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Another look at the history of Russia

The war against Russia has been going on for a very long time and very, very successfully. Of course, not on the battlefields, where we have always beaten everyone and it is very painful, but where the West has always won and continues to win - in information wars. The main goal is to prove to the inhabitants of our country that they are stupid, brainless rednecks, not even second-rate, but somewhere 6-7 discharge, without past and future. And he has practically proved it - even the authors of many patriotic articles agree with this approach entirely.

Another look at the history of Russia

Examples? You are welcome!

Example 1. Recently, we celebrated the 1000 anniversary of Russia. And when did it actually appear? The first capital (only the capital of a large country!), The city of Slovensk, was founded in 2409 BC (3099 year from the creation of the world); The source of information is the chronicle of the Holy Monastery on the Mologa River, the chronograph of Academician M.H. Tikhomirov, "Notes on Muscovy" by S. Herberstein, "The Tale of Sloven and Ruse", which is widely known and recorded by many ethnographers. Since it is believed that Novgorod was built on the site of Slovenska, I pestered the leading excavations of archaeologists, as far as plausible. Literally, they answered me like this: “But hell knows. We have already got to the Paleolithic sites there. ”

Example 2. It is believed that somewhere in the 8 century, wild, brainless and worthless Slavs wandering the woods called Viking Rurik to themselves and said: “Own us, oh great European superman, and we are idiots, nothing can not". (Free textbook presentation on stories). In fact, Rurik is the grandson of the Prince of Gostomysl of Novgorod, the son of his daughter Umila and one of the neighboring princes of smaller rank. He was called along with his brothers, because all 4 Son Gostomysl died or died in wars. He was accepted by persuasion with the elders, and he worked very hard to earn respect in Russia. Source: Ioakimovskaya chronicle, Russian history by Tatishchev, "Brockhaus and Efron", etc.

Example 3. The opinion is spread everywhere that the Roman Empire, the model of legality and morality, was almost the only civilization of the past. In general, the gladiatorial battles of Rome, that the modern indulgence of the marauders in Iraq is one field of berries. The morality of the Western world has not changed much, and continues to cause disgust in the "savages", such as Russian, Chinese and Dagestanis.

The official history: the great, beautiful and mighty Roman civilization fell under the blows of stinking, shaggy savages. In fact, sick and tired of all (as Americans now) geeks were sanitized by more decent neighbors. Golozadaya and bare-legged, poorly armed Roman infantry (open a textbook on the history of the ancient world, and admire the legionnaires) were worn down in katafrakariyami clad in steel from the tops of horses. The main source of information is “The cataphracts and their role in the history of military art” A.M. Khazanov. (I don’t remember the rest, but those who wish can search the autosearch themselves. There is a lot of material - they just don’t let him go to school. “Harmful”).

The most interesting thing is where did the Huns come from to “clean up” Rome? Ob, Ugra, Volga, Urals, Azov ... Graves with partial armament of catapractaries found in Dagestan. Have you, patriot comrades, looked at the map for a long time? So where did the Huns go to Rome? Why is "wild Russia" in Europe called Gardarik - the Country of Cities? Now it does not matter, because we are celebrating 1000 years of Russia with joyful faces, we consider Rurik the host who came from Norway, who founded Russia, and even, like, are proud of such a story.

Millennium 4 sent to the dog's tail, cheekily fucking like uninteresting - and no dog even blinked.

1: 0 in favor of the West.

The second goal against the Russian fools. In the 8 century, one of the Russian princes nailed a shield to the gates of Constantinople, and it is difficult to assert that Russia did not exist even then. Therefore, in the coming centuries, long-term slavery was planned for Russia. The existence of the Mongol-Tatars and 3 centuries of submission and humility. What is marked this era in reality? We will not deny the Mongol yoke, but ... As soon as Russia became aware of the existence of the Golden Horde, the young guys immediately went there to ... pillage the Mongols who came from rich China to Russia. The best described are Russian raids of the 14 century (if someone has forgotten, the period from 14 to 15 is considered to be a yoke).

In 1360, the Novgorod boys fought along the Volga to the Kama mouth, and then stormed the large Tatar city of Zhukotin (Djuketau near the modern city of Chistopol). Having seized countless riches, the ears went back and began to “drink up zipuns” in the city of Kostroma. From 1360 to 1375, the Russians made eight large trips to the middle Volga, not counting minor raids. In 1374, the Novgorodians took the city of Bolgar for the third time (near Kazan), then went down and took Sarai himself, the capital of the Great Khan.

In 1375, Smolensk guys on seventy boats under the leadership of the governor Prokop and Smolyanin moved down the Volga. By tradition, they made a “visit” to the cities of Bolgar and Saray. Moreover, the rulers of the Bolgar, taught by bitter experience, paid off a great tribute, but the Khan's capital, Sarai, was taken by storm and looted. In 1392, ushkuynik again took Zhukotin and Kazan. In 1409, Governor Anfal led 250 ushkuyev to the Volga and Kama. And in general, to beat the Tatars, in Russia it was considered not a feat, but a craft.

During the Tatar “yoke”, the Russians went to the Tatars every 2-3 of the year, the Shed fired dozens of times, and the Tatar women were sold to Europe in hundreds. What did the Tatars do in response? Wrote complaints! In Moscow, in Novgorod. Complaints are preserved. Nothing more "enslavers" could not do. The source of information on the mentioned campaigns - you will laugh, but this is a monograph by the Tatar historian Alfred Khasanovich Khalikov.

They still cannot forgive us of these visits! And at school they still tell how the Russian gray-eyed men wept and gave their girls into slavery - because, like humble cattle. And you, their descendants, also penetrate this thought. Do we have any doubts about the reality of the yoke?

2: 0 in favor of the West.

In the 16 century, Ivan the Terrible came to power. During his reign in Russia:

- jury trial was introduced;

- free primary education (church schools);

- medical quarantine at borders;

- local electoral self-government, instead of governor;

- for the first time the regular army appeared (and the first military uniform in the world was at the archers);

- Tatar raids stopped;

- equality was established between all segments of the population (did you know that serfdom at that time did not exist in Russia at all? The peasant was obliged to sit on the land until he paid for its rent, and nothing more. And his children were considered free from birth, in any case!).

- slave labor is forbidden (source - the lawsuit of Ivan the Terrible);

- The state monopoly on the fur trade, introduced by Grozny, was canceled just 10 (ten!) Years ago.

- The territory of the country is increased by 30 times!

- emigration of the population from Europe exceeded 30 000 families (those who settled along Zasechnaya line were paid lifting 5 rubles per family. Expenditure books were preserved).

- The growth of the welfare of the population (and paid taxes) during the reign amounted to several thousand (!) Percent.

- for all the reign there was not a single executed without trial, the total number of "repressed" was from three to four thousand. (And the times were dashing - remember St. Bartholomew's night).

Now remember what you were told about Grozny at school? That he is a bloody petty tyrant and lost the Livonian war, and Russia was shaking in horror?

3: 0 in favor of the West.

Speaking of stupid Americans as a result of propaganda. Already in the 16 century in Europe, many brochures were published for every brainless man in the street. It was written there that the Russian tsar is a drunkard and a libertine, and all his subjects are the same wild freaks. And in the instructions to the ambassadors it was stated that the king was sober, uncomfortably clever, could not stand drunk categorically, and even banned drinking alcohol in Moscow, as a result of which it was possible to “get drunk” outside the city, in the so-called “liqueurs” (the place where they pour) . Source - study "Ivan the Terrible" Casimir Waliszewski, France. Now guess from three times - which of the two versions is presented in the textbooks?

In general, our textbooks are based on the principle that everything that is said about Russia is vile, this is true. All that is said good or intelligible is a lie.

One example. In 1569, Grozny arrived in Novgorod, which had approximately 40 000 populations. An epidemic was raging there, and it smelled of rebellion. According to the results of the sovereign's stay, the memorial lists that were fully preserved in synodics celebrate 2800 deceased. But Jerome Horsey in "Notes on Russia" indicates that the henchmen cut out 700 000 (seven hundred thousand (?)) People in Novgorod.

Guess which of the two numbers is considered historically accurate?

4: 0 in favor of the West.

Wild Russians cry and wail. And they are constantly being hijacked and dashing Crimean basurmans being driven into slavery. And the Russians are crying and paying tribute. Almost all historians point their fingers at the dullness, weakness and cowardice of the Russian rulers, who could not even cope with the shabby Crimea. And for some reason they "forget" that there was no Crimean Khanate - there was one of the provinces of the Ottoman Empire, in which there were Turkish garrisons and an Ottoman governor sat. Does anyone have a desire to accuse Castro of not being able to capture the tiny American base on his island?

The Ottoman Empire, by this time, was actively expanding in all directions, conquering all the Mediterranean lands, stretching from Iran (Persia) and advancing on Europe, approaching Venice and besieging Vienna. In 1572, the sultan decided to conquer at the same time wild, as European brochures asserted, Muscovy. 120 of thousands of troops moved from the Crimea to the north, with the support of 20 thousands of janissaries and 200 guns.

Near the village of Molodi, the Ottomans encountered the 50-thousandth detachment of voivode Mihail Vorotynsky. And the Turkish army was ... No, not stopped - completely cut out !!!

From this point on, the Ottoman attack on the neighbors stopped - and try to engage in conquest, if you almost halved the army! May God bless the neighbors themselves to fight back. What do you know about this battle? Nothing? That's it! Wait, after 20, about the participation of Russians in World War II will also begin to “forget” in textbooks. After all, all the "progressive humanity" has long been firmly aware - the Americans defeated Hitler. And it is time to correct the “wrong” Russian textbooks in this field.

Information about the battle of Molodyah can be generally classified as closed. God forbid Russian cattle learns that it can also be proud of the acts of ancestors in the Middle Ages! He will develop the wrong self-consciousness, love for the Motherland, for her deeds. And this is wrong. So, it is difficult to find data about the battle at Molody, but it is possible - in specialized reference books. For example, in the "Encyclopedia of Armaments" KIM three lines written.

So, 5: 0 in favor of the West.

Stupid Russian loafers. Remembering the Mongol invasion, I wonder all the time - where did they manage to collect so many sabers? After all, sabers were forged only from the 14 century, and only in Moscow and Dagestan, in Kubachi. Such a strange fork - forever we with Dagestanis unexpectedly get the same. Although, in all the textbooks between us there is always a pair of hostile states listed. Nowhere else in the world have they learned to forge saber - it is a much more complicated art than it might seem.

But progress has come, 17 century. Saber gave way to other weapons. Before the birth of Peter 1 remained quite a bit. What was Russia? If you believe the textbooks, approximately, such as in Tolstoy’s novel “Peter the First” - patriarchal, ignorant, wild, drunk, inert ...

Do you know that it was Russia that armed all of Europe with advanced weapons? Every year, Russian monasteries and foundry yards sold hundreds of cannons there, thousands of muskets, cold weapon. Source - here's a quote from the "Encyclopedia of weapons":

“It is interesting that in the XVI-XVII centuries manufacturers of artillery guns were not only Pushkarsky sovereigns, but also monasteries. For example, a fairly large production of cannons was carried out in the Solovki monastery and in the Kirillov-Belozersky monastery. They owned guns and very successfully used them Don and Zaporozhye Cossacks. The first mention of the use of guns Zaporozhye Cossacks refers to the year 1516. In the XIX-XX centuries in Russia and abroad the opinion was formed that the pre-Peter artillery was technically backward. But here are the facts: in the 1646, the Tula-Kamensk factories supplied Holland with more 600 guns, and in the 1647 year 360 guns of the 4,6 caliber and 8 pounds. In 1675, the Tula-Kamensk factories shipped cast iron cannons, 116 cores, 43892 grenades, 2934 musket trunks, 2356 swords and 2700 iron poods abroad. ”

Here you have a wild backward Russia, about which they say at school.

6: 0 in favor of the West.

By the way, from time to time, I find Russophobes who claim that all the above-mentioned cannot be, since even highly progressive and developed England and France have learned to cast iron only in the 19 century. In such cases, I argue on a bottle of brandy and lead a person to the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg. One of the cast-iron cannons cast in the 1600 year, there cheekily lies on the stand for public viewing. 3 bottles of brandy in my bar have already accumulated, but I still do not believe. People do not believe that Russia throughout its history and in all respects has overtaken Europe by approximately two centuries. But ...

The conclusions of the loser. Starting from the school years, we are told that our entire history is like a huge cesspool, in which there is not a single bright spot, not a single decent ruler. Either there were no military victories at all, or they led to something bad (the victory over the Ottomans is hidden, like nuclear launch codes, and the victory over Napoleon is duplicated by the slogan Alexander — the gendarme of Europe). Everything that was invented by ancestors is either brought to us from Europe, or simply a baseless myth. The Russian people did not make any discoveries, did not release anyone, and if someone turned to us for help, it was slavery.

And now everyone around has the historical right of Russians to kill, rob, rape. If you kill a Russian person, this is not gangsterism, but a desire for freedom. And the lot of all Russians is to repent, repent and repent.

A little more than a hundred years of information warfare - and we all have already sown a sense of our own inferiority. We are no longer, like ancestors, self-righteous. Look at what is happening with our politicians: they are constantly being justified. Nobody demands that Lord Judah be brought to trial for propaganda of terrorism and cooperation with gangsters - he is persuaded that he is not entirely right.

We threaten Georgia - and do not carry out threats. Denmark spits in our face - and even sanctions are not imposed against it. The Baltic countries have established an apartheid regime - politicians shyly turn away. People demand to allow the sale of weapons for self-defense - they are openly called worthless cretins who, by stupidity, will immediately kill each other.

Why should Russia make excuses? After all, she is always right! Say about this no one else dares.

You think - just the current politicians are so indecisive, but instead of them, others are about to come. But this will not happen EVER. Because the feeling of inferiority is laid not in the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs. It begins to be systematically brought up from childhood, when the child is told: our grandfathers were very stupid, stupid people, incapable of the most elementary solutions. But the kind and intelligent uncle Rurik came to them from Europe, began to own them and teach them. He created for them the state of Russia, in which we live.

Poison, drop by drop, pours into the soul, and when a person leaves school, he is already getting used to looking at the West as a kind owner, more intelligent and developed. And at the words "democracy" begins to rise on the hind legs reflexively.

What the Western world knows best is waging an information war. The blow was dealt to a place that no one had thought to protect - according to the educational program. And the West won. It remains to show a little patience - and our children themselves will crawl on their knees in that direction and will be asked for permission to lick the owners of their shoes. Already crawling - a couple of days ago I managed to see a piece of the transfer “Why does Russia need its own currency?” That's right. Then it will be: "Why do we need an army?". Then: "Why do we need statehood?"

West won. The consignment.

What to do?

If you do not want slaves to be made out of children, you need not to shout that we will fight when the time comes, but to save them right now. The hour has come, the war is almost over for the overwhelming advantage of the enemy. It is urgent to break the course of teaching history, changing the focus of learning on the positive. To my girls, yet, 4 and 5 are years old, but when they go to school, I foresee hard days. Claims for poor teaching are guaranteed. If the historian does not teach children who such an important person in history was as Rurik or does not know about the Molodin battle, then he must pay fines from his own pocket.

And even better, file a lawsuit with the Ministry of Education for spreading false information. Hiring a good lawyer and hurting them to hurt them - let it itch. But I have no money for the “good” one. Weakly throw off in the name of saving the honest name of their ancestors?

The second way to strengthen the position on the fronts of the information war is to demand that the procurators initiate a criminal case into inciting ethnic hatred by teaching false historical information. There are lots of examples. Recall the Tatar yoke. We are told that the Tatars oppressed the Russians, but they do not say that the Russians plundered the Tatars no less famously. As a result, Russians have an insult to their fellow citizens on a racial basis. Moreover, the insult is wrong. We are all good, and behaved exactly the same.

Or, for example, last year in Kazan they celebrated (or tried to celebrate) the day of the memory of the Tatars, who defended the city from Russian troops. There is a clear opposition on a national basis. Although, in fact, the city was taken not by Russians, but by Russian-Tatar (!) Troops. The cover of the Shig-Alei cavalry provided cover for the archery detachments — and if he is German, then I am ready to admit myself to be the Pope. Russian-Tatar troops took Kazan, eliminating the influence of Istanbul on the Volga, and defending civilians from predatory raids, freed tens of thousands of slaves. It is enough to recognize the participation of the Tatars in this noble cause - and the national question loses its urgency.

But I am not a lawyer, and I do not know how to roll a statement in such a way that they will not be dismissed and sent to hell.

By the way, the Dallas plan about inciting national hatred was repeatedly mentioned here. And no one paid attention to how it is implemented. Also at school. Good teachers diligently sow discord between the largest national groups - Russians and Tatars. The whole course of history is pearling about how the Tatars attacked, how the Russians attacked the Tatars, etc. But nowhere is it indicated that the Tatars are our symbiote, the people-partner. Tatar units have always been part of the Russian troops, participated in all Russian wars - both internecine and in battles with an external enemy. It can be said that the Tatars are simply Russian light cavalry. Or Russian - Tatar wrought army. The Tatars fought against Mamai on the Kulikovo Field, together with the Moscow army, the Tatars were the first to attack the enemy in the Swedish and Livonian war; in 1410, the Polish-Russian-Tatar army was crushed by the Crusaders near Grunwald, breaking the back of the Teutonic Order - moreover, it was the Tatars who took the first blow.

