About victories under the bell ringing

To begin with, I directly consider it necessary to say a few words to ... no, not readers. Writers. Those who have never bothered to read our articles, for they come here not for that. And he comes for writing His Personal Opinion, the size of an airship.

Here I agree, it is enough to read the headline, a brief description and brush up on the paragraphs. And that’s it, you can begin to express. “The author did not open the topic”, “What the author offers”, “The State Department pays the author” and so on.

We will leave aside the crap about the State Department, for an intelligent person understands that for the money that the aforementioned State Department pays as part of its demon-bearing programs, they write here and there. Let the rest consider how they like best. We generally like to consider in someone else’s pocket, in fact, a national sport.

"The author did not open the topic." A more serious statement requiring translation. Since any author thinks when he writes, then the editor (often not one) reads it, as if the question of understandability should not be raised. So often behind these words lies only an admission that the reader simply could not master the text.

That is, the author did not open the reader’s brain and did not put information ready for assimilation there.

It's a shame, but we do not have Channel One, after all. Everything is simple and understandable there, but for us people who think and understand the portal. At least that's what I wanted from the beginning.

And from here the third point. "What the author offers."

Yes, no author offers you anything. It is not his duty to offer. The author is not a member of the government, not a State Duma deputy, not a president. He just expresses a thought. Illuminates a problem. Tries, at least.

Of course, the entire policy of state degradation of the population is aimed precisely at such a unicellular perception, when the topic is cooked, chewed, put in the mouth (okay, in the head) as much as possible, so that only the swallowing reflex is left to connect.

And that’s it, and here’s 76% for you, everything that follows them, here’s a bright future looming.

But the author, any author, he is not obliged to replace you the president, the government, your deputy (whom you often don’t even know) and your brain.

The real author’s job is to make you think. Multicellular. Not in the yes-no categories, which is exactly what is needed by those above. And the categories "why not, but so?"

Therefore, the Writer, who each time asks the question “What does the author suggest,” is just a person who signs his powerlessness to understand the problem. Which is so weak that for him someone should decide ALL or almost everything.

By the way, a very convenient position. “Everyone decided for me there that I’ll go to the polls / rally / petition” and so on ad infinitum. I don’t rock the boat, I don’t dance to someone’s tune, I don’t listen to anyone except ... blowing, for example.

Hello, such a sweet and dear stagnant swamp!

But, again, this is a democratic and free choice for everyone. The authors have absolutely nothing to do with it.

But with those who are not just “Uryakva!” From the swamp, we’ll talk and think. Aloud. With those whose "SchA we them!" Does not yet dominate the brain. Because really, this “SchA”, together with the incomprehensible “We”, in matters of smashing it from the sofa, “Their” does not look very serious.

Come on.

Let us set aside our dear and charming zomboyaschik and with it some of the authors, who every day is the next breakthrough. If you go too far with them in terms of information consumption, then you can really believe that in our country as a whole, and in the army and military-industrial complex in particular, everything is simply excellent. And superstition is very harmful to the brain.

Have you noticed such an interesting thing: the more “secret” the fuck is, the more you believe in it?

So the Su-57 was disassembled by bones, and until the true fifth-generation engine and radar with AFAR are born in the bowels of the military-industrial complex, everyone understands that this is not so much a fifth-generation fighter of the Su-57, but still a T-50, an experimental prototype.

And hysteria in the Su-57 was instantly replaced by total hysteria about the MiG-25. Until now, they won’t calm down, either they will admire in Japan, then in Papua, then in Namibia ... And they tell us with a serious look how another expert transported a plane taken out of service 7 years ago to heaven.

But let us return to the principle itself, when the less you know, the more you believe that, so to speak, “experts”. You don’t need to go far for an example, the laser miracle-judo “Relight”, which stood up for the defense and defense of our borders. Everything is secret to impossibility, directly, a living military secret on the tracks. Or even two, because it is unclear: “stepped in”, you can understand how, in a single copy, this “Relight” lights up somewhere somewhere.

But it’s useless to explain this to modern hamsters, they said on the box that overstepping means that it is. And tomorrow the whole world will shudder from our battle lasers and other nonsense that the world has been trying to scare recently.

