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KGB "A" special group - a powerful weapon of anti-terror


The “A” administration of the KGB of the Soviet Union is better known under the name “Alpha” throughout the world. The main task, which was set before the division, was to conduct operations aimed at preventing terrorist attacks. To date, the fighters of the unit, which is under the control of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, are involved in operations conducted in “hot spots”.

Group A was created on July 29 1974 of the year by order of Yuri Andropov, who served as chairman of the KGB. The main task that Andropov set before the head of the Seventh Directorate of the KGB of the USSR, Mikhail Milyutin, was to create a unit that would be able to resist terrorism. And such a bright and memorable name - “Alpha” - did not appear immediately, but much later thanks to journalists. And at the beginning of its formation, the group bore the name of a much more modest - "A".

The formation of the unit began immediately after receiving the order of Andropov. Initially the group consisted of 30 people. These were the best shots that the KGB had at that time. It should be noted that they were not only in good physical and combat form, but also distinguished by a good education, it is enough to recall that among the fighters of the first composition of the subdivision there was one graduate of the law faculty, as well as graduates of the pedagogical institute and aviation technical school.

Initially, the group was conceived as a very narrow anti-terrorism unit, which specialized in preventing theft of aircraft. Gradually, however, their functions expanded, and the group became a powerful structure in the fight against terrorism.

As soon as the unit was formed, the fighters began training. The first years were rather difficult, because in the world they were just beginning to fight terrorists, so much was new, incomprehensible. Many problems arose with the equipment, since it was necessary to take into account such factors as quietness, comfort and durability. Much time was devoted to the development of special means by which it was possible to neutralize the militants without risking hostages. A huge number of training operations were conducted, during which various tactics and methods of behavior in extreme situations were worked out. In addition, parachute jumps, orientation, mine-disruptive work were practiced. As for weapons, in the first period of their existence, the fighters were armed with Czech-made Scorpions. In the structure of the group was formed and the unit, which was prepared to fight against underwater saboteurs and terrorists. In addition, the fighters were trained in Cuba and the Baltic.

Over time, the Alpha headquarters has accumulated a large number of plans for strategic objects that existed not only in the capital, but throughout the country: embassies, airports, stations, and for each of these objects there were certain developments. Division participants also studied the principles of the device of various vehicles. Since fighters often had to deal with people unbalanced, unpredictable, so much attention was paid to psychological preparation. And very often it was thanks to her that she managed to neutralize the terrorists without making a single shot.

The first commander of the unit was V. Bubenin, but after 4, he asked for his previous duty station. For several months, his duties were performed by Colonel R. Yvon, and then the group was led by Major General G. Zaitsev, who led it for 10 years. In subsequent years, the Directorate was headed by Major General V. Karpukhin and Colonel M. Golovatov. Then, in the 1992 year, this position was again in the hands of Zaitsev. In the last years of the last century and to date, the group was led by Lieutenant-General A. Gusev and A. Miroshnichenko, as well as V. Andreev. Since 2003, this position has been held by V. Vinokurov.

To date, there are several versions of which operation was the first in stories Alpha’s activities. Some experts believe that the group’s activities began almost immediately after the formation, when students staged a demonstration at the Togo office and blocked the Ethiopian embassy with demands to increase scholarships. But this first operation ended peacefully, without using weapons. According to other experts, the first operation of the unit was carried out only in December 1976, when the Alpha soldiers accompanied the dissident V. Bukovsky to Zurich, where he was exchanged for the general secretary of the Chilean Communist Party, Corvalan. Despite the fact that the situation was strained to the extreme, on the whole, everything ended successfully, and Corvalan was brought to Moscow.

And, finally, the third version of the beginning of the activity of Group A is the operation to neutralize the unknown, who in March 1979 entered the American embassy with demands to allow him to leave for America. In the event of non-compliance, he threatened to blow up the building. The fighters began negotiations with a terrorist, and, despite the fact that they had no result, they still managed to put the intruder's vigilance down for a certain time. And yet the explosion could not be avoided, with the result that the terrorist himself died from his injuries on the way to the hospital.

