable, pure."

But at the same time, the great Russian man did not lose faith in the future of Russia and our people, until the very last he kept hope for the revival of the state.

Front-line writer

Yuri Vasilievich was born March 15, 1924 in Orsk, Orenburg province. In the early 30s, his parents moved to Moscow. He studied at high school, the Komsomol member in the summer of 1941 built fortifications near Smolensk. In 1942, after finishing the 10th grade, he entered the 2nd Berdichev Infantry School (evacuated to Aktyubinsk). Already in the fall, cadets of this school were sent to Stalingrad. Yuri Bondarev was credited with the mortar crew commander of the 308th regiment of the 98th rifle division.

In the battles near Kotelnikovsky he was wounded. After the cure, he was appointed gun commander in the 89th Rifle Regiment of the 23rd Rifle Division of the Voronezh Front. He participated in the battle for the Dnieper, in the liberation of Kiev and the western part of Little Russia, fought in Poland and Czechoslovakia. He was wounded, awarded two medals "For Courage". He studied at the Chkalovsky artillery school, recognized as limited fit for service and was demobilized for injuries in the rank of junior lieutenant.

After the war he entered the Literary Institute. A. M. Gorky, where he studied under the leadership of Konstantin Paustovsky. War and "trench truth" became the basis of his work. In the late 40s came the first stories of Bondarev. Since 1951 - a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR. He became famous after the novel “The Battalions Ask for Fire” (1957), the novels “Silence” (1962), “Two” (1964) and “Hot Snow” (1969). Films based on the writer's works were made legendary: “Hot Snow” (1972) and “Battalions Ask for Fire” (1985). Yuri Vasilievich became one of the authors of the script of a large-scale and powerful epic film “Liberation” in its spirit.

Yuri Bondarev was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor (1984), two Orders of Lenin (1971 and 1984), the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1974), the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1985st degree (XNUMX), and was awarded the Lenin Prize for the film epic “Liberation” and other awards and bonuses.

Patriot and Sovereign

Bondarev opposed the anti-Soviet activities of Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov. In the summer of 1988, he publicly condemned Gorbachev’s “perestroika” and criticized the media during the “glasnost” period, which poured dirt on the Soviet past and present. On July 23, 1991, a front-line writer put his signature on “The Word to the People,” an address by prominent Soviet cultural figures, patriotic statesmen to Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

The authors called for saving the homeland, stopping the collapse of Russia-USSR.

"Word to the people" has become prophetic:

“Motherland, our country, a great state, given to us for saving history, nature, glorious ancestors, perishes, breaks, plunges into darkness and non-existence. And this death occurs with our silence, connivance and consent. ... What happened to us, brothers? Why are crafty and imposing rulers, clever and cunning apostates, greedy and wealthy money-grubbers, mocking us, mocking our beliefs, taking advantage of our naivety, seized power, squandered wealth, robbed people of their houses, factories and lands, cut the country into pieces, quarrel are we being fooled, weaned from the past, removed from the future - doomed to miserable living in slavery and submission to omnipotent neighbors? ... Brothers, we wake up late, we notice trouble late, when our house is already burning from four angles, when we have to extinguish it not with water, but with our tears and blood. ... Let us unite to stop the chain reaction of the disastrous collapse of the state, economy, and personality; to help strengthen Soviet power, turn it into a truly popular power, and not into a feeder for the hungry nouveau riche, ready to sell everything and everything for their insatiable appetites; in order to prevent the fire of ethnic hatred and civil war from raging. ”

Unfortunately, these words are in many respects quite consonant with the present time, when the entire planet, and with it Russia, is again plunging into global turmoil. A new collapse of the state, economy and personality is brewing. The Russian state has been turned into a “feeding trough for the hungry nouveau riche”, and “sly and tremendous rulers, clever and cunning apostates, greedy and wealthy money-grubbers ... dissolve wealth ... cut the country into pieces, quarrel us and fool us, excommunicate us, remove us from the future ...”

