Flattery, cookies and hopak

What to do when you really want to eat? And anything, because the stomach is such an original thing; you, unlike a politician, will not shut it up. So, it is simply necessary to supply it with something so digestible.

Any state is something so very similar to the stomach. And also requires filling. And Ukraine is absolutely no exception, the Ukrainian state sometimes even resembles a stomach with a perforated ulcer.

Which also needs to be filled.

And not so long ago they were published ... No, not that curtsies, but rather the political hopak of the Ukrainian Embassy in Beijing in front of the Celestial Empire.

In principle, this is a completely normal step. China today is a force to be friends with. Moreover, the force is not so much military, there is something more substantial in China than tanks and ships, they all perfectly understand this. This is an industry.

It makes no sense to bring the whole document with us, it is rather verbose. And it cannot be said that this large number of words contains a lot of information that can interest the Russian reader. But some things are worth reading and comprehending.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in Beijing notes Ukraine appreciates having many years history friendship and strategic partnerships with China. The Ukrainian side expresses its deep interest in the comprehensive development of dialogue with the People's Republic of China on the basis of fundamental principles, in particular mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the two countries. "

This is the beginning, so to speak, for the seed. We remember the passage about sovereignty and integrity, and move on to the text.

"Despite the changes in the top leadership of the state, the key provisions of its foreign policy towards China remain unchanged."

Constancy is a sign of mastery, and the fact that President Zelensky’s cabinet is ready to continue ... Excuse me, but what is he ready to continue? Predecessor policy? There are nuances in which not even the devil can sit. And a dozen or two devils, since it is very strange to continue Poroshenko’s policy, in which lawsuits from China fell one after another.

“Ukraine is grateful to the PRC for its continued support of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, relevant above all in the context of the aggression unleashed against it by the Russian Federation.”

That, in fact, is all. You can harness the horses, come. There is much to talk about, but this phrase quite calmly allows us to conclude that? despite the change of president and government? everything has not changed one iota. With what you can congratulate our neighbor and sympathize with those who voted for the current president.

But these are only flowers. Berries - berries in front.

“For the Ukrainian side, it is especially important that China does not recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea and the illegitimate referendum of 2014, avoid official contacts with the illegal government of the temporarily occupied Crimea, refrain from participating in economic and cultural events related to the peninsula, and also prevent visits to the occupied territory Chinese officials and businessmen. Kiev would be very grateful to Beijing for further compliance with these conditions in the situation around the Crimea. "

Well, as if nothing like that, right? Could and abruptly demand / ask. But, probably, even in Ukraine they understand that you have to pay for everything. And the continuation of quotes just illustrates everything perfectly.

“As part of the implementation of the reciprocity policy in relations between Ukraine and the People’s Republic of China, the new leadership of Ukraine is ready to continue supporting the official position of the People’s Republic of China on Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on the basis of the unconditional priority of the issues of territorial integrity and sovereignty of the People’s Republic of China” .

It’s funny. No, really funny. Aching for the whole world about a certain “Russian aggression”, Ukrainian politicians consider it quite normal for themselves to recognize the occupation of Tibet by China as a result of a military invasion (the so-called Chamdo operation).

There are still many questions with Tibet so far, but in fact - the usual occupation. So with the logic of Ukrainian politicians is not very.

The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, where so far not everything is going smoothly with Muslim Uyghurs who are “re-educated” in “re-education camps”. Probably, those in Ukraine planned to “re-educate” those who had warm feelings for Russia.

In general, Ukraine declares its unconditional support for all of the PRC's undertakings, both in matters of occupation of foreign lands, and in issues of racial and religious discrimination of Uighurs and Kazakhs.

The whole question is what exactly in the PRC they will survive without Ukrainian support. This year will be 70 years of occupation of Tibet, and nothing live.

Of course, perhaps we don’t know something, and it is precisely the support of Ukraine in these matters that can provide China with invaluable assistance and push for new achievements. In our world, everything is possible.

But in general - it turned out not so bad, you can count the bow.

“As for the aggression of the Russian Federation in the Donbass, it not only undermines the stability of Ukraine, but also damages the economic interests of many countries, including China. The ongoing hostilities make it impossible to make full use of the logistics and infrastructure of the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, so the People’s Republic of China cannot effectively implement the “One Belt - One Road” initiative in Ukraine. Also, due to Russian aggression, a number of joint Ukrainian-Chinese large-scale infrastructure projects were not implemented. ”

Already, by the way, is better. At least it doesn't look as stupid as the previous quotes. Of course, we can say for the ten thousandth time that only thanks to the "efforts" of Ukraine, such as the next disrupted troop withdrawal and the next broken ceasefire, the conflict does not quench. But it makes no sense, because the topic is so beaten that it shows no signs of life. Like the Minsk agreements, however.

Perhaps the Chinese side should be grateful to the Ukrainian side for clarifying who is to blame for the fact that the PRC cannot implement its initiative. Perhaps, there was something tied up in pieces of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions during the initial planning, but ...

Have you tried to stop shooting? Perhaps it would help.

But we move on. And then we just have a masterpiece of diplomatic message.

“Ukraine would be grateful to the People’s Republic of China if it, using available tools, put pressure on the Russian Federation to end the hostilities and occupation of certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as return Crimea, joining the collective efforts of the partner countries to protect territorial integrity of Ukraine on the basis of compliance with international law. ”

I would like to say “thank you” to Ukrainian diplomats. Thank you for not asking the PRC to help with non-diplomatic methods. It would be funny and offensive at the same time.

