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The analytical program "However," with Mikhail Leontyev, 18 July 2012


The fact that our swamp opposition painfully worries about corruption in our country, and Mr. Comrade Navalny stands at the head of these experiences, it is already known, perhaps, to the infant. Given that the fact that Mr. Navalny is a hired and highly paid entrepreneur in the field of this very corruption is known to a much narrower circle of people. Although this information is very useful, both for individual mental health and for the general atmosphere in the country, which Mr. Navalny and the company consider it necessary to systematically spoil.

In the well-known correspondence, published on the website "", the current governor of the Kirov region and his former assistant Navalny, are dismally bickering over money. Navalny demands the promised money from the governor of Belykh, for some services, the governor of Belykh ignores, referring to some budget problems and puts the anti-corruption activist Navalny in the guilt of stealing the distillery. As follows from the correspondence - they both threw each other.
From the film "Gentlemen of Fortune": - "And who diluted gasoline at a gas station with an ass's urine?! -" That is gasoline, and then - children.

Children are holy. And gasoline, it is alcohol, it is possible! Nothing, in fact, shameful. The usual, our usual crooks. Somewhat does not correspond to the moral pathos and the moral attitude occupied, but this, in principle, is peculiar to the crook. All this, in general, would be rather boring, but it is, so to speak, a background. God, as they say, is in the details. And they are more fun.

In the following published correspondence, the former deputy chairman of the Central Bank Aleksashenko contracts Navalny to fight the "Ministry of Transport" and "Aeroflot". There is nothing substantial in this banal lobbying activity, except that in the context of this commerce, the revolutionary Navalny became a member of the board of directors of the largest Russian airline. The following passage by the customer, Aleksashenko, is essential: "judging by the comments of my friends from the US ... some political sponsor of this project should appear ... I would work more actively with David Kremer on this topic." As follows from the context, Bulk and worked more actively with this same Kremer.

David Kremer - former US Under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on democracy and human rights, is now the executive director of Freedom House, an American public organization dedicated to promoting this very democracy and the rights of the same person around the world. On the eve of the G20 summit, he said that the international community can no longer sit back and calmly observe what is happening in Russia. And he called on the leaders of all democratic countries of the G-20 to express outrage at the pressure of the Russian authorities on the opposition.

I remember the transcript of the fourteenth party conference VKPb. In 1925 year. Stalin from the Presidium to Pyatakov: "You do not shut up my mouth!" Pyatakov from Stalin's place: "How can you shut up ..."

From the film "Gentlemen of Fortune": "Who will put him - he is a monument ..."

Indeed, who will plant him and whom to plant. Because it is not about that speech that the terms of crooks. This is a common thing. And it’s not even about the fact that in the country, in the political elite, there is a fifth column, which relies on the frank, professional enemies of the country. This fifth column does not simply exist openly, it doesn’t see anything wrong in the blue eye. That's what's most interesting.

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  1. Oleg0705
    Oleg0705 18 July 2012 22: 45
    Indeed, who will plant him and whom to plant. Because it is not about that speech that the terms of crooks. This is a common thing. And it’s not even about the fact that in the country, in the political elite, there is a fifth column, which relies on the frank, professional enemies of the country. This fifth column does not simply exist openly, it doesn’t see anything wrong in the blue eye. That's what's most interesting.

    1. FED
      FED 18 July 2012 23: 05
      The stronger the economic crisis in the United States and the Euro, attacks on Russia are only growing.
      1. Zmeyuga
        Zmeyuga 18 July 2012 23: 28
        The stronger the same crisis in Russia :( But it’s not only the economic crisis, but the fact that in Russia, as in the world, the crisis is political (not a crisis of power, but a political one - the conflict is so deep that the parties are not so much don't want how much already can not(!) listen to each other)!
        And attacks on Russia ... Yes, they always were. And under the tsar-priest there were identities;)
  2. cobra66
    cobra66 18 July 2012 22: 51
    As in a country in whose constitution the word democracy is never mentioned, democracy can suit it all over the world
  3. Stary oper
    Stary oper 18 July 2012 22: 54
    As always masterfully and with irony. Corporate identity of Mikhail Leontev. Our opposition should not be blamed ... It must be ridiculed and shown that the ideological struggle with the regime is the tenth thing for it. And not even the desire for power, because not to understand what they do not shine, you must be a complete idiot. For them, it's just a business. Dustless and allowing to be in the spotlight.
  4. SPQR1977
    SPQR1977 18 July 2012 22: 56
    Who is this bulk. Do not pay attention to him ... Himself shut up))
  5. sapulid
    sapulid 18 July 2012 22: 58
    Damn, okay! Indeed, it is usually the thief himself who yells "Stop the thief".

