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In Bulgaria, a bus exploded with Israeli tourists

In Bulgaria, a bus exploded with Israeli touristsThree people were killed in the explosion of a bus with Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, reports Reuters, citing the Bulgarian police. The blast occurred on the evening of July 18 near the airport of Bourgas, located on the Black Sea coast 400 kilometers east of Sofia.
Earlier, the local news agency BGNES reported five dead. According to Agence France-Presse, at least 20 people were injured. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria has qualified the explosion at the airport of the city of Burgas as a terrorist act, according to Interfax.

A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ofir Gendelman told AFP that a bus was fired at and a bomb was thrown at him. At the same time, according to eyewitness accounts, the explosion occurred after a certain unknown person entered the bus. It is reported by the Associated Press with reference to the Israeli channel Channel 2 TV.

Sofia News Agency reports, citing local media, that there were about 40 tourists from Israel on the bus. As a result of the explosion, three buses caught fire in the parking of the Burgas airport.

According to the Bulgarian television channel bTV, the explosion occurred in 17: 30 local time. According to the deputy spokesperson for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Ilana Stein, a flight from Israel landed at 17 at Bourgas airport. “The passengers got on the bus, after which an explosion occurred, the cause of which has not yet been established,” she said.

Shortly after the explosion, the Burgas airport was closed. All flights are redirected to the city of Varna.

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  1. gispanec
    gispanec 18 July 2012 22: 16
    this is not *** - for myself ..... I'm really on a pause ..... Jews are humanly sorry.
  2. Oleg Rosskiyy
    Oleg Rosskiyy 18 July 2012 22: 27
    Everything is clear about the United States, but its imaginary (scared to death) allies, if they do not comprehend that they all live on the same continent with the "free armies" they produce, who have only one thing in their minds - money and terror, against everything common to mankind, then all of them will sooner or later face the same fate as Serbia, Libya and Syria.
  3. Vladimir 70
    Vladimir 70 18 July 2012 22: 46
    Most likely the authorities in Syria and Iran have nothing to do with the explosion in Bulgaria! It is strange that Bulgaria was chosen, more like a provocation.
    1. Andrey_K
      Andrey_K 19 July 2012 01: 46
      Of course they don’t have it - it’s a chain reaction: you get rid of idiots on some, but then they, unbelted, start to water everyone in a row.
      The propaganda of "Arab springs" convinced the Arabs (and other Muslims) that it is very cool and fashionable to resolve all issues by force.
      Whoever killed a "bad" policeman, military man, official ... - that fellow, and that glory and honor.
      It was only later that they themselves (without the help of others) began to supplement the list of legal goals: ... an infidel, an Israeli, a European, an American ...
    2. vvvvv
      vvvvv 19 July 2012 04: 46
      It doesn’t matter where the terrorist attack occurred - in Bulgaria, an explosion or massacre in Homs ... More importantly, the perpetrators can be appointed according to one scheme. As previously appointed something guilty of Gaddafi, Hussein, etc.
      So, the downed Turkish plane did not start a war. Maybe if the United States and Israel suddenly see a trace of Syria or Iran here (for example, if they find an Iranian passport that has survived in the fire on a burnt bus), then the war will not start even now. However, this may be one of the remaining steps. Someone can look with attentiveness at the arrow of the indicator (public opinion, etc.) when it is possible and convenient to start an invasion. Most likely, this attack will be associated with the latest terrorist attack in Syria, which killed the leaders of the Syrian security agencies.
