January 27 - Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade

January 27, 1944 is the day of the complete lifting of the siege of Leningrad. The blockade, which was carried out by the divisions of Nazi Germany and its Finnish, Italian and Spanish allies, became one of the most tragic and at the same time heroic events of World War II. Beginning on September 8, 1941, the Leningrad blockade lasted a long and painful 872 days.

The Nazis, hoping for a plan of “lightning” war and a quick victory, hoped to take Leningrad within a few weeks of 1941 in order to gain the opportunity to control industry in the northwestern part of the USSR and defeat the Soviet Baltic Fleet. In addition, the German army and its allies were tasked with the capture of Leningrad in order to ensure an unhindered supply of resources from the ports of Norway. For Leningradites, Hitler’s plans were destined for a sad fate. The very name of the city acted on Hitler as an irritant.

Until now, historians cannot agree on exact figures regarding losses in Leningrad. They agree on one thing - we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dead civilians: from shelling and bombing, from hunger, cold and disease. The minimum estimate is about 620 thousand people, the maximum is about 1,3 million. Moreover, over 90 percent are residents who could not survive the monstrous famine that covered Leningrad as a result of the Nazi blockade.

From the book of the American publicist M. Walzer:

More civilians died in the siege of Leningrad than in the hells of Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

Most of the survivors of the siege of Leningrad are buried in the Piskaryovskoye cemetery. The total number of graves of victims of the Nazi blockade on it is about half a million. About a hundred thousand victims of the blockade are buried in the Serafimovsky cemetery of the northern capital.

January 27 - Day of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade

It история, which will forever remain with us - including in the stories of the unconquered blockade survivors of what is, in fact, difficult to describe in words.
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"Military Review"
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  1. Vladimir_2U 27 January 2020 06: 53 New
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    Eternal memory to the heroes and eternal sorrow for the dead and dead. Regardless of the limitation, I can neither read nor even think about the dead children.
    1. GKS 2111 27 January 2020 06: 57 New
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      All this is called - blockade.
      And a baby cry in a broken nest ...
      No children in town, no need
      After all, the homeland will warm them everywhere.

      No children in the military city
      A fighter should not preserve rations,
      Carry home. Doesn't dare invariably
      His pursuing childish voice.

      And in the whistle of bullets, and in the howl of a bomb
      We can’t hear children’s legs running.
      Catacomb Shelter
      Not for children to remember forever.

      They will return to the house. Their fear is not needed.
      We will protect, we will save their home.
      Mother will be mother. And the husband will return as husband.
      And the children will be here. But not now. Then.

      Elena Vechtomova. Children
      1. Alena Frolovna 27 January 2020 12: 52 New
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        From the transcript of the meeting of the International Military Tribunal of February 27, 1946

        Nuremberg trials. From the testimony of Archpriest N.I. Lomakin

        Smirnov: Tell me, witness, at the beginning of the siege of Leningrad in which church did you serve?

        Answer: At the beginning of the blockade, I was the rector of the St. George cemetery, I was the rector of the St. Nicholas Church of this cemetery.

        Smirnov: Therefore, it was a cemetery church?

        Response: Yes.

        Smirnov: Maybe you will tell the Tribunal about your observations made during your service in this church?

        Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.
    2. Finches 27 January 2020 07: 00 New
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      Heroic and tragic story page! Always, on this day I try to lay flowers at the memorial tablet on Nevsky! She is a stone's throw from the district headquarters ... Today it is somewhat unusual - there is absolutely no snow! And then winter was fierce!

      Eternal glory to the Hero City of Leningrad and its defenders and residents!
      1. Uncle lee 27 January 2020 07: 05 New
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        Let's drink to those who spend weeks long
        In the frozen dugouts lay
        Fought in Ladoga, fought in Volkhov,
        Not a step back.

        Let's drink to those who commanded the companies
        Who was dying in the snow,
        Who made their way to Leningrad swamps
        Throat breaking the enemy.
        1. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 08: 28 New
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          Quote: Uncle Lee
          Let's drink to those who spend weeks long
          In the frozen dugouts lay
          Fought in Ladoga, fought in Volkhov,
          Not a step back.

          Let's drink to those who commanded the companies
          Who was dying in the snow,
          Who made their way to Leningrad swamps
          Throat breaking the enemy.

