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Tolerant Army. Alternative West Way


Ursula Gertrude von der Layen

For many years, Europe and the NATO bloc have positioned themselves as the owners of the most powerful armed forces in the world. Widespread advertising of the military technological power of the West even flooded movies in which each ordinary could contact a satellite, control a drone or a coffee machine with equal success. This card hid deep processes, which are considered to be fighting spirit, the absence of which demoralizes the army. So what innovations in moral qualities are grafted to the fighters of tolerant humanity?

Feminization as a guarantee of tolerance

One of the striking cadre forces of inducing the most transcendent tolerance that goes beyond common sense, became ... women. No, Russia is not accustomed to seeing pretty young ladies even in officer uniforms. But always it was either a catastrophic necessity, or through difficult personnel experience. And certainly in Russia there is, at least not yet, a doctrinaire planting of young ladies in the Ministry of Defense. Too heavy история with us.

The West took a different path. For example, in Germany, Ursula Gertrude von der Leyen got to the post of Minister of Defense. From 2005 to 2009, she headed the Ministry of Family Affairs for a year, and from 2009 to 2013, she worked as Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. And now, suddenly Ursula becomes the defender of all Germany, although by profession she is ... a gynecologist! First of all, dear Frau was engaged in the arrangement of a nursery, the arrangement of the barracks and the increase in holidays, especially maternity leave.

Tolerant Army. Alternative West Way

Maria Margarita Robles Fernandez

The next, but not least, is sunny Spain. In the once powerful empire, over whose possessions the sun never truly set, they also took the path of uncompromising tolerance. In June 2018, Maria Margarita Robles Fernandez took the chair of the Minister of Defense. A lawyer by training, at the beginning of her career, Maria was an official bug with hypertrophied ambitions. She has gone from lawyer and judge to the secretary of the Minister of Internal Affairs. At the same time, her political career was forged within the framework of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party. It was the political path that led Maria to the tidbit of the Spanish defense.

Michelle Allio Marie

This share did not pass by France, which apparently decided to get rid of Napoleonic complexes in a radical way. In 2002, Michelle Allio-Marie became Minister of Defense of the Fifth Republic. Michel is a lawyer, political scientist and legal historian by training, and also has a master's degree in ethnology. Her take-off on the career ladder began with a typical politicking of the Union for the Republic Party, founded by Jacques Chirac. Slowly but stubbornly moving up, she eventually managed to get into the Ministry of Defense. She left this post because of scandalous photos in the press. No, no vulgarity. The minister simply allowed herself on vacation an unprecedented luxury in the style of a crazy empress.

And now we will be transported to the homeland of warlike Vikings - to Norway. Previously, this harsh northern country was famous for its fighters, but now this region, resembling a pension for the elderly, is known periodically for sinking frigates and a wild fear of its eastern neighbor. Oddly enough, but for almost 20 years, this fear was cultivated by four representatives of the fair sex. The first was Kristin Kron Devold - a master of science in entrepreneurship, a sociologist, and at the same time a divorced lady with two children in her arms. After Kristin lost her post of Minister of Defense, she became director general of the Norwegian Hospitality Association (!).

The second was Anne-Grete Ström-Eriksen. By education, the lady is a specialist in the field of information technology engineering, and she was trained, including in South Dakota (USA). In 90's, she became interested in politics. Her journey from mayor’s chair to the post of Minister of Defense took less than eight years.

The third beauty of Norway was Greta Faremo. Greta entered the public service at the Ministry of Finance as a lawyer, periodically combining the work of the sovereign with the efforts to replenish her pocket in the commercial field. However, the first entry into big politics ended in scandal. For 12 years, Greta wandered in the private sector, until in the 2009 year she was picked up and put in the chair of the Minister of Defense. She was an active lobbyist for the purchase of the notorious F-35 for the Norwegian Air Force.

Kristin Krohn Devold, Anne-Greta Stroem-Eriksen, Greta Faremo and Ine Maria Eriksen Soreide

And the last tolerant nail in the cover of the well-being of the Norwegian armed forces drove Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide. And again, before us is a professional lawyer. Even at university, this woman joined the Conservative Party, like the others, alternating politics and commerce. In 2013, she took the post of Minister of Defense and has not left him since.

