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Sergey Kurginyan: The meaning of the game - a report on the WTO


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Sergey Kurginyan: The meaning of the game - a report on the WTO

Conditions and risks of Russia joining

World Trade Organization (WTO)
Analytical report - key facts and figures

Analytical report prepared
International Community Foundation
"Experimental Creative Center" (Kurginyan Center)

1. Basic WTO rules

1.1. The WTO rules do not take into account international UN norms, etc., and have priority over national legal regulations (including on labor protection, minimum wages, social norms, environmental standards, etc.). Accession to the WTO implies that in case of conflict of norms, the rules of the WTO will be applied.
1.1.1. The WTO rules (agreement on trade and services GATS) provides for a “need test” for national laws. National laws cannot "restrict trade more than necessary." He interprets the concept of “necessity” by the WTO Court or the GATS Dispute Resolution Commission. Meetings of the court and the Commission are not public, and interested parties may sit as judges or experts. That is, the GATS Dispute Resolution Commission has a de facto veto on the decisions of parliament or government of any country in terms of trade regulation.
1.1.2. If the state has entered into an agreement to facilitate trade with one country, then this agreement should also apply to investors from other WTO member countries.
1.1.3. WTO law is a case-law (judicial decisions are based on decisions already taken). So, the more decisions have already been made against the stringent requirements of the environment and food safety, or stringent environmental standards, the more similar decisions will be made later.
1.1.4. The decisions of the Court are approved automatically, unless a unanimous opinion is expressed about the refusal of its approval. That is, a party that wants to block a decision must convince all WTO member states (including representatives of the opposing party) to refuse to approve it.
1.1.5. In the event that a party to the WTO accuses another of applying discriminatory norms, then the accused should prove his rightness, not the accuser. For example, if Russia restricts imports of American meat that has been treated with chlorine or contains antibiotics, and the United States protests in the WTO, then Russia must prove that this meat is harmful.
1.1.6. It is possible to refuse obligations to the WTO to liberalize trade or change the terms of obligations only three years after the entry into force of these obligations, and only after the payment of compensation for current and future losses to trading partners. The amount of compensation is determined by the WTO Court or the appointed Dispute Settlement Body, which is specialized in specific agreements.
If no compensation agreement is reached, or the respondent country fails to comply with the recommendations on compensation, the WTO may allow the prosecuting country to suspend its concessions and obligations towards the respondent country.
1.1.7. At present, there are publications in the world press claiming that the maximum sanction of “symmetrical refusal of concessions” to the respondent country is insufficient, and that the rules of forcible withdrawal of WTO-approved compensations in favor of the prosecutor’s country in the form of alienation of foreign financial or other assets of the respondent country. However, this idea is not yet supported by the WTO.
Some experts do not rule out that laws that are being prepared in a number of countries along the lines of the “Magnitsky law” in the United States (and with an unlimited and secret list of states and persons against whom sanctions are being imposed) may become an instrument of pressure on decision-makers in the field of compensation payments on charges in violations of the regime of the WTO.

1.2. The legal framework for the WTO includes the following basic agreements:
GATT (GATT, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade);
GATS (GATS, General Agreement on Trade and Services);
TRIPS (Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights);
TRIMS (Investment Agreement);
AoA (Agreement on Agriculture);
SPS (Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures);
TVT (Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade);
grant agreements;
anti-dumping measures;
agreements on the financial market.

2. Russia's main obligations when joining the WTO

2.1. GATT (Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) requires WTO members to consistently reduce trade duties and tariffs to the minimum, as well as refrain from supporting exports “beyond what is needed”.
As part of its accession to the WTO, Russia agreed to limit import duties on more than 700 commodity items. At the end of the transition period, the Russian Federation made a commitment to reduce the weighted average import tariff rate on goods to 7,8% from 10% in 2011.
The average agricultural tariff will be reduced to 10,8% from the current 13,2%, the weighted average import duty on manufactured goods will be from 9,5% to 7,3%. More than a third of import tariffs will be reduced from the moment of accession, another quarter - three years later.
At the same time, in Russia the total state support of exports does not exceed $ 600 million per year. In the world, government support only for export insurance in 2011 amounted to (in billions of dollars): China - 60; France - 30; United States - 17; India - 15; Germany - 13; Italy - 10; Brazil - 10; Japan - 5; Canada - 5; United Kingdom - 3.

2.2. GATS (trade and services agreement) requires the following sectors to be open to foreign capital:
Business services: doctors, veterinarians, lawyers, tax consultants, architects, engineers, lawyers, computer services, databases, research and development, real estate services, repair and cleaning of premises, leasing of transport, ships, production equipment, advertising, repair, printing houses, economic advice and more.
Communication services: mail, courier delivery, telephone, email, data transmission, telex, television, radio, film, video, music and more.
Construction and installation: all types of construction.
Trade: wholesale and retail, franchise and more.
Education: kindergartens, school education, higher and vocational education, additional education and more.
Services in the field of ecology: water supply and sewage, garbage, sanitation, etc.
Financial services: all types of insurance (life, accident, medical, etc.), banking and financial services, including derivatives, etc.
Medical and social services: hospitals, other health services and social services,
Tourism: hotels and restaurants, travel agencies, guides, etc.
Recreation, culture and sport: theaters, circuses, leisure sector, news agencies, libraries, archives, museums, other cultural services and more.
Transport services: sea and river shipping, air transportation, space flights, railways, road system, oil pipes and more.
Energy: mining and transportation of minerals. So far, negotiations are held mainly on a bilateral basis, but the opening of this sector is planned to be imposed on all countries in the near future. (http: // _...)
Other services not listed.
When joining the WTO, Russia will assume obligations for the 116 types of services from 155, stipulated by the WTO classification. That is, Russia in the field of GATS regulation has managed to stipulate a minimum of special conditions. In addition, according to the rules of the WTO, its members are obliged to gradually remove all restrictions that they initially established for foreign individuals and companies in the lists of their obligations.

2.3. TRIPS (Agreement on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Field of Trade) requires payments for the use by a member country of patents of other countries. Russia did not stipulate any special conditions in this part of the agreement (unlike China, India, Brazil, South Africa, etc.).
97% of world patents belong to highly developed countries. Including, patents for all developments and know-how made in the USSR / Russia and exported from the country over the past 20 years, either in the order of conducting research for foreign grants, or in the form of a “brain drain”. As a result of the supply of equipment and technologies to Russia for the purpose of the planned technological re-equipment of the economy, they will necessarily have a “patent” premium to the price.
Of the immediate consequences in this area, experts predict the inevitable rise in price of medicines in Russia. The reason is that WTO rules do not allow the purchase and use of generics (cheap analogues of patented drugs).

2.4. TRIMS (investment agreement) prohibits the promotion of special investment conditions for foreign investors. In particular, Russia will not be able to require foreign corporations to use products, raw materials and materials produced in the country, to hire the population of the country as part of the workers, and also to put forward technology transfer requirements as an investment condition.
In this part of the WTO agreements, Russia (unlike China, India, Brazil, South Africa) also did not stipulate any significant special conditions.

2.5. AoA (agreement on agriculture) prohibits WTO member countries to provide any state support for the production and export of agricultural products in excess of those agreed during accession negotiations.
Starting negotiations on accession to the WTO, Russia determined the level of agricultural support in 89 billion dollars (the average annual level of subsidies in 1989-1991). Then our delegation consistently “handed over” initial positions, first up to 36 billion dollars, later - up to 16 billion dollars. As a result of negotiations at the time of Russia’s accession to the WTO, the level of permissible subsidies was determined in 9 billion dollars, and by 2017. should be reduced to 4,4 billion. In 2011, according to official data, we have allocated from the budget 125 billion rubles (slightly more than $ 4 billion) from the budget.
At the same time, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), government subsidies to US agriculture increased from 100 billion to 2007 to 120 billion to 2009, in Japan from 55 billion to 57 billion, and in the countries of the European Union (27 states) decreased slightly - from 160 billion to 140 billion dollars (OECD. Stat,
As a result, on 1 a hectare of arable land in Russia is allocated in 40 times less funds than in the European Union, and in 15-17 times less than in the USA. Experts recognize that Russian agricultural competition on the open market is impossible under such conditions.

3. Russia's most painful obligations when joining the WTO and the consequences of their implementation

3.1. In the area of ​​access to natural resources, Russia has committed itself to raising the price of natural resources for domestic production (it is agreed to temporarily regulate prices for citizens) to the level of export prices for resources. Regarding the access of foreign firms to the construction of oil and gas pipelines, dams and power plants, the WTO member countries ’claim documents are already ready, demanding to abolish domestic laws that restrict such access“ beyond what is necessary ”.
Further, Russia has committed itself to allow foreign legal entities and individuals from WTO member countries to provide services for geological and geophysical scientific research without restrictions. So, since the Law "On Subsoil" and the legislation on Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) contradict WTO rules (for example, the PSA law requires that at least 70% of equipment and services used in projects be Russian-made), these laws need to cancel.
These conditions for entering the WTO will lead to the loss of ownership of geological information about the subsurface, which will be received by foreign subsoil users; to the loss of the advantages of domestic subsoil users in the registration of the right to develop mineral deposits discovered by foreign companies; to the loss of the exclusive right of the Russian Federation to intellectual property created on the basis of geological information about the subsoil.
In other words, the leadership of Russia will not even know what exactly, in what volume and quality, there is in the national depths.
It should be noted that in the USA and China only national companies are allowed to take part in the oil and gas services, which is due to the strategic importance for the safety of the country of the results of geological exploration, seismic exploration, drilling, geophysical surveys of continental and marine wells.

3.2. In the sphere of financial services, from the agreements adopted with the WTO, the provision that federal financial authorities will not be able to apply measures that would not allow an increase in the operating capital of banks receiving foreign investment is particularly dangerous; prevented the expansion of the scale or volume of business of such banks (that is, the seizure of the market share of domestic banks); prevented the participation of banks with foreign investments in the opening of domestic branches in the Russian Federation (that is, the territorial expansion of foreign banks).
The agreed quotas for the share presence of foreign banks in the financial system of Russia will not work, since an increase in the authorized capital of foreign banks at the expense of profits earned in the Russian Federation or profits returned to the Russian Federation from abroad will be considered domestic investments. In addition, all investments made by Russian legal entities financed from abroad, into subsidiaries and domestic branches of the Russian Federation, will also be considered domestic investments.
That is, the conditions adopted by Russia for joining the WTO actually remove almost all restrictions on the actions of foreign financial structures in Russia.

3.3. According to experts of the agro-industrial complex, in the agricultural sector, pig and dairy farming will suffer the greatest losses from joining the WTO.
For 6 years of the national agrarian and industrial complex program, 200 billion rubles were invested only in pig breeding. Today, Russia's pork self-sufficiency is about 70% (expected production in 2012 year is 2,6 million tons). Under WTO terms, there will be a rapid drop in production to 2 million tons, and work will be curtailed to 60% of pig farms. Priority "candidates for bankruptcy", according to official reporting according to international standards, are such major enterprises as the agro-industrial holding Miratorg. Tens of thousands of jobs will disappear in the industry. In the livestock industry, one job creates around 10 jobs throughout the country — in logistics, processing, etc., that is, the total employment losses in the industry will amount to hundreds of thousands of people.
After the entry into force in Russia of new customs duties, imports of almost all dairy products will increase, and domestic production will decrease. The market will be filled with cheap imported dairy products with vegetable fats instead of animals. Already in the first year, the loss of agricultural producers due to a decrease in the price of milk will amount to 29 billion rubles only on the volume of marketable milk, further losses will grow. Lower prices will lead to a drop in livestock numbers and gross milk yield, massive bankruptcies of producers, as well as a sharp reduction in rural jobs.

