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At JSC "Zelenodolsk plant them. A.M. Gorky "will mark the fifth of a series of anti-diversion boats of the project 21980


At JSC "Zelenodolsk plant them. A.M. Gorky "(part of the group of companies Holding Company Ak Bars OJSC) 27 will be held on July 5, the fifth of a series of anti-diversion boats of the 21980 project developed by Vympel OJSC (Nizhny Novgorod).

As the press service of JSC "Zelenodolsk plant them. A.M. Gorky ”, in the solemn event of the bookmark, the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, ministries and departments of the Republic of Tatarstan, management of the Zelenodolsk municipal district, JSC Holding Company Ak Bars, as well as representatives of the designer and counterpart organizations is planned.

Boats of this project are designed to protect the water areas of the naval bases of the Russian Navy. Modern equipment and high seaworthy characteristics allow them to solve a wide range of tasks peculiar to ships of much greater displacement.

The lead boat of the project, laid down on February 18, 2008, serves as part of the connection of the ships of the protection of the water area of ​​the Leningrad Naval Base. In October 2011, the Black Sea fleet the second boat "Rook" was adopted, laid down on May 7, 2010. The third boat, laid down on May 6, 2011, was launched on June 16, 2012. Currently, this boat is conducting mooring tests of individual equipment and systems. After passing the mooring and factory sea trials, the boat will be transferred to the place of permanent basing in the city of Novorossiysk.

On the building berths of the plant, the construction of the fourth boat, laid 5 May 2012, is underway.
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  1. Simargl
    Simargl 25 July 2012 13: 55 New
    Fine. Keep it up!
    1. dreamer
      dreamer 25 July 2012 13: 57 New
      Against the background of an article on the construction of an Amer aircraft carrier, reading such news becomes sad request
      1. fantast
        25 July 2012 14: 02 New
        yeah, a very symbolic comparison is not in our favor No.
      2. GG2012
        GG2012 25 July 2012 14: 55 New
        With modern missile equipment, in the event of a missile attack - an aircraft carrier is the first victim !!!
        And no ship's missile defense can resist 10 rockets with multiple heads !!!
        So 10 destroyers, better than one aircraft carrier !!! (This opinion is not a specialist. So do not swear much!)
        Again, 100 lyam per year for the maintenance of one aircraft carrier? !!! The same must be considered.

        It is no coincidence that container-type missile systems "Club-K" appeared in Russia
        1. GG2012
          GG2012 25 July 2012 15: 07 New
          Our answer is to their aircraft carriers.
          "Swim, pigeons! Swim!
          They are already waiting for you on the shore ... "
        2. Teploteh - nick
          Teploteh - nick 25 July 2012 20: 06 New
          Quote: GG2012
          With modern missile equipment, in the event of a missile attack - an aircraft carrier is the first victim !!!

          Carriers are needed only to fight with the Papuans - who do not have the S-300 and S-400 and other modern air defense systems, such as the Shell, Buk and Thor. No fighter aircraft.
          Therefore, you are absolutely right.
          Russia MAXIMUM needs 1-2 aircraft carriers - for the eyes - a big war will begin - aircraft carriers for us - will NOT help ANYTHING. The Nuclear Club and the Nuclear Shield will help us.
      3. Tirpitz
        Tirpitz 25 July 2012 15: 22 New
        This is a ship being built in Zelenodolsk. In the branch about the Amer aircraft carrier there is also his picture, you can compare the scale of the construction of the fleet. For ardent urapatriots useful, sobering good.
        1. GG2012
          GG2012 25 July 2012 16: 11 New
          For Tirpitz Today, 15:22 ↑
          Our ships are built under water. Not visible from space.
          When necessary, pop up and fry !!!
        2. Tirpitz
          Tirpitz 25 July 2012 18: 24 New
          Does this really hurt my eyes? who is minus quietly?
          1. GG2012
            GG2012 25 July 2012 18: 32 New
            For Tirpitz Today, 18:24 ↑
            If you thought for me, then it's not me. B %% I will.
            Someone "stroked me against the grain" myself today.
            Yes, and %% en with them. Let's get through!
      4. leon-iv
        leon-iv 25 July 2012 15: 31 New
        But I like that they still ask for loot.
        In general, stocking up popcons.
        1. Tirpitz
          Tirpitz 25 July 2012 15: 47 New
          In the price of several billion, 44 million is not loot. Look at how much Kuznetsov will ask for from the initial cost. When the pottery was modernized, the price was raised several times.
  2. itr
    itr 25 July 2012 13: 56 New
    Why is it so slow in Russia to build this ship for a maximum of 5 months
  3. pribolt
    pribolt 25 July 2012 13: 57 New
    Well, the good news is, I just want large-scale projects aircraft carriers for example ... repeat
  4. Delink
    Delink 25 July 2012 14: 07 New
    The news is great, but somehow it’s not enough with units. I would like to hear the cifer 5-10. That would have been a rumor.
  5. strannik595
    strannik595 25 July 2012 14: 16 New
    they have a rookie we have a rook
  6. Oleg Rosskiyy
    Oleg Rosskiyy 25 July 2012 14: 22 New
    Small flea bites meaner.
  7. GG2012
    GG2012 25 July 2012 14: 41 New
    Anti-sabotage boat, project 21980, code "Rook"