No, of course, this is not the whole list of young ladies that marked a large-scale phenomenon, called the feminization of the armed forces. In Switzerland, the Ministry of Defense fell under the onslaught of Viola Amherd, in Italy, two Signorins immediately sat in this chair, did not lag behind Italy and Holland, the games of tolerance in the Czech Republic are no less indicative. In addition, European outsiders like Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina are shaking in the same flimsy "progressive" trolley.

"Advanced" principles in life

But maybe we are too biased towards progressive trends? And the young ladies described above carried out extremely necessary and important reforms in the armed forces? For example, Ursula von der Leyen was the initiator of the creation and implementation of the course “Sexuelle Orientierung und Identität in der Bundeswehr” (“Sexual orientation and identity in the Bundeswehr”). This innovation was accompanied by an official clarification:

“The implementation of the sexual identity program in the German armed forces is long overdue. A public section extrapolated to the army also shows that relations of a homosexual and bisexual nature arise in the Bundeswehr. In order to take into account the needs for this kind of relationship between individual citizens and military personnel, it is necessary to conduct special training among personnel. ”

And in order to make the Bundeswehr even more “attractive to sexual minorities”, the first lecture of this breakthrough course was delivered by Minister of Defense von der Leyen herself. Ursula generally loves communication, especially in the format of a television talk show or a properly organized photo shoot with her in the title role.

Norwegian soldiers at the LGBT parade

As a result, at the moment, the state of the Bundeswehr, Rupert Scholz, Minister of Defense under Helmut Kohl, describes as follows: "The state is catastrophic." The deputy of the Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels, echoes him, stating: "There is not enough personnel, not enough military equipment, and often one deficit overlaps another." And this is not counting the suspicion of misappropriation of the budget of the Ministry of Defense, Frau von der Leyen, who managed to exceed the estimate for the repair of the training ship "Gorkh Fock II" ten times.

Nor are the Norwegian “Vikings” one step behind them. In general, Norwegian officials have repeatedly stated that there is tolerance ahead of the rest in the world. In this doctrinaire frenzy, the Norwegian army got no less than society. To begin with, a uniform sank into the furnace of history. In an impulse to protect the rights of immigrants, the Ministry of Defense at once allowed to wear instead of a statutory headdress turbans, yarmolka, bales and even a hijab for female soldiers. Later, unisex barracks were created, that is, young ladies and harsh men were poured into one pot, which they hastened to proudly inform the whole world.

And, of course, the Norwegian command makes maximum efforts for more comfortable service for LGBT people. Sometimes it even reaches schizophrenia, so to speak, inside another madness. So, in rainbow parades of citizens with sexual deviations, Norwegian servicemen in their uniforms are now taking part. Moreover, the soldiers marched on the first marches almost by order, even representatives of non-traditional orientation, serving, did not want to go out on the street, feeling that someone wanted to use them for their own purposes.

Speech by Rune Weneberg

But this Norway was not enough, so they began to uproot the very harsh heart of the army, trying to drive away even a hint of memory of the Vikings from the armed forces. For example, during the war of the so-called coalition against the Taliban in Afghanistan, ISAF forces included members of the Norwegian Telemark battalion. For the first time confronted with a real adversary, Telemark lost several people killed. Therefore, the company commander, Rune Venneberg, to rally the fighters and raise morale, climbed onto the infantry fighting vehicle and gave a powerful speech, ending: “But you are a predator. The Taliban will be prey. To Valhalla! ”“ (The Taliban is a banned organization in the Russian Federation.) The fighters answered with an approving roar, raising weapon over the heads. Since then, in Afghanistan, skull signs, known as the “punisher,” have begun to appear on the homes of citizens suspected of being associated with the Taliban. The skull itself has become an unofficial symbol of the Norwegian fighters in Afghanistan.

For this, thunder and lightning struck the heads of the Vikings' descendants, which had suddenly become clear in their memory, but by no means from the Taliban. A stream of harsh criticism was poured on them by their own citizens. With condemnation was made not only by society and the media, but even the native Ministry of Defense called on the carpet. Telemark soldiers were strictly forbidden to wear or draw punitive signs and generally quickly forget about Valhalla and so on.