In general, the letter looks funny. It is enough to imagine (for example) how this show will look. The Chinese are very peculiar people, but what they have never seen before is haste in action. Therefore, if they have not yet drawn for themselves the corresponding conclusions about who is actually fighting, occupying certain areas of the regions of Donbass, then our Chinese friends will find a lot of new and fun discoveries.

You will regretfully regret that Mikhail Zadornov left us, for him there would be expanse ...

"Ukraine is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners, primarily with China."

If translated from Ukrainian: we are ready to sell you all the technologies that may interest you for a penny. You can easily add Yuzhmash to Antonov, for example. Or HTZ.

And you can still give something to the load for nothing, right? As with the aircraft-carrying cruiser Su-33 was given. And why not give it up if the partner is good and can put in a good word?

"The successful experience of socio-economic transformations in the People's Republic of China is of great interest in Ukraine, demonstrating the possibilities of effective modernization of society and the state."

Not bad, very bad. But there is a nuance: in China there is someone, where and what to modernize. There are programs, yes. Have money. There are people who will work.

The 21 million inhabitants remaining in Ukraine are not enough for epoch-making transformations.

Well, money ... Let's not talk about sad things?

“Ukraine, paying particular attention to participating in the One Belt, One Way Initiative, is ready to fulfill the important role of a country with a strategically advantageous geographical position and the ability to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and competitive agricultural products. Being the breadbasket of Europe and possessing significant export potential, Ukraine is ready to meet the growing needs of China in food products. For this, it is necessary to speed up the process of issuing the relevant permits for their delivery to the Chinese market, which can be achieved as part of the work of the intergovernmental commission for cooperation. ”

Seriously? We’re talking about that Ukraine, right? The breadbasket of Europe? That is, Europe is fed, can China be fed now? Wow ... That sounds. It sounds very weighty.

The main thing is that it doesn’t work out like with tanks for Thailand.

“President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky believes that the potential of Chinese investment projects in Ukraine exceeds $ 10 billion. The Ukrainian side expects that in the near future consideration of the draft intergovernmental agreement on promoting cooperation in the field of development of road infrastructure will be completed. "

The President of Ukraine believes ... Something is wrong with this phrase. Well, it’s true that the parliament committee would have counted the ministry, but somehow it looks like ... the President of Ukraine has nothing to do, how to personally flip through investment contracts and poke a finger in the calculator, count?

Everything looks strange in a strange country. Although logical.

“Ukraine is interested in expanding military-technical cooperation with the People’s Republic of China, whose successful experience and active development are the best evidence of a high level of mutual trust between the two countries. The leadership of Ukraine draws special attention of the Chinese partners to the fact that they count on their decision to launch the export process of military products and components necessary to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as on joint projects in the defense sector, which may be mutually beneficial for both sides. ”

Here. But in the end it became more or less clear. Weapon necessary. And more. The peace process in the Donbass to establish.

Apparently, the castoffs that the NATO guys endowed with all ended. And they don’t give more for free.

However, who said that China will give something for free? More than sure that he will not. NATO gave, because a certain territory presented itself as a shield against the aggression of one country of the East to the West.

And China, I'm sorry, in the East. And he does not need to be afraid of this aggression. So you can sell.

We look above: where will Ukraine take the money?

In fact, China really wanted to invest in the Ukrainian economy and invest. And not the pathetic 10 billion dollars Zelensky counted. The Chinese only planned to invest $ 15 billion under Yanukovych in the Feodosia port. But Theodosius - yes ... Almost force majeure happened.

And all the projects that a large pile was agreed upon under Yanukovych were covered simultaneously with the latter’s flight to Russia. And Poroshenko somehow did not particularly seek cooperation, he had other goals and objectives.

So the cooling of China to the issues of investment in the Ukrainian economy logically cooled down to 200 degrees below zero.

Ukrainians can flatter and persuade China arbitrarily long and sweetly. Something, and to ask and beg, they learned this discipline to "five". However, one should not be encouraged here. The question of profit is the first question for the PRC.

Did China not recognize Crimea as Russian territory? Nothing, not everyone recognized us either. But when the question of profit came up, the cable was manufactured by the Chinese company Jiangsu Hentong Power Systems for a symbolic 5 billion rubles. And the Chinese cable JIAN JI 3001, also not from Belarus or Mongolia, laid the cable.

But this is not the main thing.

The main thing now is to wait for the real reaction of the real owners of Ukraine to this letter. Because the real owners are unlikely to like some of the aspects described in the message.

Firstly, the whole essence of the military relations between the two countries will be reduced to an elementary exchange of unsold Ukrainian technologies for Chinese weapons. Maybe used. Perhaps the Ukrainians will sell for real money, since the Chinese are happy to buy.

Secondly, passages about Tibet and the Uigur region and flirting with the project "One belt - one way" are unlikely to go unnoticed.

In Washington, China is clearly identified as a strategic adversary of the United States, and praises for the successes of Chinese economic construction can be understood correctly. And they are unlikely to like it in Washington that the vassals decided to change the orientation vector. Not for that, Nuland carried cookies and dollars in bags, so that now she could take friends with China like that.

In general, the whole situation looks very peculiar. On the one hand, it even resembles actions in the style of Yanukovych, when he tried to sit on two armchairs and hopak dancing for three.

How it all ended, I already mentioned.

But it is said that the affectionate calf of two queens sucks. A very unpleasant reverse process can turn out: in the USA, Ukraine’s attempts to be friends with the enemy can really be considered as you know what, and China ... And China can easily not buy Ukrainian flattery.

Fortunately, this flattery is quite inexpensive ...
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