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Why do we have so many complaints from the West?


Indeed, observing the political life of the world, along with other people, he noted such an interesting thing: human rights in our world are such a selective thing that I don’t know how to characterize these rights correctly.

They are right, in general, like honey - "if they are, then they are not there right away." But - a nuance - looking for someone.

Meanwhile, it is very interesting to look at how the West reacts to violations of the rights of this same person, which in general, is addressed to a particular person.

China. There is peace and grace. God forbid, by the way, that I don’t even want to get into the affairs of a neighbor, they’ll definitely figure it out themselves, I just note that I don’t even hear a mosquito squealing about the violation of the rights of a person in China from the USA.

North Korea. On the one hand, it seems that the communist regime, totalitarianism and all that kind of are vicious, and in the USA everyone is silent again. But they should have.

Oman. This is where everything is so beautiful that it would be possible to howl, because there is just a wonderful set of "rights" on religious, gender and civil grounds - the field is not plowed. However, Oman is a monarchy where "its own" rules. And Uzbekistan is on the board.

Other trifles with cutting heads in the Emirates or among the Saudis - well, trifles, right? Gulf monarchies - they are, as it were, higher than that.

Oh, what about Ukraine? There is oppression based on linguistic and religious grounds, at the level of genocide. And - silent. Nobody sees anything, hears nothing, and, in general, they went behind the lard.

In short, if you look, it's easier to draw a small list of those countries where human rights are violated. From a western point of view.

Although it is clear that she, the point of view, is American, the rest are simply eager to sing along. But they fall into tonality and, in general, the choir sounds.

But democratically, in compliance with all rules and concepts. That is, Western democracies do not creep into the internal affairs of the above countries at all, do not violate their sovereignty in general.

Why the hell why?

Okay, so why are there so many questions for us? To Iran?

Why do they recognize the opinion and sovereignty of the DPRK, recognize Ukraine, recognize China! China, which the United States is not like Kostomakh across the throat, so I do not know how that. Sanctions, threats, political games - but everything is calm in China. In the sense of human rights. Do not violate them there from the word "completely."

No, maybe they don’t violate, of course. But that is not the point.

The bottom line is that according to American opinion, human rights are better in North Korea than in Russia.

Seriously? Quite. There are no complaints against the DPRK. They are all there in freedom just swimming, but what the leader decides, at the level of the monarch from the Gulf country, how long the skirt is and how many hairstyles are allowed to be worn are nuances.

Of course, I don’t want to equal with the DPRK or South Africa (now they are tyrannizing whites with all their hearts for apartheid). So far, with rights and freedoms, it seems to be easier, but ... but I'm not talking about rights and freedoms. I am somewhat different.

That is, the question does not sound like “why is it bad with human rights?”, But like “why are they digging into us?”

The answer, it seems to me, is very simple.

All these cries for human rights are an instrument of open political pressure. That is, cries about violation of rights are good when they are heard and a reaction will come to them (to cries). As Slava Vakarchuk sang at one time: “Icons do not cry, no one swings cola ...”

Here is about the same история. The point is shouting at all angles that somewhere everything is bad, if exactly where it seems to be bad, no one will react to this?

That is, in the words of the Bible, he that has ears, let him hear.

And who should hear? Systemic and non-systemic opposition? An option, of course, but ... In here we come to a very peculiar moment. And for a start it would be necessary to plunge a little into history.

I love historical examples. They seem to show the essence of the moment well and allow us to draw analogies.

This is not about the opposition, but about the “fifth column”.

There is a difference, and it is significant. If the opposition MAY take to the streets and make a noise (or maybe not, by the way), then the “fifth column” will work as defined by its mission. And it doesn’t matter who and where it consists of, this convoy, from the oppositionists sitting in the corners or from officials sitting in the government of the country.

She’s like a gun on the stage - if hanging, then she’ll shoot. It's a question of time.

Let us recall what tactics our Western “partners” followed when it came to the need to achieve some of their interests on a certain part of the earth’s surface?

The method is not new, it was still cultivated by the British in the century before last. Actually, that’s why the British Empire was built halfway around the world, because the British worked very skillfully on the quiet. Examples of ramparts, India, Canada, Afghanistan, choose to your taste.

And it is worth paying attention to such a small nuance: the British built the Empire (with a capital letter), not having huge human resources. Just because there were no resources. But for the gentlemen, intelligence worked perfectly, equipped with the best at that time weapons: pound sterling, and even gold.

And it’s quite normal for the British to organize in the country that had to be demonized a “fifth column”, and then this column made noise and din. And then usually the river poured blood. And at the end of the British came and took their own. Around how now all kinds of “peacekeepers” are.

Here are just the British reluctantly put their own, preferring to first use without a trace of strangers. And the Indians of Canada slaughtered the French, the Tamils ​​slaughtered the Punjabis, the Pashtuns slaughtered everyone at all, not particularly understanding.

And then brave guys in red uniforms came and paid a courtesy call to the survivors.

Has something changed in the 20th or 21st centuries? Well, only cities and countries did not take donkeys loaded with gold, but transactions to offshore accounts in US dollars.

Examples? Oh, we don’t go far, it’s worth remembering how the army bought at the root betrayed Saddam Hussein. And Gaddafi could tell a lot on this topic about Libya.

The main thing is the presence of those who want to become the “fifth column”. Then comes the organization of this column, then it is carefully grown, fed with cookies, wiskarik is given and money is given. And then, when the time comes, the command “face!” Is simply given, and ...

And yes. Yugoslavia (remember how there for the poor Kosovo all of Europe was torn?). Iraq. Libya. Ukraine. The list can be continued as long as you want, but the fact is that it is.

A very significant moment, if you like, in the rank of evidence. If the West wants evil to some state and inside it has such a “fifth column”, then the farther, the cry will be louder.

By the way, no matter what topic. Human rights, rainbow rights, chemical weapons, nuclear research ... As they say, there would be a desire, but there is a reason.

Scream louder, and you will eventually be heard. As they heard in Georgia, yes. Good example.

And what about those whom the West is not particularly keen on?

Okay, let’s leave the satrapies and monarchies of the Gulf alone, they are all there. I'm talking about the DPRK and China.

Actually, China. What about the “fifth column” and the opposition in general? Yes, everything is fine there! Those from the opposition who have not been rolled out tanks in Tiananmen Square, they didn’t shoot him on the spot, they didn’t shoot him later, maybe they are still sitting without the right to amnesty. And, as I understand it, they will sit. Although 30 years have passed since then.

Data on the dead, by the way, is still unknown, which gives SUCH food for thought ... From 241 to 10.

So what?

And nothing. The Japanese stopped giving loans, then changed their minds. In the USA, have croaked a couple of years, and all, silence and calm. No one's rights were violated in Beijing in 1989.

And why? But because. The point of yelling if no one jumps back? If in modern China no one goes to the square without being sure that he will return from there.

That's why everything is in order in China. No audience, no one to howl about violations. The communists in power are stronger than mountain bamboo on the slopes, they won’t even turn to all these cries.

The same thing, by the way, in Korea. Not so long ago events have already shown that in the event of a "total violation of human rights" and an attempt to somehow resolve the situation, whatever it may be, Kim Jong-un will simply wash Japan off with his "vigorous loaves", and South Korea will also get it. Therefore, aircraft carriers are deployed. And silence, and respect for sovereignty.

So, no matter how hard they try in the West, neither China nor the DPRK will become good points for exerting efforts on political pressure. There is no one to work there for absolutely.

And direct aggression ... Well, Comrade Kim, maybe he will be delighted with her. But the neighbors are unlikely.

I return to Iran and Russia.

Why is it so bad with my neighbor? Because there is someone to hear and to whom to think. There is an opposition, there is a “fifth column”.

Moreover, the opposition is sitting and dreaming of how to become a “fifth column”. And the “fifth column” sits in deputy and ministerial seats and runs the country.

And as soon as taxiing is done somewhat in the wrong direction, the general cries immediately begin that we are all bad with human rights. Like the “Stand!” Team for a dog.

And there is even a reference point when everything has become bad for us in terms of human rights. No, under the USSR they were also violated, yes, the bloody KGB and all that jazz in the rank of terrible bedtime stories. But it was said about it like that ... For show. Why? Yes, because while the CPSU held the country in check with a firm hand, everyone in the Soviet Union knew firmly that human rights were what was taken from blacks in the USA.

