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Defense Arabic: Soviet and Russian systems unable to protect Ethiopian dam


As the construction of the Dam of the Great Renaissance progresses, the confrontation between Ethiopia and Egypt escalates, which sees this facility as a threat to its agricultural holding. Separate statements by political figures of both countries add fuel to the fire.

The main force of aviation

As Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe Ahmed said, “no force will prevent us from building a dam.” In this regard, the publication Defense Arabic examined the real military potential of the state and came to the disappointing conclusions about the impossibility of the Soviet and Russian combat systems, which are in the arsenal of the country, to adequately repulse in the event of an Egyptian attack aviation and protect the dam.

Ethiopian Air Force has at its disposal 82 aircraft, including 26 fighters, 16 attack aircraft, 9 transport aircraft, out of 33 helicopters, only 8 are attack aircraft. Only 14 Su-27s are of real combat value, of which 6 are in combat-ready condition.

According to the publication, Egyptian aviation is able to neutralize them in the air or on the ground (in the event of an unexpected attack), or can completely ignore their presence by taking off from the runway to Abu Simbel (on the border with Sudan) and immediately bombing the dam.

Useless anti-aircraft guns

Ethiopian air defense is represented by 4 medium-range Soviet systems SA-2 (S-75 "Dvina") and 25 SA-3 (S-125 "Pechora"). In the near range, there are 4 Russian Pantsir-C1 complexes on duty, which are complemented by one Chinese HQ-64 system along with several Shilka. The main force - S-75 and S-125 - have not undergone any modernization since the time of delivery from the USSR.

Therefore, they can be neutralized by electronic warfare systems.

- writes Defense Arabic, considering it possible, in particular, to install electronic warfare on Egyptian Rafale fighters of French origin.

According to the publication, the Chinese HQ-64 with a maximum range of 18 km "can be easily neutralized" by AASM missiles launched from Rafale from a distance of over 50 km.

The situation is exactly the same with the "Shell" systems, which will be destroyed from the operational depth due to the lack of effective medium-range systems

- considers the publication.

For our part, we add that Ukraine has taken on the modernization of the Ethiopian Pechora. Allegedly, their range will be increased to 50 km due to the improvement of 5V27D missiles, the replacement or improvement of the radar, and the modernization of the fire control center. However, when this work is completed, it remains unclear.


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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 26 March 2020 10: 06
    I don't even know which "team" to root for ...
    On the one hand, SOVIET Su-shki, and on the other, like Egyptian friends.
    1. Piramidon
      Piramidon 26 March 2020 10: 16
      The main thing is not to get in there. Let them understand among themselves who flooded the gardens to whom.
      1. Victor_B
        Victor_B 26 March 2020 10: 17
        Quote: Piramidon
        The main thing is not to get in there.

        1. FANTOMAS.
          FANTOMAS. 26 March 2020 23: 54
          Why would Russian systems protect the Ethiopian dam? And even more so Soviet? And most importantly, from whom to protect?
          1. Rusj
            Rusj 27 March 2020 06: 51
            from people like you!
      2. vladcub
        vladcub 26 March 2020 12: 47
        I think about it myself. Maybe out of place, but remembered such a parable.
        In the jungle, all the animals hide: in the meadow 2 they fight. Monkey says
        “I'll go see when the tigers have some fun.”
        In this case, the position of the monkey is the most reasonable
    2. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 26 March 2020 10: 16
      Defense Arabic: Soviet-Russian systems unable to protect Ethiopian dam
      Today, 10: 04

      without even reading, it’s clear that the stuffing from the Saudis, then, what is needed, the theorem, is to show that they are fading, powerfully, beautifully, and preferably with consequences for the princes of SA. Other, an axiom.
    3. Prisoner
      Prisoner 26 March 2020 10: 22
      You need to root for yourself. If you are serious, then let me buy new systems from us, if not, let the Ukrainian kulibins help Ethiopians. Turks with active protection have already been "helped"
      1. Eugene-Eugene
        26 March 2020 10: 30
        Because it was necessary to listen to Rostik.
    4. Roman12345678
      Roman12345678 26 March 2020 10: 43
      Who cares where the Soviet drying .. You can sell anything, and anyone .. In Ukraine, when the Donbass shot down Soviet planes, no one was upset ..
      "get sick" should be conscientious .. and not out of patriotism ..
      1. orionvitt
        orionvitt 26 March 2020 23: 57
        Quote: Roman12345678
        Who cares where soviet drying ..

