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Big ship of a small fleet. Landing ship Damen LST 100 for the Navy of Nigeria


Damen LST 100, all renders:

On December 9, 2019, in the UAE in the emirate of Sharjah, the Damen Shipyard Sharjah shipyard, which is part of the large international shipbuilding group Damen Shipyards Group (headquarters in the Netherlands), underwent the process of laying down a new warship intended for fleet Nigeria. This is a large landing ship of the Damen LST 100 project (stands for Landing Ship Transport 100, where “100” is the length of the ship). According to international media reports, the ship is scheduled to be delivered in May 2020.

It is worth noting that Nigeria became the first known customer of the ships of this project. Previously, the Navy of this African country had two medium amphibious assault ships of the 502 project, ordered by the FRG and commissioned back in the 1978 year. True, both vessels were excluded from the fleet in the 2009 year after a long stay at the berth walls inoperative. According to the Vice Admiral of the Navy of Nigeria, Ibok Ete-Ibasa, the ceremony of laying the new ship seems to be a significant step forward towards realizing the dream of restoring the potential of the Nigerian fleet. Vice Admiral Ibok Ete Ibas explained the choice of the Dutch company Damen, which won the competition announced earlier, by the fact that the company has an excellent reputation in the world market, excellent production capacities, and a good track record. The Nigerian Navy chief of staff emphasized that the leadership of the armed forces is confident that the landing ship will be delivered on time. It is also worth noting that the choice of the Damen Shipyards Group was influenced by the fact that the Nigerian Navy has two tugboats built by this shipbuilding company.

Landing ship project Damen LST 100

The debut of the large landing ship Damen LST 100 took place in 2014 at the international exhibition of naval equipment and weapons Euronaval, held in Paris. This ship became the third in the line of landing ships already presented by the projects Damen LST 80 (deadweight 600 tons) and Damen LST 120 (deadweight 1700 tons). Differing in size and landing capabilities, respectively. At the same time, all three ships of the LST family of the Dutch company Damen are distinguished by the presence of a stern superstructure, a protected internal cargo deck and located at the stern of the helipad. All three ships can receive medium-class helicopters and various models of unmanned aerial vehicles.

According to official information from press releases and presentations of the Damen Shipyards Group, the new landing ships of the LST 100 project are designed to transport various military equipment, cargo and personnel of the armed forces. Also, ships can be effectively used in rescue and humanitarian operations. At the same time, the operational headquarters for controlling all fleet forces can easily be placed on board the landing ship.

The declared capacity of the landing craft of the Damen LST 100 project is up to 1300 tons. This is comparable to the deadweight of the large landing ships of the 775 project (1500 tons), which are in service with the Russian Navy. Deadweight is the mass of the payload transported by the ship, which is the difference between the total and empty displacement of the ship. Damen does not currently disclose the full displacement of the new landing ship, but if you compare it with the Russian BDK of the 775 project (length 112 meters, total displacement of 4400 tons), we can estimate that, most likely, the full displacement of the landing ship Damen LST 100 range from 3500 to 4000 tons.

It is known that the ships of the Damen LST 100 project have a maximum length of 100 meters, a width of 16 meters, and a draft of 2,7 to 3,8 meters (maximum). The twin-shaft diesel power plant used on the ship provides the landing craft with a speed of up to 16 knots (approximately 29,5 km / h), the declared cruising range is 4000 nautical miles at a speed of 15 knots, and autonomy is 15 days. The ship is distinguished by the presence of a small crew consisting of 18 people, another 27 people can be placed on board as additional personnel (assistance during loading and unloading). At the same time, the declared landing capacity of the ship is 235 fighters.

Unfortunately, the developer does not indicate how many units of military equipment this ship can take on board, but you can conduct such calculations yourself. Fortunately, the ship is equipped with two ramps - bow and stern, withstanding equipment weighing up to 70 tons, which allows you to take on board any basic combat Tanks. And considering that the most modern tanks of the Nigeria army are various modifications of the T-72, then the capabilities of these ramps are even redundant. An internal cargo deck with an area of ​​540 square meters is designed to accommodate wheeled and tracked vehicles that enter and leave the side of the vessel on their own. The upper open cargo deck has an area of ​​420 square meters. Thus, the total area of ​​the ship’s landing decks is 960 square meters.

