Behind the credit card march!

Behind the credit card march!The army introduces corporate cards and cashless payments for soldiers

This year, the Russian military did not become millionaires, but you definitely cannot call them poor. The lieutenant now has about 50 thousand rubles per month, the general - more than a hundred. Shoveling the entire army financial mechanism, the heads of departments came to a completely new monetary scheme. What settlement rules now work in the troops, why at the initial stage did they fail and what is being done to pay the soldiers and the officer in time for the amounts due to them? These and other questions in an exclusive interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta were answered by Deputy Defense Minister Tatyana Shevtsova.
Tatyana Viktorovna, the military in the army has been receiving money for half a year according to the new rules. What did not suit you the old scheme? Would raise people salaries, increased allowances. And then the whole law had to be cooked.

Tatyana Shevtsova: The need for reforming the system of financial support for servicemen in the new conditions was caused by the low amount of monetary allowances and the existing distortions in its structure.

What was it expressed in?

Over the past 20 years, the share of the salary has decreased on average from 80% to 28% of the money allowance, and the number of additional payments for various premiums exceeded 100. That is, there was a gap in the amount of the basic monetary content of the sum of money. A conceptual approach to reforming the monetary allowance system was to create, along with the decision on a significant increase in the monetary allowance, its new structure, the basis of which should be the payroll salary for military rank and military post (on average 50 percent of amount of money).

Proceeding from this, the work was done on the preparation of the draft Federal Law "On the monetary allowance for military personnel and the provision of certain payments to them". It was systematized all the regulations adopted in recent decades. As a result, the average pay for military personnel increased 3-3,5 times, its structure changed. We submerged a substantial part of the bonuses, which did not have a stimulating character, into new base salaries.

The new money allowance system is built in such a way as to maximize the interest of the officer in professional growth. Knowledge of foreign languages, the availability of sports ranks and titles, high class qualifications and other indicators in the service now increase the salary of a soldier.

In the process of preparing the new law, we did not just recount the allowances. They constantly went to military units, looked at how life there responded to the concept of “special conditions of service”, and monitored the conditions for military service by military personnel.

And only after that they decided which category of officers and contract soldiers is worthy of setting a premium for special conditions of military service, depending on the specifics of military service under special conditions and the load accompanying it.

This, if I may say so, is the monetary expression of the essence of the reform. She also has organizational features. Over the past three years, the number of budget beneficiaries in the Armed Forces has decreased from thousands of 6,5 to 400. We have achieved transparency and centralization of calculations, which is important for fighting corruption. Now, the Unified Settlement Center of the Ministry of Defense of Russia (ERC) is responsible for calculating the monetary allowance for servicemen.

Conscripts he serves too?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Of course. For example, the personal data of recruits of the spring conscription of this year will be entered into the ERC database in August, immediately after the completion of the recruiting campaign.

On finance complain HR

Are you not afraid that after delays with army payments at the beginning of the year, people will take such innovations loosely?

Tatyana Shevtsova: I hope this will not happen. The technical failure in the transfer of money, which you mentioned, happened due to an incorrect base of recipients of funds. After all, we switched from cash payments to bank cards. And the banks very carefully check the personal data of their customers. If the surname, name, patronymic and year of birth of a person do not coincide with the information they have, the money simply does not transfer. When in January the funds were credited to the soldiers and officers, banks returned part of the payments to clarify personal data. It turned out that one of the servicemen changed his last name, others issued new credit cards. There were cases when people reported information to personnel agencies not about their credit cards, but about the bank card of their wife or parents.

Simply put, Ivanova Klavdiya Petrovna came to the bank for a money allowance, and the amount was accrued to Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Approximately. When actual errors were detected, the information base had to be corrected. This, of course, took time - two weeks, respectively, and there were delays in payments.

In addition, we had to “dock” the software of the Unified Settlement Center with the work programs of banks, and now we are dealing with 57 such organizations. In some banks, this process took a little time, in others it was slower. But in the end, everyone worked more or less quickly.

In March and April, they prepared a "personal data sheet" and asked all military personnel to enter personal information and bank details there.

