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Syria, March 25: 2A65 Msta-B howitzers seen in Idlib


The situation in Syria on March 25, 2020 was seriously aggravated. Militants make new attacks both in Idlib and in other provinces of the country. There was information about the transfer of Russian artillery to Idlib.

In the area of ​​the M4 highway linking Aleppo and Latakia, provocations against the joint Russian-Turkish patrol continue. So, in the area of ​​the city of Jisr al-Shugur, a bridge was blown up. The responsibility for this, according to QalaatAlMudiq, lies with the militants of the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham organization banned in the Russian Federation.

In addition, a Turkish armored car was blown up on a mine installed by terrorists and a Turkish army soldier was wounded. Thus, patrolling the M4 becomes unsafe for the Turkish military. If before the Turkish army suffered casualties and lost equipment during clashes with parts of the Syrian government forces, now Recep Erdogan’s soldiers are dying as a result of militants supported by the same Turkish government.

In the areas of the settlements of Kansafra and Fatir, fighters fired on the positions of the Syrian Arab army. The fortifications of the SAA in the area of ​​the mountains of Jebel al-Zawiya underwent shelling. In response, government troops were forced to open fire on terrorist positions.

In the province of Raqqa, near the village of Sukkaria, the militants of the Feylak al-Majid, a pro-Turkish group that had previously been accused of looting and gang attacks, clashed with local residents and opened fire on them. 8 people were injured.

In the province of Hama, in the area of ​​Zaizun, on the contrary, terrorist positions were shelled. Artillery fire on them opened the divisions of the Syrian Arab army. Government forces were thus forced to respond to ongoing provocations by terrorist groups.

Government forces also opened artillery fire on militant positions in the areas of the villages of Kafr-Amma and Kafr-Tal in the province of Aleppo.

There, in Aleppo, the Turkish army attacked with the help of artillery the positions of the Kurdish Popular Self-Defense Detachments in the vicinity of the villages of Malikiya, Maranaz and Shevarg.

In the province of Hasaka, near the village of Al-Hariri, militants of a terrorist group who rode on motorcycles shot and killed two fighters of the Kurdish militia operating in the region. According to the Kurds, members of the Islamic State cell operating in Hasak were involved in this attack (prohibited in the Russian Federation). IS fighters also killed a 60-year-old resident in the village of Suweidan-Jazeera in the province of Deir ez-Zor.

In the city of Afrin, Aleppo province, in turn, pro-Turkish militants were noted - they abducted a local resident. The practice of kidnapping for ransom is widespread in many regions of Syria, and in the province of Raqqa, the militants of the previously mentioned Feylak al-Majid gang are hunting expropriation of houses from local residents. Selected real estate, according to Syrian sources, is then resold at bargain prices of 2-5 thousand dollars.

It should be noted that in the province of Idlib, just in the area of ​​the ceasefire, weather conditions sharply worsened. The storm led to the destruction of refugee camps in the districts of Killy, Hazanu, Saramada and Haranbush. This circumstance seriously worsened the humanitarian situation in the region.

Against this background, the American army once again designated its presence in Syria. Although U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly announced the withdrawal of US troops, 150 US Army trucks arrived in Hasaka province. They entered the province from Iraqi Kurdistan, heading towards American military posts.

Meanwhile, information appeared on the network about the transfer of artillery to Idlib (not confirmed by official sources). This is a column of 152-mm howitzer 2A65 "Msta-B", which were seen on the M5 highway. A number of sources link what is happening with the transfer of Turkish air defense systems to Idlib. It is possible that artillery will be used as a retaliatory force against militants operating in the province who are not going to abide by the ceasefire.
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  1. Mytholog
    Mytholog 25 March 2020 18: 12 New
    It seems that they decided to deal with the HTS.
    1. Mitroha
      Mitroha 25 March 2020 18: 39 New
      Yes there are those with whom you need to deal with, a carriage and a small cart.
      Прежде надо разобраться с "партнёрами" , поотбирав ножи чтобы спину целой сохранить.
      1. cost
        cost 25 March 2020 20: 31 New
        howitzers 2A65 "Msta-B"

        52-mm howitzer “Msta-B” (GRAU index - 2A65, NATO classification - M1987) - Russian / Soviet towed 152-mm howitzer designed to destroy tactical weapons of nuclear attack, artillery and mortar batteries, tanks and other armored vehicles, destruction field fortifications and other defensive structures, suppression of manpower and fire weapons, command posts, air defense and missile defense systems.
        Designer of Central Design Bureau “Titan”
        Designed from 1976 to 1986
        Manufacturer Motovilikhinsky plants
        Years of production with 1987
        Total released over 1200
        Options 2A65, MZ-146
        Weight, kg 7000
        Type of tractor KamAZ-63501AT
        Clearance, mm 400
        Carriage speed on the highway, km / h 20..80
        Length, mm 11400..12700
        Barrel length, mm 7200
        Width, mm 2500
        Height, mm 1950..2950
        Crew (calculation), people 8
        Explosive shell
        Caliber mm 152,4
        Wedge lock
        Wheel carriage with sliding beds
        Elevation angle −3 .. + 70
        Rotation angle −27 .. + 28
        Rate of fire
        rounds / min to 7
        starting speed
        projectile, m / s 810
        Sighting range, m 6400..24 700 (OFS)
        range, m 28 900 (AR OFS)
        Sight OP4M-97K, PG-1M, K-1
        1. tolmachiev51
          tolmachiev51 26 March 2020 03: 58 New
          howitzer negative angle why !?
          1. Rzzz
            Rzzz 26 March 2020 07: 12 New
            Quote: tolmachiev51
            howitzer negative angle why !?