Ten years later, in August 2001, the newspaper Sovetskaya Rossiya published an appeal “Stop the“ reform of death! ” It was also signed by Bondarev. The appeal criticized liberal reforms, called for dropping the "burden of Yeltsinism", striking the mafia and oligarchy, removing such figures as Gref and Kudrin from the economy, etc. Unfortunately, almost 20 years of Putin's "stability" have passed, and and now there. Only oligarchs became "socially responsible businessmen." Russia, as before, is the semi-colonial periphery of the capitalist world, with a culture dependent on the West, economy, finance, domestic and foreign policy.

The authorities tried to soften the stubborn war veteran. In 1994, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, Yuri Vasilyevich wanted to present the Order of Friendship of Peoples. However, the great Russian writer writer refused to accept the award from the then president. He sent a telegram to Yeltsin, and said that "this will not help the good consent and friendship of the peoples of our great country." They tried to forget the inconvenient and incorruptible Russian writer, the person who was telling the truth. His titanic figure overshadowed all dwarf politicians and "stars".

In 2014, Yuri Bondarev supported the reunification of Russia with the Crimea, he hoped, like many millions of Russians, that the process of rebirth of Russia had begun. However, he continued to note that liberal-democratic “reforms” killed thousands of enterprises and production, agriculture and the countryside. That young people have no future, and they are looking abroad. He talked about the destruction of the Russian language, the decline of morality, the victory of base passions and the "golden calf." Hence - unprincipled, vulgarity and cynicism. About the imaginary "stars", promoted by the media, which only corrupt the people. On the destruction of the Russian school. He noted that all forces should be devoted to the revival of the Russian countryside, agriculture, the people's health depends on this.

Yuri Vasilievich until the last day kept hope. He believed in the victory of justice, kindness and love. In our new victory, for which high goals are needed. We were left by a real national writer who combined the highest human qualities and the simplicity of an ordinary Russian peasant, intelligence and imperialism, collegiality and a desire for freedom.
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  3. Hagakure
    Hagakure 31 March 2020 04: 46 New

    Russian soldier
  4. Amur
    Amur 31 March 2020 04: 53 New
    Frontline workers see the truth without words. Thank you Yuri Vasilyevich for your contribution to the Victory and your creativity, for an honest life.
  5. Asad
    Asad 31 March 2020 05: 16 New
    Great man, dignified and honest life! Rest in peace!
    1. rich
      rich 31 March 2020 14: 54 New
      Big loss ... both for Russian literature .. and for the people of Russia
      My sincere condolences to the family and all admirers of Yuri Vasilyevich

  6. DMB 75
    DMB 75 31 March 2020 05: 45 New
    When people write about someone’s death, they often say something like this: “a famous artist passed away”, “a famous musician passed away.” And then they explain who it really was. About Bondarev nothing of the kind to write or speak is not necessary. Bondarev died. All. That says it all. A true writer, a real warrior, a real man. He did not bend, did not crawl, but lived and left with dignity. Bondarev was always a fighter. He fought for the Soviet Union, at first with arms, was a captain, commander of a battery, and later as a writer and public figure. "Battalions ask for fire" - only for this it is worthy of a monument in life! Eternal and bright memory ...

    “As said, a writer in Russia should live long, but in the case of Bondarev, this really happened. We will remember him, we will re-read his books. And of course, the last one left. And we can say that with him the history of Russian literature of the XNUMXth century must have really ended ”
    Alexey Varlamov.
  7. nikvic46
    nikvic46 31 March 2020 05: 56 New
    Bondarev lived a long life. And not because he cherished himself. He had something to say to people. I repent. I only read it “The Beach." In this novel, the author describes the society of Germany. As if warning you where you can’t step.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 31 March 2020 08: 14 New
      Quote: nikvic46
      In this novel, the author describes the society of Germany.