Were the Vikings wrong?

In general, it is now difficult to find a Western European country that marched along the path of the doctrine of imposing tolerance in the armed forces, which would not be pounded in greasy scandals. The main headache of the young ladies from the Ministry of Defense of Spain, for example, was not problems with submarines of the S-80 type (which either surfaced with difficulty or cannot be docked due to size), but heated discussions about allowing women soldiers to do tattoos on open areas of the leg that are not covered by a standard skirt. But the young lady from the Czech Defense Ministry only for the first week with a bloody personnel ax walked over her own general. On the second day she sent three senior officials of the ministry to rest, including the chief of the General Staff.

Keep gunpowder dry

A natural question arises: maybe in this case it's time to relax a bit, being in the neighborhood with such "reformers"? No matter how. The “progressive" ministers of a new tolerant Europe have several things in common.

Firstly, most of them either worked in the United States or were educated there. Secondly, despite the ostentatious peacefulness and professed tolerance, almost every European defense minister of the new formation considers it his duty to lobby the interests of the American military-industrial complex. Thirdly, no matter what the rights of any minorities might think and protect the above-described young ladies, they supported the coalition forces led by the United States in the Middle East without any questions. Fourth, the persistent washing out of their own traditions eliminates independent goal-setting, which is why the troops are simply turning into a function in the hands of the “necessary” officials. Therefore, you can expect anything from this army: from stupid and dangerous provocations to overtly punitive actions. And to think about the consequences, alas, no one will.

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  1. Andrey Chistyakov
    Andrey Chistyakov 13 December 2019 15: 08
    And they are commanded by the Trump man.
    1. Vladimir16
      Vladimir16 13 December 2019 15: 12
      There is a crocodile farm. laughing
      1. Andrey Chistyakov
        Andrey Chistyakov 13 December 2019 15: 13
        Quote: Vladimir16
        There is a crocodile farm. laughing

        Well yes. It is what it is. As for "selection" ...
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 15 December 2019 16: 30
          Great video about the world going crazy
          In America, advertisements showed how a husband gives his wife an exercise bike. Women were indignant - how dare he put pressure on a woman and hint that she is not in order with her figure ...
          Exercise bike advertisement provokes gender war in USA

          In the United States, a real war of the sexes erupted. The cause of contention was an exercise bike. A harmless New Year’s advertisement provoked a real scandal. Women were very offended because of this advertisement. What they saw in her as offensive, look in the plot of our correspondent Nick Bardin.

          Submitted by Russian America TV Saturday, December 14, 2019
      2. knn54
        knn54 13 December 2019 16: 58
        And then we wonder why the men get drunk ...
        1. peta locksmith
          peta locksmith 14 December 2019 16: 05
          typical p ... s.k. which, for certain low socially responsible services, were dragged to the tidy post of defense ministers by their men.
          1. NordOst16
            NordOst16 15 December 2019 16: 57
            I'm afraid to find out for what merits they dragged any furniture makers to their posts?
            1. peta locksmith
              peta locksmith 16 December 2019 09: 46
              no need to be afraid
              the article about the furniture maker at the post of the Ministry of Defense does not seem to be mentioned
              but, most likely, the merit of a furniture maker was no less low socially responsible
              Of course, projected on gender and age and financial and retractable features of the furniture subject
    2. Finches
      Finches 13 December 2019 15: 28
      A certain Austrian artist, observing the evolution of Europe, dug himself up, drank his poison, shot himself, doused himself with gasoline and burned himself again ... laughing
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 13 December 2019 21: 35
        There is a fight. Homics are sitting in a trench, like defending themselves. One stuck out his head and immediately hid back into the trench: "Oh!" The second fagot to him: "What, there?" He: "Soldiers" .... "Beautiful"? "No" .... "Well .... then throw the grenade ...."
    3. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 14 December 2019 05: 17
      Quote: Andrey Chistyakov
      And they are commanded by the Trump man.
      What for? Clinton is also the American liberals.
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 13 December 2019 15: 34
    “Tolerance” is an initially medical term for a decrease in the body’s resistance, weakening of the body’s immunological response to the introduction of foreign objects, primarily genes. In this sense, it was first introduced into use by the English immunologist P. Medawar in 1952. The concept denoted the degree of susceptibility of the human body to transplanted organs, the adoption of foreign transplants.