    Teddy bear 2%, Birch, Goose, Curly katala, Garik-Shaakhmatny .... damn, everyone was torn from the trough, so they got attached to a foreign suction ... Such an "opposition" does not cause respect.
    It is necessary to change the corrupt top, but, NOT FOR SUCH A SHIT!
  6. fellow misha
    fellow misha 18 July 2012 23: 03
    Everything is clear about the rogue oval oval and quite a long time ago, as they say, a person has no honor or conscience and, as a result, no homeland, but a person with such regalia:
    Since December 2008 - Director for Macroeconomic Research at the Higher School of Economics.
    Since October 2008 - Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, Chairman of the Strategy Committee.
    Since September 2009 - Member of the Scientific Council of the Carnegie Moscow Center

    Since July 2010 - Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC United Aircraft Corporation

    Since July 2011 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC United Grain Company
    and this is only recently, and who was he in the "gay" nineties ...

    and such a person speaks simply and naturally about things for which to put it against the wall, one can say that he easily got off.

    1. Zerstorer
      Zerstorer 21 August 2012 11: 15
      Are you talking about Aleksashchenko? He's still a "hero" ...
  7. Nick
    Nick 18 July 2012 23: 29
    So the sacramental "Who are the judges?" I have intuitively felt for a long time that this Navalny is still shit.
  8. with
    with 18 July 2012 23: 31
    Oval then got out and in sight, but how many more reserved?
  9. Magadan
    Magadan 18 July 2012 23: 31
    One more frightening tendency is evident - to shouting about Navalny and the orange, there is a cunning submission that they say our bureaucrats are good, they are not thieves, but Navalny is a thief and
    Yes, I do not mind that orange and other libersts are sheer courage and thieves. I am against the fact that our bureaucrats use this fact so that the society on them, masters from Edra, ceases to pay attention.
    I want to remind you about our bureaucrats:
    1. Look again at the cost of roads in the Russian Federation and Europe. Our roads are almost 2 times more expensive than in Europe. Despite much cheaper slave power, fuel, concrete and reinforcement. Maybe Navalny is building roads with us?
    2. Petrosyan and Babkina receive more than 200 million annually from the state at their theaters. Maybe these gentlemen have become a national treasure? How is Pushkin with Lermontov? So, actually, for starters, you need to at least die, and then so that your descendants after 50 years still remember. Then you will be considered something like Pushkin, so that your money is spent on your name
    3. Ride around the country. Most cities are trash. Stand in line for another piece of paper to the bureaucrat. And then do the same in Kazakhstan. You will be pleasantly surprised by Kazakhstan and very upset by Russia.
    This is very brief, the first thing that came to mind. You know, everything is relative. Our bureaucrats cannot be compared with any other bureaucrats. Everything in Russia is really very bad in terms of official lawlessness, official theft and official inaction.
    So to me on a drum who will grunt our bureaucrats. If only they finally took their heads, and ceased to grunt their own people.
    1. Oleg0705
      Oleg0705 18 July 2012 23: 59
      Everything is correct correctly with the red-hot iron of the Mzdaima’s blasphemy even here, the embassy was stacking these with officials disgustingly. Stalin was urgently needed.
    2. Stary oper
      Stary oper 19 July 2012 00: 00
      Magadan, in Russia they have always stolen and this is not the know-how from United Russia. :)
      And do not flatter yourself about the purity of Western officials. They steal and use their official position no worse than ours. Do you need to give examples? If you insist, I’ll bring it.
      As for Kazakhstan, I am ready to take your word for it. Moreover, it’s nice to hear me like a person born and living there most of his life. This is an example of how much can be corrected if desired. Although your personal impression (maybe you were just lucky for decent people?) Is still not a complete picture. I think that Kazakhstanis can say more about this.
      And about the fact that "I don't give a damn who will fool our bureaucrats" - it's you in vain. In this case, his "struggle" is a weapon for achieving completely different goals.
  10. serg83
    serg83 18 July 2012 23: 31
    Yes, it is clear that the bulk is naturally involved in some kind of dark machinations and is partly financed with foreign money in order to destabilize the situation in the country, but this does not mean that there is no corruption in our country? On the contrary, corruption is full everywhere in almost all spheres of activity! And in my opinion, the level of corruption since 2000 has grown significantly, so to speak, qualitatively and quantitatively! And naturally the State Department decided to play on this with the aim of destabilization! Another question is why our government, even in spite of all these bulk, is not trying to do anything about corruption in the country? Although the question is probably quite rhetorical, for it is already clear that all our power is head over heels in corruption shit and the fish, as it is known, rots from the head, and it is very difficult to ward off a pig from the feeder! It would be better if Leontiev sang about it and not about the fact that "the boss is all gone", because it is clear who the bulk is! But unfortunately, without the Kremlin's direction, Leontiev will never sing this, and this will never happen under the current government !!!
    1. Stary oper
      Stary oper 19 July 2012 00: 13
      serg83 (1)
      "And according to my feeling the level of corruption since 2000 has grown significantly, so to speak, qualitatively and quantitatively!"
      Personal feeling is certainly a strong argument. Just tell me, at what time did the so-called privatization take place, and on what scale were the fortunes made at once? And what is this if not corruption and abuse?
      And more ... Look at the statistics on anti-corruption cases in those years and since 2000. At least Vestnik SK.
      About Leontief. Personally, it seems to me that this person speaks from the perspective of his conviction, and not by direction. That is why he impresses me.
  11. IGR
    IGR 19 July 2012 00: 22
    "Let him who is without sin be the first to cast a stone." Gospel of John (7: 53-8: 12).

