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Chinese TV called the average age of pilots fighter J-20

Chinese TV called the average age of pilots fighter J-20

A report from Chinese television examined aspects of preparing pilots for piloting the latest J-20 fighters. The material stated that the pilots J-20 - "the elite of the elite of the Air Force of the People's Liberation Army of China." It is alleged that the fifth-generation Chinese fighter pilots are on average younger than the US Air Force pilots (we are talking about the F-22 and F-35 pilots).

From the report:

One would think that for the piloting of fifth-generation fighter J-20, age pilots are selected, who for many years devoted to piloting other fighter means aviation. But this is not so.

A Chinese TV report stated that today the average age of fifth-generation fighter pilots in the PLA air force is 32 of the year. The youngest pilot of the J-20, according to the statistics presented, was the 29-year-old Bai Lun.

At the same time, Chinese TV reporters do not talk about the average age of the F-22 and F-35 pilots in the USA.

It is noted that modern simulators, aircraft simulators, including air combat simulators, help prepare relatively young pilots for piloting fifth-generation combat aircraft.

In China, the training of military pilots, according to media reports, has a funded points system. It includes theoretical training, classes on an aircraft simulator, as well as direct piloting of a fighter. When scoring a certain indicator in points, the pilot is allowed in the squad of pilots J-20.

Recall that at the moment, the Chinese Air Force is faced with the task of equipping all J-20 with the latest engines of its own production.

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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 16 December 2019 15: 35
    A Chinese TV report stated that today the average age of fifth-generation fighter pilots in the PLA Air Force is 32 years.

    Normal age.
    At the same time, Chinese TV reporters do not talk about the average age of the F-22 and F-35 pilots in the USA.

    The question is, do they need to know it?
    The important thing is that they move the program and train flyers and techies. That is, in the future there will be a very decent school and flight personnel and techies.
    1. Sky strike fighter
      Sky strike fighter 16 December 2019 15: 43
      Speaking of the Far East.
      The Ministry of Defense published a video of an air battle of the upgraded MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors over the Pacific Ocean. Planes of this type first participated in a similar duel.
      1. shura7782
        shura7782 16 December 2019 19: 13
        Sky Strike fighter (Maxim)
        Planes of this type first participated in a similar duel.
        Duel - strongly said. Even more. This information must be clarified. Maxim, read your this link. Although it was enough for me to read the name of the author, and the text I read for some reason did not surprise me. )))
        The last "air battle" I watched in the early 70s over our airfield. The lump of the regiment and his deputy were spinning on Mig-17 in the air, not childishly, so that it was breathtaking. Both were then severely punished. I admit that something like this could be done at Mig 29. But on the MiG-31BM, in order to meet in the zone, and then disperse arbitrarily for such an attack ....... They will lose each other. Specifically in this case scenario was negotiated on earth. Each in turn fulfilled his role - put himself under the gun. That's the whole "fight". Didn't read their combat training course, but it's very strange that it was
        "for the first time"
        . It leads to very sad thoughts.
    2. SovAr238A
      SovAr238A 17 December 2019 19: 19
      Quote: NEXUS
      A Chinese TV report stated that today the average age of fifth-generation fighter pilots in the PLA Air Force is 32 years.

      Normal age.

