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“Western Europe in range”: Polish expert on the dagger's danger to NATO


In Russia, the Dagger missile launched from Mig-31 fighters is periodically tested. This kind weapon is a serious problem for NATO countries, which must take appropriate countermeasures, said expert Jakub Palovski, whose opinion is quoted by the Polish edition of Defense24.

Dangerous flight

According to him, the “Dagger” is an aeroballistic projectile that reaches speeds over certain 5 Machs at certain stages of the flight. It operates on principles similar to launching ballistic missiles from the ground.

The term “hypersonic” that appeared in Russia in relation to this missile is a bit confusing. However, this does not mean that X-47M2 is not a threat. On the contrary - such a projectile can carry a very serious danger

- writes Palowski.

In his opinion, the use of an aircraft as a carrier automatically increases the radius of destruction and makes it possible to attack from several directions. More favorable for the enemy are also the conditions of the flight itself. The shell starts it already on the "ceiling", for example, several tens of kilometers, in addition, the ammunition flies at an increased speed, since it is launched from an already accelerated vehicle, and not from a ground launcher.

Shell "Iskander-M"


As the expert explains, they informally say that the “Dagger” can hit targets at a distance of 1500-2000 km.

This means that if launched, for example, from the Kaliningrad region, not only Poland, but also most of the facilities in western Europe, including ports and unloading points, would be in the zone of operation of this weapon

- notes Palowski.

According to him, striking at this infrastructure is able to disrupt the introduction of NATO reinforcement forces on the mainland. In this regard, it is necessary to develop adequate countermeasures. There is information that the design of the “Dagger” is based on shells of the Iskander-M system, “the interception of which is considered especially difficult,” the author writes.

To combat such threats, only those systems that can destroy maneuvering ballistic shells are suitable, and this subject to the early detection and classification of hazards and the ability to track the fire control system

- the expert indicates.

On the whole, countering the “Dagger” requires, in the author’s opinion, a comprehensive response from NATO countries, including the adoption of a number of other measures, such as deploying their own offensive systems and increasing the stability of infrastructure, for example, by dispersing and strengthening it.
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  1. Vladimir_2U
    Vladimir_2U 9 December 2019 05: 36
    Noble hedgehog in NATO pants! And the Polish experts grew up in my eyes, now they are cap obvious as well!
  2. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 9 December 2019 05: 37
    When the "myth" turned into reality for them, they immediately started talking about the danger.
    This missile is considered not winged, but aeroballistic: the flight range is determined by its speed. The aircraft launches at altitudes of the order of 15000 m. Separating from the carrier, the rocket starts its own engine, and then according to the ballistic curve it gains altitude, which, according to various estimates, reaches 25 ... 50 thousand m. When the top of the trajectory is reached, the engine is shut off, the head is separated. parts of the rocket and the beginning of its decline. Such a launch scheme allows you to develop maximum speed, as well as accumulate enough energy for maneuvering with at least 25 unit overloads. Firstly, the specified launch range allows the carrier aircraft to bypass the detection zone by radar stations.
    The enemy does not know where to expect a strike. For example, the maximum detection range of an aircraft by the THAAD missile defense system is up to 1000 km. Theoretically, the situation with the detection would have been corrected by the AWACS aircraft. But it is unlikely that the combat situation will allow him.
    Secondly, the hypersonic speed of approach to the target on an unpredictable flight path (including an angle of attack of up to 90 °) simply does not leave time to calculate the path of the warhead and ensure a successful interception. In addition, missiles for the most part do not have sufficient speed and ability to maneuver with the necessary overloads, including the vaunted RIM-161 “Standard” SM3.
    1. bessmertniy
      bessmertniy 9 December 2019 05: 47
      As contracts to tear, so they "approve", and as the "answer" went, so they bawled. negative
    2. tlauicol
      tlauicol 9 December 2019 07: 11
      where is what separates there?
    3. Operator
      Operator 9 December 2019 10: 46
      The launch altitude of the "Dagger" is 18 km at a carrier aircraft speed of ~ 2100 km in pitch-up mode. The maximum flight range of the missile itself is ~ 1200 km (plus the MiG-31 flight radius) with an apogee of ~ 100 km. The maximum speed at the time of the end of the solid propellant rocket engine is 10M. The missile is detected by radars at a range of ~ 500 km. On the descending part of the trajectory, the missile performs an anti-aircraft maneuver, drops its speed to 5M, exits the plasma formation mode and homing at the target using ARGSN.

      Jakub Palowski is not afraid of that - his entire Warsaw is being fired upon from Brest with the help of "Tornado-S" MLRS equipped with RS with special warheads with a capacity of 250 Kt each bully
    4. knn54
      knn54 9 December 2019 11: 30
      Nothing NEW — deploying your own OFFENSIVE (mind you, NOT DEFENSE!) Systems.
  3. Thrifty
    Thrifty 9 December 2019 05: 42
    How tired of reading these delusional tales that "Dagger", a complex, and not one rocket created from scratch by a completely different developer, is just a "remixed Iskander" !!!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 December 2019 07: 11
    Polish "experts" and politicians of the Kaczynski camp are constantly trumpeting about the Russian threat and calling on NATO to resist. At the same time, being a NATO member, Poland for some reason calls on only the Americans to resist, but does not say that it itself can oppose Russian weapons.
  5. rocket757
    rocket757 9 December 2019 08: 04
    Just an effective weapon ... danger, these are the actions of inadequate politicians and nothing else.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 9 December 2019 08: 55
    "Dagger" is good !!! I have no words. good And the photo is cool, the moment is caught - 0,000000001 seconds were left before meeting with the earth. good
    1. Herrmakedon
      Herrmakedon 9 December 2019 09: 30
      Kind of like Iskander M ?!
    2. opus
      opus 9 December 2019 13: 04
      Quote: aszzz888
      And the photo is cool, the moment is caught - before meeting with the earth there were 0,000000001 seconds

      fake zalupuha (it's not subsonic KR)

      author anonymous, again
      Quote: HerrMakedon
      Kind of like Iskander M ?!

      Quote: author
      shell Iskander M

      complex shell belay
      Question, but do you distinguish BR 9M723 from 9M723-1 from 9M723E?

      Iskander-M called a shell
      Complex 9K720 "Iskander-M" has a rocket 9M723-1, has no shells
      there is no such photo and cannot be

      Quote: Thrifty
      How tired of reading these crazy tales that "Dagger"

      May 17, 2018 Polish military expert: hypersonic Dagger is a serious threat to NATO countries

      December 4, 2019 Polish expert urged NATO to create means of intercepting dagger systems

      and today
      Quote: unknown author
      “Western Europe in range”: Polish expert on the dagger's danger to NATO

      same thing, even a photo
      Grass in the yard
      Firewood on the grass
      On the woods chaps,
      Brothers have grass
      How will the lads turn
      All the lads in the wood ... start the song from the beginning
  7. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 9 December 2019 14: 13
    More beneficial for the enemy are also the conditions of the flight itself.

    What is the benefit?