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Enemy at the gate. Coronavirus and army


Against the background of multidirectional information from government agencies and departments in working with coronavirus, against the background of already lost local battles by individual institutions, the question arises of a center for combating this problem. Is there such a center?

This is not a formal approach: we will assemble an interagency commission, make decisions, etc., but a real solution to the problem.

Information on measures taken by scattered organizations is opposed by a constant increase in the number of cases. That is, our departments act predictably: all decisions in fact, no work ahead of schedule.

Moreover, it turns out, for example, such an extremely strange fact that doctors are not registered, they need to do this in the near future. This is surprising, since all doctors and qualified medical personnel are military-liable, they must be registered with military commissariats. That is, should it be understood that no one keeps records of military servicemen as expected? But the current legislation imposes this obligation on personnel departments of legal entities (companies), and (I say from personal experience) the employees of the military registration and enlistment offices require a clear report on all those liable for military service. However, as you know, the most important principle of bureaucratic management in the Russian Federation is known: we are looking under the lamp, and not where we lost it.

Therefore, the more transparent the organization, the more it is tested, and vice versa.

This formal principle is the cornerstone of the current management system, rooted in all departments, with a rare, very rare exception.

But against the backdrop of a real or imaginary threat of coronavirus, the question arises: who can help people except General Frost? His strength is powerless against the backdrop of the onset of spring. In addition, they say that the virus dies at positive temperatures.

It seems that in such a situation, only one department can cope with this problem, cope most effectively.

The Ministry of the Interior is extremely truncated in its functions, the civilian Ministry of Health does not have the appropriate authority, and the Ministry of Emergencies has the proper weight.

Of course, both in fact and in specialization, this is only a matter for the Ministry of Defense.

Objectively, we do not know whether this is real war or not, but it is a kind of prototype of the invasion (“Mars attacks”). And who, if not the representatives of the Ministry of Defense, should be at the head of the defense, whom, whom, if not his representatives, should head all emergency headquarters? Not for particular officials, who for the most part (when they are not “doing their own business”), with rare exceptions, work on transferring pieces of paper and writing reports on transferring pieces of paper ... Military people who can act in appropriate situations should deal with the virus. At least it seems to me that they know how to act. And at the same time and practice. This is the first.

Secondly, in the structure of the Armed Forces there are troops of radiation, chemical and biological defense, created specifically for this. Who, if not them, should solve this problem?

Thirdly, no one but the military will be able to provide real quarantine of the necessary places.

Yes, they can object to me: they say that for this purpose there are ex-explosives - the Russian Guard.

But this department, due to its structural specificity, does not have “natural” goals. In reality, this state structure, although it has become formally bureaucratically independent, but in its main activity it still fully interacts with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in fact being an auxiliary structure. It is necessary to use its potential, but all the forces of the Russian Guard in the situation with the virus should be subordinate to the army leadership.

One-man management is the cornerstone in solving this problem.

As well as all transport hubs with their departments and their leadership should be subordinate to military commandants.

The Ministry of Health in the field of combating the pandemic should also be subordinate to the military command, and in places of special threats, all other structures, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs (except for national security structures), must also strictly comply with military decisions.

In order to avoid the violation of the rights of citizens under quarantine conditions, which often occurs in delicate situations, it is imperative that second representatives of the prosecutor's office be seconded to units performing tasks to eliminate foci and threats. They must be in the headquarters.

Any complaints from citizens should be recorded, and decisions must be reached within the powers of the representatives of the Armed Forces in quarantine areas (without going beyond the law and without violating rights and freedoms).

In the end, all this is done for the benefit of the citizens of the country.

The army of the Russian Federation today is the only clear structure that has (with many problems) a management and decision system. A structure in which not only is there a formal (on paper) system, but there is a real system that can deal with a pandemic. The charter of the guard service - he is also a charter in Africa.

And this situation gives the military department the opportunity to practice working out the fight against real threats and gain unique experience. This is not a command post exercise!

I will say more: if the Armed Forces are created on the basis of the Armed Forces, and not interagency commissions and committees, the headquarters for combating the pandemic can be headed by the Supreme Commander, which, obviously, will give him an additional impetus.

