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Idlib: jihadists suffer heavy losses


The counter-offensive of the militants in Idlib choked. Observers have already recognized him as "unsuccessful."

According to AMN from Lebanon, jihadists in the southeastern rural areas of Idlib governorate today tried to recapture the areas occupied by the Syrian Arab Army (CAA) in December last year.

Opposition jihadists from the Tahrir al-Sham group (banned in Russia) launched an attack, sending the first two suicide bombers. With the help of suicide bombers, it was supposed to break through the defenses.

And at first it seemed that the militants would succeed.

Following the suicide bombings, the jihadists stormed the Syrian Arab army, intending to further seize the Al-Tah settlement, located south of Jardjanaz.

However, the attack of the jihadists was ultimately repelled by the SAA troops - the opposition suffered heavy losses west of Al-Taha. Losses were suffered by both Tahrir al-Sham and the so-called Syrian National Army, currently supported by Turkey.

According to a source from the 25th division of special forces, Syrian troops managed to capture two jihad mobiles that were used on Thursday to attack.

Now the Syrian Arab army secured territory in the southeast of Idlib. CAA is preparing to go on the offensive. It will take place in the coming days.
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  1. Uran53
    Uran53 3 January 2020 06: 44
    There it is necessary to strip not so much the bearded as their masters.
    1. 1536
      1536 3 January 2020 07: 08
      Their masters convene the UN Security Council to talk about the "situation in Idlib." You can’t take them for a ruble, for twenty. With them it is necessary to curtail diplomatic relations, and everything else. Otherwise, people will die.
      1. Snail N9
        Snail N9 3 January 2020 09: 35
        Collapse diplomatic relations. ... yeah. Perdogan firmly holds the "folders" for ..... pipes and contracts for s-400 ...
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 3 January 2020 10: 37
          Quote: Snail N9
          Perdogan firmly holds the "folders" for ..... pipes and contracts for s-400 ...

          First, Erdogan no longer holds anyone (with the acquisition of the S-400) for the Faberge, but presented complexes for the analysis of the United States; secondly, Turkey openly rescues (like the United States) its bearded fosterlings, in words proclaiming the fight against ISIS.
          1. Arberes
            Arberes 3 January 2020 13: 19
            At the expense of a Turkish salary of $ 2000: a good burden on the Turkish budget, that I doubt such a salary for these scum of society from all over the Middle East and not only from it.
            Personally, my opinion is: to engage Erdogan in the Libyan conflict to the fullest. Let it be spent, especially since there are countries for which the presence of Turks is not even desirable and this gives a lot of room for maneuver of the Russian Federation.
  2. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 3 January 2020 06: 52
    Step back, two forward. Not a bad result.
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 3 January 2020 08: 06
      It is possible that the issue of Idlib will be resolved in the next 2-3 months. Of course, this mainly depends on the success of the offensive that is being prepared. Judging by the situation, and the reaction of Turkey, this attack is already seriously afraid. hi
  3. Qwertyarion
    Qwertyarion 3 January 2020 06: 56
    . the opposition suffered heavy losses.

    This is how much in numbers then?
    Or is this the writing style without specifics, or the author himself knows nothing.
    1. cost
      cost 3 January 2020 12: 10
      This is how much in numbers then? More specifics)))
  4. Victor_B
    Victor_B 3 January 2020 07: 09
    Aviation and artillery - they rule!
  5. Thrifty
    Thrifty 3 January 2020 07: 19
    The Turks wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t try to shit on us through Syria! It is necessary to "accidentally" strike Turkish military installations in Syria, "help" the Haussites in Yemen, "help" in Libya in the fight against the Turkish occupation corps, which Erdogad sent to Libya. ..
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 3 January 2020 07: 59
      Turkey should know its borders and not go beyond them. stop Where she intervenes, she must not go unpunished. And Erdogan is not eternal either. He has both external enemies and internal ones who are ready to dump him as soon as possible.
  6. rocket757
    rocket757 3 January 2020 07: 50
    Will it last ??? .... yes FIG knows how long it will last!
    1. Semurg
      Semurg 3 January 2020 08: 11
      Quote: rocket757
      Will it last ??? .... yes FIG knows how long it will last!

      Erdogan has cannon fodder in the form of 4 million Syrian refugees. The Russian Federation will probably throw money for transit through the Turkish stream. This music will last forever.
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 3 January 2020 08: 59
        Everyone has their own iteres!
        To look for reliable partners in BV is to be a great optimist.
  7. Positiv
    Positiv 3 January 2020 08: 20
    Well done Syrians! Now we are waiting for a strike of retaliation from Israel .. Or are they already bombing?
    1. gmb
      gmb 3 January 2020 14: 11
      You, unfortunately, do not understand well what’s happening
  8. Usher
    Usher 3 January 2020 10: 47
    Since when have terrorists become "oppositionists"? The author are you licking?
  9. karabass
    karabass 3 January 2020 17: 30
    What kind of losses are these - these are very large? Judging by the events described in the article, they are simply huge! FIVE bayonets? or even SIX!
    And there are two suicide bombers, two cars, an import jacket - two, a domestic cigarette case, too, two!
  10. The comment was deleted.