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"Getman Sagaidachny": how the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy is "doing"


We can say that the sad fate of the ship, by the will of fate has become the grand flagship of the toy "naval fleet»Ukraine was a foregone conclusion initially. Not only having changed its name from the one given during the construction of Kirov to Getman Sagaidachny, but by the same strong-willed decision “made” from border patrol ships to frigates, it forever became a symbol of both the desire to “keep up” to the level of real sea powers and her complete inability to achieve this in reality.

We will not retell all the vicissitudes that accompanied the not-so-glorious "battle path" of the Hetman. We confine ourselves to the story of his current “life”, due to the fact that during the Crimean spring of 2014 the ship, as usual, was not very lucky - it turned out to be not in the place of permanent basing, in Sevastopol, but in the sea, from where it landed in Odessa , remaining under the "yellow-blakpitnoy ensign." In subsequent years, the ship, a large part of the crew of which scattered all the same in 2014, for the most part hung senselessly and senseless in the water area of ​​the Practical Bay, periodically becoming the object of a visit to both senior officials of Ukraine and their curators from NATO. From time to time in the Ukrainian media were held cheers-patriotic materials, pathetically telling that the flagship is "still wow!"

So, how is the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy?

One of the latest such reports, entitled “Armed guard of the sea borders of Ukraine: what strikes the frigate“ Getman Sagaidachny ”, was released in the summer of 2016. Just at the time when the wretched, finally brought, as they say, to the handle of a warship, if it could strike anyone’s imagination, it was only the degree of their own neglect and degradation. It went into a non-working state, almost everything - from the propulsion system and navigation systems to God knows what weapons. It got to the point that instead of a radar station (which was generally intended for use on fishing vessels), the Furuno FAR-2 117/27 radar was installed on the flagship - it was absolutely not military equipment, but a commercial model used on cruise yachts. However, the funds were raised by Ukrainian “volunteers” who were pretty drunk at the ongoing civil war in the country.

In the end, "Sagaidachny" did get a repair, which was already impossible to put off - all the operating life of its systems and equipment were unacceptably exceeded. Even the usual docking has not been carried out since 2012. An attempt to somehow “poganize” the flagship was made by the specialists of the Illichivsk shipyard located in the city of Chernomorsk, Odessa region (such are the toponymic grimaces of “de-communization”). It is worth noting that this enterprise is not at all intended for servicing warships. The same “Sagaidachny” was shoved by force into the largest floating dock there. Fantastic amounts of tens, if not hundreds of millions, required for repairs began to be voiced in the Ukrainian media, and some of the Ukrainian “naval commanders” began to spread about the fact that the frigate would not only be repaired, but would also undergo a “deep modernization” ...

Judging by the fact that the ship returned to service without the slightest pomp and celebrations held in post-maidan Ukraine about launching each, excuse me, the pelvis with a machine gun, in fact, there was no modernization, but the most usual resuscitation. Moreover, on the principle of "what was enough." If we take into account that the “specialists” were involved in the process for cutting the state budget from the Poroshenko's “Forge”, the result is predictable.

However, Hetman Sagaidachny periodically again is heard. Especially often this happened last summer during the Sea Breeze-2019 exercises in the Black Sea. In the process of such, the frigate’s crew even dared to carry out firing from its only operational weapons - 100-mm artillery mount AK-100. But the appearance at that moment in the area of ​​maneuvers of the Russian watchful ship Smetlivy frightened the Getman team almost to the washing of uniform portugs and caused a prolonged hysteria of the Ukrainian side. The frigate was also involved as an object to demonstrate to the public the “assault” performed by the local “fur seals”. Own ship standing at the pier was captured with a bang! Well, it’s clear - for such exercises you always use some ruins ...

Otherwise, the existence of “Hetman Sagaidachny” is the same endless window dressing and “reception of dear guests”. On the last Independence Day, a visit to it by everyone was included in the celebration program in Odessa along with the flash mob “Being Ukrainian is an Honor!” And “Walking Guides”. Oh yeah, I almost forgot - during the celebration of the day of the naval forces that was completely inappropriate for Ukraine last year, the frigate’s crew was presented with a “replica of the hetman’s sword Peter Sagaidachny”, made by the father of one of the sailors who so absurdly got into the Kerch Strait - Andrei Eider. Very symbolic! Simulacrum of the sword is the most worthy gift for the team of fake under the flagship of the non-existent fleet of a failed country ...
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  1. bistrov.
    bistrov. 15 January 2020 07: 44
    Is the gun barrel cooling system defective?
    1. Evil543
      Evil543 15 January 2020 07: 54
      The red dot breaks through the case, it seems to have increased, it's something brown
      1. Hunter 2
        Hunter 2 15 January 2020 08: 05
        The article should be correctly called: “How the Flagship of the Ukrainian Navy survives” or “How the Flagship of the Ukrainian Navy has survived so far”.
        The fleet of the non-brothers is absent. Completely!
        1. Evil543
          Evil543 15 January 2020 08: 09
          We’re better if the boats for the joke get up, we won’t cry.
    2. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 15 January 2020 08: 03
      Quote: bistrov.
      Cooling system

