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CIS - unpromising structure or union with unrealized potential


A little over a year remains until the 30th anniversary of the creation of such an interstate entity as the Commonwealth of Independent States. And it’s not entirely clear how this date is to be celebrated: toasting for her health or still drink ... without clinking glasses?

The three decades mentioned for the CIS, alas, have passed, so to say, neither shakily nor roll. And so much so that some have openly expressed doubts that this organization generally exists other than de jure. Why is that?

First of all, we must understand and remember that the CIS was not created simply on the bones of the USSR. The birth of the Commonwealth of Independent States, in fact, was the death of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, recorded during the treacherous gathering in Viskuly. All the rest (the Ashgabat forum of Asian presidents, the Alma-Ata Declaration, from which the establishment of the Commonwealth is counted, etc.) were already attempts to maintain at least the appearance of unity of yesterday's fraternal republics (and even then not all) and save at least something. That “at least something” happened ... A hopeless structure?

Initially, this community was seen by its founders in no case as a state or even as a supranational entity. And then what? God knows him. However, with such a completely incomprehensible and non-binding status of the organization, it was obviously destined to become something like a “club of interests”, a kind of platform within which it would be possible to “talk for life”. It is not surprising that, for the most part, initially not real areas of cooperation were included in the CIS charter, but general declarations that sound as beautiful as they are unrealizable in practice. Well, it’s like “achieving complete and universal disarmament” and ensuring the broadest “rights and freedoms” in every way.

The saddest thing is that even the clause on the “peaceful resolution of conflicts and disputes” of the member countries of the Union turned out to be an equally beautiful dream - given that in its ranks the organization initially united Armenia and Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine ... In general saying, only the Baltic republics refused to participate in the CIS right away and flatly, even then aiming for Europe, as they say, even with a carcass, even with a scarecrow. The rest of the post-Soviet ones in the first years after the collapse of the common house, the USSR, were still thinking of some more or less close coexistence. Today, the CIS is, by and large, 8 full members: Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. And also Turkmenistan in the status of an associate member and Moldova, torn between the CIS and European integration and not determined at all: to her smart or still beautiful ...

Ukraine, the charter of the Commonwealth did not initially sign, for some time revolved around him in the role of an “observer” (while remaining one of the founding states), but in 2014 it sharply gathered up “with things out”. True, Kiev did not submit the official procedure in the form of a written application of intentions to leave the organization, so all Ukrainian presidents, up to the present, are sent invitations to Commonwealth events, which, of course, are “proudly” ignored. Georgia slammed the door loudly back in 2008 and embarked on an endless campaign towards the EU and NATO.

The most valuable developments of the CIS, without a doubt, remain the Free Trade Zone created within its framework, with which, however, they transported for as long as 20 years - until 2011, and the Customs Union, which allowed the Commonwealth to create a common market called the Common Economic Space. It does not include all CIS countries, but only Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. However, there are serious reasons for hopes that the CES will still grow in new countries, at least at the expense of the CIS countries. Certain successes have been achieved in combining the efforts of the Commonwealth law enforcement agencies in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking. But in military cooperation, despite the plans voiced at first, the achievements are much more modest.

The CIS did not become either a continuation or a new incarnation of the USSR. And he couldn’t become anything like that, by and large ... Perhaps in our time, when the geopolitical situation forces the countries to unite, at least to successfully confront the alliances of other states, striving for a new redivision of the world, the Commonwealth will open a second wind - the union. However, due to how much the former republics of the USSR over the past three decades have diverged in their development, the vectors of domestic and foreign policy, rather, it will be something completely new, albeit based on the best practices of the CIS.
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  1. Dimy4
    Dimy4 25 February 2020 07: 15
    A peculiar division of property, the collapsed USSR. Absolutely useless education, so - without clinking glasses.
    1. Gene84
      Gene84 25 February 2020 07: 21
      No second breath is foreseen in the CIS. The CIS was originally a wrong formation.
      1. Stas157
        Stas157 25 February 2020 08: 30
        The CIS has not become either a continuation or a new one. the embodiment of the USSR.

        And could not be by definition. For the CIS is nothing but the consolidation of the collapse of the USSR.

