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Heavenly predators

Heavenly predators

For 60 years of its stories helicopter manufacturing company "Kamov" has rightfully become the national treasure of Russia and has received worldwide recognition. Today rotorcraft with the logo "KA" are operated in 25 countries. Its founder, Nikolai Ilyich KAMOV, created a unique design school for the design and development of coaxial helicopters. Now the assets of the “Kamovites”, headed by the Hero of Russia Sergey Mikheev, are more than 20 types of rotorcraft. The most famous were combat: - "triad" of the army aviation: the famous strike Ka-50 "Black Shark", reconnaissance and combat Ka-52 "Alligator" and landing and transport Ka-60 "Killer Whale"; - ship anti-submarine rescue Ka-27; - radar watch Ka-31. But these helicopters have civilian modifications. Among them, they stand out for their unique characteristics: light Ka-226, lifting Ka-32 and high-speed Ka-62. In the next 20 years, the Russian rotorcraft will be replenished with new promising helicopters of the company, including the Ka-92 with an unprecedented speed for vehicles of this class - over 500 kilometers per hour. They will be indispensable both for the needs of the country's defense, and for the development of the transport system in the areas of the Far East and the Far North.

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    MILITARY RF 15 January 2012 11: 32
    Ka-52 is the best helicopter in the world.
  2. Mr. Artur
    Mr. Artur 24 January 2020 23: 35
    asadasd asd