3.4. The reduction of duties on industrial products when Russia joins the WTO will deal a very painful blow to most industries, excluding the raw materials industry of low processing.
The reason is that most of the enterprises of the Russian industry work with low profitability, many (especially in single-industry towns) are unprofitable and are held at the expense of state support (subsidies, benefits, loan repayment, debt amnesties). The reduction of fees for foreign competitors and the inaccessibility of state support for joining the WTO, according to available estimates, will lead to the ruin and bankruptcy of 30-40 thousand industrial enterprises over the next two to three years. At the same time in the area of ​​socio-economic disaster will be more than 300 single-industry cities. Compulsory when entering the WTO, an increase in domestic prices for energy resources and raw materials for enterprises will accelerate and deepen this process.

3.5. In the sectors of the defense industry (these are about 1300 enterprises and organizations in 64 regions of Russia, with employment of about 2 million people), most enterprises are on the verge of profitability or unprofitable, especially those that produce civilian goods.
Accession to the WTO excludes current measures of direct and indirect support for these enterprises (including subsidies and debt amnesties). At the same time, with the projected reduction in budget revenues as a result of joining the WTO, the state will sharply decrease the opportunities for supporting defense enterprises with a government procurement mechanism.
Under these conditions, after Russia’s accession to the WTO, many domestic industries that provide manufacturers will quickly and finally disappear. weapons and military equipment with raw materials, semi-finished products, components and parts.
So, according to the official reporting according to national standards, after entry into the WTO, the largest defense industry enterprises such as LOMO OJSC, Ural Optical Mechanical Plant OJSC and a number of others will not be able to ensure profitability. Including some strategic enterprises that are the “framework” of the economy and social sphere of “single-industry towns” (for example, Tutaev Motor Plant OJSC).
According to experts of the defense industry, under the conditions of the WTO regime, more than 600 enterprises of the industry will not be able to survive, thousands of jobs will be lost to 700, and a part of highly qualified personnel that is critical for ensuring the work and development of the industry.

3.6. As a result of joining the WTO and reducing import duties on cars, the share of Russian manufacturers in the passenger car market will fall from 65% to 40%, in the commercial vehicle market - from 70% to 35% in the coming years, with a tendency to further decline.
The compensation decision proposed by the government for the automotive industry in the form of an indirect duty “utilization fee” cannot be durable, it will be necessarily challenged and overturned by the WTO Court.
According to the official reporting according to international standards, such largest Russian auto enterprises as the AvtoVAZ Group, the GAZ Group, and KAMAZ will be beyond the margin of profitability. This part of the agreement will have a particularly painful effect on the economic and socio-political situation in the cities, where the vast majority of the population works in the car manufacturing plants (Togliatti, Naberezhnye Chelny).
Note that in China and Brazil, the importation of used cars is completely prohibited, while in India, foreign cars are taxed in 105– 200%.

3.7. In the agricultural machinery industry, the import duty on new imported combine harvesters is reduced by 3 times, and the duty on used agricultural machinery will decrease by 5 times. At the same time, the import of foreign agricultural equipment in Russia will receive access to all permitted types of subsidies.
According to the calculations of production volumes and profitability, in the conditions of the WTO regime, such large plants as Rostselmash immediately become uncompetitive and unprofitable. Rostselmash already almost doesn’t order equipment with the expectation that cheap used foreign equipment will rush to Russia in the near future. In general, the industry predicts a decline in the share of domestic agricultural machinery in Russia from 52% in 2011 to 12% in 2015 and to 3% in comparison with 2020. About 100 enterprises will be lost, more than 50 thousands of jobs will be reduced.

3.8. When Russia joins the WTO, most of the basic domestic chemical production becomes uncompetitive. So, now the national chlorine industry satisfies the domestic Russian demand for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) by 50%, the rest is imported, but new production facilities are being built in Russia. 70% of the prime cost of PVC is electricity, which for a Russian manufacturer is 2,5-3 rubles per kWh, and in China, 30 – 40 kopecks per kWh.
When Russia joins the WTO, import duties on PVC will significantly decrease, the market will become completely open, the price of energy will rise. Russian production will automatically lose competitiveness, will be ousted from the market and bankrupt.

3.9. According to experts of the Ministry of Economic Development, the loss of the light industry as a result of joining the WTO will be at least 2,7 billion rubles a year, and compensation for losses due to state support will not exceed 600 million rubles a year. The ruin of the industry will continue.

3.10. Regarding the telecommunications services market, the conditions for Russia's accession to the WTO are among the most difficult among all service sectors (the most strategic among the strategic sectors). All the BRICS countries in this area have negotiated strict restrictions for non-residents.
When joining the WTO, the Russian Federation undertakes to admit legal and physical persons from other WTO member countries to provide telecommunication services both within the Russian Federation and abroad, but to recipients from the Russian Federation, under the conditions of a national regime without restrictions. That is, Russia gives "in common use" the most important area of ​​national security.
Further, foreign persons will be admitted without any restrictions to the provision of information agency services to any persons from Russia through the establishment of a commercial presence in Russia, not necessarily in the legal form of a legal entity. For the purpose of providing such services, a person from a WTO member state will have the right to open, for example, a branch in Russia, or use an agent.
Of all the BRICS countries, Russia is the only one that has opened the market for information agency services for foreign individuals from WTO member countries, and on favorable conditions.

3.11. When Russia joins the WTO, Russia opens the admission of foreign persons to the services of patent attorneys. This creates opportunities for unlimited leakage of dopatent information (technological solutions and know-how) from the country. That is, it threatens the information and national security of Russia, and contradicts the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law "On Patent Attorneys" (since 1993, for reasons of national security, only Russian citizens can be patent attorneys in Russia).

3.12. In the sphere of wholesale and retail trade, Russia has assumed the obligations of admitting foreign companies to the Russian market under the conditions of a national regime with three restrictions:
- commercial presence is allowed only in the form of a legal entity of the Russian Federation;
- a non-discriminatory state monopoly on alcohol-containing products may be introduced;
- commitments are not made in respect of subsidies and other forms of state support in relation to trade in handicraft and other goods and objects related to the national culture and identity.
Wholesale and retail trade is the main activity of Russian small and medium businesses (it accounts for 70-75% of the turnover of all small and medium-sized companies in Russia), this is the main part of the Russian so-called "middle class". Since access to credit for Russian trading companies is extremely limited, experts predict widespread expansion of foreign trading networks into our market when they join the WTO. At the same time, trade will be largely cut off from domestic producers, since foreign trade networks are usually tied to foreign suppliers of goods, and, accordingly, will create barriers to the admission of Russian goods to our domestic market.
As a result, falling incomes and the loss of a significant market share by domestic trading companies can cause a sharp increase in unemployment both in trade itself and in Russian industries supplying goods (according to various estimates, from 200 to 600 thousand jobs), the loss of a crucial part of the Russian so-called "Middle class", and the corresponding severe economic and socio-political consequences.

3.13. In the field of equipment repair and maintenance, Russia has assumed obligations to allow foreign legal or natural persons from WTO members to provide services both within Russia and abroad, but to recipients from Russia. The obligations of Russia extend to services for the repair of personal items and household goods (equipment for non-commercial use), as well as railway and road equipment and transport, fishing and aircraft of commercial use.
In this industry, after trading, most small and medium-sized businesses are concentrated. Its crowding out by large foreign companies with their service and repair centers will sharply increase unemployment and also lead to the ruin of a substantial part of the “middle class” that is being formed in the country.
In addition, Russia, not being able to compete with foreign firms in the repair and maintenance of imported equipment, which under the terms of the WTO will enter our domestic market, will quickly lose in this industry the existing qualified human resources.

3.14. In the field of road passenger and freight services (hereinafter PGPA) and maintenance, repair of equipment and support services for road transport (TRVU), Russia has assumed the obligation to allow foreign persons and companies to enter the Russian Federation with the provision of a national regime with two restrictions:
- commercial presence of foreign companies is allowed only in the form of a legal entity of the Russian Federation;
- vehicles engaged in transportation must be registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
The main risks of admitting non-residents to this service sector are a sharp increase in the load on the road network through cross-border transportation. According to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, only 37% of federal and 24% of regional roads meet the load standards. The increase in road loading will lead to an increase in transportation costs. Many domestic carriers, due to limited access to credit and a worse state of the fleet than foreign competitors, consider themselves unable to compete with foreign carriers. Only 1 / 4 of Russian transport companies consider themselves ready to compete in the domestic market, 18% to competition in the CIS markets - 9% in foreign countries, and 10% of transport companies that are ready for membership in the WTO. Most domestic companies consider their absorption by foreign competitors inevitable.

3.15. In the field of construction and related engineering services, Russia has undertaken to provide foreign companies with a national regime of activity on its territory with the only restriction:
- commitments are not made with regard to subsidies and other forms of state support in terms of national identity objects and / or buildings and cultural heritage sites indicated in official registers.
The result will be a reduction in customs duties and technological restrictions on the import of imported building materials, the expansion of foreign investment and development companies in Russia, as well as the expansion of the volume of operations of foreign financial institutions in the domestic real estate market.
By virtue of access to cheap “long” loans, foreign developers are ready to work with much lower rates of return than domestic ones. In addition, foreign companies have the opportunity to import cheaper (including subsidized and low-quality) building materials and equipment, as well as attract relatively cheap and qualified foreign personnel to projects in Russia.
In this regard, experts consider it highly probable that foreign developers absorb a significant part of Russian construction and related companies. Thus, according to the calculations of the Union of Ural builders, all sectors of the region's construction industry, except for the production of refractory materials, ceramic tiles and cement, cannot withstand competition under the accepted conditions of Russia’s accession to the WTO.

3.16. When Russia joins the WTO without restrictions, it opens up the admission of foreign persons to provide consulting and related services in the management of any person from Russia. For the purpose of providing such services, a person from a WTO member state will have the right to open, for example, a branch in Russia, or use an agent. That is, foreign consultants will demand their presence “on equal terms” with Russian in the sphere of management and management in both the private and state segments of the national economy.

3.17. After joining the WTO, Russia will not be able to use its own phytosanitary standards to restrict / prohibit the import of harmful or dangerous products. The standards established by the WTO are much lower than Russian and do not allow a ban on the import of products containing pesticides and herbicides, genetically modified organisms, hazardous plastics, etc. And they are not even allowed to label such products, considering it a violation of equal competition.

3.18. In the health sector, Russia has assumed the obligation to admit foreign companies and individuals to provide commercial medical and dental services without restrictions, and hospital (hospital) services with the right of Russia to restrict the establishment of commercial hospitals in Russian territory by non-residents. The organization of the provision of such services requires permission from the Russian side, but it must be issued "on a non-discriminatory basis."
At the same time, according to the GATS rules, foreign private medical institutions should receive “equal conditions of competition” with Russian public sector medical institutions (including subsidies, if any). That is, Russian medical institutions will face growing “equal” competition with foreign ones in conditions when companies in competing countries have unconditional preferences in terms of government spending on medicine and technological equipment.
In addition, in terms of further negotiations, the question of admitting foreign companies to the privatization of state medical institutions in Russia has already been raised. As a result, experts predict a rapid further degradation of the scope of free medical services and a sharp increase in the cost of paid medical services, which is “very heavy” in terms of real disposable incomes of 85-90% of households. That is, the complete “cut-off” of the overwhelming majority of the country's population from quality healthcare.