      A couple more of these precedents and you can confidently expect intervention. And, especially, until the ships of the Russian Federation reached Tartus ...
  4. starred
    starred 18 July 2012 22: 48
    Another provocation Mossad ...
    1. MIT
      MIT 18 July 2012 23: 33
      The hand of Iran is clearly visible in revenge for the bombings in Damascus!
    2. skullcap
      skullcap 19 July 2012 11: 24
      starded Yesterday, 22: 48
      Another provocation Mossad ...
      I also thought so at first, given that the Zionists constantly practice sacrificing not only goyim, but also the Jews themselves. (A vivid example is the propaganda holocaust.) Especially after today, according to the zombie man, they conveyed the statement of Israel that this is the work of Iran.
      However, further reflection led to the conclusion that this provocation was clearly aimed at fomenting a war with Iran.
      This in turn will lead to the mass exodus of Iranians from the war to neighboring countries. Since there is no sense or opportunity to escape to Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Caucasus remain, which then should lead to the resuscitation of the hot war in Russia.
      But a significant weakening of Russia will inevitably leave Israel alone with the militant Islamic world and its fate will be a foregone conclusion.
      And it turns out: if Iran is blamed for this terrorist attack ahead of time and not, let’s say, the Palestinian militants, then the world government has ALREADY made a decision to drain Israel. And the top of Israel is participating in this operation.
      1. Andrey_K
        Andrey_K 19 July 2012 12: 13
        Why should Israel feel bad from moving the hotbed of tension to Russia?
        And you can also live "face to face" with the Arab world ... if you find yourself in the "center of the cyclone", everyone around will fight each other and forget about Israel.
        And local wars can last forever (as in Africa or Afghanistan).
        The recipe is simple - you must always support the weaker.
        For example, if Assad is overthrown, then it is necessary to support the resistance to the Islamists, who will come in his place.
        At the same time, it is necessary to try so that the opponents in these wars inflict more "damage" on each other, so that the feeling of revenge would not allow them to agree and resolve the matter peacefully.
        For example, what is happening in neighboring Iraq - the Sunnis regularly blow up various Shiite religious events and mosques, which does not at all contribute to the desire of the latter to come to an agreement with them.
  5. kNow
    kNow 18 July 2012 22: 50
    Some strange terrorists. I always thought that the Islamists are mainly blowing up their own for further democratization.
  6. kNow
    kNow 18 July 2012 22: 56
    Some strange terrorists. I always thought that the Islamists are mainly blowing up their own for further democratization.
    1. igor67
      igor67 18 July 2012 23: 07
      type in google this phrase and look at the number of years (List of suicide bombings against Israeli citizens)
      1. kNow
        kNow 18 July 2012 23: 31
        Do you mind if I look along the way for the number of Palestinians killed?
        1. igor67
          igor67 18 July 2012 23: 41
          Look. Well, not a little. I’m here in Israel. Know. that began to enrage in an interview with Russian journalists. here is a standard set of type Israel bombarded the west coast there are victims and a picture of the funeral went. the people have a natural reaction here are pi ..... s. and then muffledly says so. but it was an action of retaliation for blown up bus. but no one hears
          1. katarsis
            katarsis 19 July 2012 00: 08
            but it was an action of retaliation for the blown up bus. but no one hears

