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NATO Gauleiters from Azatlyk

NATO Gauleiters from Azatlyk24 June, the first meeting of the leaders and activists of the Bashkir human rights movement Kuk Bure and the Union of Tatar Youth Azatlyk was held in the capital of Bashkortostan.

Following the meeting, a statement was prepared in which the participants expressed their determination to establish effective cooperation between the two organizations for an effective struggle for the legitimate rights and interests of the Tatars and Bashkirs. There were also criticisms of the Russian authorities, accusations of ethnocide of non-Russian peoples, the Kremlin’s reluctance to promote the opening of national kindergartens, schools, universities and libraries.

Both organizations also stated that they intend to create a common Turkic organization to conduct an organized struggle for the rights and legitimate interests of the Turkic and other non-Russian peoples: "We are open for dialogue and invite all concerned to join us." Kүk böré "and" Azatlyk "recognize international law of nations on self determination and will strive to promote its implementation. "

After the murder of Valiulla Yakupov and the attempt on the life of the mufti of Tatarstan Ildus Fayzov, we finally came to the realization that the situation in the Volga region was far from stability.

Organizational weakness and corruption of law enforcement agencies does not allow for effective work to counter terrorist threats in the region. But explosions and shooting are “hot dishes”. Opponents of Russian-Turkic unity prepared to destabilize the situation and “cold dishes”. This is exactly how the statement “Cook storm” and “Azatlyk” should be interpreted.

There is a clear intention behind the democratic verbal tinsel to create a separatist platform in the Volga region, attracting Tatar and Bashkir to its construction.

Tatarstan has always been "senior" in the Tatar-Bashkir dialogue. Compared with Bashkiria, separatist sentiments were always more pronounced in Tatarstan. Only Kazan can withdraw Bashkiria to the separatist "voyage", provided that the authorities in Kazan take the course to build their own state, mixed with Russophobic rhetoric.

The official Kazan does not do this, but all sorts of spiteful critics, disguised as defenders of the rights of peoples, etc., strive for it.

Take a look at Azatlyk. This organization is the best ally in protecting the rights of the Tatars ... NATO!

“We see NATO as a potential ally in the struggle for our democratic and national rights. In conditions when the Russian government does not consider our interests, when national schools are closed, when there is no national university and a federal TV channel in the Tatar language - and we are the second largest nation in Russia - in conditions when persecution of national activists occurs, we We see no other way out than to turn to democratic countries, NATO members, to put pressure on Russia, which is not fulfilling international obligations to protect the rights and interests of national minorities, "just so yrazilsya chairman "Azatlyk" Nail Nabiullin in an interview with "Novaya Gazeta". He added that the organization supports the opening of the NATO base in Ulyanovsk.

What is it like blatant collaborationism? Today, Nabiullin and his comrades will run to kiss the NATO boot, grinning in a devoted smile, and tomorrow, decide the NATO members that in order to bring democracy to Russia in it, you need to drop a couple of bombs, run with a gun in the forests of the Anglo-Saxons. And those in return, you see, will grant him the post of the head of some, and even higher!

The stamps used by Cook Tempest and Azatlyk are utterly beaten, and resemble the “democratic” howls of the Ukrainian, Estonian, Georgian nationalists of the 1990 era.

Having achieved their purpose, these guardians for the rights of nations immediately rushed to express loyal feelings to Western masters (and where did their angry tirades go that the people's honor for them was paramount?), And to stifle anyone who does not agree with their policies.

Georgia suffered so far that it invited Israeli and American instructors, who taught Georgian warriors to bombard sleeping peaceful cities and Russian peacekeepers.

By the way, the former commander of the mixed peacekeeping forces in the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict during the August 2008 war, General Marat Kulakhmetov, is a Tatar. But the “Azatlykovtsy” do not call to be equal to people like him, but they slip the young people of their rotten “heroes”.

Behind the initiative “Azatlyk” and “Kuk Bure” - a project to create a powerful and united Turkic opposition, which embraced Tatarstan and Bashkiria, republics that have enormous strategic importance for Russia. If separatism of the suburbs, as in Chechnya and Dagestan, is part of a danger, then separatism almost in the center is all danger.

Understand this in the United States, so Hillary Clinton and Tatar nationalists so quickly found a common language during her visit to Kazan. And work for Americans promises dollar grants and business trips abroad to increase espionage skills. Here are some trying to ruin their country from the inside. Work is well paid!

And, fortunately, not all Tatars and Bashkirs are led by pro-Western Jews. “We are against the deployment in Russia of any military bases of foreign states. True, now I speak only as a citizen, and not on behalf of the organization. But for us this question is so clear that we will not even discuss it, ”said Ruslan Aisin, chairman of the World Forum for Tatar Youth.

Largely due to the bureaucratic slowness of Moscow, its political blindness and the internal Russian social problems, the West managed to create a hotbed of permanent tension in the Caucasus.

Now we are witnessing the second stage: attempts to create the same focus in the Volga region. And, if it does not work out quietly and without shots, do not doubt that the West will go to a bloody scenario. And from the rear they will be helped by nabiullins and their ilk. And it is good that in the Tatar and Bashkir national environment this is understood.

