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10 carriages with ammunition burned near Novosibirsk

10 carriages with ammunition burned near NovosibirskNear Novosibirsk, 10 wagons with ammunition burned, which were sent for recycling. This RBC reported in the management of the press service and information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

They noted that on Wednesday around 08: 00 Moscow time, during the passage of a military train in 100 km from Novosibirsk, a fire broke out in one of the cars with ammunition. According to a report from the scene, the train was stopped in a deserted place - 2 km from the Tikhomirovsky junction.

The guard personnel and the crew of engineers who were on the train quickly left the train and were taken to a safe distance.

A total of 10 railcars with 30-mm ammunition burned. No injuries. To clarify the causes, the commission of the Central Military District headed by the commander, Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov, left for the scene.

The Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Vasily Yurchenko also went to the site of the fire.

In the Orenburg region 11 of June, near the Koltubanovsky village in the Buzuluksky district, an artillery depot caught fire. Due to subsequent explosions of ammunition, 700 residents of nearby villages were evacuated, four people were injured. On the territory of the district was introduced emergency mode.

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  1. ivansaxonov
    ivansaxonov 25 July 2012 11: 22
    Something often we have ammunition prepared for disposal burning ... Maybe this is just such a tricky method of disposal? :))
    1. alex-defensor
      alex-defensor 25 July 2012 12: 09
      Something began to get it ... WHERE LANDING !!! am REQUIRING !!!
      1. Diesel
        Diesel 25 July 2012 12: 18
        Like any boxes from under shells burned, but not the shells themselves))
        1. dreamer
          dreamer 25 July 2012 12: 31
          Quote: Diesel
          Like any boxes from under shells burned, but not the shells themselves))

          You did not indulge in childhood, throwing cartridges in a fire? wink From the heat of the bah bach the noble descended winked Following your logic in the ammunition depots, too, only the boxes burn out? laughing
          1. Senzey
            Senzey 25 July 2012 13: 05
            It’s enough for the Ba-Bah to have at least some of the boxes with ammunition.
            And you can write off much more. It is necessary to punish severely for negligence. Something we don’t write about it, for some reason the incident or the stupid soldier is to blame. Where are the organizers?
          2. Diesel
            Diesel 25 July 2012 13: 30
            Well, I'm sorry, but the news says that there was a fire, there is no talk of any explosion ..
          3. lelikas
            lelikas 25 July 2012 14: 05
            And who can by ear distinguish an explosion of a full carriage of shells from half-empty?
          4. Kyrgyz
            Kyrgyz 25 July 2012 20: 45
            Quote: dreamer
            Following your logic in the ammunition depots, too, only the boxes burn out?

            Most likely yes, this is the only way to hide shortages
            Firing at arsenals became uncomfortable. a lot of attention, and all sorts of orders and dismissals, now who will be able to get out how can
    2. Tirpitz
      Tirpitz 25 July 2012 12: 30
      So the reform is going on. How without explosions? Yes, "effective managers" are not fashionable to plant in our humane time. What a mess!
      1. dreamer
        dreamer 25 July 2012 12: 41
        There, the brakes are to blame for everything ...
        In the Novosibirsk region, the railway connection was broken due to a fire of the military train transporting ammunition for disposal. The fire destroyed ten wagons, shells exploded. (allocated for Diesel) There are no victims and injured.

        According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident was the malfunction of the brake system. This was announced by Assistant Commander of the Central Military District Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin, flew along with the commander of the district’s troops, Colonel General Valery Gerasimov at the scene

        However, what else can the military expect to be blamed on Russian Railways, and those on the military, as a result, the guilty soldier who smoked in the wrong place and everyone will die
    3. Vadivak
      Vadivak 25 July 2012 12: 44
      Quote: ivansaxonov
      Something often we have ammunition prepared for disposal.

      C'mon, everything is stolen before us
      1. VAF
        VAF 25 July 2012 13: 00
        Quote: Vadivak
        C'mon, everything is stolen before us

        Come on, Vadim, there is still an "unplowed field" ...... but "to confirm" the "paper for writing off" ... the nicest thing, I will not be surprised that there will be 100 tons of ammunition in the wagon with tonnage of 60 tons.

        And everything will pass, as always, at the leveling ... reform in action !!! am
    4. mkrass2006
      mkrass2006 25 July 2012 13: 28
      No, this is not recycling: This is a cover for theft and sale. Recently they wrote here that American companies wanted to buy outdated ammunition on a tender. Whoever sells them SUCCESSFULLY.
    5. lelikas
      lelikas 25 July 2012 14: 06
      They do not burn often, they burn regularly.
    6. Tylerdurden
      Tylerdurden 25 July 2012 17: 15
      same feeling
  2. QWEST
    QWEST 25 July 2012 11: 24
    Or is it a way to sell them to "someone", they are zorvalist, but in fact they shoot them!
  3. rinzhak
    rinzhak 25 July 2012 11: 26
    it seems to me that someone in the Army arms trading no, rather equips someone with a weapon what
    Interesting, and who is this someone ?!
    1. Trapperxnumx
      Trapperxnumx 25 July 2012 12: 28
      And who is armed with 30-mm guns? They say they still have Syria ... The gun is not small, you won’t drag it on your own, it’s unlikely to suit terrorists.
      1. ZUI
        ZUI 25 July 2012 12: 58
        Why a gun? Perhaps this is VOG -... - ammunition for the AGS-17. / AGS-30. They can be acquired from under the counter by the terrorist.
      2. VAF
        VAF 25 July 2012 13: 01
        Quote: Trapper7

        And who has 30 mm guns left in service?