But when they gave slack ...

Do you remember when and how?

That's right, August 1991, when the GKChP could not arrange the Tiananmen of the Russian bottling. More precisely, the roll. Could not, and from here it all started.

By the way, when Yeltsin shot the Soviet legacy, the world was also not particularly indignant. And the rights of the victims were somehow not much worried.

Here is such a litmus test.

It turns out that in the Western world they respect and respect the sovereignty of those countries in which there is no “fifth column” in power. Or next to her. And the more numerous and prepared this convoy, the more complaints to the country, the stronger the desire to intervene in internal affairs.

It turns out that political pressure on Russia is just such an instrument. Which do not put pressure on China because of the absence (obvious at least) of this column itself.

What does “apparent absence” mean? Everything is simple. Perhaps Mr. Zhang Wong would have sold the idea of ​​building a bright socialist future for a certain amount in green, but no one has abolished the death penalty in China.

By the way, in Korea this is even more fun.

Therefore, in the West they are well aware and see an opportunity to put pressure on Russia politically with the help of a fifth column, and with China this alignment will not work. In the absence of the "fifth column" as such. Hence the difference in approaches.

And just the presence of our “fifth column” makes it possible to put pressure on the country, and put pressure unrequitedly.

Examples - again a wagon with a trolley. For the last five years, Russia has been receiving sanctions in all directions for the past five years. Was there at least one mirror answer?

At least one ton of titanium was not sent to the US for the Boeing? At least one rocket engine? Not. And it won’t be like that. Business (especially important for the USA) is sacred. Therefore, everything that Americans need will be carefully packaged and shipped.

The construction of all these “streams” will be stopped. The US decided that gas should go through Ukraine, no matter how the Germans resisted - the gas will go. And the fines will be paid. So the master said to his ...

It is not necessary for the "fifth column" to arrange sabotage in the usual sense of the term. It’s possible and like that, nothing comes out either.

And so it will be until our domestic “fifth column”, that is, traitors and traitors in power, is eliminated. And they must be eliminated, otherwise the system cannot be reconfigured. Yes, there will be a lot of screaming and noise, especially if you use methods to restore order, following the example of the Chinese.

But frank traitors in the Russian elite environment will have to be cleaned up. Yes, they will make noise in the West, but not for long. Until the moment when it becomes clear that everything, the “fifth column” ordered a long life, and the next is expected soon due to the earned instinct of self-preservation.

And there will be silence and complete respect for Russia. And what is the point of indignation if it is useless?

But in order to change something in our tomorrow, you need to start thinking today.

The following questions should be precisely the question of how best to cleanse the political, legislative and executive power of Russia from the “fifth column” of the West.

Moreover, it is desirable not by coups and revolutions, but by voting and referenda.

And then, after some time, we will be able to note with surprise that there have been fewer complaints against us from the whole world.
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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 24 December 2019 15: 02
    Okay, so why are there so many questions for us?

    The territory of the Russian Federation has always been that tidbit for bandits of all stripes. That is why over the past 1000 years, Russia has fought 650. And now nothing has changed.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 24 December 2019 15: 08
      A lot of words.
      But the meaning is the same - we respond to criticism. Positive or negative is not important. The main thing is that many in Russia do not care about the West.
      The author is right. Ignoring their opinions is better than criticizing.
      1. parma
        parma 24 December 2019 19: 49
        Quote: Shurik70
        A lot of words.
        But the meaning is the same - we respond to criticism. Positive or negative is not important. The main thing is that many in Russia do not care about the West.
        The author is right. Ignoring their opinions is better than criticizing.

        Everything is a little bit more complicated ... Human rights are enshrined in a whole bunch of different international treaties .... Each of them needs to be signed and ratified so that they act ... As the author noted, no one touches China, but China has not ratified these treaties (they weren’t accepted for execution), because no one shows them anything ....
        Our leadership (IMHO and only) has a habit of not reading all these pieces of paper, but waving ... And then using the legal illiteracy of the population (a very big problem, by the way) to push in excuses in your mistakes (as with VADA, now the ban is not for doping , and for the incorrectly provided data, that with the use of cluster bombs and napalm by the USA and Israel - they did not ratify their ban, and so on and so forth) for such articles ...
        PS: that is why the West uses this in the political struggle, but we do not .... They look and carefully read what they sign ....
        1. Leonid Anatolevich
          Leonid Anatolevich 27 December 2019 22: 16
          Russia and China are in the same position with regard to cluster weapons. It's funny to listen to your highs
          1. parma
            parma 30 December 2019 12: 22
            Quote: Leonid Anatolievich
            Russia and China are in the same position with regard to cluster weapons. It's funny to listen to your highs

            1) did I say somewhere that cluster munitions are prohibited in our country or in China?
            2) Did someone claim us for their use?
            PS: well, you can continue to listen to "vyser" about violations by the United States of international treaties that they did not sign with the state. channels and be sad, ..
      2. Oyo Sarkazmi
        Oyo Sarkazmi 25 December 2019 20: 02
        Quote: Shurik70
        Ignoring their opinions is better than criticizing.

        It is necessary to build the right propaganda. In European countries there are illegal prisons for the destruction of European citizens. The Americans do not hide this. And all of Western Europe quietly approves of torture and extrajudicial killings. They know - and they are silent! Now, if the Skripals case each time was officially associated with the murder of Italians, or the demands to bring BlackWater leaders to the international court, then the accusations would gradually subside. Of course, the Americans would not have suffered at all, but the European rulers would have a weekly reminder of the value of the Russians and the worthlessness of the cost of living of Western Europeans would quickly cross their throats. For the murders of EU citizens are carefully hidden and not allowed into the information space. But the statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Zakharova, whatever one may say, is an informational occasion, and someone will get to the bottom of the source, someone will launch in the election campaign - and in the eyes of Europeans (let some) their rulers will appear as goat provocateurs at a meat factory.
    2. GKS 2111
      GKS 2111 24 December 2019 15: 10
      Resources, minerals in the bowels, forests, water, land.
      "We are only to blame for the fact that they want to eat."
      1. Berber
        Berber 24 December 2019 15: 15
        I also remembered Krylov. I just want to add: "God bless their calves of our vovka zyists"
        In general, the teeth break off.
      2. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 24 December 2019 17: 05
        Quote: GKS 2111
        "We are only to blame for the fact that they want to eat."

        Do not eat, but eat from the belly.
      3. Roman070280
        Roman070280 25 December 2019 11: 59
        Why don't we ourselves eat our "resources, minerals in the bowels, forests, water, land"
        Half of the country is begging .. There’s a paradox ...
    3. Valery Valery
      Valery Valery 24 December 2019 15: 27
      I agree with Mr. NEXUS, but this is only in the first place, and secondly, Russia, in reality, is the only force that stands in the way of Capital to enslave the World (in the very sense, literally)
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 24 December 2019 15: 50
        Quote: Valery Valery
        on the way of Capital

        Capital is capitalists and laborers. And so that the laborers do not boil over from such injustice, they are given the illusion of welfare in the form of loans, mortgages, holidays in Egypt and a buffet. At the same time, so that the peasant would not be very smart, otherwise he would start asking questions, put an iPhone in his hands, offer a car (not high-quality, but like a good one) and the peasant pays without even thinking about how many unsold of the same cars then rust on parking, as it is expensive to dispose of them.
        And as a result, the farm laborer lives forever chasing after the tsatskas, striving to live better, but in fact, is a bonded man, for whom the capitalist decides whether he will ride a car, which kindergarten his child will go to and in which hotel he can afford to settle .
        1. To be or not to be
          To be or not to be 24 December 2019 16: 18
          Klasska! or ... "The slave is afraid of losing the last"
        2. tihonmarine
          tihonmarine 24 December 2019 17: 06
          Quote: NEXUS
          And as a result, the laborer lives forever chasing after the tsatskas, striving to live better, but in fact, is a bonded man, for whom the capitalist decides

          This is no longer a farm laborer but a "Slave".
          1. NEXUS
            NEXUS 24 December 2019 17: 11
            Quote: tihonmarine
            This is no longer a farm laborer but a "Slave".