    And in sociology, this is tolerance for a different worldview ...
    But ... tolerance and imposition are radically different concepts. When gay pride parades come out, it's an imposition on tolerance.
    Negroes should not be called blacks, but only African-Americans, since this is not tolerant. But this is an imposition and substitution of concepts.
    All this is the formatting of Western society, turning it into a herd of idiots who accept and the number of sexes is more than two. Parenting takes place on the basis that initially the child is not a boy or girl, but IT.
    Transgender tolerance is imposed. And under such a sauce that it’s normal. Anyone has the right to position himself as he wants. But what about the laws of nature? And what about the laws of religions?
    Even the last down understands that from two boys a child does not appear, as well as from two girls. That a converted man into a woman is not able to produce offspring. That everything in the compartment leads to the extinction of the population. Values ​​in the West are broken through the knee, from which Western society is socially degrading.
    And then the question is brewing, and who needs such a perversion over society? Who benefits from this?
    1. Sergey39
      Sergey39 13 December 2019 15: 48
      Really interesting. Do Europe really not understand that they are simply being destroyed? And no one wonders: Who? And for what?
      1. Octopus
        Octopus 14 December 2019 11: 52
        Quote: Sergey39
        Really interesting

        Nothing interesting.
        While there was a GSVG, Germany was aware of itself as a Central European theater and behaved accordingly. In the 90s 00s, the situation changed dramatically: all around are members of the EU and NATO, from the East anti-tank hedgehogs in the form of Americans in Poland, why not life? Naturally, in such a situation, the army began to be perceived as a kind of social security, an object of state support, such as agriculture. Naturally, the corresponding persons, the German Mizulins, began to put on her.
    2. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 13 December 2019 20: 09
      Quote: NEXUS
      And in sociology, this is tolerance for a different worldview ..

      tolerance is the lack of an immune response.
      Quote: NEXUS
      And then the question is brewing, and who needs such a perversion over society? Who benefits from this?
      watched by budgies in a tight cage. In conditions of overpopulation and limited space, they often form LGBT couples. In principle, cannibalism appears in living things under similar conditions. Maybe this is the case? maybe consumer society has reached the limit of its development and its time has passed?
    3. the most important
      the most important 13 December 2019 22: 44
      Quote: NEXUS
      And then the question is brewing, and who needs such a perversion over society? Who benefits from this?

      Well, if the West is waging a war against us, then this is beneficial to us. The main thing is not to imitate in this west.
  3. Paul Siebert
    Paul Siebert 13 December 2019 15: 36
    I already wrote about the ladies in the ministries of defense in general, and about Ursula von der Leyeyen in particular.
    Flag in their hands! And long life.
    We drove the authority of the European armies under the baseboard.
    Someone on the site even wished Ursula to award the Order of Lenin. And so with a spin on the back ...
    But really!
    For so many years, the mighty European coalition has been fighting terrorism in Syria. The results are zero point, hell of a tenth.
    During this time, ISIS Russia bombed the land. Nearly.
    But the ladies meet several times a month, take selfies, drink smoothies at the summits, gossip about men and giggle at the military ...
    Lafa ...
    1. abrakadabre
      abrakadabre 13 December 2019 16: 22
      Someone on the site even wished Ursula to award the Order of Lenin. And so with a spin on the back ...
      With a tattoo on each si ... tfu you, breasts ...
  4. bk316
    bk316 13 December 2019 15: 54
    I don’t know, I don’t know, you can certainly make fun of it, but people on the post of defense ministers if they don’t have a military education, not military personnel, who didn’t serve and even have an idea of ​​the Army STRESSED. And if it’s also the ladies in menopause clearly prone to tantrums and shocking .....
    The likelihood of an inadequate decision in such people is clearly more. But their powers are the same ....
    1. Avior
      Avior 13 December 2019 18: 13
      Well yes
      And the engineer-builder who has never served in the army as a defense minister does not bother you?
      1. bk316
        bk316 13 December 2019 18: 25
        And the engineer-builder who has never served in the army as a defense minister does not bother you?