          Nothing to say...
          1. GKS 2111 27 January 2020 09: 45 New
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            Olga Berggolts. I say.
            I say: we, citizens of Leningrad,
            do not shake the roar of the canon,
            and if there are barricades tomorrow
            we will not leave our barricades ...
            And women with soldiers will stand side by side,
            and the children will give us patrons,
            and we should all bloom
            the ancient banners of Petrograd.
            1. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 10: 00 New
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              What can I say? Everything is said - a lump in the throat and tweaks in the nose, as if to cry (although I can’t cry)
              And women with soldiers will stand side by side,
              and the children will give us patrons,
              and we should all bloom
              the ancient banners of Petrograd.
              I quarrel with my wife, so I frighten her: “I’ll drop everything, I’ll take the arsenal out of the safe and leave you away to the Donbass.”
              And she says: "I never mind hiding, I’ll go to bring cartridges to you." That's such a love ... For 30 years.
              And my son is ready to bring cartridges - I don’t earn as much as he brings me as many cartridges as he wants. And if dad gives a shot from the "grandfather of the gold medal" ...
      2. GKS 2111 27 January 2020 07: 08 New
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        A deep bow to them all ...
        1. Alexander Suvorov 27 January 2020 08: 22 New
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          GKS 2111
          A deep bow to them all ...
          Not just a low bow, but also eternal memory! And such MEMORY should be, so that for all kindlings like Kolsurengoy’s tongue would dry out to feel sorry for the killers. And such reptiles, who hung a plate on Mannerheim, their hands would fall off.
          I shudder at the mere thought of what would happen if I, my wife and children were placed for at least a week in the conditions in which Leningraders lived, fought and worked.
          ETERNAL MEMORY OF HEROES! I will not forget or forgive, and will bequeath to my children.

          P.S. This is what creatures must be in order to raise kolyusurengoy, this applies to all parents and teachers! The Germans felt sorry for him, but do not want to feel sorry for the children of the blockades ?!
      3. Olgovich 27 January 2020 08: 18 New
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        Quote: Finches
        Heroic and tragic story page! Always on this day withI try to lay flowers at the memorial tablet on Nevsky!

        Do it, Eugene, please, and from our name: as a sign of eternal memory, respect for the residents and defenders of the city.. We physically, unfortunately cannot do this ...
        I would really appreciate it. hi

        My relatives survived the blockade: they fought in the militia, anti-aircraft gunners, went hungry ... Not everyone survived ...

        These were some completely special people, with some completely special attitude to life, surrounding ..... hi
        1. rich 27 January 2020 13: 36 New
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          The whole family of my grandfather’s brother died in the besieged Leningrad ... The whole big family ... Parents, Wife, little Daughter. Coming from the front. He was left all alone. All relatives called him to her, but he refused to leave Leningrad, said - "Until I find their grave I can’t leave." And what graves? One big "Piskarevka". And even that is not a fact. They buried in a blockade in many places. ... I did not find ....
        2. Finches 27 January 2020 19: 18 New
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          Good day! hi I fulfilled your request, Andrew. But we can say that from all living now!
          1. Olgovich 28 January 2020 07: 56 New
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            Quote: Finches
            Good day! I fulfilled your request, Andrew. But we can say that from all living!

            Of course, from all of us, remembering and grateful!

            Great thank you! hi
    3. Ilya-spb 27 January 2020 07: 06 New
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      Everlasting memory! Both of my grandfathers defended Leningrad. One fought on the Oranienbaum patch, was wounded. Another, dad, died in the 43rd, fighting in the Nevsky Piglet area. Not on the little bird, but in the area.

      The horror of the blockade must not be allowed to repeat!
      1. Major Yurik 27 January 2020 10: 08 New
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        This is a very difficult day for us from Leningrad, St. Petersburg, whatever! Quietly you go up the stairs of the Piskarevsky cemetery clutching cloves in your hand. You walk quietly to be behind the walking old people who saw all this horror and experienced it on themselves. They are some kind of especially bright, clean and tidy and very not noisy. Quietly approach the mass graves, the memorial and silently stand laying flowers. It’s very difficult at the Piskarevsky cemetery, the energy sector is out of bounds, and on this day the heart jumps out altogether. But not being there that day is worse! May the Lord give health to all living survivors of this horror, but let us remember their feat and not allow different bastards to touch with dirty hands the memory of the feat of our great and beloved city! soldier hi
    4. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 07: 14 New
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      Quote: Vladimir_2U
      Eternal memory to the heroes and eternal sorrow for the dead and dead.