It can be said that it was precisely the centralization of payments that allowed the control departments of the URC to identify a criminal scheme involving the financial administration in the Stavropol Territory, where illegal transfers of money to "dead souls" were carried out.

How's that?

Tatyana Shevtsova: The list of personnel agencies contained one list of military personnel, while the other was in the settlement center - the real one. When they were compared, they immediately understood: there are "dead souls". The data transferred to the prosecutor. As a result, the illegally paid money was returned, and a criminal case was filed against the officials of the financial body who were involved in the registry. This served as a serious lesson for us, and so that such facts would not recur, we strengthened analytical control at all stages of calculating and transferring funds, as well as tightened the selection for appointment of managers to territorial financial bodies. Now the candidacy of each of them is first comprehensively studied by personnel and law enforcement agencies, then it is discussed in the departments of the financial and economic unit, after which a draft order is drawn up, and only then the order is submitted for signature to the Minister of Defense.

I understand that the only source of information about military personnel for calculating the money allowance is personnel agencies?

Tatyana Shevtsova: The only source of "personal" information now is the Main Personnel Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Russia - GUK, which is responsible for the personal information of servicemen and the accuracy of the allowances established by the serviceman.

GUK prepares draft orders on the size of salaries for the position, rank, what allowances you need to pay, for example, captain Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovich from such and such / h. Employees of the Center are not entitled to make any changes. They are engaged in purely technical work - they make accruals, form registries of recipients of funds, transfer money to the bank cards of servicemen.

If complaints about wrong payments come, the personnel body together with the staff of the CSC also deals with them. Let's say a person says: you pay me a surcharge for special conditions of military service 10 percent, and it should be - 30. And in the GUK find out whether there is a corresponding order, whether the unit commander sent the relevant information to the personnel body.

From personnel officers can not hide anything. And the wife of a military man can clarify with someone how much her husband now receives?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Actually, it is impossible to report a specific amount. Protection of personal data ensures the safety of this information. But in the answer you can specify: your husband was paid a pay in full of such and such a number.

I constantly deal with such appeals. Drew attention to the fact that requests from the military recently became less. As a rule, questions are addressed by their wives or mothers of draftees.

Now detailed information about his payroll for the past month, a career soldier can get in the section "Personal account of a soldier" on the official website of the Ministry of Defense. This program works with 2 July.

But what about the confidentiality of information?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Of course, there is no free access to it. To enter the "My Account", you must enter the personal number of the soldier and a unique password.

"Ё" means - mine

Let's return to delays of payments. The officers wrote to the "RG" that personal lists for payments in some military units were requested on the eve of the New Year. Everything was done in a big hurry, hence the errors in personal data.

Tatyana Shevtsova: I’ll say right away that there was no hurry. Especially since the financiers in the troops already had their own information base, on which monthly salaries were paid to the servicemen.

Another thing is that this database could contain inaccuracies, as I have already said. In military units, everyone knows each other, and when in the statement instead of the name “Chechetkin” stands “Chechetkin”, the patronymic “Gennadievich” is written as “Gennadievich”, the person still received his money in the accounting department. And with the banks it did not pass. The control system of personal data there is serious and debugged. Not there put an end, or in the name of the recipient confused the letters "e" and "e", then the payment will not work. So in order to avoid returns, we rechecked all the data. And also clarified personal data and details.

Do not you think that this process podzatyanulsya?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Today it is adjusted. All military personnel whose data is in the CSC base are consistently paid a monetary allowance.

But, of course, people will always have some questions. Do you charge correctly, take into account my long service? This is the right and mentality of our citizens - to doubt the charges. However, problems existing in a small number are not due to the creation of the Unified Settlement Center. I specifically looked at the number of calls from military personnel last year, when the old money allowance system was still in operation: 5 thousand. And now for six months - also 5 thousands. If you divide them into military districts, you get 250 hits per month. But in order to make them even smaller, commanders, personnel agencies need to more actively carry out explanatory work among the troops.

Again, the possibilities of the “My Account” specified by me will remove a lot of questions. Moreover, there is the possibility to send an e-mail request to the CSC.