            From a hill down direct fire. Still, this is not quite a classic howitzer.
  2. Victor_B
    Victor_B 25 March 2020 18: 14 New
    Harsh русские Syrian men come into action!
    Someone is getting sick ...
    1. Round Smesharik
      Round Smesharik 25 March 2020 18: 47 New
      Quote: Victor_B
      Harsh русские Syrian men come into action!
      Someone is getting sick ...

      Under the guise they will wet and do it right ..
      Trump has repeatedly announced the withdrawal of US troops, 150 US Army trucks arrived in Hasaka province.

      Also want a prankster?
      In short Petrovich, ours will give them heat soon .. I smell genes! For all !!!
      BDK arrived from Russia and unloaded ... I think after that, another caravan goes under the bark of jackals ..
    2. hydrox
      hydrox 26 March 2020 07: 36 New
      And glory to Gd that we enter not with motorized gunners, but with artillerymen. With good target designation, on advanced drones and on satellite binding, you can do good things with these devices - it will be inexpensive, but very severe!
      Of course, on a well-equipped combat and communications equipment and communications.
  3. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 25 March 2020 18: 17 New
    In the General Staff, people are certainly smarter than me .. They know best .. But are we really getting involved in Syria? ...
    1. seregin-s1
      seregin-s1 25 March 2020 18: 42 New
      Everyone has their own profession. Everyone needs preparation. Knowledge, skill and skill. Skill - the ability of activity, formed by repetition and bringing to automatism. The exercises are close to military, and preferably military. Then it will be easier to defend the homeland. Like in Italy.
    2. Mitroha
      Mitroha 25 March 2020 18: 45 New
      Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
      But are we getting really involved in Syria? ..

      Tell me, at the moment, what do you think are the options?
    3. Titus
      Titus 25 March 2020 18: 51 New
      And there are some options .... to finish everything and quit. The problems are always sideways
      1. Grits
        Grits 26 March 2020 02: 07 New
        Quote: Titus
        And there are some options .... to finish everything and quit. The problems are always sideways

        The largest deficiencies are Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2014)
        1. hydrox
          hydrox 26 March 2020 07: 14 New
          Это не "недоделки", с Украиной это провалы внешней политики: да, струсили, но от этого только потеряли авторитет и показали, что на нас можно давить и на этом мы прогибаемся.
          They took the willingness to seek consensus as a compromise and a weak position - and it began!
  4. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 25 March 2020 19: 01 New
    The news lags behind Telegram channels by one day.
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 25 March 2020 21: 43 New
      Quote: Zaurbek
      The news is one day behind

      От греха подальше новости следует проверять, а это время. К тому же все эти "каналы" регулярно выдают такую шляпу...
    2. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 25 March 2020 22: 53 New
      Fresh news. The truth is not funny. sad
      "25 марта около 20:10 в акватории Черного моря в 50 км от Феодосии при проведении плановых полетов пропала отметка на экранах средств объективного контроля от истребителя Су-27. В 20:11 был зафиксирован сигнал аварийного радиомаяка в данном районе", - сказали в ведомстве.
  5. knn54
    knn54 25 March 2020 19: 11 New
    Похоже,что ситуация аналогична Триполи.Куча "контор" с распределением задач-кто против курдов,кто против турок,ну и "дружно" против Асада и его союзников.Последнее прямо указывает на ОБЩЕГО куратора.И это не Турция.
  6. Victor March 47
    Victor March 47 25 March 2020 20: 16 New
    Quote: Andrey Nikolaevich
    In the General Staff, people are certainly smarter than me .. They know best .. But are we really getting involved in Syria? ...

    They quickly jumped out of Eastern Europe. Do not understand the lesson? How many times is a stake on my head to make it clear? Is it really so stupid steel?
  7. Adam Khomich
    Adam Khomich 25 March 2020 20: 49 New
    It seems the sultan will take it more seriously.
    Did not appreciate the mustachioed help of GDP in an attempted coup.
    А зря.
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 25 March 2020 22: 12 New
      Это мы сами виноваты:: помогли "по-дружески", не проставив шестизначной цифры в чеке - вот султан это и принял за слабость ...
  8. Adam Khomich
    Adam Khomich 25 March 2020 20: 53 New
    Quote: Victor March 47
    Very quickly jumped out of Eastern Europe

    How old are you? Forgot, was in power? Two drunks - one type of president, and the second Pasha-Mercedes.
    "Стыдись, Белое Перо!" (с)
  9. Ovrag
    Ovrag 25 March 2020 21: 38 New
    You can just write. The mess continues and he has no edge. Right now there also the virus will work.
  10. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 26 March 2020 03: 59 New
    Руками "эдика" началась очередная смута-замес ,воюют все против всех !
  11. Chaldon48
    Chaldon48 26 March 2020 05: 01 New
    Militants do not comply with the ceasefire, and who then abides by it?
  12. Ros 56
    Ros 56 26 March 2020 07: 20 New
    For a long time it is necessary to erase these barmalei into dust, there is no point in pulling rubber, only losses will increase.