      We were taken to school in Leningrad and the obligatory item - "Piskaryovka" ...

      After my first, most terrible, blockade winter, my grandfather, a tankman, was taken out on ice 42 kilogram weight. They drove on an iron sheet to Piskaryovka, and when they threw it into the "brotherly" one, someone said, "Ba! Yes, he is still breathing."

      Many years after the Victory he read the "Blockade" by A. Chakovsky. There is an episode there when tanks were made at the Kirov plant, and a German shell pierced the wall of the workshop and the tank was driven into the breach by direct fire.
      I remembered how my grandfather said that "he beat Fritz directly through a hole in the wall."

      And also Chakovsky has an episode with the Badayevsky warehouses. Grandfather said that sugar sprinkled in the snow interfered with carpentry glue and drank while warm ...

      Eternal glory to Leningrad and the eternal shame of Germany ... I, the bastards, neither Leningrad, nor the burning Smolensk, nor Stalingrad, nor Kiev and Minsk - did not forgive. And my son will not forgive.
      1. bessmertniy 27 January 2020 07: 34 New
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        The hero-city of the Great Patriotic War, the city of the greatest revolution in history, the city built by the Russian people to “open a window to Europe” at the behest of Peter the Great is our pride, and it is significant that the fascist hordes could not break it! soldier
        1. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 07: 56 New
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          Quote: bessmertniy
          The hero-city of the Great Patriotic War, the city of the greatest revolution in history, the city built by the Russian people to “open a window to Europe” at the behest of Peter the Great is our pride, and it is significant that the fascist hordes could not break it! soldier

          It was necessary to do with Berlin what Hitler wanted with Leningrad. Level in the “zero” level with bulldozers and fill with a meter layer of salt. Maybe now in Europe they would look not at Berlin, but at "the place where Berlin was once - the source of aggression against Russia" - this "salt clearing" would reassure many ...

          Only we are not "such." We are humanists. Zhukov did not go to watch Auschwitz "so as not to become hardened." I understand Zhukov, of course. BUT!! Am I right, a simple soldier, after so many years, to condemn the Marshal of Victory? But I would go, look and give the order: "Do not spare cartridges, do not take prisoners."
          1. Magog 27 January 2020 21: 27 New
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            It is hard to imagine a more cruel marshal than Zhukov ... True, this cruelty was manifested in relation to his soldiers and officers. But how he loved himself and felt sorry - to tears!
      2. Pete mitchell 27 January 2020 13: 55 New
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        Quote: Zoldat_A
        ... Eternal glory to Leningrad and the eternal shame of Germany ...

        Short and capacious, eternal memory
        Quote: Zoldat_A
        .. And my son will not forgive.
        We stood and will stand, otherwise they will trample
  2. svp67 27 January 2020 07: 07 New
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    This is a story that will forever remain with us

    1. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 08: 23 New
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      Quote: svp67
      This is a story that will forever remain with us

      Allaverds! drinks

      I was there three times - I’m sure - THE BEST CITY ON THE EARTH. Fell in love with him the first time - clean, straight streets, light snow and stalls with oranges at 2 rubles per kilo. So clean that even the skins of oranges on the sidewalk are dumbly dropped. My friend and I, the Volga barge haulers, two weight-lifters, were near the Vitebsk station in this silence and beauty ...
      And then there was Peterhof, the Catherine Palace, the Hermitage (on which you can walk endlessly - I would stay there, along with cats, although I like dogs more). And after the army there was Peterhof with fountains, the Catherine Palace without winter covers on statues, a hotel with taxi drivers who always brought brandy. AND AGAIN The Hermitage. You can’t see anything in Leningrad - just look at the monument to Peter from Catherine’s, the six-ton ​​lead eagle at the gates of Petropavlovka and the Hermitage. It’s worth living for it.

      Leningrad is my love. For life.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Tank hard 27 January 2020 07: 20 New
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    What would you remember ...

    I was 12 ...

    Silently lying by the cold Fontanka
    A little to the house I did not crawl;
    My eyes are open but I don’t see the sled
    I can’t feel the frost anymore.