            In Russia, news is presented very professionally, especially on state channels, all the accents are placed "correctly", or rather, whatever the authorities want.
            They will not begin to tell how somewhere in Tel Aviv the premiere of the opera took place (whatever it is) or how they take care of people, including the Palestinians (which is paradoxical). I read somewhere that until recently, the state of Israel paid benefits to the families of terrorists who blew themselves up, "loss of breadwinner", sort of canceled. Or where and where the fifth column in power sits, it’s in the Knesset. How do you keep the Arabs there, considering that they are dreaming of Israel dropping in falafel ?!
            1. Lord of the Sith
              Lord of the Sith 19 July 2012 01: 33
              As well as giving news in any other country. Foxnews, for example, talked about the riots in Moscow, and the picture was from Greece. And before that there was a story that people are against Medvedev’s decree on the abolition of summer time. And the picture was shown from the stadium where Spartak fans fought with CSKA.
            2. igor67
              igor67 19 July 2012 15: 33
              why it paid, it pays now, Palestine-autonomy, they have not yet announced the state, therefore all state structures receive salaries in shekels, pensions, etc.
          2. Arkan
            Arkan 20 July 2012 18: 15
            igor67 and what kind of reaction did you expect from them? How many Palestinians were expelled by Jews from their homes without the right to return? Do you think they should quietly and peacefully die in the sand? By the way, did you hear anything about Palestinian terrorists before Israel appeared?
  7. suharev-52
    suharev-52 18 July 2012 22: 56
    When reading this news, I was convinced that I misunderstood the submitted material. Bulgaria. What is it for? Sincerely.
  8. katarsis
    katarsis 18 July 2012 22: 58
    Kopets, poor people, have come to rest after all, but here ...
    Only the paranoid can see here MOSADA CONSPIRACY... Well, someone who, but Israel will not wet its own! What the heck? They do not need new reasons for the war, every day they have a reason to loosen up the Philistines or to iron Hezbollah again, and Bulgaria, because many Israelis are resting there. So the sons of Allah were in wait. The Jews, how not to treat them, are a symbol of civilization in the Middle East, the rest is a wild forest. By the way, and we Christians or even just atheists and Jews are unfaithful to Muslims, if anything, they will knead in the same way, regardless of the "ay from rush".
    1. Arkan
      Arkan 20 July 2012 18: 57
      Quote: katarsis
      Already someone, but Israel will not wet its
      .After the capture of Israeli athletes in Berlin, the Mossad began an urgent war against the organization "Black September" ... they put explosives into the phone of the "suspect", called, made sure that the phone was answered by "the right one", and ... tore off the head of an ordinary bartender. Now tell me how "those" terrorists are different from "these". Another example: American the ship "Liberty" was fired upon and torpedoed (but not sunk) by Izril. The case was hushed up, but the dosikhpor crew demands some compensation from Israel, Izril accuses them of anti-Semethism, despite the fact that the crew consisted of almost a third of Jews. And that would not go far - look at the Israeli news over the last year, and count how many Israeli women were whitewashed with sticks (or stones) by Israeli Orthodox Christians because they were "incorrectly" dressed. And you say "civilization" ... laughing, the same people, as elsewhere, only lie more, and if for Muslims we are "unfaithful" (but people), then for the Jews - just goyas or shiks (In the Old Testament, this word designates animals that are not suitable for sacrifice to God).
  9. patriot2
    patriot2 18 July 2012 23: 00
    Of course, this is a planned act of intimidation, we will wait for the information from the special services and from those who will take responsibility for the killing of Israeli civilians.
    Earlier in Bulgaria such facts of terrorism were not noted.
    I am sorry for the relatives of those killed and injured.
  10. kNow
    kNow 18 July 2012 23: 01
    catharsis, truly unfortunate Muslims here. Who blew up the Jews is still a big question. But this may be the reason to bomb the whole state ...
    1. katarsis
      katarsis 18 July 2012 23: 06
      Yes, open your eyes, Jews do not need any excuses, there is a rocket attack every day! Tomorrow missiles from Georgia will start falling across Russia every day, are we "looking for a reason" to attack? Otmaklach and that's all, in spite of the UN and human sacrifices, and these endure.
    2. Yarbay
      Yarbay 18 July 2012 23: 35
      Then I agree with you !!
      I’ve always noticed that high-profile attacks happen exactly at the right time for Uncle Sam !!
      A sincere condolences to the victims!
      We also know what a terrorist attack is against innocent people!
    3. Arkan
      Arkan 20 July 2012 19: 02
      kNow, most likely you are right.
  11. Alx1miK
    Alx1miK 18 July 2012 23: 03
    Suddenly. And okay.
    1. montemor
      montemor 18 July 2012 23: 07
      normally it may be normal, until it’s clear to whom it will be normal from this
    2. Yarbay
      Yarbay 18 July 2012 23: 36
      and what do you think is normal ??
  12. sahha
    sahha 18 July 2012 23: 07
    Iran has come time to think about how to defend Syria, and for one itself, since it is the second after Syria. But there is no way to deal with the killing of innocent people (if the explosion is Iran’s business).
    1. Alx1miK
      Alx1miK 18 July 2012 23: 19
      It’s not Iran who is behind the attack, who doesn’t need the local massacre, there’s no reason.
      Quote: katarsis
      Jews, how not to relate to them, - a symbol of civilization in the Middle East