        When it was announced on TV that instead of the USSR there would now be a CIS, no one understood that the USSR was gone, everyone thought that the CIS was a continuation of the USSR. How naive it was! Yeltsin and Belovezhskaya traitors circled the country around the finger.

        So write it down in your Alkash Center!
        1. Chaldon48
          Chaldon48 25 February 2020 08: 41
          We need a powerful push from outside, then for some time something similar to unity may arise
          1. cniza
            cniza 25 February 2020 08: 55
            Yeah, like a war ...
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 25 February 2020 09: 37
              I did not believe in any normally functioning CIS from the very beginning!

              For the liquidators of the USSR in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, by the way prudently gathered at a hunting farm in Viskuly - just in case of escape from the country - only 8 km. on foot from the Soviet border and with an alternate airfield, to any CIS, by and large, it was initially, as if to a light bulb.
            2. ZuekRek
              ZuekRek 3 November 2022 15: 20
              So far, everything seems to be the opposite of us, as they began to recoil from the plague.
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Hagalaz
      Hagalaz 25 February 2020 07: 30
      I absolutely support. Worthless structure. On the part of the Russian Federation, pathetic attempts to create something like the USSR, on the part of the rest, to bargain for some kind of preferences from Russia, since she needs this. And stop feeding them, they will surrender their territories to American bases and thereby become fed. We need to become strong ourselves and tightly regulate the parameters of the alliance. Alas, there are no equal unions.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 25 February 2020 07: 35
      Of the three letters of the CIS, the last one is more or less remained, and even that - "Ge". For another, this was not even thought of. As we paid for the rent of the former lands of the Russian Empire, and we pay. Now we are improving the Crimea - a lot of money. But why in Kakhzakhstan gasoline and diesel fuel are half the price of that which we have at gas stations is difficult to understand? It's the same with vodka, tobacco and paid medicine. We have one tooth on a titanium screw 40 thousand, there are about 15. Although the material is the same imported in euros.
      1. The popuas
        The popuas 25 February 2020 08: 27
        In this case, it would not hurt to mention the "customs union" ... hi
      2. Dart2027
        Dart2027 25 February 2020 10: 21
        Quote: siberalt
        . We have one tooth on a titanium screw 40 thousand, there are about 15

        Have you tried to find cheaper? I was inserted for 26, although in the next clinic it was already over 50.
    4. iouris
      iouris 25 February 2020 20: 17
      Probably it's not in the system, but in the constituent elements.
  2. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 25 February 2020 07: 17
    Format The Russian Empire without national republics is more relevant than the USSR 2.0. Lenin, with all the rest, planted a mine with the national republics.
    1. Gene84
      Gene84 25 February 2020 07: 36
      So what was the matter, let the government abolish the national division in Russia. No, the authorities do not go to this step. It is easier to blame Lenin than to do otherwise.
    2. Sergey Olegovich
      Sergey Olegovich 25 February 2020 07: 50
      Quote: Tank jacket
      Lenin, with all the rest, planted a mine with the national republics

      Again Lenin. All of you Lenin is to blame. Lenin and the Bolsheviks saved Russia from collapse by federalization.
      Quote: Gene84
      let the government cancel the national division in Russia

      Indeed, do not like the federation, cancel the division into national republics. And you will be happy, probably it can and will be.
      1. Tank jacket
        Tank jacket 25 February 2020 07: 57
        I agree with you that Lenin and the Bolsheviks, as well as the General Staff, the GRU officer corps, the Artillery Directorate and the Admiralty saved the country from destruction, but with all the rest ...
    3. Far B
      Far B 25 February 2020 08: 02
      Lenin and the Bolsheviks at that time did everything right. The national republics were a lure - you do not consider Russia in isolation from the processes taking place in the world. And then in the world there was the Hungarian and Slovak Soviet republics, the Bavarian Soviet, in China and Mongolia a movement of socialist orientation was going on, demonstrations under the slogan "Hands off Soviet Russia!" were very numerous and frequent. That is, at that time it seemed that the world revolution was about to break out, and in this context, the union of national Soviet republics looked like the most attractive option.
      1. DNS-a42
        DNS-a42 25 February 2020 08: 19
        The national republics were not a lure, but a reflection of objective historical processes. National movements broke out throughout RI. It was impossible to deal with them by force of arms, and for the Bolsheviks it was unacceptable. Lenin's formula is very simple: voluntary unity is much stronger than any imposed submission. But the "whites" who tried to drive everyone back into a unitary state completely failed.
    4. DNS-a42
      DNS-a42 25 February 2020 08: 24
      Unitary Ukraine lost the Crimea and the Donbass. Nat There are no republics, but there is separatism, how so?
      1. Arlen
        Arlen 25 February 2020 17: 20
        Quote: DNS-a42
        but there is separatism, how so?