But not everyone and not everywhere have access to the Internet in the army.

Tatyana Shevtsova: If a soldier does not have a computer at home, then he is in his military unit. All our garrisons are connected to the Internet.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense provides for the following procedure for the receipt of settlement sheets, bypassing the Internet. Information on the monetary allowance of military personnel is transmitted via communication channels from the ERC through territorial financial agencies to the commanders of military units. So, when visiting the Southern Military District, it was found out that all those who applied for them received payment sheets for May.

With financial information sorted out. Let's talk about cash withdrawal. A person in the city is serving - no problem, I went to the bank and took money from my card. But at the "points" of bank branches there. How to be?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Banks are ready to install ATMs for free in military units.

In order to promptly bring the cash allowance to the servicemen in a cashless manner, active work is being done on installing ATMs in units of the Russian Ministry of Defense with free access within walking distance.

In addition, as part of the monitoring of the situation, in June-July 2012 of the year in the Central, Southern and Western military districts, military commanders were questioned for the absence of ATMs in remote garrisons. The information received from them is analyzed and will be communicated to credit institutions.

And there, where they, as they say, “fall short”, the field institutions of the Central Bank of Russia are working. We have kept them in the new financial structure of the Armed Forces. In principle, they are designed to work in a special period. But even in peacetime, they perform important tasks - they deliver money to remote areas, they serve our military bases abroad. Unless, of course, there are no branches of Russian banks.

We have an agreement with some credit institutions to place their ATMs inside the field offices of the Central Bank of Russia. There are communications and the necessary infrastructure to service the military. Therefore, there are no problems here.

Recruits by cards

As I understand it, recruiting soldiers will also receive money using cards. To the recruits they are given out together with the military uniform at the assembly point?

Tatyana Shevtsova: The distribution of monetary allowances to servicemen serving in military service is also made by cashless transfer of money to their bank cards.

Bank cards are issued to them at the recruiting stations before being sent to the troops. The card is personal, and no one has the right to take it away from the soldier.

A soldier can withdraw money from a card at an ATM on the territory of a military unit or while being in dismissal.

In our opinion, military personnel should be able to pay with their card for purchases at Voentorg. We are already working on it.

Soldier credit cards designed for a year of service, or they can be used after dismissal from the army?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Their duration is quite large. Given that the soldiers are on full state support, then you can leave the Armed Forces with some savings. After all, today conscripts receive thousands of rubles per month 2. And those who serve in the North Caucasus and outside Russia are even more. The official salary of them, as in the contract soldiers, plus additional payments.

The army has already been transferred to the "non-cash". Civilian personnel will follow. And what about military retirees?

Tatyana Shevtsova: We are also considering this opportunity. But there must be an understanding that this cannot be done in the form of an order. Pensioners are no longer servicemen who signed a contract with the unit commander. And non-civilian workers who signed an employment contract with him. Here everything can happen only on its own initiative.

Although many civilian pensioners have long preferred ATMs to queuing at banks. And among our departmental retirees, probably 70 percent are already getting money using cards. But the people who exchanged the sixth dozen, are reluctant to go. Especially if they spend a lot of time outside the city and in the countryside, where using a bank card is problematic.

Sent asked not to worry

A question from our reader, Semushkina VD: "Why do credit cards take into account monetary allowances, but do not calculate travel expenses?"

Tatyana Shevtsova: The existing procedure provides that by November all military units are preparing travel plans for the next year and transmit them to the General Staff. There, these proposals are studied, and after a certain study they say. The General Staff Plan is a guide to action for financiers on how much to bring to military units for travel expenses.

But often travel in the army are urgent and unscheduled. Does an officer have to go somewhere or go for his own money, and then wait for him to return them?

Tatyana Shevtsova: Currently, travel expenses are paid through territorial financial bodies.

And for quite operational expeditions, we assume the issuance of so-called corporate cards. The order of their introduction and use, we are now working.

The corporate card will be the property of the Russian Defense Ministry and issued to a soldier with the sole purpose: to use it to pay for his travel expenses. The account on the card will be limited, but with the possibility of its replenishment. The balance can be found on sms-messages. When a person returns from a business trip, he will have to account for the amounts spent. Here is a scheme.