3.19. In the field of education, Russia gives foreign organizations in the field of primary, secondary and higher education the right to operate on Russian territory under the Russian “national regime” (including cross-border “distance education”) with only two significant limitations:
- commercial presence of foreign educational institutions on the territory of Russia is possible only through established Russian legal entities that are non-profit organizations;
- Russia does not accept obligations for foreign companies in the field of education regarding equal access to subsidies and other forms of state support with Russian educational institutions.
Since the sphere of education, especially primary and secondary, is the basis for the formation of culture and worldview of citizens, the agreement with the WTO, thus, gives foreign companies extremely high possibilities to influence the cultural and ideological positions of the Russian young generation.

4. Expert estimates of the overall losses of the Russian economy from accession to the WTO and the prospects for the development of the socio-economic situation in the country.

4.1. Economists estimate Russia's budget losses from joining the WTO at the first stage in 250-300 billion rubles. per year (more than 2% of budget revenues in 2012) and consider that further losses will increase.
Even according to the most optimistic and conservative estimates, as a result of Russia's accession to the WTO, a reduction in employment in the country by 2020 will amount to 2,2 million people. GDP growth rates to 2020 will lose 2,5% per year. Direct budget losses from the reduction of import duties will amount to the same term 300 billion rubles per year. A consolidated budget of the Russian Federation (as a result of all losses) will lose 500 billion rubles a year.
The heaviest losses are waiting for the food industry and agriculture. In these industries, the loss of 1,6 million jobs is expected, the food industry will lose 40% of production, agriculture - 26% of production.
Experts call engineering industry next in terms of losses: at least 300 thousands of jobs will be lost, and heavy engineering and agro engineering will disappear almost completely, with dominoes losing jobs in related industries.
In general, the forecast accumulated losses of the GDP of the Russian Federation to 2020 will amount to 3,5%, the losses of industrial production - 20%, and the decline in the manufacturing industry - more than 30%.

4.2. Entry into the WTO will immediately devalue and deprive all the strategies developed by the Government for the development of industries (“Development Strategy for Heavy Machinery to 2020”, “Development Strategy for Light Industry in the Russian Federation to 2020”, development program for flax industry to 2020, etc.). Since all these strategies provided for the transition period, state support (prohibited or restricted by the WTO) and measures to protect the domestic market (also prohibited by WTO rules).

4.3. The government's measures of compensation and protection for industries within the framework of accession to the WTO (preferences for government orders, anti-dumping investigations, etc.) cannot be long-term and effective, as they will be closely monitored and immediately challenged in the WTO. Where Russia has one (and very weak) voice from one hundred and fifty. The practice of the WTO shows that the decisions of the WTO Court and the Dispute Resolution Commission, with rare exceptions, are made in favor of claims of developed countries.

4.4. UN and OECD studies show that only those countries that have spent most of the modernization of their economies (including import substitution and the creation of competitive high redistribution industries) before joining the WTO receive benefits.
From the report of the United Nations Organization for Trade and Development: "The promised benefits for developing countries from the Uruguay Round of WTO negotiations were exaggerated ... Instead, poverty and income differences within and between countries increase again, and employment falls in developing countries." (UNCTAD (1999): Trade and development report. New York / Geneva)

4.5. From the point of view of risks to the Russian economy when entering the WTO, the greatest threat, in the opinion of most experts, is expansion into the Russian markets of industrial and financial corporations of the PRC. The reasons are the high competitiveness of Chinese products and services (due to the undervalued yuan and low labor costs compared with Russia), as well as the almost unlimited (and specified when the PRC joins the WTO) state export support. This, with a reduction in duties and the abolition of other protective measures by Russia, virtually deprives Russian producers of the opportunity to effectively fight to maintain their share in the domestic market.

4.6. Domestic analysts associate with the upcoming entry of Russia into the WTO, a substantial reduction in the volume of lending to enterprises of potentially problematic industries by domestic and foreign banks (due to fears of non-return of loans).
A number of foreign analysts believe that the massive net outflow of capital from Russia noted in 2012, the reduction in foreign direct investment and the decline in the participation of foreign investment funds in Russian exchange assets are also directly related to the prospect of Russia joining the WTO. Which is supposed to be followed by massive bankruptcies of enterprises, a sharp increase in unemployment, a fall in household incomes in the lower and middle strata of the population, and massive social protests.
If the costs of joining the WTO are multiplied with the deterioration of the conjuncture in the global energy markets (which is estimated as highly probable during the beginning second wave of the global crisis), then, according to experts, the accumulated Russian currency “airbag” will be spent during the year, and the negative economic and social processes may become uncontrollable "explosive" nature.

4.7. The World Bank report on Russia, released in April of 2012, predicts that Russia's accession to the WTO will provide Russia with additional GDP growth in the coming years by 3,3%, and in 10 years - up to 11% per year. However, the WB claims that 72% of this increase will be a consequence of the development of the services sector as a result of the entry of foreign companies into the Russian domestic market, and above all - financial companies. And 18% GDP growth, according to the WB forecast, will provide a reduction in import duties, thanks to which Russia will be able to buy foreign goods, equipment, components and materials at lower prices. And only 10% of GDP growth Russia has a chance to get by improving the conditions of export of steel, non-ferrous metals and chemicals.
That is, when analyzing the conditions for Russia's accession to the WTO, the World Bank recognizes that the main (and supposedly positive) result of this act will be the massive expansion of foreign corporations to all Russian domestic markets. No expansion of the possibilities of admitting Russia to foreign markets, as well as the possibility of correcting the “commodity bias” in the production sectors of the national economy, is not expected. In particular, the WTO member countries have not undertaken any obligations to reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers to the export of products of the Russian manufacturing industry.

4.8. It should be noted that the listed WB measures of liberalizing the admission of foreign corporations to our domestic market, which allegedly ensured GDP growth, Russia could take in order of its own legislative decisions without joining the WTO. And without taking on irrevocable obligations, depriving the government of almost all the possibilities of independent realization of structural, industrial, social and other policies.

5. Prospects for further negative for Russia transformation of WTO rules

5.1. The WTO is preparing a new contractual package relating to export duties on energy and raw materials, and requiring the abolition of these duties. The package is expected to be tabled during the next summit of the Doha Round of WTO negotiations.
In the event of cancellation of duties on oil and gas exports, the direct losses of the Russian budget will amount to more than $ 110 billion dollars a year.

5.2. The WTO is preparing a package of documents, which provides for a sharp restriction of the sovereign rights of states to regulate investment processes in their territories. According to the drafts of these documents, foreign corporations should be entitled to challenge in court the national laws that reduce the profits of TNCs from production and investment activities in the respective countries. And also - to demand compensation for the damage suffered and lost profits. Moreover, the general arbiter in such disputes will not be the national judicial authorities, but the WTO Court.

5.3. The WTO is preparing a package of documents prohibiting member countries to regulate the volume (quota) of deliveries of goods, including commodities, to the world market, which is considered market manipulation. For the first time, the thesis on the need to ban such regulation, WTO Director General Pascal Lamy, was voiced in 2010.
At the same time, the WTO is already undergoing a lawsuit in a lawsuit filed by the United States, the European Union and Japan against the People's Republic of China on the issue of China’s quota mining and supply of rare earth metals to the world market. If the PRC loses this process, a precedent will be created, and then the corresponding non-regulation requirements for export volumes will be included in the total package of countries' obligations to the WTO.

5.4. Further, the WTO is preparing a package of documents prohibiting national financial regulators to provide preferences to their producers at the expense of the national currency exchange rate being undervalued compared to the purchasing power parity (PPP). Attempts by the US and the EU to accuse the PRC leadership of such a “manipulation of the course” (the EU and the US are too dependent on trade with China) and therefore unsuccessful.
For this reason, it is highly likely that a precedent (for the WTO legal system, precedent is of key importance) will be attempted to be created on the basis of the charge against Russia, which also has a ruble exchange rate that is undervalued compared to the PPP.
If such an accusation takes place and will be successful, Russia will lose the last tool at least partially maintaining the competitiveness of most sectors of the national economy, both domestically and globally.

5.5. Finally, according to foreign sources and the recognition of the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Andrei Belousov, a number of countries have already prepared lawsuits against Russia in the WTO Court to challenge national legal norms, which they consider “restricting trade more than necessary”. The practice of such lawsuits again shows that they are most often catered for in favor of developed countries capable of "pushing" the necessary decision in the WTO.

download report

The results of voting in the Duma on the WTO

FOR - 238 people.
AGAINST - 209 people.
VOTED - 448 pax

Result - accepted

Faction "United Russia"
BEHIND - 235 people.
AGAINST - 0 people.
VOTED - 236 pax
NOT VOTED - 1 pax
Total members - 237 people.

Faction of the Political Party "Communist Party of the Russian Federation"
FOR - 0 people.
AGAINST - 92 people.
VOTED - 92 pax
NOT VOTED - 0 pax
Total members - 92 people.

Faction of the Political Party "Liberal Democratic Party of Russia"
FOR - 0 people.
AGAINST - 56 people.
VOTED - 56 pax
NOT VOTED - 0 pax
Total members - 56 people.

Faction of the Political Party "Fair Russia"
BEHIND - 3 people.
AGAINST - 61 people.
VOTED - 64 pax
NOT VOTED - 0 pax
Total members - 64 people.

Voted for:
Zotov Igor Lvovich
Lakutin Nikolay Afanasyevich
Mitrofanov Alexey Valentinovich
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  1. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 17 July 2012 14: 40
    In short, everything was gone (s)
    ps and Kurginyan what sciences will be?
    ps I am pinned by fighters for the rights of Russians with such surnames laughing
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 July 2012 14: 55
      What is your surname-friedman or kaats?
      1. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 17 July 2012 15: 02
        No, I'm not one of yours, how could we with a primitive "snout" in the Jewish row! laughing
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 17 July 2012 16: 38
          Quote: Yoshkin Cat
          where do we go with a prim "snout"

          By the way, in Russian fairy tales the cat of the woman’s yaga was called Yoshkin, but Yoshkin the cat is a brand name and, as I understood from the avatar, Yoshkar-Ola, the Republic of Mari El and there were no Jews in it.
          1. urzul
            urzul 17 July 2012 17: 02
            Mordva lives in Mordovia, and not in Maria El, where the Mari live.
            1. Vadivak
              Vadivak 17 July 2012 17: 06
              Of course, Andrei, I'm sorry, I got tangled
        2. red 015
          red 015 17 July 2012 21: 08
          and you are a rare joker
    2. freedom
      freedom 17 July 2012 15: 04
      Barclay, Bagration, Bering, Bellingshausen, Sorge and thousands more such names. They lived and died for, and in the name of, Russia! And you are closer to Belenko, Kalugin, Nemtsov, Berezovsky, etc.
      1. Teploteh - nick
        Teploteh - nick 17 July 2012 15: 55
        Today I watched the debate about this WTO.
        Some shout that it is necessary to carry out modernization first before joining the WTO. To which they are answered that the state has already allocated rubles. ONLY for the support and development of landowners. And what if you wait when Russia is modernizing and do nothing, so you can wait forever.
        The other side speaks and says: is it really bad that the population will be able to take loans from Western banks at 3-4% per annum? And that a simple Russian - will be able to buy a smaller amount more goods and better in quality.
        Zhirik there yells in his repertoire. He waves his hands.
        In general, the question is not simple and complicated. I think - the state MUST know - what it does. And I don’t think that Putin himself wants to make worse for ordinary Russian citizens. And the fact that some enterprises will go bankrupt - producing bullshit and for a lot of money, or fattening and tearing banks for us - so it’s not a problem for a simple Russian citizen who should be able to buy high-quality goods and have a decent choice of these goods - for their BLOODLY earned money.
        In general - wait and see.
        And then as with the rearmament program - Lavrov also said - that it is not good - to arm and that Russia has NO money for this.
        1. Ruswolf
          Ruswolf 17 July 2012 16: 57
          I don’t know what it is and what it thinks!
          But I already went through an attempt to work on projects that amers invested.
          They set such requirements for equipment that 90% of companies cannot even buy a discount. These can be purchased by companies belonging to the Allegarchs related to United Russia.
          Americans and Britons say that Russian technology and education do not meet safety standards. They also require mandatory knowledge of the English language.
          The very first diving rules were created by Russia at the end of the 19 century, all countries of the world took them as a basis.
          And today, our divers, even the government services of ASPTR, are sent to study in Norway in order to service the facilities in Russia with the oil facilities invested by Amer.
          The old laws said "If there are international requirements, the right to apply is given to the requirement that is more demanding and stricter",
          Now the picture has changed:
          2. If other rules are established by an international treaty of the Russian Federation than are provided for by this Federal Law, then the rules of the international treaty shall apply.
          Federal Law 116 st4 "Industrial safety".

