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Super-maneuverable, all-weather, multi-role fighter Su-30СМ


In the nineties, designing the first modifications of the Su-27, no one could have imagined that the new machine would become a symbol of rebirth and change. However, Su-30 and its subsequent versions have changed the world view of our defense industry and future VKS. The super-maneuverable, intelligent, all-weather, modern and still endless number of epithets is hidden behind such a short name Su-30СМ, about which the Polygon team of the T24 channel will tell in detail today.

History in brief

In the 1991 year, the famous Russian Knights aerobatic team was formed, which for 25 years piloted the Su-27 aircraft in its spectacular experiments with the sky. In 2016, the receiver replaced it, and Vityaz began to operate the Su-30СМ. According to its flight and combat characteristics, this aircraft is considered one of the best multi-role fighters in the world. He is able to gain dominance in the air and at the same time work on the ground. New aircraft demonstrate new capabilities in piloting. Pilots reveal the potential of each car. It was the super-maneuverability of the “thirty” that allowed the Knights to significantly expand their arsenal of aerobatics.

However, before the Su-30СМ got to the "Russian Knights", he had a long way to go. The starting point in the work was distant India, from which back in the 90-ies came a request to create a unique aircraft according to very exacting requirements. According to its characteristics, the combat vehicle was supposed to be decades ahead of the previous generation. To develop and manufacture such a fighter for the aviation industry of our country then was akin to a miracle. And it happened. In the process of creating the aircraft, of course, I had to refine a lot, but the design engineers coped with the task.

The Su-30SM is manufactured at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. An enterprise can produce up to 30 cars a year. The aircraft, honed over the years of mass production and brought to ultimate performance, began to arrive in 2012 in aviation parts of the Air Force of Russia and naval aviation. To date, the Su-30SM is the most massive fighter in the Russian troops, numbering more than 100 units.

Only the sky, only the wind ahead

The combat load of the Su-30СМ has changed not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively. In addition to the standard "classic", the 30 millimeter built-in gun, the fighter at 12 suspension points can now carry more than 8 tons of weapons. It may include freely falling and correctable bombs, unguided and guided missiles of various classes, including anti-ship X-31A capable of destroying surface ships with a displacement of up to four and a half thousand tons.

The fighter passed his baptism of fire during a military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in the Syrian-Arab Republic. This was the first serious test of the flight performance and combat capabilities of the new aircraft. In Syria, the versatility of the Su-30СМ has been severely tested. A fighter could dozens of missions with different tasks in one day, one of which was the destruction of the militants' infrastructure and sniper work on terrorist armored vehicles. Another important task of the fighter in Syria was to cover the bombers, who worked on the positions of gangs, allowing the Syrian-Arab army to return the cities captured by terrorists. Also, the Su-30СМ provided the safety of civilian aircraft with humanitarian assistance. They controlled the airspace and carried out long-range reconnaissance. And in the event of a direct collision with the enemy in the sky - the fighter could not only stand up for itself, but also protect other aircraft. Su-SM30 is an unusual fighter, it is in some way a “pack leader”, able to control a group of combat aircraft - direct them to the desired square and share intelligence. A fighter is even capable of performing part of the functions of an aircraft with early warning radar. The modernized “thirty” has a multifunctional Bars radar, which allows you to spot enemy fighters at a distance of up to 140 km. At the same time, the radar takes on tracking up to 15 air targets and directs them to 4 weapon. The results of the Su-30СМ in Syria - tens of thousands of destroyed terrorist sites. And although the active phase of the special operation has ended, nevertheless, fighters continue their combat duty at the Khmeimim airbase.

In addition to Russia, a large number of countries buy the plane: India, Algeria, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and others. For each country, the Su-30СМ has a unique profile, because the principle of "open architecture" allows the use of various aircraft equipment.

Super maneuverable

The serial machine is equipped with AL-31FP engines with a controlled thrust vector. It is they who make the Su-30SM super maneuverable. Rotary jet nozzles can deviate up to 15 degrees, which allows you to control in all three axes: pitch, roll, yaw. Engines can operate stably both in super maneuverability modes and at near-zero speeds. To increase maneuverability and increase lift, the Su-30СМ is equipped with front horizontal tail assembly. It can be deflected automatically, thereby ensuring a stable flight at large angles of attack. The flight itself is carried out by an electrical control system. EDSU allows you to perform complex aerobatics at low and high speeds. The system processes commands from the control stick and transmits electrical signals to the rudders, stabilizers and rotary nozzles of the engines. The super-maneuverability of the Su-30СМ gives new opportunities in piloting an aircraft. A new approach and still undiscovered aerobatics allow developing tactics of aerial combat.

It is impossible to stop engineering. The improvement of the complex called Su-30СМ continues to this day. Using the latest developments and algorithms, the library of intellectual power of the fighter is growing, as well as updating the range of weapons. The Su-30СМ platform has become a platform for the implementation of the most advanced aviation solutions.