With the release of a soldier, this scheme does not apply?

Tatyana Shevtsova: No, of course. Now such a thing as vacation money in the army no longer exists. While the person is resting, the monetary allowance is accrued to him in the usual manner, at the time specified for payment. If you want to go on vacation on an expensive voucher - save money in advance on it and on the road. The new monetary allowance for the military, in general, it allows.

But we also approached this issue differentially. For example, for officers and contract soldiers serving in the High North, they retained free travel to a place of rest with one family member. This is a kind of compensation for their heavy service and living conditions. If you want to get such a benefit - transfer to the North, personnel rotation goes there all the time.

By the way, military retirees and their family members still have the opportunity to relax on preferential vouchers in sanatoriums and medical and recreational complexes of the Ministry of Defense.

You say: the military is now well received, they can go on vacation and at their own expense. But some officers complain that before, when they were paid a monthly premium on the 400 order, they had a much larger amount.

Tatyana Shevtsova: By order of the Minister of Defense N 400, a total of 55 thousand officers received monthly payments during the year. These were the selected categories of servicemen of the Airborne Forces, the Strategic Missile Forces, other types and types of troops. That is, money encouraged the conscientious service of the best officers, which is quite legitimate for premium practice.

The increase in the monetary allowance from 1 of January this year affected all, without exception, military personnel. If we take the amounts to be handed out, then, I repeat, their growth amounted to the fair execution of official duties of 300-350 in the percentage of the previous pay.

The content raised, the benefits were canceled. Did that happen?

Tatyana Shevtsova: We made special calculations after the abolition of benefits and the immersion of some allowances in the new pay. "That is for sure," as you put it, does not work. People in any case began to receive much more. Especially, if we take into account that they used the old privileges only from time to time, while for objective reasons someone did not use them at all.

For example, until last year, there was a compensation in the army for the cost of vouchers for school-age children. Its size was determined in 10 800 rubles per child per year. It is clear that childless military families did not receive these payments. And the rest of the officers and warrant officers were deprived of compensation as soon as their sons or daughters left the childhood age.

We analyzed compensations and social guarantees that were canceled from 1 in January in connection with reforming the allowance of servicemen and concluded that the cost of compensation and social guarantees amounted to 2012 thousand rubles per month. And the increase in the monetary allowance of military personnel since 7,1 in January of 1 was 2012-2,5 times.

Thus, the soldiers in the positions of platoon commander, company commander, battalion commander and brigade commander earned a month’s income compared to 2011 for the year increased by 25,7 thousand rubles, 38,8 thousand rubles, 45,8 thousand rubles and 55,6 thousand rubles, respectively.

Thus, there can be no talk of a reduction in the social status of military personnel since January 1, 2012. The difference is quite obvious.

By the way

The new financial system operates only in the army, and so far other Russian ministries and departments have not switched to it.

However, as Tatiana Shevtsova told, as far as she knows, she is recommended to many. There is a chance that in the near future other departments will move to it. In many countries of the world, similar systems have been used for a long time and have proven themselves well.
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  1. Brother Sarych
    July 25 2012
    Now all the information about each credit card holder with an explanation of who he is and what he is, is concentrated in one place and conveniently prepared for transfer to interested parties! In the age of theft of computer secrets, simply the wisest solution!
    1. +2
      July 25 2012
      Cell Throw Out. I will tell you a secret all their locations are constantly known by the operator, and this data is stored.
      1. Brother Sarych
        July 25 2012
        Personally, I know about this - only so far, this information will not bring anyone any sense! Because I don’t do any subversive work, I just don’t own any industrial secrets or industrial secrets - and actually, my cell phone has most often been on the closet lately (MTS has been disconnected from us, while we wait, what will happen next) ...
    2. party3AH
      July 25 2012
      Quote: Brother Sarich