Perhaps one of the most striking and well-known operations of the special forces is the assault on Amin’s palace in Afghanistan in December 1979, after which Soviet troops occupied the country. As a result of the assault, only five Alpha fighters were killed, while practically all other special forces were injured of varying degrees of severity. This operation was the first real baptism of group “A”, which it went “perfectly well”, making it almost impossible.

After the unit returned to Moscow in 1980, its fighters were assigned to guard the Olympic facilities (that year the Olympic Games were held in the capital). The group's main tasks included checking ships, as well as guarding Yasser Arafat, one of the most honored guests of the Moscow Olympics.

In December, 1981, in Sarapul, two soldiers took 25 students hostage along with a teacher. They immediately began to negotiate with the terrorists and even before the arrival of the Alpha fighters they even managed to persuade them to release the girls and the teacher. And since the terrorists demanded departure to any of the capitalist countries, this made it possible to gain time, allegedly on paperwork, and in fact to prepare for the operation. Several Alpha fighters made their way into the building and were ready to storm. But there was no need to shoot, because the terrorists, having received a passport, released all the remaining hostages. After that, the Alfists did not prevent anything from breaking into the room and disarming the terrorists.
The next operation was carried out in November 1983, when terrorists seized the Tbilisi-Leningrad plane and demanded to fly to Turkey. For intimidation, they shot a flight mechanic and a pilot, beat flight attendants. And since the crew members had a weapon, there was a firefight, during which one of the terrorists was wounded. In response, two passengers were shot. The crew managed to return the plane back to Tbilisi, where the Alpha division carried out another brilliant operation without losing a single hostage. The fighters entered the salon and disarmed the terrorists.

Something similar happened in September 1986 of the year when the Lviv-Nizhnevartovsk Tu-134А plane was hijacked. During the capture, the terrorists (two deserter soldiers) opened fire and immediately killed several passengers. They demanded to fly to Pakistan. Negotiations were started with them, but they did not bring results. In addition, the terrorists damaged the airtightness of the aircraft, which turned out to be in the hands of the special services, as they were able to win 12 hours for repairs. This time was far from superfluous, since the terrorists were not at all amateurs, they served in the internal troops to free the aircraft from terrorists, so they knew well how to get into the plane and could easily guess Alpha's moves. And it is not known how the situation would have been further, if the terrorists had not demanded drugs. They got what they needed, but together they got a potent sleeping pill. One of the terrorists fell asleep, and the second agreed to release the hostages. After that, the special forces immediately proceeded to the assault, as a result of which one terrorist was killed and the second one was injured.

Then there were operations to free the children who were taken hostage in December 1988 of the year in Ordzhonikidze, and detain the gang of “Gray” in August of 1990 in Yerevan.

In the 1990-ies in the "Alpha" there were about 500 fighters. After the KGB sank into oblivion, the unit came under the control of the Main Directorate of the Protection of Russia. A little later, in the 1995 year, it became part of the FSB and transformed into the "A" Office.

The modern history of the activities of Group A began in 1991 with the capture of a television tower in Vilnius. Then, in August of the same year, well-known events occurred in Moscow, when the city was, in fact, in a state of martial law (the “alfovtsy” then refused to participate in the storming of the White House). A similar situation repeated in October 1993 of the year, but this time the Alpha fighters went to the liberation of the government building. After this operation, in the fate of the unit there were significant changes, its fighters were removed from the protection of the head of state.

No less well known is the tragedy in Budyonnovsk in July 1995, when terrorists Shamil Basayev seized the hospital with hostages. It was in the operation in Budyonnovsk that Alpha suffered the greatest losses in the entire history of its existence.

Alpha carried out successful operations in August 1995 of the year in Moscow to detain illegal arms dealers, in October 1995 of the year to free hostage tourists from South Korea in Moscow, in January 1996 of Kizlyar, in December of 1997 of Sweden, in 1999 -2004 in Chechnya and Dagestan (during local armed conflicts), in July 2001 in Mineralnye Vody.

One of the most significant and tragic events of the beginning of the new century was the seizure by terrorists of the Moscow theater Nord-Ost. The terrorists demanded that the Russian government withdraw its troops from Chechnya. Despite the fact that all the militants were destroyed, 129 hostages died as a result of the use of gas. Several Alpha fighters received injuries of varying degrees of severity and contusion.

