Ninth anniversary of the Syrian war: West continues to wishful thinking


“Nine years ago, people started peaceful protests, urging the regime to recognize their fundamental rights and virtues ...” Not a bad start for the next blockbuster on the struggle for freedom, which ends, naturally, with the overthrow of the oppressed by a cruel dictator?

The pathetic passage, however, is not an excerpt from the script of the box office movie. With these words, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo found it appropriate to precede a joint statement by the United States, Britain and France on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the outbreak of armed conflict in Syria. However, in the West on March 15 the “rebellion” was “noted”, which, you see, gives to the whole stories completely different sound.

“The military solution that the Syrian regime hopes to achieve will not bring peace. We emphasize our strong support for the Geneva process under the auspices of the UN, as well as UN Security Council resolution 2254, ”

- noted in a distributed statement.

In other words, the Western countries entirely assign responsibility for the armed conflict to the SAR authorities, trying to clothe their accusations of the need to follow the provisions of international law.

But there is another fragment that allows us to raise the question of following the United States and its allies to the principles that they urge other countries to strictly implement: "We are resolutely fighting terrorism and are at the forefront of this struggle." Apparently, this includes the massive bombing of Raqqa, the training at the base of Et-Tanfa of the militants of the Magavir al-Saura group (formally an ally against ISIS, banned in the Russian Federation, in fact, another illegal armed group), as well as a military presence USA in the north-east of the country, rich in oil fields. The latter, as it turned out, is not able to stop even the American president.

It is important not to confuse the “fight against terrorism” and the “irresponsible military offensive”. That is how the actions of the Syrian army are described in the West, which "only cause suffering." The militants of the extensive network of terrorist groups in Idlib, it seems, really have a hard time. But what to do, in the end, no one was forced to unleash a fierce war with terrorist attacks and numerous casualties among civilians. The question is whether, from a moral point of view, the right side in this conflict was chosen by Western countries.

And most importantly:

“We will consider any support in the field of reconstruction only when an irreversible, credible, serious and genuine political process is launched.”

The process, which, if read between the lines, should result in the overthrow of the Syrian government and its replacement with another, more suitable for the West.

Hence the main conclusion: priority for the United States and its allies, no matter what they say about the need to provide humanitarian assistance, end the suffering of civilians, etc., are exclusively political, not humanitarian goals. The old rule of world politics, which should be taken into account in the future, has not lost its relevance.
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  1. -3
    March 17 2020
    West continues to wishful thinking
    just like we have for the zombies ... Yes
    1. +2
      March 17 2020
      and a neighbor from above, music plays loudly .... not on the topic either, but it’s the tradition to write anything but not to the point. you have to start too.
      1. +2
        March 17 2020
        9 years the same thing ... the war ... the Alawites and their allies are fighting for their survival in Syria ... US accomplices are killed by their terrorists for the sake of oil and power over the people of Syria ... the contrast is obvious ... the one who is ready to go will win to end.
      2. -6
        March 17 2020
        Quote: carstorm 11
        and a neighbor from above, music plays loudly .... not on the topic either, but it’s the tradition to write anything but not to the point. you have to start too.