      Now all the information about each credit card holder

      This is done in order to leave a person penniless in an instant if he owes the bank, for example, on a mortgage or consumer credit, and our hackers (based in Spain) broke the Euro database and shod "poor" Europeans on their left cards like in Europe, and in Russia.
    3. -2
      July 25 2012
      lol you even imagine what a modern data center? Or do you have a CCNA Security certificate to talk about this?
      1. Brother Sarych
        July 25 2012
        Once someone creates such a center, then he certainly provides for the presence of a gate with a tricky password ...
        Imagine that there is a complete database of all military personnel with the movement of all their money - all spies are already in anticipation ...
        1. -2
          July 25 2012
          clearly I have no more questions
          Do not read Soviet newspapers before dinner. And do not watch a movie about hackers
  2. +7
    July 25 2012
    "In 2011, I was invited to work in the real estate sales team of the Ministry of Defense. After a very short time, I was kicked out, because due to fear of possible criminal prosecution, I could not unconditionally carry out all the commands that were given to me. Now I am glad that I had enough willpower. to leave - they paid decently at the expense of all kinds of bonuses. And I am glad because I read in the newspapers about the initiation of criminal charges against Smetanova and Dynkova. That is, how long the string can not twist ...
    Impressions were vile. It seems that the girls are not bad, beautiful and smart, but they are driven into a corner and carry out the commands of the owner and hostess. I mean the Minister of Defense Serdyukov and Zhenya Vasilyeva. Although she was fired from the post of head of the department of affairs, she remained as a gray cardinal for cutting.
    Of course, I don’t know much, but I don’t pretend to the whole truth. After all, the girls are basically their talkers, and some documents passed through me.
    So, as I clearly understood - the goal of the gang team is the same - to withdraw from the Moscow Defense Forces a building and land that are dummy for a small price, which you can profit from later.
    The key figure in the idea was Katya Smetanova, the Expert firm was registered for her. The Minister determined that this “Expert” will be the sole agent for the search for buyers for real estate in Moscow Region. Although what to look for - he appointed all the buyers from his friends. I know that the St. Petersburg company “Theorem” (there some former footballer is in charge, a relative of Serdyukov) and the company “City Engineering” bought up real estate. This is the darkest story. The only thing I know - they are sitting in the "European". The girl works there, her name is Gulya, maybe Gulnara.
    For the so-called search, "Expert" received 31 million rubles from 200 institutes and GUOVs. Allegedly, they could not find anyone to sell their buildings in the center of Moscow at half price. By the way, they are poor and then rented back to them and rented. They were told that this is beneficial. By the way, who to object to - their directors. Young Egorina leads all the construction forces. Smetanova founded the company Vitaproject.
    And what is interesting - “Expert” suddenly found this “Vita” and realized that no one would buy it more profitably. And he sold Vite shares in 31 institutes. What is surprising in itself is how possible, because the institute is very important, it makes projects for all launchers and parking for ships. And generally created Baikonur. And they sold the trash. This is incomprehensible, this I have not seen anywhere else. Vita also bought the building of the Moscow military trade center in the center of Moscow.
    And “Vita” bought for a penny shares of construction offices somewhere in the center of Russia, and now these dead departments suddenly began to build housing for the billions from the budget for the military. It is clear that they themselves only skim the cream themselves, and in a row they gave it to normal companies, but no one without this gasket will be able to go to the Minister of Defense. I know that on the Arbat, where Sbarro is, these premises are also without a tender and cheaply bought from the Vita military agency.
    I haven’t seen it, but knowledgeable people say that the Expert gave the money for the purchase of Vite. The chain is closed. By the way, the director of Vita was Max Zakutailo - the husband of Smetanova.
    I studied and I know that this is called money laundering. But probably not in our country, in our country the accumulation of primary capital continues. I didn’t catch some schemes, just what I heard and saw, marked.
    After the initiation of the criminal case, Smetanova was kicked out, although she and Zhenya, they say, seem to be friends. Expelled, allegedly, along with the fact that she stole. Nobody believes in this. Surely taken away. She is a pawn, and probably threw a handout, and threw it herself. Unfortunately I do not know further about her.
