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The situation in Syria: alarming silence and a "viral" truce

The situation in Syria: alarming silence and a "viral" truce

Despite the fact that Syria is one of the countries of the world least affected by the coronavirus pandemic, certain international forces and organizations are intensely showing concern for the health of its inhabitants, which, quite likely, has completely different motives than sincerity and desire to help. What is really happening in Syria today?

The other day, an extremely positive, at first glance, initiative (on "an immediate ceasefire throughout Syria in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic") was first made by UN Special Representative for this country Geir Pedersen, and then by the official representatives of the European Foreign Policy Service ( EMU). It would seem that only good intentions. That's just paved with them, it seems, the road in a certain direction. While stressing that “the ceasefire in Idlib remains fragile,” representatives of international structures not only demand “spread it throughout the country,” but they also instantly attach a whole list of additional desires to this, which have nothing to do with the fight against the epidemic.

So, for example, the same Pedersen insists on "large-scale release of detainees by the Syrian regime." That is, again - the "regime", and all who are detained by them are a priori innocent ?! The European Union goes even further and declares the need for "a complete cessation of violence and the search for a political solution to the conflict." At the same time, it is completely clear that an acceptable decision in the EU is seen solely in eliminating the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad from power. In fact, calling for "universal reconciliation" in Syria, the leaders from Brussels are well aware that Damascus can (theoretically) fulfill these calls, but the most diverse fighters that the SAA is fighting today will not even think. As, by the way, and the external forces supporting them.

What the “truce” and the accompanying “humanitarian actions” can ultimately result in is perfectly demonstrated by the attempts of the US representatives to bring supplies for militants to the Rukban refugee camp on the eve of the Interdepartmental Headquarters of Russia and Syria. They planned to do this under the guise of delivering “humanitarian supplies”. It is quite obvious that the formation of Islamist militants and simply undefeated gangs, hiding today not only in Idlib, will be able to fully use the inaction of government troops in order to lick their wounds, regroup, replenish their ranks and reserves, and then continue to confront Damascus.

In the hottest point in Syria, Idlib, the past day was relatively quiet. Small skirmishes and single shelling. The Turkish side, contrary to its own promises regarding the bringing to order of the groups controlled by it located in the province, has not yet taken tangible actions in this direction. But it patrols the M-4 highway unilaterally, which clearly contradicts the agreements reached in Moscow with the Russian side. Also, periodically there are reports of the Turkish conduct in the region of military convoys with heavy weapons and the relocation of their "observation posts" with not entirely clear goals. There is still silence over Idlib, but she is ready to explode at any moment with the thunder of new fights.

The situation with the epidemic, contrary to forecasts made earlier from the West that this country is in for an “imminent disaster,” is relatively calm and stable. 9 infected, only 1 death. The government is doing everything to prevent the spread of infection - recall, since March 25, there are serious restrictions on movement within the country up to curfews. Damascus is struggling with speculation and rising prices, so far the supply of residents with food and essential goods is organized at the proper level.

And, by the way, the Russian military is providing real humanitarian aid to the Syrians: on March 29, they delivered a cargo of food for the most needy and large families to the city of Deir El Jamal, located in the northern province of Aleppo. On an international scale, the real help to Syria should first of all be the removal of all restrictions and sanctions from Damascus, and not the sonorous, beautiful-hearted, but completely empty in essence statements of the functionaries of the UN and the European Union.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 30 March 2020 06: 51 New
    On an international scale, the real help to Syria should first of all be the removal of all restrictions and sanctions from Damascus,
    Yeah, the Westerners themselves will die sooner than they would go for it, unless of course it personally concerns them.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 March 2020 06: 55 New
    First, UN Special Representative for this country Geir Pedersen spoke, and then official representatives of the European Foreign Service (EMU)
    This Western bureaucracy, sometimes not hiding its desire to remove Assad, is trying to use any excuse to save the militants and continue the bloodshed. You might think that these liberal bureaucrats do not understand that the cessation of hostilities of the Syrian army will not stop the militants, but only provide an opportunity to regroup, to receive additional support with weapons and b / p from countries whose representatives today call on the Syrian side to cease fire. Two-faced cynics sitting in international organizations, as they can advance their plans for a particular region.
  3. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 30 March 2020 07: 02 New
    Maybe the virus will mow down the "barmaley animals" ...
  4. AlexVas44
    AlexVas44 30 March 2020 07: 07 New
    G. Pedersen is a very speaking surname ... laughing
    1. Polymer
      Polymer 30 March 2020 11: 41 New
      The name also matches how specially selected.
    2. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 30 March 2020 18: 00 New
      for example, the same Pedersen insists on "widespread release of detainees by the Syrian regime."

      It would be possible if Peredsen guarantees the withdrawal of all those released into Western Europe or into the United States!
  5. demo
    demo 30 March 2020 07: 12 New
    A person with such a surname - Pedersen, can there really be normal sentences?
  6. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 30 March 2020 07: 17 New
    So, for example, the same Pedersen insists on “widespread release of detainees by the Syrian regime”

    Yes, no luck man with a surname ...
    And others are suffering.
    No need to be led by the various initiatives of Western political impotent people.
    Virus and war are not related things.
    First - victory, then - universal cure and vaccination.
    By the way, during the Great Patriotic War, soldiers on the front line almost did not suffer from colds. The leisure was ...
    You can’t stay in the trenches for a long time - the temperature will jump. wink
  7. knn54
    knn54 30 March 2020 08: 17 New
    - Certain international forces and organizations are intensely concerned with the health of its inhabitants,
    "Early" Zhvanetsky remembered something: "Doctors fought for a soldier's life for a long time, but he survived."
  8. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 30 March 2020 08: 37 New
    All that Western Europe could do is leave Syria alone and stop helping militants