            Here, this word is very insulting to many, since they do not consider themselves slaves, which still does not make them more free. Therefore, I chose the word farm laborer. hi
            1. tihonmarine
              tihonmarine 24 December 2019 17: 15
              Quote: NEXUS
              Therefore, I chose the word laborer.

              That's right, whatever you call it, but there will no longer be freedom from this.
              1. NEXUS
                NEXUS 24 December 2019 17: 24
                Quote: tihonmarine
                That's right, whatever you call it, but there will no longer be freedom from this.

                What was required to prove ... look how minus my comment. laughing And they minus absolutely sincerely, since, well, what kind of slave or farmman are I? I go to a well-paid job, my children go to good schools, and on New Year’s I can give my wife a mink coat for 200 thousand. But ... ask this indignant person what will happen if the capitalist tramples you from work tomorrow will arrange another crisis, push up gas and food prices? And then what will this indignant do with his loans, which he grabbed 25 years in advance, with his hungry children and his wife without a coat? He refuses to accept the idea that in this world nothing depends on him. Only the capitalist of the highest rank has the right to decide. The rest are laborers without the right to freedom, choice, decision and vote ..
                1. Lyuba1965_01
                  Lyuba1965_01 24 December 2019 19: 27
                  Absolutely right.
                  People do not even admit even to themselves that they are slaves, then it will become too scary.
                  In fact, serfdom already exists.
                  See for yourself: workers are completely dependent on their employers.
                  They are paid pennies, the owner profits from them, while the hard workers are afraid that they would not be fired, and even praise the owner if he fork out for free dinners for them.
                  This is something like this: they borrowed money from you, repaid half, and the borrower believes that he did a favor to the lender by borrowing from him, and not from anyone else.
                  But not even that scary.
                  The terrible thing is that people have already come to terms with this state of things and take everything for granted ..
                  They do not even try to protest and somehow fight at least for a fair wage.
                  People have already taken such a situation for granted, and they are not only not burdened by this, but even proud of being promoted, made into some kind of small head of a small department
                  "Oh, I have my slaves now!"
                  And in fact, the unforgettable scene "The Lord appointed me his beloved wife!"
                  That is, love, maybe loves, but fuck (excuse me for being rude) will not stop.
                  1. Lynx33
                    Lynx33 28 December 2019 07: 17
                    I recommend reading the article in Yandex Zen "the rat essence of capitalism" and you will understand that the division into capitalists, slaves, farm laborers is just a manifestation of animal instincts and nothing more.
                2. dauria
                  dauria 25 December 2019 14: 39
                  . But ... ask this indignant person what will happen if the capitalist trample you from work tomorrow, arrange another crisis, push up gas and food prices?

                  Simplifying, Nexus. The capitalist also revolves within the framework, the same "slave" to the system called "life" And he cannot jump above the ceiling. "Ban, execute, pardon, throw out, start a war." Yeah, right now.
                3. Alien From
                  Alien From 25 December 2019 19: 30
                  Colt has made America free, and credit is all affordable! To explain to people the opposite is extremely difficult .......
            2. napalm
              napalm 26 December 2019 20: 10
              Well, like a hired laborer, unlike a slave
        3. DEDPIHTO
          DEDPIHTO 24 December 2019 17: 07
          Nexus hi ++++. It is unfortunate that few people understand this. What can I say, the slaves of the capitalist ,, matrix ,, recourse
          1. Lynx33
            Lynx33 28 December 2019 07: 19
            Rather slaves of instincts and ignorance and no "matrix"
        4. Oyo Sarkazmi
          Oyo Sarkazmi 25 December 2019 20: 08
          Quote: NEXUS
          so that the laborers don’t especially boil from such an injustice

          Here you are the laborer of the information war. Mohican who sided with democracy against the Iroquois.
          Do you think the result is a box of cookies and a jar of jam?
          Nah, get what the Mohicans do. Complete extermination according to the Nazi scenario. And if, unfortunately, you survive, you will be sitting in the desert behind the barbed wire - on a reservation, to preserve cultural traditions.
      2. aybolyt678
        aybolyt678 25 December 2019 08: 24
        Quote: Valery Valery
        and secondly, Russia, in reality, is the only force that stands in the way of Capital to enslave the World

        Russia itself is now from top to bottom - thoroughly capitalist. We don’t even have a progressive tax scale !!!
        once a very long time ago, during Perestroika, I heard this conversation:
        - you need to declare war on America and surrender!
        - why do they need us? they won’t take us.
        Russia dutifully sells raw materials, buys consumer goods, lowers the level of education and elements of socialism, it has long been enslaved. A small nuance - we still have our own oligarchs, this does not suit them, but this is temporary.
      3. 27 December 2019 19: 33
        Not ,, capital ,,, dear VALERY VALERY. About ,, capital ,, have already passed. ,, The proletarians of all countries, somewhere there should have been, united, and shown, to capital, Kuzkin’s mother. Inspected, it was ... It is not a matter of capital. The point is, ordinary nonhumans ,, (,, Satanists ,,,, globalists ,,,, Illuminati ,,, ,, world backstage ,,, ,, aliens ,,,, reptilians, etc. ) Both individual countries and the whole world impose their power. Dumb and ridiculous, ugly and worthless power of ghouls. And in this matter they succeed. Unfortunately, for example, it was about him that the famous towers were blown up in 2001, and the whole of America is forced to believe in Muslim terrorists. Aggressively make ,, believe ,,. Do not believe,,? Dismissed from the army, from intelligence, from other government agencies. It’s about him and they have polluted the Old World with alien and, excuse me, human material that is of little use for anything. What is Paris turned into? It is useless to seek logic in the actions of ordinary nonhumans. They are (in the good sense of the word). Their impact on the world needs to be NEUTRALIZED. Here is the challenge! Our ancestors successfully fought against, homegrown, nonhumans and imported, during the Civil War. They stopped the villains during WWII. Now it's our turn. But do we have the strength? The true ORTHODOX Russia said in 1917: “Stop riding on our neck!” They had order in their heads. And now? How many generations have grown, without a king in his head? But it’s necessary to solve the problem. N and x, after all, one rubbish on the mind. Whatever they did not build, they always end up with a CONCENTRAL CAMP. Little funny for PEOPLE
    4. Avior
      Avior 24 December 2019 16: 30
      honestly, all of Europe fought all this time.
      Yes, and Asia, too
      and America did not lag behind, in the blood of a man, or something ....
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 24 December 2019 20: 33
        Quote: Avior
        all of Europe fought all this time. Yes, and Asia, too, and America did not lag behind,
        The article is interesting and in many ways true ... That's just one-sided. And its one-sidedness lies in the fact that the author looks at the situation that develops in the country-victim of the propaganda war ...
        But there is flip side of the coin: the impact of the propaganda campaign of "dehumanizing" the enemy for the population of his country and allies, at least for the same NATO.
        Not only do they shake the enemy from within, but they also set up their people in the spirit of readiness to "punish radishes" for their bad deeds!
        Examples? - Yes, please! Here are the latest examples:
        1.The doping company has nothing to do with "human rights". But the Russians in it act as outcasts, although the athletes of the USA and Italy have been caught using doping more than anyone else!
        2. They put Stalin and Hitler on the same level and want to equate "tolitarianism" (?) With fascism ...
        3. The USSR is declared, along with fascist Germany, the culprit in unleashing WWII ...
        In the same row, a Boeing shot down over the Donbass, Skripali, the case of Magnitsky, etc.
        Thus, there is a psychological and ideological preparation of the population of their own countries for aggression against a rogue country inhabited by subhumans who "violate the norms of human morality." It will not be a pity to kill such people!
        And this is really dangerous. Because Despite lamenting about the old technique, the material preparation for aggression is over. The pulling together of forces to the borders of the Russian Federation begins, the combat training of the troops has a clearly expressed offensive character, decisions are being made to strengthen the states bordering us. And now the moral and psychological preparation of their own population for war has begun. (As V.I. Lenin correctly said: it is impossible (in modern conditions) to wage a war unpopular in one’s own people).
        So, the conclusion of the NSSH of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Valery Gerasimov about the real threat of war for our country is relevant today. And the propaganda war of the West against Russia is a weighty confirmation of this.
        1. Leonid Anatolevich
          Leonid Anatolevich 27 December 2019 22: 23
          The Magnitsky case is not so. They are to blame, bureaucrats steal from the pockets of citizens without fear of anything, the money from the Magnitsky case is already in the account of a friend of the President in offshore
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. Leonid Anatolevich
      Leonid Anatolevich 27 December 2019 22: 07
      Russia was not 1000 years ago. More precisely, in the USSR there were several hundred state formations absorbed by the Moscow Khanate
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 24 December 2019 15: 04
    Why do we have so many complaints from the West?