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  1. von_Richten
    von_Richten 26 July 2012 07: 00
    Idel-Ural want to do. Although, you know, it is not surprising, for there are personnel who advocate the independence of Siberia from the Russian Federation. The connivance in such important areas leads to this.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 26 July 2012 08: 10
      Quote: von_Richten
      because there are cadres advocating the independence of Siberia from the Russian Federation

      Can I find out the names?
      1. von_Richten
        von_Richten 26 July 2012 10: 29
        For an example (albeit in a social network):
        Almost 400, to put it mildly, strange people.
  2. esaul
    esaul 26 July 2012 07: 07
    Greetings to all of you, colleagues.
    Yesterday, on an Internet, I came across a blog of a user that talked about one of the gatherings of Muslim human rights activists and felt for the first time the intensity that separatist sentiments are beginning to gain in the regions where guardians are actively working to protect the rights of the people professing Islam.
    No, colleagues, Shevchenko is right in stating that terrorist acts in Syria and separatist sentiments that are gaining momentum in Tatarstan, accompanied by terrorist acts against clergy, are links of one chain. I take my words about his excessive suspicion back.
    After all, the Libyan and Syrian turmoil began with the very tolerance towards all kinds of Islamic separatists freely expressing their position, and we see the result today.
    In my opinion, the authorities are simply obliged not to miss the emerging and gaining momentum centrifugal currents and to react instantly to any changes in the situation in such regions. React competently and, as far as possible, correctly. And it's time to end the flirting with the local elite, which, according to materials from the same places, is already starting to gag and dream of "independence", with a show-off - the oppressed and enslaved.
    How sweet is the foreign carrot that the states put under the nose of all human rights defenders holding them, in fact, for donkeys ...
    1. FID
      FID 26 July 2012 10: 08
      I support! A lot of "other" Muslims come. Since I often go on business trips, I see how the behavior of local Muslims is changing. Before, we were residents of the same country. Now, all of a sudden, there are primordial Tatar, Bashkir and God knows what other territories. All this is unhealthy, unhealthy. Earlier (in the USSR I also traveled from the Baltic to the Far East) this was not the case!
  3. iulai
    iulai 26 July 2012 08: 19
    I live in Bashkiria and I hear about these organizations for the first time. and I’m sure that 98% of the population does not even know who they are.
    1. FID
      FID 26 July 2012 10: 01
      The population may not know. I often visit Ufa. The people are good. But on whose money this forum was held. After all, they arrived, settled down, the hall was probably rented. Where is the money, Zin?
      1. Armata
        Armata 26 July 2012 10: 05
        I go there on business trips all the time. I wonder where they found so many tricks? In Bashkiria, people are very hospitable and do not suffer from nationalism.
        1. FID
          FID 26 July 2012 10: 22
          That's for sure. It becomes strange where so many truth, the youth has already gone different. They are processed. But who? The question is purely rhetorical. Someone needs it.
          1. Tatars
            Tatars 26 July 2012 12: 32
            Complete nonsense
  4. vadimN
    vadimN 26 July 2012 10: 50
    "Behind the initiative" Azatlyk "and" Kuk Bure "- a project to create a powerful and cohesive Turkic opposition, which engulfed Tatarstan and Bashkiria, republics of colossal strategic importance for Russia."

    The next step towards the dismemberment of Russia ... Those who say that the people there are friendly and for the most part take extremely negative attitude to nationalism are right. But! It all starts with small .. and with youth. Their fragile brains are the main goal. If they are now bought up by nationalism and separatism, then it will be possible to burn out only with red-hot steel, but I would not want to ...

    The trouble is that all our authorities completely not involved countering the information war unleashed against our peoples! All media, with the rare exception, work against the country. Officials and political parties are engaged in business, including the business of trading in the electorate, ideology ... Anything, anything ...

    And no one thinks about the country, its future.
  5. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 26 July 2012 17: 13
    Explicit Defendants 282 Art. Of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ... Ah, the prosecutor’s office (your mother Femida!), Where are you? .. Or ...
    ... Or the actions of "non-Russians" do not fall within the scope of this article? ..
  6. Brother Sarych
    Brother Sarych 26 July 2012 23: 27
    Say you drive often and don’t see anything like it? A better look is necessary, comrade citizens!
    Do you see mosques everywhere? Are madrasas stuck around? No, it cannot bring such harm in itself, but we need to see who financed the construction of these mosques and madrassas, who runs it - and this is more interesting ...
    When did Tatars and Bashkirs go coiled up to their very eyes? At least some period in history was? Personally, I don’t remember this, but now it’s as easy as buying these hijabs and you can even see women in these rags on television! The same Sadriddinova in the program about Islam, what is looming? And she herself does not seem to know any language except Russian, even her native Tatar, and a few phrases from prayers in Arabic ...
    The situation is lost and continues to heat up and no one does anything, does not know what to do, and does not want to do anything, in fact ...
  7. CEO
    CEO 27 July 2012 10: 28
    Yes, really situuvina not very pleasant. I would even say pagan.
    There are indeed radical sentiments in this region.