        Moreover, it’s not equipment and planes that are fighting, but primarily people. Without professionals, any equipment, just scrap. Even the most modern. Proven by the Arabs.
    5. Aleksandr1971
      Aleksandr1971 26 March 2020 11: 19
      The Egyptians are not friends. And Ethiopians - not really.
      For Russia in Africa, now friends are those who can buy something.
      Egypt bought the K-52 to the Mistrals and no longer needs anything from Russia. Ethiopians are ready to receive anything from Russia for nothing.
      All that remains is Algeria, which has both money and a desire to buy Russian.
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 26 March 2020 12: 16
        Quote: Victor_B
        I don't even know which "team" to root for ...
        On the one hand, SOVIET Su-shki, and on the other, like Egyptian friends.
        Since the days of Anwar Sadat / who betrayed the interests of the USSR / Egypt has been spinning in the orbit of the West and the Saudis.
        I’m not a fan of any of these countries. But from the presented article and other sources, one can quite objectively imagine the combat capabilities of these African bullies. And the Egyptian Air Force look much stronger than the small and extremely worn Ethiopian Air Force.
        It would be interesting to find out the device and the degree of readiness of the hydraulic structure and what ASPs the Egyptians have for their guaranteed failure.
        1. MstislavHrabr
          MstislavHrabr 27 March 2020 23: 31
          I’m wondering why we still haven’t destroyed the damn dam depriving the Crimea of ​​water ...
      2. Dimy4
        Dimy4 27 March 2020 07: 11
        Ethiopians are ready to receive anything from Russia for nothing.

        Wait, palm to palm folded at the chest, look compassionately, our dibs will immediately behave. And at our expense you will be presented with something from this category.
    6. Ros 56
      Ros 56 26 March 2020 12: 00
      Well, these friends have recently shown their holes.
    7. Pathos
      Pathos 26 March 2020 12: 17
      Ethiop is your mother !!! laughing I am not Ethiopian I am Russian !!! laughing Here you go to your Ethiopia, and here we rake laughing (film Zhmurki) laughing Of course, we cheer for Ethiopians and Egypt was a corrupt girl all my life if it weren’t for the USSR, then Israel probably already was laughing
      1. Aerodrome
        Aerodrome 26 March 2020 18: 19
        Quote: Paphos
        Ethiop is your mother !!! I am not Ethiopian I am Russian !!! Here you will leave for your Ethiopia, and here we will rake (film Zhmurki)

        wassat wassat wassatawesome quote ... drinks
    8. sharp-lad
      sharp-lad 26 March 2020 15: 29
      Cheer for both teams! If their brains are not turned off, they will be able to agree. hi
      1. Pavel57
        Pavel57 27 March 2020 07: 47
        Cheer for football.
    9. storm
      storm 27 March 2020 02: 09
      On the one hand, SOVIET Su-shki, and on the other, like Egyptian friends.

      Egyptians on the MiG-29M2 (:
      Rafaley there the cat wept ... ordered 24, one crashed during the visit of Macron ...
    10. maidan.izrailovich
      maidan.izrailovich 27 March 2020 14: 38
      I don't even know which "team" to root for ...

