Dreams, dreams ... And what do we have in reality?

Dreams, dreams ... And what do we have in reality?

After reviewing a very interesting selection from the site "Time-Ahead.rus", which positions itself as an objective platform, not only applauding, but ...

But everywhere there are ... nuances and aspects.

And if the objective platform is trying to evaluate what was promised and how it came out in fact, then God himself ordered to speak out. Moreover, not so long ago at VO one of the authors tried to convey to the audience how cool and chocolate everything is with us.

We live in an interesting time. When I can help, I need to do literally from everything. Even from zrada. Alas, this is where we are in capsore competition with Ukraine. So far it seems to be a draw, but there is no doubt that we will win. Well, how is it, to give way to Ukraine there in inventing fairy tales ...

The vast majority of information consumers are similar to one-day butterflies, and the vast majority of media use this. According to the template of the Ministry of Defense, which was the first to try this method.

The method is simple. Today we place information on the front page in huge letters that next year will be OGO-GO !!!. The people scream "Urya!", Throws into the air all that is at hand, everything, the curtain, all creep into the corners.

And if “OGO-GO” does not work out next year, then on page 38 it is possible to write in a font of type 4 or 5 that “hoo” is shifted to the right, because sanctions, landslide and other enemies of the nation have prevented.

But the breakdown was announced exactly today ... And before "in a year" ... Well, you understand.

So what about the main breakthroughs of last year, about which they broadcast throughout the country? The "first" channel and RTR, not lower than the level?

Everything is fine.

We begin, naturally, with the main thing: with the construction of gas pipelines, because selling gas to the whole world is our everything.

1. The Power of Siberia gas pipeline. It is joyfully stated that the promise has been fulfilled, the project has been implemented.

Well, gas has gone to China. You can be happy for the neighbors. Is it possible to rejoice for us - a difficult question. The fact that China will use this gas for its own needs and will benefit from it does not raise doubts. The fact that in the gas station country the money will go to Gazprom first, and then we'll see, is also a fact.

Considering that the price of the former national heritage (gas for the people) is now a mystery with seven seals, then how many years (or tens of years) will the budgetary money piled into the gas pipeline pay off - this is also an unanswered question. For nothing, extra knowledge burdens the brain.

For me personally, there may be one positive point in starting a gas pipeline. I hope the frankly degenerative advertising of the Force will now disappear from sports broadcasts. If they continue to twist, because paid - then generally a positive zero.

2. "Turkish stream." It is implemented.

Indeed, “we built, built, and finally built!” Well, Erdogan will only strengthen the position of Turkey at our expense, thank God, although there was no advertising like the one with the Chinese pipe.

And if in general, then on the one hand we are strengthening ... no, to call allies and all the more friends that China, that Turkey, the language does not turn. Partners, as partners. Consumers.

3. The Nord Stream. Not implemented.

In principle, everything is clear here, a politician is in the purest water. As such, the pipeline is needed only by Germany, which would like to become Turkey in the north. And since the rest doesn’t care from whom to buy Russian gas, it’s understandable why this attitude is.

Naturally, the joint venture will slow down with all its might, but for us, ordinary Russians, this is neither hot nor cold.

4. Belarusian nuclear power plant. Not implemented.

Everything is clear here, eternal fraternal troubles. Belarusians want a station for themselves for a Russian loan, ours want to grab a piece of profit for themselves, since this is almost not reflected in Russia (the loan that Belarus will pay out went to Rosatom almost all), then let them agree further.

5. Kaliningrad projects.

Here it looks with the Kaliningrad region. The Pregolaya gas-fired TPP was commissioned.

True, in accordance with the roadmap, in addition to the Pregolskaya TPP, 3 more TPPs were built: Primorskaya, Mayakovskaya and Talakhovskaya TPPs. Which, according to assurances, will be put into operation in 2021 and will give an installed capacity of 1 GW. But when they give it, then we'll see.

TES is still fastened as a good news "LNG complex." This complex, or, as it is also called, a regasification terminal, makes it possible to practically protect the Kaliningrad Region from possible risks during fuel transit through Lithuania and Belarus.

We agree that such risks do occur.

In fact, a terminal or a complex - well, that’s very loudly said. Only the tanker Marshal Vasilevsky, moored five kilometers from the coast. Like any gas tanker, Vasilevsky is quite capable of passing liquefied gas through itself, converting it to a gaseous state, and then supplying it to where it is required. To the underground gas storage or directly to the highway for consumers.

In general, it’s not that complex, but it does its job.

Another marine terminal. For passenger ships. Here is a complete failure.

And how beautifully everything was painted by Governor Anton Alikhanov ... Three hundred meter cruise liners from around the world that will be jambs to go to Kaliningrad ... As a result, NOTHING was done.

At the end of November 2019, Rosmorport unilaterally terminated the contract with LLC Bolverk, which “built” the port. The company was supposed to complete work on October 31, 2019. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - “Fraud on an especially large scale”. Damage to the state is estimated at 1,6 billion rubles.

Slightly spoiled the overall picture, but 1,6 billion rubles - this, excuse me, 1,6 billion. This is someone will have to plant, and plant for a long time. With confiscation. And the governor will have to get out, because 1,6 billion is not even money. This is the amount.

6. Railway communication with the Crimea. It is implemented.

There are no comments at all. God forbid (and God forbid below) that all projects in Russia are built in this way. What in terms of terms, what in terms of quality.

7. Moscow Metro.

Well, here, many use the streamlined wording "partially implemented." However, it is not for me to judge, but:

“2019 new metro stations will open in Moscow this year (16).”

But in the end? And in the end, 8 stations. And in terms of mileage, most likely, the same lag. However, as they say, not Russia cry about Moscow problems. Just a picture.

