Novorossiysk search engines have opened an exhibition hall

At the corner of the intersection of the streets of the Constitution and the Novorossiysk Republic for the time being stood an inconspicuous old house. Few knew that he had several distinctive features. The first feature is that the house itself has been around for hundreds of years. The second feature is the headquarters of the Novorossiysk search center. Finally, the third - on the ground floor for a long time there was construction of an exhibition hall that could exhibit some of the most interesting finds of the search team.

As a result, the exhibition hall was opened. In addition, the walls of an inconspicuous building were decorated with unusual graffiti on a military theme. Two years of painstaking and hard work: from reconstruction of exhibits to a thorough repair of the premises. Assistance in the undertaking was provided by the Novorossiysk city administration and the Naparnik construction store. Building materials were required a lot. But the main burden of the work, naturally, fell on the search engines themselves, who, on bare enthusiasm, put into operation another object that tells of a difficult stories cities and territories.

The uniqueness of the exhibition hall is obvious. No museum will allow you to touch the exhibits yourself. They will be guarded like the apple of an eye, which, in general, is correct. But the format of the exhibition hall allows the visitor in the literal sense of the word to touch the story in a very interesting way, especially for boys. You can reload the Mosin rifle, find out how the famous German Luger P08 pistol will fall into your hand, weigh the German “mallet”, it’s the M24 grenade, etc.

Of course, except weapons, among the exhibits are many antiques of the beginning of the past, and sometimes the end of the century before last. Mechanical typewriters, coal irons, manual meat grinders, horseshoes, axes, perfume and medicine bottles, kerosene lamps, spoons, enameled mugs, etc. There are even original issues of the newspaper “Evening Moscow” for the 1943th year.

However, there is no barrel of honey without a spoonful of tar. The fact is that the Novorossiysk search center is not able to keep the doors of the exhibition hall open even five days a week. The center simply cannot afford a full-time unit in the form of the head of the exhibition hall, which, moreover, will have to combine this position with the position of a guide. At the same time, proper qualifications and at least minimal experience in search work are required, since each exhibit has its own story: from the headphones of an American Lend-Lease radio station to the edge of the Mosin rifle.
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