Sometimes people ask me why I don’t mention Lithuanians. So I mention - Russian. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania was a Russian state, with the Russian population, who spoke Russian, and even the clerical work was in Russian. And you thought that a small racist country on the Baltic coast was once a great state?

7: 0 in favor of the West.

For four thousand years we lived side by side with the Tatars. They fought, were friends, were related. They smashed the Romans, the Crusaders, the Ottomans, the Poles, the French, the Germans ... And now, our children open a textbook, and they are dripping from every page: enemies, enemies, enemies ... This is legally called inciting national hatred. And in fact - the usual information war.

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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 23 July 2012 09: 55
    The main goal is to prove to the inhabitants of our country that they are stupid brainless, not even second-rate, but somewhere in the 6-7th category, without past and future. And already practically proved

    I will agree with this when they write essays in schools on the topic "The Complex Inner World of Batman" I hope we will not get to this
    1. starshina78
      starshina78 23 July 2012 10: 13
      It is entirely possible that this will come to the end. Because of the education reforms led by Fursenko and the ideological leader of this reform Medvedev, we can get this precedent. All over the world it was recognized that the educational system adopted in the USSR is almost exemplary. Now we have that there is a complete rejection of this teaching method and a transition to the American training system - testing. The result will be like in the States. They are taught to answer questions - tests, while the subject is not really being studied. Our higher education was also considered one of the best, and now some bachelors and magistrates have come up with some kind of nonsense. Our government strips away a lot of things from the West and for some reason only bad things come out.
      1. Armata
        Armata 23 July 2012 10: 29
        Quote: starshina78
        Our government strips away a lot of things from the West and for some reason only bad things come out.

        And what good is there in the west? If for them even an academic education does not have such a concept, they did not understand why the techie should study history, literature, biology, social studies, civil law and much more. So I am proud that Russian and that an engineer, a candidate of technical sciences, and not a bachelor or master of some sort of magic. It will be interesting to see how, through 5-10, the candidates will defend in years?
        1. mitya
          mitya 23 July 2012 11: 34
          How will the candidates defend? Yes, just like now they are passing exams at school (pah sorry) TESTS.
          1. Bort radist
            Bort radist 2 January 2015 16: 21
            Quote: mitya
            Yes, just like now they are passing exams at school (pah sorry) TESTS.

            The essay is already being written, the test tasks are being removed.
        2. satellite
          satellite 23 July 2012 19: 56
          Exactly. They need people who, apart from their specialty, do not know anything, therefore re-profiling is associated with a change in jobs. Which, as I assume, the employee should pay out of pocket.
          BUT! If a person has a natural interest, then he himself will comprehend a full-fledged Education (With a capital letter).
          Unfortunately, I have met very few such people, and these are mainly Russians, Hindus, or Chinese. The Germans with such a thirst for knowledge have not yet met. Of course, philosophy, literature, biology, history, etc. are offered at my university, but not in my direction and with unrealistic terms, so I have to compensate for this shortcoming in my free time.
        3. Koshakai
          Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 19
          I suspect that the candidates will be replaced by tests.
        4. alekSASHKA-36
          alekSASHKA-36 27 July 2012 23: 41
          how in 5-10 years candidates will defend?
          For money!
          1. Stanislas
            Stanislas 22 March 2015 12: 10
            Quote: alekSASHKA-36
            how in 5-10 years candidates will defend?
            For money
            Like 30 years ago, I would add. In this sense, only young people can single out Fursenko with Medvedev.
      2. Zmeyuga
        Zmeyuga 23 July 2012 15: 45
        About Fursenko, as it turned out, not everything is so simple. At least Joes Alferov praised him. But Medvedev ...
      3. ty60
        ty60 24 March 2017 18: 50
        For iPhone gave the power ....
    2. Vanek
      Vanek 23 July 2012 10: 59
      Quote: Vadivak
      I will agree with this when they write essays in schools on the topic "The Complex Inner World of Batman" I hope we will not get to this

      It's not all that bad with us, considering the fact that in this state the number of "PIs" is four. Against this background, a reasonable question naturally arises: - Who has it 6-7 grade? Do We still have them?
      1. Koshakai
        Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 22
        They have, but at such a pace, we will soon have an 8-9 discharge. (Bitter personal experience)
    3. vezunchik
      vezunchik 23 July 2012 11: 06
      Do you guys understand why children do not study at school ??? The Russian soul does not accept Western sciences!
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 23 July 2012 12: 11
        Moreover, at the genetic level! + wink
        And the article shared with friends! Velmi is good! smile
        Will we throw off lawyers against the Ministry of Education? wink I agree with the author 100 percent! And I have repeatedly posted and sounded the alarm that education, in particular the teaching of history, is not a damn thing for me !!! Therefore, as far as possible I try my children to poke their nose into the right sources!
        1. Fox 070
          23 July 2012 13: 13
          Quote: sergo0000
          Will we throw off lawyers against the Ministry of Education?

          I would be for it, but how to do it? Maybe someone from the forum users will throw an idea ?! If there is a sensible offer - I will fit in without hesitation !!!
          1. sergo0000
            sergo0000 23 July 2012 13: 51
            Fox 070,
            Then we are waiting for proposals and like-minded people! And how to recruit 500 people it will be possible to create a community! Yes, and among them it can drinks find both historians and lawyers! Together we are power!
            1. S_nami_strength
              S_nami_strength 23 July 2012 15: 44
              I'm with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              1. puskarinkis
                puskarinkis 23 July 2012 17: 30
                With two hands - FOR !!!!
                1. Simon
                  Simon 24 July 2012 20: 42
                  I'm all for it..! I have many Tatars friends, this article will unite us even more ..! drinks
            2. alekSASHKA-36
              alekSASHKA-36 27 July 2012 23: 43
              Absolutely agree!
          2. smile
            smile 23 July 2012 20: 39
            Fox 070
            Hello. The article is certainly great.
            But, in order to solve the problem, I suppose, it is necessary to first contact the new Minister of Culture, for example, on behalf of our website., Or arrange a written appeal from some public organization outlining the essence of claims to the program, both general education and higher educational institutions. Then, relying on the support of Medinsky - and he will certainly support the initiative (after all, he is the author of the series of books "Myths about Russia") _ enlisting the support of authoritative historians, apply to the Ministry of Education with a demand to restore order in historical science.
            In my opinion, you can only act like this. I declare responsibly that as a lawyer, the prospects for a multi-year trial against the Ministry of Education are vanishingly small for the following reasons:
            1. Our historians, even at the RAS, have still not agreed among themselves what is true and what is not so much, what to bring to the school curriculum and what not. Therefore, the conclusions of experts will often be opposite and will depend on the selection of specialists.
            2. There is no point in requiring a pair of lines to be inserted into the textbook; it is necessary to propose another program, but it is still necessary to work out. And this is not a matter of lawyers, but of historians.
            So, unfortunately, no lawyers will help here.
            And the author is an outstanding person and an excellent man! But ..... I would not advise him to tyrannize with unpromising lawsuits the leadership of the educational institution in which his girls will study, either gorono and dumbfounded. Firstly, there will be little sense (they do not decide what the school curriculum should be), and secondly, the girls will be very complicated in life. And you have to beat the top!
            The idea is great.
            I propose the following - Let each of us calmly scratch our minds for a week, and then we need to return to discussing this topic and discuss proposals.
          3. Andrew67
            Andrew67 22 March 2017 00: 42
            I support with two hands
          4. ty60
            ty60 24 March 2017 18: 52
            I agree. Let's look for like-minded people.
        2. Koshakai
          Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 27
          Put an account somewhere, which will be for a trusted person and as many as can - I think it will be so right. And our history is really lousy taught - I just finished school myself - I know not by hearsay.
      2. edge
        edge 24 July 2012 09: 17
        ..... not science, dirty-deceitful interpretation of history by foreign "partners"
      3. Koshakai
        Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 25
        USE - the greatest stupidity! It sets tasks that are solved according to the template, but this is not in Russian! We won not least due to quick wit and ingenuity, and reforms stifle both.
    4. PatriotizTAT
      PatriotizTAT 23 July 2012 16: 07
      The author, I agree with you in many respects, but only about the Huns you are in vain ... Wilhelm de Rubruk wrote ... an honored man of that time, "The Huns left the capital Paskatir, which is the great Bulgaria", then you, as a person not stupid I will not explain ... good article!
      1. pribolt
        pribolt 23 July 2012 17: 35
        A man walks along the shore of the lake, sees: some guy draws water from his hand
        lakes and drinks. A man shouts:
        - Why are you drinking this dirty water, they throw all the trash here, the plants waste
        merged, from the whole village govnostok comes out here!
        - What did you say?
        - Yes, I say: two hands scoop!
      2. pavlo
        pavlo 24 July 2012 07: 55
        And you look at old maps where this Bulgaria is, more closely!
    5. snik57
      snik57 23 July 2012 22: 32
      Why should Russia make excuses? After all, she is always right!
    6. kuzmich
      kuzmich 23 July 2012 23: 38
      I generally bow to the author for this article. good
    7. Vend
      Vend 30 October 2018 10: 08
      The author seems to be writing the right things, but misinterprets the facts. But this is already alarming.
      1 example. Recently, we celebrated the 1000 anniversary of Russia.
      Not 1000 of Russia, but 1000 of the baptism of Russia are different concepts.
      Everywhere there is an opinion that almost the only civilization of the past was the Roman Empire, a model of law and morality.
      The history textbook does not begin with Roman history, but with Mesopotamia and Egypt.
      Well, and so on.
      The question is, is this from illiteracy or intentionally?
  2. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 23 July 2012 09: 57
    Take a look at the world maps and everything will fall into place
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 23 July 2012 09: 59
      Quote: Dmitriy69
      Take a look at the world maps and everything will fall into place

      Why is it interesting? All around friends
      1. Koshakai
        Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 33
        Yes, solid democratic, advanced, kind, friends who are ready to stab in the back.
  3. Igarr
    Igarr 23 July 2012 09: 59
    Konstantin Polovnev 100: 0 in your favor.
    Rare, in beauty, selection.
    I fully support.
    And, even, deliberate declarativeness .. at times.
    As they like to say now - Russia forever.
    For Russia!
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 23 July 2012 10: 11
      Missed right away.
      Baltic ... our precious.
      Russian territory under Yaroslav.
      Petition on acceptance into Russian citizenship in the time of Grozny.
      Concession by Sweden.
      The oath in the time of Catherine.
      Declaration of accession to the USSR.
      Eh ... and then Belovezhskaya Pushcha.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 23 July 2012 10: 35
        Quote: Igarr
        Petition on acceptance into Russian citizenship in the time of Grozny.

        Kemska volost? Take away the state does not impoverish
        1. Koshakai
          Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 34
          You cannot give your land an inch to your enemies! Our ancestors fought for it - they shed blood, and you "will not become impoverished."
      2. edge
        edge 24 July 2012 09: 29
        and Sweden, before the 17th century, spoke Russian, it was later urgently taught them to squeak in a fictitious bird language
    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 23 July 2012 11: 10
      Great historical selection. All essentially.
      We are waiting for seropogonniks with buckets of feces and callosity from licking Amerian languages laughing they then better know the history of the homeopathic-scapular scattering ....
  4. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 23 July 2012 10: 03
    every ruler and government himself rewrites history as they need .. Russia is not, but there is a tendency to slide, why are we sitting on the pipe and not investing in the economy? what are we waiting for interesting? until that cancer whistles again? he has been whistling for a long time ... apparently everything needs to be flamed up and burst into blood again, I'm afraid only "good" uncles will appear immediately, like in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya ... etc ... otherwise the Russians themselves will not cope yes, and "vigorous" bonbs in bulk suddenly terrorists will get laughing
    1. Koshakai
      Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 37
      Those in power care about themselves - to steal longer, and after me at least a flood. So I ask you not to mix the state and the people - these are two very different things.
  5. Shah5525
    Shah5525 23 July 2012 10: 04
    Example 3 "Where did the Huns come from to 'cleanse' Rome?"
    Damn, but I thought that the Goths were. Ignorant man.
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 23 July 2012 10: 16
      No, I disagree ... "ignorant".
      Goths ... ALSO ... Rome was cleared.
      Who just did not clean it?
      Hannibal, Pierre, Gauls.
      Huns, Goths, Ostrogoths, Germans .... and all that is interesting, from the territory of Russia. Coming.
      Except, perhaps, Hannibal. Although, he figley through the Alps Persia? From Sicily - wasn’t it closer?
      And now, Ancient Rome is ... ku! Even though the first kings are Etruscans.
      1. auditor
        auditor 24 July 2012 11: 58
        Crossed the Alps because he was coming from Spain. He came from Spain, because (EMNIP) wanted to raise the Gauls against the Romans along the road.
      2. Koshakai
        Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 41
        It is interesting, but it will also be with America - after all, China is not averse and Russia theoretically can, the Mexicans also want these pi to their land ... they don’t like owls either, Cuba, Venezuela and their ilk will not be against them.
    2. Ottofonfenhel
      Ottofonfenhel 23 July 2012 10: 19
      Attila is the "scourge of God", the author has it in mind, but as far as I remember, the Huns (Huns) still did not reach Rome.
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 23 July 2012 10: 28
        So to Rome .... the Huns.
        And the fact that in the territory of Pannonia (Hungary) they made a bet? Fine?
        If we assume that Armenia, Georgia, Crimea (partly), Romania-Moldova were Roman provinces? They like to remind about it .. Romania - Romania, and nothing else.
        But if we look at Svyatoslav’s campaign against Byzantium ... then he, too, did not reach Constantinople (Istanbul). Also stayed in Bulgaria. Pottom lost to her. And also ... he died in a battle with the Pechenegs. The skull was turned into a bowl.
        Where they buried Attilla is a great mystery.
        Parallels do not beg?
        1. Oleg0705
          Oleg0705 23 July 2012 11: 32
          Mazin famously writes on this subject smile
          1. sergo0000
            sergo0000 23 July 2012 18: 16
            Thank you friend! Be sure to read! +++ drinks
            1. Oleg0705
              Oleg0705 23 July 2012 21: 39
        2. sergo0000
          sergo0000 23 July 2012 18: 15
          I welcome Igor! By the way on the topic. Hungarian is very similar to Khanty !!!
          Of course, I heard about the Great Migration of Peoples, but I see you are savvy in this matter! If it doesn’t make it difficult, can you organize a reference to the necessary literature?! You can in PM. Thank you in advance! smile drinks
          1. rainer
            rainer 24 July 2012 07: 33
            Here the author is a little unaware of the views on the ethnogenesis of the Slavs ...
      2. edge
        edge 24 July 2012 09: 33
        ........ but Rome paid tribute to them, even the shield on the gate did not have to be beaten.
  6. Eugene
    Eugene 23 July 2012 10: 10
    The author attracts the facts by the ears. Starting from Slovensk (most sources about it 16-17 centuries). Finishing the battle at Molody, not considering that a year or two before that, the Crimeans burned Moscow, and Ivan IV generally wanted to return the recently conquered lands and transfer them to the Tatars.
    1. Fox 070
      23 July 2012 10: 31
      Quote: Eugene
      and Ivan IV generally wanted to return the recently captured lands and transfer them to the Tatars.

      Dear, where did such information come from? Maybe there is any evidence of the time or documents?
      And as for the burning of Moscow in 1571 by Khan Devlet-Giray, you greatly distort the facts. Here, read how it really was.

      "The Crimean campaign against Moscow is the raid of the Crimean Khan Devlet-Girey on Moscow, which ended with the burning of the Russian capital in May 1571.

      In the spring of 1571, Devlet Giray gathered about 40 thousand Crimean hordes and legs. The main forces of the Russian Kingdom at that time were connected by the Livonian War, so the “coastal governors” on the Oka had at their disposal no more than 6 thousand warriors.

      Near Kromy, the Crimean horde "climbed" the Oka and bypassing Serpukhov, where Ivan the Terrible was with the oprichnina army, rushed to Moscow. Tatars lit Moscow posad and Zemlyanoy Gorod; fires began in the Kremlin. Devlet Giray did not enter the city itself. The regiment of voivode Mikhail Vorotynsky repulsed all the attacks of the Crimeans, and when the khan began his retreat, he escorted him to the Wild Field.

      The Crimean ambassador boasted in Lithuania that the khan's people killed 60 thousand people in Russia and took the same number away. "
      1. Eugene
        Eugene 23 July 2012 10: 57
        By your link below:

        “Stunned by the defeat, Ivan the Terrible replied in his reply that he agreed to transfer Astrakhan under the Crimean control, but refused to return Kazan to Giray.

        Many advisers to Devlet I Giray recommended the khan to agree, but pride leaped in him, because the khan did not want to break this promise to return Kazan to his family. Moreover, inspired by the successes of the summer campaign, he put forward a plan for the complete defeat and subjugation of the Russian state, which found support from the Ottoman administration in Istanbul. And as early as next year, the attack of the Crimean army was repeated. However, the battle of Molodi nullified the success of the Crimean Khan.

        By the way, the fortifications on the Terek were also demolished.
        1. Fox 070
          23 July 2012 11: 08
          Quote: Eugene
          And as early as next year, the attack of the Crimean army was repeated. However, the battle of Molodi nullified the success of the Crimean Khan.

