Evgeny Poddubny revealed the discovered place of the death of Roman Filipov near Serakib

VGTRK war correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny conducted a report from the very place where Roman Filipov, a Russian aviation pilot, heroically died in February 2018. Recall that the plane of Su-25SM Major Filipov was shot down by militants using MANPADS. The pilot catapulted and was surrounded by militants. Until the moment when the cartridges in the personnel report “Stechkin” ended, the pilot fired back. Then, after waiting for the militants to come closer, a Russian officer detonated a grenade with an exclamation “This is for you guys!”

For a long time, the territory near Serakib in the province of Idlib (Syria) was under the occupation of militants. A few days ago, the forces of the 25th brigade of the armed forces of the SAR under the command of General Suheil, this area was liberated.

Evgeny Poddubny:

The place of death of Guard Major Roman Filipov is still the front-line zone. From here to the M5 highway about three kilometers, to the front edge of about seven km.

According to the war correspondent, the place of the death of the Russian pilot was sought by the whole world. The search involved Russian officers, Syrian military personnel, and Russian journalists.

Searches were conducted on a still image of a video circulated by terrorists.

Recall that Roman Filipov was buried at the Comintern cemetery in the city of Voronezh.

Evgeny Poddubny revealed the discovered place of the death of Roman Filipov near Serakib

"Military Review" posted material about the burial place with the layout of the graves of Roman Filipov and Yuri Kopylov.
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  1. Killemall 19 March 2020 07: 18 New
    • 47
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    I hope there in due time they will erect a monument to Roman ... so that they always remember the feat
    our guys.
    1. DMB 75 19 March 2020 07: 28 New
      • 26
      • 2
      There should be a monument to all our peasants there ... And alive, and who didn’t return ...
      1. Mitroha 19 March 2020 07: 33 New
        • 12
        • 0
        Definitely, but to live like this and do everything so that not a single bastard has a desire to raise his hand on the monuments to our soldiers. And those who defiled found inevitable punishment.
        1. 1970mk 19 March 2020 08: 35 New
          • 8
          • 21
          You are so interesting ... you need to Chechnya .... There were a lot of monuments .... that were slowly removed! Go punish!
          1. Mitroha 19 March 2020 08: 39 New
            • 12
            • 1
            You are no less interesting, please tell us about the monuments in question?
            And so, it is necessary to live humanly for everyone, and not for individual individuals. For in a healthy society, a scoundrel will be afraid of crap. And in a sick and healthy outcast they will be considered
          2. tihonmarine 19 March 2020 09: 48 New
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            Quote: 1970mk
            You are so interesting ... you need to Chechnya ..

            Well, something like this

            In the bottom photo there is a monument to sniper Idrisov Abuhaji who destroyed more than 300 Nazis.
            1. Adimius38 19 March 2020 22: 31 New
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              Well, then what ?? a monument to a Chechen in Chechnya that you decided to surprise with this, it didn’t work out, better tell me on this avenue of heroes is there a monument to a Russian hero?
              1. tihonmarine 20 March 2020 10: 22 New
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                • 1
                Quote: Adimius38
                a monument to a Chechen in Chechnya that you decided to surprise with this, it didn’t work out, better tell me on this avenue of heroes is there a monument to a Russian hero?

                Just as there is no monument to a Chechen in other regions of Russia, just as there is no monument to the Lakts Twice Hero of the Soviet Union Amet-Khan Sultan. In the Russian Federation, the international airport is Simferopol named after I.K. Aivazovsky, and in Ukraine - the international airport Simferopol named after Sultan Amet-Khan. Something like that. You must remember your Heroes, they are all children of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, they cannot be divided into national, confessional and racial "apartments".
                1. Adimius38 20 March 2020 20: 22 New
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                  no one shares heroes, but in the regions of Russia there are monuments to heroes not only to Russians, but you only put your own monuments here and the whole difference is shouting about some kind of division of heroes. I can add that you do not tell fables here - A monument to the soldiers from Chechnya who defended Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War was unveiled on the International Alley of Memory and Glory of the Nevsky Piglet memorial complex. The monument immortalized the names of 256 residents of Chechnya who died in battles for the hero city. Now once again I ask on your avenue of heroes there are monuments to Russian heroes?
          3. Lipchanin 19 March 2020 09: 59 New
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            Quote: 1970mk
            .There were a lot of monuments .... which are slowly removed! Go punish!

            We are not at war with the "Ivan of the Kindred
            They will be punished
    2. nemez 19 March 2020 07: 58 New
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      Tongue removed
      1. Insurgent 19 March 2020 08: 10 New
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        More videos from Anna News.

