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The new section "75 years of Victory" is waiting for your publications


Dear readers! Information and analytical portal "Military Review" has opened a section dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

You must have already noticed the appearance of the appropriate design in the "header" of the site. We inform you that the five-pointed red star that appeared on the background of the St. George ribbon with the numbers of the anniversary is not just a logo.

He opens the very section where we decided to collect materials devoted to the little-known pages of the Great Patriotic War, as well as to those people who directly forged the Great Victory.

The Military Review team invites readers to post materials in a new section that are dedicated to relatives, friends - veterans of the Great Patriotic War, rear workers, children of the war years, former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. Any of your contributions is welcomed, because it is he who will once again confirm one of the main mottos and slogans proclaimed after the end of the war: Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

Military Review suggests publishing photos from family archives with signatures of their authors or current owners. These may be photographs with veterans taken not only during the war years, but also after its end.

We offer the publication on the pages of our informational and analytical portal of essays on how the fate of various veterans after their return from the fronts, how they worked, what they did, in what positions, in what professions.

Any unique information of this nature is important, because it allows you to create a more complete picture of both the Great Patriotic War and what we are putting into the concept of “Victory People” today.

It will become a kind of small museum. storiesthat you will create, our dear readers.
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  1. Honest Citizen
    Honest Citizen 20 March 2020 15: 09 New
    A necessary and useful thing.
    Will stories from everyone be published?
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Honest Citizen
        Honest Citizen 20 March 2020 15: 19 New
        Quote: Round Smesharik
        Do you mean the grandchildren of Bandera and Vlasov, etc.?

        Actually, I meant that, for example, I’ll write about my grandfather - a veteran, a front-line soldier, or about my grandmother, who at the age of 19 managed a shift at a defense enterprise - will they be published or not?
        1. Thrifty
          Thrifty 20 March 2020 15: 23 New
          Honest Citizen - You are Inattentive! This is the kind of information that is expected from us in this section! PS-site for this heading HUGE THANKS! !!! hi
          1. Honest Citizen
            Honest Citizen 20 March 2020 15: 25 New
            Yes, I carefully read it - but the question is, will they be published? And so, I'll try to write over the weekend - and send it.
            1. Thrifty
              Thrifty 20 March 2020 15: 28 New
              Honest citizen, well, you can write it even right now! Read it and say thanks for your publication! We hope that it will naturally be published! !!
        2. The comment was deleted.
  2. globus
    globus 20 March 2020 15: 29 New
    And how to place information in this section?
    1. Alex_59
      Alex_59 20 March 2020 15: 46 New
      Тыкаете вправо вверху на свой профиль и первой строкой будет "добавить статью". Потребуется некоторое понимание верстки и оформления. После написания отправляете статью на модерацию и через пару дней она опубликуется (если конечно модерация будет пройдена успешно).
      1. globus
        globus 20 March 2020 15: 59 New
        Thank you!
        The sending principle is clear. Interested in the focus of getting into this section
        1. Alex_59
          Alex_59 20 March 2020 16: 01 New
          Previously, there was an opportunity to independently select the desired partition, now this functionality has disappeared. Moders themselves decide where the article will go. But I think they will read our conversation and answer more accurately, I myself am interested.
          1. globus
            globus 20 March 2020 16: 02 New
            Will wait
        2. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 20 March 2020 22: 58 New
          Quote: globus
          Interested in the focus of getting into this section

          Там есть "описание статьи". Туда пару строк напишите, и всё.
          1. globus
            globus 21 March 2020 07: 40 New
            Thank you!
  3. bubalik
    bubalik 20 March 2020 15: 31 New
    When adding an article, you need to make a note "75 Years of Victory" or on moderation, the employees themselves carry out the selection?
    ,,,или в разделе "Добавить статью" будет отдельная вкладка 75 years of victory?
  4. Nychego
    Nychego 20 March 2020 15: 39 New
    Good deal. Good deal.
  5. Alex_59
    Alex_59 20 March 2020 15: 49 New
    Be sure to write an article about my grandfather. good
    1. Grits
      Grits 21 March 2020 04: 38 New
      So, I would write an article about my grandfather. He talked a lot about the war ... But I'm not sure that I will master the process of adding an article to the site
      1. kalibr
        kalibr 21 March 2020 08: 04 New
        Quote: Gritsa
        But I'm not sure that I will master the process of adding an article to a site