      Tubing hoses stole!
      Immediately spotted! Immediately obvious - specialist! hi
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 15 January 2020 10: 02
        removed to the "bins of the motherland" -strategic reserve
    3. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 15 January 2020 12: 07
      Quote: bistrov.
      Is the gun barrel cooling system defective?

      I found an interesting list of malfunctions. The ship urgently needs a dock repair, since the last time it took place in December 2012. The period of subsequent docking expired in December 2014. The thickness of the fouling of the underwater part of the ship’s hull is 15–20 mm, the wear of the tread protection is 60–70%, five units of overboard fittings have been lost, and leaks of stern devices have been recorded.

      Steering machine REG8-3. Oil leakage from pumps, hydraulic pipelines. The remote control suddenly disappears from the wheelhouse.

      Helipad. End-to-end cracking of the welds of the deck with a length of 10 linear meters.

      Boiler unit. Manufactured by the Lenin Forge factory in 1990. It worked for 11.553 hours and 26 years with a total average life of 60.000 hours and a total average life of 12 years. Conclusion (unexpected!): The life of the boiler has ended.

      Spire mooring electric. It has been in operation for 23 years, and has accumulated 13.240 hours. When operating at 3rd speed, thermal protection is activated for the load current of the electric motor.

      Automatic temperature control system "SAKT-01". Made in 1989. It has been in operation for 23 years, which was 93.740 hours. Incorrect readings, false alarm temperature.

      SAM "Osa-MA2". The malfunction indication of most of the units is on. Faulty drive antenna pointing. Defective target detection and tracking stations. The target auto-capture scheme does not work. Range indicators do not work. Stabilization of the antenna post on the side and pitching does not work. Hydraulic systems are not tight. Unstable operation of starting automation (still, after all of the above!). Antenna stops do not work.

      100-mm artillery mount AK-100. The recoil device does not work. The receiver of the machine does not work. The mechanism for preventing shooting in unsafe areas does not work. Need to repair the turntable. Gun mount guidance drives do not work. The shutter does not work. Leaking hydraulic system. The munition supply mechanism from the turret compartment to the barrel chamber is defective. Faulty barrel cooling and blowing system. The embrasure shield does not hold water. Unstable operation of electrical equipment. Unstable operation of electric servo drives. Repair of the sighting device is required. It is possible to list the faults for another two hours, but the overall picture, I think, is clear. The marine writer, captain of the 1st rank Vladimir Shigin, who wrote in 2014, said well: The frail body of the Ukrainian fleet twitches convulsively in recent agonistic convulsions. The brain has already died, but the heels still scrape on the wet pebbles of Odessa Spar ... "
      1. Altona
        Altona 15 January 2020 21: 45
        Quote: Mar. Tira
        Found an interesting list of faults.

        That is, going out to sea on it is equivalent to going out to sea on a sailing ship with a magnetic compass and a bronze sextant, as I understand it. And with faulty sailing equipment.
      2. Vasyan1971
        Vasyan1971 19 February 2020 10: 51
        Quote: Mar. Tira
        tread wear

        Figase! Protective protection? What is it like?
        If so, then I'm not a specialist. He ran past, stumbled with an eye ... hi
        1. Mar.Tirah
          Mar.Tirah 19 February 2020 15: 07
          Quote: Vasyan1971
          How's that?

          Protective protection consists in connecting an external electron source to the protected structure. It should be a metal electrode with a greater negative potential than the potential of the protected structure. Based on a number of stresses of metals, it can be seen that they are aluminum, magnesium and zinc. Anodes made of these materials are mounted on the steel hull of the vessel so that there is electrical contact.
          In other words, a galvanic pair is created in which the external anode plays a "sacrificial role", being destroyed instead of the main metal of the protected structure.
          As the destruction - the anodes are replaced. As protectors, zinc anodes are used - zinc plates or zinc wire.
          The application of a special anti-corrosion coating prevents the penetration of moisture and oxygen to the metal, which also weakens the process of corrosion. We saw the anode in the heating element, and the same process takes place on the ship’s hull.
          1. Vasyan1971
            Vasyan1971 19 February 2020 18: 01
            Quote: Mar. Tira
            The tread protection is ...