        Quote: Boris Rozhin. LJ Colonel Cassad
        Military News Anna News visited the site of the last battle of Major Roman Filipov’s Guard.
        More than 2 years ago, his Su-25 was shot down over the territory of militants. Filipov managed to catapult, but was quickly surrounded by militants, from whom he shot back to the end, and then blew himself up and the militants surrounding him with a grenade. His last words were "This is for you guys."
        About a hundred meters from the place of Filipov’s death, Anna News military commissars found the wreckage of the Turkish Bayraktar UAV.
        Another confirmed Turkish loss.

  2. master 52 19 March 2020 07: 22 New
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    a real man. and son of Russia
  3. Kapkan 19 March 2020 07: 33 New
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    I remember when the news showed for the first time a plot with the same video ... The whole family was in tears ... (Yes, and now, and sad at the same time, and takes pride in it.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Paul Siebert 19 March 2020 07: 42 New
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    You can’t compromise with the monkeys from Nusra!
    With the killers of our guys.
    Finish, bomb the ground.
    Destroy! am
  6. georggy 19 March 2020 07: 43 New
    • 12
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    Everlasting memory!
  7. rocket757 19 March 2020 07: 44 New
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    Just such a “job” for just real warriors.
    We must live like this "Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!"
  8. Pereira 19 March 2020 07: 45 New
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    I remember how his handshakes discussed his deed. I remember how sincerely they were perplexed, how can one sacrifice life in the enlightened 21st century? It was necessary to surrender with respect.
    I have no doubt that if they themselves (Oh miracle!) Themselves were in a similar situation, they would have surrendered before the first shot.
    There were also deaf hints about survivals of totalitarianism, racial inferiority and the inability to enter the family of civilized peoples.
    In general, I'm proud of Roman.
    1. nemez 19 March 2020 08: 00 New
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      The handshakes are opportunists, they have neither honor nor homeland. What are you talking about, such an act is wild to them.
    2. tihonmarine 19 March 2020 09: 53 New
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      Quote: Pereira
      I remember how his handshakes discussed his deed.

      For them, Uncle Sam's best handshake, and Trump's pat on their drooping shoulder.
  9. K-50 19 March 2020 08: 09 New
    • 6
    • 1
    Rest in peace! And for you Roman will avenge the Turks. soldier
  10. Edward Vashchenko 19 March 2020 08: 15 New
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    The real hero! Everlasting memory!
  11. Sova 19 March 2020 08: 35 New
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    Eternal memory to the hero of the Russian land!
  12. steelmaker 19 March 2020 09: 15 New
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    "" This is for you guys! ":"
    I say these words in almost every comment about Syria and try to convey. In the war, soldiers whose honor and conscience are not empty words, for the death of their comrades AROVED !!!! Especially for such a murder. And do not conclude a truce with the enemy!

    Live by the logic of the earth, strive for the divine
    the logic of the earth is like a kettlebell pulling down.
    Here everything is different, everything is wrong, here people are not in paradise.
    We are on Earth, we learn, we protect our life.
    If you are shot with a steel bullet, do not bear it,
    and fight back with a combat grenade.
    Don’t kill - it’s later, on another planet,
    and on Earth - fire with water and peace with war,
    but we are responsible for the world!
    This is earthly logic, dear to us in spirit.
    Honor your father and mother - the commandment of Jesus,
    but if the life of children is suffering on the path of life,
    respect from children do not wait.
    Get glory for yourself not by shouting, but by deeds.
    Be with the people, as in the trenches, at the forefront.
    This logic is earthly in spirit to us dear.
    The logic of the universe and the logic of the earth,
    this is our life - such a short one!
  13. Asad 19 March 2020 09: 30 New
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    • 13
    And who heard the last words? He blew up the basmache?
    1. Alex Justice 19 March 2020 10: 49 New
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      Maybe the Basmachis heard and told reporters.
    2. Andobor 19 March 2020 19: 42 New
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      In the video you can hear:
  14. primaala 19 March 2020 11: 50 New
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    "Night hunter" used to sleep in the light,
    By the light of the stars it goes to heaven.
    He, as a hunter in the taiga, will take notice of everything
    And hears voices from above.
    Do not touch him, otherwise there will be a lid,
    In excitement, he experiences trembling.
    He sees everything and, if there’s a flash somewhere,
    You won’t get away from him underground.
    Rush, you always get change
    It is subject to rain and haze.
    And unlike the overseas “Apache”,
    He is a virtuoso, he is a Russian hula!
    Goes to the target, and the sky drives the cheekbones,
    Spit on someone's grin.
    After all, the Black Shark is waiting on earth,
    And he promised to return.
    The "night hunter" takes the course to the base,
    To relax and go back to the goal.
    He has not missed yet
    From the homeland to distant lands. (with)
    Eternal memory to the Heroes !!! (to tears((
    Alive - Take Care !!!