        If he had not created the Ministry of Emergencies from scratch, he strained.
        And after the comrade with his own hands raked up the rubble and recognized the human price, he stopped straining.
        And after all, what is interesting in his non-tension was right laughing
        1. Avior
          Avior 13 December 2019 18: 58
          They didn’t come from the street to the ministerial post either.
          1. bk316
            bk316 13 December 2019 19: 28
            Aha from the gynecologist’s office laughing
            And went to the "CEO of the Norwegian Hospitality Association"
        2. Kronos
          Kronos 13 December 2019 20: 58
          In fact, on the contrary, he almost ruined the Ministry of Emergencies
          1. Ponchik78
            Ponchik78 14 December 2019 11: 44
            ??? The man who created the Ministry of Emergencies almost ruined it? What is it like?
            1. Kronos
              Kronos 14 December 2019 12: 35
              According to the reviews of the firemen themselves, this is on the net or do you think there will be honest and decent people in the team of bourgeois thieves ?!
              1. bk316
                bk316 16 December 2019 11: 07
                According to the reviews of firefighters themselves, there is Network

                Are you a bulk bird?

                Judge the world by the network, I would understand if my friends the firemen wrote to me they said ...
                Well, all right, since apparently I’m not enough to remind you, the firefighters didn’t have anything to do with the Ministry of Emergencies at first.

                Shoigu with 91 led rescuers. In 94 he began to lead the civil defense service and the Ministry of Emergencies was formed.
                Only in 2001 did GPS enter it. Which was at that moment rather dead than alive. What condition there was, I do not know from the Internet, you can ask here at VO. There are a lot of firefighters.
      2. EvilLion
        EvilLion 16 December 2019 10: 31
        We are not annoyed by the man who led the structure for many years, living according to army principles and having paramilitary units.
  5. AU Ivanov.
    AU Ivanov. 13 December 2019 15: 55
    Mdya With such crocodiles as defense ministers, the army is not needed.
  6. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 13 December 2019 15: 59
    Everything according to L. Gumilyov - ended the passionate Europe. Now there is just a dumb crowd, that's why it is scary.
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 13 December 2019 16: 12
    I remembered: "Yes, you are a witch! As I can see!" ... It seems that there was a reincarnation of witches, formed in the Middle Ages, according to the sentences of the Inquisition laughing
    1. soloveyav
      soloveyav 13 December 2019 17: 49
      And these witches decided to take good revenge laughing
  8. faterdom
    faterdom 13 December 2019 17: 57
    "The wind carries a cloud, through the blue sky, an ugly woman lives in our yard.
    In every woman on Earth there is something, at least, well - and here all 100% of women are unsuitable!
    Her parents scare the kids in the yard: "She will take you, they say, if you do not eat it!"
    In social networks, that woman has no friends-comrades - no one needs a friend with her avatar! "
    Semen Slepakov.
  9. Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 13 December 2019 18: 12
    It’s enough to look at Clinton’s bloodthirsty inadequate physiognomy to understand that this isn’t the time to relax ... Such, so to speak, muzzles only annoy any normal person
    1. NordOst16
      NordOst16 15 December 2019 17: 01
      You have not seen a person from the State Duma for a long time apparently. Personally, they annoy me much more, and they caused harm (led by the government) an order of magnitude more than any American erysipelas
      1. Sapsan136
        Sapsan136 15 December 2019 17: 14
        You are mistaken ... The faces in the State Duma are six, their owner sits in Washington ... All these Volodin, Yavlinsky, Novodvorsky, Chubais, Spiegels, Skvortsovs ... act on the orders of the USA ... Only enemies of the people and state can raise in Russia retirement age and advocate the abolition of state pensions in Russia ...
        1. NordOst16
          NordOst16 15 December 2019 18: 49
          And our passivity and lack of respect for ourselves allows us to do this with impunity. We can say that we ourselves are to blame for this.
          1. Sapsan136
            Sapsan136 15 December 2019 22: 57
            Madams like you can only get kicks from riot police ... Unfortunately, even several regiments on the Senate Square did not do the weather, at one time ... Russia needs Russian Napoleon, but without a mentally ill desire to conquer the whole world ... Russia does not need the whole world, but Russia needs to return what belongs to it by right and protect the indigenous population of Russia from internal and external enemies
            1. NordOst16
              NordOst16 17 December 2019 09: 32
              Quote: Sapsan136
              Madam like you can only get kicks from the riot police ...