    No matter why. but how!
    We simply state that it was, is and will be!
    They are afraid, envious or something ... do not care!
    We do as we need! We do it now, we always do it!
    We collect and protect our people!
    In short, dreaming is not harmful. They are about theirs, and we are about theirs.
  3. Alien From
    Alien From 24 December 2019 15: 06
    Because we are! (not important, Russia, RI, USSR, RF)
    1. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 24 December 2019 15: 12
      And the President of Belarus about the same west.
      . "" 24.12.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX
      Lukashenko: West and NATO will not allow Russia to violate the sovereignty of Belarus
      “If Russia tries to violate our sovereignty, you know how the world community will react, they will be drawn into the war. The West and NATO will not tolerate this [alleged encroachment on the sovereignty of Belarus], because they consider this a threat to them. And in some ways they [the West] are right, ”Lukashenko said in an interview with Alexei Venediktov, chief editor of Ekho Moskvy radio.

      “Russia starts pressing Belarus every year, tightening the screws,” Lukashenka said.
      The West strictly observes its own and only its interests .. without a shadow of doubt and some kind of morality
      1. Alien From
        Alien From 24 December 2019 15: 19
        But father lately, became very weird, probably tired .....)))
      2. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 24 December 2019 17: 09
        Quote: To be or not to be
        If Russia tries to violate our sovereignty, you know how the world community will react, they will be drawn into the war.

        And Belarus will be the front line.
      3. DymOk_v_dYmke
        DymOk_v_dYmke 30 December 2019 15: 55
        Quote: To be or not to be
        “Russia starts pressing Belarus every year, tightening the screws,” Lukashenka said.

        Sorry, you gave a link to empty material from an empty source.
        To correctly evaluate the essence, it is not necessary to consume torn stubs by someone,
        but watch / listen to the source material.
        This interview to Lukashenko Venediktov is on YT (1:52:13).
        Yes, long, but you can use the increased speed.
  4. knn54
    knn54 24 December 2019 15: 18
    "The huge unknown is always experienced as a sheer danger ...",
    Ivan Ilyin, Russian philosopher.
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 24 December 2019 15: 45
      Quote: knn54
      Ivan Ilyin, Russian philosopher.

      Great person! If we put Nietzsche’s book next to Ilyin’s book and read the theses of both philosophers, the difference between Western thinking and our mentality becomes obvious. And the evidence seems to be the same, about two legs and arms. hi
    2. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 24 December 2019 17: 11
      "" Not a single people in the world had such a burden and such a task as the Russian people. And no nation has endured from such trials and such torments - such strength, such originality, such spiritual depth. Our cross is heavy. Isn't suffering alone the fabric of our history? And if we, sometimes exhausted, fall under the burden of our cross, should we grumble and blaspheme ourselves in the hour of decline, or pray, strengthen ourselves and gather new strength? .....
      ..... Let’s say to all the nations, at whose hearth we are sitting as temporary wanderers: “If you want to see and experience Russia, then go to her about the rocks and geniuses; and learn to listen to them in their language. Do not think to judge Russia without illuminating your soul with the genuine sound of the verbs spoken by Pushkin. Learn to sing and pray with him. Learn to rejoice and accept the world from the integrity and depth of its foundation. Learn to give him his place in the world pantheon of geniuses; and understand that he was what many, many of your geniuses wanted to be ...


      1. When talking with foreigners about Russia, every faithful Russian patriot should explain to them that Russia is not an accidental heap of territories and tribes and not an artificially coordinated "mechanism" of "regions", but a living, historically grown and culturally justified ORGANISM, not subject to arbitrary dismemberment ... This organism is a geographical unity, the parts of which are linked by mutual economic nutrition: this organism is a spiritual, linguistic and cultural unity that historically linked the Russian people with its nationally younger brothers - spiritual mutual nutrition: it is a state and strategic unity that has proved to the world its will and its ability to self-defense; he is a real bulwark of European-Asian, and therefore universal peace and balance. Its dismemberment would be a political adventure unprecedented in history, the disastrous consequences of which humanity would suffer for a long time ...... "" "" "

      Ilyin I.A. - "About Russia. Three speeches "
  5. BAI
    BAI 24 December 2019 15: 21
    Under Stalin, no questions about human rights arose.
  6. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 24 December 2019 15: 22
    Well, - Who is to blame? - understandable for a long time. And here - What to do?
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 24 December 2019 15: 46
      We must overcome our skepticism, and once again go to the polls.
    2. However, dear
      However, dear 24 December 2019 21: 42
      Quote: 16112014nk
      Well, - Who is to blame? - understandable for a long time. And here - What to do?

      Yes, it seems, it’s obvious - what to do. Make peace with the West and make friends with them together against China. And then life will get better and will be like in some Spain with Italy, and if you're lucky, then like in Germany with Japan.
  7. paul3390
    paul3390 24 December 2019 15: 25
    This is all due to the Tolstoyism of the non-current bourgeois power. The beyond-the-heart bourgeois is dearer and closer to the interests of our people and state for her. For there is no and cannot be any type of nationally oriented bourgeoisie. She is only interested in equity. And to them - it will always be more high in the West. Hence the categorical unwillingness to seriously butt with the West ..
  8. Xnumx vis
    Xnumx vis 24 December 2019 15: 25
    Russian Vanya give up, we will hang you a little, shoot a little.
  9. Zliy_mod
    Zliy_mod 24 December 2019 15: 30
    The shop guys did not have a fifth column and their supporters, first raise the standard of living to a decent level, and then arrange genocide for this very column: the authorities, bureaucrats, oligarchs, and there are not far from the Maidan, we already felt this in Ukraine.
    1. 24 December 2019 15: 49
      Russia already experienced the Maidan and the collapse in the 90s
      There will be no second
      1. vvnab
        vvnab 24 December 2019 18: 06
        There will be no second

        But it seems to me that this all goes. At least the contradictions are growing: class, national, religious - whatever. And Moscow does NOTHING to remove them or at least weaken them. Strengthening the repressive apparatus does not count. Will not help. Causes must be fought, not the effect.
    2. garrett
      garrett 24 December 2019 15: 49
      Guys shop there was no fifth column

      grummar nazy is indignant inside me))) where is my banhammer ??)))
    3. tracer
      tracer 24 December 2019 15: 54
      By your logic and in the WAR, you had to wait for Stlin to raise his standard of living and even then fight like that ..
      DEDPIHTO 24 December 2019 16: 30
      The shop guys did not have a fifth column and their supporters, first raise the standard of living to a decent level, and then arrange genocide for this very column: the authorities, bureaucrats, oligarchs, and there are not far from the Maidan, we already felt this in Ukraine.
      Ie suggest to harness the cart in front of the horse? Then share the formula, how can we ensure a decent standard of living from the bottom, contrary to skinning laws and um ... the bad but lucrative habits of those in power. And nakoy us Maidan, which in fact is a bourgeois coup with a change of crooks? You were burned precisely on this and you had to think about a change of order.
  10. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 24 December 2019 15: 37
    Oddly enough, but completely agree with the author. So I look at Russia, with their young generation screaming about Putin as a great evil, I want to ask - should you give Yeltsin? Sometimes it seems that the part of Russian youth that goes to rallies has no national pride, there is national chauvinism, but not pride. And here she is - this part of the Russian youth and will bury Russia. Because in 9 cases out of 10 Russians, only Russians can win.
  11. The comment was deleted.
    1. 24 December 2019 15: 52
      You took an alien under Khrushchev
      Now returned
      Why do you need someone else? Do not push yourself, it is not yours.
      And don't read the hepatitis press at night
      There is a civil war on the ruins of the former USSR
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Shock.
          Shock. 24 December 2019 17: 57
          Quote: Polinom
          Clearly, the brains do not want to turn on.
          Well then there is nothing to cry why claims and sanctions. So little frowned.
          In 1991, the scoop was driven under the baseboard, he whined and asked the United States to devour. And now the wings are straightened? Let's wait. tongue

          Still, the scoop is the device that stands next to the broom. I can not stand people using similar expressions (scoop, mattress, rashka, hohlostan, etc.), the person’s level is immediately visible regardless of external education and literacy .
          As for the defeat of the USSR in the Cold War, it was a battle of lions, and you won’t drive a lion, albeit a defeated one, into the baseboard. He is too lion, big and strong.
          Regarding the current situation in the Russian Federation. They didn't straighten their wings, but there was simply no choice. It is necessary to show your teeth, otherwise the "partners" will eat it and not choke.
    2. Dym71
      Dym71 24 December 2019 16: 22
      Quote: Polinom
      No need to take someone else's, break your word and kill your neighbors.