Of course, the described scenario is purely hypothetical, but I believe that in the present conditions, a quick and clear result can be achieved only if this difficult work is entrusted to the Moscow Region.
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Gerd Altmann
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  1. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer 25 March 2020 15: 15 New
    I agree with the author. All exercises on the line of civil defense in the USSR were conducted by people with epaulets. Today's infection is no longer a teaching, but a reality. And trust in the fight against it is necessary not to the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, and the State Duma, but to the structures of the Moscow Region or the Ministry of Emergencies.
    1. knn54
      knn54 25 March 2020 15: 55 New
      Alexei. small correction. Ministry of Emergency Situations (assumed the functions of the USSR Civil Defense) plus the army.
      1. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 26 March 2020 00: 47 New
        Quote: knn54
        Alexei. small correction. Ministry of Emergency Situations (assumed the functions of the USSR Civil Defense) plus the army.

        Absolutely right! The Ministry of Emergencies is the Ministry of Emergencies, and the almost uncontrolled spread of coronavirus, the absence of vaccines and, as a result, increased mortality, is this not an Emergency ?! And just the Ministry of Emergencies in its formation years showed excellent results in crisis situations! And the MO can help her with specialized units. And RosGuard can also be attracted!
  2. Scipio
    Scipio 25 March 2020 15: 18 New
    Everything is well-painted. But as they say: smoothly on paper, but forgot about the ravines. Control is definitely needed, every day there is news that quarantine is violated by visitors from abroad. And the big problem is that the population does not have a sense of security. The state, not only has to restore order, but also somehow help the people.
    1. carstorm 11
      carstorm 11 25 March 2020 15: 31 New
      in general, some real success in putting things in order during the crisis can be achieved only by tight control over the population. Total can even be said. a sense of security will not help you. Criminal liability for quarantine violation is on the way. and the nuts will tighten very tightly. Or everything does not make sense.
      1. Scipio
        Scipio 25 March 2020 15: 53 New
        A sense of security will appear when people know that all necessary measures are being taken. That patients or with suspected illness are isolated, and do not drive a quarantine bolt and do not shy away, somewhere nearby. In this regard, I was surprised at how many people can be finished, a video from China, where people with the virus specifically smear their saliva on the buttons in the elevator, on the door handles, on the products in stores, and so on. This place is not in quarantine, but near the wall
  3. bandabas
    bandabas 25 March 2020 15: 35 New
    That's just Rosgvardiya in this show was not enough. Country .... I can not write about tolerance.
  4. MstislavHrabr
    MstislavHrabr 25 March 2020 15: 39 New
    It is necessary to take specific measures for the antiviral protection of physicians who take tests from people with suspected VIRUS. On the ground there are only gloves and a mask. This will not save doctors from infection. Specials required. costumes and skills in them. If the virus gets into the hospital ... Who will treat us ?!
  5. IL-64
    IL-64 25 March 2020 15: 40 New
    The army should plan, taking into account the opinion of virologists and infectious disease specialists of the Ministry of Health. And for quarantine measures it is necessary and should be "Zolotovtsy" to attract, let them do the right thing
    1. astepanov
      astepanov 25 March 2020 18: 16 New
      Those. Ministry of Health, Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision, Ministry of Emergency Situations - useless structures? Then, of course, only the army remains. And firing squads with detachments. Yes, everyone else should be given gas masks from the military depots of the OZK and.
      1. IL-64
        IL-64 26 March 2020 00: 54 New
        Sanitary inspection - officials. MES under another sharpened. Shooting teams? May be useful against alarmists and moraders
  6. Honest Citizen
    Honest Citizen 25 March 2020 15: 45 New
    This is not a formal approach: we will assemble an interagency commission, make decisions, etc., but a real solution to the problem.

    Those. the author wanted to say that besides the army, everything else the government - nothing?
    I agree.
  7. Operator
    Operator 25 March 2020 16: 17 New
    In general, nothing needs to be done - the coronavirus in its consequences exactly corresponds to the flu.

    Only people over 65 years old and chronically ill should be quarantined / treated. The rest are simply obliged to get sick and develop immunity.
    1. astepanov
      astepanov 25 March 2020 18: 21 New
      Quote: Operator
      The rest are simply obliged to get sick and develop immunity.