Today, Alpha continues its anti-terrorism activities. This unit is rightfully recognized as an elite. It always gets the latest models of weapons and equipment, and the fighters are constantly improving their skills at training bases. They have a unique experience that makes them a serious opponent.

The Alpha division is recognized as one of the best in the fight against terrorism, and this is claimed not only by Russian experts, but also by most anti-terror specialists from around the world.

KGB "A" special group - a powerful weapon of anti-terror
Yartsev Vyacheslav Ivanovich. The captain of the special forces of the KGB of the USSR, group "A", from 1980 to 1991 year. A veteran of the Afghan campaign, a member of several anti-terrorist operations. Coach in karate, kick boxing and hand-to-hand combat. He graduated from the Orthodox St. Tikhon Humanities University, the center of spiritual education of military personnel.

Emyshev Valery Petrovich. Colonel of special forces of the KGB of the USSR, group "A". He worked in the KGB from February 1966 on 1988 year. As part of the first set of group "A" from July 1974-th. Operational cover - locksmith at the housing and maintenance office. Took part in many secret and special operations. A member of the Kabul operation, during the storming of the palace, Taj Beck lost his right arm; he received the Order of the Red Banner personally from the hands of Yuri Andropov. After being wounded, he held the position of party organizer of group “A” with the rank of deputy commander.

Colonel Vladimir Tarasenko, was a member of the Alpha group of KGB special forces. Participated in the Kabul operation 79-th year. A few months after the coup, he was engaged in providing security to the pro-Soviet president, Babrak Karmal. Later he was a member of the hostage rescue team that worked during the terrorist attacks in Budennovsk and Pervomaisk. He resigned as a member of the security services of President Yeltsin.

Victor Luttsev - special forces major in the KGB. From 1982 to 1992, he served at Alpha. He completed an internship in Afghanistan, after which he participated in the Saratov, as well as in the Sukhumi and Ufa operations related to the release of hostages. In 1991 I took part in the events that took place in Vilnius, namely in the storming of the city’s television center, during which the Alpha officer was tragically killed. In 1992, together with a group of veterans, he was dismissed because of his refusal to swear allegiance to President Boris Yeltsin.

Alexander Mikhailov, a colonel in the special forces of the KGB-FSB, where he worked with 1973 of the year, worked at Alpha with 1982 to 2005 for a year. He completed an internship in Afghanistan, where he took part in the destruction of the gang of "Pleshivy" - commander Kudduz-Kale. He took part in the Sukhumi operation (the award is the Order of the Red Banner), as well as in the Saratov and Ufa special operations. He participated in the storming of a hospital in the city of Budenovsk, and in 2002 he took an active part in the anti-terrorism operation on a Dubrovka in Moscow.

Repin Alexander, in the past - a colonel in the KGB of the USSR, where he worked from 1974 of the year to 1998, served as an officer of Group A with 1978 under the operational cover - “a physical culture instructor at the Scientific Research Institute“ Luch ”. He took part in the Kabul operation, in the storming of the presidential palace, where he received several heavy shrapnel wounds.
Photos used:
Dmitry Belyakov

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  1. cobra66
    cobra66 29 July 2012 07: 58
    Professionals, real men
    1. Russian-
      Russian- 29 July 2012 11: 31
      Quote: Kobra66
      Professionals, real men

      HEROES of their country, their homeland !!!
      More to such people! Oh, how Russia needs them now! What pleases - on Russian soil, there have always been, are and will be Heroes, Heroes and just great people! Great minds and geniuses.
      1. Teploteh - nick
        Teploteh - nick 29 July 2012 20: 00
        Glory to Alpha !!! drinks
        Glory to Russia!!! drinks
  2. schta
    schta 29 July 2012 09: 05
    Even greater professionals are those who trained and trained them.
  3. rinzhak
    rinzhak 29 July 2012 09: 18
    Soldiers of the Empire ...
  4. dojjdik
    dojjdik 29 July 2012 09: 19
    brave and courageous men, however, they are called in when they have nowhere to go (why did they not arrest a handful of Chechen separatists in time? And after all, to do it on time and there would not be so many dead) the same Nagorno-Karabakh (only 5 "oppositionists" who hounded one nation against another ) they were not physically liquidated in time; first it is necessary to strengthen the internal counterintelligence service; "terrorism" is invented by Jewish propaganda, it does not exist, there is a weak work of the internal security services
  5. Vasily79
    Vasily79 29 July 2012 09: 41
    The inscription on the photo BROTHER says a lot. Yes, these OFFICERS are the envy of all the special services of the world and our pride!
    1. Teploteh - nick
      Teploteh - nick 29 July 2012 20: 02
      Quote: Vasily79
      Yes, these OFFICERS are the envy of all the special services of the world and our pride