      Yeah, and it would still be nice to renew the general apology to the entire "Civilized World" for the historically inflicted insults to the current "Golden Billion", right? And they will be guided by the principle "divide et impera", right?
      Enough! We already ate this "mantra" in the nineties! am
      1. Horon
        Horon 24 December 2019 16: 28
        Quote: Polinom
        Clearly, the brains do not want to turn on.
        Well then there is nothing to cry why claims and sanctions. So little frowned.
        In 1991, the scoop was driven under the baseboard, he whined and asked the United States to devour. And now the wings are straightened? Let's wait. tongue

        And are you trying to explain something to this organism?
        1. Dym71
          Dym71 24 December 2019 16: 33
          Rhetorical questions asked, no answer required yes
          Well, shpienka, give me some time - I’ll put you in prison! So I’m not a malevolent man, But he is strict with pests. (with)

          1. Horon
            Horon 24 December 2019 16: 46
            The subsequent comment of this organism under the nickname "Polinom" already excludes rhetoric, since it demonstrates not only a poor knowledge of the real situation of that time, but also an open expression of its negativity towards Russia as a whole! Where are the moderators looking? I do not know if this is an ideological creation or financially interested, but judging by the "plus signs" he has enough admirers here! winked
  12. vvnab
    vvnab 24 December 2019 15: 41
    "Human rights" is the right of "first world" countries to rob the rest.
    Namely, there are so many claims against Russia because our state, no matter what they say, is weakening and they feel it and are doing their best to speed up this process even more ...
  13. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 24 December 2019 15: 50
    I completely agree with everything, except for the methods proposed by the author for getting rid of traitors in power. It's not gonna go. And to change the course of power through elections is generally ridiculous.
  14. tracer
    tracer 24 December 2019 15: 53
    Yes Roman, everything to the point. I agree with your conclusions. This is a fifth column game. And sooner or later they will definitely tell her "fas". And the stake is placed on infantile young growth. Converting it from mother's Protestants into future patriots of Russia is probably the main one, more precisely, one of the tasks of the site.
  15. Alexander S.
    Alexander S. 24 December 2019 15: 58
    And what? Is it because of the fifth column that our again sign a transit agreement with Ukraine? Wow traitors. Is it traitors that drive titanium and engines in the usa? Or maybe they give it away for free? Where else are we traitors?
    Or what was to be done? Do not sell titanium .. Do not sell engines. Well, the United States would find its client ... and we? What are you left with? Who would they sell it to? Or transit through Ukraine? Well, let's stop pumping gas .. without sp and ju ... it doesn’t matter that we’ll remain without money, that we will violate contracts, etc. ... and then everyone will shout .. there is no money in the country .. guard ... traitors. Is this all elementary simple? Incompetence .. low qualification ... and blat! For everywhere he is. What's up, what's down .. everywhere there is one single problem. Do ministers steal? Deputies steal? Doctors steal? Sovereigns steal? Workers steal? What .. are all traitors? Then in our country there are 145 million traitors. Who will shoot? Blat ... they put their friends, relatives, etc. on all places ... and not professional in quality. Here is our national idea. That's why the problems. Not just traitors at the top.
    And I’ll reveal a terrible secret ... the West does not give a damn about Russia. Only business. We all think of the high, of the moral and are looking for conspiracies, instead of waging a struggle for existence. Nobody owes us anything, and they are not obliged to be friends with us.
  16. Yuri Mikhailovsky
    Yuri Mikhailovsky 24 December 2019 16: 00
    The reason for the "claims" to us is the actual existence of us. This is the millennial policy of foreign peoples and governments.
    1. Siberian54
      Siberian54 24 December 2019 18: 25
      no need to suffer delusions of grandeur: they are presented to everyone who has a real opportunity to "kick in the face" by the exceptional - in the middle of the 20th century the USSR, at the beginning - Germany, even earlier France, Spain ...
  17. pepel
    pepel 24 December 2019 16: 08
    “And it is desirable not by coups and revolutions, but by voting and referendums.” - the fifth column can only be DESTROYED PHYSICALLY. No voting and elections will cleanse them from power, because they will rig these elections in their favor (1996 - presidential elections, well, etc.).
  18. Siberian54
    Siberian54 24 December 2019 16: 08
    Basically, the author, you are right, to the deepest regret, the VVP team did not cleanse the compradors from the executive and even more so the political power, and the only country, except for the USA, which cannot be destroyed by military means (the nuclear shield created by the efforts of the communists, the liberals were not able to screw up, fortunately, although I did not I forgot how American scouts scurried about the Uzhur regiments in the "dashing" years) will rake like a boat until we throw the extra ones overboard.
  19. 1536
    1536 24 December 2019 16: 09
    Grandfather Krylov I.A. there is a fable "The Wolf and the Lamb".
    This fable ends with the Wolf saying to the Lamb:
    "It’s your fault that I want to eat."
    In these words lies the whole essence of the relations of the countries of Western Europe to Russia. If someone wants to become a lamb for the slaughter and exhort the arrogant predator, in which he growls in his stomach and must get drunk to the dump and taste the blood, then his fate is unenviable.
  20. parusnik
    parusnik 24 December 2019 16: 11
    Why do we have so many complaints from the West?
    ... Somehow I already wrote about it ... We do not fulfill any given promises ... The author is right. October 1993, "passed into a void", no one condemned, and even supported .. It turned out that it is normal when the legally elected parliament, which declared no confidence in the president, this president shoots him out of tanks .. The cause of the conflict, the real reason, maybe great-great-grandchildren will recognize ... And "love at first sight" went right up to 2007, they almost entered NATO, at the time they realized that then the Russian military-industrial complex was completely different from the word, changed their minds and signed various agreements like NATO-Russia + , in the big 7 they were accepted during this period ... And then, "you walk like this, go to school and bam! Second shift ..." .. The guarantor was even offended in his Munich speech, they say you can't do this with us. Look, we will concentrate here .. The speech was received in Russia with "enthusiasm", almost everyone in the country hid in spirit and quite sincerely .. And indeed, they defended South Ossetia, contrary to the opinion of the West, and somehow silently merged Libya, but did not forget the phrase "The Washington Regional Committee is acting," as the guarantor later persuaded jokingly, they say all this is not So? Or should the IMF give a hint about raising the retirement age ... just ... lost their faces and ranks ... he was raised and you know where, in a country that was sold to the West - Ukraine and which was not sold to Russia ... Yes, there were Crimea and Donbass, but there was also Syria, they intervened late ... before this type they protested .. Because there are so many claims, they did not promise, but we cannot fulfill it .. That is why EBN said on December 31, I'm tired. I'm leaving ... Of course, it's better to leave not defeated either The West, which, like the promised West nishtyaks, will make claims, neither by its own people, who would have learned about these nishtyaks ... PySy.And before leaving, the successor was probably told: I promised partners there ... not particularly ... our people, it's too cool ...
  21. Kronos
    Kronos 24 December 2019 16: 16
    Bourgeois thieves in power cannot be suspended by referendum and negotiations, which they showed in 1993 when they did everything to maintain power. And now they will go if someone again tries to wean them from the feeders, so they won’t peacefully leave. Either continue to endure or bloody let the country's salvation and building a new USSR
  22. eklmn
    eklmn 24 December 2019 16: 18
    The author did not even make a comparative analysis of the countries he listed - North Korea, Iran, China, Oman ...
    What unites these countries and how does Russia differ from them? I think that the Russians will be offended if they put their country on the same level in terms of democratic freedom with these countries. And the author of the article does this with great pleasure.
    The West does not criticize Russia from envy of its size or natural resources. The West wants Russia to come closer to civilization and its democratic freedoms, not through the vertical of the irremovability of power and the lack of criticism and alternative candidates (which leads to terrible corruption), but to free elections like in the West. But the Russian leadership declares that we have our own path that is different from Western values, i.e. us North Korea, Iran, China closer ...
    Well, when the West realizes that Russia belongs to the Third World countries (in terms of democracy), then it will lag behind, and for now it will try to convince Russia to move from the interlayer rivalry between Europe and Asia.
    Good Luck, West ...
  23. evgen1221
    evgen1221 24 December 2019 16: 19
    I don’t know if, however, our positioners by the training manual when you ask them an uncomfortable question, just ignore him, as it were, and did not hear. What prevents us from doing the same in response to howls at us? And rights are not right, Starikov had this mechanism described. Western-style democracy definitely needs an enemy with a capital letter, otherwise this democracy will instantly turn into a wild dictatorship and popular riots. And that means that the enemy will always be invented by us, who else, the environment, the rights of weevils, or something else.
    1. Kronos
      Kronos 24 December 2019 16: 43
      And in Russia that there is no image of the enemy? All problems are written off to the west or communists from the USSR
      1. GRIGORIY76
        GRIGORIY76 24 December 2019 16: 46
        Right now there is a new trend: "Lenin laid a mine under the USSR"
        1. parusnik
          parusnik 24 December 2019 17: 06
          Right now there is a new trend: "Lenin laid a mine under the USSR"
          ... hi and under Gazprom and football .. live in a minefield laughing
  24. tolancop
    tolancop 24 December 2019 16: 22
    Quote: Polinom
    No need to take someone else's, break your word and kill your neighbors.

