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“New Year's” storming of Grozny: 25 years of reflection


The night from December 31, 1994 to January 1, 1995 became one of the most tragic in the life of new Russia. In historiography, these events were called the “New Year's storm of Grozny.” The then command hoped to conduct an operation, the result of which would be the capture of the administrative center of Chechnya with minimal losses in personnel and equipment. It was planned that the operation should be completed within a maximum of several days. But, as you know, these plans were not destined to come true.

The federal forces in Grozny were opposed by a powerful enemy who was well equipped and armed, knew “every nook and cranny” of the city, had foreign support, including military-technical and financial.

The NTV television channel released a documentary about what happened a quarter century ago in Grozny. The film is based on personal testimonies of people who were then in Chechnya and saw what was happening with their own eyes.

NTV correspondent Vladimir Luskanov:

I have never seen a market anywhere, where instead of vegetables and fruits they sell machine guns, machine guns, pistols, and grenades. This is a harbinger of what: the opening of a duck hunt, preparing for a wedding or still for war?

Another correspondent:

"I saw the young lieutenant standing and talking after leaving the battle":
What kind of marine corps is this: they got cormorants from the boxes and threw them into battle ...

The NTV television film about the events in Grozny in December 1994, about the 25th anniversary of reflection:

Video - by link.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 31 December 2019 19: 13
    The gloomy page of our history ...
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 31 December 2019 19: 21
      Quote: parusnik
      The gloomy page of our history ...

      yeah .... however, Happy New Year, everyone! I'm going to my friends, I hope to be back ... drinks
    2. Rastas
      Rastas 31 December 2019 19: 28
      A terrible page, especially when you read the recollections of officers at the level of the commander’s platoon, company, battalion about the level of training. A classmate participated in the assault, after which he did not celebrate the new year before the birth of his daughter, he said that especially on the night of December 31 and January 1, he suffered from insomnia every year.
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 31 December 2019 19: 41
        Quote: Rastas
        Awful page,

        War, the worst story of my country.
    3. Mcar
      Mcar 31 December 2019 20: 28
      Quote: parusnik
      The gloomy page of our history ...

      The dark page began when the genocide of the Russian population in Chechnya began, and the capital's "governors" closed their eyes. I am ashamed of our helmsmen. Here I could not influence in any way, but it is a shame. It is a shame in front of Russian refugees from Russia to Russia. AND themapparently not.
      1. Destiny
        Destiny 31 December 2019 21: 43
        Erisov Mikhail Sergeevich. Guard junior sergeant, commander of the department of surveyors 3 gsabatr 81 guards. SMEs.
        He died on January 05, 1995 in the city of Grozny.
        He was buried in the cemetery of Buzuluk, Orenburg region.
        Born 03 January 1976 of the year
        in Buzuluk,
        Orenburg region.
        Russian. Single.