      You won’t even have time to cheer.
      Egypt will slam the Ethiopian Air Force like a fly. Ethiopia's most modern fighters are 11 Su-27s. But in total (along with the MiGs of 21) and fifty can’t be typed. Egypt has only F-16s a couple of hundred.
      Of course, any arms seller will want to earn extra money on such a conflict. So, the purchasing power of Egypt is an order of magnitude higher. In short, there are no options in this confrontation.
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 26 March 2020 10: 10
    If there is no normal air defense, it is very likely to hear ... "Then we are flying to you!"
    Nobody shines there with novelties, but with the means of attack, of the same level with the means of defense ... serious chances to fly in and fulfill your destructive task!
    1. vladcub
      vladcub 26 March 2020 13: 26
      "if there are no non-normal air defense" naturally normal air defense means a lot, but it means even more: who and how serves this equipment?
      Papuan, that with a fetal arquebus, that with "Pechera" will remain a Papuan. It's the same with the Rafall - the car is good, no doubt, but how trained are the pilots and technicians? Israeli comrades know better what their pilots are capable of
      1. Pathos
        Pathos 27 March 2020 09: 06
        The whole joke is that, in all over the world pilots are riders except our school, we also graduate flight schools, pilots in spacesuits are taught 5 years higher mathematics aerodynamics and other things, our pilot will break the whole plane when it breaks and crashes where you need a sledgehammer and will fly further laughing (remember the Soviet film crew how they patched a hole in the air is fantastic laughing we all understand that this is unrealistic) They brought this movie to the city next to the military airfield; naturally, the flyers went into the rzhach hall, it was creepy. In the West, on the contrary, the pilot only pilots everything else; you don’t need to know for that other people are responsible. A modern fighter is the same smartphone; give a 5-year-old child a smartphone; he will understand it faster than adults.
        1. vladcub
          vladcub 27 March 2020 09: 19
          Conclusion: put teenagers at the helm!
          1. Pathos
            Pathos 27 March 2020 09: 33
            They are so at the helm of computers laughing
    2. hohol95
      hohol95 26 March 2020 21: 06
      Question - air defense systems and aircraft manufactured in the WESTERN countries, peers described and in the same quantity, Would Ethiopia SAVE ???
    3. maidan.izrailovich
      maidan.izrailovich 27 March 2020 14: 43
      If there is no normal air defense ...

      If there is no air superiority, any air defense will sooner or later give slack. Yugoslavia is an example.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 27 March 2020 15: 08
        Air defense is not only valuable fur .... normal air defense is an COMPLEX structure in which there is EVERYTHING! aviation including and everything should interact clearly.
        These are the realities of the present time.
  3. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 26 March 2020 10: 13
    Well, the Ethiopians themselves are the instigators of this problem .... they started themselves, let them finish themselves. Could build a nuclear power plant ....
    1. storm
      storm 27 March 2020 02: 10
      Ethiopians need more water from the Nile than electricity ....
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 27 March 2020 06: 51
        What should I do! You cannot build happiness at the expense of others.
  4. Azazelo
    Azazelo 26 March 2020 10: 14
    Already done it, or is it just another gnovnmnie next mudoeksperta?
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 March 2020 10: 15
    Defense arabic
    It is not surprising when they begin to compare, frankly, ancient weapons systems with more modern ones, but at the same time I place special emphasis on the fact that these are Soviet weapons. And how many decades have these air defense systems not been updated? Naturally, they did not forget to douse the Su-27 with waste and of course the Pantsir. Not a single foreign article can do without the "destruction" of "Shell" today.
  6. Mytholog
    Mytholog 26 March 2020 10: 21
    Interesting guys are Ethiopians.
    They found money for the dam, but not for the S-300. Instead, the ancient Pechora is being modernized.
    No matter how ruined these fraers greed.
    1. Piramidon
      Piramidon 26 March 2020 10: 47
      Quote: Mytholog
      Instead, the ancient Pechora is being modernized.

      They do not upgrade anything.
      The main force - S-75 and S-125 - have not undergone any modernization since the time of delivery from the USSR.

      As received from the USSR, so they are. I won’t be surprised if it turns out that there wasn’t any elementary regulation there and some local rodents have already fixed the wiring. And now, Svidomo will begin to disassemble them.
  7. prior
    prior 26 March 2020 10: 32
    Arabs are citizens.
    When it comes to bows and arrows in your showdown, Russia will help with batons.
    Contact. We still have a forest.
    1. novel66
      novel66 27 March 2020 09: 15
      but nehru squander! let them throw stones
  8. novel66
    novel66 26 March 2020 10: 35
    Ukraine has taken on the modernization of the Ethiopian Pechora.

    here they tryndets ...
    1. primala
      primala 26 March 2020 10: 43
      Quote: novel xnumx
      Ukraine has taken on the modernization of the Ethiopian Pechora.

      here they tryndets ...

