Logistics of rail transportation during the Great Patriotic War

Rail transport during the years of World War II played one of the most important roles in ensuring the long-awaited victory of our country over Nazi Germany. Throughout the entire period of hostilities, railroad workers provided timely and uninterrupted delivery of everything necessary to the front. In those years, all Soviet railway transport was rebuilt in a military fashion.

A lot of fundamental works and monographs have been written about the role of the USSR railways during the war. According to the publicist and blogger Sergei Sigachev, all these works are built according to the canon of late Soviet popular science literature, since there are a lot of pathos, ceremonial, and heroic in them.

A significant drawback of such literature is that it does not reveal the real logistical crises that plagued the USSR railways during the war. The crises created during that period directly influenced the conduct of hostilities by the Red Army.

In the video presented, Sergei Sigachev will talk about the pre-war condition of the USSR railways, about the very long way of Soviet railway transport with a serious renewal of rolling stock from 1924 to 1941, about military transport during the war, as well as about the crises that accompanied them.

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  1. rocket757 28 January 2020 14: 50 New
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    Not everything was ready, as it is always not ready to the end! And the road is work without end and rest!
    1. Reptiloid 3 February 2020 23: 27 New
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      Quote: rocket757
      Not everything was ready, as it is always not ready to the end! And the road is work without end and rest!

      And you can remember that then there were other means of communication, laughing , not at all like now. And there were no computers. And there wasn’t much else. He mastered about half, I won’t go on.
  2. Destiny 28 January 2020 18: 21 New
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  3. Vladimir_2U 29 January 2020 04: 20 New
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    When they tried to interfere with the Soviet past with dirt, they recalled all the failures and defeats in the Second World War, but as soon as, by thoughtlessness, they passed articles and programs about doctors and railway workers, it became clear to anyone who thought little more that the Soviet government and Stalin did all for Victory!
    1. Reptiloid 3 February 2020 23: 37 New
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      It is foolish and pointless to pull out the events of the Soya past and to find fault with them.
      There must be a comparison, either with pre-revolutionary time, or with the present.
      With pre-revolutionary one way or another --- it sounded. And ---- not in favor of that time. negative
      It would be interesting to learn about modern shortcomings, post-Soviet negative