        On all our planes over the hill ... there are a lot of gun mounts on cars !!!!
        1. IDV68
          IDV68 25 July 2012 13: 22
          BMP-2, BMP-3 - 30 mm 2A42.
  4. itr
    itr 25 July 2012 11: 30
    Yes, mysticism, that the projectile is not in person
  5. soldat1945
    soldat1945 25 July 2012 11: 34
    It’s interesting what should burn up or explode in order for Taburetkin to be removed, he probably saved Putin’s life!
  6. sergey69
    sergey69 25 July 2012 11: 36
    There’s some kind of epidemic. What is not a day- emergency with the disposal of ammunition.
    1. bamboo
      bamboo 25 July 2012 12: 26
      Sergey agrees, an epidemic))))
      or NANOVIRUSUTILIZATUS)))) laughing
    2. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 25 July 2012 14: 05

      With such constancy, we only have PIPE in winter.
      Pipes, bye, more often ...
  7. Delink
    Delink 25 July 2012 11: 37
    Someone is slowly but surely carrying out sabotage. From our distribution .... anything you can expect. They didn’t look there, they didn’t look closely. And here is the result. They let the brow to the cars during one of the parking lots.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 25 July 2012 13: 20
      Quote: Delink

      Someone is slowly but surely carrying out sabotage.

      Exactly, either Kolchak or red partisans. They with us Civil will not calm down.
  8. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 25 July 2012 12: 05
    It is necessary to write, 10 wagons self-utilized laughing
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 25 July 2012 12: 29
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      It is necessary to write, 10 wagons self-utilized

      In Ukraine, during the "self-utilization" in the Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions, for some reason, the supply of ammunition to countries with hot, dry and hot humid climates increased sharply.
  9. bamboo
    bamboo 25 July 2012 12: 23
    you can already laugh)))))
    yes finally n and n e c, well this is what a new way invented chtoli)))) laughing
    cars wretched, would be useful even))) laughing
    1. dreamer
      dreamer 25 July 2012 12: 34
      Quote: bambu
      cars wretched, would be useful even)))

      It is funny if it turns out that the manufacturer of wagons Ukraine smile There was already something with the quality of wagons ... Again, the delivery of railway wagons from there will be banned winked
      1. antiaircrafter
        antiaircrafter 25 July 2012 13: 15
        Quote: dreamer
        there was something with the quality of the wagons

        not wagons, but carts.
  10. Uncle
    Uncle 25 July 2012 12: 25
    But can this be so that the shells burn out, rather than explode? Maybe someone knows, tell me. If this could not be, then the boxes were with anything, but not with shells.
  11. ubrus
    ubrus 25 July 2012 12: 31
    I can imagine what would have happened to these "comrades" under Iosif Vissarionovich, or maybe it did not happen under him. angry
  12. patriot2
    patriot2 25 July 2012 12: 35
    There’s some kind of rush, where RESPONSIBLE for this mess with the disposal of ammunition!
    Why are their shoulder straps not on the table of the military tribunal?
    Again corporal or young letter?
  13. denkastro
    denkastro 25 July 2012 12: 37
    Today they said that due to a malfunction of the brake system. We just forgot to say that the cars from heating the axleboxes have not burned for a long time. Throughout the entire railway system, the PONAB system (device / station for detecting axlebox heating) has been installed. The train driver, having examined such a station with heating, gets an automatic Alarm command 1,2,3. And depending on the number it takes appropriate action. Also, when forming a train (the train is a train of cars with an attached locomotive and tested auto-brakes), the carriage inspects it and issues a certificate. .
  14. Nickname
    Nickname 25 July 2012 12: 37
    Disposed of militants. Something that trains with oil do not burn, unlike ammunition.
    1. Trapperxnumx
      Trapperxnumx 25 July 2012 12: 45
      Why do militants need 30 mm ammunition?
  15. sader
    sader 25 July 2012 12: 54
    maybe North Korea dropped the shells)
  16. strannik595
    strannik595 25 July 2012 13: 19
    a little time later .................... during transportation it self-utilized, there were no injuries, there are any
  17. vezunchik
    vezunchik 25 July 2012 13: 20
    Yes, everything is simple - plundered and sold out ... So they sweep traces ...
  18. afire
    afire 25 July 2012 13: 37
    was there a boy ...... maybe they were much less than what was declared? ....
  19. bairat
    bairat 25 July 2012 13: 44
    Quote: Trapper7
    Why do militants need 30 mm ammunition?

    grenades for grenade launcher - someone who refuses them is a very effective weapon. it is strange that such valuable ammunition was sent for disposal. By the way, on the news they said that only one car burned out, two neighboring ones were burned.
  20. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 25 July 2012 13: 44
    It’s not surprising anymore - even somehow, something doesn’t suffice in the news without such messages!
  21. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 25 July 2012 13: 46
    Again, the problem with the quantity occurred. Need a fire to bring the ends together.
  22. suharev-52
    suharev-52 25 July 2012 21: 25
    Versions, Versions. Full wagons, half empty, what's the difference. Indeed, something too often began to burn warehouses and wagons. Isn’t it time for the military prosecutor’s office to dig deeper? Sincerely.
  23. svs
    svs 26 July 2012 01: 06
    Rrr ... does anyone know where the next accounting is planned ?, which warehouse will burn next?
  24. Odinplys
    Odinplys 26 July 2012 03: 53
    = Near Novosibirsk burned 10 cars with ammunition =
    Another ... "successful" ... carried out ... "disposal" ...
  25. Dog
    Dog 26 July 2012 09: 42
    a lie, not 10 but one
    1. Pacifist
      Pacifist 26 July 2012 09: 45
      Of course a lie. Look at the source request why be surprised. In principle, I don’t understand why the site editing reposts this yellow trash.