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The Grom missile and bomb weapons system and its carriers


In 2015, Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (KTRV) for the first time presented materials on the Kh-36/9-A-7759 / Thunder, a promising guided missile and bomb weapon system. Over the past years, the complex has passed all stages of development and testing, as a result of which it is ready for adoption. New aviation weapons of destruction (ASA) are intended for all major domestic combat aircraft, as well as for UAVs.

For manned aircraft

Since the first demonstration of promising TSAs, regular reports have appeared about possible carriers of such products. It was claimed that they could be used by all the main domestic tactical combat aircraft, up to promising fifth-generation fighters. More details appeared later.

In June 2018, a presentation was presented in free access, describing the main features of the Thunder project and the progress of ongoing work. Among other interesting materials, it contained photographs of 9-A-7759 products on carrier aircraft.

The first picture depicted a Su-34 front-line bomber with a whole set of promising ASPs. Two bombs (missiles) were under the planes and two more products were suspended under the fuselage. Each of them occupied one beam holder. The second photo showed the possibility of using the "Thunder" as part of the arms of the MiG-35 fighter. In this case, the product 9-A-7759 was located on the AKU-58U device.

In early August 2019, KTRV announced the completion of tests of new ASPs and its readiness for deliveries to foreign customers. In these reports, another potential Thunder carrier was mentioned, characterized by its characteristic features. So, missiles and bombs of new models can be carried by a Su-57 fighter - including on an internal suspension.

Thus, the 9-A-7759 Grom products are compatible with all major tactical aircraft of the Russian aerospace forces. Such TSA can be used by fighters and front-line bombers of modern and new models, which significantly expands their combat capabilities.

Unmanned vehicles

Over the past few years, our industry has been developing unmanned aerial vehicles for attack purposes, capable of carrying one or another weapon to destroy ground targets. Recently it became known that the “Thunder” complex will contribute to the development of this area and will also become weapons new UAVs.

Such news On February 27, Izvestia was published, referring to its sources in the defense industry. It is alleged that a fundamental decision has already been made to equip attack UAVs with systems of the Grom family, which will allow attacking ground targets with high accuracy and efficiency. As carriers of such ASP are considered Drones S-70 "Hunter" and "Altius".

Part of the work in the new direction has already been completed. It is reported that Thunder has been tested with the Hunter UAV. An experienced drone successfully coped with the removal of large-size mock-ups of bombs (missiles) and performed their reset. How soon the entire process of integration of new weapons will be completed is not specified.

Work on the introduction of products 9-A-7759 in the ammunition list of Altius UAVs has not yet been completed. KTRV conducted an assessment of such opportunities at the beginning of 2018, but in the future, work slowed down. For a number of reasons, the Altius project has moved from one development organization to another, which has led to some difficulties. All these events led to a temporary suspension of work on the implementation of the Thunder. However, now the development of "Altius" continues, and the same applies to new weapons for him.

Thus, in the foreseeable future, two promising heavy UAVs with shock capabilities capable of carrying products from the Kh-36/9-A-7759 complex can enter service immediately. Thanks to this, the VKS will receive all the advantages inherent in unmanned vehicles and modern controlled TSA.

Shock family

The Thunder project offers aviation weapons of various classes, built on a modular basis. Due to this, bombs or missiles with different characteristics can be assembled from common components. The project makes extensive use of finished components. One of the main sources of units was the X-38 air-to-ground guided missile.

A product of the 9-A-7759 family is assembled from several units. This is the module of the main warhead (MBCho); an optional MBChd module is optionally used. Designed by so-called propulsion module module MDU. There are also planning and control modules (MPU) and a module of steering drives of MCI. The combination of four modules with one or another equipment gives a bomb or missile. Three variants of such TSA with different features have been developed.

Product 9-A-7759 "Thunder-1" ("Thunder-E1") is a guided missile. She receives MBCho type 9-Zh1-7759 (high-explosive fragmentation, weight 315 kg) and carries 161-kg MDL. The MPU and MPP modules are equipped with a wing and rudders folding in flight. Aiming at a target with known coordinates is carried out through a satellite navigation system. The 4,2 m long and 594 kg rocket has an average speed of 300 m / s and is capable of flying at a range of up to 120 km.

Product "Thunder-2" or 9-A1-7759 is a guided planning bomb. It is generally similar to the Thunder-1 missile, but differs in the absence of an MDM. Instead of a motor module, an MBChd with a mass of 165 kg is installed. Guided bomb "Thunder-2" can be used for targets at a distance of 60-65 km. A maneuver is possible for hitting an object in the rear hemisphere of the carrier.