            Wah! How many buckoffs! I warned that I was not an expert, so I’m not afraid to say that I didn’t understand, except that the phrase "protective protection" really exists. Abaldel from "defensive protection". In English, by the way, it doesn't sound so clumsy: Sacrificial protection.
            Thank you for your time! hi
    4. yustas
      yustas 15 January 2020 16: 52
      Why cool if not shoot)
    5. TermNachTer
      TermNachTer 16 January 2020 00: 17
      Why is it needed? At a rate of fire per minute, the barrel itself cools.
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 15 January 2020 07: 44
    They have no fleet and never will. This is the end.
    1. Tiksi-3
      Tiksi-3 15 January 2020 07: 59
      Quote: rocket757
      They have no fleet and never will. This is the end.

      definitely not, and I hope it will not
      But the appearance at that moment in the area of ​​maneuvers of the Russian watchful ship “Shrewd” frightened the Getman team almost before washing uniform shirts
      the author was this witness ?? was on board? what a habit to write about diapers every time !!
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 15 January 2020 08: 11
        To humiliate, insult even the enemy, is not your great dignity!
        1. silver169
          silver169 15 January 2020 10: 44
          The enemy needs to be destroyed, but for you the bald dwarf pets, the enemy who hates your country is still a "brotherly country". You will cry even with such an idiotic Putin policy towards the country that hates Russia the most in the world. In this hatred, the outskirts were even ahead of Poland.
          1. Alex Nevs
            Alex Nevs 15 January 2020 21: 24
            Weep, said the lost themselves are standing once tears
      2. carstorm 11
        carstorm 11 15 January 2020 08: 33
        “Without hesitation, using the tactics of the wolf pack, the boats very quickly besieged the Russian SKR Smetlivy and, with the support of Hetman Sagaidachny, started to displace it as far as possible from the edge of the exclusive (marine) economic zone of Ukraine”
        about ports this is of course already for a catchwords but damn they celebrated the whole victory there) although judging by the video they stupidly conducted it on radars and the smart one was quiet and calm. the question is, when does someone specifically engage in bravado when hell knows how many km from the object what to call them?) why were they so scared that they had already come up with a whole victory for their fleet?)
        1. Tiksi-3
          Tiksi-3 15 January 2020 08: 43
          Quote: carstorm 11
          they celebrated the whole victory there)

          this is the media celebrated !! ...
        2. rocket757
          rocket757 15 January 2020 09: 42
          Quote: carstorm 11
          they celebrated the whole victory there)

          Honestly, the majority of Temok in that direction, it is high time to turn off and forget, in fact that there is NOTHING to say there!
      3. perm23
        perm23 16 January 2020 05: 35
        I don’t remember who said it. to win before the battle morally, increases the chances of winning the battle.
    2. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 15 January 2020 08: 42
      Quote: rocket757
      They have no fleet and never will. This is the end.

      How do we end this ?! This is the trump card for cheer-patriotic articles ... Precisely because there is no fleet, articles on this topic will appear regularly - to boost morale! soldier
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 15 January 2020 09: 46
        Quote: Stirbjorn
        How do we end this ?!

        We have OWN topics for discussion. So Schaub thoughtfully, including common sense, preserving the dignity and honor of the citizens of the Great Power .... you should not be like a quarrelsome, grumpy "grandmother from the bazaar."
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 15 January 2020 07: 51
    In the photo, the sailor looks at the monitor of the FAR-2117 radar, FURUNO, I have known it for a long time .... And to the left, the painfully familiar indicator of the Naiad-5 radar, which I installed back in the 80s!
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 15 January 2020 09: 10
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      And to the left, the painfully familiar Naiada-5 radar indicator, which I installed back in the 80s!

      I also noticed "Naiad". You played, and I worked with her.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 15 January 2020 09: 18
        Radars "Stvor", "Neptune", "Don", "Donets", "Lotsiya", "Ocean", "Mius", "Liman", "Pechora" "Yenisei", "Naiad-5" I not only put but also worked with them ....
        1. tihonmarine
          tihonmarine 15 January 2020 09: 27
          Quote: Uncle Lee
          Radars "Stvor", "Neptune", "Don", "Donets", "Lotsiya", "Ocean", "Mius", "Liman", "Pechora" "Yenisei", "Naiad-5" I not only put but also worked with them ....