      Who got their "civilization" by sucking the Yankees. Which always got away with it and will get away with it while this pig is still independent. Those who were allowed to develop quietly without imposing economic sanctions, etc. They didn't even point a finger when they got nuclear weapons. For so many years they have been living behind the lies of the "final solution to the Jewish question." "Civilization"? A civilization of thieves and two-faced liars. He is a Jew and a Jew in Africa
      1. katarsis
        katarsis 18 July 2012 23: 50
        Which were allowed to quietly develop without imposing economic sanctions, etc.
        It appears that, while Putin has not yet closed Wikipedia for you, read something about the formation of this state, there was a war constantly. As soon as the state of Israel was proclaimed, the war continues to this day ... What a "calm development" in FIG. , comrade anti-Semite, tell people? Constantly on the brink of destruction. And, by the way, it was Stalin who initially supported the Jews, not the United States. Regarding nuclear weapons from Israel, nothing is officially known, and until the opposite is confirmed, all this is fiction and, quite possibly, the Israelis themselves.
        1. Alx1miK
          Alx1miK 21 July 2012 01: 15
          Quote: katarsis
          So, until Putin has closed Wikipedia to you

          With sarcasm, that forest.
          Quote: katarsis
          .That as soon as the state of Israel was proclaimed, so the war continues to this day

          If you call a small skirmish a war, then I will not imagine what the word "war" means in your concept. Knowing that the United States will support, you can take risks.
          Quote: katarsis
          What a "quiet development", comrade anti-Semite

          Look for anti-Semites among the zigzags.
          Quote: katarsis
          And by the way, it was Stalin who initially supported the Jews

          Thanks in the know.
          Quote: katarsis
          Israel officially does not know anything about nuclear weapons, and until the opposite is confirmed, all this is fiction and, quite possibly, the Israelis themselves.

          Hmm that was required to prove ....
          Although, judging by the flag of "your" country on this website, it is quite understandable why you love Jews so much.
    2. igor67
      igor67 18 July 2012 23: 22
      and on this stage no one else. Hezbola has already disowned the terrorist attack, but recent Iranian attempts against Israel in Baku and Delhi
      1. kNow
        kNow 18 July 2012 23: 27
        just don’t push your propaganda here, okay? We ourselves understand what's what. Are your hands itching to bomb Iran?
        Question: who needs this attack?
        1. igor67
          igor67 18 July 2012 23: 33
          MOSCOW, July 18. Two Russian citizens were injured as a result of a terrorist attack that took place today in Burgas. As the second secretary of the Russian embassy in Bulgaria, Oleg Voskoboinikov, told RIA Novosti, the Russians were in a passenger car that was in the parking lot of the Sarafovo airport next to a bus blown up by terrorists.
          Read more:

          Some strange terrorists. I always thought that the Islamists are blowing up mainly for their further democratization [/ quote]
          what is the propaganda. you asked a rhetorical question. I gave you an answer. Again, not so
          1. kNow
            kNow 18 July 2012 23: 38
            Israel wants to get rid of its clear enemy. It was not clear who made the explosion, and you have already appointed Iran guilty. This is propaganda.
        2. Yarbay
          Yarbay 18 July 2012 23: 38
          Iran will bomb Amadeus anyway !!
          It's a question of time!
          This is even well understood in Iran!
      2. Yarbay
        Yarbay 18 July 2012 23: 37
        You forgot about Georgia and Thailand!
        1. igor67
          igor67 18 July 2012 23: 47
          Yes, I definitely forgot
      3. hrych
        hrych 18 July 2012 23: 55
        In terms of territoriality, there may be something like "gray wolves", although now is the century of globalism ...
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay 19 July 2012 00: 02
          I doubt a hag!
          I think the special services are involved!
      4. Odessa
        Odessa 19 July 2012 01: 37
        and on this stage no one else. Hezbola has already disowned the terrorist attack, but recent Iranian attempts against Israel in Baku and Delhi
        This is what Bibi says about this.
        Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that current information indicates Iran’s involvement in the terrorist attack in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, which killed Israeli tourists.
        Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Iranian regime has made several terrorist attacks against Israelis in recent months, including in Thailand, India, Georgia and Cyprus. "Iranian terror is spreading throughout the world, innocent people are becoming its victims. The Israeli response will be tough," the Prime Minister said.
        Netanyahu expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victims and wished the injured a speedy recovery.
        Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, for his part, phoned his Bulgarian counterpart Nikolai Mladenov and discussed the situation resulting from the terrorist attack against Israeli tourists in the city of Burgos. The head of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said that he had gone to the scene of the attack, and would regularly inform Avigdor Lieberman about what was happening.
        The head of the foreign ministry convened an emergency meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which representatives of all relevant structures will take part. The Israeli Embassy in Bulgaria works in full coordination with the local authorities.
        Today, July 18, a terrorist attack was committed in Burgas, at least seven people were victims of it. A bus was blown up with Israeli tourists arriving in Burgos at 16:45 local time.
        1. Andrey_K
          Andrey_K 19 July 2012 02: 27
          I personally see something wrong in all these "Iranian" terrorist acts.
          Just one anecdotal attempt on the ambassador of Saudi Arabia is worth it.
          Everything is sewn with white thread.
          Moreover, recently, there has been no faith in Western propaganda at all.
          As if, apart from Iran, nobody wants to blow up whatsoever.
          There are different cases in the USA - just some regular idiot having read on the Internet propaganda decides to take part in the general fun.
          And no Iran, it turns out, is not involved in the case.
          Why, then, should he be involved in other terrorist attacks in the world?
          For example, Iran’s attacks are certainly not financed by Iran.
          And everyone knows how to do this safely - through local fanatics who have been brainwashed.
          Why does Iran, instead of the proven and reliable practice of world terrorism, suddenly begin to operate with its own special services?
          So stupid?
          1. Arkan
            Arkan 20 July 2012 19: 15
            Andrei_K 100%, Iran needs this terrorist attack like a stop signal. If you were to kill some Jewish cone, at least some logic could be seen (revenge for scientists, etc.).
  13. vova62ru
    vova62ru 18 July 2012 23: 16
    Terrorist attacks in Israel -
  14. Owl
    Owl 18 July 2012 23: 29
    In Bulgaria, there are strong contradictions between Christians, Muslims (they are considered the descendants of traitors who adopted the faith during the Turkish occupation) and Roma (crime, drugs). Using these contradictions and having agents in the ranks of these diasporas, it is possible to organize terrorist acts in a resort country in order to aggravate the conflict between Christians and Muslims in Europe and obtain some kind of "trump cards" in the political game.
    1. kNow
      kNow 18 July 2012 23: 34
      and therefore kill the Jews?
      1. Ataturk
        Ataturk 19 July 2012 06: 26
        So, what do we have for today:

        1 Erdogan arrived in Moscow. Before that, they ugly drove the Turks with support in the case of a plane shot down by the Syrians. I think you got it right

        2 As a result of the attack, almost the entire military intelligence top of Syria

        3 Attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

        4 Security Council adjourned the meeting


        I’m somehow not at all surprised if tomorrow it suddenly becomes clear that Israel is guilty of the terrorist attack in Syria (well, you never know if they will find a terrorist attack on the spot).
        I’ll be even less surprised if Assad and his ally Ahmadinejad were called the organizers of the terrorist attack in Bulgaria. Well, they took revenge, which is already there. To lose the whole military elite in such a difficult time is not for you khukh-mukhras.
        Accordingly: we have a terrorist attack against civilians with brutal dictators who sensed a near defeat.
        In short. Remember what rhetoric the year began with: Разведка США: Израиль ударит по Ирану без предупреждения

