Puff and smoke in place

Yes, we can already say that "who is talking about, but here everything is about diesel engines." But what if this is so? If the situation doesn’t improve, it gets worse. We stand, and soon even stop smoking.

Sources of Mil.Press FlotProm allow us to conclude in publications that the situation with the engines for RTOs of project 22800, which actually came to a standstill, is unlikely to get out of the deadlock not only by 2021, perhaps the problem will remain a problem in 2022 as well.

And this is despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense and production workers have repeatedly made statements that the situation will be improved, the situation is difficult, but not critical, and so on.

However, the screws do not twist the statements, but the engines. To my great regret.

And no less regretful is the fact that the two plants were heavily litigated, the engine production process was inhibited, and the state defense order was actually thwarted. And the prospects are not at all bright.

On July 2, 2019, Zvezda PJSC filed a lawsuit against the 51st Central Design and Technology Institute for Ship Repair (CKTIS) and the Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant. CKTIS was supposed to contribute to the development of the production of Zvezda diesel engines at KMZ.

The fact is that Zvezda’s production facilities do not allow producing M507 diesel engines for the MRK series of project 22800 in the quantities necessary to fully meet the needs of the Ministry of Defense. And only for "Karakurt" you need 8-9 engines per year. And in accordance with the plans, the number of ships should only grow. So, you need more engines.

The logical decision is to attract a plant to the engine assembly, which is located not far from the main site (from St. Petersburg to Kingisepp about 120 km), and is directly related to engine building. Kingisepp mechanical plant produces spare parts for high-speed star-shaped engines.

And, as usual, we didn’t do it very well. And Zvezda, when the dates were smoking like an unregulated diesel engine, went to court.

The trial has passed. The proceedings were complicated, postponed several times, but in the end the court refused PJSC Zvezda to satisfy the claim for declaring the contract between the two enterprises dated December 21, 2018 as not concluded.

What happened and why such a sudden alignment?

On December 21, 2018, the plaintiff and the defendant entered into a contract that provided for the manufacture and supply of diesel products for the acquisition of the order of the head. No. 805 of project 22800. That is, the propulsion system for the Typhoon RTOs laid at the Gorky Zelenodolsk plant.

As a result of the trial, the court found guilty of disrupting the execution of the contract ... the plaintiff! That is, PJSC "Star".

And so it happens.

What was the St. Petersburg plant charged with?

And the reason for the non-fulfillment of the contract, it turns out, was the completely delayed transfer of technological documentation. In general, Zvezda was supposed to transfer documents to the engines back in 2018, but for some reason did not.

As a result, the 51st CKTIS did not receive documents for two-thirds of the engines from the list. Accordingly, the process could not go anywhere at all, and even less so to assembly lines.

But what in fact? But in fact there are no engines, the Ministry of Defense makes claims both to Zvezda and KMZ, which are supposed to approve a working schedule, according to which to start, in fact, for the sake of which everything was started. That is the release of ship diesels.

However, the yard is no longer 2018. And not even 2019. We now, in 2020, have the fact that two enterprises, instead of working for the benefit of the military fleet Russia, with which, frankly speaking, things are not brilliant with us, they are finding out who is more wrong in the courts.

And the documentation for the M507A and M507D engines is still not transferred. It is quite logical: when to deal with some documents there for diesels, if you need to prepare documents in the courts?

The situation is just wonderful. A plant that can produce engines is worth it. Suffers because it is money. The shipyard that builds the ship also loses money because there are no engines. The fleet is losing patience and nerves, as the delivery of warships to it is once again delayed.

Good only to lawyers and lawyers. In fact, they spend paper on boxes, money goes to pay for their work and state duties.

Excuse me, will lawyers work at sea instead of ships?

Yes, an RTO is not a destroyer or a frigate. But we have a horror about what is happening with regard to large ships. And now, with small ships, it has begun ...

And if only with small ones.

In general, Zelenodolsk is not very happy mood. To match and in St. Petersburg, at the "Pella". Well, in the Ministry of Defense, too, since it is impossible to rectify the situation by any meetings.

Meanwhile, problems with engines threaten to disrupt the second series of warships. These are project mine defense ships of project 12700. Yes, problems also begin with engines and diesel generators for the Alexandrites.

Shipyards can suffer in full, because downtime and losses at the state defense order are not what shipbuilders could dream of.

But the failure of the engine builders to fulfill their duties no longer causes concern. The situation is virtually hopeless. It is very difficult to say for what reason in St. Petersburg they cannot organize the production in Kingisepp of the engines so needed by the fleet, but they cannot. They prefer to run around the courts and write exculpatory letters in the spirit of the times.

Let's think about it. The plans of the Ministry of Defense include the construction of 23 missile defense systems of project 22800 Karakurt and about 30 sea minesweepers of project 12700 Alexandrite.

As mentioned above, the production capacity of Zvezda is a maximum of 10 engines per year.

But the engines of the "Star" are placed not only on the "Karakurt" and "Alexandrite". They (for lack of others) want to put on the MRK project 21631 "Buyan-M", missile boats of project 12418

Diesels and diesel generators created in the Soviet years on the Leningrad Zvezda put on minesweepers of project 12700, small missile ships of project 22800, missile boats of project 12418 and 1234.

The situation is not simple. And it will still have to be decided, and not in the courts. And at the shipyards. For we need not courts, but ships and ships.

In general, this should be understood by some gentlemen who, instead of giving the fleet engines, give work to judges and lawyers.

In fact, they were not put in the chairs of the leaders for that.
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