Excursion into the military past: Afghan war veterans visited Afghanistan

Last year marks thirty years since the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. For ten years there has been a difficult and protracted Afghan war with the direct participation of the Soviet Union.

Having introduced a limited contingent of troops into Afghanistan, the Soviet government wanted to completely control it, suppressing the military "Dushman" opposition. The results of this war are known to all. The Soviet side lost more than 15 thousand people in the Afghan conflict.

The participants have a different attitude to that war. Someone is convinced that the presence of Soviet troops in Afghanistan was a necessary measure. Otherwise, even then all of Europe would suffocate from the terrorist threat and drug aggression. Others, on the contrary, believe that this war, being an adventure of the aged Soviet government, was useless to anyone.

Afghan war veterans Yevgeny Teterin and Vladimir Alexandrov, together with war journalist Alexei Sladkov, decided to get to their places of past service. What feelings did they experience when they arrived in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today? What memories did the visit to the places where the battles were fought and their comrades perished? A real excursion into the military past.

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  1. Shurik70 20 January 2020 14: 46 New
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    The participants have a different attitude to that war

    And what is there to be different?
    Soviet soldiers were heroes who completed their tasks.
    A Brezhnev mossy hemp were senility. The Russo-Japanese War led to the overthrow of the autocracy.
    After the Afghan war, the USSR collapsed. And I think the connection here is direct.
    1. ultra 20 January 2020 15: 42 New
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      Quote: Shurik70
      . The Russo-Japanese War led to the overthrow of the autocracy.

      In my opinion, this is an exaggeration.
    2. St Petrov 20 January 2020 17: 06 New
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      The Russo-Japanese War led to the overthrow of the autocracy.

      It would be if the Japanese or Mujahideen in the Kremlin stopped by. But no. All themselves. Exclusively. And this is as a reason to justify the breakdown of the system. It’s kind of, if not for Japanese troops or Pashtun troops.

      They were to Moscow as it is now. In the country, pan-and-panheads stir up everything. The external enemy does not bend his fist, a finger can of course knock out which one. Only themselves because of the pan-head. At any time

      Here now, too, there are a couple of pan-pan-platoon platoons ready to go to the Kremlin or the Russian Orthodox Church or to whom else (the remaining half hundred are worried about the near abroad guides)

      The point is the same. Some of the pots is now ready and indicate the way to the Kremlin. For the sake of the fight against Teran, and external intervention means nothing at all.

      So do it yourself. There’s no one to blame. The same "citizen" only with a different position will do everything
    3. your1970 20 February 2020 19: 47 New
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      Quote: Shurik70
      A Brezhnev mossy hemp were senility

      - there was such a problem (who remembers !!!) and it was called - COTTON..and this problem was so serious that everyone, even small children, was massively persecuted
      even now, with a much smaller need for cotton for the army, cotton remains almost the only commodity - which was not subject to import customs duties NEVER...
      strategic raw materials ...
      Afghanistan was, among other things, a threat to our cotton fields. There was no hope for the Turkmens ...
  2. knn54 20 January 2020 15: 57 New
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    The feat of limitation is not.
  3. Ros 56 20 January 2020 17: 02 New
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    Yes, my bro did not live, he rode a year in the mountains of Afghanistan, miraculously remained alive. But it wasn’t in vain.
  4. Prisoner 20 January 2020 17: 41 New
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    What are they looking for? Weird question. Boys are looking for their youth.
  5. kind 20 January 2020 20: 44 New
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    Yes, there are people everywhere and could live peacefully. Only there are nonhumans who deceive people and force them to fight.
    1. St Petrov 23 January 2020 19: 02 New
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      Yes, there are people everywhere and could live peacefully. Only there are nonhumans who deceive people and force them to fight.

      you are just too kind. the world ends when the competition of nations / states

      when you have national interests, then you are already violating the world. Because on our round ball, if not you, then you. He is small and round - this ball. And everyone has interests. And the resources are finite.

      This is where the problems begin. And as if all people could live peacefully, yes, but it will first have to decide the national interest, of course in their favor. And then it will be possible to live in peace. But you understand. Tomorrow there will be a new interest in the new state. And ours will also have a new one.

      Russia in peacetime, as it were, gave away millions of square kilometers of territories just recently, but you see. Nobody began to love us. Despite the fact that at our expense the Anglo-Saxons and not only decided their national interests certain.

      Therefore, only with the fleet, the Strategic Rocket Forces and the infantry with the VKS - can one solve geopolitical affairs in this national world in this national interest

      otherwise it would be boring. and of course not in our favor.