          The law is already minus itself - "If ........ then do not read me ..... I do not act" - Is that the law? And if so, for whom ?!
          The concept of Russian law goes into oblivion. So international standards are based on their technologies, education and technology, on their legislation.

          I admit the idea that it can be true ....., But before yelling Hurray !, you need to prepare for this all the basics, both educational and technical.
          And so there are suspicions about the sale of Russia.
          They are in a great hurry, they are trying very hard. Even nervousness is felt in these discussions.
        2. 916-th
          916-th 17 July 2012 18: 03
          Teploteh - nick:
          The other side speaks and says: is it really bad that the population will be able to take loans from Western banks at 3-4% per annum? And that a simple Russian - will be able to buy a smaller amount more goods and better in quality.

          Definitely bad, because both the population and the ordinary Russian will thereby support Western banks and foreign producers to the detriment of the relevant domestic structures.
          And I don’t think that Putin himself wants to make worse for ordinary Russian citizens.

          Ordinary Russian citizens for Putin-Medvedev casters - number ten. In the first place are the interests of large oligarchs, whose partners, in fact, they are, by right and obligations of the continuity of power from the EBN.
          1. Teploteh - nick
            Teploteh - nick 17 July 2012 19: 48
            Quote: 916
            Definitely bad, because both the population and the ordinary Russian will thereby support Western banks and foreign producers to the detriment of the relevant domestic structures

            Well, so now - does a simple Russian hard worker live forever in poverty? Feeding bankers and huckster speculators? Some banks, hucksters will leave - others will replace them. Already forced to be more conscientious, who will not tear up for loans - 16 - 720 !!!% per annum. They will take a maximum of 7-8%.
            The same thing happens with goods - they will learn to do well, they will live well and will become well for ordinary people. For the Russians will begin to buy domestic QUALITY and INEXPENSIVE goods, and sales will open to foreign markets.
            And according to your reasoning, we should always live in *****, I buy everything at exorbitant prices and, moreover, all ******! A bottle of French wine - for 20 !!!! Once it rises in price before reaching Ros. consumer. And it costs 4000r. Its real price is 200 rubles. I'd rather drink French wine than POISON for 50 rubles - a liter that our hucksters produce, who profit from people's health, and who produce and sell it. The same goes for the rest. Have you ever eaten German sausage at least once in your life? Try it sometime. In Russia - I am like that - I have never eaten !!! The same beer and any other food.
            Those who have money - Russians - and so on - do not consume our products and goods - they take everything imported and live long and healthy. So what is worse than a simple hard worker - a hard worker?
            The Germans - do not understand - HOW a working person - may need basic things? Does he work hard?
            Answer: Yes, because we have half of Russia - speculators and hucksters - did not notice the abundance and number of shops and PRICES in them? WHY the purchase price of the DVR is 800 rubles, but they sell it for 4.500 rubles? What ***? And who is ****** paying for all this and who is feeding and watering all these ********? I AM! Simple hard worker!
            PS: there are 2 computer stores around - from the inputs literally about 5. In the usual HDD at 500GB - 1200r, in the second - 2000r - EXACTLY THE SAME! The same brand, company - all the same. And so it is throughout Russia — those who are poorer and more greedy — that peel the common people as sticky. Well, QUALITY was sold - otherwise we have - half of the goods - counterfeit counterfeit products. And half of Russian products are poisonous.
            But its producers - bathe in millons. Let's continue - we will provide a luxurious life for them and their grandchildren. Giving your health and money.

            Quote: 916
            Ordinary Russian citizens for Putin-Medvedev casters - number ten. In the first place are the interests of large oligarchs, whose partners, in fact, they are, by right and obligations of the continuity of power from the EBN.

            Ha. And in what way - the WTO - will support the oligarchs? Where is the interest of the oligarch - so that prices and% of loans become lower?
            1. Teploteh - nick
              Teploteh - nick 17 July 2012 20: 14
              Quote: Teploteh - nick
              WHY the purchase price of the DVR is 800 rubles, but they sell it for 4.500 rubles?

              Why do German sneakers in Germany cost 300r !, and we have 3000P?
              Why am I OBLIGED to buy Chinese *****, for 1000r - if it costs 100r?
              Because I do not have 3000r - to the company?
              It turns out who is richer - he will buy everything imported and branded. He will walk beautiful and healthy.
              And the one who does not have a lot of money - FORCED - to buy the full ******! From which the paint is absorbed into the skin, rashes, allergies and asthma? And still *** knows what gets out? Up to skin cancer.
              THIS IS SUPPORTING Edema. manufacturer? Or is that what? This is ********* the very present.
              Why should I drink cheap milk (25 r / liter) - POISON - dry Chinese powder - while working, working hard - but not being rich, ruining my health and the health of my children, both present and future.
              And some huckster and profiteer, profiting from ME SAME, will drink selected New Zealand goat's milk - because it costs more (150 r / liter) and is better and healthier and more environmentally friendly and cleaner.
              The purpose of the WTO is precisely this ******* and to fix.
              1. Karabin
                Karabin 17 July 2012 21: 34
                Quote: Teploteh - nick
                Why am I OBLIGED to buy Chinese *****, for 1000r - if it costs 100r?

                You will buy for 100 rubles, for unemployment benefits, when your company dissolves. At the same time, Neighbor, do not forget to shout "Glory to Putin" and "Thanks to the Great Putin for cheap Chinese sneakers."
              2. alex13st
                alex13st 17 July 2012 22: 16
                I believe that you are simply mistaken and I will not argue with you.
                Answer only for yourself questions:
                Are you ready to work more than the Chinese? (Actually for food)
                Where is the production cost higher, given that the vast majority of our land is not fertile and in a harsh climate.
                How to ensure competition with our products? Based on what?
                Production costs are obviously higher. We don’t want to work for free.
                It means that nobody will take our goods - it's expensive!
                Then the next question is
                Where will the money come from, for cheap foreign goods, if production fails due to the above reasons, the state does not have the right to support them, and nobody will give money to us just like that, including cheap loans (and under what guarantees, unless what are the internal organs)?
                All that remains is oil and gas. BUT! If you do not work on a pipe, you will not have money, but why?
                What is the bottom line? In my opinion 0!
                And the last, most interesting question, you should probably ask it at the very beginning: Who benefits from this? Doesn’t it seem strange that for 18 years they couldn’t accept us, but here they hurried? But in my opinion everything is simple - there is a crisis in the West, and it must be avoided, but for this we need new markets for goods, and this market will not be ours, but theirs. And this is the root cause. Our well-being here does not bother anyone. As was the first time during the collapse of the Union, they want it now.
                Do not flatter yourself. IMHO
                1. Sergh
                  Sergh 18 July 2012 08: 03
                  Quote: alex13st
                  this requires new markets for goods,

                  Well, I’m certainly not an economist, but I read this report and my hair stood on end, if there is at least some truth in it, then it will simply be TROUBLE.
                  I think we don’t need such a hohei, since it’s completely getting into someone else’s garden with its own charter, with a pig’s snout. Alien and alien to us, these rules and laws, and they are written specifically for one or more moneybags. It is threateningly reminiscent of the economic seizure of territory without a shot and the devastation of national bowels, and the local people driven into a fiery hyena with subsequent extinction by mutual agreement.
                  Strongly against this expansion. Only he came to his senses after 90-x, but here he is voluntarily offered to lie down in the magyla, fuck you ...
              3. Sibiryak
                Sibiryak 18 July 2012 08: 05
                Quote: Teploteh - nick
                The purpose of the WTO is precisely this ******* and to fix.

                The goal of the WTO, in general, is the same as that of the IMF and is essentially a continuation of it, so to speak - to make a man a slave for the sake of a certain circle of people!
                Quote: Teploteh - nick
                And some huckster and profiteer, profiting from ME SAME, will drink selected New Zealand goat's milk - because it costs more (150 r / liter) and is better and healthier and more environmentally friendly and cleaner.

                And do not be naive that from Russia's entry into the WTO, selected New Zealand goat milk will become cheaper with us!
                1. Roman Skomorokhov
                  Roman Skomorokhov 18 July 2012 09: 12
                  Quote: Sergh
                  Strongly against this expansion. Only he came to his senses after 90-x, but here he is voluntarily offered to lie down in the magyla, fuck you ...

                  But apparently, it is necessary. Because edro voted. And you cannot tell across: elections were fair and open, elected by the people, standing up for the same people and voted.

                  So everything will go that way. which the shepherds prepared for their flocks.

                  But it seems to me that not everything is as smooth as the respected Heat Engineer portrays. For a year now I have not seen the sale of Bulgarian and Hungarian wines, before which I was an amateur, and in general I do not meet products with the labels "made in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary". Skoda doesn't count. Where did it all go?
              4. Vyalik
                Vyalik 18 July 2012 13: 21
                And you know that our Nenko Ukraine has entered the WTO and that something has changed. Only prices have risen and that’s all. Although everyone said how good it will be. They just didn’t say who will be good. And that’s the trouble.
            2. IDV68
              IDV68 17 July 2012 20: 23
              Poison is western. Our products are a hundred times better and more useful. Enough, got drunk for 20 years of foreign dermis. And the WTO with such conditions is a takeover of our country. This is the last step. Then they will slowly transfer us like bugs, while we joyfully drink vomit French fodder.
              1. Tiburon
                Tiburon 18 July 2012 19: 38
                It seems that at our level of ordinary citizens of Russia, the last measure of confrontation remains - the refusal of imported food products. You may have to cut back on the variety - nothing, only healthier. A dacha-garden, a full cellar of "our" for the winter, and let the Western non-humans eat GMOs.
            3. Crumbumbes
              Crumbumbes 18 July 2012 03: 22
              commentary + I support the comments of this person and agree with them.
            4. Sibiryak
              Sibiryak 18 July 2012 07: 45
              Quote: Teploteh - nick
              Yes, because we have half of Russia - speculators and hucksters - did not notice the abundance and number of shops and PRICES in them?

              I agree to all 100%
              Quote: Teploteh - nick
              WHY the purchase price of the DVR is 800 rubles, but they sell it for 4.500 rubles?