          He did not work with "Mius" and "Pechora", but "Don" was a masterpiece at that time. Especially when working in Western Sahara. When, during sandstorms, it was only by it that it was possible to determine the location of the ship, thanks to its power. Time passed, and everyone switched mainly to "Japanese women".
          1. Uncle lee
            Uncle lee 15 January 2020 09: 32
            Quote: tihonmarine
            thanks to its power

            Don - 80 kW per pulse! We, too, now, mainly on FURUNO
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 15 January 2020 09: 13
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      painfully familiar indicator of the Naiad-5 radar

      And in vain the author scars "Naiad".
      (intended generally for use on fishing vessels)
      It was a good station, and not only for fishermen, but for the entire Soviet fleet.
      1. Uncle lee
        Uncle lee 15 January 2020 09: 23
        Quote: tihonmarine
        It was a good station.

        On the PSKR, I put a navigation radar, such as "Naiad-5, one to one, but with a parabolic antenna and with a" Friend or Foe "interface
      2. Valery Charushin
        Valery Charushin 6 February 2020 07: 53
        We have 90 in 1155 Volga and Vaigach stood.
  4. sergo1914
    sergo1914 15 January 2020 08: 19
    But with our flagship, everything is fine.
  5. Dur_mod
    Dur_mod 15 January 2020 08: 34
    Paraphrasing the name of the author, as my father-in-law about one player Dynamo Kiev said: Luzhny is useless for anyone! The author reassured himself, tuned in, raised his self-esteem, keep it up.
  6. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 15 January 2020 09: 05
    Not only changed the name from that given during the construction of Kirov to Getman Sagaidachny, but by the same strong-willed decision “made” from border guard ships to frigates
    In the world since the days of the sailing fleet, it was considered "unfortunate" to rename ships, as well as to name ships after the names of "unsuccessful ships". For example, the motor ship "Berlin" we knew as the infamous "Nakhimov". The motor ship "Magdalena" is also known as the notorious "Victory". (All of them received as a reparation).
    1. Valery Charushin
      Valery Charushin 6 February 2020 08: 15
      The Americans EM Porter is not happy, at 43 went to the convoy via the Atlantic and pulled a torpedo into the battleship Quincy, and on it Roosevelt went to Tehran, because they saw in time, they managed to change course. And at 44 they dropped their own deep-sea bomb overboard and it exploded under the ship, so much so that it was planted, and then it was decommissioned. And you know about the modern Porter, in the Black Sea, our Dryings mocked.
  7. garrett
    garrett 15 January 2020 09: 06
    Getman team scared almost before washing uniform shirts

    the author, where did the firewood come from ??? Why in the article is this sketch for a fan ???
    EDWARD 15 January 2020 09: 27
    the article spews bile, arrogance .. we should read how "is" our "Kuznetsov" which was renamed from an aircraft-carrying cruiser in the media to an "aircraft carrier".
  9. Ros 56
    Ros 56 15 January 2020 10: 31
    Yshsho did not drown, even surprisingly. Means treba to be afraid.
  10. Avior
    Avior 15 January 2020 10: 36
    . the appearance at this moment in the area of ​​maneuvers of the Russian escort ship Smetlivy frightened the Getman team almost before washing uniform shirts

    Somewhere, I almost read word for word about the American destroyer, it became a direct stamp.
    By and large, while Ukraine does not have anti-ship missiles and naval air defense systems of any serious nature, there’s nothing to say about the fleet, it makes no sense and does not even pose a theoretical threat, and even trying to build it is useless and pointless
  11. Forest
    Forest 15 January 2020 12: 05
    If our liveries come to power, it will be the same.
  12. BOB044
    BOB044 15 January 2020 14: 09
    This is not a ship; A wooden trough with oars and a beam.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 16 January 2020 19: 29
    need the so-called Ukraine to attach
    1. Hubun
      Hubun 21 January 2020 10: 15
      What for? She is not needed now for nothing
      1. Vladimir1155
        Vladimir1155 21 January 2020 19: 42
        give me the post of prime minister of Russia with broad powers, I will bring its development in pace to first place ..... then Ukraine would be useful, half a year of my media management in Ukraine and it will turn out great Russians .... well, all that nobody will come in handy
  15. Rzzz
    Rzzz 9 March 2020 13: 52
    A couple of questions on the read.

    1. Why the hell is the navigation radar indicator in some closet? He should be standing on the bridge in front of the skipper. Stob not stolen?
    2. What did they do with the spire, that he had worked for them 13 thousand hours. On a standing boat