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The little-known battle of Konstantin Rokossovsky

The little-known battle of Konstantin Rokossovsky

The formation of the Kursk ledge, the formation of the Kursk arc itself is one of the issues that is often mentioned in the sources in passing, and sometimes not at all. Moreover, all those who consider themselves to be military lovers stories, they are well aware that it was impossible for them to "form themselves" precisely in this form.

In this regard, they decided to raise the issue in the Archive Revolution program on the Tactic Media channel.

Visiting Mikhail Timin is Russian historian Sergei Ushkalov, author of a book about the little-known battle of Konstantin Rokossovsky.

Sergey Ushkalov:

Personally, I was most surprised by the actions of the second field German army under the command of Maximilian von Weichs. This is the 1941 DSLR.

The historian notes that there were practically no German units between Livny and Kupyansk:

The gap is almost 300 kilometers. To close this gap, Weichs at the second tank Army and Army Group South asks to be given at least police units. And the police units, including from the Kaminsky brigade, the Hungarian guard divisions, they land in small towns, villages, villages - in order to somehow restrain the Soviet offensive.

All the details about the Sevsk-Oryol offensive operation, about the role of Rokossovsky in the plot of TV Day:

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Soviet military archives

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  1. knn54
    knn54 20 March 2020 18: 55
    The 8th Separate Penal (Officer) Battalion was formed from officers who had previously been held captive. Their courage played a huge role on the Kursk. The battle on the northern front of the Kursk, as this battle was later called
    in the area of ​​Ponyry station. Despite the fierce fire from the Wehrmacht forces, the penalties did not retreat a single inch of land. At the same time, ordinary units retreated 10-12 km on this section. Then the battalion was transferred to another section of the Arc, to advance towards Trosny on Eagle,
    For "decisiveness, courage and heroism", the officers shown in the battle were restored in their rights and returned to their previous position.
    The angry Germans nicknamed the battalion "Rokossovsky's Gang" ...
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 20 March 2020 20: 07
      You’re already talking about the Kursk ledge, but let's not leave the topic. My relatives died during the formation of the Kursk face, so I’ll call your post flood so as not to be distracted from the main topic of this article. Actions for forming the configuration. Spring arrows of troops. which is the motive of this thematic article. Acutely accept any information about these operations, because even the archives weren’t preserved about the actions of one division. It is enchanted.
  2. Ham
    Ham 20 March 2020 21: 53
    The historian notes that there were practically no German units between Livny and Kupyansk

    What is there to be surprised at? this is the result of the Battle of Stalingrad and the battles near Rzhev ... in these battles the Wehrmacht suffered such losses that there were enough fighting forces for all sectors of the front
    The Germans managed to stabilize the front line only with the advent of reinforcements from Germany and western Europe ...
    if anyone has forgotten to assemble a group for Operation Citadel, they had to declare a "total mobilization" in the spring of 1943 with the conscription of 60 year olds into the army
  3. businessv
    businessv 21 March 2020 01: 11
    All the details about the Sevsk-Oryol offensive operation, about the role of Rokossovsky in the plot of TV Day:
    And then the plot for 1,15 hours. I think that if the article began with the words "I looked at the" Day of TV "story of Sergei Ushkalov about the unknown operation of Rokossovsky and disagree with the following thesis ... or, on the contrary, I completely agree, but ...." and then as expected, here it is said so, but in fact ..... There are more and more videos on VO that you can watch on another resource, specially created for this. Interesting, but not impressive. hi
    1. Old Michael
      Old Michael 22 March 2020 01: 12
      And further the plot for 1,15 hours.

      Hello, uv. Businessv!
      "My opinion is even more the same than yours!" (© Khazanov)
      The "Doorway" technology (a link to a bunch of links that lead to bags of links ..., and at the end - to a breeding ground of malicious scripts) were the first to get the hang of massively using porn resources, and now others do not hesitate either.
      Praise VO, at least a few intelligible words began to precede links to third-party sites.
      And yes, if it was so nasty to nod to the side, it would be worth saying that there is such a publication (see the direct link) where the following ideas are declared (hereinafter a brief summary). A critical analysis of these ideas is already a personal matter for readers / listeners / overseers.
  4. businessv
    businessv 21 March 2020 01: 17
    Quote: Thunderbolt
    Acutely accept any info about these operations, because. even the archives weren’t preserved about the actions of one division. It is enchanted.

    Which division, colleague? We are legion here, maybe someone will be able to dig something for your interest! If you are talking about the 8th separate, then write like that, but it was a battalion, not a regiment, and even more so, not a division!
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 21 March 2020 03: 10
      Actions 73 sd The whole military way of this division is not necessary, but the week before the Red Army retirement is a week from February 5 to February 12.02.1943, XNUMX. If anyone has any information, write directly here, the address is exact