      Well, yes, do not vaccinate against measles, smallpox, chipboard - immunity itself is formed. Or maybe give specialists time and money to create vaccines? Until then, fight with the methods that the Chinese used? Actually, so far the government has taken exactly this path: quarantine measures, treatment with what is at hand and, at the same time, the development of vaccines.
      1. depressant
        depressant 25 March 2020 18: 48 New
        I read that immunity to coronavirus is not produced, and cases of re-infection have already been noted, new outbreaks are brewing where the virus has already passed through the population. Is this the reason for the concern of the heads of government of different countries and the unprecedented quarantine measures? They say that covide is now with us forever, and the vaccine only heals, saving from death, but it is not a vaccine.
        We have to agree with Edward - only the army! And you had to think about this before. After all, one could guess if bombs cannot be thrown, then the virus will be thrown.
        1. astepanov
          astepanov 25 March 2020 19: 35 New
          Quote: depressant
          cases of reinfection have already been noted

          This is an infection of another strain.
          Quote: depressant
          the vaccine only heals

          The vaccine does not cure. It leads to the development of immunity in healthy people. This is the same as vaccination. Learn the primer.
          Quote: depressant
          if bombs cannot be thrown, then the virus will be thrown.
          And who, in your opinion, threw the virus on itself?
      2. Operator
        Operator 25 March 2020 19: 16 New
        It is exclusively about coronavirus - an analogue of the flu in mortality.
  8. Catfish
    Catfish 25 March 2020 17: 43 New
    Of course, the described scenario is purely hypothetical, but I believe that in the present conditions, a quick and clear result can be achieved only if this difficult work is entrusted to the Moscow Region.

    To do this, you need a commander appropriate to the situation. Is he there? soldier
  9. Azis
    Azis 25 March 2020 20: 18 New
    The main function here will be performed by the Ministry of Emergencies in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, involving the forces of the Ministry of Defense, under the leadership of the Operations Headquarters, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FS VNG, the Federal Penitentiary Service and, again, the Ministry of Defense, will ensure the implementation of these measures. The laws on these departments say so.
  10. srha
    srha 25 March 2020 21: 00 New
    I have a VUS 111. I am simply surprised, I will write softly, by the strangeness of the authorities' behavior in the fight against infection.

    After all, there are still no normal explanations (instructions) to ensure a regime for combating infection. There is advertising, there are appeals of different levels, but there are no instructions (for the population, workers, employers, etc.).

    We have here (in Kazakhstan), today the marines in the OZK embankment in solar the weather was disinfected (hee hee, there in the morning friends did exercises for health).
    (newspaper "Lada" Aktau). Delirium. It seems that even VIKI do not read about the murderous effect of ultraviolet (Sun) on the virus.

    By the way, in Russia it is also possible, because quartzing somehow fell out of the recommendations, no?

    And to provide free of charge with obligatory disposable masks (with glasses), gloves, disinfecting solutions and napkins in all public places at the entrances / exits (plus rugs moistened with disinfecting solutions), tell how to use it correctly so as not to smear around the apartment, returning from the street and etc ... It’s not expensive - a few hundred rubles per month per person (if at cost, not at market value).

    Or maybe they are swinging?

    By the way, from my point of view, it is very important: there is no mention of air conditioning systems, but they are the reservoirs where viruses multiply when safety regulations are violated (see Legionnaires' disease) - how does this coronavirus behave there? Judging by the publications about the "biological bomb" in Italy - the match Atalanta - Valencia, there the air conditioners worked.
  11. Nemchinov Vl
    Nemchinov Vl 26 March 2020 00: 47 New
    "Friend, you must agree - these are FUNNY times! Who could have imagined such a time before ?! When, in the country, it will be easier to pick up an infection, not from a homeless person, but from" people with chains "who returned to the country from Courchevel !!! ...?! winked lol wink
  12. bandabas
    bandabas 26 March 2020 09: 46 New
    Sergei Shoigu in Moscow Region - Yulia Sergeevna in the Ministry of Emergencies. Dad will say daughter will provide a psychological reboot.
  13. Shahno
    Shahno 29 March 2020 17: 40 New
    There are enough specialists in Russia. Just a politico-medical problem ....