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Indian business trip Dmitry Rogozin

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin visited India. During this visit, a number of projects of promising cooperation in the military-industrial sphere and the field of joint space exploration were discussed. It is noteworthy that both the Russian and Indian authorities consider the agreements that were achieved during Rogozin’s visit to India, truly significant and aimed at long-term cooperation.

One of the proposals that the Deputy Chairman of the Russian government made in New Delhi was the proposal of the Indian side to work together on the global navigation system GLONASS. At the same time, Rogozin himself emphasizes that the proposals for GLONASS have the character of an equal partnership. In other words, the Indian business, together with the developments of Indian specialists, could take part in the formation of a project that is considered to be exclusively Russian. And this is, indeed, a very tempting offer, because, in fact, the Indian side is invited to become an accomplice in the implementation of an ambitious project, and not just take advantage of its final product, implemented only by Russian experts.

It is worth recalling here that before the arrival of Rogozin in India, there was an agreement between this country and the Russian Federation, signed in January 2007. Under this agreement, India was given the opportunity to use part of the radio frequency spectrum of GLONASS to solve its problems. Based on this agreement, it was decided to use the Russian global positioning system in Indian transport. The Russian company NIS GLONASS for this purpose registered a subsidiary of NIS GLONASS Pvt Ltd. in the Indian city of Mumbai. It happened at the end of the past - the beginning of the current year. It would seem that the revenues from the project implementation could already have been recalculated in the Russian budget, but everything turned out to be completely not so cloudless. On the horizon, competitors immediately appeared in the face of British, Singaporean and Italian companies, which set out to make their proposals to the Indian side, which put a tangible barrier to the Russian project. As a result, the victory in the tender, in which the Russian company participated, could be far from being in Russian hands.

Apparently, in order to tip the scales completely and irrevocably towards Russia, Dmitry Rogozin decided to make an offer to the Indian side, which is really difficult to refuse. It is unlikely that Indians should expect from the British or Singaporeans that they will offer New Delhi to participate in their projects on an equal footing, and not just be content with the finished product produced abroad. Russia, on the other hand, has taken this step, and therefore it remains to wait for the decision of the Indian leadership and business.

However, the GLONASS theme in the meetings between Dmitry Rogozin and the Indian leadership was far from the only one. The materials published by the Indian side report on agreements on the modernization of the Russian military equipment by India, purchased earlier, as well as on Russia's participation in Indian projects on mutually beneficial terms. More precisely, many of, let's say, the old arrangements, have found their new form after a number of rough edges that have arisen between the two parties.

In particular, Dmitry Rogozin discussed in New Delhi the prospect of Russian participation in the construction of seven frigates belonging to the 17A project (frigates built using stealth technology using Indian techniques), as well as the 4-13 destroyers of the 15B project. So far, it has not been reported how Russian companies can conduct integrated work with the Indian Mazagon dox on the construction of destroyers. And to begin such work, the Russian side will have to use all its trumps, which, hopefully, are available.

In addition, Dmitry Rogozin's visit to India, one way or another, influenced several Russian-Indian projects. These are those projects whose implementation by certain circumstances was frozen by the Indian side. We are talking about the modernization of the Tu-142МE. This is a modification of the long-range antisubmarine aircraft Tu-142 for the tropical climate of India. The essence of the modernization lies in the proposal of Russia to equip these winged cars with a new search and targeting system developed by Russian specialists. The Indian side as a whole is not against such modernization, but nevertheless the priority is to equip the Tu-142МE with supersonic 3М-54E missiles capable of hitting surface targets from a small rocket ship to a cruiser with high efficiency.

Very interesting is the information that during the meeting between Dmitry Rogozin and the Indian head of the defense department, the use of BrahMos joint Russian-Indian production of BrahMos was discussed not only by Indian, but also by Russian troops. If this kind of Indian Minister Anthony’s proposal was really accepted by Rogozin, then the question is, where in Russia will BrahMos apply? On this occasion, experts have only one option: the use of missiles on frigates of the 11356 / 57 project. In 2014, the Russian fleet will receive three such frigates, which are currently being built at the Yantar enterprise. But at the same time, the question arises, why should Russia use BrahMos, if it already has its own Yakhont on 100%? Apparently, the answer to it lies solely on the basis of readiness to improve Russian-Indian relations, and since it is already a matter of partnership, then, as they say, the fruits of co-production and Russia, too, may have to be used.

