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The story of one name


We boys and girls always called her Aunt Jimma. That's how they got used to it from childhood on to such a non-Russian name! She was our neighbor. Tall, stately. Hardworking and educated. What interesting things she told us! About the taiga and forest-tundra, about mountain rivers and urmans ...

My mother was friends with her. And in a neighborly way, and so, in a feminine way. They exchanged books, had some kind of conversation. Aunt Jimma was ten years older than her, but at an uncontrolled pace she seemed younger than her peers. Everything was on her shoulder: household chores and a game of volleyball, where she could give odds. She could train young people or help the projectionist with his old apparatus. Nekrasov wrote about such women!

For the first time I thought about her name when my daughter was born. Choosing a name is a serious matter, and a thick book with interpretations appeared in the house. When my wife and I reached the letter "D", I was surprised to read: "Gemma." From Italian - "gem". But why through "E"? How many times have I sent Aunt Jimme letters from the post office - it was always written through "And!"

He turned to his mother for explanations, since at that time Aunt Jimmu, who was seriously ill, took her daughter to her city. And what an amazing story I heard from my mother!

It turns out that the neighbor was also from a military family, which at one time brought her and my mother closer. She was born in 1939. Her father had a best friend - a Spaniard. Present. By nationality. The Republican who fought with the fascist infection in the Pyrenees and who was forced to retreat and move to the USSR. And at home, in sunny Spain, he left his wife and daughter Gemma. And this companion, having learned that his friend’s wife was pregnant, asked him, if a girl was born, to name her by the name of his blood. To call her by her name and remember her!

A girl was born, and the father complied with the request of a friend. Here are just a clerk unfamiliar with foreign names, instead of "e" wrote "and". So the neighbor Jimma remained. A lot of grief fell to her in her childhood. The war spared no one. Everyone drank in full. Both adults and children. Father, however, returned from the war. But the Spaniard died in the first months. Defending your second homeland.

After the war, Aunt Jimma graduated from the school and the College of Cinema Mechanics, but could not sit in the booth - she married the cartographer and traveled with him half the country! For six months they lived in tents and cooked at the stake, and then she helped her husband in Leningrad transfer all the marks to the cards.

From there, and stories about the vast expanses of our homeland. Not from books, but mine, seen with my own eyes.

A few years ago, from my mother, I learned that Aunt Jimma passed away quietly. She was an amazing woman with an unusual name and lived a life rich in impressions. A woman with the "wrong" name written in "and" ...
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M. Koltsov,

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  1. knn54
    knn54 23 March 2020 15: 28 New
    MAN has lived a long and interesting life. Peace be upon her.
    And a person dies only when the last one who remembers him leaves. That is, the memory of him dies. And so - just leaves, leaves this world
  2. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 23 March 2020 16: 14 New
    A man with a capital letter.
  3. Gunxnumx
    Gunxnumx 23 March 2020 16: 34 New
    Good afternoon! Real hero people from whom we were taught to take an example in early childhood. I teach my children, I try to convey to them the spirit of the era. Unfortunately, with varying success. I hope, despite all the cataclysms, our descendants will be worthy of their deeds
    1. vladcub
      vladcub 23 March 2020 16: 39 New
      Correct remark
    2. The leader of the Redskins
      23 March 2020 16: 40 New
      Good afternoon. I accept the comment! I don’t know why I mixed up the peninsula, probably because of the obsessive and disturbing news from Italy. The most interesting thing is that the editor missed this error. Thanks for the amendment.
      1. Gunxnumx
        Gunxnumx 23 March 2020 16: 41 New
        Then can I delete the comment before it's too late?
        1. The leader of the Redskins
          23 March 2020 16: 42 New
          Not necessary. I always admit my mistakes. Both spelling and geographical) laughing
      2. Mart
        Mart 24 March 2020 06: 43 New
        Quote: Leader of the Redskins
        The most interesting thing is that the editor missed this error.

        The move is familiar: kick the editor. Dear author, you will be counted.
        1. The leader of the Redskins
          24 March 2020 07: 43 New
          Your reaction is strange, Mr. Editor-in-Chief. Not the first time I was talking with you, I always recognized the indicated errors and tried to correct them. Therefore, I was SURPRISED when it became clear MY geographical oversight. And you reacted so painfully to my surprise. Well, if so, it’s not in PM, but in public, I apologize to you.
  4. vladcub
    vladcub 23 March 2020 17: 41 New
    How much a person’s name can tell. More precisely, a whole era can be associated with a person’s name.
    At my institute there was a young and energetic teacher Viola Voltovna. Once she showed her diploma and it says: "Volta Voltovna". It turned out that her grandfather, one of the country's first electricians and children, named Ampere and Volt, and they had worked in the power industry all their lives. Her father wanted to continue the family tradition, but a daughter was born. She was also going to work in the energy sector, but ended up at a pedagogical institute. ...
    It seems her daughter will continue or continue the family tradition in energy.
    1. Svarog51
      Svarog51 23 March 2020 19: 25 New
      Svyatoslav hi My colleagues are power engineers. Let Volta Voltovna come all she dreamed about. yes
      1. vladcub
        vladcub 24 March 2020 14: 56 New
        After graduation, after some years, someone said that her daughter is studying energy. I didn’t react then, but now I think: Volta’s father would be happy.
        1. Svarog51
          Svarog51 24 March 2020 19: 54 New
          Maybe Ivanovo? We have energy. I would also be glad at heart that I came in contact with part of the story.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 23 March 2020 20: 23 New
    Better this way .. Right woman A woman with a "wrong" name written with "and" ...
    who fought with the fascist plague on the Apennines
    ... Dear Nazarius, in the Pyrenees he fought with fascism ... an annoying slumber. hi
  6. The leader of the Redskins
    23 March 2020 21: 08 New
    Thanks to everyone who read, who left feedback. I hope that you will find something to tell, describe. Take a look around - there were the last ones around us who saw the war, participated in it, remember it ... Tell us about them.
  7. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 26 March 2020 20: 12 New
    Gemma, consonance with the processed gem - Gemma.