              Because the state is not involved in pricing and justified price regulation, and secondly, there are many intermediaries until the goods reach the buyer, or they are artificially invented on paper in order to justify the price unjustifiably! All the talk about the free market, in the form that is being conducted now, is nothing more than noodles on the ears! In my opinion, the market is completely free in translation into Russian - WHAT I WANT TO AND FROM!
              1. Roman Skomorokhov
                Roman Skomorokhov 18 July 2012 09: 14
                Quote: Sibiryak
                In my opinion, a completely free market in Russian translation - WHAT I WANT THAT AND I GOT!

                Is it really different here? No need to even look at the HDD, just look at the dynamics of prices for gas and gasoline.
                1. Sibiryak
                  Sibiryak 18 July 2012 10: 12
                  Quote: Banshee
                  Do we have something different?

                  I did not have our country specifically Roman, this statement refers to the global economic system as a whole.
        3. Nick
          Nick 17 July 2012 23: 22
          Quote: Teploteh - nick
          for a simple Russian citizen who should be able to buy high-quality goods and have a decent selection of these goods - for their BLOODLY earned money.

          The question is that a huge number of our citizens will not be able to have "hard earned" money. Multi-million dollar unemployment is quite possible.
          Quote: Teploteh - nick
          And then as with the rearmament program - Lavrov also said - that it is not good - to arm and that Russia has NO money for this.

          Did he tell you that?

          Quote: Teploteh - nick
          for a simple Russian citizen who should be able to buy high-quality goods and have a decent selection of these goods - for their BLOODLY earned money.

          The question is that a huge number of our citizens will not be able to have "hard earned" money. Multi-million dollar unemployment is quite possible.
          Quote: Teploteh - nick
          And then as with the rearmament program - Lavrov also said - that it is not good - to arm and that Russia has NO money for this.

          Did he tell you that?
    3. Vadivak
      Vadivak 17 July 2012 20: 36
      Quote: Yoshkin Cat
      ps I am pinned by fighters for the rights of Russians with such surnames

      Apakidze Timur Air Force General who died for Russia is not pinning?
    4. Crumbumbes
      Crumbumbes 18 July 2012 03: 19
      Put article minus
      I see some biased analytics in the article, but this is no longer analytics !!!
      the article does not cite more than one positive point; only losses are written (one negative). more like a custom article. the analysis should be subjective, that is, the article should have described both positive and negative points, which I do not observe in this article ...
  2. Armata
    Armata 17 July 2012 14: 41
    Ha, apparently we entered there only so that everything would start suing us in a swoop. Marasmus. We’ll forever enter into the WTO and then into the guano.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 July 2012 14: 58
      Zhenya, the paradox is that the vast majority of Russian citizens in the WTO do not want to! But no one asks us.
      1. Armata
        Armata 17 July 2012 15: 06
        Sasha is not a paradox, but *** of our rulers. You never know what you want, but we want and know how you will feel better.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 17 July 2012 15: 16
          Quote: Steam Train
          and we want and know how you will feel better

          Most likely not for us, but for some, to whom we have no relationship.
          1. Armata
            Armata 17 July 2012 15: 34
            I wrote on their behalf. smile
            1. 916-th
              916-th 17 July 2012 18: 36
              And who is it that told us such shitty conditions for joining the WTO? Does Brazil, India and China mean they were able to defend their interests in the WTO, but Russia is not? Are the Zionists and the Anglo-Saxons again to blame? Or did the Edrosovsky faction of the Duma suddenly unanimously dawn on a brilliant idea?

              And here also the second wave of privatization came in very handy. Thieves-oligarchs will finally clean up everything that remains valuable in Russia, and the rest will not be covered by a wave, but by the WTO tsunami, for which Russia is by and large not ready in view of the weaknesses of domestic producers.

              And the most lousy thing is that this is already an accomplished fact that has no retroactive effect. Everything was done quickly and cynically - at the beginning of the year before the election, forced patriotic promises, and in the middle of the year - radical anti-people decisions.
              1. Roman Skomorokhov
                Roman Skomorokhov 18 July 2012 09: 16
                For what they fought, they got it. Freestyle - will, flock - a barn.
        2. 3412
          3412 18 July 2012 10: 17
          Alexander Romanov Steam Train I am glad that even your admirers of Putin begin to open their eyes to this corrupt Jewish power.
  3. Rink
    Rink 17 July 2012 14: 43
    Russia's entry into the WTO is a huge geopolitical mistake threatening the sovereignty of Russia itself. IMHO, a very short-sighted act.
    Without the WTO, Russia has always lived, would have lived on. But the WTO without Russia is unlikely. This is a master key to the Russian bowels of the earth, it is almost uncontrolled (from the Russian side) access to the Russian market, it is a powerful lever of influence on Russian policy.

    It seems to me that this is beneficial only to the Russian oligarchs and officials who have grown together with them, who have accounts in Bermuda and firms in offshore ..
    1. lotus04
      lotus04 17 July 2012 19: 21
      Quote: Skating rink
      Without the WTO, Russia has always lived, would have lived on.

      Yes! So far we have not been sold for 30 pieces of silver. For the West, we are so klondike that they never dreamed of. Now the crisis is on the side of them, the market in our country is not a plowed field, you cannot plow the pasha. Just not our peasant to plow him.
    2. 3412
      3412 18 July 2012 10: 29
      The skating rink for the fifth column, which is in power, is a very far-sighted act. Their main goal is to completely destroy the sovereignty of Russia, and at the same time to destroy the Russians more.
  4. Idunavs
    Idunavs 17 July 2012 14: 49
    No words, only emotions!
  5. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 17 July 2012 14: 51
    As I understand it, gas prices will grow, and with them everything else. Or am I an eccentric or do not go skiing, where is the benefit for the people, for Russia. And how can in this situation, can prices go down? In a word, the WTO is a trap into which we are drawn, despite the fact that we do not want to.
    1. Yoshkin Kot
      Yoshkin Kot 17 July 2012 15: 03
      do you want. what would the roads do? where did the money come from? from excise taxes on gasoline!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 17 July 2012 15: 13
        I don’t want Russia to make roads whose cost is ten times higher than in Germany and 30 times higher than in China! At this cost, no money is enough.
        Quote: Yoshkin Cat

        do you want. what would the roads do?

        I want people to live like people! and the government listened to the opinion of those who elected them!
      2. Committee
        Committee 17 July 2012 15: 17
        Excise taxes ?? !!! Man, do you remember that our gasoline is actually from our oil ... That is, in order to build a road, we need to immediately give up sovereignty, so that our bowels would be taken out of us along this road.
        1. FID
          FID 17 July 2012 15: 25
          I apologize, our oil is only by constitution. For some reason, it’s ours underground, but as it seemed above the head of the well, so for some reason it’s already Abramovich or Alekperov.
          1. lotus04
            lotus04 17 July 2012 18: 40
            Quote: SSI
            but as it seemed above the head of the well - so for some reason it’s already Abramovich or Alekperov.

            Of course! I myself saw them with shovels. Well went to dig. And Prokhorov was casting pipes in his yard. Like a Chinese. wink
        2. lotus04
          lotus04 17 July 2012 18: 35
          Quote: Committee
          That is, in order to build a road, we need to immediately give up sovereignty, so that our bowels would be taken out of us along this road.

          Accession to the WTO is the key to the last lock on the doors, opening which the west will begin the full looting of Russia. According to the laws that he (the West) writes for himself. Everyone is familiar with their two-faced attitude towards Russia. Telling us how good everyone in Russia will feel, on the sidelines they rub their hands. But how, now they have won a complete victory over Russia. And we help ourselves to take this step for ourselves, by our silence. Now let's see who Putin is with. (Does it mean gas to the population at the price of its sale to the West? First, equalize the pensions with the European pensions for old people) I have no words to express all the boiling things! Well, people, have waited for a breakthrough in production and the economy? The Edros party is itself a foreign agent.
      3. Tersky
        Tersky 17 July 2012 22: 58
        Quote: Yoshkin Cat
        do you want. what would the roads do? where did the money come from?

        All owners of vehicles pay a tax on transport, from there and money on the roads, which, unfortunately, are sawn from the ministry and ending with the supernumerary director of the DRSU "supermegalopolis" Muhos * anska.
    2. lotus04
      lotus04 17 July 2012 18: 20
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      As I understand it, gas prices will grow, and with them everything else.

      Everything will grow. In addition to salaries.
  6. KA
    KA 17 July 2012 14: 55
    My opinion on joining the WTO: "It's like throwing someone who can't swim into the water, if he doesn't drown, then he learns to swim!"
    Our enterprises are not competitive in the world market, and if they do not adapt, we will all plow Uncle Sam to count this for happiness.
    The only way I see is to lower the ruble to the renminbi level so that we get paid as Chinese workers, but I don’t feel like it myself!
    1. Burbur
      Burbur 17 July 2012 15: 30
      The depreciation leads either to inflation, or to a reduction in real incomes of the population, or to both of them together (which is more likely). Therefore, the dubious gain in foreign trade is completely offset by a decrease in domestic purchasing power. And then system degradation will go ....
  7. Committee
    Committee 17 July 2012 15: 07
    If the majority does not want to, but they still pull us there, then this is done for the sake of the minority. So whose interests does power represent?
  8. wall
    wall 17 July 2012 15: 09
    Write a letter to Putin. About the dangers of the WTO.
  9. Igarr
    Igarr 17 July 2012 15: 26
    I read it.
    Since he was recently at the operation, he introduced ...
    All this is the WTO - as a surgical operating room:
    patient (read Russia, pumped up with drugs and sweet promises - to cure, increase, increase), strip naked, wrap in a shroud.
    Lay on the table. Well, there, they hang on, whether it’s not important, but massive anesthesia is taking place.
    And then, livestock - go ..... do something.
    Whether to cure - or additionally .. to cure,
    either build up - or additionally cut and suture,
    whether to increase - or just insert dentures.
    Then they will put drainage wherever it enters.
    Connect to the apparatus of cardiopulmonary bypass, respiration, lymph cleaning, etc.
    And, after some time - cosilium - the WTO Court - will make a decision: the patient was hopeless.
    Rest in peace ...
    And, a tidy sum ... to relatives - to pay. Costs and missed opportunities.
    Who will appoint relatives - need to explain?
    Sovereign scoundrels drove Russia into the pit.
    And before that - they drove. Live to the grave.
    And now they want at all - to fill up the grave.
    It is said that the best way out is childbirth.
    How and what - will we give birth?
    1. dmb
      dmb 18 July 2012 10: 18
      I’m afraid that the Russian revolt will be born senseless and merciless. And it would be okay to get at least moral satisfaction from the strangled Chubais or Dvorkovich. So after all, these will have time to escape. But the mayor of Mukhosk will not have time. And the successful owner of a car repair shop or cafe will not be in time. Then of course everything will return to normal again. But the beginning will be just that. Do not flatter yourself.
  10. Grenz
    Grenz 17 July 2012 15: 32
    Kurginyan’s text contains the following clause: the USA and China do not allow anyone to conduct geological exploration of their bowels. And we all gave up. Moreover, this is the only thing that helped us and fed us. I would translate the WTO - All Comrades Obosra ......... b!
  11. Burbur
    Burbur 17 July 2012 15: 33
    One thing pleases: as long as all this WTO unfolds in us, it itself will be rejected. IMHO.
  12. IRBIS
    IRBIS 17 July 2012 15: 39
    The article is good - intelligibly and severely. Well? Hello, the full economic crisis! Hello GMO-modified products and crappy consumer goods! Hello labor exchange! Entering into such a city is not even a nightmare, but a sheer nightmare. Maybe there is a rational grain in the collection of signatures on the holding of a popular referendum on entry? It’s not too late ... It touches everyone. Where are our deputies-guardians for the people? AU-U-U-U !!!
    HUMANOID 17 July 2012 15: 56
    This is a war and we lost it. So all our yars and poplars can be scrapped. And in 100 years there will be no country like Russia.
    1. Mite27
      Mite27 17 July 2012 16: 19
      100 years is a lot.
    2. Burbur
      Burbur 17 July 2012 16: 34
      Oga og. All pro-polymers, putenzhengen leave ....
      Do not wait.
  14. fantast
    17 July 2012 16: 26
    Part of the speech:
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 17 July 2012 16: 50
      Quote: fantast
      Part of the speech:

      Thank you
  15. PatriotizTAT
    PatriotizTAT 17 July 2012 16: 34
    Putin’s all right ... what are you complaining about now ?! You won’t vote for him ... you don’t have the right to whine !!!! now you have to put your mouth in a rag and put up !!!!!!!!! smile
  16. Uncle
    Uncle 17 July 2012 16: 47
    The statistics of voting are interesting, FOR - only EDRO. The Communists, Zhirik, all evil spirits against. Maybe there is some rational grain in the WTO? I don’t understand who to listen to, such conflicting opinions. Life will show. Here I have one observation, with the advent of chain stores such as Auchan, Metro, etc., prices for many products in small stores fell. It seems to be good. But many small shops just closed. And this is already alarming, the chains have the entire food market in their hands, a monopoly. And the companies are all foreign. So, so that it doesn’t turn out that at first everything has fallen in price, and then conditions will simply dictate to us.
    1. urzul
      urzul 17 July 2012 17: 07
      X5 Retail Group is the largest player in Russia, and it is "domestic" And Auchan has very serious requirements for the quality of supplied products.
      1. with
        with 17 July 2012 19: 55
        Quote: urzul
        X5 Retail Group is the largest player in Russia, and it is "domestic"

        X-5 will never promote or sell a new product, although of high quality, but it will gladly sell a well-known brand, even if it is ha .. but !!
  17. Manager
    Manager 17 July 2012 16: 53
    Here from all that I heard about the WTO from the forums, on TV, radio, etc., I concluded the following.
    With regards to the common people there are many pluses. Now, if only everything was respected.
    For example, the WTO will oblige the government to increase the minimum wage in the country. And that's for sure. At what will increase at least to the European. Although it’s also not clear. In Europe, the crisis and the RFP are lowered. It would not have happened that the minimum wage in Russia would not have become lower. Also, food basket prices should go down. But again, due to what? Due to the shaft of GMOs and Bush’s knife?
    As for the loan in foreign banks .... I generally can not imagine this. Now, if I do not give a loan to me, who will Interpol shake?
    Cars seem to get cheaper due to duty-free import. So, at the expense of another, they will increase the price as usual. Again, it’s a force to set the average price of gasoline in Europe .... Well, this Europe in the GTE with its gas prices of 3-5 euros.
    In general, Boys, I am gentlemen of entry into the WTO. But life will show!
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 17 July 2012 18: 22
      Quote: Manager
      As for the loan in foreign banks .... I generally can not imagine this. Now, if I do not give a loan to me, who will Interpol shake?

      Not mine, but liked it! Read it!
      Suppose we - I, you and the Chronoscopist flew by plane across the Pacific Ocean. On the way, the three of us ate absinthe, nadeboshirili, broke the door off the toilet, and for this we were thrown into the sea through an emergency exit. Fortunately, a small nameless Polynesian island was discovered near the place of our fall. When we got ashore, we conferred and decided to consider it a new state called the United States of Absinthe (USA).
      When we were thrown out of the plane, we, of course, were not given luggage. Therefore, all the tangible and intangible assets we have - only the toilet door, which you still brought with you. And in general, despite the absinthe, you turned out to be the most resourceful with us - in your wallet, quite by accident, a banknote of $ 100 was found. Thus, in our USA there are non-financial assets - the door, and financial assets, they are money supply - $ 100. These are all our savings. Since we don’t have anything else at all, we can say so - we have one tangible asset - a door secured by a money supply of $ 100. Those. our door costs $ 100.
      Having sober up a little, we decide that we need to settle down somehow. The fastest of us was the Chronoscopist. He immediately announced that he was creating a bank and was ready to take the money savings of the population into growth at 3% per annum - well, a person does not sit idle. You give him $ 100, and he writes them down in a notebook in the article "Liabilities -> Dipasites". But I, too, didn’t slurp soup with bast shoes - I shouldn’t have spent so much time investigating economic cheating - I know how to confiscate the door and $ 100 from you. I suggest you take your $ 100 in growth at 5% per annum. I tear out a leaf from my notebook and write on it - "Ablegation for $ 100 at 5% per annum." You feel that you are flooded. You take the money from the frustrated Chronoscopist from the dipasite and give it to me in exchange for my ablegation. I take your $ 100 and deposit it in the back of the happy Chronoscopist's bank.
      On the good side, one could calm down and go do everything - shake a palm tree or dive for clams, gain daily bread, so to speak. But you know - I'm an indefatigable financial genius, such trifles as coconuts and oysters do not interest me. Climbing around our island - 50 steps from the south coast to the north, and 30 from west to east, I come up with a brilliant combination. I come to you and suggest from scratch to earn another 1% per annum. Take a loan at the Chronoscopist’s bank at 4%, and buy from me one more bond at 5%. I immediately write out the second abstraction for $ 100 on a notepad, and wave it in front of your nose. Without thinking twice, you run to the bank and take a loan of $ 100 against the security of my first abstraction for $ 100. They are there - I put them there on dipazit. You give me the borrowed $ 100 and hide the second abstraction in your wallet - now you have my $ 200 ablations. And I put $ 100 in the bank - now I have $ 200 there in dipazit. The chronoscopist is already jumping for joy - the credit business popper.
      Do you think I will stop there? Yeah, now - I already wrote you a third ablation. Running to the bank for a loan secured by a second ablation. Toward evening, having run into the island with this hundred bucks and tearing all the leaves from a notebook on ablation, we have the following picture. You have $ 5000 of my ablations, and I have $ 5000 of dipazits in the bank. Now, I feel it is time to put your door in your hands. I suggest buying it from you for $ 100. But you are misbehaving - there is only one door, and you break the price of $ 1000. Well, $ 1000 so $ 1000 - in the end I have as much as $ 5000 on deposit. I send the payment order to the Chronoscopist on the last notepad, transfer $ 1000 from my dipazit to yours, and pick up your door.
      If we give our bookkeeping to an American economist with a Harvard diploma, he will inform us that our USA has $ 1000 of tangible assets in the form of a door, and $ 10000 of financial assets in the form of abbreviations and dipazits. Those. that the value of our total property has increased 110 times a day. A less subtle and educated person would say that we are three morons, we just had one door and $ 100 remained, and that only finished morons could tear leaflets from a notebook all day, instead of picking coconuts. Which of them is right - decide for yourself.

      The usual normal business is when you at least provide real services. You repair, cut, feed, trade, carry, treat, teach, etc. The usual normal business is when you produce. Sausage, wrenches, cash registers, cars, books, etc.
      But an unusual, abnormal business is when you make money from the air. There are many such businesses both here and abroad. This is the global injustice of the fucking speculative economy..
      And the WTO is just a tool in the hands of globalizers who, based on their interests, will decide in which country to produce slippers and which will serve as a storage facility for nuclear waste.
      The West will do everything possible so that Russia continues to remain raw materials appendage of the "golden billion". Here for this and WTO required with her "rules." Russia as a member of the WTO will be accused of the following "crimes":
      a) limiting the export of resources;
      b) attempts to increase the prices of resources on the world market through the reduction of their supplies;
      at) thereby causing damage to transnational corporations through "restriction of access" to resources.
      Russia will be charged with compensation for damage caused to transnational corporations, and will demand the restoration of “free access” to resources.
      How can one not recall the punitive actions of England against China during the "Opium Wars". At the beginning of the XNUMXst century, a similar story may occur. Only instead of China will Russia, instead of England - the USA. And the war will be called: "oil", "gas" or "gold". In statements by US statesmen and politicians in the United States, threatening notes are already heard in connection with their anticipated Russian accession to the WTO. For example, here are the words of the US Trade Representative in the WTO:
      “Russia's membership in the WTO will directly contribute to the economic interests of the United States by virtue of the fact that Russia will enter a system with strict rules governing trade, as well as the fact that there will be the means to enforce these rules and Russia's obligations regarding market access

      No wonder they say: WTO - organization, for the entrance to which you have to pay a ruble, and for the exit - ten.

      Generally on this issue I liked the site WTO-inform where various points of view on this problem are studied intelligibly and without science-like zaum.
      My webpage
    2. Stary oper
      Stary oper 17 July 2012 18: 29
      Manager (1)
      "Well, this Europe is in the OPU with its gasoline prices at 3 - 5 euros."
      Yes, you are just Gogol, my friend, with his famous: "A rare bird will fly to the middle of the Dnieper ..." :)
      You have been shamelessly deceived. In Germany, where by the way one of the highest prices in Europe for diesel and gasoline, at the moment the prices are as follows: 1,40 - 1, 45 and 1,60 - 1,80 euros, respectively. Although this is considered too high a price here.
      1. with
        with 17 July 2012 23: 10
        Quote: Stary oper
        Manager (1)
        "Well, this Europe is in the OPU with its gasoline prices at 3 - 5 euros."

        Indeed Manager, read this, "The cost of gasoline in Europe."
        Everything is detailed there and in numbers, if you suddenly get together in Europe!))
        By the way, I recommend it to everyone!
    3. lotus04
      lotus04 17 July 2012 18: 51
      Quote: Manager
      Cars seem to get cheaper due to duty-free import

      But what are we as Indians? We are selling our homeland for glass beads!
      1. Igarr
        Igarr 17 July 2012 19: 55
        Manager, do you believe in it ".. For example, the WTO will oblige the government to increase the minimum wage in the country." ... ????
        And the fact that the WTO will require education to meet their standards.
        When the Russian Federation will achieve them ..... Well, in principle-and not so long to wait.
        Good intentions - the road to hell is paved!
        Why did we forget about this ????
  18. X-55
    X-55 17 July 2012 16: 57
    I am not an alarmist, but the country is going to hell in some respects.
    PS It will be interesting to see the voting results. Although I am sure that about 80% will answer "no".
  19. Stelth
    Stelth 17 July 2012 17: 02
    No words - some mats break out! I'd love to know the price of this betrayal and where you can spend so much money. People for them are like sheep in the pen — we want to feed, we want to drive away, but we will have to let them go under the knife. What will millions of unemployed do? What will the children feed? The most incomprehensible thing is that in Russia there is everything for the good life of the entire population and complete independence, but still we are sticking into the WTO.
  20. Commander
    Commander 17 July 2012 17: 02
    Comrade Uncle, it will be so !!! Gobble up and spit it out !!! We entered for 18 years - and now we get ourselves this WTO for the prestige of our leaders !!! Will be jo.a with three "p" !!!
  21. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 17 July 2012 17: 23
    The main enterprises have long been in state corporations ... Why be afraid?
    Whoever knows and wants to work will always find work.
    One thing is clear, without having tasted halva or g.o. n.a, you will never be able to tell what they taste like ... Nada try, but g.o. but then you no longer eat, but take and pour into the throats of those whom you immediately recognize "by gait" ...
    Now about precedents ... - and let's see what precedent Russia will create if everything is as gloomy as Kurginyan stated.
    Well, here I am with the two of you (i.e. for three), and they tell me, they say now it will be so-and-so ... so what? Is it possible to make me do things like I'm not accustomed to? From both of them, I’ll go home ... and I’ll sleep a good strong sleep ... and in the morning I’ll get up and with anger waking up with me, I’ll go and again their (freaks) O.T.U.yar ... and to work, if not a day off ...
    We will not forget who Kurginyan was at the end of the 80s, including whose advice was heard by everyone, the last General Secretary of the CPSU ...
    And who is he in the FarWest structure ...
    Who! ask the ignorant - I will answer: - the fatal sweet-voiced herald, predicting amusingly enticing, wonderful, scientifically grounded, unthinkable, but promising scenarios of events that carry our Motherland - Russia into the abyss ... board, the people's political analyst is a historian and publicist who rejoices with all his fibers for the thousand-year Empire.