    I also know that Serdyukov built an entire recreation center, a palace, near Anapa in Peresyp, on the land of Moscow Oblast. The company Investstroy built on its own money, its director Khudyakov is Serdyukov’s six. Probably a gift. I read on the Internet that Serdyukov even invited Dmitry A. Medvedev there. By the way, "Investstroy" is building almost all the housing for municipalities in the south. It was said that in Utrish, near Anapa Serdyukov, he was building something for himself on the land of Moscow Region.
    There is some secret about the construction in Gorki-10. Allegedly there is 20 hectares of land and Serdyukov has already built cottages for himself. But the land, for some reason, is still not framed. And there were a showdown between them between them. I saw a document that says "the residence of the Minister of Defense." She asked - they laughed at me, said that everything was right - "the residence of Serdyukov." Personal. Of course, clever people have turned to us more than once - what are you doing, there is no cross on you. After all, you sell the state for nothing without a competition, and scream at every step, even the advertising was given in Kommersant, that everything was through auctions. Only there were none and not, these auctions, all their own. Serdyukov does not like all sorts of tenders. Suddenly someone will buy besides him.
    Learned to answer - the Minister makes decisions, all questions for him. Indeed, a brave man decides everything himself and issues directives. I alone Xeranula, a curious thing. For posterity left. The girls laughed - we work for a salary for a gentleman and a lady. The latter, according to conversations of knowledgeable people, is a very whim big, by the way.
    Of course, I didn't say everything. They are dangerous people. Dynkov, by the way, a ssykukha, who is now a criminal case for embezzlement, was guarded by special forces. Why do I need problems. But I don't want to be silent either. It's a shame that everything is so petty and petty arranged by people who call on the screen for their Motherland ... "
    In short, we need to look for which of the "relatives" is profitable?
  3. +1
    July 25 2012
    Not surprisingly, someone will earn a lot of money on this. And rather, this is someone in the ministry. And the ins and outs of learning and downloading will be much more convenient from one place. You are right here.
  4. +1
    July 25 2012
    Question to the current officers, or people who have first-hand information. What are the salaries in the army now? Bo everything that comes from the authorities is not credible. From lies they have all become numb.
    1. 0
      July 25 2012
      Son, rank - captain, in January received 50 thousand rubles, the last payment (in June) - 30 thousand rubles. Explanation - overpaid, now we deduct. The article is a theory, i.e. - it should be. but how, in fact, it is better for the author to ask other sources. Touched by the phrase - "financiers in the army." The question is about whom?
      1. -1
        July 25 2012
        If not a secret where does it serve?
        A friend in the rank of major of the Air Force at the CPSU receives approx 60-70tr in different ways.
    2. 0
      July 25 2012
      captain, behind the staff of 35888.
    3. 0
      July 25 2012
      Much of the article, to put it mildly, is half-truth. I am a senior officer, I serve in St. Petersburg, all the maximum allowances are 62 tyr / month, the lieutenants get 35-40 tyr on their hands. Money has been transferred to cards since 2005. There is a complete mess in the Moscow ECC, there’s no one to work with, the software is raw, the data collection system is generally a complete atas.
  5. Supervision
    July 25 2012
    In short, I’m a platoon com and up to 50 thousand. As everyone here blows me still far ....
    Well, in fact, before the reform, it turned out more than now, but now this amount is fixed and 30 ku, even if you get a mess)
    1. -1
      July 25 2012
      If it’s not a secret, write down your RFP as it turns out based on what criteria.
      1. Supervision
        July 25 2012
        the rank of lieutenant 10500, the position of 20000, this is a salary;
        the length of service from my service life is + 15% and the premium, but this is when in the region of 5 tr. minus taxes naturally;
        even for the fact that I rent an apartment 3600 pay extra, but where to rent an apartment for the money)))
  6. patriot2
    July 25 2012
    understudy, it seems like a truth-uterus, but I want it to turn out to be a lie.
    But in fact the article is sensible, apparently through cards (cashless) all payments from other departments will go.
  7. 0
    July 25 2012
    Quote: patriot2
    apparently through cards (non-cash) all payments will go