      Absolutely agree. Such Specials in the world can be counted on the fingers.
  6. It's me
    It's me 29 July 2012 09: 59
    I liked 1 photo, with Yartsev.
    1. Yeraz
      Yeraz 29 July 2012 13: 59
      Mikhailov Alexander looks cool. He looks like a gray wolf.
  7. Vazya
    Vazya 29 July 2012 12: 01
    It's a shame that, due to the arrogance and stupidity of the muddlers, many fighters chose to leave the service.
  8. Ramldor
    Ramldor 29 July 2012 12: 19
  9. Delink
    Delink 29 July 2012 12: 28
    I bow my head in front of them.
  10. beech
    beech 29 July 2012 12: 35
    Glory to the Russian special forces !!!
  11. mar.tira
    mar.tira 29 July 2012 12: 50
    The motto "Life to the Motherland is Honor to anyone" and showed who is who in 1993 in Moscow. The young men. They did not allow drunken creatures to dishonor themselves in killing their friends and colleagues. White House ". And without loss on either side." Alpha "did not allow the new" winners "to scoff at the arrested officers and defenders of parliament.
    HIGHLANDER 29 July 2012 12: 52
    there are some inaccuracies in the article. I disagree with the statement about "the storming of the Vilnius TV center", the gigolos did not storm him, there was no order, and the deceased lieutenant was killed with a knife in the back. as a whole article for the sake of article, no information. Yes, there is such a unit, but Professionals served there, now, too, not bad guys serve and carry out their tasks. But my opinion is that the less they say about you, the stronger the division, and Alpha is now an advertised brand - stickers, watches, T-shirts, badges.
    1. Vazya
      Vazya 29 July 2012 13: 08
      From an interview with Viktor Lutsev: “... The most vile blow to Alpha was the events in Vilnius in January 1991. By order from the Kremlin, we stormed the TV center seized by Lithuanian nationalists. At the same time, for the first time in the previous ten years, our comrade-in-arms, Viktor Shatskikh. One can imagine the state of the guys! But not only did no one meet us upon returning to Moscow, so Gorbachev then declared to the whole world that he had not sent Alpha to Vilnius. We took it as a betrayal ... "
    2. Grenz
      Grenz 29 July 2012 17: 12
      Not really yours. In the whole text - untruth! Here you would be with them in Beslan on the 2nd floor of the school - I would see what kind of highlander you are. And do not touch the lieutenant - do not know do not touch.
        HIGHLANDER 30 July 2012 02: 07
        Quote: grenz
        Not really yours. In the whole text - untruth! Here you would be with them in Beslan on the 2nd floor of the school - I would see what kind of highlander you are. And do not touch the lieutenant - do not know do not touch.