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  1. Gosh 60
    Gosh 60 11 December 2019 05: 58
    The Su-30SM is good, but time is merciless. Avionics a little bit ... Engine ... Glider ...
    1. d4rkmesa
      d4rkmesa 11 December 2019 10: 01
      I agree, but, on the other hand, it may not make sense to develop it further, because it will be another plane. Do you need another version of the Su-30? Question. But the engines wouldn’t hurt to update, but the AL-41F1S is not interchangeable with the Al-31FP, and other modifications are not the fact that they are currently being produced.
  2. DAC scratch
    DAC scratch 11 December 2019 06: 00
    "Rotary jet nozzles are capable of deflecting up to 15 degrees, which allows them to control along all three axes" - why do they need such nozzles, they are more expensive and he does not need such maneuverability on the battlefield, he will not make a Pugachev cobra in war
    1. D16
      D16 11 December 2019 11: 42
      Cobra without OVT did. And maneuverability does not happen much. The ability to sharply throw your nose without changing the direction of flight and shoot in close combat is worth a lot.
      1. DAC scratch
        DAC scratch 11 December 2019 11: 43
        Quote: D16
        Cobra without OVT did. And maneuverability does not happen much. The ability to sharply throw your nose without changing the direction of flight and shoot in close combat is worth a lot.

        Of course, I asked out of ignorance, but still, if it's so cool, then why doesn’t anyone do that?
        1. D16
          D16 11 December 2019 11: 46
          Because no one is going to fight with an equal enemy. For wars with the Papuans, over-maneuverability is not needed.
  3. East Kazakhstan
    East Kazakhstan 11 December 2019 06: 04
    Why is it without AFAR and the EW unit so far (!) So far? Iron and engine - this is understandable. But here is the AFAR ...
    1. Lelik76
      Lelik76 11 December 2019 10: 22
      EW in separate containers is hung if necessary. There are all necessary communications for connecting on board. They flew with them in Syria (I often saw cars in video reports with containers).
  4. Nehist
    Nehist 11 December 2019 06: 13
    Damn ... That's why combatant pilots from him are not happy as well as from the su-34.
    1. bober1982
      bober1982 11 December 2019 07: 25
      Quote: Nehist
      That’s why combatant pilots are not enthusiastic about him like the su-34.

      For the first time I hear this, where did you get that? You would have added to your list - Tu-95MS, Su-35, Tu-160, Ka-52, MiG-31, Tu-22M3 - which is nothing to worry about.
      1. Russia
        Russia 11 December 2019 09: 18
        This is his test ball. smile Well, why did you give him the whole list? hi
    2. d4rkmesa
      d4rkmesa 11 December 2019 09: 54
      And why are the pilots delighted?
      1. Russia
        Russia 11 December 2019 11: 00
        Quote: d4rkmesa
        And why are the pilots delighted?

        There is, Buddy, one of the pilot's dreams: height, height. yes
      2. bober1982
        bober1982 11 December 2019 11: 12
        Quote: d4rkmesa
        And why are the pilots delighted?

        The very statement of the question is rather curious, in the sense of how all this is peculiarly presented, the novelty - there are no beaten up templates, I will not list them, they can be re-read in the local comments.
        Any transition to a new technique among pilots is a delight (in the language of local experts)
        Going from the good old Su-24 to the newest modern (namely the newest) Su-34 is a completely different life, and not just flying, full of the most enthusiastic emotions and impressions.
  5. Pecheneg
    Pecheneg 11 December 2019 06: 22
    And the Indians are already rejecting him. Although our guys at the 604 airbase in Taldykorgan are crazy about them. There are 12 units, it is planned to purchase another 24 units.
    1. d4rkmesa
      d4rkmesa 11 December 2019 09: 56
      Herney suffer. Indian Su-30MKI - that is also a hodgepodge. Even the engines are partially produced locally.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. rocket757
    rocket757 11 December 2019 07: 15
    Good maneuverability is never superfluous, no matter what they say, but equipment, electronics must change, in accordance with the needs of modern tactics of maintaining a database in the air and on the ground, too.
  8. Livonetc
    Livonetc 11 December 2019 09: 47
    Amusingly took a black eyelid.
    In one of the sentences of the article
    In the morning, it took some time for awareness. smile
  9. DAC scratch
    DAC scratch 11 December 2019 11: 48
    Quote: D16
    Because no one is going to fight with an equal enemy. For wars with the Papuans, over-maneuverability is not needed.

    well, f 15 did not win by maneuverability, although it’s still a cold war plane, so I think it’s not so
  10. Lelik76
    Lelik76 11 December 2019 16: 39
    Where the simulator is shown - the orange trolley on which it stands and moves during transportation - it is completely my job, I designed it from scratch on the technical specifications for the simulator, and brought it to mind during manufacture. It's nice to see my work not only at the factory but also in the commercials.