The second version of the bomb, 9-A2-7759, is equipped with two warhead modules of the 9-Zh2-7759 type with volume-detonating equipment. MBCHo has a mass of 250 kg, MBChd - 120 kg. The total mass of the product is reduced to 488 kg while maintaining other parameters. Range of application - 65 km.

Products of the Thunder family have serious advantages over a number of existing samples. First of all, it should be noted the power of the warhead modules. According to KTRV, the combat effectiveness of the Thunder-1 is 80% higher than that of the OFAB-250-270 air bomb. The Grom-2 bomb with two MBCH is 50% more effective than the OFAB-500U product. 9-A2-7759 volume-detonating ammunition is twice as powerful as the KAB-500OD bomb.

Also, the Grom complex compares favorably with other ASPs with a discharge / flight range. From this point of view, the 9-A-7759 family surpasses most modern models of domestic development. The satellite guidance system provides a CVO of not more than a few meters, which also meets current requirements.

Weapons with the declared characteristics can be used to destroy a variety of ground targets with known coordinates, from manpower to fortified objects. The “Thunder” family is able to supplement existing TSAs in solving certain problems, and in other situations it can completely replace them, realizing its advantages.

Weapons for the future

Last year, KTRV announced the completion of major work on the 9-A-7759 Thunder project and its readiness to supply serial products to customers. Bombs and missiles of new types are ready for use in the aerospace forces and the use of various types of combat aircraft. At the same time, development work is ongoing to integrate such ASAs into the armament complex of promising UAVs.

Apparently, these processes will be completed in the next few years - probably simultaneously with the adoption of drones in service. Thus, in the foreseeable future, the Russian air force will be able to get all the required weapons systems with high performance and wide capabilities.

However, the future of the ASP family “Thunder” is still unknown. Reported completion of the tests, but information on the adoption of such weapons in the arsenal of the Russian Aerospace Forces has not yet arrived. In addition, well-known messages featured only a willingness to export - but not to the supply of their army. However, the latest news provide reasons for optimism. The Ministry of Defense decided to equip promising UAVs with Thunder, and with them manned aircraft of all major types can also receive such weapons.
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  1. Lexus
    Lexus 28 February 2020 05: 53
    Unification? Not ... not heard. The whole world uses kits for "modernization" of bodies of free-fall bombs, and every time we have a new way of "sawing". Because "there" - many tens-hundreds of thousands of UABs against the setting parties of the Russian WTO. I foresee a comparison of price tags, I answer - in the US and in France for $ 500 no one works in the defense industry.
    1. Okolotochny
      Okolotochny 28 February 2020 07: 22
      "The great economist." Then voice the cost of the same weapons of Russia, the United States and France. Yes, you can pay extra to the level of France and the USA from your pocket. It will be more effective than sitting and whining on the "combat couch."
      1. Lexus
        Lexus 28 February 2020 17: 19
        Yes, you can pay extra to the level of France and the USA from your pocket.

        Typical "clucking" of the urya-skakuas, sitting on the neck of the people. I am already crying for everything out of my pocket, and judging by the fact that the levies are growing, the "police state" after the implementation of the "national property" even has no money left for you and you. You know, and I am not against the taxes and fees paid by me went to the purchase of really modern weapons, and not to feed, for example, packs of "policemen" and Internet trolls "on a salary." If so, your gang will have to move the retirement age to nowhere, beyond "handing over plastic wreaths" and "reading obituaries". Tear off the worn sweatpants from the sofa and go waving a broom, in the literal sense, of course, and not as you are used to, on the street, because you are not good for anything else. At the same time, you will wake the residents up in the "sponsored" neighborhood with your sonorous "kukuryak". I am absolutely not interested in you, because instead of words on the topic, you always try to shake the air with "emptiness". stop
    2. Grigory_45
      Grigory_45 28 February 2020 08: 01
      Quote: lexus
      Unification? Not ... not heard. The whole world uses kits for "modernization" of bodies of free-fall bombs, and every time we have a new way of "sawing"

      I agree, we have a strange approach. Both JDAM and Spice turn a "dumb" bomb into a "smart" one for a relatively low cost. Moreover, ordinary cast iron in warehouses is in store for three wars.
      So, to create a new product is a much more monetary (and, accordingly, pleasant) enterprise than to equip ready-made bombs with guidance and planning systems.
      1. Dmitry Zadorozhniy
        Dmitry Zadorozhniy 28 February 2020 09: 24
        Aiming navigation system "Hephaestus" miraculously sends a conventional free-falling ammunition with a minimum efficiency. Without having to spend tens of thousands on each disc. And here is a universal constructor. There are a bunch of similar blocks at the plant. What the customer needs, then they will collect.
        1. Grigory_45
          Grigory_45 28 February 2020 15: 27
          Quote: Dmitriy Zadorozhniy
          Aiming navigation complex "Hephaestus"