    Ehhh ... at the present time, "getting up from your knees" has to look everywhere for another meanness from high-sitting aliens. The introduced system will allow not only to track a specific person, but also to completely cut off the "oxygen" to him and to other happy owners of credit cards. A piece of plastic is not money anyway.
    In principle, an intelligent idea, but with our execution ... Especially after reading the information about what is happening in the bowels of the native military structure, inhabited by foreign bodies and heifers.
    1. -1
      July 25 2012
      Are you forbidden to withdraw cash at an ATM?
      for me it’s so very convenient.
  8. 0
    July 25 2012
    Thanks to Dozor and colonel. Reality, as I thought, does not correspond to official lies. It is also surprising that someone agrees to pull an army strap in such conditions. Thanks a lot to these guys!
  9. +2
    July 25 2012
    I quote ...
    "But let's return to the corridors of the" white (first) house "- the new building of the General Staff. As a result of serious, and of course very expensive repairs, the General Staff acquired quite an office look. And as in a good office there are a lot of young people, creativity, fashionable - glamorous dress code . But ...
    For some reason, the military is not visible. Maybe they don't look glamorous enough? No, it is not. The whole country laughed, looking through tears at the creations of Yudashkin and Co. Dress code is now shameful, but quite fashionable.
    The abundance of boys and girls in the corridors of the General Staff is not a consequence of the outdated uniform. Boys and girls, control the armed forces of the Great Country.
    Yes, they did not serve in the army, but they have fashionable gadgets. Yes, they did not smell the gunpowder in the battles, but they were able to win and kick the military generals out with kicks. Yes, they did not perform combat feats, but they were able to mock from the heart and mock the military officers and generals, and then practically remove them from the military command and control bodies.
    Of the non-glamorous, perhaps, only V.V. Smirnov - chief of the main organizational and mobilization department of the general staff. For those who have a question - why, the answer is simple.
    Dismantling by itself will not work. Someone must realize these organizational plans. Destroy the army with someone else's professional hands. To the appeal of “personality” to reduce the central apparatus by three times V.V.S. vigorously answers: is.
    Reduce combat units: yes. Break the structure of the navy: yes. Of course, such an indispensable person is needed by anyone.
    If everything is clear with the last of the Mohicans, then the role of the girls should be discussed separately.
    There are really a lot of girls in the positive sense of the word in the corridors of the General Staff. For any warrior, this is rather a plus. It is more pleasant for a warrior to look at them than at the flabby generals.
    But the girls are found not only in the corridors. The girls took up positions in the equal categories of military rank Colonel General.
    Kharchenko, 26 years old, was appointed to the post of head of the Department of Housing. She replaced Lirschavt, who had not sat in this chair for long.
    Shevtsov’s Deputy Minister of Defense can also be attributed to the “girls”.
    By the way, all this raiding team of deputies came from the last object of capture - from the Federal Tax Service. Perhaps the piece here is fatter.
    Well, and of course, the brightest girl who did not spend long, but very productively sat in the chair of the head of the Department of Property Relations - Evgenia Vasilieva. Recently, the person indicated at the beginning of the article put her in the chair of the chief of staff of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. Given the complexion and magnificent forms of Eugenia, the chair had to be renamed to "Chief of Staff of the Minister of Defense." Considering a very fresh document called “Communication” in which all bodies of the military command “Reported” ... ?, what now, in documents addressed to the Minister of Defense, instead of “Reporting”, it is necessary to write (.... drum roll, author's note) “Dear Anatoly Eduardovich ! " A creative continuation suggests itself - to end the report with the phrase "I kiss, your general ..." or "I kiss, your pussy." And instead of “Anatoly Eduardovich” simply Tolik will sound more innovative.
    It is curious that when introducing Vasilyev to the senior staff of the Staff, Serdyukov did not say anything about her education, work experience, but vaguely mentioned the achieved “successes” with the phrase “we’ve already reduced the Central Office three times, it’s gotten better”, formulated the further direction with the phrase “here we will reduce it and it will be even better. " And he is right. When it is obvious to everyone that it is very bad and getting worse, someone is surely very good.
