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Aerospace Defense: Interview with the General Designer of Almaz-Antey Concern


December 1998 Peaceful Baghdad, along the streets of which thousands of people walked, suddenly froze and after a moment panic seized people. The US-British allies decided to "test" the strength of Iraq by firing dozens, hundreds of cruise missiles in a peaceful city. The air-raid sirens were heard where only a few minutes ago ordinary speech was heard, laughter sounded, conversations at the tables of small cafes and restaurants.

The film crew of Arkady Mamontov became the witness of the beginning of that operation of the USA and Britain against Iraq, sanctioned by the President of the United States Bill Clinton. Now he is talking on the tragic events of the Desert Fox operation on his YouTube channel.

Arkady Mamontov:

We were shooting. My point was on the roof of the Ministry of Information (Iraq). It was seen how rockets, in the tail of which hellfire burns, fly at a low altitude above the city, drop in front of the target and strike with a powerful explosion.

This evidence of the events of 22 years ago is an eyeliner to the interview on how today you can protect yourself from an air attack.

The material presents an interview with the general designer of the Concern East Kazakhstan Almaz-Antey, Pavel Sozinov. He talked about what the concern is doing now, and what tasks it performs on the country's aerospace defense.

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  1. Mikhail Drabkin
    Mikhail Drabkin 24 March 2020 05: 18
    It is remarkable that Russia has not only world championship in the means of detecting, tracking and destroying aerospace targets, but also has a continuous stream of research institutes and research and development in this high-tech industry.

    After all, these are the “grandchildren and great-grandchildren” of the great Russian inventor of radio - Alexander Stepanovich Popov !!

    But why should the world know the details, at least any, of the competitive advantage of Russia, from the lips of the general designer of Almaz-Antey?

    Misinformation ???? So let her be voiced anonymously like "reliable source" ....
  2. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 24 March 2020 05: 41
    In general, I wonder ... really, nothing new ... but still ... it will go! Some "statements" are controversial .... for example, that the S-300 could protect Serbia from NATO, if they were there ... Hardly! Serbia is a small country ... and there is "solid" NATO all around! Everything is "in the palm of your hand"! The presence of mountains would certainly help ... but "partially"! NATO members could then "score" the S-300 with the "massiveness" of PR missiles ... + EW ... + UAVs ... + DRGs in helicopters. And the presence of "tremendous" missiles, but only 4 on the launcher ... is not "great reliability"! The Serbs could "spoil the blood" of NATO ... but defend themselves "well" ... hardly!
  3. egsp
    egsp 25 March 2020 15: 45
    Only Russia and China can confront the Americans. So, no c-300 would have helped in 1999. Air defense is a very complex type of battle, the interaction of several components is necessary: ​​air defense, air force, rtv, electronic warfare, etc. And to crush several divisions of ZRS is a matter of time.