      The writer describes in this novel, first of all, human relations, a very significant part of the novel is devoted to the war years.
      Of course, he talks about the modern society of Germany, but this is a very insignificant content of the novel. The book itself is read with difficulty, at least I’m talking about myself, from the content of the novel - someone constantly raped or tried to rape someone. But, this is in my opinion, of course.
      Land in peace, Yuri Vasilievich.
  8. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 31 March 2020 06: 11 New
    I was brought up on his "Moments."
    It is difficult to find a more penetrating prose of war ...
    The great Master has gone. Mourn
    He will remain in our hearts and in his lines bleeding ....
  9. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 31 March 2020 06: 16 New
    People of the era are leaving. People are honor and conscience. Shukshin, Bondarev .. Who will we stay with? Who will our children stay with? With the Kirkorovs and Galkins? ..
    1. Phil77
      Phil77 31 March 2020 06: 43 New
      Good morning! No, we won’t stay with these characters. Great writers left? Yes. But their books and thoughts remained. As my favorite novel * Shore * already wrote.
  10. Korsar4
    Korsar4 31 March 2020 06: 18 New
    "Hot snow" - will pass through the centuries.
    The blessed memory of the front-line soldier and the outstanding writer.
  11. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 31 March 2020 06: 41 New
    And to write in our, in Soviet, "liberated the left-bank Ukraine," the author of the article could not write? Must politicize? As a child, I read several works by Yu. Bondarev, but I never met the words of Little Russia. I believe that the tragic departure of the true son of his country, the USSR, is not a reason to incite ethnic strife. The structure of him and my country was the Ukrainian SSR!
    1. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich 31 March 2020 08: 06 New
      This is not a “reason”, it is reality — the betrayal of an entire nation, of its memory and history. This must be remembered. Duty to remember. Otherwise, we’ll start jumping in pots.
  12. Uran53
    Uran53 31 March 2020 06: 42 New
  13. Oleg Kolsky 051
    Oleg Kolsky 051 31 March 2020 07: 13 New
    Bondarev died and you think it’s a pity that he didn’t live much, such people should live longer.
    You look at the faces of Putin, Chubais, Gref and you think, damn well, when you damned nits pierce?
    The remains of the Great Generation are leaving.
    For whom Russia is the Fatherland, and we remain with the Yeltsin-Putin codla for whom Russia is a feeding trough ..
    Respect to the author ..
    1. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich 31 March 2020 08: 16 New
      I agree with you, dear fellow countryman and support. But the reality is that a state must be governed by a person, cynical, cunning and two-faced. Which were Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, I.V. Stalin. There was one truth - a saint, but he was a power and profiled. That's it ...
  14. avia12005
    avia12005 31 March 2020 07: 27 New
    People like the great Yuri Bondarev should be our deputies and presidents. Blessed memory, rest in peace, comrade writer and war veteran ...
  15. Hellas
    Hellas 31 March 2020 09: 02 New
    Thank you for your newspaper fully remembering the name of the writer, Yuri Bondarev, and in the rest of the public one from another copies the word and do not even remember who it is. You are information professionals.
  16. faterdom
    faterdom 31 March 2020 10: 15 New
    Even during the Soviet officialdom, his books and films on them clearly and truthfully, like a crystal, entered our consciousness. Thanks to the honest soldier (what he considered himself) for the “Beach”, “Battalions ask for fire”, for the epic “Liberation” ...
    That's who the real elite is, and not these clowned mummers.
    As soon as he left, we can only take him as an example, and not lie to ourselves and to people. We will try.
  17. Prisoner
    Prisoner 31 March 2020 14: 49 New
    At graduation in the 10th grade, he wrote on a free topic. He took the basis of "Hot Snow" and did not even think that after a not very long time, life would put me before a choice similar to the choice of young lieutenants. Thank you, Yuri Vasilievich and your novel, for the fact that I can look people in the eye directly. My conscience is clear. Kingdom of heaven to you, thank you for the victory, thank you for your conscience.
  18. bk316
    bk316 April 1 2020 00: 28 New
    then came the Yeltsin-Putin era, to

    Why are you lying come to your senses, the great man and writer died

    Yes, he did not accept the order from the hands of EBN, but he accepted a bonus from GDP and, by the way, from the one whom you call Gundyaev. And he also publicly supported Sobyanin and Putin (read for yourself about what).

    I do not know the great contemporary writer Hem, his miserable likeness, and the film Hot Snow is the best film of the USSR. REMEMBER, do you really have nothing sacred left and you, like Ivanes who don’t remember kinship, are ready for your insults ...

    I have no words
  19. irontom
    irontom April 1 2020 11: 10 New
    My son is 14 years old and recently read "Hot Snow" on my recommendation. The book made a strong impression on the guy.
  20. zenion
    zenion April 5 2020 13: 42 New
    Great, true books about the war. For me, his book "Hot Snow", as a standard book about the war.