    My dad died somewhere near Leningrad,
    And my mother took the bombing.
    I believed that you would repay the bastards,
    I died, but faith is alive!

    But I really didn’t want to give up,
    I tried to survive and help,
    But my little body was torn
    And I look quietly into the night ...

    I dear grandmother carried a ration of bread,
    She can't walk.
    Also the neighbor’s girl Lyuba,
    A piece wanted to break off.

    But a German splinter hit my back,
    A good piece of iron,
    And only the winds of cold rustle,
    I could not crawl a little.

    No, no, I didn’t shout, just a little startled,
    And there are no tears for a long time,
    He just clasped his teeth loudly ...
    And fell to the bottom.

    I was 12, I wanted to go to the movies
    I wanted a hot compote.
    Yes, it didn’t happen, and did not succeed,
    Only blood, but dirty ice.

    Do you remember this when in Berlin,
    Victory march will go.
    Straightening his shoulders and straightening his back,
    Our glorious and strong people.

    My verse.
    1. novel66 27 January 2020 07: 32 New
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      it is from the heart .. thanks! hi
      1. Tank hard 27 January 2020 07: 39 New
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        Quote: novel xnumx
        it is from the heart .. thanks!

        hi I did my best.
        1. novel66 27 January 2020 07: 40 New
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          Poets walk heels on the blade of a knife
          And they cut their bare souls into the blood.
          Vysotsky ..
    2. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 08: 37 New
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      • 1
      I saved it on my computer - I hope I did not violate copyright?
      On business - would know how to cry - would cry. Not flattery - a normal assessment. Poems - level Olga Berggolz. Is there more?
      1. Tank hard 27 January 2020 08: 42 New
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        Quote: Zoldat_A
        Is there more?

        Yes, but few. I write rarely, a verse is an appropriate state of mind, you must first achieve such a state, and this is rare. I do not accept dope. About the Patriotic War, there is one more thing dedicated to my grandfather. This verse was written in 2018, to his son at school, about Leningrad. hi
        1. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 09: 01 New
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          Quote: Tank Hard
          Quote: Zoldat_A
          Is there more?

          Yes, but few. I write rarely, a verse is an appropriate state of mind, you must first achieve such a state, and this is rare. I do not accept dope. About the Patriotic War, there is one more thing dedicated to my grandfather. This verse was written in 2018, to his son at school, about Leningrad. hi

          God hasn’t given me. With a pencil I can still somehow strike, but with verses - an ambush. And all his life he envied with white envy people who still know how to rhyme their thoughts.
          I would also like to read yours.
          1. Tank hard 27 January 2020 09: 21 New
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            Quote: Zoldat_A
            I would also like to read yours.

            Dedicated to my grandfather, Ananiev Alexander Stepanovich and all the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, living and dead heroes ....

            Medal of Honor.

            I bow to the bullets, in the snow I lie
            Clinging to the butt "Degtyareva."
            I watch these dogs in sight
            And I press the index finger
            Descent - again and again.
            We are here in the land near Moscow
            Together with my machine gun.
            We will not let these scum pass,
            Put them in a whole platoon.
            They broke through, just a little - and Moscow.
            My battery is “worth”,
            From the breakthrough point, on the side.
            The order was received, ammunition was taken;
            And I'm on my shoulder with a machine gun
            Running in deep snow
            Eyes corroded later.
            And so I pressed the enemies to the ground, they are dressed poorly ...
            A short fur coat is warm on me
            And it's too early to freeze.
            Let them die in the cold snow !!!
            And I’m warming up a little Vacha.
            There will be no rounds - I’ll go with the knife, but I feel it will be luck!
            And here is our infantry in a hurry, the enemy could not break through today.
            I just drink a little boiling water,
            And then I will fight !!!
            1. Zoldat_A 27 January 2020 09: 40 New
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              • 1
              Bravo! Reminded Mityaev

              "And we lie before the cast
              The snowfall almost got us

              about cadets.