    Maybe that's why I have a persistent feeling that I myself pour grains into a feeder from which I can not tear these guys and those?

    Maybe that's why I love dogs more and more? They are at least grateful and predictable.
  12. mind1954
    mind1954 19 July 2012 01: 03
    Any forces trying to resist the fascist thieves regime-
    traitors who seized power in our country,
    must be aware that
    no matter what beautiful words they utter and
    no matter what spectacular slogans put forward,
    if the FIRST and MAIN clause in their requirements is not
    then they are, in fact, not the opposition, but, knowingly or not,
    a tool for the competition of competitors from TrNacCap with the regime,
    for the right to plunder and destroy our country !!!

    Some rush to the "fifth column" of Transnational Capital in defense
    the colonialists of traitorous thieves, with their fascist colonial administration,
    led by two puppets!

    Others, under the strict guidance of the "fifth column" of TransNatzCapital
    rush to the fascist regime, ruling in the country with the help of the fascist
    constitution and, more recently, in 1998, spit upon his
    the owners from TransNacCap, on the basis of the possession of the natural resources of our country!

    Our citizens must, in the end, understand that we are
    the hostages of the battle are not for life, but for the death of local and foreign
    predators for the opportunity to rob and destroy our homeland !!!

    Instead of discussing the endless attacks of TransNacCapital
    and the betrayal that seized power in the country, the fascist regime,
    to eliminate GOALS, attacks of some and betrayal of others!
    ECONOMY !!!
    As a necessary condition for the salvation and rebirth of the MOTHERLAND !!!
  13. segamegament
    segamegament 19 July 2012 01: 08
    Agent Bulk nicknamed Anal
    The character is brutal and very sassy,
    He, a criminal scoundrel, for the sake of scandalous glory
    The enemy secrets
    And in the mask of the caranaval in the square run out.
    But those who betray the homeland, Judaic sin
    Waiting for an outcome sad and final fatal
    In a cesspool
    DERWISH 19 July 2012 01: 20
    with CHERNECO AND ANDROPOV who would such a bulk be ??? PEOPLE when we ourselves will be putting such cancer ??? we need to bring down such forests in Siberia, and we just have a lot of those in power, that's why they are bulk and are walking quietly
      HIGHLANDER 19 July 2012 01: 36
      Quote: DERWISH
      we need to bring down such forests to Siberia, but we just have a lot of those in power, that's why they are bulk and they walk around quietly
      and that there’s nothing to bring down the forest, and what Siberia you don’t like, wonderful places, and there’s not enough forest for everyone, let’s better plant it and look after it until they grow up. and we also have a moratorium, which is already worth abandoning
  15. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 19 July 2012 03: 46
    Quote: segamegament
    The character is brutal and very sassy,

    But in fact - an anal whistle and a pedal horse ...
  16. Petrovich-2
    Petrovich-2 19 July 2012 05: 50