        Well, you don’t know me, you don’t know what I’m doing and you don’t know much yet. Shatsky was stabbed to death and this is a fact, as well as the fact that his general’s dad wasn’t talking about floors, wasn’t in Beslan and I don’t have anything against the storming guys. I am against advertising to the special forces. I liked only the photo of Colonel EMYSHEV, the rest is for the magazine.
        1. Grenz
          Grenz 30 July 2012 09: 05
          Highlander (2)
          Okay, no further. The topic is not for wide discussion. And the photo - so when they saw what the photographer did with them - probably they themselves were scared. The article is really kind of crumpled (there was apparently no good editor).
          But you can’t not write either. Not only about this unit but also about other similar ones. After all, we see how the layman (and comedians - Zadornov) speak about the military. For them they are parasites (FEDERALS !!!). Only professionals must be involved in this work. Then there would have been no such controversy. Good luck to you. Do not hold grudges.
    3. Andrey77
      Andrey77 29 July 2012 17: 12
      Watch, T-shirts and badges in no way interfere with the unit. Advertising here is a plus - the next maniac will think well whether it is worth hijacking a plane.
        HIGHLANDER 30 July 2012 02: 23
        T-shirts and badges do not particularly scare maniacs) it is more frightening that ignorance and not understanding what is happening. when they took gelayev, neither he nor his guards even moved, and pulled this small freak out from under the bed and wanted to let go, since without a beard and a sucked one he did not look like a formidable warrior)
        1. curious
          curious 31 July 2012 12: 49
          I would like to see more information about Directorate "A" of the Central Security Service of the FSB, video and photo reports will also be very useful. The topic must be popularized among the population and not driven into the framework of "half-hints" and false information.
  13. ymNIK1970
    ymNIK1970 29 July 2012 13: 44
    I understand that the pug should not bark at the elephant, and I am nobody to ask THEM such questions. And yet I will ask. And where were you, our dear ones in 1991, let's say we all have a shock, okay. But in 1993, that no one understood anything either? "Boriska for the kingdom ??? !!!" I understand that they were purely humanly frightened of the titanic global responsibility that faced them. Psychologically, they were unable to become the arbiters of the destinies of millions of people and 1/6 of the Earth. The principles of selection of chelmaterial turned out to be unable to ensure the safety and integrity of the state. The conclusion is simple - they did not fulfill their task. I would like to believe that in modern Russia, the leadership has taken into account some aspects of the existence of special services and their units. I ask you to express your opinion on the above.
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 29 July 2012 17: 47
      Quote: ymNIK1970
      give you an opinion

      There is a very good interview with Lieutenant Colonel Zaitsev (Senior officer of "Alpha"), about the events of those years and their actions, and understanding of the situation. Briefly: "We are military people. We were waiting for an order to take Yeltsin and his team, from the chairman of the KGB, his immediate superior . And they would have done all this without noise and dust. But the order was not received. Google it! Everything is there!
      1. ymNIK1970
        ymNIK1970 30 July 2012 01: 03
        "We are military people. We were waiting for an order to take Yeltsin and his team, from the chairman of the KGB, our immediate superior. And we would have done all this without noise and dust. But the order was not received." This is an excuse. We all took an oath and took an oath. "He called himself a pot, climb into the oven." Frankly, we called our officers "Hans", as they say, comments are unnecessary. In general, remembering is bitter and unpleasant. But the "Afghan" officers and warrant officer clearly flogged the topic. Kh.r there was hazing or community and the chocks they had were "poor". In the summer, construction in the winter. If you need yourself, others .... and fighters. Real PEOPLE.
  14. mar.tira
    mar.tira 29 July 2012 13: 48
    In general, this article on the site is not new. It is periodically exposed so that we know our heroes by sight and don’t forget. But it’s too neutral and stingy on the author’s comments. I would also like something new. Thank you.
  15. andrey903
    andrey903 29 July 2012 15: 26
    The merits of the alpha are largely exaggerated. During the storming of Amin’s palace, they were a small part of the combined detachment. The guard of the palace consisted of Soviet Tatjiks who also took part in the assault. Only bodyguards (relatives) defended. In Budennovsk they crap, threw the wounded. In Komsomol they refused, as in the white house. The Vordord-ost did not predetermine the gas that was stormed with them in the hall, and let them through without gas masks
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 29 July 2012 16: 49
      Why not write garbage? Trolling?
      1. andrey903
        andrey903 29 July 2012 17: 11
        Alphonse exempt from business trips. Authority is used only by nerds. Of course, they are jealous of their hacks, protection of roofs (they guarded Mavrodi until the moment of arrest) the Izmailovsky complex under them. Each bandit has an alpha veteran’s identity
        1. HIGHLANDER
          HIGHLANDER 30 July 2012 02: 31
          Quote: andrey903
          Alphonse exempt from business trips.