              If I could cry, I would cry. I won’t let my wife read it - it will roar ... Because I have “For Courage” hanging in my closet on a “parade”. and on the father’s tunic - three. And two - on his grandfather's jacket. And from the great-grandfather one more remained.
  5. rocket757 27 January 2020 07: 35 New
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    Memory forever ... whatever it was.
  6. Van 16 27 January 2020 07: 46 New
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    "They jammed us here with bombs,
    Here they choked us with hunger
    Only you and my city
    They were still stronger.
    No, we didn’t forget them,
    No, we have not forgotten them -
    Nine hundred nights of the siege
    Nine hundred blockade days. "
    Mikhail Matusovsky, Leningrad metronome.
    Eternal glory and eternal memory to you, Leningrad and Leningraders.
  7. WILL 27 January 2020 08: 12 New
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    Even in childhood, at a reading lesson (in my 3rd grade) there was a Thematic lesson on the Blockade of Leningrad! The Greatest impression on me was made by the Diary of Tanya Savicheva ... I think the whole class was crying! Although it is unlikely that children imagined how terrible death from Famine!
    Recall the Martyrs, their bright memory!
  8. Mountain shooter 27 January 2020 08: 17 New
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    After my mother told me about the blockade (I was about 8 years old) I can’t help but eat up the bread ... And I never put on the plate more than I intend to eat ...
  9. knn54 27 January 2020 08: 27 New
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    28 August 1941 year
    Ref: blocking the city of Leningrad
    Army Group North
    Based on the directive of the High Command, it is ordered:
    1. The city of Leningrad should be taken in as close as possible to the city ring of the blockade, which will save energy. The surrender of the city is not required.
    2. In order to achieve the earliest possible destruction of the city as the last center of red resistance in the Baltic without much blood from our side, an infantry assault is ruled out. On the contrary, after the destruction of air defense and enemy fighters, the city should be deprived of value for life and defense by destroying water stations, warehouses, sources of electricity and light. Any disobedience of the civilian population to the troops blocking the city should - if necessary - be prevented by force of arms.
    3. Through the communications headquarters “Sever” *, the Finnish High Command will further demand that the Finnish forces on the Karelian Isthmus take over the blockade of the city from the north and northeast together with German troops crossing the Neva to this area, and that the blockade from the aforementioned point The view was successful.
    The direct contact of the Headquarters of the Army Group “North” and the Headquarters of the Communications “North” to coordinate the interaction of units of the OKH will issue an order in a timely manner.
    Halder (Chief of General Staff OKH).
    I would like to hope that the NEW leadership of the Ministry of Culture will not establish another memorial plaque "a la Mannerheim".
  10. Van 16 27 January 2020 09: 23 New
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    Rosenbaum really likes:
    “I’m breathing in my fingers, I wouldn’t freeze it, I’m hurrying to Lake Ladoga again, long before morning, anti-aircraft guns are being beaten into darkness, and in the searchlights the Junkers are screaming in the abyss, ice has crushed to the bottom, black water and the motor are roaring ..." the text. Sometimes we sing with a guitar.
  11. Stils 27 January 2020 09: 50 New
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    In fact, the Nazis did not have plans for the direct capture of Leningrad, there was a specific plan for taking the city into the ring, a complete blockade and the extermination of the population by hunger. These plans themselves and what followed should be regarded as a more serious crime than a plan to seize the city and blockade in fact.
    1. Magog 27 January 2020 17: 32 New