8. Railway bridge over the Amur.

This is the reverse side of the coin with the Crimean bridge. Preparations for the construction of the bridge took more than 20 years. An agreement on its construction was signed in 2013.

The funniest thing. The length of the bridge is 2 209 m, 309 m of which fall on the territory of Russia. China built its part ...

In September 2019, the governor of the Jsc Levintal was to solemnly commission this bridge. In December 2019, Levintal did not become premature governor, but this did not help the bridge at all.

They say that by the end of 2020 they will finish building ... Yuri Trutnev, plenipotentiary representative of the president in the Far Eastern Federal District, promised ... Let's see how much his word costs.

9. Automobile bridge over the Amur.

But they dealt with him. Despite and regardless. True, in a slightly different place, not in the Jewish Autonomous Region, between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe.

The bridge across the Amur River began to be built on December 18, 2016 simultaneously from Russia and China. Each contractor needed to lay 540 meters. On May 31, 2019, bridge builders mounted a closing block, and the two parts of the transition were docked.

Well, a completely different approach, right? Took and built. Well, yes, three years, and the bridge is not small.

10. "Achievements" of Roskosmos.

Here you can not especially get upset, because everything looks very sad. Of course, there is a positive point in the fact that nothing crashed.

In general, at the beginning of the year, a plan of 41 starts was announced. Then the plan was adjusted to 35. As a result, they launched 22.

In general, this is better than if the booster rockets would again fall to the ground or carry the contents in the near space. At least half as much as planned.

It was especially worth mentioning the module "Science", which once again was not put into orbit.

“We have already begun preparations for the launch of a new module at the International Space Station. That is, we, unlike our partners - Americans, Europeans, - we plan to sequentially launch three modules in 2020, 2021 and in 2022 and significantly expand the Russian segment. ”

(Dmitry Rogozin.)

The “new module”, which has been tortured since 1995, first collecting it, and since 2007 trying to launch it, is definitely an achievement.

About satellites or good, or nothing. Therefore, we are silent about the Yamal-601 and the Expresses and rejoice at the Spectra-RG launched into orbit, although from the Russian R there it is ... Everything is German or Shtatovsky. But it will work for us, already a plus.

11. Ships.

Icebreaker "Arctic".

Definitely in the category of success will be the "Arctic". Yes, the tests were tightened up, but here it’s definitely better to retake than ... The North - he is like that. So this year, the world's most powerful atomic icebreaker will do business. If in such weather conditions he will be concerned.

Military surface fleet.

Yes, this groan is called a song. They promised 30 ships and vessels, in fact - 19. Missile boats, diving bots, tugboats. A bit of everything.

With big ships, as always.

The frigate "Admiral Kasatonov" was postponed, they are experiencing something there. See about the "Arctic", we do not have a war, so let them experience it all the way. If only everything worked at the entrance to the system. Laid down, I recall, in 2009. In the yard - 2020th. 11 years to build a frigate is definitely a victory. Not in conditions of war or crisis collapse, but nonetheless.

Frigates of project 22350 Admiral Golovko and Admiral Isakov. 2012 and 2013 years of bookmarking, respectively, so if you figure out according to "Kasatonov", then everything goes according to plan. By the year 2025 we’ll manage.

Submarine fleet.

Nuclear submarines are perhaps the only large ships for which we can not worry. Almost. The fact that “Prince Vladimir” and “Kazan” were not surrendered to the fleet as indicated, in 2019, personally, I do not consider it a siege. Approximately the same attitude as with respect to tests of surface ships. The main thing is that they are already built. And bring to mind - this is such a thing ...

The list goes on and on. If necessary?

Who is it so important to get into hysteria from the realization that the two Avangard complexes, taking up combat duty, will make the whole world, or at least the whole of America, shudder ... Well, this is the case. Purely personal.

In principle, a month does not pass for us, so that the relevant media do not give a reason for a joyful patrioisteric. The Armata parade tank, which has no analogues in the world, the Kurganets armored infantry fighting vehicle, the world's best PR-fighter Su-57, an atomic airliner, an atomic submarine and so on.

Everything is so beautifully and colorfully designed, and, most importantly, it doesn’t at all give reason to doubt that everything will be exactly as in the press release.

Because yes, the main thing is to take and loudly declare that in 2022 there will be CSO-GO! And who will check there ... Until 2022 it is still necessary to survive.

Probably, it will be even more interesting to analyze the statements and promises of our responsible persons made in the framework of various long-term programs in 2012-2013. That would be fun analytics.

That's just the point today from her zero. Like zero sense from the main majority of high-profile statements. Who does not believe - well, let him see the dynamics of a decrease in state orders for the same “Armata”.

As I correctly (and I correctly) understand, high-profile statements will now be a mountain. The collapse. Avalanche. It is very necessary that on April 22, those who will be buried under this avalanche, being impressed by the information wall, go and vote for changes to the Constitution.

Russia needs ... Well, yes, Russia just needs a new one ... In general, it is not so important, new or old. But Russia needs it, which means we will change the Constitution. Are we for the order? That's for him, order, and vote. And old or new, it doesn’t matter.

And there is nothing so strange about it. The realities of the day. They lie to us, because it is necessary. Not always because I just want to lie. It just so happened.

The main thing is that? The main thing, as one of our authors used to say, is not to give up. Do not capitulate to anyone, do not raise your legs up and proudly look at how everything around us is blooming, and with leaps and bounds to go there, into a brighter future.

However, if you look at dozens and hundreds of examples that I did not give, but which every smart (boldly emphasize) person can see around him, still it’s worth not giving the opportunity to wrap his brains in a spiral. And do not let yourself be fooled.

Probably, this is a certain task for the coming years. At least for those who do not want to live in a prostration inspired by joyful reports. There are sometimes more shades in life than the state media give it ...
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