          where does this information come from? every six months they are on a business trip and the losses are not frail. and you are not engaged in roofing or they took away a piece of bread from you?
          Quote: andrey903
          In Budennovsk crap, threw the wounded.

          who did they abandon and when, at what point in the battle? what were you doing there, stood cordoned off, but didn’t go to the hospital
          1. Krapovy32
            Krapovy32 April 6 2013 12: 06

            Yes, you read all his recent comments and you will understand what kind of miracle he is called andrey903 laughing
      2. Grenz
        Grenz 29 July 2012 17: 34
        Andrew 77
        Well, what should he write if the appearance is hidden. There is a good site rule - if the facts are verified - write. If speculation - keep it to yourself. If guesses - check. This is how the military thinks - is it worth it to send a special forces group to attack like an infantry platoon? And on the account - they threw the wounded - 903 - it is better to hide - such statements do not forgive.
        1. andrey903
          andrey903 29 July 2012 17: 47
          I took part in all events (except the amine palace and the northeast) The White House, Budyonovsk, Pervomayskoye New Year's assault and the Dudaev Palace in the SOBR sotava Lieutenant Colonel retired., But I communicate with the young
          1. Grenz
            Grenz 29 July 2012 19: 11
            andrey 903
            I respect such matters. I'm sorry. But everyone has their own business and, of course, they should be proud of it. You are yours - they are yours. The last hero of Russia "Alpha" not on the Arbat received it posthumously. Write about your comrades - they will also be honored!
            1. andrey903
              andrey903 29 July 2012 19: 22
              In these circles, everyone knows each other, makes friends, even Vympel (he is abruptly alpha) met independently of the department. For some reason, the Alphonse are kept apart. In the Caucasus, the press center is from the FSB, and all the merits are naturally attributed to themselves, although they were not nearby
              1. Grenz
                Grenz 29 July 2012 21: 51
                Well, what is there to argue. We like in Russia, either scolded to hoarseness or praised to stupor. Here are some and brings. I agree.
              2. segamegament
                segamegament 29 July 2012 22: 52
                Quote: andrey903
                even Pennant (he's abruptly alpha)

                Smart ass! Well, compare then, which is better a glass of water or a glass of vodka? Both of these vital substances are good each in their own way, one when thirsty, and the other before attack. Likewise, Groups "A" and "B" are the first to kill terrorists, and the second, before (during) the war, sabotage from potential "friends" ...
                1. curious
                  curious 31 July 2012 12: 53
                  All speculations from a lack of information, more memoirs would have been written, as the late Erkebek Abdullaev is now, then there will be an understanding of the issues
                2. Krapovy32
                  Krapovy32 April 6 2013 12: 03

                  He is not smart, he bought a certificate lol I’ve been watching him for a long time.
          2. roninas
            roninas 26 February 2013 22: 38
            Yes, you’re persecuting, such a colonel, as I am Rear Admiral
  16. Odessa
    Odessa 29 July 2012 16: 03

    FSB special forces. Alpha Group
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 29 July 2012 17: 05
      Shine! Thanks Odessa. winked
      1. Odessa
        Odessa 29 July 2012 17: 34
        Here is a ton of video
        4% E0.
  17. Andrey77
    Andrey77 29 July 2012 17: 03
    Great movie! feel
  18. Jungar
    Jungar 29 July 2012 19: 04
    Alpha is, of course, a brand, and very serious. Everyone and everyone heard about them. But when no one knew about them, they were stronger. All their glory comes precisely from the time when they were unknown, a kind of ninja. While serving in the army, I happened to see super military experts whose names are still unknown to me. I still feel proud of them. And I want to believe that now we have certain units of the Moscow Region, the FSB — it doesn’t matter, they are deeply classified, and they can solve ANY tasks against any enemy. They can not be.
    1. Teploteh - nick
      Teploteh - nick 29 July 2012 20: 08
      Quote: jungar
      And I want to believe that even now we have certain units of the Moscow Region, the FSB — it doesn’t matter, they are deeply classified, and they can solve ANY tasks against any enemy. Can not be