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      The main accusation of the Nuremberg trial: "preparation and organization of war"! The tragedy of Leningrad and our entire country was the result of a complete absence of measures to defend the state. Why did they “win time” by concluding the “Pact” of 39? Was the defense built? "The enemy has treacherously attacked!" And we, at the very western borders, as we have specially laid down mountains of weapons, ammunition, equipment ... "Take it, fascist, use it! We have a non-aggression agreement with you! We are almost friends." ... And now: gas - to Europe, oil - there too. To their people, excise taxes and "shish" instead of gas supply, saving on medicine and education ... But: "We remember the tragedy!" War veterans have almost all gone, surviving the remnants of life in poverty. 75 thousand to whom? The power of their own salaries is a shame (for them) to pronounce — they are not ashamed to receive! The care of the authorities for their people is the way of revealing the memory of those who obtained this Holy Victory! Including, on the part of the authorities - this is more like a farce ...
    2. Magog 27 January 2020 18: 09 New
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      • 2
      "The Nazis did not have plans for the direct capture of Leningrad?" And today they tell us that Leningrad "saved Zhukov", however, like Moscow.
  12. Laksamana besar 27 January 2020 10: 03 New
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    Happy Military Glory Day!
  13. AU Ivanov. 27 January 2020 10: 44 New
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    Granny. Surgeon. During the blockade, she operated in the hospital on the Obukhov defense. Until the end of her life she swept bread crumbs off the table and sent them to her mouth. Grandfather, commander Li-2. There, to the besieged city, food, from there kids to evacuate. They shot down three times, sat on ice, and was wounded. They died recently, both were under a hundred years old. The day of lifting the blockade was celebrated as a family holiday.
  14. Alex Justice 27 January 2020 11: 01 New
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    While his father cast steel at 16 for 250g of bread per day, Zhdanov did not lose a single kilogram of weight. So the whole blockade remained moderately well-fed.
    Grandfather died at 43 of a perforated stomach ulcer.
  15. faterdom 27 January 2020 11: 11 New
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    Last year, in the summer, my wife and I went to Piskarevskoye. Unpleasantly struck - an empty huge parking lot, empty in the cemetery. Moreover, near Nevsky, Kronverka or there, Isakia foreigners like ants.
    It is of course all kinds of Swedes or British there voluntarily, but the Germans must be taken there forcibly! And the Chinese are amazed, they directly have an atlas of shrines to visit - Aurora, the Hermitage (aka Winter), but Piskarevka is not there. But this is 1,5 billion. This is where Putin should have hinted at a "friend C".
    I believe that the feat of Leningrad still does not have a true assessment. This is the "Brest Fortress", only in a strategic sense, greatly influencing the course of the war, which for three years held the amusing forces of the Germans and many of their allies. It was because of Leningrad that Hitler was furious - the whole Barbarossa was completely covered - he could not release his forces and as a result could not take Moscow. Then, therefore, he was unable to reach Baku through the Caucasus, suffered a Stalingrad catastrophe, and did not achieve the desired result on the Kursk Bulge.
    All this time, a significant number of divisions were stuck near Leningrad, moreover, they constantly suffered heavy losses (the Spanish Blue Division updated its composition from three to four times), devoured resources, military equipment, aircraft and ammunition. But on their part it was all in vain, but on the part of the Leningrad people it was just very useful for the entire course of the war.
  16. midshipman 27 January 2020 11: 49 New
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    My father died on the Leningrad Front on 27.12.1941/1944/XNUMX. Major, gunner. He was buried in a separate grave by his fighters at the Theological Cemetery. His colleagues showed us his grave in XNUMX, when my mother and I returned to Leningrad after breaking the blockade from the evacuation.
  17. Oleg Skvortsov 27 January 2020 14: 11 New
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    Siege bread