              Apparently, people like you can only sit on the fifth point straight and watch Swan Lake. And then sit in the kitchen and resent that the country was destroyed by the Americans and the liberals.

              Quote: Sapsan136
              Russia needs Russian Napoleon, but without a mentally ill desire to conquer the whole World ... Russia does not need the whole World, but Russia needs to return what it rightfully belongs to and protect the indigenous population of Russia from internal and external enemies

              And of course he must do it for you. Well, sit and, like an old maid, wait for your Napoleon on a white horse. And such sooner or later will appear, but only then do not be surprised that you will not be able to arrange the country without paying attention to you because this person will only be bothered by his ambitions and ideas and will only hope that your interests coincide with his worldview. But well, this is the fate of those who can only scratch their tongues.
              1. Sapsan136
                Sapsan136 17 December 2019 11: 31
                What has changed from the fact that you ran around Moscow? The parliament was shot from tanks, you were not asked ...
  10. Alexander X
    Alexander X 13 December 2019 18: 45
    How unattractive these ladies are! Maybe the lack of male attention to them pushes them to a similar career growth?
    Well, tolerance for minorities in the form as it is now in European countries, I consider a crime in general. Rather, the promotion of LGBT ideas. These are mentally ill people. And physically inferior. People with mental illness are treated in the appropriate honey. institutions, and inferior physically surround social. protection. Therefore, heal, surround, but no more, until they are completely cured ...
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. sergo1914
    sergo1914 13 December 2019 20: 40
    Are they sexually identified during political activities or are there any special physical exercises for this? Well, or is there a specialized obstacle course that reveals?
  13. awdrgy
    awdrgy 13 December 2019 20: 44
    One can only be surprised at the worldview of Europeans. It is clear that there is no reception against scrap and they are hostages of their governments, but with their income you can go to South America for example (there are countries with a traditional way of life) than to endure this dangerous nonsense in all spheres of life
  14. BAI
    BAI 13 December 2019 21: 09
    Something is recalled: "What to count as gossips, to work ...."
    1. AK1972
      AK1972 14 December 2019 06: 41
      And if she instead of the planks of the medal will wear? The iconostasis will turn out like Budyonny.
  15. Tank hard
    Tank hard 13 December 2019 21: 22
    What are you talking about ?! I’ll bore it again, now in Russia certain forces, despite the negative reaction of most of the country's faiths and sane lawyers, are trying to push through the law on domestic violence in the family, in my opinion, most VO visitors are not very serious about this problem, but very in vain! Take an interest before it's too late! GDP even recognized the demographic problem of the Russian Federation, although it has long been a disaster! Something, soon the army will have no one to assemble from, but here they laugh at Europe. Soon it will be the same in Russia, only the territory of the Russian Federation is much larger than European countries. Who will protect the country ?! The bell is ringing! Maybe already about you ?!
  16. Good_Anonymous
    Good_Anonymous 13 December 2019 21: 36
    I did not think that Topwar would go to such a bottom.
    1. Kirill Dou
      Kirill Dou 14 December 2019 16: 56
      Yes, I've been reading materials since 2014, and lately some scribe.
      1. NordOst16
        NordOst16 15 December 2019 17: 05
        Yes, the site has long become a platform for srach. But just now it has become unsafe to do this because an article for disrespect for something uncivilized can be soldered or, worse, for an appeal. As in the good old days, sexual minorities cannot be called as they should be called.
  17. Dizel200
    Dizel200 13 December 2019 21: 47
    In vain you will underestimate the ladies)))) Perhaps this is just a screen, but others do the real things. And a lady with a grenade (especially Russian) is a disaster.
  18. sergo1914
    sergo1914 13 December 2019 21: 51
    Well, I want to advise all these ladies - Cook children, give birth to borscht. Didn’t confuse anything?
    1. Kirill Dou
      Kirill Dou 14 December 2019 16: 52
      And all these ladies in response to you together wish to continue to twist the tails of the oxen in the village laughing
      1. sergo1914
        sergo1914 14 December 2019 17: 48
        Quote: Kirill Dou
        And all these ladies in response to you together wish to continue to twist the tails of the oxen in the village laughing