        why not "in the subject"? as in the topic ... on the "box" Guarantor, how many times have finished with the baboons? that's that .. everyone lies in their favor. ALL !
        1. +3
          March 17 2020
          with ISIS. do you understand? ISIS !!!. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said that the Islamic State * had been defeated on both banks of the Euphrates in Syria, after which the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov announced that the SAR was completely freed from IS terrorists *, and the last militants were destroyed in Deir ez -Zore. According to Putin, further, together with all the parties to the Syrian settlement, the Syrian government, the countries of the region and the UN, we need to move “to the next stage - this is the political process, the beginning of the political process, the creation and implementation, as we agreed in the framework of the trilateral meeting in Sochi, of the Russian presidents, Iran and Turkey, Congress of the Peoples of Syria ". Along the same lines, Putin listed the way out of preparing a new constitution. "And then, as this process develops, and to the presidential and parliamentary elections," the head of state added.
          "But this is a very big, long-term work. To begin with, you need to take at least the first steps: to strengthen the state that has developed now, to strengthen the de-escalation zones, to ensure that the bloodshed finally ends on Syrian territory, and to move on to the process of a peaceful political settlement," - said Putin. That all the groups were defeated there were not even close to words !!!
          1. +4
            March 17 2020
            Even detailed explanations do not help some individuals: they know for sure that Putin is the source of all ills and his personal failures. But it’s necessary to explain, although this is not a thankful business ...
            1. 0
              March 18 2020
              You inattentively read the previous comment, he did not complain about personal failures and problems.
          2. -1
            March 17 2020
            And do you still believe Putin? Even if he did not talk about the defeat of all the groups, which in principle is not possible.
    2. 0
      March 18 2020
      The name of the article is killer - a scoop so dense as Solovyov litter mosques
  2. +1
    March 17 2020
    Secretary Michael Pompeo considers it appropriate to precede a joint statement by the United States, France, Britain and France on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the outbreak of armed conflict in Syria

    Already as in the yellow press, they would check at least that text.
  3. +2
    March 17 2020
    The State Department is lying, how to breathe!
    It’s not even a fact, it’s like the basis of their existence ... however, there are many more exactly the same.
  4. +9
    March 17 2020
    Priority for the United States and its allies ..... are exclusively political, not humanitarian goals.

    the main ones are only one - control over the oil and gas territories of Syria. The war happened because of this and it will go until this moment
  5. 0
    March 17 2020
    Want to know the truth? So everyone has her own!
  6. ABM
    March 17 2020
    I, to a sufficient degree, do not care who wins in Syria. Fighting is of interest only as a guide for combat training.

    Assad junior is a dictator who inherited power, I don't like this, okay, my business. In 2011, 90% of the Syrian population was divided into two significant groups: refugees and "terrorists" - once again, a total of 90%. The remaining 10% are the same Alawites. We will leave the refugees alone, there are 4 million of them at the moment, but to declare the entire remaining population as terrorists and their accomplices is a strong move (on VO "barmaley", "bearded", etc.).

    Historically, the Alawites controlled the army and state security, their number was up to 11% of the population of Syria. Until 2015, up to a third of Alawite men died in battle! hence certain problems with the retention of territories, as well as the use of Shiites from Iran, Lebanon and, even Pakistan (as well as a few of our Orthodox Christians) as infantry.

    Assad and the Alawites can retain power in one way: to bring the population of Syria to 3-5 million people from the current 17 (in 2011, 22.5 million), which can be controlled. Assad will never win any more or less fair elections. Who told you that Assad represents the "legitimate government" of Syria?

    in principle, that’s all I want to say. Let's help Assad destroy (squeeze out of the country) 90% of the country's population. We defeated ISIS for him, almost won the Turkoman (Turkey climbed at the wrong time), the Kurds are in line (not the time yet), only the Americans will remain - so slowly and clean up
    1. +1
      March 18 2020
      As far as I remember, Syria was tailored from the French mandate of the League of Nations in early 1920; Lebanon somehow slipped out of this stinking cesspool in fear of Muslim hegemony
  7. +2
    March 17 2020
    All because of oil and gas. Everywhere. Such wars are endless.
  8. +1
    March 17 2020
    Ninth Anniversary .... So who's wishful thinking ??
  9. -1
    March 17 2020
    “We will consider any support in the field of reconstruction only when an irreversible, credible, serious and genuine political process is launched.”

    Start with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, "partners".
  10. 0
    March 20 2020
    If in the West they begin to write the truth about the events in Syria, then some people will have to really answer for it, but really do not want to answer, so you can get a short time. So they broadcast what the Washington Regional Committee ordered.

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