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Project 12700 sea minesweeper Yakov Balyaev launched in St. Petersburg

Project 12700 sea minesweeper Yakov Balyaev launched in St. Petersburg

The fourth sea minesweeper of the project 12700 code "Alexandrite" "Yakov Belyaev" launched in St. Petersburg. The ceremony was held at the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard. This was reported by the press service of the enterprise.

The Yakov Balyaev sea minesweeper is the fourth serial (fifth in a row) ship that was laid on the stocks of the plant, but because of the fire at the first serial minesweeper Georgy Kurbatov, Yakov Balyaev became the fourth mine defense ship in the project line 12700 "Alexandrite". According to the plans of shipbuilders, the transfer of the ship to the Navy will be held this summer. The place of service of the new minesweeper is not reported, but it is assumed that he will leave for the Pacific Fleet.

The lead ship of the Alexander Obukhov series was transferred to the Navy in 2016. At the end of 2018, the enterprise handed over to the customer the second (first serial) ship of the project 12700 - the minesweeper Ivan Antonov. In December 2019, the third ship of the Vladimir Emelyanov series joined the Russian Navy.

At present, three more hulls of project 12700 are located in the slipways of the Central Nevsky Shipyard, to the varying degree of readiness - the ships Georgy Kurbatov, Pyotr Ilyichyov and Anatoly Shlemov.

Minesweepers of the 12700 project are able to use the latest hydroacoustic stations located both on the ship itself and on remote-controlled and autonomous underwater vehicles, and they have an automated mine action control system. Able to use traditional and traditional weapons. The ships of the Alexandrite series have a unique hull made of monolithic fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion.

Under the state armaments program during the 2018-2027 period, the Russian Navy plans to get the 10 latest minesweepers for the 12700 Alexandrite project.
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Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard
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  1. Hunter 2
    Hunter 2 29 January 2020 16: 23
    So that's great! good After completion and State tests, we are waiting for the transfer to the Fleet!
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 29 January 2020 16: 31
      Lesch hi I'm not a naval specialist. Although the verb-hook from cofferdam distinguish. But even the appearance of ships of this rank cannot but rejoice! good
      1. cost
        cost 29 January 2020 16: 36
        The ships of Project 12700, developed by the Almaz design bureau, are designed to combat sea mines, including the so-called smart sea mines, which they can detect both in water and in sea soil. In the short term, a series of several dozen mine defense ships of this project will be built for the Navy.
        These minesweepers have the largest hull in the world of monolithic fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion and providing its higher strength compared to steel hulls, greater survivability of the ship when searching for mines. The ship's displacement is 890 tons, length - 61 m, width -10 m, cruising speed with a total displacement of 16,5 knots, a crew of more than 40 people. The ship has high maneuverability due to the use of an effective complex of various thrusters.
      2. Hunter 2
        Hunter 2 29 January 2020 16: 49
        pasha hi Well, I’m also “special” in quotation marks, I had another specialization ... but the fact that there aren’t enough minesweepers - I know for sure!
        They are generally worth their weight in gold ...
        1. bouncyhunter
          bouncyhunter 29 January 2020 16: 54
          So it was not in vain that this news pleased us! good Let either this series increase, or by 2027 the upgraded one will appear and go into the series! soldier
          1. Hunter 2
            Hunter 2 29 January 2020 16: 59
            Then let the Naval commanders decide, it pleases - they began to build! good
      3. antivirus
        antivirus 29 January 2020 17: 13
        for a strange "rating in points" I do not correspond to my views on the world around
        "even a little, even a teaspoon is already good"
        who needs to build an aircraft carrier in 2 years - break off, according to the country's arm, the Armed Forces are developing this way, not according to your wishes.
        life goes on ... building a fleet
        1. Hunter 2
          Hunter 2 29 January 2020 17: 30
          Can you speak Russian? Something did not understand your thought ... belay
          1. antivirus
            antivirus 29 January 2020 18: 45
            I joke "little spoon .." - they give me cons
            but in fact - it will not be 57 mm instead of 30 in BMP and other SV quickly and the aircraft carrier fleet will not be according to the wishes of the readers VOzr "GDP has ruined everything" and "it is necessary to invest in seven new aircraft carriers until 2025"
  2. Alex 2020
    Alex 2020 29 January 2020 16: 26
    Pleases of course a similar news. But I would like more mine defense ships to the fleet. And then almost all the bases and areas are not provided with PMO ships. RTOs and yachts raids with fairways you will not tear. And the existing types of minesweepers no longer fully provide PMO, and many already have a resource ...
    1. cost
      cost 29 January 2020 16: 38
      Project 12700 sea minesweeper Yakov Balyaev launched in St. Petersburg

      Named in honor of the Hero of the USSR Jacob Illarionovich Belyaev
  3. Ros 56
    Ros 56 29 January 2020 19: 07
    Gradually equip our Red Banner Fleet, and some cry - everything is gone.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 29 January 2020 19: 18
      Quote: Ros 56
      Gradually equip our Red Banner Fleet, and some cry - everything is gone.

      And how can one not cry if the standard armament on this TSC is not only not fit, but also not quite suitable for dealing with modern mines. If you still want to hear a lot of new words - ask Mina for "Inspector". smile
      Where are the domestic serial disposable mine destroyers?
      1. Ros 56
        Ros 56 29 January 2020 19: 23
        The fleet for me is a dark forest, here in aviation would be sorted out. fellow hi
      2. bk316
        bk316 29 January 2020 20: 20
        And how not to cry here

        They didn’t build anything - they cried.
        One at 10 years did - cried
        The series was launched - they cried
        I think we will launch the "death star" - you will also cry.
        Is it a deep depression?

        By the way, what prevents then equipping the Alexandrites of the NPA?
  4. seregin-s1
    seregin-s1 29 January 2020 19: 46
    Great and very necessary ship! We squeeze out a series of ourselves. Good luck At least four a year. But as always, subcontractors fail.
  5. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 29 January 2020 21: 20
    a very necessary ship, but they are not enough, you need to make them bigger and faster, unload the plant about other orders and order more minesweepers, finish building them at the Severnaya Verf, Zelenodolsk, temporarily stopping the laying of all surface ships for the Navy.
    1. seregin-s1
      seregin-s1 29 January 2020 23: 16
      Each plant must do its job. They mastered the technology with flour, it is necessary to develop it. There are not many factories in the world that build ships from fiberglass. And in Russia he is the only one.