          Q.E.D. You "+".
          1. Sanches
            Sanches 24 July 2012 10: 46
            It turns out interesting. When Tradiks are refuted on the subject of the "Tatar-Mongol yoke", everything is neat and beyond doubt. When the Traditions try to refute their opponents, the circle closes and Traditions score a goal for themselves))) Well, who after that "pulls the facts by the ears"
      2. Oleg0705
        Oleg0705 23 July 2012 11: 11
        In the Russian Orthodox Church, there are already long prepared raccoon cribs oneta topic to know everything. And even that Russia is only 1000 years old winked
        1. vadimN
          vadimN 23 July 2012 11: 35
          The Russian Orthodox Church, with all due respect to it, is not the organization that is capable of mobilizing the Russian spirit. Rather, she is capable of it, but not for the things that are necessary. The Russian Orthodox Church is just one of the instruments of global governance, the purpose of which is to keep the Russian people in slavery and humility.

          It seems to me that Christianity in Russia in general played a rather twofold role. The negative component of this role dominates, and by the way, not only in relation to Russia, but also to the whole world ...
          A religion created by the Jews for specific purposes, and instructing a person to non-resistance, humiliation, lack of will to fight ... It is enough to carefully read a few Christian prayers to ask the question, why am I being tuned into the fact that I am a slave, a senseless insect? "Protect us, God, the weak, everywhere caught, the weak in reason and the will of the humiliated ..." (c). Thank you, this is not about me ...

          In Russia, Christianity was a little over a thousand years old ... And where have you gone, tell me, several millennia of the pre-Christian history of Russia? What did our ancestors worship and worship?

          There are answers to these questions! But why are they not for the general public ??

          Here is just one small example: The ancient settlement of Arkaim in the southern Urals. All researchers unanimously claim that this is a city of the highest culture and vast knowledge. All artifacts confirm this. According to the method of prof. Gerasimov's skulls were used to reconstruct the faces of the inhabitants of this city ... The result is beautiful Slavic faces. The purest Arias ... When the guide in the museum is asked the question, what kind of nationality it was, they look away in embarrassment ... I was there. And I asked this question. One of the guides after the excursion in a confidential conversation said: "Well, you understand .. We are not recommended to talk about the Slavic origin of this people ... There is" political correctness ", the interests of the Russian Orthodox Church, etc. ..."

          So who benefits and needs to hide the truth about the history of Russia ???

          However, this is another question. In the meantime, I’m saying with confidence - Russian national identity will not be reborn on Christian soil.
          1. Fox
            Fox 23 July 2012 17: 22
            and I was in Arkaim .... I talked with THOSE WHO DIGGED, so they were ordered to bury everything, and in the "museum" of Arkaim there is NOTHING from the excavation site. The guides are just zombies (IMHO :))
            1. vadimN
              vadimN 23 July 2012 19: 13
              So the question arises: why? Who orders this foul-smelling music ??? And why is this possible in our state ???
              1. vadimN
                vadimN 23 July 2012 19: 34
                To hush up such discoveries is clearly not in the interests of historians and archaeologists. For a normal scientist, this is a sensation!
                Just think, in whose interests are such decisions made? And for what purpose?
                Istarkhov's research (the book "Blow of the Russian Gods") is confirmed in real life today ..., unfortunately.
            2. edge
              edge 24 July 2012 09: 47
              If Stalin’s plan were implemented, then after WWII Russia would be restored within its historical borders by assimilating the Warsaw Pact .. It’s a pity that the contractor was so stupid ............. and did not continue implementation of the idea. angry
          2. edge
            edge 24 July 2012 09: 40
            leave the church only as monuments of architecture feel
          3. shasherin_pavel
            shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 18: 49
            The supreme goddess of the Russians "Glory" gave birth to Perun, Veles, and other deities and therefore bore the same names "Mother of God" and "Queen of Heaven". That is why Christianity took root in Russia, but only in the ROC more and more people are praying to the "Queen of Heaven" and praising the "Mother of God", at the same time Elijah the prophet was put in the place of Perun the Thunderer, and they became like the ancient Jews that they erected temples to Valaal - one of the prophets of the old testament. I also want to remember that the Janissaries were the children of Christians who, by a special decree, were taken away from Christian families living in the territory of the Ottoman Empire, castrated and raised as soldiers of the Army of the Ottoman Empire, put them in the forefront of their army. At first, this was done for the greater destruction of Christians for the benefit of the Ottoman Empire, and only then marriage and strength began to be placed in the protection of the emperor and in the battle areas where the fate of the battle should be decided as a striking force.
            The first knights who built their castles in Europe bore the names Ratibor, Svyatobory and so on.
            And if we recall the charter of the Russian Knights, then in those days when Aivengo put a cross or a finger on, I could become a warrior who knows how to write and conduct embassy affairs, play gusli, and ... crush him with a fist chained in a fighting gauntlet. not to mention sword ownership.
            The daughter of Monomache, given for her husband to the monarch of France, was probably the only literate among women and men of noble origin, all over Paris.
            1. romul
              romul 25 July 2012 14: 34
              The daughter of Yaroslav the Wise.
          4. matukha
            matukha 2 August 2012 11: 57
            I have to shake your confidence. Now the whole world is going through a post-Christian era. Well, how do you like the relationship between people who believe that they have outgrown Christianity? How does mortification and perversion begin to rule, how does the norm become a heroic deed, and how sickness and anamalia are presented as a virtue? Say no. I can give hundreds of examples if you wish. There will be no Earth without Christ, and our civilization will perish, just as peoples have perished from the face of the earth, having forgotten God, mired in debauchery and uncleanness. And why? Because without Christ and His preaching people begin to forget what is good and what is bad. And more than that. Believers have a meaning in life, it is clear and understandable. That is why we call ourselves servants of God, that is why millions of believers (primarily bishops and priests of the Church so despised by you) ascended the scaffold and gave their lives or went through camps for the faith. Why is this, please, Brzezinski called the Orthodox Church the main enemy of democratic values. Haven't you had enough of these values ​​yet? But they are a product of the post-Christian (godless) Western civilization. The Church today, whether you like it or not, is the ONLY link between Russia in the past and Russia in the future. I think you will not object to the fact that the religion and faith of the people is the basis on which the very concept of "people" is built, incl. and the state. And about slavery I will say the following. If I am a servant of God, then I am no longer a slave. No one has power over my soul, neither man nor Satan. If you do not consider yourself a slave of God, then you are a slave of someone else or something else. Because the human soul is such an organ that does not tolerate emptiness. “A holy place is never empty,” our people said. The highest sermon of all the known preachers was spoken by Christ. Preaching love, self-sacrifice to death. He raised the human spirit to such heights, so he raised the dignity of man. He indicated the path and meaning of life. Remember the poet's lines: "The soul is sad for the heavens, it is not the local fields of the dweller ..." So to call to unite on a different basis without Christ, it means to call to betray millions of those who did not regret their lives for their faith. It's bad that history teaches us nothing. Dostoevsky said: "A Russian man without Christ is a beast." Will you tell it not true? And the 1917 revolution? And the great turmoil of the early 17th century?
            And about the pre-Christian era, I will say the following. Orthodoxy did not destroy paganism, but transformed it, filled it with new meaning. What is a red hill, Christmastide, carols, Russian folk costume. And in general, what is paganism? I can tell you. But I'd rather refer to the books of Deacon Andrei Kuraev. The fact that the Russian people have actively defended their faith for 1000 years suggests that the soul of the people has absorbed the spirit of Orthodoxy, acquired meaning, and carried it to other peoples. For 1000 years the Russian people did not destroy any small people, but only accepted them into their family. Think about your conclusions, are they correct? "The church is close and slippery to walk, but the tavern is far away and I walk slowly." Is it so?
          5. nezvaniy_gost
            nezvaniy_gost 26 October 2018 22: 22
            Arias - the self-name of the Persians
        2. vadimN
          vadimN 23 July 2012 13: 14
          Yeah ... and even the fact that the Slavs are barbarians and animals ... (of course, until the great enlighteners of Christ came).

          Look here ... And think!

          Even the "patriot and Russophile" Novodvorskaya laughs at the patriarch:

          The answer of the Slavs to the patriarch Gundyaev:

          1. Koshakai
            Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 50
            Now the church is just business and "nothing personal". What? Cattle (slaves) have benefits - more than enough, reputation - angelic. Perfect and long lasting scam.
            1. vadimN
              vadimN 25 July 2012 13: 10
              Official information from a source that is completely trustworthy (RosBusinessConsulting):

            2. matukha
              matukha 2 August 2012 12: 09
              You, sir, do not insult me ​​with such words personally, but specifically yourself. The church is not only the Patriarch. The church is millions of martyrs and saints who have not betrayed their faith no matter what. And in the Middle Ages and in the priesthood, everything happened, although society was religious. This is me, an Orthodox Christian and proud of this title, these are millions of my co-religionists who go to church, for whom faith in God and the salvation of the soul is the meaning of life. We are not in our ranks the most competent and passionate people. If you don’t, then why repeat to Brzezinski and Kisinger. You are trying to discredit the Church, and dishonor yourself by spitting in the face of millions of your compatriots.
        3. Stanislas
          Stanislas 22 March 2015 12: 42
          Quote: Oleg0705
          she doesn’t know everything. And even that Russia is only 1000 years old
          The Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus, but about the fact "that Russia is only 1000 years old" - are you in the Bundestag giving you such "cribs on a raccoon theme"? Trash!
      3. edge
        edge 24 July 2012 09: 37
        never mind, the princes had enough illegitimate children who ran around the neighbors with petition trying to tear them down and promising everything that they didn’t get ....
    2. Baron Wrangell
      Baron Wrangell 23 July 2012 10: 37
      I read the article, scratched the back of my head, and realized that if it’s true, then how we were expertly divorced. I agree with the Tatars, the Russians and the Tatars have long been assimilated, and what kind of purebred Tatars do families have if they have a Russian wife or a Russian husband. Here it is clear that the feud is fanned artificially.
      But if the truth is partially what is written in the article, then I am surprised. Although I do not know how to write the scientific works of all associate professors and professors by hearsay, I quoted there, rewrote them, pointed out there without scrutinizing, and so I got the next work of a theoretical historian! And then he also writes a history textbook. And I agree with everyone who advocates a return to the old education system, without tests and EG! They do not study but prepare for tests, and this is scary!
    3. vadimN
      vadimN 23 July 2012 11: 18
      And what does that change? Moscow was burned by Tatars, Poles, French .... And where are they all now?
      1. Fox 070
        23 July 2012 13: 16
        Quote: vadimN
        And where are they all now?

        Where, where, in ... ed !!! bully
    4. skullcap
      skullcap 23 July 2012 11: 25
      Eugene Today, 10: 10
      1. Finishing the Battle of Molodi, not considering that a year or two before this, the Crimeans burned Moscow ...
      I do not understand your logic.
      According to this logic, it turns out that we should modestly keep silent about the fact that the Russian troops, having defeated Napoleon, in 1814 founded a chain of cafes "Bistro" in Paris? After all, two years earlier, the French burned down Moscow ...

      2. If there are no written sources about Slovensk before the 16 century, then what? .. consider archaeological artifacts of an earlier period nonexistent? And do not take them into account at all and not put them into scientific circulation?
      1. Eugene
        Eugene 23 July 2012 12: 00
        The author at the beginning of the paragraph wrote about this battle, all the Russians say that they are moaning and crying, and in fact we are so cool and smashed into 3 superior troops (I didn’t find a source about its 50 thousand, they usually write that there were even fewer ours - 25-30). In my opinion, this does not correspond to reality, because it was both. The battle really was undeservedly forgotten.
        Quote: kosopuz
        According to this logic, it turns out that we should modestly keep silent about the fact that the Russian troops, having defeated Napoleon, in 1814 founded a chain of cafes "Bistro" in Paris? After all, two years earlier, the French burned down Moscow ...

        No, this suggests that this victory came to us at such a great price as the looting of Moscow. The author’s description of the battle is almost like an easy walk, and with actual errors in the size and composition of the troops — specifically, there were few Ottomans there and it’s hard to call Etol a victory on the Ottoman Empire.
        Quote: kosopuz
        If there are no written sources about Slovensk before the 16th century, then what? .. consider archaeological artifacts of an earlier period nonexistent? And do not take them into account at all and not put them into scientific circulation?

        But are these sources? Are there any found at least some common written sources different from Cyrillic and Glagolitic? Or traces of powerful fortresses and cities? Traces of a great civilization?
        1. Fox 070
          23 July 2012 13: 25
          Quote: Eugene
          I did not find the source

          Dear colleague! It is quite understandable that you are trying to explain the above facts from the point of view of the officially accepted version of the events, but the article points out significant changes and outright falsification of these events. Here we need to work not with Google, but with archives. All the facts are there!
        2. skullcap
          skullcap 23 July 2012 14: 49
          Eugene Today, 12: 00
          -------------------------------------------------- -
          No matter how smart you are, your position is in a long-known historical stream: all Russian victories are at least inflated, but actually invented by the Russians to satisfy their own inferiority complex.
          Because the Battle of Neva is a minor skirmish, the Battle of Ice is a complete invention, like the Battle of Kulikovo, because they found little or no arrowheads, the Battle of Molodi was a forgotten raid of a small gang of unprepared steppes, Napoleon did not lose the Russian campaign, but simply withdrawn the army to winter apartments, Hitler did not reach the Urals simply because the Americans landed in Normandy, etc ...
          It is simply amazing how these blue-legged Russian dreamers were able to build a state in the sixth part of the world?
          From my point of view, your position is well written here:

          Victor KOCHETKOV


          To make it easier to become famous in Germany,
          must be repeated:
          - Germany above all!
          To make it easier to become famous in Russia,
          must be repeated:
          - Russia is the least!

          German glory
          screams arrogantly:
          - Aryans are the bravest people in the world,
          Germany did not lose
          not a single war!
          And if the Russians entered twice
          to her capital
          then this is a simple misunderstanding.

          Russian glory
          mournfully clicks:
          - Russia does not know how
          neither plow nor sow,
          nor fight
          nor win.
          And if she won
          some great wars
          then on this score there is a saying:
          "The fool is lucky."

          To make it easier to become famous in France,
          must be repeated:
          - France is the country of the first thinkers,
          first politicians
          first legislators
          first revolutionaries
          and the first opposition.

          To make it easier to become famous in Russia,
          must be repeated:
          - in Russia there are no politicians of their own,
          nor their scientists.
          nor their generals
          nor their liberals.
          And if there were,
          either Germans
          either Austrians,
          either Greeks
          either Jews.

          To make it easier to become famous in England, you must repeat:
          - “Sir Gwaine” - a masterpiece of the Middle Ages,
          "Prince Hamlet" - a masterpiece of the Renaissance,
          Childe Harold - a masterpiece of romanticism,
          Oliver Twist is a masterpiece of realism,
          and The Forsyte Saga is the best modern novel.

          To make it easier to become famous in Russia,
          must be repeated:
          - “The word about Igor’s regiment” is a fake,
          "Eugene Onegin" is a trinket,
          "Anna Karenina" - a remake,
          and Quiet Don is plagiarism.

          To make it easier to become famous in Italy,
          it must be said that in Italy:
          the most famous composers
          ingenious artists.
          the most humane poets
          amazing singers
          and the bravest carbonaries.

          To make it easier to become famous in Russia,
          it must be said that in Russia:
          the most infamous officials
          lazy workers
          cunning partakers
          brutal KGB agents
          and ruthless enkavedeshniki.

          To make it easier to become famous in Cape Verde,
          need to repeat
          that Cape Verde Islands -
          earthly paradise under the tropical sun.

          To make it easier to become famous in Russia,
          it must be said that Russia -
          prison of nations
          under a cloudy northern sky.

          To make it easier to become famous in Germany,
          England, France, Italy,
          Japan, Ethiopia, Burundi,
          Madagascar, Cape Verde
          and te te and te de ...
          love Germany
          England, France, Italy,
          Japan, Ethiopia, Burundi,
          Madagascar, Cape Verde
          and te te and te de ...