          1. Hephaestus does not provide the accuracy that provides a combined bomb control system
          2. Hephaestus also costs money, and not thousands - but millions, plus it needs to not only be produced, but also integrated into the avionics avionics
          3. When using Hephaestus, the aircraft enters the zone of the enemy’s air defense system, with the use of planning bombs, in most cases there isn’t
          1. alexmach
            alexmach 29 February 2020 17: 42
            When using Hephaestus, the plane enters the zone of the enemy’s air defense system, in the case of using planning bombs, in most cases there isn’t

            This is when using "factory" gliding bombs, such as described in the article.
            What should be this "planning" set for OFAB-250 to plan for 100 km?
            1. Grigory_45
              Grigory_45 29 February 2020 18: 34
              Quote: alexmach
              What should be this "planning" set for OFAB-250 to plan for 100 km?

              Look at Israeli SPICE (Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective - intelligent, accurate exposure, economical). In fact, these are sets for ordinary cast iron, incl. concrete bombs, corresponding mass.
              Spice-250 - 113 kg (250 lb) bomb, planning range up to 100 km
              Spice-1000 - 454-kg (1000-lb) bomb (Mk. 83, RAP-1000 and the like), planning range up to 100 km
              Spice-2000 - 907 kg (2000 lb) bomb (MK 84, RAP-2000, BLU-109 and the like), planning range up to 60 km

              In the pictures: Spice bombs. Light gray are parts of the control and guidance kit, olive is a free-falling bomb (Mk83 and Mk84)

              In addition to bombs, control and guidance modules are placed on the NAR, incl. small caliber (70 mm Hydra). With minimal refinement, turning rockets into adjustable ones.
              1. alexmach
                alexmach 29 February 2020 21: 28

                450 KG bomb per 100 km.
                Great stuff.
                1. Grigory_45
                  Grigory_45 29 February 2020 21: 35
                  Quote: alexmach
                  450 KG bomb per 100 km

                  naturally, such ranges are achieved only when dropped from a high altitude (more than 10 km) and at a decent carrier speed
                  1. alexmach
                    alexmach 29 February 2020 22: 44
                    This is clear. A separate question is how applicable it is and against which enemy. Well, the Americans seem to use it to the full.
    3. Viktor Sergeev
      Viktor Sergeev 28 February 2020 08: 16
      You go Leshenka listen, he still will not tell you something. Unification is the basis of military equipment, which allows to improve logistics, supply of troops, reduce the range of spare parts. But you continue to carry the blizzard, why do you think?
      1. Cympak
        Cympak 28 February 2020 16: 42

        The Americans will be steeper unification. To JDAM, wings were also attached to the laser seeker. And in the future, a turbojet engine is threatened to add and fly 280 km.
    4. Kalmar
      Kalmar 28 February 2020 10: 57
      Quote: lexus
      Unification? Not ... not heard. The whole world uses kits for "modernization" of bodies of free-fall bombs, and every time we have a new way of "sawing"

      So one does not interfere with the other. Specifically, this team is developing a new weapon compatible with UAVs and internal compartments of the Su-57. The matter is also necessary.

      It would be nice, of course, someone else was engaged in "controlled" gadgets for conventional bombs, but not yet heard. I admit that the export potential of such products is lower than that of new weapons, so this direction is not so interesting for KTRV.
    5. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 28 February 2020 14: 19
      This is not JDAMsky- this is SDBsky Miscellaneous.
    6. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 28 February 2020 14: 50
      There is nothing to optimize .... they created a new product and unified it within the family. These are small diameter bombs and gliders. If these were in the non-corr version, then you need a guidance kit. But they are not
  2. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 28 February 2020 06: 31
    "Thunder" yak "Thunder"! There is no desire to talk about this device now ... because information about the "thunder" has already been submitted in detail for a year .... two? three? ... back! In general, as the song says: "Don't talk about love! Everything is said about it! ...". But here's what I'm talking about ...! Why am I so naive? That's how many times I've come across trusting disinformation, and it's not enough! As a rule, a message appears like: KB Mitkino has developed a terribly dangerous bomb (rocket), which itself finds the "barmaley", pursues them, catches them in an open field, puts them against the wall and shoots them 3 times! The bomb is being successfully tested and will soon be produced and sold; because. many military men (both ours and not ours ...) showed baaal interest and desire! After that, time passes ... (years 2,3,5! ...), "posters" fade and disappear somewhere ... First, I am in joyful anticipation that soon we will see pictures and videos of bombers taking off, loaded "terrible" bombs ... then I worry a little: they say, where is the promised? ... then I forget ...! And suddenly...! Again....! After 5 years! ... "The Mitkino Design Bureau again offers that very terrible bomb that catches the" barmaleevs "in an open field, puts them against the wall and shoots them 2 times ... because they shot them once during the previous tests ... recourse
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 28 February 2020 08: 04
      Cyclic repetition, so that faith does not die out! So I have not heard about "thunder" before, or maybe I forgot - the profile is not mine, but they reminded me once!)
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 February 2020 06: 55
    According to KTRV, the combat effectiveness of the Thunder-1 is 80% higher than that of the aerial bomb OFAB-250-270.
    And in terms of almost FAB-500, and this is a serious application.
  4. Warrior MorePhoto
    Warrior MorePhoto 28 February 2020 08: 50
    Quote: aszzz888
    According to KTRV, the combat effectiveness of the Thunder-1 is 80% higher than that of the aerial bomb OFAB-250-270.
    And in terms of almost FAB-500, and this is a serious application.