        It seems that no one in the camp of our overseas partners thought that the resistance in Syria would drag on for so long. They began to prepare the way for the impending war with Iran.
        Then everything abruptly died out. The peaceful and democratic Svetoch reassured his excessively belligerent little friend Barak (in the sense of Israel) as soon as it became clear that Assad would quickly break off his teeth and tear apart Syria. Do not count the number of provocations for the period from the beginning of the year ... and ... zilch.
        Today what? Erdogan went to Moscow - it became clear: Turkey, without NATO support, does not intend to fit in with the interests of the people. The most painful will be (Kurds).
        It seems that, according to the good old tradition, they decided to play the Jewish card (because the Saudi mongrel something doesn’t work well inside).
        Conspirology: the good old Jewish map
      2. Owl
        Owl 19 July 2012 08: 07
        Iran is blamed for the attack.
  15. warrior
    warrior 18 July 2012 23: 31
    It is necessary to answer the main question "Who is to blame?" And I'm not at all interested in Iran or a street gang from the outskirts of Beirut.
    All responsibility for the death of these people lies with the Bulgarian country.
    Their blood is on our heads.
    Bulgaria wants to brag about the annual growth of tourists, wants to develop tourism, must take all necessary security measures.
    At this moment, Bulgaria is not a safe place for tourists and I do not recommend going to us.
    1. Yarbay
      Yarbay 18 July 2012 23: 38
      Say it right !!
    2. katarsis
      katarsis 18 July 2012 23: 55
      Buddy, warrior, but the Bulgarian Committee on Tourism, if any, will anathema!
      There is no doubt fault on the Bulgarian side, but far from all, the experience of the Bulgarian special services in this sense is not enough, and I hope that this is the first and last time that people die in this wonderful country.
    3. Ataturk
      Ataturk 19 July 2012 06: 22
      Quote: warrior
      At this moment, Bulgaria is not a safe place for tourists and I do not recommend going to us.

      Bulgaria for three reasons.
      First, Bulgaria is not one of the "problem countries".
      a) For most European inhabitants, there is no difference between Bulgaria, Romania or Albania.
      Like in the movie "The Tail Wags the Dog"
      - Why in Albania?
      “Do you know where it is?”
      - Not
      - So I do not know, and the viewer does not know.
      b) The Bulgarian authorities are relatively obedient and will not show excessive zeal. Calmly let the American-Israeli investigation team, etc. This is not Italy, or France. And the scandal over the breakdown of the holiday season will not be.
      c) Bulgaria is not a country of influence of Russia, China. Iran, etc. you should not expect loud and unnecessary statements from her.

      The second aspect. The mass of Israeli tourists. Arab countries immediately disappear, which is quite natural and countries in which tourist groups are rare. Romania disappears due to the plitical crisis, it is unlikely that anyone will unnecessarily poke the situation.

      The third aspect. Bolganiya has long been in Washington's close attention.

      Here, for example, is the news for June 7, 2012:

      CIA Chef Visits Bulgaria
      During a three-day visit, which was not covered in the Bulgarian media, David Petraeus met and negotiated with all the main Bulgarian officials

      As it became known today, the head of the CIA, David Petraeus, was visiting Bulgaria from June 5 to 7, where he met with Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Defense Minister Anyu Angelov and directors of Bulgarian intelligence services.

      According to the press service of the US Embassy in Sofia, General Petraeus said that the United States approves and will strongly contribute to Bulgaria’s efforts to modernize and diversify energy sources and ensure greater transparency in the energy sector, as well as to achieve security and stability in The Balkans. In addition to approving words about the energy policy of Bulgaria, the CIA chief thanked Bulgaria for its participation in the missions. He praised the cooperation between the CIA and the intelligence services of Bulgaria.

      The Bulgarian newspaper “Sega” quotes thanks to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov today. “I thank the CIA Director for the high appreciation of the work of the Bulgarian government in the fight against terrorism and organized crime and the support of our political will to cope with these problems.”

      + scandals with secret CIA prisons,

      So Bulgaria is very convenient. Although certainly not the only opportunity.
    4. Leisure
      Leisure 19 July 2012 09: 49
      So let's do it.
    5. Arkan
      Arkan 20 July 2012 19: 37
      warrior, well, only an idiot (or a politician) can blame Bulgaria for what happened. Whatever it was (the operation of the special services, revenge of Muslims, or someone "the Jews got it") - the Bulgarian police could not prevent it. In "democratic countries" measures to counter such phenomena are not popular among the population and are introduced only after the threat becomes obvious (as, for example, in the United States or Russia). Here is another, both World Wars (one way or another) began in the Balkans, as it were this time " which didn't work out. "
  16. marmon
    marmon 19 July 2012 00: 01
    Have a job for Mossad!
    DERWISH 19 July 2012 01: 05
    NOT THE FACT THAT THE SONS OF ALLAH EXPLODED - maybe the CIA? and people are people it does not matter the Jews or whoever else is always !!! SUFFERING NOT GUILTY !!! just people THEIR KINGDOM IS HEAVENLY !!! And who blew those the Lord will punish !!!
  18. Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 19 July 2012 04: 02
    MOSSAD will establish the perpetrators of this attack and I think they will not live to old age. With the customer of this crime is much more complicated so far there is no clarity.
  19. Ataturk
    Ataturk 19 July 2012 06: 13
    What apparently seems to be a grandiose failure of the Syrian security services and the victory of the insurgents turned into a huge headache for the owners of the latter.
    Over the past few days, public opinion has been actively processed to ensure that sanctions must be applied to Syria, since "evil Assad" exterminates the population of the suburbs of Damascus, etc. And these explosions.
    On the one hand, insurgents should be happy, they immediately take responsibility for the explosion, but here comes the cry from the owners. On this occasion, some of the Syrian militants even tried to blame Assad for the explosion. But this is too much bust.

