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Photo by Dmitry Alexandrovich Mott

The world-famous giant aircraft An-225 "Mriya", created by the Design Bureau named after O.K. Antonova, took off on December 21, 1988. This event is considered one of the most significant in the aviation world, but what happened before the development of this super-heavy aircraft? Today we will carry out a brief historical excursion and tell you about the Antonov Design Bureau and its founder - the great Soviet aircraft designer Oleg Konstantinovich. Journalists ACS Aviation Broker They will tell you how it all began.

How it all began: gliders

Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov from a youth began to seriously get involved aviation and already while studying at the institute (1930) he designed his own training gliders. Upon graduation, the aircraft designer was sent to Moscow, where he received the post of chief designer and continued to manufacture gliders. Interestingly, some of the glider planes created by Antonov set world records.

After the Moscow Glider Plant was closed in 1938, Oleg Konstantinovich began his collaboration with lead designer A.S. Yakovlev. During the Great Patriotic War, he launched production of airborne gliders. Antonov also devoted a lot of time to work on improving the Yak fighter. And already in 1946, Oleg Konstantinovich was appointed head of the subsidiary design firm Yakovlev. In the future, this company became the Design Bureau. Antonova.

Photo by Pavel Adzhigildaev

First aircraft released

The very first aircraft created by the Design Bureau, which was led by Antonov, was the An-2 (popularly known as the "Corn"). At that time, the aircraft designer was tasked with constructing an aircraft capable of operating at a capacity of 730 horsepower. The new aircraft turned out to be such a successful development that already in 1952 Oleg Konstantinovich, together with the design team, was awarded the Stalin Prize, and the An-2 aircraft in the Soviet Union did not withdraw from production for as long as 20 years. Moreover, in Poland, the An-2 was produced before 2002, and in China they are still produce.

So the famous designer continued to successfully create all new flying devices. And although the aircraft manufacturing enterprises of the Soviet Union were often scattered with their design firms, Antonov was able to create copyright prototypes, the production of which was carried out at factories in the region. These include the An-26 military transport aircraft, the An-30 airborne surveillance aircraft, and the An-32 military transport multi-purpose aircraft.

The year 1955 marked the beginning of work on the creation of a turboprop design An-12 aircraft, which promised a significant breakthrough for Soviet aviation. The new An-12 made its first flight in 1957, and in 1962 received the honorary Lenin Prize. In turn, Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov was awarded the title of General Designer. Since the An-12 is a universal cargo aircraft, it is still being produced.

In the middle of the last century, the Antonov Design Bureau developed the An-24 turboprop passenger aircraft. It was actively used for passenger flights to the USSR. The technologies that were used to create it were then used to develop the modified An-26 aircraft.

Air Charter Service uses the An-26 to transport a single heavy load. Thus, the development of the Antonov aircraft designer does not lose its relevance in 2019.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 23 December 2019 05: 31
    It’s interesting to see how it started!
    You read with pride how it LAST!
    With sadness, see how it ended / ends !!!
  2. Monar
    Monar 23 December 2019 05: 44
    I did not understand what the article was about. And I never heard such a pearl-
    aircraft capable of operating at 730 horsepower
    1. Donald72
      Donald72 23 December 2019 06: 10
      The text made an impression. That they pumped the motor in the design bureau on a trolley, they said let them fly on this too. the task is over.
  3. eagle owl
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    A. pride of the Chinese aircraft industry! All Worlds
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    Vladimir_2U 23 December 2019 06: 23
    Everything, more about Antonov, it’s pointless to read something, the article closed all topics directly! laughing
  5. Fitter65
    Fitter65 23 December 2019 06: 29
    In general, the article is not about anything. To the campaign of the article, it turns out that the An-26 and the family of aircraft at its Base began to be produced, and only then did the An-24 appear, although it was exactly the turnaround. a series even earlier than the An-10 ...
    1. The leader of the Redskins
      The leader of the Redskins 23 December 2019 08: 32
      Antonov, in general, if I am not mistaken, has a much larger range of aircraft. The author for some reason mentioned a few and used only two photos!
    2. Aviator_
      Aviator_ 23 December 2019 18: 44
      Before the AN-12 there was also an AN-8 of the same scheme. A trash article, the author at least read Shavrov's book. By the way, why is the article anonymous? I understand that in the "news" section this can be, but this is the "weapons" section.
  6. svp67
    svp67 23 December 2019 06: 45
    Alas, alas ... "Antonov" is "a bygone legend of a bygone country" ... and now, having got hold of independent Ukraine, it seems that it is generally becoming a "closed page". It's a pity
    And I really hope that even the "Novosibirsk" AN-2, we will get a continuation and a new life ...
    1. Monar
      Monar 23 December 2019 07: 25
      All right, one "Antonov". Not a single BRAND of KB civilians remained. Neither Tu, nor Il, nor Yak. Even the Sukhoi KB called their airliner a jet. Nobody knows who he is this jet.
      1. svp67
        svp67 23 December 2019 07: 34
        Quote: Monar
        Not a single brand of KB civilians remained.