    Vladimirovich with his gaze has not yet disappointed. I watch the program mainly with pleasure. It is done in a good style, good intonation, humor, and moral conclusion.
    And this conclusion is annoying at the end of the program, I agree with Mikhail Vladimirovich.
    Indeed, the fifth column exists and acts open. It needs liberalization and "democratization" for this very purpose. The more "democracy", the easier it is for "democrats".
    They act according to the Chesterton principle - in order to hide a leaf, you need to plant a forest.
    Where is the easiest place to hide a corpse? at war.
    Where is the easiest way to hide a liberal? in a liberalized society.
  17. dredge
    dredge 19 July 2012 06: 57
    All this bickering takes place somewhere far away, and it lures, gives the impression of a spectacle. Sit at home, scratch your belly and with interest wait for the series to continue. And it is very distracting from your local deputies ’meetings, which they are. Putin must keep track of each a city where our local deputies spread bureaucracy and bribery? These are all Navalny and Leontyevs, of course, interesting, but what needs to happen so that we ourselves can look around us? Moscow is far away, and here we are.
  18. Averias
    Averias 19 July 2012 09: 58
    I’m probably off topic right now. Was two weeks ago in Kirov, went there by car. To the borders of the Kirov region from the side of Perm, everything was fine, I'm talking about roads. But just drove into the Kirov region., Everything Tryndets. The road just disappeared. What I observed is expensive, but you can’t call it an interference (it didn’t differ before, but here ...), in short, the road workers applied know-how. In those places where there were holes (which it was already useless to fill up, they sawed rectangular holes the size of a car, and with a depth of 50 cm to 1 meter !!!. And this is for many km and the distance between them is from 50 to 10, 15 meters At night, a terrible trap. And in the foreseeable surrounding space, not one unit of road equipment. Moreover, this road to Perm is transit. The flow of trucks is enormous. And these were washed down and that on one side is on the other. And the result is gigantic traffic jam, I was lucky, I was driving late and truckers were already asleep. But it’s scary to imagine what will happen in the morning. By the way, we did get into traffic jam, a low-profile tractor with a huge fool on a trailer went into one of these holes. Not only are there no signs, there is no traffic police, they were only found on the tractor’s place, so also 20 meters from the towers of the communications tower, this connection suddenly disappeared, and everyone who was in this traffic jam was standing. cars, and what’s interesting, there’s no roadside as such, get up and just wait out, kemarya traffic jam is impossible. And when he finally arrived in Kirov, the picture was the same, the impression was that no one had been making roads there since they were laid. And it is in the city. A lot of questions to Mr. Belykh. But this is practically the center of Russia. I went back through Tatarstan, it seems that I got to Europe.
  19. Uncle
    Uncle 20 July 2012 20: 42
    Navalny and Tyutyukin, of course, are enemies, but let them be, otherwise the power has relaxed, everything is sewn and covered.