    As a result, today's UN vote is under threat. Public opinion is shaken by information about the terrorist attack, since according to the prevailing stereotype "freedom fighters are fighting the army and the police," but here is a pure terrorist attack.

    As a result, the UN panic. K. Annan asks to postpone the meeting. Yes, and its result is clear. A veto of Russia and China stating that the imposition of sanctions is support for terrorists.

    What to do?

    Arrange another informational occasion that will eclipse the explosion in Syria.
    The result of Burgos is an explosion of buses with Israeli tourists.

    Why Israeli. There are three answers.
    1. Israel began to behave too freely, hesitating from the line of the party of friends of Syria. It is feared that Assad’s departure is not a good consequence for Israel. It is obvious that Israel must be punished for such hesitation. Violation of unanimity - a serious offense.
    2. Jews are always loud. And the terror against the Israelis is potentially very significant consequences (recall Munich 72).
    3. Well, do not forget that in many media it is the Jews who form the basis of the editorial corps. What interests a Jew more in the newspaper, on television and radio? Attacking a minister in Damascus, or killing Jews in Burgos? The answer is obvious.

    As a result, all the media are filled with reports from Burgos. Personnel from the field, from hospitals, comments, opinions of the governments of Bulgaria and Israel, expert comments. The explosion in Damascus is becoming a secondary topic, not to mention the events in the UN Security Council.

    Here it is, the information war in action and the informational special operation as its component.

    Now, according to the law of the genre, traces of terrorists must be found there. I bet these tracks will be "Iranian". The CIA knows how to do it.

    Apparently, it was planned to blow up Israeli tourists in Bulgaria for a long time, just waiting for the right moment. Jews often like to play casinos there.

    while writing, here it started infa

    Still, they know how to make news ... As a result, the reader does not have a question mark, but a part of the sentence in large print ...
    1. Beck
      Beck 19 July 2012 08: 50
      Ataturk. Your description can be reduced to one. All the fault of the Jews, in your opinion, is that the Jews are smart. Yes ... a. This is a big fault. I can advise. Those who want to become as smart as the Jews will have to agree to 2000 years of persecution and survive the Holocaust.
      1. Ataturk
        Ataturk 19 July 2012 12: 52
        I read your post Beck.
        It feels like you're 15 years old. I have nothing against a Jew. I respect their nation. But I have a negative attitude to their religion. Since they divide people into Jews and Goi. If you do not know, then for the religious elite of Israel, you are subhuman. Worse than an animal. It is written in their holy books. It is a fact. Their religion calls for too much violence and divides people. READ THALMOOD, you will understand everything !!!

        What kind of 2000 years have you been talking about? Not yet 5000 years old. When you talk about the Holocaust, remember about 20 million Soviet people for whom the Nazis did not answer.
        Talk about the Iraqis and Afghans and Palestinians who will soon pass the millionth milestone. They were killed much worse than the Jews.

        Although I grieve for those people who died at the hands of the Nazis. Condolences to the Jewish people. Sincerely!

        At such a pace, not 2000 years but 2000 centuries, Muslims will be persecuted from their lands, primordial lands, I'm talking about Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, soon Iran. And this is not chtoli genocide?

        Are you finally a Muslim or who? Your co-religionists have been killed for half a century, and you remember what happened 2000 years ago .... You would still remember the feudal era.

        In a civilized world, people are killed ......... and exclusively Muslims !!!