      Conference. Representatives - Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.
      - Who has the best bulb? (the answer is clear)
      - Who produces wine? (I see ... Moldovans)
      - And who is the lover of the most pee?
      - But we sleepily drink O !!!
      1. novel66
        novel66 26 March 2020 10: 48
        Yes! and hopak!
    2. donavi49
      donavi49 26 March 2020 11: 42
      Well, at least they put the radar.

      They also delivered GOS for 39 missiles and another 35 are awaiting dispatch.
      However, the Commission Agreement dated April 29.04.2015, 20.2 No. USE-79-15-D / K-28.02.2019 as of February 3, 2.21 has not been fully implemented. On the indicated date, in accordance with the acts of acceptance and transfer and expenditure invoices, PJSC Kyiv Radar Plant transferred 1 units to the commission AC26.01.2016-3 equipment (act dated 168,0 No. 39 / n in the amount of 04 pcs. for a total amount of 2 thousand US dollars) and 808,0 products РГС-26.06.2018R for a total amount of 24 1 thousand dollars United States (act of June 728,0, 30.05.2017 No. w / o in the amount of 8 pcs. For a total of 576,0 thousand US dollars, act of May 27.06.2017, 7 No. w / o in the amount of 504,0 pcs. For a total of XNUMX , XNUMX thousand US dollars, act dated XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX No. w / o in the amount of XNUMX pcs. For a total amount of XNUMX thousand US dollars).

      As of 01.10.2017, PJSC Kiev Radar Plant manufactured another 35 RGS-04R products for a total amount of UAH 31 675,87 thousand that were never transferred to the Commissioner as of February 28.02.2019, XNUMX and were in the warehouse of the enterprise. At the same time, the Commission Agreement does not provide for the application of penalties (fines) in respect of the Commissioner for violation of the deadlines or for refusing to ship the manufactured products from the warehouse of the Principal.
      1. T.Henks
        T.Henks 26 March 2020 12: 46
        Well, you disclose classified information!
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 26 March 2020 13: 00
          What are secret - open

  9. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 26 March 2020 10: 49
    to give an adequate rebuff in the event of an attack by Egyptian aircraft and to protect the dam.

    But this is a full-fledged war, and not a petty dirty trick to a neighbor. Here the dam is not limited. Everything flares up. belay
  10. sanik2020
    sanik2020 26 March 2020 11: 01
    Our business, side, do not want to live, let each other be killed. Only from recent history do we know that Egypt has always had better weapons than its neighbors and more in number, and who, when did they win ?.
    And most importantly, Arabic psychology implies superiority in quantity and not in quality.
    They always gather a large crowd, buy a lot of planes, tanks, guns and think, "since there are many of us, we are stronger", and then some small but well-organized enemy always showed them that happiness is not in size.
    I remember how in the magazine "ARMY" one Soviet air defense officer recalled when the USSR supplied S-125s to Egypt, they fired at Israeli planes and could not get in and accused the USSR of supplying bad weapons.
    Then it turned out that launching the rocket the Egyptians jumped out of the cockpit and prayed to Allah that the rocket hit and they had to explain for a long time that for this it was necessary not to pray but to control it.
  11. Sergei 777
    Sergei 777 26 March 2020 11: 12
    Let the Buk M3 division be bought. Or the S-350 division. And then with "Pechera" is no longer a Camelfo
    1. Aleksandr1971
      Aleksandr1971 26 March 2020 11: 21
      Beech vs. Raphael? - doubtful
      1. Gray brother
        Gray brother 26 March 2020 11: 40
        Quote: Aleksandr1971
        Beech vs. Raphael? - doubtful