      It has been repeatedly written by military doctors and testers that experienced pilots of 3-4 generations are not able to perform tasks corresponding to the 5th generation.
      Hands and brains "do not give" ... the reflexes are not the same.
      No more than 15-20% of experienced pilots are able to solve tasks of the 5th generation.
  2. janeck
    janeck 16 December 2019 15: 35
    youth of the Air Force pilot .. this is not the criterion by which to flaunt.
  3. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 16 December 2019 15: 45
    "One would think that older pilots are being selected for piloting the fifth generation J-20 fighters .... But this is not so" ////
    It's right. For the fifth generation, with its virtual reality, a helmet and a screen, it is easier to learn a young pilot than to retrain a pilot with great experience.
    1. Avior
      Avior 16 December 2019 15: 57
      There are no Sparks on f-22 and f-35, so it is logical that the pilot should be sufficiently trained
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 16 December 2019 16: 02
        Made very "live" simulators. On them, you can work out all sorts of critical combat situations.
        The United States recently launched the first "collective" simulator. You can form a group of 4 aircraft (then they will increase the number) and practice tactics. Moreover, one pilot (for example, an instructor) will sit in the simulator in America, two - in Australia, one - in Norway. But they will feel the joint flight in real time, on radars, visually-virtually, in optics.
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 16 December 2019 16: 35
          The main thing is that a couple - three Chinese squadrons on their J-20s should not unexpectedly wedge into this "virtual four". lol
        2. Arthur 85
          Arthur 85 16 December 2019 16: 46
          Cool. Our hackers will be able to shoot all the parameters of the F35 in real time! By the way, does this simulator also simulate overloads? In winter, when I pedal on an exercise bike, I am afraid to turn on someone's recording from the video recorder in YouTube, so that later in the summer I do not accidentally forget to dodge the obstacle, otherwise the road "turns itself"!
          1. voyaka uh
            voyaka uh 16 December 2019 17: 08
            You can hack it, of course. Cards in hand. You can hack everything.
            Overloads such simulators do not simulate, but flying sideways, upside down flips, vibration - yes.
            Trainers are helpful.
            In the distant 91 year, when the Internet was not yet there, the Pentagon began the liberation of Kuwait from Saddam's troops.
            I read the notes of the American tankman gunner. He managed to train only on the Abrams simulator, and before that he was on the M-60. And I was very worried.
            There was a large-scale night battle of tanks against tanks in the desert. He wrote: "I fired exactly like on a simulator. And I saw fires and explosions of Iraqi tanks. Also - like on a simulator. We calmed down and fired while there were targets."
            1. Arthur 85
              Arthur 85 16 December 2019 17: 19
              Shooting simulators - certainly. The gunner is not overloaded like a pilot. He dangles inside the tank, but this can just be imitated. But reflexes are a dangerous thing. Having got used to "flying" on the simulator, the brain may not "understand", "why did we get so pressed down on the left? We turned a hundred times, and everything was fine" ... Although, of course, it is better to "fly on the simulator" than not to fly at all like in the 90s ...
              It always surprised me. I think that a single megalopolis, per day, for cars that no one needs, burns as much fuel as all the armies of the world burn on exercises that same day. And container ships at sea burn more oil per month than the Grand Fleet for the entire WWII.
              1. Avel roma
                Avel roma 16 December 2019 19: 40
                Of course you're right! Russian biathlon has no analogues in the world! The rest is all rubbish!
                1. Arthur 85
                  Arthur 85 16 December 2019 19: 49
                  Do you take assignments on "Adweg", or where? Can you tell me? I can write such patriotic comments (yes from the heart) that Venediktov, out of shame, will go into hermits / stolpniks. But I work, I have no time. And if they paid, such would be with you, and people like you, "battle" unleashed, wow! ...
  4. ugol2
    ugol2 16 December 2019 17: 22
    The Chinese do not know what to brag about. All the ears are pulled. It is clear that if at 45 already on a demobilization, then the average age will be exactly 32.
    And indeed, what serious statistics can we talk about if these pilots are only a couple of dozen. One got sick, the other got transferred and everything changed radically at once
    1. Avel roma
      Avel roma 16 December 2019 19: 40
      It’s not good tomorrow Siberia will be squeezed out then and boast! And now they are just stating a fact!
      1. ugol2
        ugol2 16 December 2019 21: 08
        This is troublesome. Squeeze Siberia from Russia.
        By the way, what fact do they state? Or they have a complete list of pilots of the Air Force, Navy, United States Naval Forces authorized to fly on F-35, F-22. With birth dates, addresses, phone numbers ...
        Well, then Colonel Trump does not mean ours at all, but them. Chinese.
        1. Avel roma
          Avel roma 16 December 2019 22: 16
          It’s not troublesome for them! Already, Putin gives them thousands of hectares of land! There is a massive settlement by the Chinese, it seems like they are approaching Lake Baikal and this is all in the form of creeping migration. What will happen during the occupation?
  5. amr
    amr 16 December 2019 17: 54
    Quote: voyaka uh
    Recently in the States

    Are you already out of principle, or what?)))) Like a good koment, what are the cons ??? the fact that we can’t do such crap !!!