        At the age of 6, he went to study at school No. 2, after the opening of school No. 8, he went to study there. After graduation, he entered the music school and graduated from it in 1994.
        June 26, 1994 Buzuluk OGVK Orenburg region was drafted into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
        The training took place in the training in his native city of Buzuluk. After training, military unit 65349 (81 guards. SMEs) became the place for further service. He performed military duty in the Chechen Republic as part of military unit 65349 (81 Guards. He died on January 05, 1995 in the area of ​​the canning factory in Grozny.
        He was buried in the cemetery of Buzuluk, Orenburg region.
        He was awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously).
      2. vindigo
        vindigo 1 January 2020 09: 48
        By the way. I noticed now they began to deny the genocide of Russians in Chechnya and Central Asia. They say that it wasn’t like that, they treated Russians well, they left, etc.
  2. rruvim
    rruvim 31 December 2019 19: 26
    In 1994, NTV and its correspondents did not understand which side they were on. It often seemed that NTV was Dudaev-TV.
    1. Bacha
      Bacha 1 January 2020 13: 38
      Yes, it is clear on which side they were! Except as they didn’t call us killers! And then we needed support and kind words ...
    2. Bacha
      Bacha 1 January 2020 13: 41
      It’s not your fault in the ass that you’re also vilified. It was not true war, it was a betrayal!
      1. Bacha
        Bacha 1 January 2020 13: 50
        And mother, aged 10 years. This was the generation that believed in television. For her, Dad was doing an international duty in Afghanistan, and I was killing civilians in Chechnya. And the neighbors thought so thanks to NTV! Stsuki! Sorry, it’s painful.
        1. rruvim
          rruvim 1 January 2020 14: 23
          Now these correspondents in the film make excuses: they say we were also heroes ...
  3. knn54
    knn54 31 December 2019 19: 29
    My Russia is sleeping, swept by the snow,
    Blind lights look out of the window dark.
    New Year's Eve - artillery volleys,
    In the fire of the underworld, terrible losses.
    Champagne is pouring there - on the contrary:
    Krovushka soldier flows in the snow.
    Someone's will of cattle threw us to hell,
    Maykop boys look from the clouds.
    Comrades went into the night ... Like firewood
    Blaze fire tanks, tanks, tanks!
    Those are the station walls and firing ... firing ...
    Such a sad fate has come to us.
    Only a voice soared above the city,
    Hoarse and torn ... Listen to the order!
    They promised help ... Oh, bro, don’t wait!
    Do not help drowning! God forgive me!
    They clink glasses. Happy New Year, brother!
    Here we are ringing bully naughty at the temple.
    Let’s become nameless ... Namedirek’s wars.
    Snow will cover us with cold shrouds.
    For a long time at the crossroads the tank was crazy snooping.
    I wrote a white “Sveta”
    The guy on the wall destroyed by the explosions
    Expressing the best that does not burn the war ...
    Somewhere the starry sky - here is the opposite:
    The darkness and ashes of Grozny. Hello, New Year!
    My Russia is sleeping, swept by the snow ...
    Blind lights look out of the window dark.

    Elena Semenova
  4. Seaflame
    Seaflame 31 December 2019 19: 33
    A terrible period in the history of the Russian Federation. I think that E.B.N. is personally responsible for all the blood. Everything could be decided differently ...
    1. evgic
      evgic 31 December 2019 21: 00
      EBN certainly finished ........ then you yourself know who. But he alone, with all the desire, could not make such porridge. For good, the then government and the State Duma for uranium mines must be determined. And also a significant part of the Min. defense
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 31 December 2019 23: 51
        Quote: evgic
        But he alone, with all the desire, could not make such porridge.