        In Ukraine, not national separatism. In Ukraine, there is a political split, a split into Westerners and supporters of integration with Russia. Agree, national separatism and political schism are two different things.
        1. DNS-a42
          DNS-a42 25 February 2020 20: 01
          These are links of one chain. The economic issue of integration has moved to the political plane, and already the political split very quickly grew into the oppression of Russian-speaking citizens.
    5. iouris
      iouris 26 February 2020 16: 34
      Quote: Tank jacket
      Format The Russian Empire without national republics is more relevant

      And how to do this in practice? No one knows. The former Russian Empire was destroyed twice in less than 70 years. Who showed that the restoration ahead, not the final destruction of this project? Ideology is already thirty years gone. Yes, and with the economy is not very much. So what interests and what social classes advocate for a powerful state project in the future?
  3. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 25 February 2020 07: 17
    Until now, the cold in the skin comes from these abominations in the photo. For what they did to the country, but to be honest, the civil war throughout the territory was seconds from this.
  4. Snail N9
    Snail N9 25 February 2020 07: 31
    The CIS is a "corpse" that more and more stinks of "isolation" - reformatting "historical ties with Russia" into "Western partners", "revising common history" towards "national" and abandoning the "Russian language" with the replacement of "Cyrillic" to "Latin". In general, amen the CIS. yes
  5. Far B
    Far B 25 February 2020 07: 39
    In my opinion, the main function of the CIS at the time of its creation was to cover up the eyes of the citizens of the USSR, who recently voted to preserve the USSR. From the TV screens, pomnitsa, on a blue eye they broadcast that the CIS is "almost the same USSR", only in a different package: the republics will have more independence, economic and political, the capital will be transferred to Minsk, etc. etc. If they had not announced the creation of the CIS, the people might not have understood the "Belovezhites" and those who joined them - nevertheless, the overwhelming majority did not want to liquidate the Union, and people at that time were pretty irritated, so they needed some kind of noodles for quickly hang ears. However, the same people were still very naive, so they ate the offered noodles without frowning. (By the way, this is the answer to those who are gloatingly accustomed to asking: "Why didn't you come out to defend the Soviet Union so beloved by you, if he was so good?" such a monstrous deception - the murder of the greatest power! I hoped that the Yeltsyns-Kravchuk-Shushkevichs and their usual impudence would not be enough). So the CIS has fulfilled its function. And a few years later, when the people got used to the "independence" of the republics, the "Commonwealth" project began to slowly drain into the toilet. Well, this is my IMHO, based on my own memories.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 25 February 2020 08: 04
      Quote: Dalny V
      CIS - "almost the same USSR",

      So it was! And we fell for this lie!
    2. Stas157
      Stas157 25 February 2020 10: 27
      Quote: Dalny V
      From television screens, I remember, on the blue eye, they broadcast that CIS - "almost the same USSR", only in a different package ... ... By the way, this is the answer to those who are gloatingly accustomed to asking: "Why didn't you come out to defend the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics so beloved by you, if he was so good?" And that is why they did not come out because it was hard to believe that someone would dare to such a monstrous deception

      So it was. Yes, even there was no thought that the collapse of the republics would happen! People believed that the USSR was undergoing reform during this endless restructuring.
  6. knn54
    knn54 25 February 2020 07: 42
    With the departure of those who remember about a single state, the "distance" between the republics will increase.
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 25 February 2020 08: 08
      Quote: knn54