        "Buk" is not needed there, there is a need for object air defense.
        But he could cut off some of the targets - planning bombs and ballistic missiles. In addition, if the aircraft launches a missile from a fifty dollars, it can also get into the affected area.
        Ethiopians have nothing to oppose to Egypt, even if they buy something new, they won’t buy much anyway, and any air defense can be stupidly overloaded, even the most advanced one is just a matter of quantity.
      2. Sergei 777
        Sergei 777 28 March 2020 13: 41
        Quote: Aleksandr1971
        Beech vs. Raphael? - doubtful

        It is doubtful that you know what Buk is and what Rafal is.
  12. Archivist Vasya
    Archivist Vasya 26 March 2020 11: 34
    Only 14 Su-27s are of real combat value, of which 6 are in combat readiness.

    Less than half! I am sure that at best only every second one works from the air defense system ... With this approach, the Ethiopians will be completely finished, they themselves will be to blame for not upgrading and not buying newer systems.
  13. iouris
    iouris 26 March 2020 12: 01
    A good example of the implementation of the known truth: the service provided is worth nothing.
  14. Vladimir61
    Vladimir61 26 March 2020 12: 41
    Narcissistic leaders of African states first create problems, not paying attention to the arguments of the other side, puff up and walk around like pheasants, and when real problems arise, they will shout "Help".
    Probably, the Ethiopians could solve the problem with Egypt, at the negotiating table, discussing the issue of the amount of annual water withdrawal to fill the reservoir. Let the process last not five years, but fifteen. It could not be technically impossible to solve this. But, as before, having replaced the club and bow with a primitive self-propelled gun, many rulers feel invincible.
  15. T.Henks
    T.Henks 26 March 2020 12: 49
    But Pushkin is an Ethiopian!
    1. iouris
      iouris 26 March 2020 14: 43
      There is a version that Pushkin's ancestors along the African line "lived" in the area of ​​Lake Logon in Cameroon, where there was a state to which Muslim preachers were allowed, that is, on the far outskirts of the Ottoman Empire. The ruler's son was taken to Istanbul as an amanat. Then something went wrong and he was presented as a slave to the Russian ambassador or ransomed by him from slavery as a souvenir.
      This can be a serious reason for changing the vector of Russian policy towards Africa, in general, and Ethiopia, in particular.
  16. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 26 March 2020 12: 49
    The main force - S-75 and S-125 - did not go through any modernization since delivery from the USSR.
    Well, that will be the corresponding result. (and the exercises of years .... did not go) feel
  17. PilotS37
    PilotS37 26 March 2020 13: 00
    Defense Arabic: Soviet and Russian systems unable to protect Ethiopian dam