        Yes, because of the pipe, it all started. Dudaev wanted too much.
    2. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 31 December 2019 21: 39
      Quote: Seaflame
      A terrible period in the history of the Russian Federation. I think that E.B.N. is personally responsible for all the blood. Everything could be decided differently ...
    3. About 2
      About 2 1 January 2020 04: 07
      Now imagine that this freak ebony was almost built in Yekaterinburg.
  5. soloveyav
    soloveyav 31 December 2019 20: 39
    It is a pity that those idiots were not judged that they threw armored vehicles into the city almost without infantry. After all, the fact that infantry should cover equipment is in any textbook and educational film about battles in the city.
    1. IL-64
      IL-64 1 January 2020 03: 16
      I agree. As if the assault on Berlin taught nothing
  6. Robertocalos
    Robertocalos 31 December 2019 20: 56
    Only Rokhlin’s unit showed relatively tolerable urban combat skills, the rest of the commanders put hundreds of boys. Pulikhovsky especially distinguished himself. They left Afghanistan in 88, the Union ended in 91, the assault was in 94. 3 years is not enough for the army to lose its combat effectiveness. So draw conclusions. Well, the Afghans could not be sent? To assemble the combined division in a month and conduct at least a couple of exercises? So that Arta and the Air Force will not work in their own way, including? Is the Soviet habit of datism left?
    1. 2 Level Advisor
      2 Level Advisor 1 January 2020 10: 05
      Pulikhovsky’s son died 2 weeks before the assault in Shatoye .. The command probably should have been removed, there was probably no moral state ..
    2. soloveyav
      soloveyav 1 January 2020 11: 57
      There, the first wave (which just entered the city on December 30-31) mainly consisted of incomplete units without combat experience. Yes, and no one was really planning to fight, they thought the troops would enter and everyone would scatter.
      1. Robertocalos
        Robertocalos 1 January 2020 15: 09
        Who was demoted to lieutenant generals for this? Who went to the tribunal to put the first year?
        1. soloveyav
          soloveyav 1 January 2020 18: 50
          And this is more of a politician. As a result, it seemed that only some lieutenant was judged for surrendering. Most likely, in addition to patronage at the top, they were saved by the fact that they still took the city.
    3. cat Rusich
      cat Rusich 1 January 2020 22: 56
      The army loses its "fighting efficiency" in peacetime very quickly. 1) Conscripts are leaving for demobilization. The new call-up is 18 years old, they don't know anything about the unit before training. There was NO preparation, BATTLE training. The sergeants are old conscripts, they know no more than first-year soldiers. All the "combat" training of conscripts - to assemble and disassemble the AK for a while, wind up footcloths, wake up and hang up for a while ... 2) Commanders-officers, without combat experience, are just chiefs in an army unit. The officers wear uniforms and shoulder straps, but service in the "peaceful" rear is in no way PREPARED for war. 3) After the collapse of the USSR, the army is reduced in "random order". Many, very many commanders with "Afghan experience" have been dismissed and laid off. 3) Consolidated units were sent to the war - assembled throughout the unit, not knowing each other. Units aimed at completing a combat mission - FOR WAR, rear units, with minimal combat training. 4) "... to gather a division of" Afghans "in a month and conduct at least a couple of exercises? ..." Maybe you mean "partisan" - for military training? In the fall of 1994 there was an attempt - 26.11.94/4/15. Under the "supervision" of the FSK, "hunters" were recruited from the Kantemirovsk division and tanks were even given. And they drove into the city without preparation, from three directions. And then, after the defeat, they were abandoned - they pretended that the Kremlin had nothing to do with it ... 1994) L. Rokhlin THINKED with his head, and entered Chechnya, bypassing the "planned" route, entered the ring road. Four L. Rokhlins (each would command one assault column) would have taken the city of Grozny with difficulty, but with "small" losses. But L. Rokhlin is ONE and lost him, did not save him ... I can remind you. On October 1, XNUMX, the "Chechen opposition" had already taken the city of Grozny, but the next day it WAS GONE ... On December XNUMX, Russian aviation destroyed the Ichkeria aviation at the airfields.
      1. Robertocalos
        Robertocalos 1 January 2020 23: 16
        By the division of "Afghans" I meant officers and warrant officers with experience in the field of combat. If memory serves, about 380 thousand SA servicemen passed through Afghan. Surely, several thousand of them remained in the active army. Therefore, it was possible to recruit from the fired all commanders, starting with the platoon commander. This is the minimum. Well, and the fact that Rokhlin was supposed to command the general operation, this can not be discussed. And no more generals were needed in this operation. The capture of the city is an operation carried out a hundred times in history. Strategic genius is not needed here. All algorithms are written in blood. Probably, the division is not even enough - as it advanced, the territory had to be occupied and controlled - every house should be searched for hidden militants / burials in weapons and BC. Then no counterattack will help.
        1. cat Rusich
          cat Rusich 1 January 2020 23: 40
          More than 620 USSR citizens, including 000 USSR Armed Forces, 525 civil servants, 500 KGB of the USSR (including the PV of the USSR) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR (Wikipedia), served in the DRA (Afghanistan) hi Losses: army - 14, KGB - 427 (576 border guards), Ministry of Internal Affairs - 514.
          1. Robertocalos
            Robertocalos 2 January 2020 17: 27
            This means that in 1994 the RF Armed Forces would have recruited at least 1000 officers who had passed the DB. But it would also be Transnistria.
            1. cat Rusich
              cat Rusich 2 January 2020 20: 39
              The idea is correct. In the "Afghan division" both sergeants and rank-and-file personnel are needed with "experience." We'll have to attract "partisans", they are in the "reserve" just for such a case. But whoever would form an "Afghan division" in the fall of 1994, on November 26.11.94, 1995, they still tried to get by with "little blood" using "volunteers for money" from the Kantemirovsk division and the "local Chechen" militia. Question: who will appoint the commanders to the "Afghan division"? - Is the Headquarters really from Moscow? This is not a joke question, the whole idea of ​​an "Afghan division" depends on the "quality" of the officer corps, it is not enough just to be "across the river". And yet, in February 75, a group of 000 "bayonets" (data from Wikipedia) was used to establish constitutional order. With the capture of Grozny, the war did not end, but had just begun. Where to get the rest of the "bayonets"? - to mobilize? A very big "stumbling block" is who exactly will establish "constitutional order" by the army or "internal organs" (Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSK). There were no "Afghans" of their own inside the MVD Internal Troops, only those who came from the army and the KGB. "Afghan division" is an army, and "putting things in order" is an internal matter. In 1994, there were simply no unambiguously combat-ready troops in the required number, and in 1999 there were none either. My opinion is that it was necessary to "restore constitutional order" either in 1993, when the "riot" could be crushed in the "bud" or to collect the "Afghan Army" and carry out the operation in 1995. The "local conflict" in Transnistria is not a "combat experience", but a "peacekeeping" one, Lebed, who commanded the "peace enforcement" of Moldova - signed the "Khasavyurt surrender".
              1. Robertocalos
                Robertocalos 3 January 2020 02: 11
                All right. It was necessary to assemble an army, carry out coordination, draw a clear plan, train it. Turntables and Rooks were supposed to hang dozens of over the city and induced on command from the ground. In the presidential palace in general, Point U could be worked out.
                1. cat Rusich
                  cat Rusich 3 January 2020 17: 41
                  I can suggest using mortars 2S4 "Tulip" (240mm) and M-160 (160mm) for assault on the "city". TRK "Tochka" or "Tochka-U" is better (in my opinion) to be used in "small" places of concentration of bandits, in "rural" or mountainous areas, from afar, before the arrival of the main part of the troops, according to target designations of reconnaissance.
                  1. Robertocalos
                    Robertocalos 3 January 2020 18: 15
                    If you work with a large caliber, then an assault is not needed at all. Blocked - ultimatum - art. Only there, after all, there were quite a few peaceful ones. But the Point would only blow the palace to pieces with all the defenders, and the remains could be cleaned from turntables. And then, you look and drop the landing.
                    1. cat Rusich
                      cat Rusich 3 January 2020 18: 30
                      I will not argue how to storm the "city". The "palace" is just a building, I don't know where the "city defense headquarters" was located. A mortar during the assault on dense urban development is needed for the targeted suppression of "firing points". TKR "Tochka-U" is needed to suppress the enemy's concentration areas, when the main army is "far away" and the enemy has not yet dispersed in "small groups".
                      1. karabass
                        karabass 17 February 2020 21: 37
                        What are you all competent, you would command the operation! Do you know that from Akhtubinsk round the clock TU 22M went without percussion to the formidable? The artillery was so much and different that they even asked not to interfere with each other! Not only the points, but also the Elbrus launched Firepower was over enough
                      2. cat Rusich
                        cat Rusich 17 February 2020 21: 57
                        About the assault on the city of Grozny on 31.12.1994/22/25. "... The firepower was in excess of enough ..." - but the "Maikop brigade" was not saved. There was a connection with the brigade surrounded at the railway station in Grozny, why weren't the firing points of the "bandits" around the railway station suppressed with artillery? TU XNUMXM from Akhtubinsk need not be driven, Su-XNUMX from Budenovsk is enough. All the power of artillery and aviation rests on target designation and correction from the ground, otherwise carpet bombing and work on "squares".
    4. Petrik66
      Petrik66 25 February 2020 10: 15
      War in the mountains and deserts is different from war in the city.
  7. Connor MacLeod
    Connor MacLeod 31 December 2019 21: 33
    Rokhlin was a competent commander, quickly orientated himself ...
  8. tech3030
    tech3030 31 December 2019 21: 49
    Fat traitors from the top and Yeltsin burn in hell for the guys thrown into this hell.
  9. Radikal
    Radikal 31 December 2019 21: 52
    Quote: rruvim
    In 1994, NTV and its correspondents did not understand which side they were on. It often seemed that NTV was Dudaev-TV.

