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Trophy tank "Bulat" received a new reservation in the Donbass


The combat vehicle "Bulat" was created by Kharkov Design Bureau. Morozova in the course of improvement tank T-64BV. Modernization has been carried out since 2003. Initially, it was estimated that about 400 pieces of equipment would pass it, but in fact it affected no more than a hundred tanks.

During the battles in the Donbass, which unfolded after the coup d'état in an independent one, they were thrown against militias. As a result, like many other military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the "volunteer battalions", the "Bulat" were at the disposal of units of the people's republics. Apparently, we are talking about several units.

The newly uploaded photograph shows one of them, which became the trophy of the LPR People’s Police. As you can see, the MBT underwent an improvement in artisanal conditions, which consisted of giving the tank an additional reservation.

If we compare with the basic version, which is presented by the Kharkov Design Bureau, then the placement of dynamic protection blocks on the starboard side and in the side of the tower is striking. Moreover, in Ukrainian advertising leaflets indicates the possibility of installing remote sensing on the sides; most likely, this technical solution is optional.

“Bulat” of the LPR People’s Police (c) ANNA News

The basic version of "Bulat" (s) Kharkov Design Bureau named after Morozova

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  1. tractor driver
    tractor driver 3 December 2019 23: 11
    more trophies good and different
    1. Alexander Petrov1
      Alexander Petrov1 3 December 2019 23: 48
      Well now, at least Ukraine may cease to joke that Russia constantly supplies tanks to Little Russia ...
      1. Kote Pan Kokhanka
        Kote Pan Kokhanka 4 December 2019 04: 42
        Will not stop!
        1. krot
          krot 4 December 2019 14: 53
          So it is the Russians who copied the latest super developments of the KB Sumerians and now produces them in their factories! laughing
      2. papalazer1973
        papalazer1973 4 December 2019 08: 13
        do not hope will not stop !!!
      3. venik
        venik 4 December 2019 14: 43
        Quote: Alexander Petrov1
        Well now, at least Ukraine may cease to joke that Russia constantly supplies tanks to Little Russia ...

        Not to Malorosia, but to NEWS!!!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. NKT
    NKT 3 December 2019 23: 11
    It was necessary to accept the challenge on this captured tank and transport the glass with the vodka on the barrel wink
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 3 December 2019 23: 19
    Wonderful trophy. Useful. How many such trophies are there in LDNR? I guess hundreds. Militias are zealous guys. Everything that could be picked up on the battlefields, abandoned by the crews, stolen from storage bases, everything has been repaired and will go into action. And how many such things ukrovoyaki left in the boilers !!!
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 4 December 2019 00: 03
    It is a pity only one photo. In general, I see no reason to place DZ blocks on board the tower / stern. Statistics show that most of the hits from all weapons fall into the frontal and frontal projections of the tower .. But for some reason, the blocks were removed from the side screens in front. There, in general, the nasal fuel tanks are located.
    1. Vladimir_2U
      Vladimir_2U 4 December 2019 03: 26
      Just the point is, the DZ covered the towers from the likely defeat of the RPG, in close contact with the enemy infantry (see Syrian battles in the city). And no blocks were removed from the front, you do not focus on the first photo (it has an early mod.), But take a closer look at the rest: the armor screens, like on the T-80u, are in place.
  6. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 4 December 2019 00: 05
    ,, Damask ,, - Ukrainian ,, achievement ,, for all the time of independence. The design is Soviet and the air conditioner is imported. That’s the whole shareware design, thought, of swineherd engineers.
  7. Monar
    Monar 4 December 2019 04: 07
    Specialists, specify.
    Do I know correctly, the shots for the T-64 to T-90 line are the same?
    1. Crimean partisan 1974
      Crimean partisan 1974 4 December 2019 05: 21
      the same shots for the T-64 to T-90 line? ..... only with regard to Soviet ammunition, for the line of shots of post-Soviet developments (Russian) in the control unit, manual corrections are required to be introduced, which concerns tank KUV, as is known on T-64 KUV Reflex was not installed, because UR Invar T-64 does not eat, even if there were units into which Reflex shoved it, then these are units, because since 2014 the only optical factory supplying optics for KUV Reflex remained in the Crimea of ​​Feodosiya, well, so you can shoot. but to get .......
      1. Monar
        Monar 4 December 2019 06: 00
        Thanks for the clarification.
        1. Crimean partisan 1974
          Crimean partisan 1974 4 December 2019 08: 17
          Thanks for clarifying ..... not at all. but a question. for what purpose were you interested? if on the topic whether modern Russian shots can be used by the DNR soldiers, then this is nothing; the tanks of the DNR armed forces equip the OF19 only less often with the more powerful OF 26, since the Soviet times they did not undergo any special changes
          1. Monar
            Monar 4 December 2019 15: 55
            for what purpose were you interested?

            Weird question. In order to find out.
            When I do not know, I ask.
            1. Crimean partisan 1974
              Crimean partisan 1974 5 December 2019 09: 52
              When I don’t know, I ask ....... well, it’s understandable, although I’m not a tanker, there are a lot of Kent and colleagues from a tank tribe. moreover, my first-born mechtvod T-72, according to this info on tanks as if from the first person
  8. Thrifty
    Thrifty 4 December 2019 05: 17
    This is a normal military "taxi" for the army of the republic. good
    1. Crimean partisan 1974
      Crimean partisan 1974 4 December 2019 07: 54
      This is a normal military "taxi" for the army of the republic. ....... a military taxi is an armored personnel carrier, and the wrung-out 64s of the DNR are competently used, they are as self-propelled artillery and no more, they do not climb on them
  9. Cats
    Cats 4 December 2019 10: 47
    I read somewhere that in Soviet times in Donetsk they produced "Contact" DZ. This I mean that in the photo, on the DZ tower, it looks like a remake, in contrast to the DZ on the side screens.
  10. Berg berg
    Berg berg 4 December 2019 14: 41
    Now ukrobanderofashisty declare that the great Russia has established the manufacture of Bulat for the heroes of the militia of Donbass! Old as the world!
  11. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 5 December 2019 09: 59
    Our trophy ones came in handy, just like in 14-15. Although they don’t like new developments in ukrvermahtm, they still prefer the Soviet versions. They speak more reliably.
  12. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 5 December 2019 11: 10
    There would be more such trophies if, after the Debaltsevsky cauldron, the militia had not stopped due to the squeal of the West from the fact that Mariupol was about to come under the power of the militias. It would be necessary not to listen to them and go on in their interests further.