    Are you talking about America or Ukraine?
  25. Gardamir
    Gardamir 24 December 2019 16: 32
    In general, that article is correct, but I would like to clarify. Until recently, all of their opponents were called libeoasts; there was no answer to the question who such liberalists were. Therefore, I would like to get a specific definition of the fifth column. And then it starts again, who does not agree, that is the fifth column.
    Can anyone give an exact definition, by the way one of the signs, the more they shout about patriotism, the more likely these screamers are column number five.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik 24 December 2019 16: 49
      Therefore, I would like to get a specific definition of the fifth column.
      ...Like that: laughing
      - See the gopher?
      - Нет.
      - So I do not see. But he is.
      This is the same as with the liberals. Everyone knows that they are. But no one knows who it is. But they are not power-holding. It’s like Fermat’s theorem, which they could not prove for a long time, despite the existing answer ... laughing
  26. Robertocalos
    Robertocalos 24 December 2019 16: 37
    Roman, how much do they pay for the draft? 500 rubles? Or more?
    I do not observe questions to the Russian Federation, more and more answers. It’s time to ask yourself what kind of farm, so to speak?
  27. awdrgy
    awdrgy 24 December 2019 16: 42
    Before "cleaning" you need to have a "checkpoint" on which to "clean up" And this is an ideological point and the concept is not extensible because someone is poor someone is rich someone's patriotism is "off scale" someone is "not very" someone is for the president someone is against for various reasons, someone stole something but no The answer suggests itself (this is a question of privatization), but no one will ever raise such a question at the top, and therefore we have to look for more "complex" options. evolutionary path Still, I believe that the answer should be sought in the theories of the 19th-early 20th centuries (you can use Pan-Slavism) Or, for example, the idea of ​​restoring the "historical heritage" (I mean the territory of the historical residence of the Russian people) The idea should be global and act as a marker for any the question - "for the good of it (idea) or for evil"
    1. Kronos
      Kronos 24 December 2019 16: 53
      Panslavzim needs a state in which neighbors want to strive for their prosperity, and the historical heritage is just the way of wars and nationalism.
      1. awdrgy
        awdrgy 24 December 2019 17: 20
        They will always strive where they will give more (they will temporarily give notice) When accepting the "historical heritage", nationalism turns into separatism, which is not the same thing. to look further, this is beyond the scope of the commentary to this article. Nevertheless, when "solving the problem", the situation will develop in such a way that the state will become attractive and the path of wars will not be needed
  28. GRIGORIY76
    GRIGORIY76 24 December 2019 16: 44
    Do they have any complaints against us? Well, well, there are human rights, Crimea, volunteers in Donbass, Boeing, etc. Why don't we even try to dunk them in shit? It's very simple, in this historical period we are a weak side, we cannot offer a development model, other countries are not interested in being friends with us. If the Russian Federation of Putin's spill something from itself represented the same skakuasses on the Maidan would gallop for joining the CU and not the EU, all over the CIS there would be rallies "I want lace panties in the TS". What are we? We bend slowly, well, and die out.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik 24 December 2019 17: 13
      About the CIS .. The Commonwealth of Independent States .. The key word of the Independent ... that is, open to all independent states on a confederate basis ... But there is no line ... Finland does not knock on the door of the Commonwealth, open ... laughing
    2. NordUral
      NordUral 25 December 2019 10: 27
      Gregory! I watch how the French are protesting and ashamed of us. Cove slowly and only.
    3. Red Bogatyr
      Red Bogatyr 25 December 2019 19: 25
      in this historical period we are a weak side, we cannot offer a development model, other countries are not interested in being friends with us. If the Russian Federation of Putin's spill something from itself represented the same skakuasses on the Maidan would gallop for joining the CU and not the EU, all over the CIS there would be rallies "I want lace panties in the TS". What are we? We bend slowly, well, and die out.
      furiously plus! :)
  29. lucul
    lucul 24 December 2019 16: 49
    Why do we have so many complaints from the West?

    They cannot forgive the Khazar Kaganate ......
  30. Anton Yu
    Anton Yu 24 December 2019 17: 10
    Why do we have so many complaints from the West? Because our officials say we live in the best country in the world, and everyone else is about shit. But in reality, not much and how we differ from others: we dope too, corruption is stronger than in the West, etc. etc.
    1. VeteranVSSSR
      VeteranVSSSR 24 December 2019 21: 31
      Allow me, Anton, to correct you a little, for officials there is no life without an “enemy image.” It’s not him (the official) who is guilty of doping with buckets, but some WADA; it’s not his fault (the official) that they raised the pension age, and not because there is no money (but there are personal factories / steamboats) for the payment of these pensions; it is not he (the official) who is guilty in the country !!! problems, and the hydra of world imperialism is to blame.
      So I want to ask them, but who are you ??? - socialists, communists ???
      You are the same imperialists, only in a perverted form. You spread rot your own people, where with intent, where by your inability / ignorance, but ... it’s not you who are to blame, but the WHOLE WORLD to blame, but write from you at least an icon ...
      It is boiling ...
  31. Dmitry Vyazmenskiy
    Dmitry Vyazmenskiy 24 December 2019 17: 14
    In general, you need to beat on the heads and the worse, the more benefit will be. I'm talking about heads outside our border. Forgot how the Russians are fighting, it is necessary, it is high time to remind and in the economy you need to tear to pieces for your own. The citizen was arrested, immediately an ultimatum, they did not understand - "106 tomogavks in a hollow", again it is not clear, we will repeat it. I think Russia's renome will improve quickly. Wada say, an article and extraterritorial sanctions of Russia and the capture of the accused. Then they will quickly understand how much a pound is dashing. And then Lithuania, Poland - garbage dumps, hangers-on of the owner's shit
  32. demo
    demo 24 December 2019 17: 24
    Moreover, it is desirable not by coups and revolutions, but by voting and referenda.
    I don’t care who and how voted. It is important to me who calculated how.
    The created system of vote counting - GAS "Vybory", no matter how you try, will count as it should.