    So it was .... sad
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. Robertocalos
      Robertocalos 1 January 2020 15: 35
      They will not sing, they will shoot again. There is now a blessing from which, and in the Arab world, Ramzan is his own. If it burns, then it will not be possible to reconcile. Only carpet bombing demolish everything that has been built with Russian money over the past 20 years. Chechnya has never truly been Russian. Only from under the stick or for a lot of money.
  11. KCA
    KCA 1 January 2020 00: 41
    Personally, in the headquarters tent of the 131st Maykop brigade, back in 1992, I studied the plan for the occupation of Grozny on maps, everything was painted there, the zones of action of the SU-25, MI-24, electronic warfare, the entrance of light troops, the entrance of infantry with tanks, aphids, two years have passed and all these plans were tucked under the tail of YeltsYn, with a shout of "Agla" they left the soldiers to die
    1. Robertocalos
      Robertocalos 1 January 2020 15: 37
      I read that they even came in with old cards. Where new buildings were not applied.
  12. 75 Sergey
    75 Sergey 1 January 2020 03: 00
    And there was October 1993, the center of Moscow, where two freaks set people up, and the third gave a command from the tanks to shoot, they probably thought that it would be so in Grozny - on the ball.
    1. About 2
      About 2 1 January 2020 04: 03
      Yes, the drunk did not think about anything, because he was constantly in euphoria. Alpha and Pennant refused to storm the White House then, for this this ghoul disbanded them.
    2. Robertocalos
      Robertocalos 1 January 2020 15: 38
      In truth, there was no execution. The action of intimidation, so as not to put hundreds during the assault. They were given discs, they showed who controls the situation. This is the best solution if negotiations do not help.
  13. IL-64
    IL-64 1 January 2020 03: 14
    In one of the films recently posted here, dedicated to one of the special forces veterans (certainly a well-deserved one), the moderator asks the film’s hero about his attitude to Grachev, saying that all the bad words addressed to him are a libel. The hero agrees. And the lives laid down during the storming of Grozny are not on his (Grachev) conscience?
    1. tracer
      tracer 1 January 2020 03: 56
      Grachev came to our unit with the inspection, after Ochalov, God knows how long ago there was no one. He came with a bunch of staff polkans. He left a good impression as a military man. True palkans all intertwined him to one. One already began to freeze, I gave him my new coat. And he still threw himself looking across the fire lies. I managed to pull it out. He’s nothing, but my pea jacket burned the reptile through and through.
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 2 January 2020 03: 53
        Quote: tracer
        Grachev came to our unit with the inspection