        Don’t be afraid! Eyes are afraid, but hands do!
  6. avia12005
    avia12005 20 March 2020 16: 05 New
    A great gift for the descendants of the Winners!
  7. DMB 75
    DMB 75 20 March 2020 16: 06 New
    Very necessary and right thing !!! Thank you.
    1. Nikolai Grek
      Nikolai Grek 20 March 2020 16: 45 New
      Quote: DMB 75
      Very necessary and right thing !!! Thank you.

      let's hope that whining about the redhead in such articles will be stopped !!!
  8. prior
    prior 20 March 2020 16: 37 New
    AU. Admins!
    We wanted the best, it turned out, as always.
    Куда "домик" с новостными статьями подевался?
  9. Sergei 23
    Sergei 23 20 March 2020 17: 03 New
    Good start. Here and now and of course tomorrow it is necessary for us and our children .. grandchildren, etc. !!!!!!
  10. LMN
    LMN 20 March 2020 17: 08 New
    It’s hard to say something.
    Дед мой,который в 16 лет участвовал в "охранении" пленных немцев,строющих частично город Магнитогорск,уже умер.Часть города,который они построили до сих пор стоит.В том же районе,до сих пор находится здание ФСБ.
    Grandmother, every day I went (about 5 km) to the MMK + nursing courses. I ultimately had a lieutenant in the reserve of medical services. Now she’s 95 years old, but she’s alive.
    6 of her brothers went into the army. 4 of them are known. Three burned out on the Kursk Bulge. The fourth returned to the village, all burnt and died a couple of months later.
    Nothing new, alas ...
  11. LMN
    LMN 20 March 2020 19: 28 New
    There is a request.
    Вы напомните о "триптихе" победы!5 лет назад,была статья на ВО.
    But recall does not interfere. I am sure many do not even suspect about this.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Grits
    Grits 21 March 2020 04: 49 New
    It would be nice to attach an instruction or an algorithm of actions in this article, as you can publish your article in this section.
  14. Host Tavern
    Host Tavern 21 March 2020 10: 29 New
    Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!
  15. Mister who
    Mister who 21 March 2020 12: 30 New
    I hope this year the parade will not be closing the mausoleum with a banner and red ribbons of victory will appear, as before. After all, the victory was of the Soviet people, and then the symbols should be appropriate.
  16. roofing hedgehog
    roofing hedgehog 21 March 2020 17: 59 New
    мой дядя Сыроватский Григорий Александрович.. призван в сентябре 41, в пос.Осовины, Керчь...воевал и пропал без вести там же , под Керчью в октябре-ноябре 41, мой дед Сыроватский Александр Игнатьевич призван вместе с сыном, через неделю тяжело ранен и в ноябре 41 во время отступления брошен под Керчью, чудом доставлен домой..и повторно призван в мае 44, дошел до Праги..награжден м."за отвагу" "за взятие Праги" т по моему орденом "Славы 3-й степени.. другой дядя Леонид Александрович , воевал с мая 44 до победы, брал Вену..награжден медалями и орденом "красной звезды".. мама моя в 42 году носила ночью партизанам и солдатам сухари в Багеровские каменоломни, другой , была задержана немцами и выпорота шомполами и за малолетство(пять лет) отпущена.. другой дед Марченко Александр воевал в мор.пехоте с 1941года, на Черном море , на Малой земле, освобождал Новоросийск, под Анапой тяжело ранен и комисован..а другой дядя Александр в 46 году подорвался на немецкой противопехотной мине под Керчью и погиб на месте..вот такая история Победы..мы все помним и будем помнить об них всех..
  17. 1970mk
    1970mk 22 March 2020 08: 40 New
    У меня предложение...смените Аватарку "75".....тут...ЭТО не символ победы ну ни как...подмена советской истории!