For loading / unloading weapons and cargo on the upper landing deck, the ship has an 25-ton cargo crane, as well as an 1,5-ton slewing crane. Also on the upper deck can accommodate two landing boats of the LCVP type. As armament on the ship, a quick-firing small-caliber artillery installation and machine guns can be installed.

Nigerian Navy Update

Interest in new warships awoke in the Nigerian Navy because of the need to protect maritime shipping, the country's oil infrastructure and the exclusive maritime economic zone. On the whole, the state, which is the largest exporter of oil in Africa, has in recent years been facing an increasingly acute problem of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. More recently, the fleet of Nigeria had virtually no combat-capable ships. In fact, the entire marine fleet of this African country consisted of one unhealthy frigate Aradu, which rusted at the pier and a small number of ships of smaller tonnage, mostly of respectable age. The frigate was bought by Nigeria in the 1970s from Germany and belonged to the ships of the Meko 360 project. The situation began to seriously change in recent years. In addition to purchasing new ships, albeit of very conditional combat value, the Nigerian military is making tangible efforts to find a supplier of a large number of helicopters, which should replenish the air force and naval aviation country.

If we talk about new ships, the recently laid down large landing ship Damen LST 100 is likely to become the largest warship in the fleet. And if now the Nigerian military turned to the services of shipbuilders from the Netherlands, then before that they acquired ships made in China. So back in April 2012, Nigeria signed a contract with China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Company for the construction of two patrol ships of the P18N project (as part of the NNS Centenary and NNS Unity fleet). The choice of China is not accidental, this country is actively investing tens of billions of dollars in the Nigerian economy. The first ship of this project was transferred to the Nigerian Navy in January 2015.

P18N are corvettes with a displacement of about 1700 tons with a length of 95 meters. In the version for the Nigerian Navy, ships have conditional combat value, as they were purchased as patrol. The main armament of the ships is represented by the 76-mm artillery mount and two 30-mm artillery mounts H / PJ-14. In addition to the indicated patrol ships, the Nigerian Navy in recent years has been replenished with 6 French high-speed patrol boats manufactured by OCEA with a displacement of about 100 tons, as well as approximately 200 river patrol boats. In addition, in the 2011 year, the United States donated two obsolete coast guard ships such as Hamilton to Nigeria. These ships were the largest in the USA in their class. They have a full displacement of up to 3250 tons. But in the Nigerian Navy, they are more in repair than they are at sea: the venerable age of the ships and their technical condition affect.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 16 December 2019 18: 06
    December 9, 2019 in the UAE in the emirate of Sharjah at the Damen Shipyard Sharjah shipyard, .... the procedure for laying a new warship was ....
    According to international media, the ship is scheduled to be delivered in May 2020.
    Nothing of a pace, is it there that the genies are building?
    1. Kirill Dou
      Kirill Dou 16 December 2019 18: 25
      Just talented shipbuilders who are well paid.
      1. Fraracol_2
        Fraracol_2 16 December 2019 19: 19
        This is the main thing. One can only envy both. Well, what else is needed? Probably just not to steal yet?
        1. hohol95
          hohol95 16 December 2019 23: 24
          Envy what? Salary engineer from local or salary and living conditions of workers from India?
        2. Kirill Dou
          Kirill Dou 16 December 2019 23: 40
          Probably just not to steal yet?
          - I think the Dutch do not need to wish for this, and so they do not steal)
      2. hohol95
        hohol95 16 December 2019 23: 23
        Are the workers in these shipyards local? Or "guest workers"? And are they paid well?
        Enlighten if you know?
        1. Kirill Dou
          Kirill Dou 16 December 2019 23: 37
          Are the workers in these shipyards local? Or "guest workers"?
          - no difference. They make good ships and make them fast. So talented.