        Quote: tracer
        One already began to freeze, I gave him my new coat

        Yes, "tracer", but why deceive everyone again?
        Yes, there was Grachev at 21 police departments, but in the summer.
    2. Aibolit
      Aibolit 1 January 2020 05: 11
      No. Not on him.
      Talk to those who served with Grachev.
      It comes at 90% (Mercedes doesn’t count; there he has a demand for them).
      But those who were in the subject told me: there was no blood of guys on it, and he did not drive the jackets about the storming of Grozny.
      He was against.
      This "legend" is beneficial to the gang of the Yeltsin family, whose mausoleum stands on our land.
      1. tracer
        tracer 1 January 2020 12: 25
        That's what I'm talking about. He was a normal military officer. Not a drunk and windbag. Our military officers all from Afghanistan knew him as "their own". But he mixed him into the politics of dirty people, where he, as a military man, could not do anything.
    3. 75 Sergey
      75 Sergey 1 January 2020 10: 37
      For this, the Kontemirovskaya Guard Division speaks at parades, but now the stain is not washed off.
  14. About 2
    About 2 1 January 2020 03: 59
    Everything was there and recklessly carried out reconnaissance and outright betrayal. Before the troops entered the FSK or whatever security was called there at that time, a whole tank column was gathered which the militants burned in Grozny and to those who defended themselves in one of the cafes they were asked to surrender 70 and all of them Chechens cut off their heads. Until the last drunk, Yeltsin lied that troops would not be deployed, however, troops entered the end of November. The storming of Grozny was described in general in one of the numbers of the Russian edition of the Soldier of Fortune. There was also a terrible movie in the video The End of the Maykop Brigade was called
    1. Aerodrome
      Aerodrome 1 January 2020 09: 01
      Putin solved the problem ... with money ...
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 1 January 2020 11: 03
        Quote: Aerodrome
        Putin solved the problem

        Putin solved the problem that threatens the collapse of Russia into souvenir states.

        Quote: Aerodrome
        money ...

