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US MTR seeks new parachute for jumping from high altitudes

US MTR seeks new parachute for jumping from high altitudes

The American special operations forces intend to soon adopt a new parachute system, which allows jumping from heights of more than 7,6 km. The command of the US Army has placed a request for information on technologies that will allow you to create a parachute for high-altitude jumping, reports Flightglobal.

According to the publication, at present, the US Special Operations Forces (MTR) use the RA-1 parachute system for high-altitude jumps, which allows jumping from heights of no more than 7,6 km (25 thousand feet). The system was developed in the mid-2000s for covert landing.

RA-1 is equipped with a paraglider, it allows you to make both long jumps and open the parachute immediately after leaving the plane, which allows you to plan up to 50 km from the landing point. The system is designed for 204 kg of load, including the paratrooper himself and is equipped with an oxygen cylinder with a breathing mask.

The new parachute system, designed to replace the RA-1 in the future, should be designed for jumping from a height of 10,7 km (35 thousand feet) and be designed for a load of at least 158,7 kilograms.

The competition announced by the US Army will consider not only completely new parachute systems, but also modernization options for the new requirements of the RA-1 system.

In Russia, in 2016, it was announced the creation of the Dalnolet parachute system, which allows landing from heights of 8-12 thousand meters. The system is designed for a total load of 190 kg, is equipped with a special seat for convenience and allows planning up to 60 km from the landing point, and with a fair wind up to 100 km. There is an oxygen device.
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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 9 January 2020 14: 42
    Cool! But certainly not cheap!
    1. Dmitry Donskoy
      Dmitry Donskoy 9 January 2020 14: 56
      I am glad that ours did before striped. fellow
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 9 January 2020 15: 01
        I am glad if the series does not start - oh, but we didn’t order what you did!
        1. cniza
          cniza 9 January 2020 15: 42
          Quote: rocket757
          Cool! But certainly not cheap!

          In accessible sources, prices start at 100 thousand rubles, which is relatively inexpensive.
  2. Amateur
    Amateur 9 January 2020 14: 47
    On July 27, 1968, for the first time in the history of world parachuting, one of the highest peaks of the Pamirs, Lenin Peak (7134 meters), was thrown by the landing of Soviet paratroopers. 46 people took part in the jump: 36 conscripts and 10 aces paratroopers.

    Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly.
    Four paratroopers were killed: foreman Vladimir Mekayev, private Yury Yumatov, senior sergeant Valery Glagolev, designer Vyacheslav Tomarovich.

    But the landing itself is amazing! good
    1. Romka
      Romka 9 January 2020 15: 22
      For what? Why did the young guys die? I understand the deaths on tests of new weapons, on exercises close to real conditions, and special operations. For the front page article? Does it delight you? Didn’t they ask their parents?
      1. Spider
        Spider 9 January 2020 15: 51
        You are so funny :)
        Even with an "ordinary" landing, the probability of injury and death is always there, and the guys made a unique jump.
        By the way, from your words, you admit and accept the death of a person in a situation that is understandable to you personally, but not to "us". Not very humanely somehow :)
        1. Romka
          Romka 9 January 2020 16: 11
          If it’s not clear to you. I’ll explain: the catapult tests did not go bloodless at one time, but this helped save the lives of hundreds of pilots (including in the future), analysis of the cause of death during landing on exercises allows avoiding errors in the future, special operations .... well, here it is everything is clear: the highest command of special services determines the risk assessment and expediency.
      2. ltc35
        ltc35 9 January 2020 15: 52
        It was a test throw. The best ones are selected for such tests, and only voluntarily. At one time, they carried out the landing of equipment with crews, so there was the son of the commander of the airborne forces Margelov. Vasily Filippovich did not utter a word during the tests. All those around him noted how difficult it was for him. New weapons and methods of their use are often accepted only by such tests.
      3. K-36
        K-36 9 January 2020 19: 35
        Alexander (under the nickname Romka), you can find out about the intent of the Pamir jump in this, for example, video
        At 2.03 of this video, a handsome, well-fed man, in full bloom (this is how I jokingly call my older friend and coach Valentin Alekseevich Kalinkin) talks about the "jambs" that appeared in the implementation of this idea. He himself jumped in the first group (just over 30 conscripts) on a selected mountain plateau at an altitude of 6 meters. Special parachutes for this high-altitude jump were sewn (of increased area). No one had a single parachute failure. After that, 100 people were supposed to jump to a height of 7, led by the head of the entire project, Colonel Petrichenko. Before their jump to the peak, a civilian group of climbers climbed. They laid out a "cross" from the panels and dispersed to examine the size and condition of the rocky irregularities of the site. Then you will see everything in the video.
        I still have strong friendly relations with Valentin Kalinkin. I would hardly have become a Master of Sports, if he did not instill confidence in me with his lessons (and sometimes cuffs) that I, too, can do something in parachuting.
        1. Romka
          Romka 9 January 2020 21: 45
          Thank you for the link. I looked. I made conclusions for myself:
          1. The preparation of the action was carefully hidden, but was not carefully thought out. Defective walkie-talkie - this device should have been tested under equal conditions and duplicated on a trip. In the event of a malfunction, a conditional code must be provided and agreed upon.
          2. Operation - ostentatious. Why did you need to land on Lenin Peak and go to the peak of Communism? Answer: "It's so symbolic!"
          In addition, plan B - non-landing in case of bad weather conditions, as I understand it, was not even considered (the radio could not confirm the permission, and the decision to "jump" was made), and to report above is our everything.
          3. As a result, as I understood, some of the best were killed. Question: for what? Scare the Chinese? It’s ridiculous. Raise the patriotic spirit of the people? May be. To amuse someone’s general pride and please someone higher by hooking himself another star? Probably...
          But the dead could prepare more than a dozen specialists, save hundreds of cadets from mistakes. And most importantly, families lost their children, fathers, husbands.
          1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Gray brother
      Gray brother 9 January 2020 15: 54
      Quote: Amateur
      and 10 paratroopers aces.

      "As" and "ass" are different things.
      1. Romka
        Romka 9 January 2020 16: 14
        For such words will be banned)))
  3. Meckajiuhe
    Meckajiuhe 9 January 2020 15: 14
    In Hollywood, they have long jumped from planes on the echelon without a parachute. And nothing scary. Someone on the roof of the chicken coop, someone on the car, someone else on something.
  4. Gray brother
    Gray brother 9 January 2020 15: 49
    In Ukraine, it’s easier to type cyborgs - they can be dropped without a parachute at all.
    1. habaroff.ven
      habaroff.ven 9 January 2020 16: 20
      Do not you think that all the brains are sick of it with Ukraine? You can sometimes skip.
      1. Gray brother
        Gray brother 9 January 2020 16: 24
        Quote: habaroff.ven
        Do not you think that all the brains are sick of it with Ukraine?

        No, it doesn’t.
        Quote: habaroff.ven
        You can sometimes skip.

        Can. But I didn’t have such a desire.
      2. infantryman2020
        infantryman2020 9 January 2020 20: 43
        He gets paid for it.
  5. Fishery
    Fishery 9 January 2020 19: 12
    some very expensive paratrooper turns out)