          To become famous in Russia,
          need to hate her.
          God forbid to love you Russia.
          Now they will blame you
          in great-power chauvinism,
          zealous nationalism
          bestial anti-Semitism
          Russian fascism
          and right-wing extremism.
          Yes, and is it possible to know in advance
          what and how many labels
          per person
          dare to love Russia.
          1. Eugene
            Eugene 23 July 2012 14: 57
            It remains only to understand where you saw all this in my words ...
          2. Koshakai
            Koshakai 24 July 2012 22: 07
            The answer to the last question is: a terrorist ...
        3. Kaa
          Kaa 23 July 2012 15: 21
          Doesn't such writing work? I don’t smell like Cyrillic ...
          1. GG2012
            GG2012 23 July 2012 15: 54

            What was it?! Dear KAA, explain to us, banderlog!
        4. soldat1945
          soldat1945 23 July 2012 20: 13
          Eugene I support the fullness of the author of the article, he got rid of Trekhlebovy, Levashovy and other mindless people, the facts are distorted, drawn up by the ears and invented, there are specific sources for the pimer Ipatiev Chronicle let him read the scans on the net, everything else is fiction, about Grozny even in Soviet times when I studied in they taught the school that it increased the Russian state and destroyed internal turmoil due to the oprichnina where someone shouts and that we, without a clan and tribe, I personally don’t know at the moment study in absentia at the Faculty of History at the 4th year, there are few sources about ancient Russia but there were proto-cities and there were the central administration, therefore, I don’t know who we are and with what account, but all interested people know the basis of the Russian state, and all such articles are an attempt at self-promotion, as I think!
          1. rainer
            rainer 24 July 2012 07: 42
            Our main problem is that in 100 years the political system has changed twice in the country, and it is cardinally well, and the problem is that our "intelligentsia" hates everything positive that happens and happened in Russia / USSR ...
      2. Koshakai
        Koshakai 24 July 2012 21: 54
        About the second:
        What are you? It's uncivilized - the march to democratize and the Unified State Exam!
        In a true democracy, ordinary people should not think!
        But seriously, then upstairs - it’s not profitable - they don’t do anything.
  7. Averias
    Averias 23 July 2012 10: 19
    Bravo to the author !!! I applaud while standing, take off my hat and shake my hand. Talking with many people, when the conversation comes about the history of Russia, about tales of hard drinking, of ignorance and more. I present examples, at first they do not believe, but when the facts (and the facts are stubborn things) become undeniable, they start scratching in the back of the head and groaning. And then they give out - it comes out all the time we were deceived and fooled?
    In my school (under the USSR) there were constant confrontations with the history teacher, when I told him that a lot of what he was presenting with us was not true. The result, teachers 'councils, deuces, parents' calls to school. But the apotheosis was - a ban on visiting the library and it would be alright school, but also urban. I directly asked the teacher - and then why do you need this, why are you lying about the Motherland. The answer was banal - still small, but growing up you yourself will understand everything. Grew up, understood - and it became so annoying.
    1. DYMITRY
      DYMITRY 23 July 2012 10: 33
      I completely agree with you dear! Author +100500. For disputes with notorious Russophobes, I have been collecting a library of similar facts for several years. And all the same, despite the references and evidence, I often hear in response - this cannot be, everyone knows how it really was. Moreover, such brainwashing has been going on since the beginning of the 19th century !!! It is already so registered in the minds that it is difficult for even exceptionally sane people to prove something. By the way, did they not pay attention to the fact that starting from the 19th century, references to Russian written sources of the pre-Petrine period disappear in the works of historians? An exception is the "tale of bygone years", whose authenticity raises very strong doubts. And then the sources themselves disappear. It seems that they were deliberately withdrawn from circulation! And in the writings of historians, it becomes customary to refer exclusively to Western European sources !! In general, the purposeful distortion of history is not the know-how of post-perestroika liberals, but a purposeful policy for at least 200 years.
      1. Internet fighter
        Internet fighter 23 July 2012 11: 51
        Quote: DYMITRY
        Moreover, such brainwashing has been going on since the beginning of the 19th century !!!

        Before! Even Mikhailo Lomonosov was sentenced to death at the time, due to the fight against false history:
        In the middle of the XVIII century. a struggle is unfolding for Russian history. M.V. Lomonosov opposes the deceitful version of Russian history created before the eyes of the Germans by Miller, Bayer and Schlozer. He sharply criticized Miller's dissertation "On the Origin of the Name and Russian People." The same thing befell Bayer's works on Russian history. Mikhail Vasilyevich began to actively engage in issues of history, realizing the importance and significance of this for society. For the sake of this study, he even abandoned the duties of a professor of chemistry. The great battle is the opposition to Lomonosov of the German historical school in the scientific world of Russia. German historian professors tried to get Lomonosov removed from the Academy. The discredit of his name, his scientific discoveries began, with a simultaneous impact on Empress Elizabeth, and then on Catherine II, and setting them against Lomonosov. All this had its results, which was facilitated by the dominance of foreigners in the scientific world of Russia. Schlötzer was appointed an academician in Russian history, who called him Lomonosov, as M. T. Belyavsky testifies in his work “M. V. Lomonosov and the founding of Moscow University, "" a rude ignoramus who knew nothing but his chronicles. "
    2. 3412
      3412 23 July 2012 11: 48
      it turns out we were deceived and fooled all the time? the God-chosen ones have ruled this process for a long time to this day. And after all, the colony and raw materials appendage of these world rulers have reached their goal.
      1. alexng
        alexng 23 July 2012 13: 00
        Well, you still seem to be under Western hypnosis. The raw materials appendage belongs to other countries.
        Well, let's see what Russia is selling on the foreign market:
        gasoline and diesel fuel, electricity and synthetic rubber, plywood and newsprint, cotton fabrics and rolled steel, mechanical engineering products (almost $ 18 billion, among other things), combines, cars and trucks ... I do not mention that what the left-liberal rabble can call a raw material or "anyway, what a raw material" - refined copper, cellulose, pig iron, ferroalloys, fuel oil, ammonia, etc.
        It is curious that if Russia did not sell oil at all, it would still have a surplus trade balance (according to the 2005 year, for example, a surplus, that is, an excess of sales over purchases, would amount to 46 billion dollars).
        And the raw materials to which you refer only take up only part of the export. Just the budget is tied to the dollar, and the dollar to oil, that’s all the tricks with the raw materials appendage.

        REMOVE THIS VIRTUAL HELMET YOURSELF, so you can stay without brains.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa 23 July 2012 15: 26
          What would the West do without this list? Interestingly, THERE at least know something about this ?!
          Pn Yablochkov and A.N. Lodygin (the world's first light bulb)
          A.S. Popov (inventor of Radio)
          V.K. Zvorykin (the world's first electron microscope, television and television broadcasting)
          A.F. Mozhaisky (inventor of the first aircraft in the world)
          I.I. Sikorsky (Great aircraft designer created the first helicopter in the world, the first bomber in the world)
          A.M. Ponyatov (the world's first video recorder)
          S.P.Korolev (the first ballistic missile in the world, a spacecraft, the first satellite of the Earth)
          A.M.Prokhorov and N.G. Bass (the world's first quantum generator - maser)
          S.V. Kovalevskaya (the first woman in the world is a professor)
          CM. Prokudin-Gorsky (the world's first color photo)
          A. A. Alekseev (the creator of the needle screen)
          F. Pirotsky (the world's first electric tram)
          F. A. Blinov (the world's first tracked tractor)
          V.A. Starevich (volume-animated film)
          EAT. Artamonov (invented the first bicycle in the world with pedals, steering wheel, turning wheel)
          O.V. Losev (the world's first amplifying and generating semiconductor device)
          V.P. Mutilin (the world's first construction combine)
          A.R. Vlasenko (the world's first grain harvesting machine)
          V.P. Demikhov (the first in the world to transplant the lungs, and the first to create a model of an artificial heart)
          A.D. Sakharov (the world's first hydrogen bomb)
          A.P. Vinogradov (created a new direction in science - isotope geochemistry)
          I.I. Crawlers (the world's first heat engine)
          G. E. Kotelnikov (first backpack parachute)
          I.V. Kurchatov (the world's first nuclear power plant)
          MO Dolivo - Dobrovolsky (invented a three-phase current system, built a three-phase transformer)
          V.P. Vologdin (the world's first high-voltage mercury rectifier with a liquid cathode, developed induction furnaces to use high-frequency currents in industry)
          C.O. Kostovich (created the world's first gasoline engine in 1879)
          V.P.Glushko (the world's first e / thermal rocket engine)
          V.V. Petrov (discovered the phenomenon of arc discharge)
          N. G. Slavyanov (arc electric welding)
          I. F. Aleksandrovsky (invented stereo camera)
          D.P. Grigorovich (the creator of the seaplane)
          VG Fedorov (the first automat in the world)
          AK Nartov (built the world's first lathe with a movable caliper)
          MVLomonosov (for the first time in science he formulated the principle of conservation of matter and motion, for the first time in the world he began to read a course in physical chemistry, first discovered the existence of the atmosphere on Venus)
          I.P.Kulibin (Mechanic, developed the project of the world's first wooden arch single-span bridge)
          VVPetrov (Physicist, developed the largest galvanic battery in the world; opened the electric arc)
          P.I.Prokopovich (for the first time in the world he invented a frame hive, in which he applied a shop with frames)
          N.I. Lobachevsky (Mathematician, creator of "non-Euclidean geometry")
          D.A. Zagryazhsky (invented the tracked course)
          B.O. Jacobi (invented electroplating and the world's first electric motor with direct rotation of the working shaft)
          PPAnosov (Metallurg, revealed the secret of making the ancient Bulat)
          D.I. Zhuravsky (for the first time he developed the theory of calculation of bridge trusses, currently used throughout the world)
          N.I.Pirogov (for the first time in the world he compiled the atlas “Topographical Anatomy”, which had no analogues, invented anesthesia, gypsum and much more)
          I.R. Hermann (for the first time in the world compiled a summary of uranium minerals)
          A.M.Butlerov (for the first time he formulated the main principles of the theory of the structure of organic compounds)
          I.M. Sechenov (creator of evolutionary and other schools of physiology, published his main work “Reflexes of the brain”)
          D.I. Mendeleev (discovered the periodic law of chemical elements, the creator of the table of the same name)
          M.А.Novinsky (Veterinary doctor, laid the foundations of experimental oncology)
          GG Ignatiev (for the first time in the world he developed a system of simultaneous telephony and wiring using a single cable)
          KS Dzhevetsky (built the world's first submarine with an electric motor)
          N.I. Kibalchich (for the first time in the world he developed a scheme of a rocket aircraft)
          NNBenardos (invented electric welding)
          VV Dokuchaev (laid the foundation for genetic soil science)
          V.I. Sreznevsky (Engineer, invented the first in the world aerial camera)
          A.G.Stoletov (Physicist, for the first time in the world created a photocell based on an external photoelectric effect)
          P.D. Kuzminsky (built the world's first radial-effect gas turbine)
          I.V. Boldyrev (The first flexible photosensitive non-flammable film, formed the basis for the creation of cinema)
          I.A. Timchenko (developed the world's first cinema camera.)
          SM Apostolov-Berdichevsky and MF Freudenberg (they created the first automatic telephone exchange in the world)
          ND Pilchikov (Physicist, for the first time in the world created and successfully demonstrated a wireless control system)
          V.А.Gassiev (Engineer, built the world's first photosetting machine)
          K.E. Tsiolkovsky (founder of astronautics)
          PN Lebedev (physicist, for the first time in science, experimentally proved the existence of light pressure on solids)
          IPPavlov (creator of the science of higher nervous activity)
          V.I. Vernadsky (naturalist, founder of many scientific schools)
          A.N.Skryabin (Composer, for the first time in the world used light effects in the symphonic poem “Prometheus”)
          N.Ye.Zhukovsky (creator of aerodynamics)
          S.V. Lebedev (first time he received an artificial rubber)
          G.A. Tikhov (Astronomer, for the first time in the world, established that the Earth, when observing it from space, should have a blue color. Later, as we know, this was confirmed when shooting our planet from space)
          ND Zelinsky (developed the world's first high-performance coal gas mask)
          N.P. Dubinin (geneticist, discovered the divisibility of the gene)
          M.A. Kapelyushnikov (invented turbodrill)
          E.K. Zavoisky (discovered electric paramagnetic resonance)
          N.I. Lunin (proved that there are vitamins in the body of living beings)
          N.P. Wagner (discovered insect pedogenesis)
          Svyatoslav N. Fedorov - (the first in the world conducted an operation to treat glaucoma)
          Ss Yudin (For the first time applied in the clinic blood transfusions of suddenly dead people)
          A.V. Shubnikov - (Predicted the existence and first created piezoelectric textures)
          L.V. Shubnikov (Shubnikov-de Haas effect (magnetic properties of superconductors)
          ON. Izgaryshev (discovered the phenomenon of passivity of metals in non-aqueous electrolytes)
          P.P. Lazarev (creator of the ion theory of excitation)
          P.A. Molchanov (meteorologist, created the world's first radiosonde)
          ON. Umov (physicist, equation of motion of energy, concept of energy flow, by the way, was the first to explain practically and without ether the errors of the theory of relativity)
          1. Eugene
            Eugene 23 July 2012 15: 31
            You see what the matter is, the history of mankind practically does not know examples of inventions from the bay-floundering from nowhere. As a rule, all of them are caused by research in a certain field of scientists and their colleagues at the same time interval (if we are talking about civilizations with similar technological development), and so much so that it is often difficult to understand who was the first in a particular business. Moreover, very often the invention itself was very incomplete and only the followers of the inventor were able to bring it to the finished, working model. A typical example is the work of Academician Sakharov, the creator of the first hydrogen bomb.
            1. Zhizneslav
              Zhizneslav 23 July 2012 23: 12
              A typical example is the work of Academician Sakharov, the creator of the first hydrogen bomb.

              A typical example is Einstein with "his" theory of relativity.
              1. Koshakai
                Koshakai 24 July 2012 22: 17
                Darwin, in truth, only summarized the data collected before him (I'm sure you can check)
          2. Concept1
            Concept1 23 July 2012 19: 13
            Kaa, I borrowed your list here, I really liked it !!!!
            Still need to add Alferov's Nobel Prize in Physics and Abrikosov. This is from the last 2000.
          3. edge
            edge 24 July 2012 09: 58
            they stole it, replicated among their own, appropriated the idea, and now they are yelling in the wide light of the world .... Edison’s example, allegedly with his lamp am chkoy
          4. shasherin_pavel
            shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 19: 14
            Fedorov is the world's first automatic rifle for a rifle cartridge with a caliber of 6,5 mm, adopted for service.
            And that Lomonosov proved that light has an effect on solids can even be seen in the film about him.
        2. Passing
          Passing 23 July 2012 17: 39
          Quote: alexneg
          Well, you still seem to be under Western hypnosis. The raw materials appendage belongs to other countries. Well, let's see what Russia sells on the foreign market:

          And here is hypnosis? Or is Rosstat an organization of hypnotists?
          The main export goods of the Russian Federation (according to Rosstat):
          Fresh and frozen fish
          Iron ores and concentrates
          Crude oil
          Petroleum products
          Natural gas
          electric power
          Raw timber
          Converted cast iron
          Raw nickel
          Untreated aluminum

          The share of main export products in the total export of the Russian Federation:
          Share of mineral products:
          1995 g. - 42,5%
          2000 g. - 53,8%
          2002 g. - 55,2%
          2003 g. - 57,3%
          2004 g. - 57,8%
          2005 g. - 64,8%
          2006 g. - 65,9%
          2007 g. - 64,7%
          The share of exports of metals, precious stones and products from them:
          1995 g. - 26,7%
          2000 g. - 21,7%
          2002 g. - 18,7%
          2003 g. - 17,8%
          2004 g. - 20,2%
          2005 g. - 16,8%
          2006 g. - 16,3%
          2007 g. - 16,1%
          The country, 80% of whose budget is formed from the sale of raw materials, is a raw materials appendage, and there is simply nothing to argue about. Facts are stubborn things. And this unpleasant situation cannot be disguised by naive juggling of the definitions of the words that copper and cast iron are not a raw material, but a product of deep processing of ore. And it is not the "left-liberal rabble" that is to blame for this shameful situation, but the current team in the Kremlin.
          1. alexng
            alexng 23 July 2012 19: 29
            Please link to the source of information. Someone I did not find these data you listed on the Internet.
            And here is a link to another info:
            And here is the text from there
            In January-November, 2007 total revenue from export of mineral energy was $ 200.5 billion, which is 11,3% more than $ 180.2 billion for the same 2006 period. Given that for the entire 2006 export of minerals amounted to $ 199 billion, we can fairly accurately estimate the total export for 2007 at $ 221.5 billion. Well, for the sake of fidelity, we take $ 225 billion.
            Now we go further and begin to compare the export of minerals by year:
            with GDP by years:

            Year ........ GDP ........................... MS exports in $ ....... rubles. ........% of GDP
            2002 - 10 830,5 billion rubles - $ 58,9 billion (31.40) = 1849,46 = 17.08%
            2003 - 13 243.2 billion rubles - $ 76,6 billion (30.50) = 2336.3 = 17.64%
            2004 - 17 048.1 billion rubles - $ 105 billion (28.70) = 3013.5 = 17.68%
            2005 - 21 624.6 billion rubles - $ 156 billion (28.30) = 4 414.8 = 20.42%
            2006 - 26 882.9 billion rubles - $ 199 billion (26.95) = 5 363.05 = 19.95%
            2007 - 32 988.6 billion rubles - $ 225 billion (25.25) = 5 681.25 = 17.22%
            2008 - 39 000.0 billion rubles - $ 225 billion (25.25) = 5 681.25 = 14.57% (my forecast)

            Draw your own conclusions, or help? Okay, I’ll help. Despite the record increase in oil and gas prices in recent years, the share of export revenues from hydrocarbon exports in Russia's GDP has been steadily and rapidly declining and has already reached the level at which it was practically free oil in this season. For those who are completely dull, I’ll explain that Russia is ALREADY almost independent of oil and gas exports. In any case, no more than Canada. I already said that according to the results of 2010 it will be possible to state that Russia does NOT depend on the export of raw materials at all, since the share of all raw materials exported in GDP will fall below 10%.
            1. soldat1945
              soldat1945 23 July 2012 20: 23
              I just didn’t understand if we are so independent of oil, why did Mr. Putin revise the calculation of the budget in relation to oil, adding it to five-year prices, and Mr. Medvedev at each government meeting says that we need to move away from the commodity model, and why our ruble depends so much from fluctuations in oil prices, and you can draw any numbers!
              1. alexng
                alexng 23 July 2012 20: 45
                Since the basis is nothing to base on, there is no criterion until an alternative currency to the dollar appears. And the dollar is highly dependent on oil prices. By the way, for Russia, artificial deflation is much worse than inflation due to the fact that we are dependent on almost all economies in the world, since everything in the world is interconnected. And almost all economies depend on each other.
              2. edge
                edge 24 July 2012 10: 01
                oil is the main production component of the modern chemical industry
              3. Koshakai
                Koshakai 24 July 2012 22: 20
                Believe this blogger more - he sees nothing further than an iPhone and Twitter.
            2. Passing
              Passing 23 July 2012 21: 21
              Quote: alexneg
              Please link to the source of information.