        And they are the same. In Russia there are regions much more subsidized than Chechnya, but for some reason no one recalls them.
  15. polar fox
    polar fox 1 January 2020 07: 33
    a couple of guys, my friends, got on the first night ... both alive returned ... 81 regiment ...
    one folder, the head of the police, attached closer to the house, and after half a year, a mixture ....
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 1 January 2020 11: 09
      Hi Zema! He knew one, they called Oleg - they were engaged in the gym together. He passed the first Chechen one, but died at home. They shot in Samara.
  16. UltraRed
    UltraRed 1 January 2020 11: 33
    There are still many legends and outright rumors about the "first Chechen war".
    An "unplowed field" for sane historians!
    Therefore, in the beginning - "facts only".
    1. Marine Corps in the New Year's assault - WASN'T!
    2. She appeared in Grozny a week later (with the Baltic Fleet and the Federation Council) and played a decisive role in ending the assault on the neighborhoods adjacent to the presidential palace.
    3. The assault of the palace itself - WASN’T!
    4. The main losses of the MP BF suffered on January 18, 1995 during the assault on the "green" quarter, and this very day is considered the "Day of Remembrance" in the Baltic.
    5. The MP with the Pacific Fleet appeared even later, and its first operation in Grozny was the crossing of Sunzha and the combing of Minutka.
    6. There was NO assault on "Minutka" in the "first" war! There was an assault on "heavy" buildings on the street. Musorov and Saykhanov 2 and 3 dshr odshb MP BF.
    7. When capturing the eastern part of Grozny, the first group seized the bridgehead one quarter on the other side of the Sunji bend - 3 pdv pdd odshb MP BF (under the command of your humble servant .... :-)), - a dilapidated pedestrian was used to cross the river a bridge to the south of the bend, in the area of ​​responsibility of the Airborne Forces (they managed to capture one house behind the bridge on the other side of the Sunzha River. Then, under cover of 3 traffic detachments, 1 infantry regiment and 6 drc were transferred to the bridgehead. By the end of the first day of the operation, XNUMX quarters were taken.
    8. The first group (from the BF MP BF) "cut" the eastern part of the city "from west to east" (two days earlier than the plan!) Was commanded by S. Sheiko (later Hero of Russia).
    9. The authors of the operation plan for the bend Sunzha - the commander of odshb MP BF Guards. n / a Darkovich
    (subsequently Hero of Russia) and chief of intelligence OBMP BF Guards. Mr. Nazarenko.
    10. The smallest losses (21 people killed incl. 2 of 580 people) of all the active units of the federal troops in Grozny were at the command and control unit of the BMF BF. n / a Darkovic (later Hero of Russia).
    11. Among the l / s odshb BMP BF who arrived for "deployment to wartime states" from ships - the losses were TWO times higher than among the "indigenous" sailors of the Marine Fleet who had completed six months of field training. The command and officers of the battalion were given almost no time to prepare the new arrivals! Because of this, there was even a kind of "officer riot" when sent from the place of deployment.

    Well now a little lyrics of the time.

    Dedication to local war veterans (written BEFORE Chechnya)

    1. They didn’t kill me,
    Turned out to be alive
    But now in this world,
    - He became forever a stranger.
    2. I won’t tell you this,
    Try to forget
    That I only lived there
    It remains here - to survive.
    3. To live alone,
    Before my grandson’s wedding,
    Not know what is
    Pain, death and separation.
    4. But night and day,
    I see a slope
    Where lay under fire
    Our second battalion.
    5. Inaccessible spring,
    I don't need flowers
    In memory of dreams
    Like the severity of the shackles.
    6. The heart is bent in an arc,
    The silence of the nights
    I can’t forget

    Grenade in the grenade launcher,
    Cocked machine,
    A bulletproof vest weighs on his shoulders.
    Sometime in Baltiysk,
    At the festive table
    We will remember about Chechnya,
    And about all this.
    Recall the screams in the night
    "Allah Akbar!",
    Burning floor spans,
    About those who cut short their lives,
    About the tracer of Dushman machine guns.
    Let them tell us:
    "Why were you there?"
    And hurt in the back
    A casual unkind word.
    The Russians met us
    And don't let them lie later
    Like in the 43rd, somewhere near Pskov.
    We remember the yard,
    Like the moon
    Cursed courtyard of the green quarter.
    Last snow, behind Sunzha, in the morning,
    Covered in blood
    And Baltic glory.