In general, Rogozin’s trip to India showed that the two countries have enough projects that would allow not only to raise the cooperation of states to a new level in the military-technical sphere, but also to increase trade. Now the turnover for such large world economies, which are Russian and Indian, looks more than modest: no more than 10 billions of dollars a year. For comparison, the turnover of Russia and Germany reached the mark of 70 billion dollars. In other words, the Russian and Indian sides have every chance to develop their partnership, including through the implementation of the projects described here.

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  1. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 25 July 2012 07: 30 New
    India has long and firmly gained a reputation as a reliable tailor with whom you want to do business. And it’s good that there are more and more opportunities for mutually beneficial work
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 25 July 2012 08: 43 New
      Absolutely agree with you, cooperation with India is beneficial and beneficial for Russia.
      1. Tirpitz
        Tirpitz 25 July 2012 09: 22 New
        Dmitry, Sergey, to you +. I completely agree. A brahmos need to be purchased from India, only for the purpose of deliveries to other countries (for the yacht to produce). So we will help allies and support India.
        1. VAF
          VAF 25 July 2012 09: 52 New
          Quote: Tirpitz
          only for the purpose of deliveries to other countries

          Dear Tirpitz, +! The fact that India needs to be “friends” is almost a dogma, because the actions of our Rosoboronexport can only be surprised!

          Examples? Yes please ..... here is the freshest "characteristic" example of the "supply" of our weapons ...... fool

          The Sri Lankan Air Force ordered 14 Mi-17 helicopters from the Russian company Rosoboronexport. !!!

          It seems to be like settling down ..... but ????? that it is part of a 10-year loan agreement (??????) for a $ 300 million (???????) loan concluded between Russia and Sri Lanka for the purchase of weapons for the forces Sri Lankan security.

          According to the report, the contract was concluded this year.

          So the question is, and the profit from this contract, how are the approvers “happy” that we are the second largest exporter of weapons and everything goes to the country's budget ????

          So where and what is going on, then ... ????? request
          1. VAF
            VAF 25 July 2012 12: 34 New
            That's who my koment did not like or something in it is wrong ???

            Sapponirovat civilized or again approvingyramy in the "quiet" work "????
          2. igor67
            igor67 26 July 2012 00: 26 New
            Quote: vaf
            It seems to be like settling down ..... but ????? that is part of a 10 year contract

            in 97-99 they made for Sri Lanka 26 MI24 boards, who purchased for them I don’t remember, it seems like France financed.
  2. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 25 July 2012 07: 37 New
    Europatters will now bite their elbows, because at one time they refused a similar proposal for GLONASS.
  3. Yarbay
    Yarbay 25 July 2012 08: 02 New
    *** Dmitry Rogozin decided to make an offer to the Indian side, which, indeed, is difficult to refuse. It is unlikely that Indians should expect from the British or Singaporeans that they will offer New Delhi to participate in their projects on equal terms, and not just be content with the final product produced abroad. *** - how much is it justified ??
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 25 July 2012 08: 42 New
      It is fully justified that the joint development of new weapons systems is cheaper. In addition, having invested in the development, it is usually put into service, and this is also additional loading for enterprises operating in the military-industrial complex. In the foreseeable future, there is no reason to quarrel with India because of which, on the contrary, India, having a number of claims against China, is an additional deterrent to Beijing. So, cooperation with Delhi is beneficial and justified for Russia.
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay 25 July 2012 10: 23 New
        Do you seriously think that Singapore and Great Britain are going to quarrel with India in the foreseeable future ??
        Do you think this is the reason that Singapore and the UK do not offer equal opportunities to participate in projects?
  4. Delink
    Delink 25 July 2012 08: 02 New
    It remains only to wish success in further cooperation.
  5. Deniska999
    Deniska999 25 July 2012 08: 30 New
    One must be friends with India.
    1. keylogger
      keylogger 26 July 2012 00: 06 New
      friendship is a mutually beneficial concept.
      most forms of cooperation are beneficial.
  6. itr
    itr 25 July 2012 08: 46 New
    But all the same, not everything is so good in fact, except for the problems in this article I did not find. And I didn’t like the decisions very well, well, probably there’s nothing left to do
  7. Leisure
    Leisure 25 July 2012 08: 46 New
    Soviet elephant, the best friend of the Indian elephant.
  8. dojjdik
    dojjdik 25 July 2012 09: 26 New
    it is high time for our Sergey Lavrov to resolve the issue of a single air defense system with Malaya Krishna; and do not forget to invite Yang Jicheng; Then comes the full kirdyk of NATO aviation
  9. Kaa
    Kaa 25 July 2012 10: 10 New
    This passage touches: “In particular, Dmitry Rogozin discussed in New Delhi the prospect of Russian participation in the construction of seven frigates related to project 17A (frigates constructed using stealth technology using Indian techniques)”
    Maybe it’s better to build a fleet for YOUR country, otherwise the song "all for sale" continues. In the 30s, the pre-industrialized USSR stamped destroyers and submarines more than they planned before 2020, then what, are we going to catch up with India? Unclaimed surpluses of equipment are exported in all countries, and here, as in Through the Looking Glass, what is unclaimed, say, by Algeria, enters the troops, and - hooray! The Air Force replenished with two new (?) Squadrons! Something I do not catch up.
    1. Curculum
      Curculum 25 July 2012 13: 30 New
      Quote: Kaa
      Maybe it’s better to build a fleet for YOUR country, otherwise the song "all for sale" continues.