    I have not heard of Leningrad about light bread ...
    I have not forgotten
    blockade hard bread;
    and the whistle of "Messerschmitt" in the clear sky,
    and a city that did not go blind in the dark;
    weight remember
    XNUMX gram soldering
    and sledges are heavy in the snow,
    and a warm look, and that frost is severe,
    and a girl
    I can’t meet ...
    Heavy snow
    on fraternal graves
    and the severity of the bombs, and on the asphalt the blood -
    and since then
    unable to accept soul
    and light bread, and light love.
    S. Botvinnik
  18. horus88 27 January 2020 15: 07 New
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    People cry and sing
    And they don’t hide their tearful faces.
    Today in the city -
    Today Leningraders
    Crying ...
    (Yu. Voronov, January 27, 1944)

    Great day for our hometown, all with a holiday, with a victory over death!
  19. Petr7 27 January 2020 18: 53 New
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    Olga Berggolts

    125 blockade grams with fire and blood in half

    Leningrad poem


    I remember the evening as a line:
    December, fireless haze,
    I carried bread in my hand home
    and suddenly a neighbor meets me.
    - Change to a dress, - he says, -
    if you don’t want to change, give it as a friend.
    The tenth day, as the daughter lies.
    I do not bury. She needs a coffin.
    They will put it together for bread.
    Give it back. After all, you yourself gave birth ...-
    And I said: - I won’t give it back .-
    And the poor chunk squeezed harder.
    “Give it back,” she asked, “you
    she buried the child herself.
    I brought flowers then
    so you decorate the grave .-
    ... as if on the edge of the earth,
    alone, in the darkness, in a fierce battle,
    two women, we walked along
    two mothers, two Leningrad girls.
    And, obsessed, she
    I prayed for a long time, bitterly, timidly.
    And I had enough strength
    don't cede my bread to the coffin.
    And enough strength - bring
    her to himself, whispering gloomily:
    - On, eat a piece, eat ... I'm sorry!
    I'm not sorry for the living - do not think .-
    ... Having lived in December, January, February,
    I repeat with trembling happiness:
    I'm not sorry for anything alive -
    no tears, no joy, no passion.
    Before your face, War
    I take this oath
    like an eternal life relay race,
    what friends handed to me.
    There are many of them - my friends,
    friends of native Leningrad.
    Oh, we would suffocate without them
    in the tormenting ring of the blockade.


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    Oh yes - otherwise they could not
    neither those fighters nor those drivers
    when the trucks were driving
    on the lake to a hungry city.
    Cold, even moonlight
    the snow shine frantically
    and from the glass top
    clearly visible to the enemy
    downstairs columns.
    And howls, howls the firmament
    and whistles the air, and grinds,
    under the bombs breaking ice
    and the lake splashes in the funnels.
    But enemy bombing is worse
    even more painful and angry -
    forty degree cold,
    sovereign on earth.
    It seemed that the sun would not rise.
    Forever night in the frozen stars
    forever moonlight and ice
    and blue whistling air.
    It seemed that the end of the earth ...
    But through the cooled planet
    cars went to Leningrad:
    he is still alive. He is near somewhere.
    To Leningrad, to Leningrad!
    There was bread for two days
    there mothers under the dark sky
    crowd at the bakery stand
    and tremble, and are silent, and wait,
    listen anxiously:
    - By dawn, they said they would bring ...
    - Citizens, you can hold on ...-
    And it was like this: all the way
    The car back has settled.
    The driver jumped up, the driver on the ice.
    - Well, it is - the motor is stuck.
    Repair for five minutes, nothing.
    This breakdown is not a threat,
    Yes, do not straighten your arms in any way
    they were driven by frost in the steering wheel.
    If you slightly accelerate, it will reduce again.
    To stand? What about bread? Wait for others?
    And the bread - two tons? He will save
    sixteen thousand Leningraders .-
    And now - in the hands of gas, he
    dampened, set fire to them from the engine,
    and quickly moved repair
    in the driver’s burning hands.
    Forward! How blisters whine
    froze to the mittens of the palm.
    But he will deliver bread, drive
    to the bakery before dawn.
    Sixteen thousand mothers
    rations will be received at dawn -
    one hundred twenty five blockade grams
    with fire and blood in half.
    ... Oh, we learned in December -
    not in vain "a sacred gift" is called
    ordinary bread, and grave sin -
    at least throw the baby to the ground:
    with such human suffering
    so much brotherly love
    sanctified for us,
    our daily bread, Leningrad.


    Bread came to us dear to life,
    dear friendship of many to many.
    Don't know yet on earth
    worse and more joyful roads.
    And I'm forever proud of you
    my sister, a Muscovite Masha,
    for your February journey here
    in blockade to us, our dear.
    Golden-eyed and strict
    like a twig, thin pitched,
    in huge Russian boots
    in a strange sheepskin coat, with a revolver, -
    and you were torn through death and ice
    like everyone, is obsessed with anxiety, -
    my homeland, my people
    generous and beloved.
    And you drove a car to us,
    gifts full to the brim.
    You knew I was alone now
    my husband died, I'm starving.
    But the same, the same as with me
    the blockade made everyone.
    And for you merged into one
    and I and the grief of Leningrad.
    And crying for me at night
    you took at dawn
    in liberated villages
    parcels, letters and greetings.
    Recorded: "Do not forget:
    Khokhrino village. Petrovs.
    Go to the sink one hundred and one
    to family. Say everyone is healthy
    that Mitya was tormented by the enemy for a long time,
    but the boy is alive, even very weak ... "
    About a terrible captivity until the morning
    women told you
    and the bow was picked up in the yards,
    in cold, ruined huts:
    - You’ll bring it to St. Petersburg, sister.
    Ask for forgiveness - what is rich ...-
    And you were eager - forward, forward,
    like a ray, with irresistible force.
    My homeland, my people
    my native blood - thanks!