    Waltz of winter Grozny.

    1. We served, did not wait for awards,
    When the order suddenly came
    Dividing us all
    On come, and no, back.
    2. Ice-covered houses.
    Deserted city in the snow
    Where every stone is ready
    Will meet us with fire.
    3. And there was no chance except
    Calm down and go wild
    Don't be afraid of spilled blood
    And hoarsely make fun of death.
    4. Even those who are lucky
    Better it all seemed like a dream
    To not happen
    We will return separately.
    5. Survivors - met by the orchestra,
    The sobbing of copper lips.
    Some embraced flattery
    The others were hugged by an oak.
    6. We did everything we could,
    Russia - do not forget those
    To the frozen clods of the earth
    Forever covered the chest.
    7. They served, did not wait for rewards,
    When the order suddenly came
    Dividing us all
    On come, and no, back.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 1 January 2020 12: 58
      Quote: UltraRed
      Well now a little lyrics of the time.

      Thank you, good luck fighter. And happy New Year.
    2. rruvim
      rruvim 1 January 2020 14: 27
      Thank you very much!
    3. About 2
      About 2 1 January 2020 15: 00
      At the expense of the officer riot, the truth was that we had such a major Zhovtorypenko at the Pacific Fleet who refused to take untrained sailors to Chechnya, for which he was dismissed from the fleet.
  17. Yang yangov
    Yang yangov 1 January 2020 12: 47
    it’s a pity the guys who died because of the stupidity of greed .. the then top in the Kremlin.
  18. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 1 January 2020 12: 56
    What kind of marine corps is this: scored cormorants from the boxes and threw into battle ..
    . And now, those who survived are fighters of the highest category.
  19. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 1 January 2020 13: 57
    The main thing here is to understand the following:
    1. The technique was originally not intended to storm a fortified city. And for occupying it, controlling and suppressing insignificant resistance. Accordingly, the forces and means were appropriate.
    2. There were no amendments to the constitution allowing the army to fight on its territory.
    3. The army was a complete collapse.

    There initially the operation was supposed to be at the level of taking Racca and Aleppo. With aviation, artillery, communications suppression and city isolation.
  20. rruvim
    rruvim 1 January 2020 14: 48
    It is also necessary to recall, in addition to the Produdaev lobbyists in the media and in the State Duma, the traitor General Eduard Vorobyov (in 1994, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army for Combat Training). He generally refused to carry out the order of the Minister of Defense, after which he was "known" as a hero among the liberals and the media, became a State Duma deputy and an adviser to the Gaidar Institute.
  21. SPQR
    SPQR 1 January 2020 18: 06
    Just remember the guys ... Just keep quiet ... Let's remember a kind word ... Bloody scars on the heart of the Russian army ... Hearts of mothers who did not wait ... Hearts of officers who did not save ...
  22. rruvim
    rruvim 1 January 2020 22: 59
    My officers from the electronic warfare unit from Sary-Shagan (unit 06838) in 95 deployed stations near Khankala and listened to all the Dudayevtsy’s communications in Grozny, and could intervene. They even suggested that the Czechs provide such information on the frequencies in pure Russian-Ichkerian language (regarding the center and the palace): "... the feds are ready to use tactical nuclear weapons, everyone should go down to the basement floors or leave their positions." At this moment, the assault groups could have pulled out the remnants of the Maykop brigade, but someone "above" said no... “No,” just words that would definitely undermine the spirit of this ... But still, this Reb scenario worked already in Bamut, in the second Chechen one, in 1999, but there the army was almost ready to use tactical nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, only "words about nuclear weapons" at frequencies common with the Czechs forced the latter to scatter over the mountains. Not applied ... wink
  23. eagle owl
    eagle owl 7 January 2020 11: 22
    Hmm) And about an acquaintance ... He is dragging the landing party, then only from Ryazanka, snot ... Well, so he told me about that "lynx" complex, SK at 12,7. he saw him there at GRushnikov's. Hello to someone for that mark from the book, and this one I read)