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Trump's decision forced Iran to raise the banner of revenge

Trump's decision forced Iran to raise the banner of revenge

The beginning of 2020, a well-known Russian expert, philosopher Alexander Dugin, considers Trump a disgrace and an occasion for his “political fall”. According to Dugin, Trump followed the ideology of neoconservative circles and made a serious mistake. By such a mistake, the expert understands the elimination by order of the American president, respected not only in Iran but also in other countries of the Middle East, General Kassem Suleimani, who commanded the forces of Al-Quds.


Already on this one can put an end to the peaceful evolution of Trump towards a multipolar world. Trump was holding on well to the presidency, he did not start a single war in comparison with other presidents, he did a very good job with this mission, intuitively, strengthening the American economy. Of course, he had to continue the policy of threats, even to take airplanes and missiles into the air, but he did not have to make decisions in the spirit of an interventionist policy.

According to Alexander Dugin, to kill a high-ranking soldier in the territory of another state is in the spirit of Obama’s policy, Clinton.

The Russian philosopher believes that with his order to eliminate General Suleymani, Donald Trump in fact left Iran no other choice but to raise the banner of Persian revenge. And this revenge has been repeatedly shown, including attacks on US military bases in Iraq. Responsibility for such attacks by the United States lies with Iran. And a few days ago, when three military personnel at the At-Taji base died as a result of a rocket attack, Trump said that he would not respond harshly “because of the coronavirus”.

Thoughts of Alexander Dugin on the Day TV channel:

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  1. Sasha_5
    Sasha_5 23 March 2020 05: 46
    18 th
    I remember Trump hit Sulejmani in response to shelling of American bases and the death of Americans. That is, if something was fired before Sulkymani, then after that - just the same basic logic. In practice, in order not to be fired, it is necessary to soak those who are firing - while the rest do not want to agree for real.
    1. mavrus
      mavrus 23 March 2020 07: 48
      That is, following (your) logic, for the shelling and death of the Iranians ...
      Iran is simply obligated to hit the Trump residence ... and to wet everyone who gave orders - until the rest want to agree on the present.
      1. nickname7
        nickname7 23 March 2020 14: 46
        That is, following (your) logic, for the shelling and death of the Iranians ...
        Iran simply has to hit Trump's residence

        Quite right, they should, but they have nothing to wet, they want but cannot, but the states can, that’s the difference.
  2. Arlen
    Arlen 23 March 2020 06: 04
    Trump was holding on well to the presidency, he did not start a single war in comparison with other presidents, he did a very good job with this mission, intuitively, strengthening the economy of America

    Trump will start a war with Iran? No. Trump will definitely not start a war with Iran. He will continue to pursue a tough Middle East policy, strengthening the American presence in the region.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 23 March 2020 06: 57
    This is the east ... the matter is muddy and long. Nimble Yankees may break off there again and again.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Evgeny Tokarev_2
    Evgeny Tokarev_2 23 March 2020 11: 25
    I can’t find the information that a few days ago a strike was hit at the base of Et-Taji (and not At-Taji)
  5. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 23 March 2020 11: 37
    The killing of Suleimani does not bear a great danger for Trump in power.
    Yes, it was a mean act of terrorism in the spirit of Obama and Clinton, but who said that Donald is a saint?
    First of all, he is the president of the USA. A country that called itself exceptional.
    This has already happened in history. Ancient Rome and Nazi Germany also aspired to the "top of the hill".
    And the fact that the current resident is in line with the policy of American hegemony is an obvious thing and does not pretend to be a sensation.
    What will come of it? Depends on Iran.
    Attacks on American bases in Iraq and the raised banner of revenge are, of course, a beautiful gesture, but you won’t scare and defeat the Americans with this.
    But Iran, apparently, cannot decide for more - the situation with the virus is shaking the country from the inside, and it’s scary to twitch at the largest army in the world.
    So until the earth in the Middle East lights up under the feet of light-eyed ones, Trump can continue to rest on his laurels.
    To build a wall on the border with Mexico - the good reason for its construction has spilled onto the streets of American cities.
    Blaming China loudly for spreading the infection.
    Support your oil industry workers in "these difficult times".
    Retirees do not have to miss. After all - soon the elections, in which he is likely to win! wink
  6. shinobi
    shinobi 23 March 2020 15: 38
    The United States should be put in its place, and perhaps this is only by military methods. Unfortunately. Until zinc coffins are sent to the United States, in very large quantities, none of their "elites" will scratch themselves.
    1. Essex62
      Essex62 24 March 2020 08: 30
      Masons will not be scratched even if losses go beyond the limit. Consumables, little people. On candy wrappers, how much they like they will train soldiers and rivet techniques. Trump can puff up as much as he likes, not him.
  7. knn54
    knn54 23 March 2020 15: 53
    Well, I really want Trump to remain President for a second term.
  8. Guazdilla
    Guazdilla 23 March 2020 16: 43
    A lot of ordinary Dugin garbage is eskhotologicheski-Moshiakh.
    Let's see where Israel was when the Crusades were already and there was already a Christian kingdom in Palestine. And what does Israel have to do with it if the main enemy of US Muslims is declared. Well, the main fortress will be swept away, according to the idea of ​​Dugin (which is doubtful), but the rest of the base will remain, and maybe expand. Who is the warrior in the east now? That is the question. The Persians have already lived their heroic past. Now there is a zilch. Afghanistan can help them with the Taliban? The union of Shiites with Sunnis and fifty Muslim countries under one banner of the fight against Shaitan in the face of the United States? Yes, this assertion does not shine with the depth of thought, although, for agitation in the midst of an average Russo-losophilistic ersatzpatriot, it will do.
    Muslims are now a conserved system that contemplates internal religious values ​​without reaching a real state of affairs. Figuratively speaking, a thing in itself experiencing a storm in a glass. And everything would be wow until it was in the coordinate system with a minus sign. Islam, having been born at first, as a religious revolution, having passed in the east with heroic achievements, now cannot oppose anything to the power of the west. Therefore, it will be florid, wise
    the answer that stumbles upon a strong-willed decision of the opponent. The choice of a weapon to kill Suleiman was very symbolic. A kind of sword that destroyed the Gordian knot.
    Not to say that this act of terrorism has quenched disputes and contradictions in the region, but at this stage, amid the weakening of the oil and religious policies of the sucking theocracy, it was very effective.
  9. Guazdilla
    Guazdilla 23 March 2020 18: 03
    Right now, Iran will be sitting with its ears in the ears, because the US is ending up filling storage facilities with cheap oil. And to inflate them, to ensure break-even and increase sales of shale, it is enough to unleash a war in the gulf.
    1. Essex62
      Essex62 24 March 2020 08: 33
      True, in fact, but not acceptable.
      Where are you from the USSR?
  10. GTYCBJYTH2021
    GTYCBJYTH2021 24 March 2020 03: 06
    Humans, and where is the fuse at the SKS carbine ...