    Tactical and technical data

    Displacement, t:
    standard: 138
    full: -
    Sizes, m:
    length: 31,04
    width: 7,4
    draft: 1,85
    Full speed, knots: 23
    Navigation range:
    Autonomy, days: 5
    Powerplant: 2 diesel
    Armament: 4x1 PU SAM 9K38 "Needle" (SAM 9M39)
    1X1 14,5 mm MTPU-14,5
    1х10 55 mm grenade launcher DP-65А (РГ-55М)
    Grenade launcher DP-64
    RTV: NRL MR-231 “Pal”, optical-television complex MT-201.M3, SAC “Kalmar”, anti-sabotage OGAS “Anapa”
    Crew: 8
    - there is diving equipment.

    • The anti-sabotage boat "Rook" is equipped with modern electronic weapons, which allows you to detect and examine underwater objects. A special component of this system is the Kalmar hydroacoustic search and survey complex (POC), developed by engineers of Tetis Pro OJSC and designed to:

    - conducting a regular sonar search for objects in the water column (including underwater swimmers with closed-circuit breathing apparatus) at a distance of up to 500 m, with a boat speed of up to 8 knots and sea waves up to 3 points;

    - surveys of the bottom at a depth of 200 m at a boat speed of up to 8 knots and sea waves up to 3 points;

    - sonar and visual inspection of detected objects using a remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicle;

    - marking of the search and marking of detected objects by sonar transponder beacons with reference to geographical coordinates;

    - display in real time of the data of the underwater environment, processing and storage of the received data.

    • All these operations are possible due to the equipment included in Kalmar Production and Production Complex:
    - multi-beam sonar;
    - multipath echo sounder;
    - navigation sonar station with sonar buoys-responders;
    - remote-controlled unmanned underwater vehicle;
    - remote control complex.

    • The Kalmar complex in this configuration was mounted on the Rook lead boat and passed state tests in the Baltic Fleet. Later, in order to expand the capabilities of the equipment, Tetis Pro specialists made a number of significant changes.

    • So, a new software was developed for sonar processing the signals received by the transceiver antenna, which significantly increased the detection range of underwater swimmers in the near-surface layer. The control interface for the program for processing sonar signals was changed to a more informative one, and the operator console was also improved.

    • In November 2010, tests were conducted with updated sonar software. The new GLS includes two front-view antennas with 90 ° horizontal sectors and a multi-beam echo sounder with side-scan sonar (HBO).

    • Antennas are mounted on a lowering device that extends from the hull. During the tests, the FPP was used to illuminate the underwater environment when exploring the harbor. A survey of the bottom and water column was carried out. When the vessel was moving at a speed of about 6 knots, objects were observed at the bottom, anchor chains, and mooring walls at distances of 70–400 m.

    • According to the experience of the first year of operation of the complex on a boat, in order to further improve the technical and tactical characteristics of the search and survey complex, it is planned to modernize the Kalmar system, in particular, to use a more powerful telecontrolled uninhabited underwater vehicle.
    1. urich
      urich 25 July 2012 15: 00 New
      That's just the next commissioned and go to the Black Sea to protect the Olympics
      1. Russ -
        Russ - 25 July 2012 16: 31 New
        Well done !!! Keep it up!
        For Russia!!!
    2. GG2012
      GG2012 25 July 2012 21: 16 New
      Pancake!!! What kind of ano %%% will pass me by ?! After all, a completely neutral commentary !!! Or are you against "Grachenka" ???
      You are wonderful characters!
      Well, yes xp% n with you!
  8. Samovar
    Samovar 25 July 2012 14: 49 New
    Quote: Delink
    The news is great, but somehow it’s not enough with units. I would like to hear the cifer 5-10. That would have been a rumor.

    There will be 5 and 10 and 110. As they say, dashing misfortune has begun.
    And about aircraft carriers - one salvo with our Granites or X-55 will make the surface ship an underwater museum. am
  9. patriot2
    patriot2 25 July 2012 14: 50 New
    No need to be sad, friends!
    A small fleet is simply necessary to protect the waters of the naval base of the ocean-going fleet. You can't do without anti-sabotage protection. If such boats were in service, the Licor "Novorossiysk" would not have perished on the roadstead of Sevastopol on 28.10.1955 at the hands of saboteurs.
  10. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 25 July 2012 20: 41 New
    After the war of 1905, the whole world restored the fleet. Only then did the tsar and admirals know what was needed for the fleet, for Russia, and the current leadership DOES NOT KNOW! But anyway, it's better, less, but better!
  11. suharev-52
    suharev-52 25 July 2012 21: 42 New
    Well, this is preparation for the Olympics in Sochi. Successes. Sincerely.
  12. Dimitr
    Dimitr 25 July 2012 22: 59 New
    bookmark again, and again for the defense department! But how, because they sold everything, and what they didn’t sell, they will now sell it! request lol
    People, every day I read about new arrivals in the army, but they still whine that everything is bad!