      What a distance! Russia and the aggressor and occupier and invader and famine!
      And they are all white and fluffy, free geyropeytsy and beacons of democracy!
      1. depressant
        depressant 25 February 2020 09: 48
        I'm a bad historian. Actually, none. But I always draw analogies between what was and what has become - and all this is within the borders of Russia. The CIS has been forgotten by me for a long time and is not remembered at all. And now you read the headlines in the media. Something like "Russia needs a new social contract!" And, honestly, it becomes scary. And the article is like a hint. Nothing is written in vain.
      2. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 25 February 2020 09: 49
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        ..... Russia and the aggressor and occupier and invader and famine!
        And they are all white and fluffy, free geyropeytsy and beacons of democracy!
        They began to distance themselves right away. Example ---- very few people began to celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day. For example, Kazakhstan postponed.
        1. Talgat 148
          Talgat 148 25 February 2020 10: 53
          The holiday was called February 23 Day of the Soviet Army and Navy!
          But if the union did not, the Soviet army did not, then what holiday can be continued !?
          Although out of habit we still celebrate, and maybe it was necessary to save it as your Fatherland Defender's Day ....
          But the day of the defender in Kazakhstan is now May 7, the day of formation of the armed forces.
          On this day, a parade of troops is held in honor of the celebration of the day of the defender of the homeland and the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. The continuity of traditions is respected.
          1. Reptiloid
            Reptiloid 25 February 2020 11: 12
            Yes, I know, at first it was the Day of the Red Army, then the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy. I consider Kazakhstan, one of the most friendly members of the CIS. Therefore, I was surprised.
            Yes, the USSR is gone. But the general victory in the Second World War remained. It was in memory of this Victory and general achievements that it was necessary to preserve, preserving the Defender of the Fatherland Day.
            Of course, my words are not a rebuke to the inhabitants of the republics, but thoughts hi
        2. depressant
          depressant 25 February 2020 11: 06
          Reptiloid, my dear, I'm not talking about that.
          I, of course, about the amendments to the Constitution. As if this agreement with the state did not come out as sideways for us as the referendum on the preservation of the USSR. The people voted in favor, and now any lawyer will prove that raising the question in the ballot made sense to divide the country into parts, and there is no one to judge for the collapse of the Union. Like, they themselves voted. And the amendments either included a clause on the indivisibility of the country, or not. Meanwhile, the constitutions of some of our republics directly indicate the possibility of secession from Russia, or the possibility of introducing such a clause. That's what excites me! Therefore, I demand that the full and final text of the amendments be published not only in official sources of information, but also on the VO website, no matter how large this text may be. Then it is necessary to decide whether to vote for the amendments or not. Otherwise it will turn out that by voting for handouts, we will secure the possibility of the country's collapse.
          1. Reptiloid
            Reptiloid 25 February 2020 11: 32
            Good morning, hi Lyudmila love Since your comment is a minute earlier than my comment, then it was not readable to me.
            As for the amendments and the Constitution, we once spoke about possible tricks and fraud. I don’t like the timeline for this.
            I don’t like the lack of discussions on the ground (or did I miss? Or will they be?) For example, we had discussions about renovations or sections of the roundabout
            About the publication of the full text of the amendments to the VO ---- I'm for! good
            I also hope for discussions and clarifications.
  7. nikolaj1703
    nikolaj1703 25 February 2020 07: 46
    Eliminate as useless education. Only bilateral treaties between "independent states".
  8. Million
    Million 25 February 2020 07: 50
    Yeltsin could not do anything good in principle. Like his follower
  9. rocket757
    rocket757 25 February 2020 07: 57
    The CIS did not become either a continuation or a new incarnation of the USSR. And he couldn’t become anything like that, by and large ...