    Let’s explain, they reduced the central apparatus — it’s almost completely killed the brain of the Armed Forces — the Main Operations Directorate, the Combat Training Directorate, the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate, the State Academic Technical University, the Directorate of the Ground Forces, the Air Force, and the Strategic Missile Forces. At the same time, THREE DEPARTMENTS were made from the Main Apartment Operational Department. From the Main Financial and Economic Department - FOUR DEPARTMENTS, etc.
    After such a respect, Zhenya zealously got down to business. Armchairs under the employees shook worthy, but not in skirts and over thirty years old, yes thirty years. This is a new trend of the Ministry of Defense.
    In the spirit of the described, the most experienced chief of the reception of the Minister of Defense was "thrown" into the street. Creative name - Office for the work with citizens of the Ministry of Defense.
    The phrase “kicked out” is applicable literally, since the head of the department, who devoted his whole life to serving the fatherland, was dismissed in two days!
    And NO ONE is afraid of ANY LAWS.
    According to established tradition, he was in his place; sorry, of course, a girl WAS assigned. The age of the girl certainly corresponds to the general category of this post - 24 years. Well, really young everywhere we have a road.
    In less than two weeks, the issue of the fate of the Adoption Minister of Defense, who had worked, incidentally, for 90 (ninety) years, was resolved. You already understood - solved creatively - Reception (Office) is no more.
    We will not exchange rumors that the name of Vasilyeva was mentioned in connection with the raider seizures of Voentorg OJSC, Agroprom OJSC, and Oboronservis OJSC. Most likely this is dirty slander. But in the absence of "creativity" you certainly will not blame her.
    “Killing” the Main Operations Directorate, part of the functions was transferred to a specially created, girls-controlled Expert Center. The officers who adjusted his work are now on the street. Guess who became the head of the Expert Center and sets the ideology for further reforms? Of course this is a pretty girl, with typical arrogance and contempt for officers.
    This whole story is so funny that how terrible it becomes sad. Boys and girls, led by the ex head. sections of the furniture store began slowly and with caution. What is happening now fits into only one logic - the logic of raider capture at the last stage. This is when almost all assets were "squeezed out", the legal owners were completely removed and soon the Company would be "merged".
    The horror of the situation is that they will merge a company called the Army. After that, Russia will not have the last ally. The phrase of Alexander III “Russia has two allies - the Army and the Navy,” has lost half its strength. The fleet has already been leaked.
    Any sane person understands that the next company, which is "squeezed" and will soon be "merged" - is Russia! This is a very large "company", but also raiders of the highest level. The entire global economy has sent its "fighters" to merge us and, judging by their impudence and fearlessness, they are already at the finish.
    It needs to end on a positive note. As long as there are people who provide such valuable information about what is happening in our society, like Konstantin Kalashnikov, people who write articles like this, worrying not about the consequences for themselves, but about the consequences for the Motherland, while there are people who read such articles without spending time for serials and "Moskovsky Komsomolets" - we have a chance. This chance is in civil confrontation with this infection. A chance in the formation of an active Civil Society and saving the situation through legal, constitutional mechanisms. It is urgently necessary to drop all confessional, national, social and other strife and fight for the Motherland. Only then will our country survive ... "
    1. Supervision
      July 25 2012
      It will not be able to continue for a long time, when it will be too late, the Renaissance reform will begin, oh let's laugh, oh bread of grief ...
  10. -1
    July 25 2012
    Are old-school credit cards designed for a year of service or can they be used even after leaving the army?
    Debit and not credit cards are issued. Do not mislead the people.
  11. patriot2
    July 25 2012
    understudy, and this is not the result of a sick imagination or a description of the introduction of Stirlitz to the headquarters of Abwehr. Are these the realities of our MO?
  12. vmnss
    July 25 2012
    ATMs in remote garrisons, collector helicopters for delivering money to these ATMs, service contracts, supply contracts, etc. etc. Hmm, Mrs. Shevtsova’s scope is felt.
  13. 0
    July 25 2012
    When solving this issue, of course, there are both pros and cons. Let's see if military people will be pleased with this innovation. Sincerely.

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