    IMHO, of course, but the point is not that they are Russian and Soviet, but that Ethiopia is a weak country with a weak army. This army is poorly armed and trained. Be with the Ethiopians similar American and French weapons - the result would be the same.
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 26 March 2020 16: 36
      The impression that there was nothing more to translate, but I wanted to write. Any object is destroyed and any defense system breaks through. The question is how much is needed and how much is the attacker ready to 'put' to complete the task. The translation is excellent
  18. Fuethe
    Fuethe 26 March 2020 13: 44
    Of course, I'm not an expert on dams, but even having superficially familiarized myself (thanks to the article) with the scale of the construction, and it is larger than the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station and will be included in the ten largest hydroelectric power plants in the world, I think that such a statement from Egypt is an attempt to measure pussy. For the destruction of such an object, and this is a very large object made of reinforced concrete, very serious means of destruction are needed, I suppose even nuclear ones, and so, perhaps, they will cause insignificant technical damage, but the reputational losses will not be comparable with the achieved technical result. And it turns out that the most formidable thing was this statement. Besides, my opinion is why Ethiopia should suck a paw just because Egypt should be fine. All the existing agreements were built in such a way that Egypt was the winner and therefore, in order to change the situation, they tried to accept the Nile agreements repeatedly. Here is the last one, (taken from ". .. Today, the latest document related to the waters of the Nile is the Declaration of Principles adopted by Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia in March 2015. It enshrines the principle of equitable and reasonable use of the Nile's resources without harming the environment and harming the interests of coastal states. do not forget that in most cases the Declaration is a manifesto of relations of moral significance and, like the framework agreement, is not binding. Ethiopia agreements "
  19. Subtext
    Subtext 26 March 2020 14: 40
    War (military operations), the most expensive way to resolve the issue of water.
    Experts cite the use of the Parana River by unfriendly neighboring countries, which through this topic as a whole have improved relations, and continue cooperation.
  20. mag nit
    mag nit 26 March 2020 15: 14
    Live together.
  21. Oleg Olkha
    Oleg Olkha 26 March 2020 15: 55
    Kindergarten ... Defense Arabic saw the latest photos of this IMF-funded Cyclopean structure? "Gravity dam made of" rolled concrete "(English) Russian. Height from the base 175 m, height from the level of the river in the section 145 m, length along the ridge 1800 m and volume 10 million m3. Drying, rafali ...
  22. Pastor
    Pastor 26 March 2020 19: 02
    I think if Ethiopians knock down a couple of rafals, then this will only increase the rating of our weapons
    1. Pavel57
      Pavel57 27 March 2020 07: 52
      And if a couple of MiGs?
  23. Rzzz
    Rzzz 26 March 2020 19: 04
    The most interesting question is not even what the Egypt will blow up this dam, but what happens if it suddenly can blow it up (fantastic of course, but you can dream up). The dam falls, there is a wave of tens of meters along the valley ... And where does it come? Right, in Aswan! And what happens to the Aswan Dam further? With a high probability it will either be demolished or seriously damaged, and an even bigger wave will go further along the river valley. And here we must remember that in Egypt, the majority of settlements (including Cairo) and fertile lands are tied to the Nile Valley. Everything will be washed away, the victims will be in the hundreds of thousands, the losses will be in the billions, and not at all of the Egyptian Tugriks.
    Only a specific user could generate the idea of ​​blowing up such a dam.
    1. Alexander Grizodub
      Alexander Grizodub 26 March 2020 21: 42
      I thought it occurred to me alone.
    2. Reader 2013
      Reader 2013 26 March 2020 21: 56
      Nobody will bomb the dam, they will break the gates, valves, the reservoir will be impossible to fill, there will be no wave
  24. Alexander Grizodub
    Alexander Grizodub 26 March 2020 21: 40
    I’m thinking, if Egypt demolishes the Ethiopian dam, then it will not seem to him much. There, the entire Nile valley will go under the water, and if Aswan also does not survive?
    1. raif
      raif 26 March 2020 22: 26
      too much distance will have to go through the water to reach the cities of Egypt. and yes, the shores are gentle there - flat terrain, after all. in general, there will definitely not be a flood in Cairo. and Aswan was built by our specialists - what if it could stand it?
  25. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 27 March 2020 04: 23
    "For our part, we add that Ukraine has taken up the modernization of the Ethiopian" Pechors "" - the Ethiopians have nothing to "worry about"! - the "strongest" army got down to business ..
  26. Febi
    Febi 27 March 2020 07: 27
    So what? This is their business FOR WHAT to fight and WHAT to fight.
  27. Yury Siritsky
    Yury Siritsky 27 March 2020 12: 30
    Licking something to blur. Who needs this article.
  28. Nikolay73
    Nikolay73 27 March 2020 13: 33
    Provocative titles however ...
  29. lvov_aleksey
    lvov_aleksey 27 March 2020 20: 21
    I do not understand this article.
    we would have to deal with dams on the rivers in Mongolia, Baikal is becoming shallow !!!
  30. Andrew's Answer
    Andrew's Answer 27 March 2020 21: 43
    I only know the Egyptians, Ethiopians, and chocks with their president Nedrugan are definitely not friends. First they climb into the gums to kiss, and then a dagger in the back. The East is a delicate thing, Petruha, they are friends while there is A. By.You.Go.Yes (but this is already the Hebrew alphabet)
  31. Gust
    Gust 27 March 2020 22: 50
    When it finally starts to reach that the air defense (even the object) - for wandered off the debris, the reflection of random attacks, etc. Without an air cover, almost any air defense will be torn; this is an advantage for the attacker.