          And do they get paid well?
          - On their website, student vacancies include internships paid by the company. Do you think experienced workers working there get a lot?
          1. hohol95
            hohol95 16 December 2019 23: 39
            Free cheese - it is very tasty ...
            1. Kirill Dou
              Kirill Dou 17 December 2019 07: 32
              So this is not free cheese. A student undergoes a paid internship - that is, he studies at a company without spraying on a side job in order to feed himself. And then, already trained, the company itself uses it as a highly qualified specialist, familiar with the specifics of its work.
    2. hohol95
      hohol95 16 December 2019 23: 30
      Life of migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates
      12 November 2012 g
      The vast majority of male migrants are employed at construction sites or at work in ports. Women (they are about 600 thousand from 4,5-4,8 million migrant workers) are mainly represented by Filipinos. For example, 90% of nursing posts are occupied specifically by the Philippines. By the way, only 3% of the indigenous inhabitants of the UAE work.

      Of course, there is practically no safety equipment on the giant UAE construction sites. Only among the Indians and only in Dubai, the statistics of industrial mortality (including suicide) in 2006-2008 was as follows: 1157, 1284 and 1420 cases.
      The earnings of the Hindu-builders is 150-300 dollars a month with a 60-hour working week. At the same time, many of the workers first have to earn up to $ 3000 of debt - for travel to the UAE, visas, medical and intermediary services. Thus, for 2-3 years, migrant workers find themselves in a slave position - they cannot leave the country without first having worked out the debt. And only after this time they are able to carve out from their meager earnings of 50-70 dollars a month for their relatives who stayed in India - with this money one adult with 2-3 children can eat.

      Perhaps by 2019 there will be more local workers in working specialties. But it seems unlikely to me!
      Such genies "conjure" at that shipyard.
    3. Doctor
      Doctor 17 December 2019 00: 46
      Nothing of a pace, is it there that the genies are building?

      Damen is one of the oldest family-owned shipbuilding companies in the world. And one of the best. They build almost the entire line of ships, from boats and sailing ships to frigates. Look through their website, you will not regret it, there is also Russian language. I recommend the videos in the sections "Offshore Patrol Vessel", "Standard Patrol Vessel 4207", "Interceptor Boat" and "Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat".
  2. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 16 December 2019 18: 07
    Without a hangar, weak! But the bridge with the veranda.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 16 December 2019 18: 45
      At the base of the Russian airborne forces 775/1171 - there is generally no way to land a helicopter.

      It’s just the application tactics itself. The designer suggested that this ship would be used as part of a diverse force or near its / allied bases. The helicopter is supposed to be used:
      - for the delivery / reception of valuable urgent goods.
      - transportation of command personnel, wounded, etc. from ship to ship.
      - use of the site as a link in the logistics chain.

      Well, the base for small UAVs.

      One helicopter with a hangar for the BDK still will not make the weather, and the displacement will eat. Yes, and there the emphasis is on automation and staff reduction, they can fully manage 18 people - 775 = 87 crew, while Gren = 94.

      If you need to support helicopters and expeditionary forces, then the Enforcer series, we come and order
  3. ares1988
    ares1988 16 December 2019 18: 15
    Thank you for the article. "as well as about 200 river patrol boats" - is there a typo?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. san4es
    san4es 16 December 2019 18: 36
    ... Damen LST 100 have a maximum length of 100 meters, a width of 16 meters, a draft of 2,7 to 3,8 meters

    hi Cartoon on the topic (for example, LST 120)
    Damen LSTs have a length of 80 to 120 meters in total. The entire LST family has a stern deckhouse, a sheltered inner cargo deck and a flexible one, as well as a helicopter deck in the stern.
    1. Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat 16 December 2019 19: 42
      Nigeria is a country of contrasts: on the one hand, everything was completely captured by the Chinese, they put the blacks in a huge debt hole, from which they will never get out ("hello" to Putin with his 20 billion debt forgiven to African countries), but thanks to Chinese injections, even Lagos and a little bit Abuja is acquiring the features of a more "civilized" "something" - with its "skyscrapers" and a claim to "Europeanness" .... However, our company (a subsidiary of Schlumberger) has unpleasant memories associated with Nigeria, literally at the beginning of this For a year in our company, two people died and the same number were seriously injured after the attack of the "Nigerian insurgents" "on our" party "together with FUGRO .....
  5. Undecim
    Undecim 16 December 2019 18: 52
    Deadweight is the mass of the payload transported by the ship, which is the difference between the total and empty displacement of the ship.
    Deadweight (or full load capacity) is the mass of cargo carried by the vessel, passengers with baggage, provisions and water, as well as the mass of fuel, water, oil, crew with baggage, provisions and water when loading the vessel at the estimated waterline.
  6. Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 16 December 2019 19: 13
    I won’t say anything about TTX, but the design of the ship, in my opinion, is worthy of all praise.
    1. Alf
      Alf 16 December 2019 20: 00
      Quote: Bad_gr
      I won’t say anything about TTX, but the design of the ship, in my opinion, is worthy of all praise.