        Have you tried to somehow enlighten cockroaches in your head?
        1. Kirill Dou
          Kirill Dou 14 December 2019 18: 12
          I haven’t tried it, because there’s a brain in my head, not cockroaches. Unlike yours)
          1. sergo1914
            sergo1914 14 December 2019 18: 54
            Quote: Kirill Dou
            I haven’t tried it, because there’s a brain in my head, not cockroaches. Unlike yours)

            A bold but completely erroneous statement. Everything is exactly the opposite.
            Have Martians ever tried to talk to you?
            1. Kirill Dou
              Kirill Dou 14 December 2019 19: 36
              With me - no, Martians do not exist. But with you, apparently. already tried?)
              1. sergo1914
                sergo1914 14 December 2019 23: 54
                Devil, he's in the little things. A dot instead of a question mark ... A dot instead of a comma ... Trouble does not come alone. It’s not just Martians.
  19. iouris
    iouris 13 December 2019 23: 21
    I will say this: the gender of the Minister of Defense is not important, it is important that the military personnel of all these armies are inspired by the idea of ​​permissiveness and frankly Nazi ideas.
  20. samarin1969
    samarin1969 14 December 2019 07: 51
    Those. NATO, with the exception of the Norwegian battalion - a glamorous "gangway"? ...
    It is unlikely that the "woman's kingdom" does much damage to the combat readiness of the European and American armies. SFRY, Afghanistan, Iraq-1,2, XNUMX, Miriya, Libya ... NATO achieved its military and political goals.
    And, in most cases, they fought in unusual territory, surrounded by a hostile population, with a motivated opponent. And the losses were insignificant.
  21. 2112vda
    2112vda 14 December 2019 09: 33
    Defense Ministers are NATO’s worst weapon. God forbid if you dream at night.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. Kelwin
    Kelwin 14 December 2019 13: 59
    In the nomination Nightmare Ine Maria Eriksen Soreyde won a landslide victory) A couple more injections and the finished Shrek)))
    In general, IMHO, these are all the ears of the Naglo-Saxons - they are again preparing the ground for the next campaign of Europe for the chestnuts, this time against the background of the "wrong" us.
  24. Kirill Dou
    Kirill Dou 14 December 2019 16: 50
    After reading the article, there was a feeling that the author had some kind of Freudian complexes. He is constantly looking for additional evidence that the army is exclusively "male territory." Well, what difference does it make to him what gender is the minister of defense of this or that country?

    Moreover, it is funny that he focuses on the non-core education of the ministers of defense under consideration, but somehow forgets that the last 3 ministers of defense of the Russian Federation were also somehow not closely connected with the armed forces.
  25. NordOst16
    NordOst16 15 December 2019 16: 55
    Why are we laughing? Everyone is going crazy in their own way. This is how strange personalities are appointed to posts (no offense to the lady, because the question of gender does not play any role here), we have furniture makers and other "professionals" of saws and axes.
    A good war would put everything in its place again, but I don’t want something like that.
      TANKISTONE 18 December 2019 19: 47
      Vladislav, you are right. Lawrence J. Peter summed it all up in the book: Peter's Principle - INCOMPETENCY.
  26. dimann27
    dimann27 17 December 2019 19: 45
    Definitely! We haven't received it for a long time! As they say, "Europe" has such a tradition: Once in 100 years, attack Russia, rake it in full, and, then, from the Russians, ask for help, for Christ's sake! Creatures !!!