              Specifically, I lost that link, but the entire Internet is at your service, for example, here:
              or here:
              see the table "Data on Russia's foreign trade in 2008"
              or here are the direct data from customs officers for 2011:

              = 1981
              Russia's exports in 2011 amounted to 516,0 billion US dollars1 and compared with 2010 increased by 30,0%, including to non-CIS countries - 437,8 billion US dollars (an increase of 29,7%), to the CIS countries - 78,2 billion US dollars1 (an increase of 31,3%).

              ... The basis of Russian exports in 2011 to foreign countries amounted to fuel and energy goods, the share of which in the commodity structure of exports to these countries was 72,6%
              ... In 2011, the share of metals and products from them amounted to 9,2% of the total value of exports to non-CIS countries and decreased by 1,5 percentage points compared to last year.
              ... The share of exports of chemical products in 2011 as well as in 2010 amounted to 5,8%
              ...The share of export of machinery and equipment in 2011 amounted to 3,6% (2010 - 4,2%).

              ...In the commodity structure of exports to the CIS countries in 2011, the share of fuel and energy products amounted to 56,6% from all exports to these countries
              ... The share of chemical products in the commodity structure of exports to the CIS countries in 2011 amounted to 10,0%
              ... The share of metals and products from them in exports to the CIS countries in 2011 amounted to 8,1%
              ...The share of export of machinery and equipment in 2011 amounted to 12,8%

              Now, according to your figures for a share in GDP.
              Firstly, your data is somehow cleverly calculated, let's calculate it without any tricky tricks, stupidly take the cost of exporting fuel and energy products and simply divide them by Russia's GDP for 2011. For me, after simple calculations on the above figures, and taking GDP in 2011 for 1,85 trillion. dollars, it turned out 19,6%. I’ll clarify, I considered only fuel-energy exports, i.e. absolute, unconditional raw materials. And if you add metals, chemistry, wood, products? To be honest, I’m too lazy to consider it would be, as it were, and not for 30%. Well, where is your mythical 10%.
              Further, 20-30% of raw material exports to GDP is a lot or a little? This is insanely much for a country that produces little from highly processed products! If you remove these 20-30% from the GDP, then there will be a collapse of the entire Russian economy, because these 20-30% allow you to buy most of the goods and technologies abroad !!! Without these 20-30%, we just have nothing to consume! In short, it will be a natural PSU! Only the basic survival kit for BP will remain available - matches, salt, vodka, bread, and of course Kalashnikov.
              In general, a more objective parameter is not the ratio to GDP, but the percentage to the budget. Something more clear is the picture of what exactly is the source of resources in Russia.
              1. alexng
                alexng 24 July 2012 00: 34
                You know, not you and I will not be right, and all because there is one important detail in interstate trade - these are duties and they distort the whole picture. But I see what's going on outside my window. I live in the Belgorod region there is no oil or gas here. But I work at an iron ore mine and it goes to the domestic market, more precisely to Tula, and only a small part is exported. Before 2008, it was the opposite, i.e. a small part is exported to the domestic market. Nevertheless, the region is self-sufficient. I eat exclusively local products: meat - Tomarovsky meat. comb .; fruits and vegetables are also local, except for exotic ones. In short, all homegrown products are Belgorod. So it's hard to convince me otherwise. There are, of course, moments that I would like to change, but not all at once.
            3. Zhizneslav
              Zhizneslav 23 July 2012 23: 21
              There is no need to compare GDP, and the sale of minerals abroad, this is by no means comparable. GDP is an account of each turnover of the ruble within the country. And the fact that you showed here is not comforting data.
          2. alexng
            alexng 23 July 2012 20: 51
            Myoma passing, finally found where your numbers are taken from. This is the ratio of export to import between the Russian Federation and the USA, but the USA is not the whole world. So we pull out the numbers from the context and swear by them. But this is ordinary commonplace vileness. It’s not worth it to so cheaply brainwash others in the hope that it will pass.
            1. Passing
              Passing 23 July 2012 21: 56
              Quote: alexneg
              It’s not worth it to so cheaply brainwash others in the hope that it will pass.

              Ok, I didn’t check that data, and I didn’t take it directly from the Rosstat website, it’s my fault.
              Corrected, look above the superrelevant data from the official website of the customs service, looked? Well, in what exactly am I wrong? The picture did not become any less depressing, and on average is similar to my first data.
      2. Koshakai
        Koshakai 24 July 2012 22: 13
        Not yet to the end - there are still thinking people!
        And as for the raw materials appendage - such countries do not have a strong currency and prices do not dictate.
  8. The centurion
    The centurion 23 July 2012 10: 19
    In our country, for many centuries, an intrusive foreign upbringing and education. Most of the talented teachers (in the broad sense of the word) with non-Russian surnames, non-Russian faces and with a purely Middle Eastern cut of the eyes. Close your eyes for a second and remember your favorite professors, associate professors, and teachers. Half will be from THESE. And they teach according to their own laws, namely: "Sly and hypocritically, sow unbelief and doubt around you, blasphemy and sneak, debauchery and vices, ridicule the customs and mores of the goyans, their language and beliefs, make the goyes landless." Then you spend half your life trying to figure out this gigantic tangle of liberal hypocrisy and hypocrisy instilled in schools and institutes. As soon as you begin to understand something, you look, and already a wooden box is being prepared. This is how we have lived for several centuries. A third of the people have already figured it out, a third is trying to figure it out, and a third (mainly young people and "forever young" majors) are still in captivity of liberalistic hypocrisy. The classics even coined the term, "the problem of fathers and children." So THESE guys in the mind and skill can not be denied. They have long figured out what to do with the goyim so that THESE guys have a good life, in one word "divide and rule."
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 23 July 2012 17: 20
      The centurion
      It is unfortunate that I can put you only one +!
    2. Koshakai
      Koshakai 24 July 2012 22: 23
      I apologize, but I haven’t seen anything like this yet - the eye section is normal, the rest is also within the normal range (Kurgan). Please specify where.
    3. musician
      musician 21 June 2014 20: 11
      "These" not only taught you and your children in schools and universities, but also wrote books for this, created and developed Soviet science and technology, headed the exploration, development and production of weapons during the Second World War, not to mention the contribution to other areas: culture, art, diplomacy, etc. And in response from people like you - only black ingratitude, swearing at the fence, malicious lies and endless stench. How much can you repeat a long-exposed lie ?! !!!
    4. The comment was deleted.
  9. dim-dim
    dim-dim 23 July 2012 10: 19
    While such articles appear, Russia (Russia) has not lost and will not lose! Bravo to the author !!! There would be more such publications, you read them and the soul rejoices !!
  10. survivor
    survivor 23 July 2012 10: 22
    + article! + to the author.! if it were possible to put more advantages, I would put it without hesitation! Thanks to the author for an interesting and informative selection.
    on my own behalf, if Russia was so backward, then why did ALL the kings consider it a great honor to marry Russian princesses? Is it necessary to mention that Russia was not in vain considered one of the most educated and richest states? I will not look as far as the author, there will not be enough education))), but when in Europe it was considered a good form to catch lice and clog "ambergris" with perfume, "wild" Russians bathed in baths. When in Europe only the rich could get a primitive education, in "wild", "backward", "barbaric" Russia there were an order of magnitude more literate people ...
    I'm already silent about the plague ..............
    1. edge
      edge 24 July 2012 10: 04
      and until the end of the 18th century, Europe watered itself with shit from night pots
      1. Koshakai
        Koshakai 24 July 2012 22: 27
        And own streets.
      2. dmitrijbyko
        dmitrijbyko 30 July 2012 08: 27
        until mid-19th lol
    2. Koshakai
      Koshakai 24 July 2012 22: 26
      The plague is just from the "cleanliness" of the Europeans - just think they washed ATTENTION: once a year, what? So this whole "civilization" is more terrible than our "savagery".
  11. mnbv199
    mnbv199 23 July 2012 10: 23
    Thank you for the article!
    What you wrote is the truth and that is what we must teach at school!
    I advise all forum participants to visit the siteисторические-расследования/

    There, ordinary people who are fond of history, write the truth about our homeland, and unlike our historians, they are not dependent on politicians.
    These forums are so fascinating that after reading them, pride for our people and the Motherland will embrace you!
    Thanks again for the article!
    Be healthy!
  12. volcano
    volcano 23 July 2012 10: 34
    Dear Author.

    I understand your idea about the distortion of our history, but some pearls make me wonder

    Recently, we celebrated the 1000th anniversary of Russia.

    Recently, we celebrated the 1000th anniversary of the baptism of Russia. In 1988, and the millennium of Russia was celebrated even under the Tsar’s priest.

    It is generally accepted that somewhere in the 8th century, wild, brainless and worthless Slavs wandering herds through the forests, called for a Viking Rurik

    In general, it is commonly believed that in the 9th century.

    The first capital (only the capital of a large country!), The city of Slovensk, was founded in 2409 BC (3099 from the creation of the world); the source of information is the annals of the Kholopy Monastery on the Mologa River, the chronograph of academician M. H. Tikhomirov, Notes on Muscovy by S. Gerberstein, The Legend of Sloven and Rus, which is widely used and recorded by many ethnographers.

    Well, this does not stand up to criticism at all. There is no such data. And folklore, and then folklore, that remember tales.

    Naked and bare-footed, poorly armed Roman infantry (open the textbook on the history of the ancient world, and admire the legionnaires) was stopped in steel shrouded from the tops of the horse to the hoofs of cataphracts.

    And what do we have to do with it? Cataphractaria is a heavy Byzantine cavalry.

    As for the trips to the Tatars. and Iga. You write that it is considered to be the Yoke of the 14-15th century., What nonsense? Where did you study?

    It is believed that in the 13-15 century, Russia was dependent on the Horde.

    About ushkuiniks. Yes, they really were, but the ushkuiniks are Novgorodians, who, as you know, did not fall under the Tatar distribution. And in addition to the Horde, these lads also walked around Russian cities, being undoubtedly "dashing pirate guys." Please note that the ushkuyniks have repeatedly become the cause of quarrels between the horde and Russia. Often the Russian princes demanded that Novgorod stop the robbery and arrest the ushkuyniks, which happened more than once.

    As for the sabers that have been hammered since the 14th century, I generally spread my hands. This is where it came from. Read the development and improvement of weapons. How and why the saber appeared.
    And about the fact that they knew how to forge only in Russia and Dagestan, I can quietly grieve.
    The famous Arab gunsmiths apparently do not honor you.

    Conclusion. The author’s excellent desire to convey to the reader the horrors of falsification of Russian history completely crashed about the unpreparedness and complete ignorance of the material.
    I’m not minus the article, but the Author has something to work on.
    1. Fox 070
      23 July 2012 10: 52
      Quote: volkan
      to convey to the reader the horrors of falsification of Russian history, it completely crashed about the unpreparedness and absolute ignorance of the material.

      Rather, it "breaks" on the obstacles that we were all taught in school, and on the post-Christian interpretation of the facts, designed to keep the Slavic peoples in check.
      As far as Arab blades are concerned, as far as I understand, the article was about the production of reciprocating blades on European territory, read carefully!
      And in general, it seems to me that you perfectly fit the definition that DYMitriy expressed in his post a little higher (at 10:33).
      1. Eugene
        Eugene 23 July 2012 11: 07
        A small question. Are written sources, or impressive archaeological sites on the territory of Russia of at least 8 centuries known?
        Here according to the testimonies of the 11-12th questions - no - as a child in the Tver region, one such ancient city climbed up and down. But older than the official story says?
      2. volcano
        volcano 23 July 2012 11: 10
        Fox 070

        If you do not understand, then I explain.
        Like the author, I believe that in Russian history there are a lot of falsifications and white spots.
        I am extremely critical and painful of the fact that Russian history was written by foreigners.
        But, when someone starts to write about it, then let's observe the "rules of the game". Are you criticizing the official version? Great ..... But first, voice it at least correctly. How to take criticism seriously if the Author is mistaken for a hundred years in the "official vocation of the Varangians to Russia"
        Or is the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Russia confused with the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the BAPTISM of RUSSIA, is that the same, in your opinion?

        I tell the Author that it would be necessary to first reflect some fact of "generally recognized history", and then engage in a critical analysis, based on some new data, research, etc. You can bring your own opinion, if it is at least somehow consistent with the "newly discovered circumstances."
        And if the author is not very well versed in history "from the textbook", then how can he criticize anything at all?

        Agree that in order to criticize the "Law of Universal Gravity", you need to know it first?
      3. volcano
        volcano 23 July 2012 12: 02
        Fox 70

        Here is one example for you. most possibly painful. Mongol-Tatar yoke.
        The author concluded that he was not, on the basis of the "campaigns of the ushkuyniks".
        I agree with the author, but his facts do not hold water.
        What do we know from official history?
        Early 13th century. Polovtsi come running to Russia and ask for protection from the "unknown enemy". Russian princes gather an army and go with the Polovtsy to the steppe. A battle takes place on the Kalka River, where the Russians and Polovtsians suffer a crushing defeat.
        Everyone is trying to forget about it, but after 20 years, Batu comes to Russia (with almost 300 thousandth army) and destroys the cities one by one. Russian princes and squads die again, one by one. Only Novgorod and Pskov land remains relatively intact, where, as you know, the Tatars did not reach.
        Russia becomes dependent on the Golden Horde khans and begins to pay tribute, and the princes go to the Horde for signs of reign.
        This essentially continues until the second half of the 14th century, when Dmitry Donskoy collects troops and in the beginning on the Vozha River, and then on the Kulikovo Field, defeats the Golden Horde troops.
        But it was not there, after that there was Moscow burnt down by Tokhtamysh and almost a hundred years of "dependence", the end of which is "The Great Standing on the Ugra River". And even then, for quite a long time Russia pays tribute to the Crimean Khan.

        This is the official version for you briefly and without details.

        Now there are many works in which researchers criticize this course of events.
        Here are the main criticisms
        1. According to the global formula for the growth of peoples, the Mongols could not expose 13 thousandth army in the 300th century. (The foundation is a peoples growth formula that is used all over the world)
        2. Mongolia does not have so much iron to produce and accordingly arm not only the Golden Horde, but also the rest of the hordes of the "Great Empire of Genghis Khan"
        3. The cavalry of the city does not take. It is said that cities were taken using machines developed by Chinese engineers, however, China was conquered in 1267 (if I am not mistaken), but much later than the conquest of Russia.
        4. It is said that each warrior had three clockwork horses, respectively, through simple multiplication we get no less than a million horses. It’s impossible to put it mildly even in summer, and in winter (and the Batyevo invasion took place in winter), and even in an unfamiliar country, it is impossible in principle.
        5. It is said that there were only 20 thousand Tatars on the Kalka River, and the Russian princes gathered a huge army that Russia had not seen for a long time. (gathered more than 20 princes). That is, the superiority of the Russians was significant, and nevertheless, they were defeated. Allegedly because of the excellent tactics of the Tatars.
        But I'm sorry, Tatars are steppes i.e. light cavalry and, accordingly, among all peoples of the steppe (this is based on elementary military art), the tactics of action will be almost the same. But we remember that Russia had vast experience in the war with the Khazars, Pechenegs, and Polovtsy.
        So why did the Russian princes-commanders suddenly have to "blunt" so much that they would lose the battle with significant superiority in manpower and experience in fighting against the steppe cavalry? Official history writes nonsense about this.
        6. Quite a lot of facts when we learn that the Mongol cavalry is involved in the internal dismantling of our princes (which is strange)
        7. On the Kulikovo field (and this was the largest battle of the time), about 300 thousand soldiers converged. For the entire time of excavation, a pair of skeletons and a dozen arrowheads were found. That somehow does not fit with the slaughter that we read about. Neither weapons nor bodies. The official story writes nonsense. If about weapons you can believe what was collected (although I don’t understand how to collect a million or millions of arrows), then it’s said about the dead that they were all taken to bury in Moscow. Open the map and see where Kulikovo field and where Moscow. Who and what would get there in carts in the 14th century?

        It was I who sketched to you such facts, far from all that the opponents of Iga operate on. Without details. Researchers are trying to prove every fact using certain arguments.
        And if the article was written like this, then I would say yes ... it could very well be.
        But earflaps ..... it's as they say sorry.
        1. Eugene
          Eugene 23 July 2012 12: 36
          + I adhere to this point of view. And similar questions appear. I’ll add my own here:

          Quote: volkan
          Mongolia does not have so much iron to produce and accordingly arm not only the Golden Horde, but also the rest of the hordes of the "Great Empire of Genghis Khan"

          Moreover, modern Mongols have never heard of any Chengiz Khan and Batu.
          Quote: volkan
          It seems that the cities were taken using machines developed by Chinese engineers. However, China was conquered in 1267 (if I am not mistaken), but much later than the conquest of Russia.