      For the Nigerian Navy, the problem of radio visibility is one of the most important ... laughing
  7. Fraracol_2
    Fraracol_2 16 December 2019 19: 18
    "the ship is scheduled to be commissioned in May 2020". - this is the pace of delivery !!!
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 16 December 2019 20: 20
      They and Pakistan corvettes bake like pies on 2300t.
      August 14, 2018 - steel cutting
      September 5, 2019 - descent
      May-June 2020 - the entry into service of the Pakistan Navy.

      Moreover, they take the dead shipyards, include them in their logistics and technical system, pump them up with a machine park, train staff and, after 2-3 years, the depressive shipyard reaches the level of production, economy and pace of the parent enterprises in the Netherlands. If anything for Pakistan, Damen is building corvettes in Romania, in fact, at the shipyard, which was put up as Nikolaev now, on scrap.
  8. Alf
    Alf 16 December 2019 19: 59
    the Nigerian military is making tangible efforts to find a supplier of a large number of helicopters,

    No need to look for a supplier, you need to look for money ... There would be money (not tears), but there would be a supplier.
  9. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 16 December 2019 20: 09
    Here’s your grandmother and St. George’s Day !.
    So the comrades from the freedom-loving Nigeria were preoccupied with the problems of landing their unbearable troops in the unknown. I feel it is necessary to RF Ministry of Defense - start ordering * Bison M * at our factory. Here is the time. Pieces five to six. Better twenty-six. Superfluous Nigeria, but Egypt with Turkey vparim.
  10. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 16 December 2019 21: 13
    At this pace, the Nigerians will soon order an average helicopter carrier to fight the pirates.
    A combat helicopter for their boats is certain death.
    And they will be able to carry out quick operations on foreign territory to clean coastal areas from pirate bases.
  11. Catfish
    Catfish 16 December 2019 22: 32
    I'm interested in something else, but where is Nigeria going to land? Otherwise, why should she do this?
    1. Borik
      Borik 16 December 2019 22: 56
      How where! In America, they will be forwarded to the residence of all those who wish "dark-faced", to their African-American brothers.
      1. Catfish
        Catfish 16 December 2019 23: 26
        I didn’t think, apparently I don’t know how to think “globally”. laughing
        1. Undecim
          Undecim 16 December 2019 23: 46
          In addition to amphibious operations and the fight against pirates, a ship can perform search and rescue functions in shipwrecks, humanitarian functions in the area of ​​natural disasters, a control ship and a hydrograph.
          In addition, Nigeria has territorial disputes with its neighbors, in particular Cameroon, over the island of Bakassi in the Gulf of Guinea.
          1. Catfish
            Catfish 17 December 2019 01: 20
            Vic, good night hi .
            So it turns out that he is one in "ten" persons? For all operations, except amphibious, there are other ships of special construction. Or, due to the lack of funds from the state, will they drive it for any need? Then, at the right moment, it will not be in the right place. And in general, "the pastry should bake the pies." smile
            1. Undecim
              Undecim 17 December 2019 02: 26
              Each country proceeds from its capabilities and needs. Nigeria does not plan tasks for the Navy away from its shores, only the Gulf of Guinea. Therefore, a perfectly reasonable approach. They just do not have Timokhin.
              1. Catfish
                Catfish 17 December 2019 02: 28
                That's right, I don’t argue. But who is Timokhin I have no idea.