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The subtleties of the work of a scout: a film by Arkady Mamontov

The subtleties of the work of a scout: a film by Arkady Mamontov

As Julian Semyonov wrote in his remarkable political detective story “TASS is authorized to declare,” “a scout is obliged to reverently love his opponent, only then he can strangle him.” This phrase can be considered the quintessential work of a scout, as journalist Arkady Mamontov reflects in his video “DIPPING”.

The film tells about who and by what principles can be taken into reconnaissance, how intelligence agencies and intelligence schools are generally working.

An attribute of scouts (spies) appears on the table of Arkady Mamontov, which consists of false beards, mustaches and other accessories that allow you to change your appearance yourself - without the help of makeup masters. It is noted that today the work of a scout has changed significantly. In principle, to collect information, it is enough to have a smartphone that allows you to take photos and videos, send it to the right person through one or another communication channel, encrypt the information using a number of applications so that it is extremely difficult to decrypt it.

On his channel, Arkady Mamontov talks about some of the declassified illegal intelligence officers who worked for a long time “in the cold” - that is, abroad, under foreign names and other people's biographies. The video presents an interview with the legendary retired GRU General Alexander Khomenko, which talks about some of the intricacies of intelligence work.


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  1. Amateur
    Amateur 24 March 2020 14: 20
    The film tells about whom and by what principles they can take into reconnaissance, how the work of scouts, intelligence schools is generally conducted.

    You can just as well refer to "Dead Season"
    1. Insurgent
      Insurgent 24 March 2020 14: 49
      Quote: Amateur
      "Dead Season"

      Quote: knn54
      "Path to Saturn / End of Saturn"

      What one, what another movies - classic good
  2. knn54
    knn54 24 March 2020 14: 39
    ALWAYS interesting is what is "behind the scenes" And there are a lot of films (on a real basis). The same dilogy - "Path to Saturn / End of Saturn".
  3. Ponchik78
    Ponchik78 5 May 2020 07: 48
    After Mamontov made a report about the cruiser Murmansk sitting on the stones off the coast of Norway and where he described without specifics its heroic past during the Second World War (!), I do not perceive him as a serious journalist at all!