What scare ... not entirely clear. While we are spinning scary cartoons around the world about our Poseidons and Vanguards or whatever the name of the atomic bomb is, the same Ukrainians calmly sued and joyfully recount $ 3 billion. And they are also trying to take away the Massandra from us. Thank God, not the wineries themselves, but only the names. But at such a pace they will be able to. Banned us by the international court to use the name "Soviet champagne"? Forbidden.

But that’s okay, that’s the little things.

And the big troubles are that today, and even in the conditions of impending total censorship of all the processes taking place in the army, we will not be able to figure out soon what we are fed in terms of information!

Those who learn about everything only from the means of propaganda are not even able to understand how deceived they are and how. Although, in fairness, they do not need it. They thought over everything for them and fed the information packages.

But even with objective evaluation criteria, properly understanding what is happening today in the military-industrial complex is very difficult. And all we can do is just understand that if the engine and AFAR for the Su-57 are still not ready, then something is wrong there.

I am often reproached for excessive pessimism, but forgive me, where do I get optimism from, if the only reason for it is that not all of the Soviet legacy has been repudiated? That’s the whole reason. And this is very to say the least.

When the next hysteria begins today in the engaged media about what the next slander project will look like, from which the whole world will shudder, alas, one can only watch how, like a virus, the next “mongrel” spreads through information networks.

A century of rewrite, and there's nothing to be done.

But when each iron and each electric kettle starts broadcasting with a smart look that a nuclear carrier (and preferably two) is our future, you yourself begin to boil. Involuntarily. Watching as we (glory I don’t know to whom) launch small things up to 2 tons with a displacement. And you understand that a corvette and a pair of RTOs are much better than nothing at all.

Pessimism ... But where does optimism come from, if the truly terrifying corruption, irresponsibility and impunity are more and more manifested in our reality every day?

What can our defense industry do today? Nothing special. But it can easily absorb a lot of money in projects. Covering it all with just the most insolent fraud and window dressing.

Examples? Val.

1. "Armata" and everything else, "Kurgan" and so on. It’s hard to say how much money went into development, because everything is scary secret. At the exit - T-72 and T-90 (at best).

2. PAK FA. Well twisted, 12 aircraft ordered. Everything, zilch.

3. PACK YES. It is impossible to say how much money the Tupolev Design Bureau "mastered"; it took Putin to shout: "Enough!", They began to upgrade the Tu-160.

4. Large-tonnage ships. Aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates. It stood, stands and will apparently stand.

5. 2С35 “Coalition of the NE”. How much noise, how much ora ... The result? The result is 12 pieces. That is, 12 Armat and the same number of Coalitions are being released for the parade. Everything, no longer needed, "Msta-B" is a completely modern gun.

6. Transport aircraft ... and so on on the list.

I don’t even want to talk about the space sphere already. Although not so long ago I said about how our ships do not plow anything. But Rogozin has no problems, except to rename the next projection of the spacecraft once again. Which will not fly anywhere, but PR is more important. The whole country was given a name, the whole country was renamed.

By the way, Mr. Rogozin would like to say thank you for once. At the competition, this squalor, according to compatriots, was worthy of the name "Gagarin". Canceled, thank God, called the "Federation". Then they renamed it “Eagle”, and that’s all. Good

But how much drivuha ...

In general, our defense industry is such a "black hole" where money can be poured into AvtoVAZ. The output will still be Priora. Or T-50. Or T-14. It does not matter. The process is important.

But about the process, by the way.

About frames a few words. “Uryakva”, probably, will write their comments from the orbit of Jupiter, but here it’s difficult to object to something reasonable. With shots we have it, white and fluffy.

Engineers are trained little and mediocre. Nobody wants to go to the military-industrial complex enterprises (I personally know such people), because you will receive at the level of a cleaning lady in Pyaterochka, and they will demand the full program.

And it turns out that everything is bad with the engineers, but not with the fools. Fools less and less, and this is a twofold problem. Which are very smart, go anywhere, but not on frankly miserable patches, which are more patriotic - they go, but ...

I will cite as an example those enterprises that I clearly know about from my city. Everywhere there is optimization, that is, pre-retirement cadres of the still Soviet system are being expelled. Not needed. But this system does not motivate young people to go to these enterprises at all, because today they have optimized the “scoops”, tomorrow they will optimize you.

