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How does the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation


These days marks the fifth anniversary of the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Federation. The building before the opening of the center was reconstructed by order of the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergey Shoigu.

The center manages the entire Russian army, including its combat and training operations, maneuver planning, and interaction between types and arms of the troops.

The program "Military Acceptance" of the "Zvezda" TV channel tells about the work of the National Defense Center, about what significance it has for the army and for the whole country.


What happens in the control center resembles an orchestra, where each musician has his own part. Someone is responsible for the state defense order, someone - for the call, and someone - for the teachings.

At the control center, officers of the RF Armed Forces receive huge amounts of information, the analysis of which allows not only to assess the situation, but also to anticipate its development, consequences, and, as a result, issue a forecast on which much depends.

The program tells about the functioning of the center, about the combat alert system for command and control of Russian troops. The program allows you to look into the brain center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and witness the work of all this complex mechanism.

Two clips of the TV channel "Star":


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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 25 December 2019 12: 00
    Works and works ..... what to look at there, only to interfere with people doing business.
  2. 3vs
    3vs 25 December 2019 12: 20
    Everywhere Windows 7 costs, but what about import substitution?
    1. AU Ivanov.
      AU Ivanov. 25 December 2019 13: 58
      There AstraLinux. The desktop resembles Windows, but nothing more.
      1. 3vs
        3vs 25 December 2019 14: 44
        Yes, but 7, I think, is present.
        1. AU Ivanov.
          AU Ivanov. 25 December 2019 14: 58
          To work with open information and closed, the degree of secrecy of the SS - is possible. For work with OB Windows is not certified.
          1. 3vs
            3vs 25 December 2019 15: 08
            Most likely there is both this and that, but in different networks.
  3. knn54
    knn54 25 December 2019 12: 25
    Hope NOT so:
    You have called the Center To connect to ... press the number "1". To connect to .. press hash or stay on the line.
    Sorry, but all operators / duty officers are busy. Call back later.
    1. ccsr
      ccsr 25 December 2019 12: 50
      Quote: knn54
      Everywhere Windows 7 costs, but what about import substitution?

      In fact, back in August 1988, the entire top military leadership of the country at the training camp in the BVI training center near Minsk was shown the work of the FIELD command and intelligence center, where even then there was an exchange of information without any vindos, though at a more primitive level. So we don’t have to smear everything with shit - we started automating the processes of collecting and processing information in the USSR, and only our software was used there.