          One of the two, either the Mongols, dragged all this economy from China over 8 thousand km through impassable roads, steppes, river fords, or took the engineers who did it all to them on the spot, from China that was not yet captured.
          Quote: volkan
          But I'm sorry, Tatars are steppes i.e. light cavalry and, accordingly, among all peoples of the steppe (this is based on elementary military art), the tactics of action will be almost the same. But we remember that Russia had vast experience in the war with the Khazars, Pechenegs, and Polovtsy.

          In general, it’s a mystery to me — why did our experienced wise men tactically choose a place favorable to the enemy — fields where their light cavalry with archers and a carousel of hail of arrows watered on foot rows, and our heavy cavalry couldn’t reach them?
          Why not choose a place that impedes the use of their cavalry?
          Why wasn’t guerrilla tactics used? The huge convoys of the Mongols and their army on the march moving in the impenetrable forests of central Russia are an excellent target for all kinds of small detachments hiding in the forests. The Mongols were not familiar with the forests and, as they describe them, they allegedly didn’t walk very well on foot — all their lives they rode on a horse.
          With various notches of trunks on the forest roads (where they were in general), sudden raids from the forest (try to catch someone in the forest on a horse, on foot the Mongols are weak and against the tall Rusich with a long enough bow and even more so) their army could be beaten up with such actions .

          Quote: volkan
          7. On the Kulikovo field (and this was the largest battle of the time), about 300 thousand soldiers converged. For the entire time of excavation, a pair of skeletons and a dozen arrowheads were found. That somehow does not fit with the slaughter that we read about. Neither weapons nor bodies. The official story writes nonsense. If about weapons you can believe what was collected (although I don’t understand how to collect a million or millions of arrows), then it’s said about the dead that they were all taken to bury in Moscow. Open the map and see where Kulikovo field and where Moscow. Who and what would get there in carts in the 14th century?

          I was on this field in the museum in both stakes. There are a handful of arrows and spears and schemes with icons.

          Quote: volkan
          6. Quite a lot of facts when we learn that the Mongol cavalry is involved in the internal dismantling of our princes (which is strange)

          This is just not there, if we assume that the Mongols decided to leave local princes to reign and give them a label - that is, a sign of location to the chosen prince (he politically arranged them), then in the event of an unwanted enemy of this prince to support his protege with several troops - normal phenomenon IMHO.
          1. volcano
            volcano 23 July 2012 13: 01
            I greet you Evgeny. That's right.
            In history, it is necessary to open and eliminate all inconsistencies, falsifications and white spots, but this must be done more competently.
            Nowadays there are a lot of works that official historians do not like so much, and which quite professionally try to resist "history in a textbook".
            Only here the author unfortunately could not convey such information to the reader.

            And questions as they say a carriage and a small cart.
            Therefore, the direction is correct, but the implementation is not.
            We wish the author success. I think that next time it will be more professional material.
            1. prispek
              prispek 23 July 2012 23: 50
              Quote: volkan
              And questions as they say a carriage and a small cart.

              Hello Andrei. I also doubt the reality of the Tatar-Mongol yoke, at least in the form in which we were taught at school. As you know, Asian genes are dominant in relation to European ones, and what is customary to do with the women of the vanquished is also no secret. I look around and do not see characteristic Mongolian features in Russian. So I don’t take all the arrogant statements of Tatar nationalists like: "Yes, we are 300 years old ............" But one question from a whole carriage haunts me. These are Kalmyks. Now I do not remember where the infa was, that this is the people closest to the Mongols by blood. And they live in the steppes where the Golden Horde was. Yes, and Yam, that is, the Yam postal service, is also a Mongolian (or Horde) innovation. I would like to know your opinion on this matter
              1. volcano
                volcano 24 July 2012 01: 17
                Hello prispek.
                First of all, I’ll say that you are absolutely correct in saying that you don’t see Tatar features in Russians. Scientists completed a project to identify the Russian genotype several years ago. All this is on the Internet. So there are no impurities in the blood of Russians. neither Mongol nor Tatar, no.
                As for the Tatars. From those meager sources (and in fact this is just one about the "life of the Mongols") it is known that Genghis Khan had grievances against the Tatars. Therefore, he fought with them to the bitter end. After which he ordered to cut out all the survivors (including women and children who were higher than the wheel of the cart. That is, we are told directly that the Tatars ceased to exist. Those children who were lower and, accordingly, survived, naturally assimilated.) that the Tatars as an ethnos and people ceased to exist at the beginning of the 13th century.
                It is also said that Genghis Khan, paying tribute to the courage of the Tatars, now commanded that all brave warriors be called Tatars.
                Therefore, of course (if we are talking about the official history), many tribes that entered the Hordes could be both Kalmyks and Bashkirs, and in general I would stick here to a more capacious expression "peoples of the steppe", based on this version, they could call themselves Tatars.
                As for vocabulary borrowings, here too historians break spears. it seems that there really is an infusion of the Turkic languages ​​into Russian, but under the influence of what it happened ..... there are already a lot of versions.
                As for the fact that we are 300 years old ....... This nonsense is carried by people who do not know either official or alternative history.
                According to the official version, Genghis Khan categorically forbade incest. It was almost punishable by death. So there were not many who wanted to indulge with Russian women. God forbid they know their own executed. The discipline was fierce.
                Moreover, the garrisons in the occupied cities regularly and without fail changed. Genghis Khan was very afraid that his people would dissolve and assimilate.
                If we take an alternative history, then there were no Tatars at all. By the way, our Tatars on the Volga are none other than the Volga Bulgars. There are also some descriptions of the Tatars, in particular among the Oriental chroniclers. And this description, to put it mildly, confuses historical minds. Because the Tatars are described as tall, slender, strong and beautiful people with blond hair and gray or blue eyes ..... well, you understand who the ancient Tatars look like.
                As for the Pit or the postal service, yes there is an opinion that the Horde brought it.
                In general, of course, I will not state directly in principle, since history is an extremely confusing thing, especially in the case of Russia, but perhaps L.N. Gumilev, who in his book "Ancient Russia and the Great Steppe" suggested that there was no Yoke. And there was a Russian-Turkic state, where both the Rus and the Turks lived in peace and harmony.

                You can write for a very long time ..... I think this is a key issue in our history, along with the "vocation of the Varangians." Maybe someday some smart and ardent scientist will prove to society and the state how it really was.
                1. shasherin_pavel
                  shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 20: 15
                  At the expense of 300 participants in the battle:: if a Russian army of 000 thousand people advanced from Moscow to Kulikovo Field, then as one enthusiast calculated, back in Soviet times, the avant-garde had already come on the battlefield and began to build, and the convoy would still go from the gates of Moscow.
                  On the field itself, 300 should have been, infantrymen stood on each other's shoulders, and the first rows of the ambush regiment would have stood on the battlefield itself, and not in the oak grove. A little more than 000 from both sides could maneuver and fight on the battlefield. And about tribute: didn’t the Russians pay tribute to the Russians?
        2. Bully
          Bully 23 July 2012 22: 19
          Quote: volkan
          5. It is said that there were only 20 thousand Tatars on the Kalka River, and the Russian princes gathered a huge army that Russia had not seen for a long time. (gathered more than 20 princes). That is, the superiority of the Russians was significant, and nevertheless, they were defeated. Allegedly because of the excellent tactics of the Tatars.

          This information, apparently, from the novel by Vasily Yan "Genghis Khan", which describes how the Mongols with three tumens (about 30 thousand) defeated a huge Russian army on the march. V. Yan, as an artist, undoubtedly deserves admiration, but from the point of view of truth, and of the evil sense, of course he sinned. Here's some other information:
          V.N. Tatishchev "Russian history from the most ancient times", volume 3, p. 441
          1. Bully
            Bully 23 July 2012 23: 11
            Something like that
          2. volcano
            volcano 24 July 2012 00: 46
            I do not bring novels here. all the "fairy tales" from the official history. I just don't give details.
            What do you doubt then? The Tatars are an "expeditionary force" led by Dzhenibe and Subedei, the Russians were commanded by three Mstislavs ... and so on.

            But Yana, to my shame I did not read

            And by the way, we are not talking about the march.
            In the official history, the Cumans, who were ahead of the Russian orders, wavered and fled, thereby upsetting the battle formations of our squads. then they seemed to oklemalsya, hit, the Tatars allegedly flinched and "ran falsely", luring us into a trap. surrounding and interrupting.

            The Kievans did not participate in the battle, but their turn came. They fenced off with carts at the top of the hill. and for three days they repulsed the onslaught of the Tatars. And then some kind of wanderer Ploskin was found and persuaded the people of Kiev to lay down their arms. Oddly enough, they agreed, well, after the surrender of weapons, they were brutally killed. And the Tatars, having thrown Russian princes on the floor, laid boards on them and feasted, celebrating their victory. All the princes and noble boyars were beaten under the boards. "Every 10" of those who left for the campaign returned to Russia. Russia has not seen such a defeat for a long time.
            Something like that. Maybe I confuse the details, but the meaning is this.
            1. volcano
              volcano 24 July 2012 01: 47
              As for the undoubtedly remarkable historian Tatishchev, I know that he and Lomonosov were opponents of the "Norman theory", as a result of which their works were not published, since in many ways they ran counter to the "official history" written by the Germans. Tatishchev's works, after his death, fell into the hands of either Miller or Schletzer (I don't remember exactly), were "finalized" and then finally published. What the German writers of Russian history were doing there (by the way, none of them knew Russian) is unknown. So I wouldn't really believe this work.
              With the works of Lomonosov almost the same story. That is, two Russian scientists who defend our history, who disagree with the theory of calling foreigners to Russia, and who (according to many accounts) describe the history of Russia almost from the creation of the world, were punished by fate. After all, their colossal work essentially disappeared. Their story was edited by the Germans and destroyed entire chapters.
              What was in the originals of these great people we will never know.
              1. Sanches
                Sanches 24 July 2012 14: 35
                Oh, those bloodthirsty tales of Western European civilization. You start to doubt them every time you cringe with disgust and remember films like "The Human Centipede". Figuratively speaking, it was the Western propagandists who threw our historians on the floor, "laid boards on them and feasted, celebrating their victory," there is much less doubt about this, but, of course, only figuratively
              2. Bully
                Bully 24 July 2012 21: 56
                Here ( V.N. Tatishcheva "Russian history from the most ancient times", scanned pages, pre-reform Russian language. Yesterday I wanted to insert a page from the 3rd volume into a message - it didn't work. It lists the losses of the Tatars in the battle on Kalka - more than 100 thousand, the losses of the Russian army - about 70 thousand (the total number of the Russian army is 100 thousand + 50 thousand Polovtsian cavalry). Tatars, according to the chronicler, in the battle were "much more" 200 thousand.
                1. volcano
                  volcano 25 July 2012 01: 27
                  Well, it's kind of cool .... The generally accepted figures are 20-30 thousand Tatars and 50-100 thousand Russians, although some historians argue that this figure also needs to be added about 40 thousand Polovtsians.
                  And the Tatars would hardly have sent such a huge army to "reconnaissance". This is no longer intelligence ... this is an invasion. And the task of the invasion was not. At least for that moment. It was, in modern military language, "reconnaissance in force".
                  Although in official history there is generally the fact that if the Russians did not help the Polovtsians, then the Tatars would be fine.
                  1. Sanches
                    Sanches 25 July 2012 08: 34
                    100 thousand Russians - the same fucked up and implausible amount, like 200 thousand Tatars. Apparently the extra tacos were painted here and there, but in reality there could have been 5-10 thousand Russians, 4-5 thousand Polovtsy and 20-30 thousand Tatars (which, incidentally, is also too large for the reconnaissance detachment). If I’m not mistaken, Genghis Khan himself managed to gather about 70 thousand soldiers during the whole period of his reign.
                  2. Bully
                    Bully 25 July 2012 18: 54
                    In general, I began to be wary of generally accepted historical facts, since most of these facts have been born in the last 100 years (the last 20 years in particular). The question is, on the basis of what source material "insightful" conclusions are made about the events of a thousand years ago, if these materials, by some accident (or ill will!), Are no longer there. Tatishchev in his book on this kind of "dreamers" repeatedly walked. The essence of his remark: if there is no reliable material - don't write a dick, tell me honestly "I don't know", there is nothing shameful about it. But in his time (1686-1750) there was much more source material, Karamzin did not get to the monastic chronicles.
            2. The centurion
              The centurion 24 July 2012 14: 29
              Quote: volkan
              And then some sort of wanderer Ploskiny was found and convinced the people of Kiev to lay down their arms.

              This is not from Jan, this is from Cossack history.
              ... Later, another great Russian warrior and Prince Vladimir Monomakh managed to consolidate the Russian principalities, brutally crushed the princely and boyar feuds and, together with the black hoods, inflicted a series of cruel and decisive defeats on the Polovtsy. After this, the Polovtsi were for a long time forced into peace and alliance with Russia.
              In the 13 century, Mongols appeared in the Black Sea steppes. In 1222, about 30 thousand Mongols left Transcaucasia in the steppes of the Black Sea region. It was a reconnaissance unit of the Mongol horde sent by Genghis Khan under the command of the legendary commanders Subaedei and Jebe. They defeated the Alans in the North Caucasus, and then attacked the Polovtsy and began to push them beyond the Dnieper, capturing the entire Don steppe. Polovtsian khans Kotyan and Yuri Konchakovich turned for help to the Russian princes. Three princes - Galician, Kiev and Chernigov - came with their troops to help the Polovtsian allies. But in 1223, on the Kalka River (a tributary of the Kalmius River), the combined Russian-Polovtsian army was utterly defeated by the Mongols, Cherkesses and Brodniks. This episode should be emphasized. Brodniks, tired of the endless feuds and oppression of the Russian and Polovtsian princes, perceived the Mongols as allies in the fight against arbitrariness and Polovtsian oppression. The Mongols knew how to persuade and accept offended, but warlike tribes. Caucasian Cherkasy and Don Brodniks formed the basis of the new, third Tumen of the Mongolian army, provided Subaedey with tactical and strategic intelligence, before the battle they took an active part in embassies and negotiations. After the battle, the ataman of Brodnik Ploskin, kissing the cross, persuaded the remains of the Russian army to surrender. But the Mongols despised those who had surrendered and the captured Russian princes were placed under the “dostarkhan” from the planks on which the feast was arranged by the victors.
              1. Sanches
                Sanches 24 July 2012 16: 31
                Well, this story is based on Jan's book, as the "most reliable source" - the most popular historical method. By the way, there are interesting names among the Kipchaks-Polovtsians - Kotyan and Yuri
                1. Sanches
                  Sanches 24 July 2012 19: 31
                  I’m now thinking - is it even possible to feast while sitting on boards laid over living (and even dead) people? I strongly doubt that drinking and eating will fly in all directions. And even though sometime in yurts they laid floors not from carpets, but from boards ?? It’s more like someone’s sick fantasy (guess whose name begins with I and ends with H)
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 23 July 2012 11: 16
      As for the baptism of Russia, this is a correct remark, and I would not say that we would lose to the West with such a crushing score. For the reason that if everyone thought so, Russia would no longer be there. And she is! And will be!
    3. soldat1945
      soldat1945 23 July 2012 20: 27
      If VOLKAN could, I would give you 10000 pluses put the author is illiterate as a historian engaged in self-PR!
      1. volcano
        volcano 24 July 2012 15: 32
        Thanks for your kind words
      2. Stanislas
        Stanislas 22 March 2015 15: 44
        Quote: soldat1945
        I would give you 10000 pluses. The author is illiterate as a historian is engaged in self-PR!
        One argument is better than 10000 plus points. The author raised a problem that should be publicly discussed, but do "competent historians" always agree with the Normanists?
    4. shasherin_pavel
      shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 19: 44
      Thanks to the folklore, they discovered Troy. But not the learned ones, but one person who spent all his capital accumulated in Russia on this.
      It is thanks to folklore (the book of Genesis) that a new theory of the structure of our planet was created, which can answer all the mysteries of our planet and history. See in Yandex "Revelations of the Bible texts", which are written on the basis of the Bible texts and the latest discoveries of science.
      At the expense of the Holocaust of the Roman infantry - they didn’t have armor from the shins to the ass. One had only to strike between the legs and swollen eggs to the knees.
      Uykushnik Dmitry Bobrok, but Volynsky, and not Novgorodsky, saved the young Dmitry Donskoy by accidentally attacking Kazan when Dmitry fled from Kazan without receiving a shortcut. Subsequently, it was he who created the army of Dmitry Donskoy, brought many principalities under Dmitry’s arm, was the commander of the prince’s personal guard, became the husband of Dmitry’s sister and commanded the Ambush Regiment at the Battle of Kulikovo, and applied the Alexander Phalanx, but improved the construction of the Reserve Regiment and Ambush Regiment.
      Novgorod is Europe? that you exclude the raids of the Russians on the Kazan Kaganate. In any case, historians could stop at Svobodny Novgorod and declare the invincibility of the Russian land, which defeated the knights in the Battle of Ice when the Vladimir - Suzdal principality fell under the yoke.
      And yet: from the Battle of Kulikovo to Ivan the Terrible, Russia paid a symbolic tribute that could be paid by one city of Russia.
  13. Mugs
    Mugs 23 July 2012 10: 34
    "1: 0 in favor of the West"
    Who went to rob? The author of all the Tatars mixed in one pile. Mongol-Tatars and Volga Bulgars (ancestors of the Volga Tatars) are different peoples. The Bulgars themselves were captured by the Horde in the 13th century.
    And doesn’t the yoke originate in the 13th century?
  14. Bezarius
    Bezarius 23 July 2012 10: 38
    I emphasize that Soviet education had another, not obvious function, which few people think about, namely, the Soviet method taught schoolchildren to Liability. In fact, 90% of the problems arise from ineffective leadership. In this regard, Russia is significantly behind even the West. Simply put, if you do not return the Soviet system of education, soon there will be a severe shortage of managers.
  15. vezunchik
    vezunchik 23 July 2012 10: 41
    WELL DONE!!! I always say guys learn history !!! That is why teachers are killed first and education destroyed! A brainless herd is easier to manage! But the Slavs have never been a herd, they always thought. Our writers and philosophers, economists and politicians far exceeded the wild west! And it is no coincidence that the SOCIALIST revolution was in Russia - and we have proved its superiority over the Western model! But unfortunately the rats sold the country for candy wrappers (dollars, euros).
    Indeed, Christ also preached socialist doctrine - for it was quickly destroyed!
  16. vadimN
    vadimN 23 July 2012 10: 43
    The author of the article is not alone in his reasoning. And the more we, the people of Russia, will learn our true history, the more and more quickly we will bring the basis for a true revival of the country through the revival of national pride and self-awareness.
    Everything that is being done now is being done against Russia. And this is not unfounded.
    In order not to expand my commentary to indescribable sizes, I will just give a couple of links to the materials of serious scientists who know the reasons for the current and ways to overcome it.
    Professor V.A. Efimov - a mass of publications. There are in the internet and in the form of books, and in the form of video courses. Google and bane.
    As a fundamental document I recommend: V.A.Efimov "Course of the Age of Aquarius"

    Another work, not indisputable in details, but essentially true: Istarkhov "Blow of the Russian Gods".