    But a cookie holds in your pocket a hundred pounds ...

    In short ... Nehren, guys, to poke those who are ready to obos.ra.ty.sya at a meeting with you from fear ...
  22. Uncle
    Uncle 17 July 2012 17: 28
    So I glance at our life, life has become objectively better. But this is only provided that you work like an elephant. And not sick. But you can’t relax, everything began to cost tangible money, an apartment, gasoline, various taxes. There is also a school that has become paid. Life has become like a rolling wheel, stopping, falling.
  23. Vlaleks48
    Vlaleks48 17 July 2012 17: 33
    Somehow I don’t really want to panic, but who are you all !? People!? And the people are not provided for in the WTO, especially Russian people!

    Who thinks about the people ?! Casting pair ?! So they only think of themselves loved ones.
    Where are these drummers? Here the gentleman arrived, and the people as he sat in the DUPE, so she does not even peep out of it!
  24. sazhka0
    sazhka0 17 July 2012 17: 49
    Can anyone name at least one decent initiative in power that would not have failed? Or it had a positive effect. Just do not talk about the Army, although why not. In addition to fairy tales about a bright future (maybe I’m not looking there?) I don’t see anything.
  25. Fox 070
    Fox 070 17 July 2012 17: 55
    Colleagues, men, Sorry, but I just oh ... wrong, listening to Sergey Kurginyan!
    Who needs to tear his head for this ... WTO?
    1. Crumbumbes
      Crumbumbes 18 July 2012 05: 54
      Fox 070,
      Sorry, but most of the fasting people are very similar in their posts to zombie Americans, no discussion for you, just one shit.
      the author of this article wrote that it is analytical, but it is not (read my post above why). More like an article just the same on the scribble and conversations of comrades with the WET.
  26. Yves762
    Yves762 17 July 2012 18: 05
    Strictly in half .....angry ....: where and in "what" do not enter, and the prices of bread and gasoline in the Entoy country are still growing ... belay . And grow faster than income ....

  27. Petrovich-2
    Petrovich-2 17 July 2012 18: 33
    Sergey Ervandovich, my dear, you, of course, are a respected person, I monitor all the SI and AL programs. And I see only one thing, that all decisions, right and wrong, hasty and unhurried, are always wrong if they are made in a fit of emotion. There are a lot of emotions around the WTO. And they are compounded by the fact that even analysts are subject to them.
    Wait and see, my friend. Criterion of truth in Marxism, like you, Sergey Ervandych, remember this practice... And the analyst, excuse the old man, is still a theory that only arouses worthless emotions and excites people, does not allow them to think calmly. You yourself, my dear fellow, want people to think calmly, but instead of this your analytics leads to the fact that people are “okay ... don’t,” they panic. Maybe we should also analyze the benefits of the WTO for balance? Maybe this balance will help people think, and not panic and not splash emotions? Thus, with a one-sided and therefore biased approach, you are doing exactly what you blame the liberals for. It’s wrong, right?
    I confess that I did not analyze all the pros and cons, it’s not my sphere, and I'm sorry, Segrey Ervandych, here I do not see a crash yet. Therefore, let’s, my friend, do not become like political scientists who make crappy forecasts, but after that they explain beautifully and reasonably why these forecasts did not come true.
    I understand that my words are an empty phrase. But let's at least enable elementary logic. Even here, 85% is against the WTO. This is 85% of the people. Based on this, you, my friend, think that Putin is a primitive suicide, along with a bunch of people from EdRa to go against? Sorry, darling, I do not believe it.

    PS. In addition, from the WTO, as far as I know, you can always get out.
    But Russia, our homeland, shit is not permissible.
    1. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 17 July 2012 19: 27
      Quote: Petrovich-2
      But Russia, our homeland, shit is not permissible.

      as you yourself wrote, against 85 percent who will ask you whether you want shit in the form of the WTO or not, the problem is that the government has been holding people for a long time .... who can’t have an opinion, that’s the WTO referendum declared illegal
    2. Igarr
      Igarr 17 July 2012 20: 13
      Petrovich-2 ...
      well read?
      well understood - how can I get out?
      If all the other 192 members say - yes, come out. we have no complaints against you.
      So what?
      The input is the ruble, the output is 192? first of all? And then - unrealized opportunities - 192 states?
      Though sometimes it is necessary to include brains, and, Petrovich-2?
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 18 July 2012 09: 26
        Look at Greece ...
  28. Alx1miK
    Alx1miK 17 July 2012 19: 24
    We have been trying to enter there for so many years, and now we kind of agreed. Tolkio is now wondering what ours went to to sign everything so quickly. Not so simple, after all.
  29. StrateG
    StrateG 17 July 2012 19: 36
    A noose for Russia ...
  30. Activist
    Activist 17 July 2012 19: 45
    Evil Tatar, I completely agree with you. Do not be afraid of wolves in the forest ... pick raspberries. If some have enough, their own shed with the smell of steamed turnip, then this is their personal phobia.
  31. Uncle
    Uncle 17 July 2012 20: 05
    Quote: Petrovich-2
    Even here, 85% is against the WTO. This is 85% of the people. Based on this, you, my friend, think that Putin is a primitive suicide, along with a bunch of people from EdRa to go against? Sorry, darling, I do not believe it.

    Petrovich, why should they be afraid? Anger of the people, or what? I don’t think we can do anything. There were times worse than now, and they endured nothing. We will endure further. Civil war is not an option, many are waiting for it. Changing something at choice is also not serious; there is no one to vote for. And the matter is not only in Putin, he is only the tip of the iceberg. The authorities are still the same, the Communists, I mean, mimicking democrats. Even the author of the article from them.
  32. SolDaT RF
    SolDaT RF 17 July 2012 20: 19
    [media = http: //]
  33. SolDaT RF
    SolDaT RF 17 July 2012 20: 26
    Yes, damn it ... jo * and this is the WTO.
  34. Grey68
    Grey68 17 July 2012 20: 27
    Of course, I'm not an expert and I don't know what the WTO accession will turn out to be, but if it is so beneficial to the West, why didn't they drag us there during the EBN rule, when they licked everything they could? amers would quickly arrange it. And as for our bankers and the car industry, who do not mind at all, the former have generally lost their conscience, the difference between 3-4% for them and 20-30% for us is still very significant, let them itch as they want. Our car industry is like that "hedgehog is a bird. proud until you kick and fly "the drivers of domestic cars will understand me. For example, some nodes for Gas 31105 2009. are still with 24 Volga and the rest of the modifications are not far gone, and why and so buy.
  35. Stary oper
    Stary oper 17 July 2012 20: 39
    It seems that everyone here is a professional economist who is deeply versed in international trade. Perhaps that is why the opinion of the next analyst (by the way, in the specialty of geophysics and theatrical figure) is perceived by the majority as the ultimate truth. I’m worried even if only the negative consequences from Russia's entry into the WTO are considered here. The present analysis, I think, should consider both the pros and cons of the process. It is, rather, an emotionally expressed position of the author, supported by those figures and facts that fit into her outline, but not a balanced analysis of a specialist.
    1. Crumbumbes
      Crumbumbes 18 July 2012 05: 58
      Stary oper
      comment plus, I completely agree about the article and its author !!!
  36. Uncle
    Uncle 17 July 2012 20: 55
    Quote: Stary oper
    It seems that everyone here is a professional economist who is deeply versed in international trade.

    This, of course, is so. We just can’t understand what the catch is. We are unhappy that we sell raw materials, not high-tech products. Although they could. We are unhappy that on the shelves imported food at a high price, and the native peasant is not making ends meet. We are dissatisfied with the fact that our original Russian-Soviet system of spiritual values ​​is being replaced by Western poppies. And then there’s the WTO, you don’t know where to go from the western rubbish, but here we enter into it, to the ears.
    1. Stary oper
      Stary oper 17 July 2012 21: 20
      Uncle (1)
      I understand your concern. But let's look at how the situation in the country has changed over the past 12 years. 1. The country escaped disintegration, although it was already on the brink. 2. Although not as fast as we would like, industry and agriculture are growing. As well as pensions and wages.
      3. Settled almost with external debt. 4. They began to more or less defend their national interests in the world.
      Do not forget which pit modern Russia has to get out of. Therefore, this process is going on with difficulty, and one should not forget that the West, primarily in the person of the United States, in every possible way prevents this. Strong Russia they do not need. In Yeltsin’s times, with democracy in Russia, from their point of view, everything was in order, but now, it turns out, problems have arisen with it.
      Yes they are. Corruption, red tape, theft ... But still, look at the messages of the same Tape. RU. Almost every day now here and there they took someone on a bribe. That is, the struggle begins. And do not believe those who say that they will come to power and happiness will come tomorrow ...
      That is, I conclude that in my opinion, now at the helm of the country is a person who seeks to return it to its former greatness and certainly not dancing to the Western tune. Therefore, think about whether he will drive the country into the WTO if it entails such disastrous consequences? The fact that the communists have now raised a universal screeching about this (and the author, by conviction, is somewhere out there) is understandable. After all, even before the revolution, their slogan was: "The worse - the better ..."
      Something like this. And as for moral values, I will say this: there is nothing more important than family in raising children.
      1. Petrovich-2
        Petrovich-2 18 July 2012 09: 20
        I would like to, darling, put you, like an old opera, +, but so far this option is closed to me. I agree with you.
    NIKOLAI T 17 July 2012 20: 59
    No benefits from joining the WTO can justify a gigantic increase in unemployment.
    1. Stary oper
      Stary oper 17 July 2012 21: 32
      Is he on his way? :) I mean "gigantic growth". :)
  38. Strashila
    Strashila 17 July 2012 21: 13
    Excellent import yoke around the neck of the country. which prevents officials from cutting tariffs now, no matter what. For Russia to occupy, if you can just come to pick everything up by a piece of paper signed by our rulers. They have one tendency to surpass Gorbachev and Yeltsin in hatred of their country. One slogan.
  39. serezhasoldatow
    serezhasoldatow 17 July 2012 21: 40
    Our analytics is biased, I like it, I’ll write it well, I don’t like it ... I didn’t delve into this problem much, but I think it’s worse than it won’t be right now. It will be difficult for officials to take bribes. How many good undertakings in Russia have already sunk in the swamp of deputies and officials. Less will become untouchables before the law. And how much budget money is being stolen by officials, in my opinion, Putin can’t cope with ZhKOs. In my opinion, it is better to give part of this money to an investor. From him quality goods and services .. If only our officials would not stick in some way to the cash flows. Over the past time, they have learned this and are famously using it.
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 17 July 2012 22: 21
      time will tell (spring will show who shit, where), but in my life I have only heard tomorrow we will live better. I am 6 dozen and when it will be tomorrow, it will get worse and worse, and the officials live better and better. The United Russia motto "we will live better" is 100% justified, they began to live better and I am sure after the ratification of the WTO they will live even better. am
      And I didn’t even remove Serdyukov’s GDP when the TFR regularly excites a corner. Business, ammunition depots explode with enviable regularity, etc. (the raven will not peck out the crow)
      1. lotus04
        lotus04 18 July 2012 06: 40
        Quote: d.gksueyjd
        EP motto "we will live better"

        That's exactly "WE", not the People. More insolent than the slogan of any party, I have not heard.
  40. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 17 July 2012 22: 11
    Democracy is the power of money, chosen for money for the sake of money (M.Zadornov)
  41. mind1954
    mind1954 17 July 2012 22: 19
    With these things, even, in the United States played out !!!
    We transfer production to China - from there everything is for a penny!
    And with this transfer - jobs and salaries TU-TU !!!
    Go buy for a penny, if any !!! ???

