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How SAA unblocked the M-5 Aleppo-Damascus highway


Today, few people recall what specifically was discussed during the agreements between Russia and Turkey regarding the creation of a de-escalation zone in Syria. One of the questions concerned the opening of traffic along the highway connecting the two largest cities of the country - Damascus and Aleppo.

These agreements were reached in 2018, but only by 2020 the militants were not going to unlock the most important transport artery for its normal functioning.

What did Ankara say about this?

Turkish authorities said that "peace is important first and that the road will ultimately be unblocked." When exactly this will happen, none of the Turkish militants responsible for the “taming” of the militia for some reason spoke. But in the end, everything came to the point that the militants began to strike at the positions of the SAA, trying to increase the area of ​​controlled territories in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. Now Turkish and Western media unanimously shout that Russia and Assad violate the agreements.

The documentary film ANNA NEWS talks about how Syrian troops fought for the release of the M-5 highway, and also threw militants from the western outskirts of Aleppo. The tape also describes the tactics of the militants, who often use suicide bombers to break through the defense lines of the SAA.

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  1. Mytholog
    Mytholog 26 February 2020 16: 01 New
    So far, the M-5 is not unlocked.
    Across it, Turkish "observation posts" (in fact - checkpoints) still stick out like a penny in a train ...
    1. mark1
      mark1 26 February 2020 16: 07 New
      It’s necessary to dig them up at night ...
    2. URAL72
      URAL72 26 February 2020 17: 26 New
      This is not a problem - they will open fire, they will be destroyed.
  2. Nastia makarova
    Nastia makarova 26 February 2020 16: 05 New
    great video
  3. Clueless
    Clueless 26 February 2020 17: 36 New
    Oh .. they’re firing from the cart, and let's stand next to everything and see where it shoots, smoke ..
    See helmets for us, they are not comfortable, our foreheads are strong, bullets can withstand.
    And let's shoot in the air, give out our positions, etc.
    Let us thank God and Assad that he helped them. (maybe we as gods are already there? for without our intelligence and aviation they have long been cut off their heads for everyone)

    Now it’s clear where they got such losses from and so much low combat effectiveness.
  4. Askold Matveev
    Askold Matveev 26 February 2020 17: 52 New
    Turkish authorities have stated that “peace is important first and that the road will ultimately be unlocked”

    the Turks say one thing, when it comes to business, everything at once is different. You can’t trust Turkey. Anna news reports are always different. subscribed to them on YouTube.
  5. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 26 February 2020 18: 13 New
    Yes, the reporter is very risky ... But the report is very interesting
    1. Alexandr Sharapov
      Alexandr Sharapov 26 February 2020 20: 01 New
      Rod barmalei -Militants during the day today occupied the village of Afes north of Sarakib. The M-5 highway may again be under fire control of militants. plus Militants claim the capture / destruction of 3 tanks (1 T-90 and 2 T-72, 2 bulldozers and one cart).
      1. Alexandr Sharapov
        Alexandr Sharapov 26 February 2020 22: 41 New
        26.02.20/XNUMX/XNUMX Military commander Yevgeny Poddubny [@epoddubny] spoke about the destruction of the Syrian tank by the Turkish military. Moreover, the Turks struck from the observation post ...... jackals
        1. Alexandr Sharapov
          Alexandr Sharapov 26 February 2020 22: 45 New
          26.02.20/5/XNUMX Current situation around Serakib: militants with the support of the Turkish military continue to advance towards the MXNUMX highway, trying to get around Sarakib from the south and north.
          1. Nastia makarova
            Nastia makarova 27 February 2020 11: 56 New
            seracib left at night
  6. jekasimf
    jekasimf 27 February 2020 18: 43 New
    If the most combat-ready 25th division fights like this, then I'm even afraid to imagine what the rest of the Syrian army is like. It is a frightful sight. I understand. It is good to watch vidos, sitting on the couch. But still. Even the course of a young fighter gives some- then ponyatiha. And here is a complete mess. Including with the command. "Where is the enemy?" Asks the commander !!!!
  7. Pancer_Hrek
    Pancer_Hrek 29 February 2020 14: 36 New
    Personally, I had a feeling of déjà vu when viewing frames of operations at the 20th and 26th minutes, where have I seen this before? And then it dawned - in computer games wink . Night shooting from a tank is a typical WoT, and an assault on Turkish militants of a settlement on armored vehicles is a real-time strategy.
  8. Finist036
    Finist036 1 March 2020 11: 00 New
    Turkey and NATO have never been and never will be friends of Russia, this should be understood and remembered when speaking with them