    You can cite many more sources, but everyone can independently find the primary sources at least right there, in the internet.
  17. ole
    ole 23 July 2012 10: 48
    The country is swaying, then religious, then national performances, in the Caucasus, Tatarstan, Buryat soon will wait. We need to increase the level of well-being of citizens and everything will be fine. So to economic policy, we can say that we will soon be in the big ....
  18. survivor
    survivor 23 July 2012 10: 54
    any, even the most tyrannical government, ensuring the growth of the welfare of its citizens and their confidence in the future, will lead to the attenuation of interethnic, ethnic conflicts .... it is not for nothing that Nazism raises its head in countries during crises and revolutions ...
    however, the fact is also interesting, the unification of the country can occur in the event of war with an external aggressor .....
  19. Dad Ivanovich
    Dad Ivanovich 23 July 2012 10: 57
    it’s genetically rooted in the Russians that they are great, but now in troubled times there is a danger to share the fate of those brave Khazars in whom the Jews seized power.
    1. vadimN
      vadimN 23 July 2012 12: 02
      And in Russia, Jews have long ruled ... Starting from the 1917 of the year and to this day in different variations ...
      1. vadimN
        vadimN 23 July 2012 13: 01
        I don't know who "minus" me here, it just surprises :))
        Is there something wrong?
        Take a look at history with an open mind. The composition of the leadership of the Russian Social Democracy and the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks ... Come on, let's leave the story behind ... Take the official directory "Who's Who in Russian Business." 90% of the newly minted "Russian" oligarchs are Jews. When we are indignant at the unfair privatization, the robbery of the national property earned by generations of Soviet people, it would be good to look and think into whose hands this property fell. The answer is obvious, judging by the names of the oligarchic families ... And it is impossible to look at the Forbes directory without tears and laughter at all ... This is a guide to world Jewish families ...
      2. Fox 070
        23 July 2012 14: 16
        Quote: vadimN
        Jews have ruled in Russia for a long time ...
  20. Persey
    Persey 23 July 2012 11: 01
    I agree with the general idea! but the author exaggerates in many ways, Rurik was invited to rule Kiev, and this is no longer disputed by anyone, maybe once they said that they called him as an enlightener of "wild Russians" but now they don't write like that. “Our land is big, but there is no order in it,” these are the words of those who called Rurik to Russia, that is, from Rurik, in fact, centralized power in Russia began, although he did not rule all of Russia. Why is the author indignant at the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Russia ?? but he himself writes that instead of Novgorod there was the city of Slovensk, that is, a Slavic city, but not a city of Rus, you do not need to lump everything together, these were the times when the division between the Slavs had not yet occurred, and Russia as an independent, integral state, separately from other Slavs there probably all the same for 1000 years. It's just that our ancestors wrote about what is, for example about Kiev, Moscow, Novgorod, is mentioned only when they were already built, and what happened before they did not write in detail and therefore find out reliably About weapons, sabers are all the same weapons of the southern and eastern peoples, first of all, I don't know if the Tatars used them, but the fact that they were able to do them not only in Moscow and Dagestan is for sure. In Russia, they still preferred the sword, but I will say more all over the world they knew how to make damask steel only in Damascus and in Russia, and even in many European legends (i.e. FOLK legends and not invented by kings) it is described that the hero was armed or dressed in magnificent armor and weapons from Russia. I do not agree about Rome, although it was a kingdom of debauchery and sin, but initially a very developed state system, where the voice of a person had real power. But this is before they became an empire, as is often the realization of their permissiveness and ruined, the author again knocks everything together, cataphracts are heavy. the cavalry of the Persians, to the northeastern tribes, who preferred mobility to clumsy, this has nothing to do with it. As for Grozny, he really was a very wise ruler, whose only plan failed, that is, the oprichnina. About his execution, again, it is now believed that this is about 5 people, I think this is the most realistic figure, in Russia where before Christianity (and even after very rarely) the death penalty was not used at all, it seemed very cruel, so they called him formidable, and at what oprichniks who later became such thieves in law, he himself also eliminated. But this is all the little things in the article a huge PLUS! I especially liked about the textbooks, unfortunately this is really so. Let's hope that everything will change!
    1. Baron Wrangell
      Baron Wrangell 23 July 2012 11: 36
      the author again brings everything together, cataphracts are a heavy. the cavalry of the Persians, this has nothing to do with the northeastern tribes who preferred the mobility of slowness.

      Cataphracts is a heavy cavalry invented by the Scythians, and passed to the Slavs! the Persians did not have them, they were similar but not them. And the tactics of using Cataphracts were successfully applied in Russia before the invention of firearms. The cataphract armor is chain mail and a scaly shell, which allowed the war to be more flexible than, for example, the heavy horse of the Romans, where they wore what looked like a kirassa, but it was extremely small, since the emphasis was on heavy infantry. By the way, look at the armaments of cataphracts and Russian combatants, almost one to one. And the European knights made armor according to the Roman principle! Everything in history is improving!
      1. volcano
        volcano 23 July 2012 16: 43
        Baron Wrangell

        From where the Scythians could have had heavy cavalry. Scythians are nomads. they have no time to engage in metallurgy and blacksmithing. Scythians is a light cavalry perfectly wielding a bow. Scythian tactics are a hail of arrows and avoiding a strike. constant maneuvering.
        Read about the conquests of Macedon. He was never able to conquer the Scythians precisely because of their withdrawal from the general battle, constant maneuvering, coverage, etc.
        You will not argue that heavy cavalry is capable of performing such pretzels.
        Cataphracts are the heavy cavalry of BYZANTIA, which in turn borrowed this type of army from either Bulgaria or Persia (historians disagree). And the Russians could see the Cataphracts during the wars of Svyatoslav and Byzantium. And yes, they could adopt this experience. Although talking about its widespread use in the Russian troops is not necessary.
        The Russian army always consisted mainly of infantry. This is the core.
        At the time of Svyatoslav, the Russians had a battle formation similar to the Macedonian phalanx. Only the last few lines have always been turned to the rear. This was done so that in the event of stepping into the rear of the steppe cavalry, they would already be met by lines of battle ready for battle.

        Subsequently, the Russian battle order was transformed and began to remotely resemble the construction of Roman legions (or more modern square)
        Front Regiment, Large Regiment, Left Hand Regiment, Right Hand Regiment and Ambush (if circumstances allowed).
        This construction was highly effective, including against cavalry.

        And generally speaking. Cavalry will always yield to infantry. The exception can only be heavy cavalry (just cataphracts or for example knightly cavalry). Light cavalry has virtually no chance against a dense infantry formation.
        Maybe this is the guarantee of our victories over the steppes of all stripes.

        By the way, about Roman armor, you are also not quite right. The early Roman armor was indeed similar to the Greek and looked like cuirasses with greaves and arms. But later, Roman armor was transformed into a very comfortable complex element of protection.

        Until the beginning of the 12st millennium A.D. Roman legionnaires continued to wear short-sleeved chain mail weighing 14-XNUMX kilograms. Such armor greatly hampered movement in battle, and even on the march created significant difficulties - a Roman heavy infantryman had to carry all his weapons, a shield, a two-week ration and entrenching equipment. From the middle of the XNUMXst century. AD on the territory of Gaul (modern France), which was then part of the Roman Empire, they began to produce the first clearly expressed plate armor - "lorica segmental".
        The plate carapace quickly gained widespread popularity not only in legions: it was readily worn by merchants, travelers and citizens who traveled to remote provinces of the empire. This armor did not constrain movement, took a hit on a large surface, unlike chain mail, and, importantly, was beautiful.

        And European knights in the early Middle Ages (as in the time closest to the era of Rome) generally had only chain mail armor. The appearance of all these beautiful armor, helmets and other knight's tinsel should be attributed to the later Middle Ages, when blacksmithing and weapons in Europe reached its peak.
        1. volcano
          volcano 23 July 2012 17: 00
          Baron Wrangel sorry. I just read that the Scythians could have had heavy cavalrymen.
          Although all the same, it is either Persia (Iran) or Bulgaria. I mean, where did Rome, and to a greater extent Byzantium, adopt this kind of army?
          1. Baron Wrangell
            Baron Wrangell 24 July 2012 08: 50
            sorry I accept! we just argue about nothing. in museums there are remnants of heavy Scythian war gear torn from barrows, the equipment is not like Roman, from the bottom of chain mail, from above are small plates, such as fish scales. And the Sarmatians, the armament was a heavy, long spear and a sword, the basis of the heavy horse of the Romans. And the Sarmatians are Slavs!
        2. GG2012
          GG2012 23 July 2012 17: 09
          And here is the warrior of the Khazar Kaganate!
          "The osen is dangerous, however! As soon as it starts throwing matzo ... You can't stop it!"
          1. Fox 070
            23 July 2012 19: 58
            And this is a means of observation ...!
            1. GG2012
              GG2012 24 July 2012 09: 31
              For Fox 070 (7) Yesterday, 19:58 p.m. ↑
              Did you mean "LCD" TV?
        3. Sanches
          Sanches 24 July 2012 15: 03
          volcano Yesterday, 16: 43 ↑
          Cataphracts are the heavy cavalry of BYZANTIA, which in turn borrowed this type of troops from either Bulgaria or Persia (historians disagree)

          That is, either the Persians, Romans and Greeks borrowed this type of army from Thrace, or the Thracians, Greeks and Romans borrowed it from Persia. If in Thrace, then the "Slavic version" is closer - the Thracians were fair-haired and blue-eyed, and although they are not classified as Slavs, they are extremely close to the Slavs both genetically and geographically. By the way, the famous Spartak was a Thracian, I wonder if the Slavs can also be proud of him, or is it not us at all that the Thracians are?
    2. volcano
      volcano 23 July 2012 16: 26
      Everything is not bad, only Rurik was called to Novgorod, and not to Kiev.

      And in general, when it comes to Rurik and Norman theory. In fact, Rurik in the annals, including in Nestorova (which is, as it were, the basis of the foundations), is unambiguously identified with Russia.
      And the assumption that Rurik is a Viking, as far as I know, was made by Karamzin, and only because "who else could it have been." Well, Karamzin is officially "the father of Russian history", although the works of the German Meller and his comrades are taken as a basis. Subsequently, historians simply referred to Karamzin.
      So it is likely that Rurik is VARYAG, and not VIKING. Well, the Varyagi-Rus is a kind of northern Slavic tribe, or (which is also considered by modern research) a Slavic military fraternity, later similar could be seen in the Zaporizhzhya section.
      1. Eugene
        Eugene 23 July 2012 22: 13
        From school times, I still defended my vision of the role of Rurik (if there was one and was called upon at all). It always seemed to me that the Rus were already quite developed at that time, but it was precisely that there was no peace and unity among them.
        As an analogy, I have always cited the state of San Marino: according to the law, they cannot be a citizen of San Marino as a judge or a policeman, because they are all related to each other; Similarly with Rurik.
      2. shasherin_pavel
        shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 20: 56
        Complete Church Slavonic Dictionary of Archpriest Dyachenko p. 914.
        Var = heat. or an announcement to send to some place before anyone. "I cook you in Galilee" or "I am ahead of you in Galilee".
        Varangians = ... production from the ancient Norman var (plural number varar) = fidelity, vow.
        Anglo - Saxon woer = pledge, vow, union.
        Hence the name of verings or varangians as allies or jurors
        "... moreover, it is clearly said that some Varangians are called in Russia as sves, and also urmans."
        Varangian Sea = Baltic Sea.
        Стр. 67.
        Barbarian = gr. bapbapoc = foreigner. or bapbape - say incomprehensible.
    3. The centurion
      The centurion 24 July 2012 14: 34
      Quote: Persey
      Rurik was invited to rule Kiev, and no one disputes this,

      Even as disputed. He was invited to rule Novgorod, he never seemed to be in Kiev.
    4. shasherin_pavel
      shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 20: 27
      In the complete Church Slavonic dictionary there is no word "formidable", but there is a "bunch", which comes from the word "bunch", but it also has a meaning: to unite, multiply, many.
  21. redcod
    redcod 23 July 2012 11: 03
    Thank Peter the Great for your story. After all, he rewrote it to please the West. Entire teams of scribes led by Jacob Wilimovich (Jacob (James) Daniel) Bruce rewrote all the books.
    1. vadimN
      vadimN 23 July 2012 15: 56
      Well he for tobacco and alcohol BAAAlshoe thanks from the Russian people ... (read with sarcastic intonation!)
      1. shasherin_pavel
        shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 21: 05
        Potions were in Russia before the arrival of Peter 1. For addiction to tobacco, they broke their nostrils 20 years before Peter, so Peter didn’t bring tobacco to Russia, he only legalized it. And for vodka or how you write alcohol, thank Mendeleev with his 40 degree. Under Peter, alcohol was a strength of 20-30 degrees, but for addiction to such a potion flogged. Mostly they drank kvass, beer and ... like him ... pershin! barely remembered.
  22. survivor
    survivor 23 July 2012 11: 04
    "Jews, Jews, only Jews around" ... do not go too far, comrade. despite all the greatness of the Russian nation, one of the worst traits inherent in Russians, like everyone else, is to look for those who are to blame for their own omissions and mistakes ...
    especially the government loves to do this .... remember the "black hundred" ... so to speak, without leading but indulging ..........
    1. vadimN
      vadimN 23 July 2012 12: 50
      For example, there was no "Black Hundred" at the time of Lomonosov ... And read his works (not scientific, but journalistic, in modern terms. He wrote a lot of interesting things about the role of Jews in history, and in particular Russian. Mendeleev and a huge number of Russian learned minds adhered to the position ... But for some reason these words of theirs are hushed up ... Probably, thanks to the very "political correctness" for which you stand.
      1. Fox 070
        23 July 2012 14: 18
        Quote: vadimN
        thanks to the very "political correctness"
  23. ariy_t
    ariy_t 23 July 2012 11: 07
    King 12 Louis ordered everyone to be cut off ..... on the finger for the fact that the poor sufferers took his princess away ... Well, if no jokes, then more were killed during Bartholomew’s night than for the entire reign of Ivan the Terrible .... And that was in France .... Fact ... I am silent about the Inquisition ... yes Well, the article (in spirit) is excellent ... good
  24. GG2012
    GG2012 23 July 2012 11: 12
    Our so-called "Orthodox Church" will always be against our many thousand years of Russian historybecause it is contrary to the corporate interest of the "Church".
    And the "Church" will have to admit that it was by order of the "Fathers of the Church" that our ancient written sources were destroyed, and then the History of Russia itself was falsified.

    Is the "Church" ready for such a turn? I doubt.
    Popov is satisfied that the Slavs, before the "adoption" (planting by fire and sword) of Christianity, lived in herds, ate human flesh, there were no cities, and then "priests" came and everything appeared at once.