    And which of the ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation for the WTO?
    STEALED MONEY from the sale of gas, oil, coal, wood, metal,
    fertilizers, etc. . AND THOSE WHO SERVE THESE THIES !!!
    Which, even by capitalist standards, are thieves!
    Theft and robbery that thieves-traitors do
    in our country, it was allowed in the capitalist world only

    Who supports the COLONIZERS of traitor thieves
    and their fascist colonial administration, led by puppets, he is for the WTO!
    1. lotus04
      lotus04 18 July 2012 06: 38
      Quote: mind1954
      And which of the ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation for the WTO?
      STEALED MONEY from the sale of gas, oil, coal, wood, metal,
      fertilizers, etc. . AND THOSE WHO SERVE THESE THIES !!!

      Everything is right! They only need this! Buy everything for a penny. How much can you save? Nothing, if anything, help them burst.
  42. Karabin
    Karabin 17 July 2012 22: 31
    You do not need to be a super-economist to understand that those enterprises that still produce something in Russia will not last long in the WTO without rapid modernization. It takes money. Who will give them? Good uncles from behind a hillock? It will be shitty from this cheap (some people dream about 3-5% per annum on a loan) financial cheese in a mousetrap. In addition, the WTO negotiators negotiated several years of quiet life for our predatory banking system. That is, manufacturers will already feel with all their might the charm of competition with foreigners in the domestic market, and the financial sector will keep the company as the former credit stranglehold, thereby exacerbating their situation.
    You do not need to be a super-economist to understand, entering into an organization where the rules are written for the interests of others, agreeing that these rules are more important than internal rules, we lose sovereignty in the economy. This will significantly affect political and military sovereignty.
    I consider the actions of the president and EP anti-Russian and anti-state.
    Wait and see, I don’t understand. What do you want to see, the next betrayal?
  43. suharev-52
    suharev-52 17 July 2012 22: 46
    I personally do not expect anything good from the introduction. It will be bad, we will change the specialization. Banks have bargained for themselves a margin from the WTO, we will "impose" our tax on them. Or how Joseph Vissarionovich will deal with the expropriation of the expropriators. Sincerely.
  44. segamegament
    segamegament 18 July 2012 00: 48
    IMHO. The disadvantages of joining the WTO are much more than the pluses. BUT Russia, having not experienced a rise in production from the WTO, will still be able to refuse membership in this organization, and there will be reasons for it. But why it is not clear to drag her there by the ears. Well, we are not pulling the western framework, we must pull the eastern. Or, our management understands that the WTO is not for long, since the paper-banking system itself, which is not provided with anything, will soon collapse and it is possible to knock profanities under the WTO elsewhere. It’s difficult to reason without the data the government possesses, but they won’t share this data with us ...
  45. Mr77Bear
    Mr77Bear 18 July 2012 01: 29
    "All the people are against", "and nobody asked the people" - wrote the citizens of Russia and went to bed, cursing Putin and United Russia. If ALL the people are against it, and there is such an oop in front, why are ALL these people sitting at home? Could collect millions of rallies. But nobody cares. You see, they were not asked! request

    And also, that's interesting. If they constantly wrote here that joining the WTO is good, you would all shout "Hurray!", "Long live the bright future!" and happily ran around the apartment? How dependent we are on sources of information, by God. crying

    If I were you, I’d better think about how to further support the domestic producer and stay afloat myself. Anyway, you will not change anything.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 18 July 2012 09: 29
      Quote: Mr77Bear
      Why is ALL people sitting at home? Could gather millions of rallies

      Because there is a law on rallies. If not allowed, then there will be no rallies.
  46. Magadan
    Magadan 18 July 2012 01: 56
    I am also against shouting "everything is lost"! Many of our industries have good chances not only to survive, but also to enter the world market without obstacles from the WTO specialists. The timber industry has an advantage anyway. I specially checked the websites of the USA - there the board is now building up to 900 dollars per cubic meter. And in the USA, forests are full and the industry is powerful. They sell their boards and plywood all over the world.
    Our metallurgists are also likely to win.
    At the expense of agriculture - I think we have more than good steps. Simply because the world has less arable land and more and more "eaters", the UN is already ringing the alarm, they say that food prices are growing catastrophically precisely because of this.
    Engineering - we'll see. I’ll say one thing for sure - so far our turner and welders will give odds to foreigners. This is the foreigners and say.
    And the rest of the industry - yes, most likely complete. If only they would be bent already, increase duties or not increase.
    1. lotus04
      lotus04 18 July 2012 06: 30
      Quote: Magadan
      900 dollars per cubic

      So, buy it for 900 dollars for
      Quote: Magadan
      Engineering - we'll see.

      Where is it?

      Quote: Magadan
      I’ll say one thing for sure - so far our turner and welders will give odds to foreigners.

      They are already retired. Have you trained young people?
      Take off the pink glasses.
    2. click80
      click80 18 July 2012 08: 20
      Magadan agrees with you, because we, in Russia, have a tradition until the roasted rooster pecks, the Russian does not stir. our industry needs a breakthrough, stress, call it what you want. those who want to survive, know how to work. Yes, I agree that agriculture will be difficult, but sooner or later it will rise anyway. You just need to believe in yourself and the fact that we can EVERYTHING !!!!!
    3. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 18 July 2012 16: 54
      That's right, all the commodity companies will win ----- well, and the nails are already Chinese or Polish. It is necessary to change the law on employment and pay not 1 year, but before retirement and forward to the WTO drinks
  47. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 18 July 2012 05: 59
    Brothers Ukrainians!
    Why are you silent?
    After all, you have joined the WTO!
    I would like to know your opinion and your impressions about this.
    As related, without high slogans - please share the results of "civilization"
    1. characterist
      characterist 18 July 2012 07: 13

      And what can I say: more noise than realities. At the household level, nothing has changed, in terms of industry, metalworkers and chemists in chocolate (they punched the entry into the WTO), and nothing else was closed after the accession, although some whine that it would be possible to agree on entry on better terms. In agriculture, they also pray only for the weather: food prices are rising every year, the rates of subsidies for the WTO are so high that it is unclear whether we can someday also support our agricultural producer .In general, the WTO is a club of big business, and it has long been resolving issues regardless of borders. So we had no demonstrations about the WTO either before or after. Much more is expected of us from signing a free trade agreement with the EU - there, unlike the WTO, specific quotas for the export of Ukrainian products (agricultural products, chemicals, metal) are prescribed,
  48. Delink
    Delink 18 July 2012 08: 43
    Well, everyone has entered, now it’s time to leave before it’s too late.
  49. Petrovich-2
    Petrovich-2 18 July 2012 09: 15
    In general, it is strange to hear directly contradictory opinions from respected commentators. My dear friends, if you recognize yourself as a people, then you need to recognize that you are still able to change something, and look for ways. Why on this site moan and rush about the fact that "we do not decide anything"?
    Who didn’t let the people (all of us, you) go to the polls? What, Preysley personally went and shut the doors on the locks, boarded up the windows, said: do not go to the polls? And came only those who were able to free themselves? So, that means 65% of those who voted for Putin = these are enemies of the people, i.e. are the enemies themselves? It smells like some kind of schizophrenia. The people made their choice. And stop moaning about it.
    It’s not the entry into this fucking WTO itself that bothers me, but that panicwhich is being whipped up by respected analysts (believe me, I have the right to complain about Sergei Yervandovich, who I support, he has big blunders in my specialization, which means there may be in other areas, none of us is a saint). Panic never led to any good, remember at least "Lame Horse".
    Is the Kalashnikov assault rifle a weapon, a murder tool, or a fetish for superstitious horror? If we choose the first, then we are soldiers and use weapons for their intended purpose, outplaying the enemy. And if the machine for us, as for blondes, is a HORRIBLE and SCARY-INCOMPLETE stick, then we will lose. What is the WTO for us? So far - mostly a terrible bogey. And what actually - practice will show. Or does someone, like a small child, experience pleasure, frightening others with scary stories about the "black hand" and voluptuously frightened himself?
    Enough to panic already, on this site, where everyone wears epaulettes under avatars, panic is generally inappropriate.

    Igarr, Dear, Igarrek, please, do not be rude (this is me about "sometimes turning on the brain", I personally did not offend you, so behave with dignity, like a man).
    1. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf 18 July 2012 13: 38
      Dear Petrovich!
      I agree with you that I'm tired of the same thing!

      So, then 65% of those who voted for Putin = these are enemies of the people, i.e. are the enemies themselves?

      Not tired?

      Everyone already knows that out of 65% of Putin is supported by no more than half, and the rest are not opposed.
      In Russia, this is the third election according to one scenario "Better than this - if not so"

      And now they are discussing not Putin, but Russia's accession to the WTO - the people want to figure out why, and why, and who needs it more. And that is his right!
  50. Patriot
    Patriot 18 July 2012 12: 49
    Yeah. The results of a survey of the opinions of our people about the WTO are very eloquent.

    As you can see, about 85% are actively against our country's accession to the WTO. And, these are not Putin's "victorious" 63,6% of votes from those who allegedly came to the polling stations, obtained by rigging, fraud and obvious deception of the PR campaign of Putin's team of voters. Poor things, they even went on a fictional attempt on the life of the Second World War, so that compassionate Russians would vote for him.

    At the same time, the authorities are aware of what the people think of the WTO. Moreover, none of the real industrialists and entrepreneurs sees the slightest benefit for the country from joining the WTO. But, as they say, Putin’s gang, which is actively destroying our country, doesn’t give a damn about it. She perceives the people as a herd of sheep and ghouls.
    Moreover, the conditions for joining the WTO were practically kept in the strictest confidence by the authorities. Only one conclusion suggests itself from here. It seems that by joining the WTO, Putin and his gang decided to finally finish off Russian industry and agriculture. Just as the presence of the ghoul of Serdyukov in the place of the Minister of Defense, Putin decided to make the army completely incompetent.

    But, what can I say - for what they fought, they ran into something. For, according to the Kremlin media, about 63,6% of the voters cast their votes for this ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!
    So now, comrades, calmly sit along your holes and see how he destroys our army, places NATO bases in Russia, draws him into the WTO, etc.
    Now there is no one to blame for this. You chose him, comrades!