    The following questions should be precisely the question of how best to cleanse the political, legislative and executive power of Russia from the “fifth column” of the West.
    Moreover, it is desirable not by coups and revolutions, but by voting and referenda.

    Here you can sympathize with Roman naivety.
    But who will give you his cash cow without a fight?
    The fifth column is not only the owners of Russia's wealth itself, not only corrupt politicians.
    We know these "by sight".
    But the people dependent on them, secretly and obviously dependent, we do not know.
    And these are judges, and faces with cops, and prosecutors, and local officials of municipalities and local zak. meetings.
    And they are all connected by many threads. Unravel which must be more than one decade.
    And at this time, the country will collapse.

    Well, like Roman, let's go to the referendum or what?
    And then, after some time, we will be able to note with surprise that there have been fewer complaints against us from the whole world.

    If only there would be no intervention.
      DEDPIHTO 24 December 2019 17: 57
      hi Think very well, but you can still understand the respected Roman, open calls for the buza are punishable .. As for the intervention, I also wrote earlier as quite likely help (paid) to socially close ones when the advantage is not in their favor .. But what to do, close all eyes and endure ... that is. delay the disease? Then the treatment will be even longer. Something like this. request
      1. demo
        demo 24 December 2019 18: 31
        There are answers to many questions. However, voicing them is more expensive for yourself.
        But this is not the point.
        Roman’s call for a legitimate and banal referendum dampens the electorate.
        The result will be known.
        And here you need a solid hand (or rather hands), which will shake the collar of snickering bastards.

        But there is little - But!
        But this will happen only when things in the country go completely apart.
    2. NordUral
      NordUral 25 December 2019 10: 23
      Here you can sympathize with Roman naivety.
      But who will give you his cash cow without a fight?

      You need to start with the elections, but if there are problems with the rigging of the results or the thieves' unwillingness to recognize the victory of the people, there is nothing to be done, you will have to take up the pitchfork.
      In the meantime, you need to prepare for the elections and go to the polls en masse, as well as to check the course of voting and vote counting.
      1. Golovan Jack
        Golovan Jack 25 December 2019 10: 33
        Quote: NordUral
        if there are problems in the elections with rigging the results or unwillingness of thieves to recognize the victory of the people

        "Correct, non-proper results" - are those on VO? I will upset you to the point of impossibility - they did not lie close to the correct ones request

        Quote: NordUral
        will have to tackle the pitchfork

        Grab your rake right away. yes

        As you have already noticed here (and quite rightly, by the way) - you can do very little except bays.
        1. NordUral
          NordUral 25 December 2019 11: 19
          Jack, do not fuss, I will not answer you anymore, you are tired of me.
          1. Golovan Jack
            Golovan Jack 25 December 2019 12: 56
            Quote: NordUral
            I will not answer you anymore

            Sorry, poor thing ... well, pain, pain laughing

            Quote: NordUral
            I'm tired of you

            Mutually yes
      2. demo
        demo 25 December 2019 12: 12
        I will give a simple example.
        People cook braids, pitchforks. rake.
        Prepare carts, horses.
        Or, in a modern interpretation, a technique.
        Going for haymaking without being able to do everything is an empty lesson.
        So it is here.
        Years bake, then grab his head late.
  33. samarin1969
    samarin1969 24 December 2019 17: 39
    The respected author is disingenuous. The fifth column did not appear yesterday. ... But the problem is not in the adherents of "European liberal values". They do not put pressure on those who, in translation from the construction, do not care. For some reason, the Russian Federation is a member of a bunch of senseless international organizations, sues, pays, proves something, collects press conferences. Why? ... Everything that happens in Russia should be only her internal affair. Instead of press conferences, first persons only need press releases from low-ranking officials for imported "truth seekers."

    "Our" "first column" - it is - "fifth". And the quantifiable interests of these people are far from the "place of work". So we have to listen to the teachings of the supranational “commissars” and “special representatives” together with the “first ones”. So the West applies "educational measures" to the Russian Federation: for them - for the assets, to us - for the "naivety" of their ancestors.
      DEDPIHTO 24 December 2019 18: 20
      Russia, the first, convoy dragged into a bunch of international organizations in the framework of globalization i.e. integration into the western global economy. Exit from them is impossible due to the existing system, because excommunication threatens home-made capitalists with ruinous ruin as a result of the country's isolation from the Western global economy, a complete loss of foreign investors and a complete collapse in the country right up to the revolution. Therefore, those in power with partners have such dances Remember the socialist economy focused on the domestic market and, accordingly, complete independence from import clubs by cap. interests. It remains only to grunt on the country's real independence. hi
  34. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 24 December 2019 17: 40
    At first I thought that Roman got sick ... Then, when there were hard notes, I realized that everything was right. Just the preamble dragged on.
    With such a detailed analysis, there is nothing to add. And you, Roman, are absolutely right on the main point - the Russian fifth column sits in the government and in the power of various structures. After all, everything cannot be so disgusting in the economy. The scale of theft defies logic. Not a single article of the constitution can measure the constant humiliation of the Russian people and the violation of the country's sovereignty. No other country has so many HSEvota, for the reproduction of which (40 "students") as many as 300 are thrown !!! teachers (for comparison - we have about 5000 in the medical academy).
    And most importantly, this whole fifth column works in Russia on a rotational basis - it appears, stole and leaves home.
    And the brains of the population are poisoned by false media, sold and bought with giblets. And in them you will not see anything suspicious that would say that our state affairs are bursting at the seams ...
    We have chosen a war in a foreign country, and in our slurp a shame with a full spoon.
    Thank you Roman! I share your thoughts and pain for power.
  35. Nonna
    Nonna 24 December 2019 18: 41
    The novel began from afar. But he voiced and asked the absolutely correct questions. About the betrayal of the current political regime of national interests, Russia and its people. The hatred of the lower classes towards the current "elite", which has seized power and wealth into their own hands since the 90s, is simply off scale. Especially after the retirement genocide. If you monitor social networks (and I visit VK and OK, I read opinions on YouTube), there is a continuous negative about the Guarantor, the government, Edra, the State Duma and the Federation Council. It seems to me that nothing can stop such anger. And these temporary workers only add fuel to the fire, trying to finish off the people with extortions and taxes on literally everything except air ..
  36. K-50
    K-50 24 December 2019 18: 49
    why then so many questions to us? To Iran?

    Because we did not bend under them and we have something to profit from.
    the rest are either poor, like church rats, or they have been eating from a pen for a long time, like trained ones. yes
  37. Ros 56
    Ros 56 24 December 2019 19: 02
    The only country capable of turning stripes into a radioactive desert is Russia, and from here all claims, so that we enter their collective farm in the second or even third roles, and naturally our natural resources. And all the rest is a dog pack around the leader, but there is also a separation by suit. Something like this.
  38. Dizel200
    Dizel200 24 December 2019 19: 28
    the author unobtrusively leads the reader to the idea of ​​the need for repression?))) laughing
    1. Dart
      Dart 24 December 2019 21: 51
      Do you have other thoughts? Sound ...
  39. garri-lin
    garri-lin 24 December 2019 19: 30
    I have not read the article. Let the West. "Yogurt for the night and sleep." They pulled up. The non-western orientation rules. Fed up with the west. They are poor. I don’t want to know their opinion. I don’t want to hear the barking of a breach dog under the window.
    1. Red Bogatyr
      Red Bogatyr 25 December 2019 18: 31
      but it’s better not to take the ostrich’s position) and the dog is not so harmless ...
      1. garri-lin
        garri-lin 25 December 2019 19: 07
        I hate obsessive service. Wherever you stick everywhere the opinion of the West, Ukraine, sanctions, and so on and so forth. The dog is not empty. I agree. But it cannot be called omnipotent. There is parity otherwise they would gobble up a long time ago. It doesn’t infuriate the West to have its own opinion, but the obsessive voicing of it in the media and the lack of an adequate reaction from the leadership.
        1. Red Bogatyr
          Red Bogatyr 25 December 2019 19: 17
          here the problem is that parity was earned during the Soviet era, and the capabilities of the Russian Federation (with its so-called "market economy") leave much to be desired ...
          Wherever you stick everywhere the opinion of the West, Ukraine, sanctions, and so on and so forth.
          and how else to distract from internal problems ??)
          1. garri-lin
            garri-lin 25 December 2019 19: 49
            There is no need to distract from internal problems. They need to be addressed. And in fact, a third of the population is engaged in the fact that it observes other people's problems.
  40. Arkon
    Arkon 24 December 2019 19: 56
    Why do we have so many complaints from the West?