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    So, full of love,
    because of the ring, out of the darkness of separation
    friends told us: "Live!",
    friends held out their hands.
    Frozen, on fire
    in blood pierced by light
    they handed you and me
    one life relay race.
    My happiness is immeasurable.
    I calmly answer them:
    - Friends, we accepted her,
    we hold your baton.
    We went through the days of winter.
    In the crushing darkness of her torment
    with all the strength of our hearts we lived
    with all the light of creative daring.

    Yes, we will not hide: these days
    we ate earth, glue, belts;
    but, having eaten a soup of belts,
    the stubborn master stood up to the machine,
    to sharpen the guns of the piece,
    necessary war.
    But he sharpened while the hand
    could make movements.
    And if it fell - at the machine,
    how a soldier falls into battle.

    And people listened to poetry,
    more than ever - with deep faith
    in apartments black as caves,
    in deaf reproducers.

    And with a freezing hand
    in front of the smokehouse, in a hellish cold,
    engraved engraver gray-haired
    special order - Leningrad.
    Barbed wire he
    like a crown of thorns
    around - around the edge - circled,
    blockade harsh symbol.
    In the ring, shoulder to shoulder, three of us -
    child, woman, man,
    under the bombs like in the rain
    stand, eyes wide to the zenith.
    And the inscription to the heart is dear, -
    it’s not about reward,
    she is calm and strict:
    "I lived in the winter in Leningrad."
    So we fought abroad
    thy beloved Life!
    And I, like you, - stubborn, evil, -
    fought for them as best she could.
    The soul, gaining strength, overcame
    treacherous weakness of the body.
    And I suffered a loss.
    I don’t even touch the word -
    such a pain ... And I could
    like you, rise to life again.
    Then, to fight again and again
    for a life.

    Death Carrier, Enemy -
    again over every Leningrader
    brings a forged fist.
    But without worrying, not being afraid
    I look in the eyes of future fights:
    because you are with me, my country,
    and not without reason - Leningrad.
    So, with the relay of eternal life,
    handed by you, homeland,
    I am walking with you in one way
    in the name of your peace
    in the name of the future son
    and a bright song for him.

    For far midnight happy
    her cherished mine
    I folded impatiently
    now, in blockade and in battle.
    Isn't war going for her?
    Is it not for Leningraders?
    still fight, and take courage,
    and take revenge without measure? Here she is:

    - Hello, godson
    red commanders
    dear messenger
    messenger of the world ...

    You will have quiet dreams
    battles subsided in the land of the night.
    The people of heaven are no longer afraid
    sky lit by the moon.

    In the blue-blue depth of the ether
    young clouds are floating.
    Over the grave of the red commanders
    wise blackthorn blossoms.
    You wake up in blooming land
    getting up not for battle - for labor.
    You will hear the swallows singing:
    swallows returned to the city.

    They make nests - and they’re not afraid!
    They are flying in a broken wall, under the window:
    the nest will hold on tight,
    people will no longer leave the house.

    So pure is human joy now
    as if touched the world again.
    Hello my son, my life, reward,
    hello victorious love!

    June - July 1942
  20. yasvet 27 January 2020 20: 25 New
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    Happy Holiday, beloved city!
    This is joy with tears in his eyes.
    Before the war, there was a brick factory where the Victory Park was in Moscow, during the blockade, in its furnaces they burned the fallen Leningraders, and the ashes into sand pits that became ponds ...
    May the horrors of war never be repeated!
    Eternal Glory to the feat of Leningraders!
  21. Magog 27 January 2020 20: 39 New
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    My aunt (my father’s sister) miraculously survived the blockade. She served in the air defense units of the city. I remember starting to talk about the Blockade: two or three words and comes in sobs! Lost a loved one: died on the Leningrad front. So all her life she lived alone ... neither her children, nor grandchildren.
  22. yasvet 27 January 2020 20: 40 New
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    The day of complete liberation from the fascist blockade
  23. Batonkt 28 January 2020 11: 00 New
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    Yesterday, a child brought from school a card to receive a piece of bread 125 gr. In the dining room they were given this piece for free and the card was given back. They had a lesson about the Siege of Leningrad. Talked about Tanya Savicheva. In short, they work correctly in school. In all, it would be so if we did not have knees-kinship not remembering.