    That's right ... They ruined the Great Country to run and steer in their estates! Not the faces that would then unite, collaborate, work together !!!
    1. cniza
      cniza 25 February 2020 08: 56
      Behind everything was a thirst for power and the profit of local princes, so they got ...
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 25 February 2020 09: 10
        They just bit off, for themselves and their own .... "bumps" on us all, the rest, flew.
        1. cniza
          cniza 25 February 2020 09: 29
          Naturally, they are all in chocolate, and people still lick their wounds.
          1. rocket757
            rocket757 25 February 2020 10: 15
            We do not have time to lick, because it’s new and still new.
            When ALL, without exception, take hits, different, it would be okay, but such arithmetic is one "bun", and all the rest, bumps !!! Not at all happy.
            1. cniza
              cniza 25 February 2020 10: 16
              All the same, now it has become easier than in the dashing 90s ...
              1. rocket757
                rocket757 25 February 2020 10: 20
                Then it was just oh ... oh, oh!
                All the same, compare with how it was, this is somewhat earlier. When life was much calmer and more reliable.
                But, compare, do not compare, it won’t be better. Therefore, we must work with what we have now, striving to do better from our current base ....
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 25 February 2020 08: 04
    They fled from the USSR so as not to feed each other, and gathered in the Commonwealth, so that they would snatch something from each other .. laughing Hitler's hopes came true ... CIS ...
  11. akunin
    akunin 25 February 2020 08: 58
    a weak state (we in fact) tried to gather around itself even weaker states and play "big brother", and instead of "big brother" plays the role of a "cash cow".
  12. Maks1995
    Maks1995 25 February 2020 09: 02
    The stump is clear, the CIS is neither fish nor meat.

    But at least something, at least some lobbying for common interests and improved communications ....

    And it’s over - and immediately trample and conclude alliances on the side of the union, and among themselves in a new way ....

    A therapist is needed. With a bo-o-big syringe, but not a surgeon with a saw.
  13. Den717
    Den717 25 February 2020 09: 07
    The CIS did not become either a continuation or a new incarnation of the USSR. And he couldn’t become anything like that, by and large ...

    Of course, he could become both effective and fruitful. If not for the subversive work "from the outside." It is necessary to see how frequently all the countries of the former USSR are visited by "salesmen" from the EU and the State Department. I do not think that they are only keen on pilaf and oriental sweets on these detours. Some agreements are concluded with each of the republics, from which some part of the elite feeds well. Biological laboratories, joint ventures, military-technical cooperation "suddenly" grow up, and something is generally bought up on the vine. And those who are trying to resist the world "hegemon" are suddenly "frozen" their accounts in banks with American participation. Not for that, the United States spent so much effort and energy on the collapse of the USSR to give it a chance to be reborn in whatever guise. Each country has its own interests, in many respects they can contradict neighboring countries. And the United States skillfully uses these contradictions to prevent this association from developing. It must be admitted that in the Central Asian republics, society has again returned to baiism and clannishness in internal affairs. The interested financial and industrial groups are playing on this to prevent them from uniting and strengthening.
  14. bandabas
    bandabas 25 February 2020 09: 23
    The CIS never existed. But the money was laundered and cannot be counted. There is no point in talking about globality. Lots of! Oh, little things. How many people are sitting in "fake positions". Still.
  15. ZaharoFF
    ZaharoFF 25 February 2020 16: 39
    This "education" was originally stillborn. Breathing has not been there since the day of its formation and will not be. Amen hi
  16. CBR600
    CBR600 26 February 2020 14: 41
    Sovereignty. I always call this word, regarding geopolitics. CIS is an executed project of the enemies of socialism, i.e. world capital.
    ... the USSR was formed by combining the RSFSR, the Ukrainian SSR, the Belorussian SSR, and the Transcaucasian SFSR into one state with unified authorities with the capital in Moscow, while de jure retaining the right of free exit from the Union for each Union Republic (wiki).
    ___ And this is the work of Stalin. He, through repression (opponents of socialism), the Second World War, industrialization, ideologization, sought to the sovereignty of the country, fighting the world order of the Anglo-Saxons. According to some version, he was killed and started ...
    ___ Mao Zedong, New China, Beijing. 1964, No. 12: “After 1953, nationalists and careerists, bribes covered from the Kremlin, came to power in the USSR. When the time comes, they will drop their masks, throw away party cards and will openly rule their counties as feudal lords and serfs. ”
    ___ more "the criminal actions of Khrushchev and his associates will have long-term consequences, they will lead to degeneration, and then to the destruction of the USSR and the CPSU ..."
    ___ The USSR as well as the CPSU were already doomed. Feudal puppets were in power. The CIS is already a consequence of the collapse, or the worst case scenario for the country. Just a stage that is worth discussing only to recognize the actions of the enemies of our country as their victory.