        I would be ashamed of my username and flag !!! NOT FOR FREE About you Kazakhs say you are a shame on the Turks. You do not need your language.
  20. Beck
    Beck 19 July 2012 09: 05
    Ataturk. The explosion in Damascus and the explosion in Burgos are two completely different things. Representatives of the opposing military side were killed in Damascus. In Burgos, civilians. In Damascus, ministers and generals were killed who directly gave orders for shelling their own cities, for killing people of their people. In Burgos, innocent people are killed who are not involved in politics or military confrontation. They rested. This difference leads to a different attitude to the two explosions.
    1. kNow
      kNow 19 July 2012 09: 22
      Quote: Beck
      Ataturk. The explosion in Damascus and the explosion in Burgos are two completely different things. Representatives of the opposing military side were killed in Damascus. In Burgos, civilians. In Damascus, ministers and generals were killed who directly gave orders for shelling their own cities, for killing people of their people. In Burgos, innocent people are killed who are not involved in politics or military confrontation. They rested. This difference causes a different attitude towards the two explosions.

      What unites these two explosions is that they are both beneficial to the same people.
    2. igor67
      igor67 19 July 2012 11: 14
      there are many children among the victims, in front of the army, Russian Israelis,
  21. Vladimir 70
    Vladimir 70 19 July 2012 09: 53
    Not like the Iranian footprint. Iran is completely unprofitable to escalate the situation. They need to gain time, modernize the army, create nuclear weapons, wait for the crisis to deepen in the western economies so that they have no time for Iran. It turns out that someone is pushing Israel to strike Iran. So whose ears stick out because of the explosion?
    1. viruskvartirus
      viruskvartirus 19 July 2012 10: 29
      TEL AVIV, 18 July. / Corr. ITAR-TASS Nikolay Kerzhentsev. Israel holds Iran responsible for organizing today's bombing of a bus with Israeli tourists in Bulgarian Burgas. This was stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

      “All traces lead to Iran,” his assistant Alex Selskiy quotes the head of the government. “Only in the last few months we have witnessed Iran's attempts to harm the Israelis in Thailand, India, Georgia, Kenya, Cyprus and other countries. Exactly 18 years after the brutal terrorist attack on a Jewish community building in Argentina, Iranian terror attacks innocent people again. Iranian terrorist attacks sweep across the world. Israel will respond to Iranian terror with all its might. "
  22. viruskvartirus
    viruskvartirus 19 July 2012 10: 23
    SOFIA, 19 July. / ITAR-TASS /. The explosion of a bus with tourists from Israel at the airport of the Bulgarian city of Burgas was carried out by a suicide bomber, his identity was established. This was announced today by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

    "We have identified the suicide bomber," the Interior Minister said. "This man had a fake US driver's license."

    Earlier, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that the attack was committed on the eve of a suicide bomber, thereby refuting the version that the bomb was planted in the bus in advance.

    The number of victims of the terrorist attack at Safarovo Airport increased to 8 people: one of the more 30 wounded died in the hospital.
  23. starred
    starred 19 July 2012 12: 38
    See who benefits from this ...
    Again poor Jews suffered (cannon fodder), the rest do not count (some kind of Arabs, Russians, etc. ...). That is why the amer Zionists lured Russian Jews for the "cordon", so that they could be destroyed later, making them martyrs ... Those who had left for the Holy Land complained to me about this ... They were very sorry that they had left ...
  24. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 19 July 2012 18: 48
    Most likely, the work of Mossad.
    The terrorist attack itself was set up, and now they are bringing charges against Iran.
    They need, though some clue, to justify the impending aggression.
  25. Ataturk
    Ataturk 19 July 2012 19: 03
    I'm worried about something else.

    British military spending on the Libyan operation cost the country's taxpayers $ 2,7 billion, which exceeds the government’s initial plans for the cost of the campaign by 7 times

    The UK Department of Defense reported 1 sorties and defeated 600 targets. In the Libyan war, fire support helicopters such as Appache, helicopter carriers, submarines, mine ships, that is, military equipment, the operation of which cost a lot of money, were used.

    Imagine 2.7 billion bucks to how many poor people could be helped. But no, oil is oil. Succumb.