And vice versa, on the same VASO to hold on to old cadres, because young people just don’t go for such pennies. Because once a cool plant looks like a doghouse from the inside. But at the very least, he is still coping with work.

Well, about motivation, I wrote more than once in recent years. When an “effective advertising manager” gets like 4 engineers, this is nonsense. But this was the place to be everywhere.

Let's be honest: when they worked for the honor of the country, the Soviet system was killed in the bud. Today, all these patriovopli look just ridiculous, especially in the performance of government officials, whose kind and sweet faces do not fit on every screen.

The only incentive provided for to work well within our capitalist system is money. Everything else doesn’t give a damn to everyone, because yes, pride in the country is wonderful, but you can’t steam and eat it as a “Doshirak” in case of need.

As today we distribute salaries, it’s not worth talking at all. At the top of the food chain are the “effective” ones, for whom the president himself is worried that he will run away. And below ...

And below, often everyone does not care. Everyone is well aware at any enterprise how much gentlemen and directors put themselves. Because no one is tense and does not want to. Especially engineering.

Oh yes, with the help of administrative coercion, you can make people carry weights, tighten nuts, hammer in nails, I agree, this is so. But only a trained person can work his head at his own request.

It’s a paradox, but it’s precisely those pre-pensioners who have recently been thrown five years from the bounty of the president — they are the main hope and support of the military-industrial complex. Because they are smart and able. They are able to do immeasurably more than all these victims of the Unified State Exam, who are dangerous to give a hammer to their hands, not to admit to the culmination.

By the way, yes, about Kuhlmann.

Amazingly, our defense industry still lives on the groundwork created in the USSR. In fact, ALL of the development of all this "unparalleled in the world" comes from there, from the 80s of the last century.

But nothing, given the pace today is the desovetization of everything, including science, soon everything will be just fine. As Gref said there, a lot of unnecessary junk is stuffed into the head? I agree. You can do without much that was given in Soviet institutes. You can live without brains at all, and nothing. In Rada and in the State Duma they live the same. And work fruitfully.

It is very difficult to assess the current level of Russian science, but I’m sure everything is not very beautiful there either. As an everywhere. But there is such a nuance: science will end, and the military-industrial complex will end. More precisely, the factories will remain, there will be no sense from them ... Well, again, conversion pans will be made. Compete with China.

Yes, by the way, here is China turned up. And with it the topic of the so-called “import substitution”.

Yes, just some 30 years ago, everything military in the country could be made entirely from domestic components and materials, using domestic equipment.

Now domestic equipment is practically not manufactured, and a fair amount of components (especially electronic) is of foreign origin. Moreover, the real range of domestic components and materials is constantly decreasing.

Instead, “Russian” crafts appear, made by simply re-gluing labels from Chinese to Russian. Actually, this is the "import substitution." Well, plus they steal something there through the efforts of our scouts. But if intelligence used to get drawings and technologies, now they are dragging microcircuits that we don’t have and will no longer have.

But in the media and on TV, the praises of our "successes" in the military-industrial complex are singing in unison.

Although it is very conditionally possible to count production and modernization of Soviet models of equipment as achievement, seriously. Nevertheless, “experts” with a serious look carry complete nonsense about the possibilities of often non-existent models of equipment.

The policy of the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex as a whole is based on promises of what will happen in 2030 ... To check, in general, is unrealistic, but it looks quite trendy today. Like the war and the destruction of America with the help of supposedly existing "Poseidons."

Frankly, all this cartoonish delirium is furious today. Worse than advertising in a television box, because there at least something existing is being advertised, but here is a solid victorious “tomorrow”. Which is not clear when, but comes. Because they said so on TV and phoned on the Internet.

Meanwhile, our present country and our modern military-industrial complex do not (and will hardly have) the possibility of implementing fantastic projects such as "Storm", "Leader", "Poseidon" and other cartoon characters, as there will not be the above resources for their implementation.

Whoever believes is what they say, let him believe.

And in the end, I’ll answer to those who could not fully understand the text. The answer to the question “What does the author offer?” I suggest that you begin by cleansing your own brains, which you will have to think something in 2023. This is for those who like to think. And the rest of January-February 2024 is enough for the eyes.

Today, even in two months you can make a mess of the entire information space in such a way that no one with a weak thought will have questions about who will lead us to “win” further.
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