    It is strange that someone else is interested.
  41. Observer2014
    Observer2014 24 December 2019 20: 23
    Moreover, it is desirable not by coups and revolutions, but by voting and referenda.
    Thin. And lately, very thin.yes good
    No, they don’t give normal and what I want to insert a video. And what are the lightning minuses to my comments? Instantly.
  42. opus
    opus 24 December 2019 20: 45
    Quote: Roman Skomorokhov
    Why to us so many claims from the West?

    Roman ... mm and who do you mean by the word "us" / "us"?
    The people / inhabitants of Russia? And what are the claims?
    1. I go no matter how much I go, where I don’t go, what I don’t do — there are no complaints about me (my family). GENERALLY.
    Even more, I spread rot: a little that (well, there are some roughnesses) I'm starting to yell / hiss about discrimination on ethnic grounds, by faith. Especially it rolls with the Germans.
    2. With counterparties (I am not a "member" of the government of the Russian Federation, I do not call them "partners"), even joking spitefully, not really politically correct, nothing. Three days ago, we rinsed with the Frenchman Macron and his wife, the dispute was which of them is more used and whether it is decent to have such a hostess for such a hard-boiled lad.
    3.Discrimination of me, colleagues, acquaintances at work, rest, education, did not have and did not observe, in many countries, but practically in all. Well, a little better on vacation are foreigners, where "all inclusive", because of the tip - ours do not leave practically. However, these are not "claims".
    My opinion is purely: in the West they don’t like our elite, maybe they don’t even digest it, because:
    -they are replaceable and they need to sweat whatever they choose, or they can kick in the ass: we look at Trump, who is Donald (impeachment), the Minister of Defense of Germany, in the 1990s, who flew to the summit in Spain on a business plane, taking his woman (kick in the ass).
    OUR IS INDEPENDENT. THE MAIN THING LICK AND DO NOT MISTAKE Whose Lies= everything will be a bunch. / eIf something, then "lick" - I meant an ice cream on a stick, and whose - meant whose production, and then rocka shamehe is supervising this: he will draw 30 rubles at a time. And I have no money - "I'm holding on" as ordered.
    - maybe David Cameron terribly hates Dmitry Anatolyevich, because when they got stuck in a traffic jam in London on their government limousine, they got out and popped on the subway, AND David Williams, himself, PAYED for the trip of his bodyguards from his own pocket. And on the question of why not "blocked the streets, did not call the traffic police" - he answered, I would not have time to get to the place of work, I would have been fired
    I can’t imagine Dmitry Anatolyevich in this position at all.
    -Maybe it (there in the west) is terribly stifled by a toad: in our government, ALL BILLIONAIRE / MILLIONAIRE, own colossal property both in Russia and in them.
    The richest family in the Russian government became Khloponins. The income of the family of the deputy chairman of the government amounted to last (2018) almost 3 billion rubles, Alexander Khloponin himself received most of the income. His wife Natalya earned a little over 4,1 million rubles last year.
    Over the year, family income grew 270 times. In 2016, the couple earned 10,8 million rubles for two.
    Khloponin spokeswoman explained to the BBC that last year he sold overseas property.

    There it’s strict with that, and bribes are generally an amba.
    we have something simpler, fresh:
    it’s just that the Head of the Customs Department of the Federal Customs Service, Lieutenant General wassat Alexander Kizlyk, found: 600 dollars, 000 euros, gold bars and luxury watches were found and seized

    the lieutenant general is weak, the colonels are turning billions.
    - Maybe because our "hey you up there" are guarded
    340 composition of the Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation (Rosguard)
    746 859 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
    + FSB + FSIN (225 people)

    They (zapadentsi) are simply afraid that if the proletariat revolts, they will be swept away, and they envy “ours”.
    -MAYS THEY ENVY that the children of our "servants of the people" (members of the government, prosecutors, cops, deputies and senators) study and live in England, France, the USA, Switzerland, and the "servants of the people" themselves have there: business, at home, villas, hotels, etc.?
    they don’t need 4 people, they really wanted to have a summer house in Barvikha. I can’t imagine the reaction of the American public, if some senator had a cottage on the ruble or if Michael Pompeo had children from Russia, they lived in the same place.
    That's how it is thought so. No.
    1. maden.usmanow
      maden.usmanow 24 December 2019 22: 20
      You have touched on an important feature of our perception.
      Ordinary people do not like Gorbachev wholeheartedly, but they like the Union, which Gorbachev created and nurtured and set up.
      It’s like the system has nothing to do with it, but there are individuals, they are rascals. They themselves don’t know where, by whom they were grown and put in warm armchairs.
      1. Kronos
        Kronos 25 December 2019 14: 25
        Gorbachev himself rose from the tractor driver, which indicates how fair the system was if an ordinary citizen could go up
  43. Dart
    Dart 24 December 2019 21: 49
    So we are waiting for someone to appear who is able to cut off the bells of the fifth column. The current does not count, it has long been understood.
  44. Snail N9
    Snail N9 24 December 2019 22: 33
    Well, in general, it is true about the reasons for the "increased interest" in Russia. Therefore, there is only one way out of this situation - to lower the new "iron curtain" - to remove external financial flows, stop foreign economic activity, forget about traveling abroad, and the like. The support is on internal development with the help of internal resources. Moreover, Russia is probably the only country in the world that can afford it. Only now .... who will like this solution?
    1. Good_Anonymous
      Good_Anonymous 24 December 2019 23: 11
      Quote: Snail N9
      -Remove external financial flows, stop conducting foreign economic activity, forget about trips abroad and the like. Reliance is on internal development through internal resources. Moreover, Russia is probably the only country in the world that can afford it.

      There is not a single country in the world that could afford such a thing. Russia, perhaps, could survive in this case, but not develop.
    2. Red Bogatyr
      Red Bogatyr 25 December 2019 18: 24
      socialism & planned economy, the curtain can not be lowered)
  45. silver169
    silver169 24 December 2019 22: 58
    And who in Russia protects and cherishes the "fifth column"? That's right - Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
    Conclude, gentlemen!
  46. MM
    MM 24 December 2019 23: 19
    There is no fifth column in China and North Korea because there are no cosmopolitans.
  47. DPN
    DPN 24 December 2019 23: 34
    That's right, August 1991, when the GKChP could not arrange the Tiananmen of the Russian bottling. More precisely, the roll. Could not, and from here it all started.
    That’s the whole answer, there are NO such claims to CHINA.
  48. Zliy_mod
    Zliy_mod 25 December 2019 00: 18
    Ukraine is like microRussia, an instructive example to Russians, which can happen when there is no king, but there are several heaps / clans of oligarchs who are ready to gobble up each other for profit, who are ready to sacrifice territory for this ...
    Above is a wonderful moment, regarding the envy of Westerners towards the Russian neo-feudal lords. So it’s true everything, no matter how the power suppresses, a critical mass of discontented people is gaining and breaking through the wall of power.
    I talked with a former representative of the mayor's office, one of the towns in eastern Ukraine, a typical They steal everything and godlessly, the system has been built for a long time and violating it is akin to suicide. Even honest and principled people begin to take bribes in three or four months, when every month they bring you only from "collectors" from $ 5000. The local mayor, the deputies, the judge, the prosecutor, the local head of the SBU, they spend their entire term thinking only where, from whom else to collect money. They are weather vane, will support anyone who is satisfied with such a system, all for one thing. This is an example of a small regional center in "chygyry" that nobody needs. Local authorities at any level are the fifth column, I don't know how to break this system.
  49. Basarev
    Basarev 25 December 2019 07: 35
    No matter how terrible, but peacefully fail. Without a fight, a clique will certainly not leave the Kremlin, which means that you still have to shed blood.
  50. NordUral
    NordUral 25 December 2019 10: 13
    Until the elections change the feudal system to socialism and the power of thieves to the power of the people, everything will be so. And these must be cleaned out of the country, as it was already in our history in the past century.