    "The 9-A2-7759 volumetric detonating ammunition is twice as powerful as the KAB-500OD bomb."
    Then I thought it was they who did 500-600 kg, but if they are developing 1000-1100, or 1500-1600 and with such power?)
  5. garri-lin
    garri-lin 28 February 2020 12: 58
    The very main question of the amateur. Why are the main and additional units not unified? Or I didn’t understand something. And then honestly looks like a creation of a gloomy genius. Plus, it is advisable to provide for the discharge of an additional charge. Increase flexibility. For example, the shed with terrorists destroys the main charge, and the dumped in advance dopbch, in a few seconds after the explosion, falls asleep with the land of mines to complicate rescue operations.
  6. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 28 February 2020 14: 19
    "Our answer is SDB"? The right thing, the right thing.
    1. Cympak
      Cympak 28 February 2020 16: 38
      That's just the SDB is several times smaller and 1 SDBs per 4 aircraft suspension unit. If you can definitely hit, you do not need a large explosive power.
  7. Dmitry V.
    Dmitry V. 28 February 2020 14: 59
    Weapons for the future

    Do not forget that a relatively inexpensive weapon with guidance systems on external target designation is not suitable for war with high-tech opponents. Such systems cannot act on moving targets.
    Satellite navigation channels can be locally suppressed by relatively inexpensive electronic warfare equipment.

    The IHGS WGC increase the cost of products but also require much more advanced counteraction systems.
    ISN (inertial guidance system) - autonomous.

    The next stage is the development of universal modules that can give the system the functions of hitting moving targets.
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 28 February 2020 17: 11
      There is no information about the homing head in the article, only the photo shows a caption about the television version, which, of course, is capable of aiming at moving targets. In addition, there is a head with a laser lidar, and I admit that there is a combined head in which a thermal imager, lidar, and teleprocessing, and the ability to aim at a fixed portrait of the radiation of the target are integrated.
    2. bk0010
      bk0010 28 February 2020 20: 40
      I agree. The Papuans can also be attached with an ordinary bomb, and if there is an air defense, then it will drop such a bomb without problems (the target is high-altitude, slow, with a large EPR (otherwise it will not be good to plan) - the anti-aircraft guner's dream). And GPS guidance is a corrupting influence of the states: for a big war, you have to make an inertial head or already in an adult way, with recognition of the terrain.
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 28 February 2020 22: 44
        A huge plus of modularity is precisely in the fact that if necessary, you can do what you need. You will need a combination and they will do it. Even I think after working out in the existing configuration, they will immediately begin to expand the range of heads and warheads.
  8. fk7777777
    fk7777777 28 February 2020 18: 14
    Cool, modularity and came here, finally, if you want additional warheads, moreover, generally intended for different purposes, if you want a fuel tank, or additional. equipment. Faster to the masses, ahh, ... I don't understand that there are all sorts of warehouses, "economists" are smart, but for garlic, they offer to give them a ruzhbike from the times of Peter, and all the buns to it, well, there is a brick, a cobblestone pavement, cast iron buns, this is just what of the "super" fluff to smack mono, not counting everything else, well, let them serve.
  9. Eug
    Eug 25 May 2020 06: 24
    Great idea with modularity. But two points were wary - satellite navigation is good only in a war with barmales, in a serious mess, as for me, it simply will not exist or will be in a very limited time, and axisymmetric cases of products. Is it possible that round casing cross-sections fit better into the Su-57 compartment?
  10. Charik
    Charik 28 November 2021 00: 47
    Something I don’t catch up with about Thunder2-two warheads 315 + 165 (480kg) + fuel for 60km + weight of a blank where all this is crammed, but write that its weight is 600kg? Explain please.