    Recently, an article pleased:

    At the Trinity excavation site in Veliky Novgorod, 21 birch bark letters were found this season

    18: 01 | 19.07.2012
    | Author: Nadezhda Vylegzhanina

    This was told by Novgorod archaeologists at today's, July 19, press conference on the results of the first half of the summer season.
    “As we recall, the archaeological season of 2010 brought us 42 birch bark messages,” noted Alexei Gippius, Doctor of Philology and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in his speech. - And for the first half of this season, 21 messages have already been found.
    All of them were discovered at the Trinity excavation site. Moreover, 20 - in the territory of the cut-out, where archaeologists explore the estate "Zh". What pleases specialists, a significant part of birch bark documents are whole texts.
    “It is noteworthy that 15 birch bark letters belong to the hand of the already known to us Yakima,” said Gippius. - Today it is the most significant set of texts by one author.
    As follows from the nature of the texts - and these are for the most part various secular records - Yakim most likely was the manager in a certain boyar family.
    Interestingly, from the whole complex of letters of Yakim, the text of one message was written not along birch bark fibers, as was accepted, but across.
    - Such a spelling is found only in three letters discovered in Moscow, - the specialist notes.
    1. rainer
      rainer 24 July 2012 08: 09
      And how do you imagine the coverage of this story before the calling of the Varangians?
      1. GG2012
        GG2012 24 July 2012 09: 35
        For Rainger Today, 08:09 ↑ new
        Do you mean "coverage" in historical sources?
        Or ... what kind of lighting? Explain!
  25. survivor
    survivor 23 July 2012 11: 13
    I am an active participant in many survival sites. on all sites has repeatedly raised the question of creating a summer health education camp for children. a place where it would be possible not only to deal with the physical recovery of the younger generation, but also spiritual recovery ... and this is what we, adults, thinking people need to do ... exactly together !!! not to shout that the shitty generation, but to directly engage in the healing of this generation !!! but, unfortunately, beyond discussion and srach, things usually didn’t reach ...
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 24 July 2012 00: 18
      Magomed fully support you!
      It is very important!
  26. time112
    time112 23 July 2012 11: 13
    Very well written article. Immediately threw the link to his son. There is something to think about. Famously, of course, our history is being rewritten now.
  27. click80
    click80 23 July 2012 11: 28
    The article is not bad, but I read it already about a year ago, if not more.

    So, it’s difficult to find data about the battle of Moldova, but you can - in specialized directories. For example, in the "Encyclopedia of Arms" KiM three lines are written.
    first link in Yandex:Битва_при_Молодях

    Remembering the Mongol invasion, I always wonder - where did they manage to get so many sabers? After all, sabers were forged only from the 14th century, and only in Moscow and in Dagestan, in the Kubachs.
    The author probably meant the Mongolian sabers, because sabers, including those from Damascus steel, have long been used by peoples in the east.
  28. bubla5
    bubla5 23 July 2012 11: 32
    All these changes in history most likely began under German Catherine, because the paradox at that time * was lost *, and maybe all the history books accumulated by Ivan Ianovich about all Russia were destroyed, and all the close kings were immigrants from Europe, and that means - gives an answer to the question of falsification and * scientific work on the history of our foreigners *.
  29. urchik
    urchik 23 July 2012 11: 33
    this article is in the front pages to give the young generation at least a thought that the history of Russia is completely different from the way Yeltsin’s geeks and Gorbachev’s minions present it.
  30. Submariner
    Submariner 23 July 2012 11: 36
    Plus ... the article is written with pain in my heart ... Thoughts are right!
      OSTAP BENDER 23 July 2012 14: 35
      I support one hundred percent, the article is correct!
  31. urchik
    urchik 23 July 2012 11: 45
    Well, the United States probably should be considered a stupid country even because the laws adopted in various states surprise with stupidity and these laws were developed by the elect. what can we say about the average pin ... ce.
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 23 July 2012 12: 26
      For example, in one of the States it’s not a problem to have sex with ... Porcupine! AAAAAA !!! They probably had such cases laughing laughing laughing
      I do not envy these bestiality laughing laughing laughing
  32. sevsor
    sevsor 23 July 2012 11: 50
    Has anyone ever looked into a modern Ukrainian history textbook for schools? When I saw what they were hammering the heads of children with, the only desire was, "into the furnace!"
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 23 July 2012 12: 23
      And give a reference feel
      Neighing hunt laughing
  33. Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 23 July 2012 12: 01
    Konstantin Polovnev, thanks for the interesting and informative article!
  34. anchonsha
    anchonsha 23 July 2012 12: 01
    One can argue with the author in many ways, as many historians delved into the depths of the birth of Russia. But some things are supposedly open only to them. But it is commendable that he defends and supplements some periods of Russia (namely, the period of Ivan the Terrible, the Tatar-Mongol yoke, etc.). And the fact that the West belittles the role of Russia and its enlightenment in the depths of centuries is true and they are us furnished. Our people are not so sophisticated and insidious as the peoples of the West. The people of Russia are distinguished by kindness and friendliness, and therefore we have no meanness to turn everything upside down on the behavior and morality of other peoples. In some ways, the West was a cut above Russia, in something the other way around (ore processing, steel, etc., has long been established in Russia, etc. With regard to the transition to new methods of teaching disputes, one must think that modern scientific knowledge in all areas, new types of sciences cannot be put into the head of a schoolboy, he is not able to absorb everything that has accumulated by mankind. Therefore, throwing is going from side to side now. You just have to go forward, get more knowledge than the USSR was.
  35. firever3000
    firever3000 23 July 2012 12: 03
    someday and Europe will be the French Caliphate and the British Emirates ...
  36. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 23 July 2012 12: 24
    However, he explains a lot about Rurik, and if this is true then it is finally Gut!
    In short: I’ll make a repost!
  37. rennim
    rennim 23 July 2012 12: 44
    If we vote in the elections for those who belittle the Russian people, break the army, destroy education .... Who are we after that ????
  38. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 23 July 2012 12: 53
    And who told you that "we lost"? .. Nothing like that ...
  39. denkastro
    denkastro 23 July 2012 13: 02
    At school, I went to the excavation site in the ancient settlement (V.Novgorodskoe), so even then birch bark letters were found that told about a structure that was much more than a thousand years old. And one professor (now I don’t remember his name) said that in none of the chronicles Chronicles in the west (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) are not mentioned about Rurik. And given that this was a tough guy, with his retinue, then this is only one thing - this was not there. And the millennium of Russia is celebrated because it is the date of foundation V.Novgorod. And this case was accepted even when historians did not have the opportunity to explore the deeper layers of antiquity. However, when modern research is generalized, then new historical theories will also be formulated. I think a couple of thousand years of our history will be voiced and justified .Yours faithfully.
    1. Eugene
      Eugene 24 July 2012 00: 45
      And in what language were the letters? What letter?
  40. Valmar
    Valmar 23 July 2012 13: 04
    I have been sticking to the true story for so long and it is surprising that until now Russian people don’t know everything, or better say: they don’t know at all ...
    Dear mathematicians: Nosovsky and Fomenko, explain everything in an accessible way, please read, a lot of things will surprise you there, maybe I don’t quite agree there, but the basis of our story is excellent. This will give you a push, a kind of incentive, to learn more about your native, beloved country:
  41. Chuck-norris
    Chuck-norris 23 July 2012 13: 19
    "The city of Slovensk, was founded in 2409 BC (3099 after the creation of the world)" I did not read further. Rave.
  42. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 23 July 2012 13: 45
    The article is wonderful in spirit. And to argue in this field is a pleasure. Imagine that one of the Poles would read it. Conclusion: History needs to be written by ourselves, and not foreigners should trust this business.
  43. vadimN
    vadimN 23 July 2012 13: 47
    This is what the priests themselves say about the church and its place in history !:
    1. Fox 070
      23 July 2012 14: 34
      An excellent link and everything is correctly said, no matter how sad it was, but it is.
      1. Odessa
        Odessa 23 July 2012 20: 07
        Fox 070,
        Here in Israel there is one priest, as his mother herself told. Before entering the theological seminary in Moscow, the dean himself told him that he would change his surname to his mother (Russian), otherwise he would not. There are a lot of Jews in the seminary, and they cut their own at admission. what
  44. DUTCH
    DUTCH 23 July 2012 14: 58
    Regarding the Mongol-Tatar yoke, this is an invention of our historians. In fact, Russia was an integral part of the Mongol empire. Moreover, the empire paid taxes, the chapters claimed, the vertical was generally tough.
    The Mongols didn’t reach Novgorod in Poland and Czechoslovakia, they were just a wise politician Alexander Nevsky, made an alliance with the Horde, covered himself from the rear and defeated a more fierce enemy. (Remember the Mongols did not touch the churches and priests, they didn’t impose their faith at all, but the Teutons, that is, the Europeans baptized with fire and sword). The rest of the princes paid because of tyranny and shortsightedness. About the number of Mongols in general, bullshit))) they were served by various peoples: Arabs, Kipchaks, Kiptays, Polovtsy, Kurds, etc. Mongols appreciated the courage and courage in the enemy, therefore they always suggested switching to their side (by the way, in Mongolia loves and remembers Zhukov very much, since the time of Khalkhin Gol, is there even a museum dedicated to him, and do we have a Zhukov museum?). The Mongol army absorbed all the best. So the Chinese built siege machines, uniforms — that is, armor and cold steel — delivered the Arabs.
    The nomad’s endurance plus a spare horse allowed them to make long and swift transitions, they actually lived in the saddle. This allowed them to make quick throws maneuvers, appeared here and there, smashed the enemy on the head, from here and the whole piz .... about the multiplicity of Mongols !!! With skill and quality they threw their lasso on Eastern Europe! And if it weren’t for the death of Khan Ogedey during the Batyev campaign in Europe, I don’t know with what kind of open eyes in Europe people would be !!!
    1. The centurion
      The centurion 24 July 2012 14: 44
      Quote: DUTCH
      With skill and quality they threw their lasso on Eastern Europe! And if it weren’t for the death of Khan Ogedey during the Batyev campaign in Europe, I don’t know with what kind of open eyes in Europe people would be !!!

      And this is again from the Cossack history.
      .... In 1239 - 1240 years, having defeated the southern Russian principalities, Batu sent his tumen to Western Europe. Warriors from Southern Russia, including Cherkasy and Brodniks, readily took part in the campaign of the Mongol troops against their ancient enemies - “Ugrians” and “Poles”. Numerous European chronicles and annals of that time depict the completely non-Mongolian appearance and language of the Tatar-Mongol army that came to Europe. Until the 1242 of the year, Batu headed the all-Mongolian Western campaign, as a result of which the western part of the Polovtsian steppe, Volga Bulgaria, Russia were conquered, all countries to the Adriatic and Baltic were defeated and conquered: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Dalmatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and The defeat of the European armies was complete. During this time, the Mongols did not lose a single battle. The Mongol army reached central Europe. Frederick II, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, tried to organize resistance, however, when Batu demanded obedience, he replied that he could become a falconer of the khan. The salvation of Europe came from where they did not wait. In the summer of 1241, the great Mongol Khan Ogedei fell ill and recalled his children and grandchildren from the front, and in December 1241 died. The first Mongolian turmoil was brewing. Numerous Chingizid princes, foreseeing a fight for power, one after another left the front with their troops and returned to their uluses. Batu did not have the strength to attack alone with the forces of his ulus alone and completed his campaign to the West in 1242. The troops moved to the Lower Volga, the city of Saray-Batu was founded, which became the new center of the Juchi ulus.
      1. Sanches
        Sanches 24 July 2012 16: 04
        if the Mongol empire was so huge that it could fight with the Poles and Hungarians, and even with the Germans, and it could only do this with a common border, because there were no aviation and strategic bombers then, then why in the first documentary description of its endless territory (Giovanni Plano Carpini "History of the Mongals, which we call Tatars") it is indicated that in the north she has only SEVERAL forests, and the rest of her land is extremely poor and barely provides food for livestock. It clearly did not include the Slavic lands, and clearly included only Mongolia itself, approximately within the modern borders. And was Batu-Batka a Mongol in fact, if all the steppe inhabitants, including the Cossacks and Mongols, were called Tatars, and from here in traditional history an incredible confusion arose who was who and with whom he fought. And the Mongols could live peacefully in yurts and move between the northern and southern borders of Mongolia all this time, occasionally meeting ambassadors from Europe, Russia, Georgia, China, Korea, Persia, Turkic khanates (only for some reason, traditional history claims that Russian ambassadors came only to bow to their enslaver - let's say then that ALL the countries of these ambassadors were captured by the Mongols, otherwise they are again the most "bald", and then in general it will turn out to be a Mega-Empire from the southern coast of Italy to the southern coast of Korea). It is more likely that the Cossacks, called the Tatars, fought with the Poles, Hungarians and Germans, and the Cossacks were just the regular army of Russia, and they are still divided just into foremen, centurions and thousanders
  45. Num lock U.A.
    Num lock U.A. 23 July 2012 15: 45
    A good article, correct, you can double-check the author’s data, but such a desire does not arise due to the CORRECTNESS of the general mood of the article
  46. pribolt
    pribolt 23 July 2012 15: 53
    A good article with the author agrees 100%
  47. tverskoi77
    tverskoi77 23 July 2012 15: 57
    Great article and for the most part great comments +++
    It all leads me to the only thought - you don’t need to modernize Russia, you need to know it!
  48. malera
    malera 23 July 2012 15: 58
    Quote: kosopuz
    It is simply amazing how these blue-legged Russian dreamers were able to build a state in the sixth part of the world?

    I do not know who the blue-footed are. Not Russian silver-footed for sure, as well as not squinting.
    However, all state advancement was to the East. Except when the Tatars helped the Moscow conquer part of the State of Lithuania.
    "In 1445, the great prince Kazimir was at enmity with the great prince of Moscow. And the Muscovites came with the Tatars and captured the entire Vyazemsk land. In the same winter, the great prince Kazimir sent his governors, princes and lords, against them to conquer the Moscow lands. They conquered Kozelsk, By faith, Kaluga, Mozhaisk, they did a lot of evil to the Muscovites, and took many people into captivity. "
    "[Stefan Batory] with a great army came to Inflantia [North of Latvia] and seized and captured several selected castles, where Moscow and their Tatars repaired the great marauding over the Germans, raped women and girls, torturing men, and taking prisoners ..."
    But then the Russians realized that to go to the West, you could lose your head. And in the East it’s empty, the primitive local taiga tribes could not resist and the Tatars had already lost their military fuse by that time.
    And so it turned out that a large Russian state with a capital (look carefully and find it almost at the western borders, because the other strong neighbors have been to the West longer) was Moscow.
    "it's just that Alexander Nevsky is a wise politician who made an alliance with the Horde,"
    Independent leaders enter into the union, and Alexander Nevsky went to beg the reign to reign and inform other princes.
    1. Sanches
      Sanches 24 July 2012 19: 08
      All steppe warriors in general, including the Cossacks and Mongols, were called Tatars. It all fits - "the great looting Moscow and CASH The Tatars repaired the Germans "- they also called the Cossacks, who were the Old Russian army, Tatars, therefore it was" Moscow and their Tatars "that were Muscovites and their contract soldiers (therefore they went on military campaigns together). It turns out that they" begged "labels to reign from own army - and that means it was the adoption of the rank of commander in chief. And our Tatars - or still the Cossacks - went to the west regularly, and also to the south and east, albeit not always successfully. One such campaign is described by Gogol. OUR Tatars never lost the fuse. And the ancient Russian lands do not end with Moscow. Look where Serbia is. Their language is similar to Russian perhaps more than any other Slavic language. Nearby are Slovenes and Croats (also Serbs in fact, or rather Serbo-Croats) So we settled close to the very Greece, Italy, and also Germany, given that the Czech language is not much different even from the more than once changed modern Russian language
  49. Zmeyuga
    Zmeyuga 23 July 2012 16: 02
    <...> the city of Slovensk, was founded in 2409 BC <...>

    Then the Slavs were not on the Central Russian Upland. We see a vivid example of obscurantism a la Fomenko.
    2) About Rurik ... I don’t know, I don’t know ... but no one is planting anything - there are a lot of versions (who is there whose son you can’t make out without genetic examination :))
    The opinion is widely spread that the Roman Empire was almost the only civilization of the past <...>

    Well, you have enough! eka on you The new chronology has affected! It soon becomes clear that there was no Egypt.

    Urgent need to break the history teaching course
    ? Better call a doctor, reduce the temperature, let the pupils look at the same time ...
    1. shasherin_pavel
      shasherin_pavel 24 July 2012 21: 26
      You my friend, what kind of Egypt do you remember, which after 10 Egyptian executions bent: you try all the Egyptian executions on yourself and tell me how many Egyptians survived after Moses. And then read what the Lord said to the Jews at the Deep (Red) Sea. "Look at this people that you will never see again." In fact, Egypt is translated as "Black Land", and the silt of the Nile has a reddish brown hue. So what kind of Egypt are we talking about: the one that the Lord destroyed, for turning to pagan boz? or for New Egypt? which exists after Moses, on the banks of the Nile.
      Can you tell me why there are ten executions, because one could be controlled by one? Yes, because the lands of Egypt were settled by the great-grandson of Noah.
  50. Uncle
    Uncle 23 July 2012 16: 14
    And why does the author justify himself so much, even to the point of swearing, is it painful that he is considered a "Russian fool"? I do not consider myself as such, and writing such articles does not come to mind.
    1. Zmeyuga
      Zmeyuga 23 July 2012 16: 45
      Neopaganism, Pan-Slavism ... and even Fomenko with his "new" chronology
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 23 July 2012 17: 52
        Woke up all at once, keep in touch?
        Type: Call a friend - Help, otherwise ...?