        Yes, even the Yak-242 we now call the MS-21 ... in vain
  7. andrewkor
    andrewkor 23 December 2019 06: 47
    And this is all the information on O.K. Antonov !? The article is very scanty, the level of Pioneer truth. And where is the An-8, An-10, An-22, maybe there will be a continuation, I really hope !?
    1. svp67
      svp67 23 December 2019 07: 35
      Quote: andrewkor
      The article is very scanty, at the level of Pioneer truth. And where is the An-8, An-10, An-22,

      Yeah, and An-14, An-72, An-74, An-124 ...
    2. silberwolf88
      silberwolf88 23 December 2019 10: 06
      This author is better not to continue ... Ninada
  8. Zufei
    Zufei 23 December 2019 06: 53
    Since the An-12 is a universal cargo aircraft, it is still being produced.
    What a twist!
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 23 December 2019 13: 55
      It probably meant his Chinese version of the Shaanxi Y-8, Shaanxi Y-9.
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    Shkworen 23 December 2019 07: 43
    The article looks incomplete.
    1. Grits
      Grits 23 December 2019 09: 40
      Quote: Shkworen
      The article looks incomplete.

      Even if this is a "serial", then the 1st "episode" is also quite short.
  12. Zeev Zeev
    Zeev Zeev 23 December 2019 08: 25
    The article does not mention at all the first aircraft created by Antonov, copied from the German Fi-156 light multipurpose aircraft OKA-38 "Aist", for which a special plant was created on the basis of the Lithuanian aviation workshops in Kaunas (where until 40, development), Antonov's development of the A-7 landing gliders and the "Wings of a Tank" project during the war, neither the military transport An-8, nor the passenger An-10 ...
    1. Undecim
      Undecim 23 December 2019 13: 49
      The article is absolutely not mentioned
      This "work", which you called an article, does not mention much more than is mentioned.
      light multipurpose aircraft OKA-156 "Aist" copied from the German Fi-38
      1. Undecim
        Undecim 23 December 2019 14: 01
        The development by Antonov of the A-7 landing gliders and the "Tank Wings" project is absolutely not covered
        Antonov has developed more than ten models of gliders, including the famous record A-11, A-13, A-15.
        1. Undecim
          Undecim 23 December 2019 14: 09
          And Antonov was designed in 1948 by one of the first Soviet jet fighters E-153.
      2. Undecim
        Undecim 23 December 2019 14: 18
        the first aircraft created by Antonov, copied from the German Fi-156 light multipurpose aircraft OKA-38 "Aist"
        This plane was not the first with Antonov.
        The first was in 1937 LEM-2.
  13. Horst78
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    the author of this "pun" showed where the bottom really is ...
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    As I understand it, we see ads for the Air Charter Service. Why is she here as an article?
  21. maidan.izrailovich
    maidan.izrailovich 23 December 2019 14: 37
    Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov
    Born on January 25 (February 7), 1906 in the village of Trinity, Voronovo volost, Podolsky district, Moscow province (now - as part of the Trinity administrative district of Moscow). Russian

    Russia has all rights to the Antonov brand.
  22. Compass14
    Compass14 23 December 2019 14: 40
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  23. Old26
    Old26 23 December 2019 14: 50
    The article, to be honest, is frankly weak. Much more could be written about the machines of the Antonov Design Bureau. Some are not mentioned at all ...
  24. Old26
    Old26 23 December 2019 14: 57
    Quote: maidan.izrailovich
    Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov
    Born on January 25 (February 7), 1906 in the village of Trinity, Voronovo volost, Podolsky district, Moscow province (now - as part of the Trinity administrative district of Moscow). Russian

    Russia has all rights to the Antonov brand.

    Do not amuse yourself with pipe dreams. There are no legal laws that will give us the right to this brand. The fact that the Chief Designer was Russian by nationality and that the design bureau was organized on the territory of Russia (and it could not be otherwise, as soon as the war ended and all the enterprises exported from the territory of Ukraine and Belarus were in Russia.
    There was a single country and no one bothered with those who had the right to a particular brand. Vaughn, instead of the Dnepropetrovsk Automobile Plant, a rocket was created. A large number of designers were from KB Korolev. So, now we will apply for the "Yuzhnoye"? The signatures put in Bialowieza by three traitors essentially put an end to all our "rights". On the territory of the republic - it means mine. Alas, but it is so
  25. Old26
    Old26 23 December 2019 15: 43
    Quote: VENOM
    "Subsidiary" ... In 1946 ... Some kind of nonsense

    Not nonsense. Whether it is a translation of some article, or the author's "delights". Although in reality in 1946 Oleg Antonov headed the Yakovlev Design Bureau in Novosibirsk (since 1943 he was Yakovlev's first deputy). So the "subsidiary" company is a branch of the Yakovlev Design Bureau. Although it certainly hurts your eyes
  26. KJIETyc
    KJIETyc 23 December 2019 20: 10
    The article resembles a pizza ad in a mailbox. Some kind of useless brochure.
  27. irontom
    irontom 1 January 2020 17: 58
    It should be added that Yakovlev Design Bureau worked in the Antonov Patriotic War and from the 43rd, First Deputy Chief Designer Yakovlev.
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    a shame!!!!!
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