      THERE IS! 100%.
      In the USSR it was like that - the whole structure of such units was. And they recruited there - the soldier went into the army, they offered, he gave a subscription, they sent them to their parents - He died - they buried him. And he serves the motherland in internal or external intelligence, in all secret departments to death. A person without a name and surname is only No.. They trained there - it’s generally something - knowing and knowing killing machines - EVERYTHING!
      Read the book Ilyin - Vow of silence - Very interesting - I reread it 3 times, I need it again!
      Now, too, there is a similar. Just not on such a scale - as in the USSR.
      1. andrey903
        andrey903 29 July 2012 20: 42
        This is all a fairy tale, looking for orphans in orphanages
        1. insomnia
          insomnia 30 July 2012 16: 00
          We don’t know how it really was ... Or do we know?
      2. insomnia
        insomnia 30 July 2012 15: 58
        There is such a book! Yes, not one - there is a whole series of them: "Vow of Silence" - the first. Further there is "Mission Possible", "Federal Case", "Inspector 007", "Master of Explosives" and a lot of other super-detective books.
        And the special forces series is also there)
      HIGHLANDER 30 July 2012 02: 33
      Quote: jungar
      But when no one knew about them, they were stronger.

      here I am about the same
  19. Alx1miK
    Alx1miK 29 July 2012 22: 42
    These are real men who love their country and shed blood for it. Here (!) Who should be the idol of youth, and not half-fucked @ bilanas are lazarevs and bieber. Glory to the Russian specialists, they are the best.
  20. segamegament
    segamegament 29 July 2012 22: 44
    Terrorist think, do you really have two lives? Group "A" will not warn you a second time!
    1. curious
      curious 31 July 2012 12: 57
      The terrorist, unfortunately, voluntarily goes to death in battle, that is, becomes a martyr. Here you need to work with the brains of people, one whip is clearly not enough
      1. segamegament
        segamegament 31 July 2012 15: 09
        And who said that a terrorist is Muslim and only then a martyr with all the consequences? Name terrorists Slavs, Irish, Basque, Americans, Indians and Chinese? No need to substitute concepts, and throw stereotypes out of your head already ...
  21. varela
    varela 30 July 2012 00: 21
    In the lines about Viktor Lutsev, the last sentence "Deposits and car loans are online application here."
    Advertising got by accident?
    The editor would take a closer look ...
  22. tarnishes
    tarnishes 30 July 2012 11: 34
    Our special forces once gained valuable experience by conducting special operations in the countries of the African region, Afghanistan, etc. What now? The entrance is closed everywhere, and no one wants more of something like this!

    Now the experience and honing of military prowess in conducting military operations in these countries has passed as everyone knows to the West and the United States. And only the defenders of all these countries have to diligently keep their countries afloat, under the yoke of the "Dermocrats". And it turns out, unfortunately, very rarely!
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 30 July 2012 16: 14
      Group "A" does not conduct operations on the territory of other states (unless the head of state calls them for help). This is a feature of our Alpha. She is out of politics.
      1. varela
        varela 31 July 2012 00: 21
        Come on, no power unit can exist outside the politics of the state and the ruling elite.
        1. Andrey77
          Andrey77 3 August 2012 14: 41
          Alpha refused to support the GKChP and storm the White House. If they had not refused, perhaps we would have a different state.
    2. Cesar_Xnumx
      Cesar_Xnumx 30 July 2012 22: 16
      Vympel worked outside our country. Alpha only works domestically
  23. insomnia
    insomnia 30 July 2012 15: 56
    Teploteh - nick,
    There is such a book! Yes, not one - there is a whole series of them: "Vow of Silence" - the first. Further there is "Mission Possible", "Federal Case", "Inspector 007", "Master of Explosives" and a lot of other super-detective books.
    And the special forces series is also there)
  24. Cesar_Xnumx
    Cesar_Xnumx 30 July 2012 22: 21
    [media = http: //]

    also a good video dedicated to Alfovites
  25. Cesar_Xnumx
    Cesar_Xnumx 30 July 2012 22: 48

    good video too
  26. smershspy
    smershspy April 30 2013 10: 58
    Always respected people from "A" and "B"! Modest heroes with a big heart! There is someone to be proud of! Hope they are at home with their family now! Good luck guys! Heroes!