      On this occasion, an interesting article by Academician V. Pashin "The Russian fleet is 10 times weaker than the American."
      In particular, I quote: “And what about today? Our defense potential in relation to the Americans is 1:10, and taking into account all US allies - 1:15. By 2020, 100 ships and submarines should be built, including: strategic Submarines (2 types), multipurpose submarines, non-nuclear submarines (2 types), frigates (3 types), corvettes (4-5 types), landing ships (2 types), landing helicopter carriers, etc. Major repairs of ships and submarines are envisaged. Over 50 types are under construction and repair. About the same amount falls on civilian marine equipment. For comparison, the “poor Americans” plan to build 2011 types of warships and 2020 types of landing ships in 5-2.
      What follows from this? First of all, we need to urgently complete the development of a long-term program of military shipbuilding (up to 2040 of the year) with the release of the stage up to 2020 of the year. At the same time reduce the number of types of warships and submarines. This will make it possible to proceed to the mass construction of serial units with a fixed price. After all, the creation of the leading ships costs a half to two times more, not to mention an increase in the time ...
      Another prerequisite should be the termination of the order of ships with almost 100 percent equipment with new complexes of electronic weapons and weapons. Such an optimal ratio is considered universally recognized in the world: up to 20-30% of new developments, the rest - from those already adopted for service. Moreover, in the price of the ship, the share of REV systems and weapons reaches 70-80%. And of course, it is necessary to streamline the pricing system and tighten the discipline of the execution of the state defense order. "
    2. Pound
      Pound 25 July 2012 18: 50 New
      Ak, it’s like we don’t sell on weapons,
      or not?
  10. Alx1miK
    Alx1miK 25 July 2012 10: 25 New
    I think Rogozin is working quite well. Or I'm wrong?
    1. alexng
      alexng 25 July 2012 13: 50 New
      I think he went to India not only on issues of export and joint affairs, but along the way the issue of Syria and Iran will also be solved. We will wait for the news.
      1. VAF
        VAF 25 July 2012 14: 49 New
        Quote: alexneg
        I think he went to India not only on issues of export and joint affairs, but along the way, the issue of Syria and Iran will also be solved

        I'd love to believe in it, +!
  11. UzRus
    UzRus 25 July 2012 10: 59 New
    Rogozin showed himself quite well during his work as Russia's representative to NATO (if I am not mistaken), where he acted and spoke quite firmly. If it also works in the chair of the deputy prime minister, where the defense industry is in charge, it will be good. At least Rogozin, in response to a statement by Makarov that the Russian Armed Forces will not buy weapons of the Russian military-industrial complex due to the fact that they do not meet modern requirements, said that Makarov would not decide this issue.
  12. xmike
    xmike 25 July 2012 13: 57 New
    "India, having a number of claims against China, is an additional deterrent to Beijing." This is, in my opinion, the main factor.
  13. Bazilevs
    Bazilevs 25 July 2012 15: 03 New
    Rogozin well done, I respect him, a real Russian patriot, more such people in the government ...
  14. lelikas
    lelikas 25 July 2012 16: 27 New
    Something I do not catch up on the first point, and the British and Singaporeans already have their own positioning systems?
    1. Pound
      Pound 25 July 2012 19: 00 New
      No. The British and Amers share GPS. Like
  15. Captain3
    Captain3 25 July 2012 22: 22 New
    Cooperation with India is necessary, the main obligation is to fulfill the bagpipes and do not drag out for a long time, as, for example, with an aircraft carrier, otherwise competitors are on the alert ...
    1. Alan
      Alan 26 July 2012 13: 21 New
  16. ds4trr3ed
    ds4trr3ed 26 July 2012 21: 20 New
    The authorities of our country have done a lot, but this is already too much.
    I generally accidentally found him
    Here is information about each of us, for example: relatives, friends, correspondence from social networks.
    And most importantly, it is accessible to everyone, I was really scared at first - you never know what moron there will climb
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